The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Sincerest Expression of Love

Part Three: Saints and Sinners

Content Warning: Very Rough

“May I fuck you?”

With the size of the data file I had just sent to all her contacts, I knew Jennifer Crassner would require a distraction of the sort only I could provide. That said, I knew her answer would be yes, as after all, she would need me distracted as well.

She nodded in the affirmative and I grabbed her by her thighs and slid her across the tile until her ass bumped the wooden trim demarcating the border of the stage. She sat up and we kissed as I fumbled with my belt buckle, our tongues probed about, her mouth tasting vaguely of the dancers she had fucked just before. She grumbled as I raked my teeth across her tongue; she returned the favor by biting my bottom lip.

Free from my pants, my unrestrained cock hardened in the stale air and harsh lights of the strip club. She studied it and grabbed the head, her small hand barely reaching around. “I don’t know if it is going to—“ she gasped as I shoved it inside her. I could feel her tighten and then loosen herself as she had to handle the shaft in an attempt to force every inch inside her. While she did this I turned to Whitney and commanded her to get on the stage and stand nearby. I then grabbed Jennifer by the throat and forced her backwards, her shoulders bumped against Whitney’s shins. I then began to pump away at her warm, wet slit.

Jennifer moaned and reached up and pushed against Whitney’s legs, which allowed myself the leverage I needed to really pound against her. Jennifer’s moans increased in frequency as my thrusts caused her tits to jiggle, then wobble, then bounce in earnest. I laughed and captured those breasts, one in each hand, and pinched her nipples.

“Fuck! Fuck me,” she screamed, and so I did.

I leaned forward and shouted in her face. “Orgasm!” She did as instructed. Over and over I repeated this until I could see the ecstatic exhaustion consume her. Finally, I repeated the command one last time, “Orgasm,” and allowed myself the enjoyment of feeling the lips of her pussy flutter as they convulsed in pleasure, and I began there to experience joy as filtered through the lens of another body.

While still inside her, I gave her the phone back. She quickly surmised that I had exposed her on every level, and after a moment of feigned shock spent pretending she gave a shit, she screamed in fury as she tried to rake her nails across my face. I grabbed her arms and we struggled for a moment until she demanded for the women still enthralled to her (Mary, Tanya, and Whitney) to attack me.

But I had known her completely then, I was inside her, strumming along with her heart deep within the red walls consumed by shadows. “Sleep,” I shouted over the racket, causing everyone but Jennifer to do just that. I had exerted all the command loci possible, and having spent all the generative powder I had on me, she was now completely free from my control. If I wanted to exert my will upon her, to take her completely; I had to maintain physical contact. This is why, when she tried to scurry away from me, I simply held on to her hips and kept my member inside her.

I opened myself to her then, and began to detach my consciousness, sloughing off the façade of Greg Jordan and attained my true form. I had the vague sense of whimpered pleas thrown at me, and a shouting voice that sounded similar to Sarah’s but I paid it no heed. I escaped the mechanistic, the blood and guts, the flesh and bone. I now floated in the ephemeral, awash in dark waters, fighting a dark tide. I felt her before she even touched me, her hand reaching out from beneath the murky depths. She pulled me under to writhe and drown with her.

She fought me then, the real fight. This was her, vulnerable, raw. All the pain she had caused, the lives damaged, like ships destroyed and left to sink to the sea floor. There were even bodies tossed about like detritus littering the silt and mud. This was why I required so much powder to control her, her sins were great. And so would be her suffering.

I drank the water, and did not stop until her ocean was a lake, then a pool, then a puddle. With the liquid of her ego gone, only her filthy id remained. She tried to crawl from me, but I caught her by the ankle and pulled her to me. She kicked and wailed, I bit her flesh. She cried out for god to save her as I devoured her intestines. She begged for mercy just before I ripped out her throat. Her entrails convulsed as she died the symbolic death, the death of the ego, the death of her personality.

Greg Jordan was no more. I felt my form shifting in alignment with the newest occupant. Hair grew in some places, and was removed or shortened in others. My hips widened, breasts developed, genitalia shifted and retracted. At last I felt my eyes change and opened them to see Sarah standing above me. She had a gun, and she held it to her head.

“Ezekial stop! Don’t speak! Just quit, you don’t have to keep doing this. We can find another way, just come with me,” she pleaded.

It was very faint with the club music blaring, but I detected the sound of sirens. I looked her over, my beautiful girl, my angel, and smiled at her. I was only here because, unable to fight the urges any longer, her presence alone could not stop me from hunting. It ended when she threatened me much like now, with a gun pointed to her head in the sincerest expression of love; sacrifice.

I put my hands over my mouth and stood. I was close to her… almost. I leaned forward and smiled with my eyes. It was a new trick, one Jennifer knew but Greg Jordan did not. For a moment, just long enough actually, it fooled Sarah, and I grabbed the hand holding the gun.

“No,” she screamed, and it broke my heart. It was my turn to show her that she was not the only one of us who could express love. I placed the barrel under my chin.

“Pull the trigger.” And all was dark.

And Then All Was Light

“Look who has joined us brother.”

It was no use even attempting deception with them, so I just opened my eyes and saw three pairs of eyes staring back at me. All eyes identical, all eyes like my own. My true eyes that is, not any adapted from prey, just copies exactly like my own, and all devoid of empathy.

Adam, ever the bothersome twat, was the first to step forward. “So happy to have you alert.”

Benjamin was next, “it was a close one this time.”

Cyrus slid across the pale stone floor, “yes another one like that and you might not make it.”

“Sarah,” I croaked and pushed the heavy blankets off my nude form.

“You mean that sweet little tart, or was it that tart little sweet,” Adam replied with his typical obtuse rambling.

“Gone, obviously,” steady, reliable Benjamin answered. “The police were looking for Greg Jordan, and she had just shot Jennifer Crassner. All other witnesses were sleeping, and the police only found one body, that being your copy of Crassner.”

Cyrus cleared his throat. “Once we knew it was actually you I showed up and had the security footage erased and then went up to the morgue, got your body, and simply commanded your heart to begin pumping anew. Fortunately you had just feasted, so that girl’s personality sustained you until your neural network had reawakened, all while we brought you back down here.” He could not help himself from sounding smug.

Benjamin chimed in, “once your body was functioning you of course reverted to your real form and it was only a matter of removing the shrapnel and commanding your body to heal the rest of the way.” Adam walked to the bed and sat down at my feet.

“So, you went up there and found a girlfriend.” He looked around the room theatrically. “Tell us, she give good head?”

He laughed and dug his fingers in to my thigh. “Mention her again and you will regret it,” I said through gritted teeth. I was feeling stronger now, though there was a piercing pain in my chest. Until I stabilized I would feel many pains like a human.

Adam ignored my threat and leaned forward, his hand shifting to press against my groin, his face hovered only inches from mine.

“You don’t scare me, little brother. You know there is nothing or no one I cower from.”

I suspected he had to be watching. “Where is David,” I asked.

Adam leapt off of me as, from behind my head I heard my fourth brother admit to his presence. “I am here Ezekiel.” As I knew he would be.

David scared Adam, David frightened everyone. David frightened all living things. I didn’t bother to look around, I knew David would not deign to walk within my line of sight. I had to speak quickly.

“Brother I swear to you she is good, not like the monsters we hunt and—“ the door slammed.

Adam cackled. “He doesn’t care, none of us care. Don’t you get it? I’ll show you. I’ll find her, I’ll break her and take her and forsake her.” He wheeled around the room, acting as though he had an invisible woman pinned around his hips and was fucking her. Benjamin looked on disapprovingly while Cyrus appeared bored.

I tried to convince them, “you can’t it won’t work on her. She’s immune.”

Only Adam bothered to voice his disbelief. “Bullshit brother! We saw the tape, you told her to shoot.”

“I did, I don’t deny that, but I didn’t use a command,” I struggled to hide my sorrow as they all turned, dumbfounded, to study me. I closed my eyes to suppress the wail that gathered in my throat.

Benjamin stated the obvious retort. “Then she hated you, and was there to kill you.”

“No, she loved me. She was there to save me.”

Adam’s gaze narrowed, “fucking imposs—.”

I spoke over him. “When we first met, she soon learned what I really was, and I quickly saw that she was immune to me, she offered me this deal; stay with her, do not use my ability on any living thing, and every utterance I directed at her she would follow willingly to the letter so long as it harmed no one besides us. I broke our agreement. I sinned. She did not, and still does not. So, when you saw her pull the trigger it wasn’t because I commanded her, it was out of her love for me.”

Cyrus spoke. “If true that would make her a saint.”

Benjamin shook his head and walked back and forth, the sound of his hooves reverberating around the room. “No, he had powder still until she arrived, he could have commanded her before that but his supply would have diminished over the time they were together. Commanding a saint requires even more loci than usual. All I can think is…”

“What,” Adam shrieked, belying the fact that he already knew. He grabbed his horns and pulled with all his might. “It can’t be!”

Cyrus finished the thought, his red flesh glowing, his confident posture betrayed by the tremor in his voice, “You were loved by an angel, and that is why you tried to take your own life!”

My shoulders slumped in admission of what I had, and what I had lost. Salvation. Salvation through love, and love for the likes of me and my brothers is a transcendent thing. I wept. We all did.

And so, in the bowels of hell, a demonic horde learned that the sincerest expression of love; is sacrifice.

The End