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Slave Teacher: Part Two


A few weeks have past since Miss Thatcher became a sex slave to her young math student. Peter was very careful to make sure that his parents and everyone else didn’t find out about his new relationship with his slave teacher. Peter made sure that Liz Thatcher still acted like the teacher she had always been. He wanted everyone to think that she was a teacher in control of her students. However, Miss Thatcher did help Peter with his studies in secret. Liz made sure that the her Master got good marks on his work When they got together after school, Liz would sometimes give Peter the answers to the questions, or she would just do the work for him. Whatever her Master wanted, Liz would do, and she would do it gladly! One day at the end of Miss Thatcher’s class, Peter stayed behind to speak to her. Not as student to teacher, but as master to slave!

“Liz, I will be at your place at seven o’ clock this evening!” Said Peter. “Make yourself pretty for me!”

“Yes Master, I’ll be waiting for you.”

“After you leave school, I want you to go an adult bookstore, and get some porno movies for us to watch!” Ordered Peter. “I also want you to get some magazines for me to look at!”

“Yes Master, whatever you wish!” Said Miss Thatcher, the slave.

At seven, Peter showed up at Miss Thatcher’s house. Liz Thatcher greeted her Master wearing a baby blue G-string, she was also wearing some flower scented perfume that she hoped would please him!

“I got everything you wanted Master.” Said Liz, respectfully.

“Very good, my pretty slave!”

Liz’s heart leaped for joy! Her Master called her pretty, and for a love slave that meant she was doing her job well! Peter put in a video, and he and Liz sat on the couch. They kissed as they watched the adult film, during the video, Liz was rubbing her Master’s young cock! Peter was also touching Liz’s soft breasts, stroking them! His hands brushed against the magic necklace a few times, he was glad that he had found it! If not for the golden necklace, Liz would not be his! Peter then commanded Liz to suck on his cock, while he looked through one of the magazines she got him. She got down on her knees, and started attacking her student’s young member as ordered.

Liz licked around her Master’s cock, she hoped that he was pleased with her. She started out slow and easy, up and down she went like sucking on a popsicle. Peter was in heaven! After all, how many other guys got a blowjob from their teacher? Miss Thatcher certainly knew how to give head to her young student.

“Liz, get on the coffee table!” Ordered Peter. “I want to enter you now!”

“Yes, Master.”

As Liz obediently got on the table, Peter entered her very wet pussy! She started to moan but immediately went silent, because she was not giving permission to speak by her Master. Faster and faster Peter went, shaking Liz, and almost breaking her coffee table in the process. Liz didn’t care about that, her Master please was her only concern! If she had to she would buy a new coffee table. Peter continued his rhythmic pace on his sexy teacher, faster and harder he went, until he finally came on Liz’s lovely tits! Peter then told Miss Thatcher to get on her knees, and suck his cock dry! She was more than happy to obey his commands.

“You did very well Liz, I am very pleased with you!”

“Thank you, Master!” Said Liz.


The next day came, and as Peter was walking down the hall to his locker, he didn’t have a care in the in the world. Before he could open his locker door, Sam and Eddie came up to him.

“Okay Nelson, what’s going on?” Asked Eddie.

“I don’t know what you mean Eddie?”

“Don’t act dumb with us!” Said Sam. “We both want to know what’s going on between you and Miss Thatcher!”

“Great” thought Peter now someone was getting suspicious, and he thought he had done a good job of cover his tracks with his slave teacher. Did these clowns know that he was having sex with Miss Thatcher? Could they be trusted to keep his secret? He had to find out more!

“What about me and Miss Thatcher?”

“We’ve seen her give you special treatment in class!” Said Eddie.

“That’s right! We’ve seen your in school Peter! It’s about the same as ours, but she gives you better grades then the rest of us!” Accused Sam. “We want to know why?”

“Okay guys, if I tell you, and make sure that she gives you better grades as well? Will you keep my secret?”

The boys thought about for a minute. What was the big secret? Why was a professional teacher showing favoritism to only one student? They thought of telling the principal, but on the other hand if Peter could make sure that Miss Thatcher would give them the same treatment? What did they have to lose?

“You’ve got a deal! Now, why is Miss Thatcher helping you?”

“She’s under my spell.”

“Come again?”

“I’ve turned Miss Thatcher my devoted and submissive slave girl.”

“You’re putting us on?” Said a shocked Eddie. “This is a gag, right?”

“It’s true, Miss Thatcher is my sex slave.”

“You’re saying you’ve done it with Miss Thatcher?” Said Sam. “Now I know you’re lying!”

Look, I’ll prove it after class, but keep your voices down!”

“You mean that she will do whatever you say?” Said Eddie. “I’ve got to see that! Okay, I’m in!”

“Me too, but this better not be a joke Nelson, or you’re in trouble!”

As the three boys sat through Miss Thatcher’s class, Peter kept wondering what he had gotten himself into? He didn’t know weather or not he could trust the guys with his secret? He now wish that he had been more careful in the reprogramming of Liz Thatcher’s mind. He now realized that when he told her to give him good grades, he should have allowed for a few low marks, so no one would get wise! However, the damage was already done, and he had no other choice, but to put his two friends in his confidence. But he decided not to tell them about the magic necklace that enslaved MIss Thatcher to him. No sense in telling them any more than they needed to know? Besides, there was no danger of them taking the necklace. Only Peter could remove it from Miss Thatcher’s neck, and he wasn’t about to do that! Just then, the bell rang.

“Okay class, for homework tonight do the problems on pages 129, 130, 131, and 132!” Said MIss Thatcher. “For those of you who want extra credit, you can also do pages 133, and 134! Good luck, and I’ll see you tomorrow!”

As the other kids started to leave, the two boys waited for Peter to speak to the teacher. They still didn’t believe that he had turn their math teacher into a slave, but they had to see it for themselves. When they were alone with her, the three boys walked over to Miss Thatcher’s desk.

“Yes boys, can I help you?” Asked Miss Thatcher.

“Liz Thatcher, this is your Master speaking!” Said Peter.

The other two boys thought for sure Miss Thatcher would send Peter to the Principal’s Office for speaking to her like that! But then their jaws dropped open when instead she got up from her desk, and knelt before Peter, lowering her head to him as if he were God!

“How may I serve you Master?” Asked the slave teacher.

“Holy shit!” Said Eddie. “I still don’t believe it!”

“Me neither, just what did you do to her Peter?”

“Sorry guys, but that remains my secret!”

“She’ll do anything you say?”

“Yes Eddie, just watch this! Liz can you hear me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Liz, these two boys are your Master’s friends, so you will act like a slave when they are around us! Is that clear, slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Well, what do we do with her now?” Asked Sam.

“Remember our deal Peter!” Warned Eddie. “We want better grades!”

“Okay, okay, but not on school grounds!” Said Peter. “We need to go some place else! Liz, get your things and go to your car! You will then drive to Third and Cherry, and wait for us there! Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Said Miss Thatcher.

Miss Thatcher then got off her knees. She picked up her things, and left the classroom.

“Why did you do that?” Asked Sam.

“It’s too dangerous to do anything here! We’ll meet her and she will drive us to her home where we can talk privately!” Explained Peter. “I will also give you a private demostration of what I can make her do, but if you tell anyone about this, there are no grades!”

“Deal!” Said the two boys.

“Now we better go!” Said Peter. “I don’t want to keep my slave girl waiting!”

Miss Thatcher waited at the spot where her Master told her to wait. When the three boys got there, they climbed into her car.

“Drive us to your house, Liz!” Commanded Peter.

“Yes, Master.” Said Liz.

Liz started the car, and they were off. Peter told Sam and Eddie not to speak to Miss Thatcher while she was driving, because of the state she ws in. Both boys wondered what Peter was going to have Miss Thatcher do? When they asked Peter, he just kept silent. He wanted the boys to be surprised when he would show them his tolal control over Miss Thatcher’s will!

When they arrived at Liz’s house, Peter ordered her to go to her bedroom, and put on the costume that he had her buy last night. The three boys sat on her couch as they waited. Sam and Eddie couldn’t believe that they were in a teacher’s house, and were waiting for that teacher to come out wearing a sexy costume for the pleasure of her students. Then finally Liz came out and knelt before Peter, the two boys couldn’t believe what they saw! Miss Thatcher, school teacher was no more! In her place was a submissive slave girl dressed in a pink harem costume, showing off her belly button! She was a sight to behold!

“Liz, what is your place in life?” Asked Peter.

“To serve and please my young Master!” Said the slave teacher. “To tend to all his needs, and to his loyal servant forever!”

Sam and Eddie couldn’t believe what their teacher was saying?

“And.” Continued Peter. “What was your life before?”

“Empty and incomplete, there was nothing before! Now, there is only you Master!”

The two boys were very impressed with Peter’s control over their teacher! It was still hard to believe that such a thing was possible?

“What are you going to have her do next?” Asked Eddie.

“Dance for us slave girl!” Ordered Peter.

“Yes, Master.” Said Miss Thatcher. “As you command.”