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Slave Teacher: Part Three


As her Master commanded, Miss Thatcher danced for the pleasure of her students! She made every little movement very seductive, she clasped her hands above her head, and started to shake her hips slightly like that of a harem girl. Even her face was veiled, and it would remain so until her Master would remove it! Liz used a large veil to dance with, and she danced around in a circle with it! She then took some finger symbols and played them while she continued the dance for her young Master.

“Dance closer to us, my slave teacher!” Ordered Peter.

“Yes, Master.” Said Miss Thatcher.

Liz would then get closer to her students as ordered. When Miss Thatcher was close enough, Sam reached out to touch her breasts. He had always dreamed of doing that, and now was his chance. Eddie felt up his teacher’s sexy legs, as she danced closer to him. When Liz was near Peter, she would lean backwards into his lap! Liz would look into her Master’s eyes while he got a good view of her breasts, she was still playing the symbols through out all of this. Miss Thatcher then went back up to finish her dance. She shook her hips some more, and made a few more circles! When Liz made her last circle, she then knelt before her Master. Her dance was over.

“Did my dance please you Master?” Asked the harem slave teacher.

“Yes, my slave!” Said Peter. “You did well!”

Peter then removed his teacher’s veil, and they kissed passionately! Sam and Eddie enjoyed the show, and wished that all the female teachers were slaves like Miss Thatcher.

“Okay, Pete!” Said Eddie. “Do it!”

“Liz, I want you to give Sam and Eddie better grades in school, like the grades you give me!” Said Peter. “Only a few times will you give us low marks, but I will tell you when to do that! Do you understand Liz?”

“I understand, Master.” Said Miss Thatcher.

“Wait a minute!” Snapped Eddie. “Why do we have to take a low grade now and then?”

So people won’t get wise to the truth about Miss Thatcher, like you two did!”

The two boys thought about it after a while, and decided that Peter was right.

“Now, is there anything else you two clowns want?”

“Yeah, Pete!” Said Sam. “We want to fuck her!”

Peter sighed. He knew it would come to this! Oh well, anything to get these two off his back! Peter then took a deep breath, and spoke his next order to the slave teacher.

“Liz, we are all going into your bedroom now! You will then make love to all of us! Understood?”

“Oh yes, Master!” Cried Liz. “I am your slave to command!”

Wit that said, the four of them went into Liz’s bedroom, where she would allow her students to use her anyway they desired! As they all walked, Peter closed the bedroom door behind them.


“Remove our clothes Liz!”

“Yes, Master.”

The slave teacher undressed Sam and Eddie first, then she saved her Master for last. As she undressed each student, Miss Thatcher fondled each one lovingly! Sam and Eddie never thought they would be fondled by their sexy teacher!

“Now, get on the bed Liz!”

Liz got on the bed as ordered. Peter then told her to play with herself while the boys decided who did what! Liz enjoyed stroking her own pussy.

“Okay, you two go first!” Said Peter. “I’ll watch for awhile”

Sam and Eddie crawled on to the bed, they each got on one side of their loving teacher. Both boys sucked on Miss Thatcher’s nipples, while she ran her fingers through their hair. Then the boys started to kiss her soft body, and Liz in turn kissed them. Miss Thatcher then rubbed their cocks until both of them were hard! She went doggie style and sucked on Sam’s member, while Eddie entered her nice warm pussy! Miss Thatcher sucked slow and easy on Sam and then sped up. Eddie also went slow, and worked up faster! Liz licked around Sam’s cock like a popsicle. Sam really enjoy the special attention his teacher was giving him! Eddie finally came, and squirted his on Liz’s nice ass! Then the two boys switch places, and Sam fucked Miss Thatcher, while she sucked Eddie dry. When his cock was dry, Eddie stood next to Peter, while Liz was getting pumped faster, and faster by Sam! Miss Tatcher enjoyed pleasing the boys, but no male would ever compare to her beloved Master. Both boys put on their clothes, and thanked Peter for letting them use his sex slave.

“Remember guys, you promised to keep my secret!”

“No problem, Pete!” Said Eddie. “Our lips are sealed!”

“We’ll see you both in school tomorrow!” Said Sam.


After the two boys left, Peter was finally alone with his slave teacher. Liz looked at Peter, licking her lips. It was time for this student to take his teacher, and she would surrender herself with question.

“You did well in pleasing them Liz!” Said Peter.

“Thank you, Master.” Said Liz.

“Now we are alone, and you belong to me!”

“Yes, Master.”

“You are my property!”

“Yes, Master.”

“You are mine!”

“Yes, Master.”

“What would you like to do Liz?”

“Please take me, Master!” Whined Liz. “Make love to your slave!”

Peter then crawled under the covers next to Liz, he held her clos to him, stroking her soft hair. She cuddled close to Peter and kissed him. The magic necklace that was still around her neck, enslaved her heart to Peter. They continued to kiss, wrapping their arms around each other. Then both student and teacher turned to the lessons of love!

After they had sex, Peter called his parents and told them that he was staying over at a friend’s house, because they needed to study together for tomorrow’s test. As he was talking on the phone, Miss Thatcher was doing Peter’s homework for him. This teacher loved her Master, and would do anything in the world to please him! When she finshed the last problem, Peter came back into the bedroom with a smile on his face!

“I have finshed your homework, Master.” Said the slave teacher.

“Good girl!” Said Peter. “I called my folks, so now we have the whole night together, my lovely teacher!”

“That’s wonderful, Master!”

Both the 35 year old teacher, and the 17 year old student crawled back into bed together. Liz rested her on her Master’s young chest, kissing him. Peter stroked his teacher’s long hair, while her hands rubbed him off! The magic necklace glowed in the darkness of the room, and Peter knew that it still enslaved Miss Thatcher to him.


“Yes Liz?”

“Am I truly your first?”

“Yes Liz, does that make you happy?”

“Yes Master, very happy.”

“And have you had many lovers Liz?”

“Yes, but none were as good as you, my Master.”

“And why is that Liz?

“Because you are my Master. You are sweet and kind to me. I am your loyal slave.”

“I think you’re sweet too, Liz.”

“Thank you Master, your slave is greatful.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”


“Yes, Liz?”

“I love you, Master.”

“Go to sleep Liz, and cuddle close to me.”

“Yes, Master.”

And for the rest of the nigh, both teacher and student cuddled close to each others loving arms, as they slept together all night for the first time. The first of many nights to come!


As time past, Peter’s control over Miss Thatcher grew sronger. Peter’s friends kept the secret of their teacher’s enslavement to Peter, and no one else ever figured out the true relationship between the student and the teacher! Not even Peter’s parents found out the truth! Finally, Graduation Day came. Peter was excited and a little sad. He knew that after tonight he might never see his slave teacher again? He was going to Pepperdine University next year. However, he had been working on a plan, but he didn’t yet if it had worked. After Graduation, Peter looked over at Miss Thatcher. Miss Thatcher nodded and left the school, she knew what her Master wanted her to do. Peter told his folks he was going to a party with his friends.

Later, he came to the door of Liz Thatcher’s. Peter took out a key and opened the door. Miss Thatcher made sure that he Master had a key to her home as he commanded.

“Liz!” Called Peter. “Are you here?”

“I’m here on the couch, Master!” Said Liz, sweetly. She was wearing a sexy white babydoll nightie.

As Peter sat on the couch, Liz poured hime a glass of wine, and handed it to him.

“Happy Graduation, Master!” Said the slave teacher.

“Thank you, Liz!”

“I have obeyed your orders, Master.”

“And what are the results, Slave?”

“I sent in my application, and I start teaching at Pepperdine next year, Master.”

“Excellent Liz!” Said Peter, taking a sip of wine. “You’re a good slave!”

“My only place in life is to please you Master!” Said Miss Thatcher.

“It will make Collage life interesting!” Said Peter, taking his teacher in his arms. “Until then we will have a great summer together!”

“Yes, Master.” Said the slave teacher. “I am yours to command.”

Peter looked again at the magic necklace that was dangling from Miss Thatcher’s neck. It was the wisest purchas that he ever made.

“Come, Miss Thatcher!” Peter said, taking his slave by the hand. “Let’s go into the bedroom!”

“Yes, Master.” Said his former math teacher. “I will obey.”

THE END????????????????