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Slave Teacher: Part One

Peter Nelson was excited about his next class. He never liked math, but he did like Liz Thatcher, his sexy math teacher. Today was Miss Thatcher’s birthday, and Peter had a special gift for her. Peter looked down at the little white box he had for her, and hoped that what the old shopkeeper told him about “the present” was true, or he might end up in detention! However, he had a crush on Miss Thatcher since the first class day, and he decided that the risk was wroth it!

Miss Thatcher wore a blue dress suit, and was writing math problems on the board. Every male student got excited when she would move around the board, every little movement Miss Thatcher made would give the boys strong errections. Miss Thatcher was a very beautiful woman for a teacher, and even the fathers of the boys were jealous, because they never had teachers like that when they went to school! The bell finally rang, and Peter stayed behind to give Miss Thatcher her birthday surprise.

“Peter, can I help you?” Asked Miss Thatcher.

“I have a birthday present for you, Miss Thatcher!”

“Oh, that’s very sweet of you, but I can’t accept gifts from students!”

“Please, Miss Thatcher.” Begged Peter. “At least look at it?”

Miss Thatcher didn’t want to appear ungrateful for the boy’s thoughtfulness, so she agreed to look at the gift. She opened the box, and saw a golden necklace. Peter picked up the necklace, and dangled in front of Miss Thatcher’s face!

“Isn’t it pretty Miss Thatcher? See how the light shines on the necklace! How it moves back and forth! It makes you feel peaceful and content doesn’t it! All you hear is the sound of my voice, don’t you Miss Thatcher?”

Miss Thatcher nodded, it was all she could do, she was in a deep trance. The magic necklace worked so far, but now it was time for the next step. As Miss Thatcher sat perfectly still, Peter placed the magic necklace around her neck! When Peter bought the magic necklace the shopkeeper told him the legend of the golden necklace! That whoever was hypnotized the necklace and wearing it, would become a slave to the person who placed it around their neck! Peter also learned that the necklace can only be removed by the person who put it around the slave’s neck, so there was no danger of Miss Thatcher taking it off! Peter was free to try out his new power. He turned and spoke to Miss Thatcher.

“Miss Thatcher, can you hear me?” Asked Peter.

Miss Thatcher then came to life after hearing Peter’s voice.

“I hear and obey Master.” Replied the slave teacher.

Peter then realized that this was going to be better then he thought!


Miss Thatcher then fell to her knees before her young math student who was now her master. Peter couldn’t believe it! A 17 old boy had control over a sexy 35 year old woman! This was a dream coming true! Luckily, Miss Thatcher’s class was the last class of the day, so this gave Peter a chance to teach the teacher a few lessons in submission.

“Miss Thatcher, is there anything that you have to do before you leave school?” Asked Peter.

“I have to grade some papers Master, but I can do that at home.”

“Good, now listen carefully Miss Thatcher to the orders I give you. After I leave the classroom, I want you to pick up your books and papers, and go to your car! You will then drive to third and Cherry, where I will be waiting for you! Once you pick me up, you will drive us to your home! Do you understand Miss Thatcher?”

“Yes, Master.” Said Miss Thatcher

After Peter left, Miss Thatcher got off her knees. She picked up her things, and went to her car. As she was walking to the school parking lot, words kept beating into her brain: “I MUST OBEY MY MASTER! I MUST OBEY MY MASTER!”

When Peter saw Miss Thatcher’s car, he was relieved to see that his teacher followed his orders to the letter. After he got in her car, she drove to her home as her master commanded. Peter said nothing to her as she drove, he was afraid that in her state she might lose control of the car, if she was distracted. His parents were gone for the evening, so he had some time to train Miss Thatcher before he had to return home. Besides, he had always wanted to see his teacher’s home, and now was as good a time as any.

Liz Thatcher lived in a very nice house that once belonged to her father and when he died, he left it to her. She liked plants and she had two cats, Sugar and Spice. Peter liked the house and thought it was very nice, but now it was time to get down to business. Peter called Miss Thatcher to him, and she immediately knelt before him and lowered her head. When he stroked her long brown hair, she was purring like a kitten. Liz Thatcher was no longer a school teacher, she was a slave, a simple being whose only desire was to please her. She looked up as her master spoke to her.

“When we are alone, I will call you Liz!” Said Peter. “Is that clear, Miss Thatcher?”

“You can call me Liz, Master.” Responded Miss Thatcher. “Whatever you wish.”

“Would you like to please me Liz?”

“Oh, yes Master!” Liz’s heart jumped. “More than anything!”

“Remove your top and bra Liz!”

Liz slowly removed her suit coat, then her white blouse and bra as Peter commanded. The magic necklace rested on her nice soft breasts! “She has the nicest set of boobs for a teacher!” Peter had thought to himself, and now his teacher was his to control! He placed his hands on her breasts! Liz slowly began to moan from her master’s touch! She hoped that he was pleased with her body?

“Do you like it when I touch your boobs Liz?” Asked the student.

“Yes Master, your touch means everything to me!” Replied the teacher.

“Good, now please remove the rest of your clothes! I want to see the rest of my sexy teacher’s body!”

“Yes, Master! Cried Liz . “At once, Master!”

Miss Thatcher removed the rest of her garments, and she stood before her master in the nude. Liz was completely naked except for the magic necklace around her neck, which now enslaved her mind and heart to her young student. Peter drank in every inch of her curvaceous body with his eyes. Liz could only hope that her master was pleased with her.

“You’re very beautiful, Liz.” He told her.

“Thank you, Master.” Responded the slave.

“Show me your bedroom Liz.”

“Yes, Master.”


Peter followed the nude teacher down the hallway to her bedroom. Even though the power of the magic necklace was working, Peter still couldn’t believe his luck? Many guys have fantasized about making love to their teacher before, but this was becoming real, and he didn’t know if he could handle it? He was still a virgin, and Miss Thatcher would become his teacher in the lessons of love. Liz’s bedroom was beautiful, it was pink and large, and even her bedspread was pink. Liz had a couple of stuffed animals on the bed, which seemed strange to Peter because Liz was an adult, but he figured that women at any age must still like cute little cuddly toys. Peter then sat himself on the edge of the bed, while Liz knelt at his feet!


“Yes, Master?”

“I’ve never been with a woman before. Will you teach me what I need to know?”

“Oh, yes Master!” Said Liz, very excitedly.

Liz was very happy, because she was going to be her master’s first lover! She was going to make sure that her master’s first experience in lovemaking was going to be his most memorable, and she would make sure that he would enjoy it. Liz then undress Peter, while fondling his nice hard cock, and they both crawled into bed.

Liz cuddled close to Peter, and he in turn held her close to him. Peter played with Liz’s Breasts for awhile, then Liz began to kiss her young master’s body all over! She didn’t care that Peter was still one of her students. She wasn’t a teacher now, she was a slave! And Peter wasn’t her student now, he was her master, and she had been ordered to make love to him! Whatever Peter commanded, Liz would do gladly! “THE MASTER MUST BE OBEYED!” That’s what was programmed into Liz’s mind, thanks to the magic necklace!

Miss Thatcher kissed & stroked her mater’s young member. Peter couldn’t help but enjoy the sensations. It was the first time a woman ever touch him there, and it was his own teacher too! How many guys could say that? Liz was still worshipping his cock!

“Would you like me to blow you now Master?” Asked the slave teacher.

Peter nodded, this was going to be his first blowjob. Liz began licking her master’s cock, she then wrapped her loving lips around it, then up and down she sucked! Peter kept thinking of other things Liz could do to please him.

“Liz, I want to enter you now!”

“Yes Master, thank you Master!”

Finally, the young student ordered his teacher to lay on her back, and to receive his cock into her wet pussy! Since this was his first time, Liz directed Peter to go in slowly. Peter started out slow, enjoying his first fuck! Then he sped up, Liz’s whole body began to shake! For a virgin, Peter was doing very well! When Peter finally came, so did Liz. They spent the rest of their time together hugging and kissing. Liz loved her master, she didn’t know how she ever got along without him. The golden necklace did its job well.

“Liz, here are the rules of our relationship!” Said Peter.

“Yes, Master.” Said Miss Thatcher.

“Liz, you will act normallyin front of other people, and you will not tell anyone that you are my slave! In school, we will act like teacher and student! You will only act like a slave when we are alone, or when I tell you to!”

Liz nodded.

However, in school you will do things for me that you would not normally do for your other students! You will help me in my schoolwork! From now on you will make my homework assignments lighter, and you will give me better grades! No matter what they really are, you will give me A’s and B’s on my homework and tests! Is tat understood, my slave teacher?”

“Yes Master, I will obey your orders!”

“Good, now I have to leave!”

Peter got dress, and prepared to go home before his parent got there. He gave his math teacher a goodbye kiss, and told her to go grade her papers.

“Make sure you give me an A on my paper, Miss Thatcher!”

“Yes Master, I’ll make sure!”

“Very good, Slave!”

END OF PART ONE..........