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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblence between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work engage in unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of the other activities depicted herein.


My thanks to the anonymous author of an unfinished piece called “High on Heels” for giving me the inspiration for this bit of fluff. Comments welcome, but please send them to


The intercom buzzed on Adena’s desk. She pushed the talk button and spoke to her boss, Mr. Pouvoir. “Yes sir?”

“Miss Fox, could you come in here a moment, please?” came Pouvoir’s voice.

“Of course, sir.” The shapely young secretary got to her feet, smoothed down her long skirt and walked into her employer’s office.

Pouvoir was sitting behind his desk, stacks of paper all about him. He smiled at Adena as she came in. “Close the door, please, Miss Fox”, he said. Adena did as he asked, wondering what all the secrecy was about. Was she in trouble? It was far too early for a performance review, she had just started here two months ago.

“Sleep Time” he said.

For a moment the busty brunette looked confused, but then her eyes closed and she stood in front of him, sound asleep. Pouvoir spoke to her, calmly, reassuringly. He asked her if she understood, and Adena nodded her head or mumbled “yes” each time.

“Wake Up Time” he said finally.

Adena’s eyes fluttered open. She looked around her. “I...I’m sorry, did you say something?” she asked.

Her boss seemed not to notice her momentary lapse. “Miss Fox, can you take this package down to the mailroom right away. It has to go out today and I’m afraid we’ll miss the courier.” He handed her a package.

“Of course, sir” said Adena, relieved that that was all he wanted. She didn’t notice the smile on her boss’s face as she turned and left the office.

Adena left work that evening and decided to stop at the mall on the way home. She was walking along, with no particular destination in mind, when she found herself passing a shoe store, one of the shops that aimed at the young and trendy. Not at all the kind of place where Adena shopped.

But today she found herself looking in the window at the gaudy shoes and boots on display. One pair in particular caught her eye. They were black lace-ups, with preposterous platform soles and even higher block heels. Adena looked down at her plain white flats. Sensible shoes for the office. She looked back at the gleaming black shoes in the window. Feeling suddenly impulsive, she walked into the store.

It was a funny sensation at first, walking in two-inch platforms, but Adena decided that she liked it. Especially the high heels. So much so that she was smiling the next morning as she entered the well-appointed downtown office where she worked. She had not failed to notice either that a woman in a pair of sexy shoes drew a lot of admiring glances from the men she met along the way. This was a bit of a change for Adena, who tended to play down her natural good looks, especially her exceptional chest, so that men would not be staring all the time.

At work that day Adena found herself stopping frequently to admire her feet. She felt a warm sense of satisfaction with her new shoes. She found herself wearing them all week, and always felt good when she put them on. After a couple of days she decided the only drawback was that she only had one pair, and couldn’t wear them with a lot of her clothes.

That day she went out for lunch and again found herself in front of a shoe store. She surprised herself by buying a pair of sharp-looking white ankle boots, with vamp heels, and white laces up the front. Though the boots looked great (she had never owned a pair before) they were too fancy to wear to work, Adena decided, even as she walked back to the office in her new footwear. She felt good the rest of the day, and cheerfully plunged into her usual word-processing and other secretarial duties.

“What’s with the new shoes?” her best friend Candice asked her at work one day. She was a petite woman, with a pretty face and a slender figure.

Adena shrugged. “I thought I’d try something different. Don’t you like them?

Her friend looked at her feet appraisingly. “Don’t you find the heels a bit much?”

“They’re surprisingly comfortable, really. You should try a pair.”

“No thanks,” the smaller girl said, “I’m on my feet all day. Shoes like that would kill me.” She herself was wearing black flats beneath grey slacks.

The next day was a Friday, and the office traditionally dressed a little more casually at the end of the week. Adena was getting dressed in her apartment that morning, and she reached into the closet for a pair of comfortable pants. She started to pull them on, but hesitated. Pants seemed wrong somehow. Unflattering. Sure she wanted to dress a little looser, but did that mean she had to look sloppy? She opted instead for a knee-length, slim skirt with buttons up the front. The black skirt looked great with dark stockings and her new black platform shoes.

Candice thought she was foolish, not to take advantage of an opportunity to relax a little. She found work clothing uncomfortable, and had come to work in dress blue-jeans. Their coffee-clatch conversation was interrupted when Mr. Pouvoir called Adena into her office. She noticed that his gaze dropped for a moment to her legs, and she decided she liked the attention.

“Sleep Time,” Mr. Pouvoir said, and Adena’s head fell forward, her eyes closed.

Some measureless time later Adena found herself looking over her boss appreciatively as he talked. Mr. Pouvoir was a handsome man. She wondered vaguely if he had a big cock.

The thought burst, unbidden, into her mind, and she was suddenly acutely embarrassed. What was she thinking? This was her boss, for pity’s sake, and she was not one to think about men that way. She realized belatedly that she was reddening in embarrassment and her boss was looking at her strangely. “Are you all right, Miss Fox?” he said politely. “You look flushed.”

“Yes....I mean, no,...I mean, I’m fine.” sputtered Adena, shaking off her reverie. “Please go on with what you were saying.”

Her boss smiled indulgently and continued his conversation about filing procedures. Adena tried to concentrate on the discussion but the intrusive thought about the size of Mr. Pouvoir’s manhood just wouldn’t go away. She kept sneaking covert glances at the crotch of his pants, looking for any clues as to his endowment. She was relieved when he finally let her go, and she could sit at her cubicle and try to cool down.

One of the other secretaries came by, a middle-aged woman named Kara. She was nice enough, but Adena found her incessant lectures about her three beautiful children a little boring. Today, however, she was circulating a sign-up sheet for noon-hour aerobics classes. If she got enough names, the company would pay for the hall and the instructor’s time. Trying to change the subject, Adena commented that Kara had got her hair done. The older woman beamed. “Do you like it?” she asked, fluffing up her hair with one hand.

“It’s very attractive,” Adena said politely, “makes you look younger, too.”

“Well, I’m only 44 you know. I’ve still got plenty of life in me. You’re sure you won’t sign up?”

Adena told her she would think about it, then watched the older blonde walk away. Kara was wearing slacks, for casual Friday, but she had not forsaken her usual high heels.

Adena had a perfectly ordinary weekend planned, but when she had finished cleaning the apartment on Saturday morning she felt like doing a little shopping. Ordinarily Adena enjoyed hanging out on weekends in jeans and sneakers, but as she wandered the mall that afternoon she felt ill at ease. She just wasn’t dressed enough to be out in public.

She bought several items in different stores, but one outfit, a short brown jumper combined with a white sweater really caught her eye. She tried it on and was so impressed with how it looked on her that she decided to keep wearing it. The young clerk was a little surprised when Adena asked her to throw her jeans in a bag, but she complied readily enough. The new dress was in keeping with the mini-length style of the moment, and the clerk even persuaded Adena to get a pair of shiny brown pantyhose to go with it. After paying for the dress, she slipped down the hallway to a shoe store to find something to go with the new dress.


There was a cheerful spring in Adena’s step as she walked into the office, even if it was Monday morning. She was wearing her new jumper, and more than one male head turned to admire her brown-nyloned legs as she walked past. Her new shoes, brown suede slip-ons with just enough heel to give her legs a bit of lift, were the perfect compliment to the dress, and although Adena had not really intended it, the snug white sweater displayed her generous breasts a bit more prominently than her usual style.

She was secretly hoping that Mr. Pouvoir would notice her new look, and she wasn’t disappointed. When she came into the office to drop off the mail his eyes swept appreciatively up and down the length of her body, lingering a moment on the point where her legs disappeared beneath the short dress.

Adena left the office a few minutes later, and began to work on the word-processing assignments from Mr. Pouvoir. She was distracted, however, by persistent questions about the size of his cock. “I’ll bet he’s huge,” she said to herself, and giggled.

“What’s that?” asked Candice, peering around the door of her cubicle.

“Oh, um, I said, um, ‘I’d better do—I’d better do this quickly or Big Co—I mean Mr. Pouvoir will be upset.’” Adena improvised quickly.

Her petite friend frowned. “Are you sure you’re OK, Adena? you look a little funny this morning.”

Adena assured her that she was fine, then returned to her typing for Big Cock. She loved the nickname; it suited him so well. The man must be hung like a horse. She was sure of it.

A couple of days later, Adena went to get a coffee and overheard two of the other secretaries talking by the coffee machine. They were debating, in all earnestness, which of their respective bosses, Mr. Masters or Mr. Sargeant, was the more pleasant to work for. Adena looked at them covertly. Both women were young, and dressed attractively, in form-fitting, abbreviated suits and high heeled pumps. One woman was wearing hose with a row of tiny flowers up each leg. Adena, who once chided at the frivolousness of that kind of apparel, found herself looking them over approvingly. Of course, she didn’t envy either of them for their positions, though both of them also worked for directors of the company. She got to work for Mr. Alain “B.C.” Pouvoir, and she wouldn’t trade that job for the world.

Adena hadn’t planned to do any more shopping for a while. Nevertheless that evening after work found her in her favourite shopping mall, the one with all the upscale, glamorous fashions. A few drops of rain reminded her she needed some new boots. They had to be practical, of course, but the knee-high, red leather numbers she ended up with were hardly that. Still, she liked them instantly, and wore them to work the next day. They looked good, she decided, with the red plaid mini she had bought the same day.

Adena’s new outfit brought her a lot of admiring looks as she walked to the office. She hadn’t realized so many men had a weakness for high-heeled boots. She was chiefly interested in Mr. Pouvoir’s reaction, and he did not disappoint her either. His eyes were on her legs from the moment she walked in the door, only diverted occasionally by the tempting mammaries filling her snug new sweater. Adena was actually hoping she could turn him on a little. Maybe if she got him hard she could find out just how big he was. As usual, just the thought of her boss’s cock made her blood quicken.

Candice gave her a bit of a hard time about the new outfit, saying it was too hot for the office, but Adena dismissed her ragging as simple jealousy. She was still wearing pants to work for pity’s sake. What a slob.

She ran into Kara on the way back from lunch. The older woman was just returning, along with a lot of the other secretaries, from the noon-hour aerobics class. Kara looked good, refreshed from the exercise, and she was sporting a young-looking minidress that showed off her athletic legs. Adena was afraid she would go on about her kids, but instead they ended up talking about the best places to buy leotards.

Adena was sitting in her cubicle, late the next day, more or less staring at her computer screen without doing much typing. Mr. Pouvoir came out of his office, a sheaf of papers in his hands. “Miss Fox,” he said, stepping up behind her, “Have we still got the originals for these invoices?”

Adena started to say something, but her boss put his mouth down near her ear. “Sleep Time” he said. Immediately Adena’s eyes closed and she slumped back into her chair. Sleeping peacefully, she nodded agreement to the things Mr. Pouvoir said to her. Some minutes later he said “Wake Up Time” and Adena sat up, looking around. “Yes, I have the originals somewhere, let me look in the files and I’ll bring them to you.”

“Fine”, said her boss, smiling as he returned to his office.

Adena did dress down a little for casual Friday, though she noticed that lately many of the other secretaries preferred not to. It was a fine day, so Adena decided to wear shorts. Not her usual walking shorts—she found these so repulsive she couldn’t understand why she had bought them—but snug red short-shorts that hugged her backside and revealed the full length of her perfect legs. She coupled the shorts with shiny black pantyhose and another new pair of shoes, dark red, backless slides with thick platform heels. A frilly red blouse nicely accented her jumbo- sized breasts.

This time, heads turned and jaws dropped as Adena sauntered down the street to the office. As she crossed the lobby and waited for an elevator, she could feel the eyes of every man in the vicinity on her. Adena decided she liked the attention, and even smiled at some of the men as she passed by.

She got the same reaction in the office. Instead of being jealous, several of the other secretaries even complemented her, and Esther, the young receptionist, asked her where she got the shoes. Esther was wearing a figure-hugging sweater-and-tights combination with ornate suede cowboy boots.

By the time she got to her cubicle, Adena was feeling very sexy. She quickly thought up a pretext to drop in on her boss, just to see his reaction to her outfit. Holding a memo in her hand, she gently knocked on the open door. “Excuse me, Mr. Pouvoir, but I don’t remember if I gave you this,” she said, holding out the memo. It was doubtful that Mr. Pouvoir even saw it. His eyes were too busy drinking in Adena’s fully displayed curves. When he finally tore his eyes away from her nylon-encased thighs, his gaze moved only a moment before locking in on her marvellous tits. Adena found his attention unexpectedly exciting, and she was aware of her nipples hardening inside her bra. “Um...Mr. Pouvoir?” she said at last.

Mr. Pouvoir came out of his reverie, smiling. “Well, let’s see. Hmmm, yes, I have seen this. Put it in the job file with the others.”

Adena turned reluctantly to leave. “Oh, Ms Fox,” her boss said conversationally, “may I say you look very nice today.”

The busty secretary warmed instantly at the complement. She turned to find Mr. Pouvoir looking at her legs again. “Why, thank you,” she said, automatically pushing back a strand of long hair in a deliberately feminine gesture. “You don’t think shorts are too...casual...for the office?”

He waved a hand. “Not at all. It’s Friday after all. I’m sorry I wore a tie.” He pushed his chair back from his desk and leaned back casually. Reflexively, Adena’s eyes dropped to his crotch, and she drew in her breath. There was an unmistakable lump in Mr. Pouvoir’s pants. He had a hard-on: that she had given him! The shapely young secretary found her pulse quickening, and her face flushed in heat. For a long moment she stood there, staring at his crotch, transfixed. Somehow the view of his cock, even through two layers of clothing, struck her as irresistibly erotic. Finally she became aware that he was speaking.

“...all right, Miss Fox? Is something wrong?”

With an effort, Adena pulled herself together. “Of course not, I’m fine. It’s just...warm in here, that’s all. Excuse me, I have to go.” And with that she bolted from the office, and made her way to the washroom as fast as she could go in the high-heeled slides. She almost collided with a workman coming out of the woman’s room.

“Go right ahead, Miss, I’m all done,” he said politely. He looked as if he was disappointed Adena hadn’t actually bumped into him. “Let me know what you think of the mirrors.” he called after her. Without looking back Adena knew he was staring at her ass.

Adena barely glanced at the row of full-length mirrors installed along one wall of the washroom. Finding an empty toilet stall she stepped inside and quickly locked the door. Then she peeled down her shorts, nylons and damp panties and began to finger herself urgently. Her mind was filled with images of Mr. Pouvoir’s elephantine cock. She imagined it in front of her, rigid and powerful, as her hands and tongue caressed it lovingly. She pictured herself nude before it, feeling it everywhere, in her mouth, in her sex, between her breasts. The busty secretary had no idea why she was suddenly so aroused, but she was simply too hot to care. Standing in the cubicle, legs spread, head thrown back, she masturbated frantically. “Oh yes, Mr. Big Cock, such a big cock, big cock, big cock, fuck me with that big cock,” she mumbled deliriously, until her ripe body shook with an intense orgasm.

When Adena had calmed down sufficiently and cleaned herself up, she stepped out of the cubicle to find Kara standing before one of the new full-length mirrors, adjusting her hair.

“Hi Adena!” the older woman said cheerfully. “Isn’t this wonderful, having decent mirrors in here?” Adena agreed it was a thoughtful touch. Kara was dressed in a stylishly cut black suit, trimmed in yellow, with a skirt that stopped just a few inches below the hem of the jacket. She wore sheer stockings and mustard yellow high heels with a big-buckled strap around the ankles. The shoes had at least four inches of heel. It seemed a rather young outfit for a woman Kara’s age, but Adena had to admit she still had the legs for it.

“Are you going to join us sometime for aerobics?” Kara asked, still fussing in front of the mirror. “We have a second class going now, if you don’t want to miss your lunch hour. Some of us are going after work too.”

“What about the kids?” Adena asked

Kara waved a hand dismissively. “They’re old enough to make their own supper.”

Adena told her again that she would think about it, and made her way back to her cubicle. All through the afternoon her thoughts kept drifting back to Big Cock, and eventually she had to make another trip to the washroom to relieve herself. On the way back she ran into Candice, who looked at her in surprise. “Adena! What’s with the outfit?”

“It’s Friday. I decided to wear shorts.”

“I’ll say you did. Don’t you feel a Every guy in the office is staring at you.”

“I know,” said Adena, and giggled.

But Candice was concerned. “Adena, are you all right? Has something happened to you? You’ve been acting awfully strange lately.”

“What on earth do you mean?” The had arrived at Adena’s cubicle.

“Well, come on, just look at you. You’re coming to the office looking like a rock concert groupie. This isn’t like you.”

Adena felt herself becoming irritated. “Look, Candice, I just feel like dressing up a little, that’s all. Just because I’m a secretary doesn’t mean I can’t be a woman too.”

“But don’t you want to be treated like a professional?”

“I want to be treated like a woman. And I think a little pride in one’s appearance looks a lot more professional than showing up in jeans and sweats like a janitor!”

Candice stared at her in shock. “Ok, Adena,” she said at last. “It’s your business. I’ll see you later.”

Adena felt bad about insulting her friend, but she forgot about it when she looked up to see Mr. Pouvoir standing at the door of his office. “Troubles?” he asked.

Adena smiled. “Not at all sir. We were just chatting.” She let her eyes linger on his crotch.

Adena arrived at work Monday morning to find a couple of memos on her desk. She sat down to read them but instead spent several minutes just admiring her new shoes. They were black slip-ons with thick soles and very high block heels. Adena hadn’t intended to buy shoes, or even to go shopping particularly, but she had impulsively stopped at the mall on the way home from grocery shopping, and when she saw the shoes in a store window she fell in love with them instantly. She loved the way the high heels shaped her legs, which were dressed today in sleek white nylons and a new black mini.

When she had finished admiring herself and fixing her make-up, Adena took a look at the memos. They were from Irma Maples, in the payroll office. The first one indicated that, in response to numerous requests, weight loss aids such as Reducto pills would now be covered under the Company medical insurance plan. The second advised that a representative from Kelly-Marie cosmetics would be in the office on Friday to talk about their new line of products. The memos were signed “i.m.” with a heart replacing the dot on the “i”.

The intercom on Adena’s desk buzzed and Mr. Pouvoir called her into his office. Instantly Adena was excited. She got up from her desk, smoothed down her tight, white sweater, adjusted her mini slightly, and headed for her boss’s office. “Yes, Mr. Pouvoir?", she said, pausing inside the office door.

Mr. Pouvoir looked his secretary up and down appreciatively. “Have a seat, won’t you, Ms Fox,” he said, gesturing toward a chair. Adena sat, crossed her knees, and made a show of tugging down the hem of her skirt, although she knew it was useless. “Sleep Time,” said Mr. Pouvoir.


Adena didn’t speak to Candice again until the middle of the week, when she was sitting in the deserted lunchroom, eating her salad and reading a fashion magazine. So many of the secretaries were taking noon-hour aerobics that the lunchroom was usually pretty empty. Adena was wearing another new outfit, a cute pink sweater-and-skirt combination. The sweater had a row of bright red hearts across the bustline, and since Adena had chosen a size that fit quite snugly, the hearts were distended by the smooth swell of her heavy chest, only partly restrained by a pink push-up bra. The matching pink skirt was wide and flippy and very brief. Just for fun Adena had enhanced the sexy-little-girl look of the outfit with sleek pink knee-socks, and pink, suede, platform booties.

The booties were high-heeled of course. Adena rarely wore anything else these days. In fact, the other night she had gone through her closet and simply thrown out all her old shoes. She didn’t like them much anymore, and she needed the space for the new ones she kept buying.

“Adena!” came an urgent voice. “Can I talk to you a minute?” Candice was standing in the doorway. She wore a look of deep anxiety.

Adena smiled indulgently. “Of course Candy. What’s up?” Inwardly, she sighed. Candice was wearing a long blue dress and white pumps with hardly any heel. Adena liked Candice, but it was getting harder and harder to tolerate her abrasive attitude. And she really, really needed to learn how to dress.

Candice looked nervously over her shoulder before slipping into the room. She took a seat at the table across from Adena. “I think there’s something going on in the office”, she said.

Adena smiled again. “Excuse me?”

The younger girl put her hands on the table and leaned forward. “Something’s going on. I don’t know what, but there is definitely something funny. Maybe drugs or something. Everybody is acting so...strange.” She paused for breath, then whispered, “And you know what else? I think the partners are in on it. I think they’re doing something to the staff. I’m serious Adena!”

Adena made an effort to keep the smile off her face. “OK. OK, Candy, just calm down. Now what exactly are you talking about? What do you mean people are acting strange?”

“Not everybody,” Candice replied. “Just the women. They’ve all become, well, obsessed with their appearance. Even the older ones. And everybody is dressing so”—she searched for a word—“so sexy all of a sudden. Look around the office. Nobody—and I mean nobody—wears slacks anymore, not even on Fridays. Everybody’s all dolled up, like they have a heavy date or something. These aerobics classes....” She waved a hand. “Haven’t you noticed that the entire staff is suddenly wearing micro-miniskirts?”

Adena shrugged. “Miniskirts are in style,” she said.

The petite woman shook her head. “Not like this,” she insisted. “Listen, I dropped into the office this Saturday to pick up something. Gilda Rupenstein was working in her office, you know, catching up on stuff. Working overtime. There was nobody else here. Do you know what Gilda was wearing? thirty-three-year-old Gilda, divorced mother of two, that we used to call “Rumpled-stained” because she was so dowdy? Get this: a shiny white blouse; a black leather miniskirt; black lace stockings; and these totally bizarre shoes, like a silvery mirror colour with super thick soles and what must have been five-inch heels! She was just sitting there, working away at her computer dressed like a dirty old man’s dream. The skirt was so short you could see her stocking tops whenever she crossed her legs. I asked her why she was all done up, you know, thinking maybe she had a new man or something. You know what she said? She said she just wanted to look her best in case Mr. Sargeant dropped by! Just in case! On a Saturday! Adena, you’ve got to believe me there is something going on here.”

Adena drew a deep breath, and the crimson hearts on her chest trembled. She decided to be reasonable. “Come on, Candy, honey, this is just too weird. Do you think the whole staff is on drugs just because we’ve decided to dress up a little? Maybe you should try it yourself sometime.” She couldn’t resist the dig. “And besides, what makes you think the partners have something to do with this?” She thought about Big Cock and a little thrill went through her.

“The way everybody talks,” Candice said. “They way they act when one of the partners is around. And lately even more than that. Adena, did you know that all three of Mr. Master’s executive assistants have died their hair blonde?”

Adena raised an eyebrow. That did seem like a bit of a coincidence.

“And when was the last time,” Candice pressed on, “that you saw Lily Merryweather, Mr. Sargeant’s little gopher, when she wasn’t wearing spike heels? Whatever happened to the funky Doc Martens she used to wear?”

Adena started to say something, then stopped. A look of confusion crossed her face. “And that brings us,” said Candice, looking straight at her, “to Mr. Pouvoir.”

At the mention of her boss’s name, Adena shifted a little in her seat. She felt moisture in her new lace panties. “What—, what about him?” she said, trying to sound calm.

Candice leaned forward and spoke softly. “Adena I’m saying this because I’m your friend. I think they’re doing something to you too. Especially Mr. Pouvoir.”

Adena uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way. Nervously she pushed back a strand of thick brown hair. “Me?” she said.

Candice said, “You were always so self-conscious about your figure. You said men were always staring at your chest. Didn’t care for short skirts. Didn’t like outlandish footwear.” She regarded her friends straining pink sweater critically. “I wonder if Mr. Pouvoir likes these things?”

Adena wished Candice would stop talking about Big Cock. It was getting her hot, again. He had devoured her with his eyes when she walked into this office that morning, and Adena’s fingers had already relieved her in the washroom once today.

As she groped through her growing fog of arousal for an explanation, Adena’s gaze fell on her friend’s simple blue dress.

“Wait a minute,” she said triumphantly, “Candy, dear, if all the women in the office are being drugged or something, why aren’t you affected? You sure don’t look overdressed to me!” She giggled inanely at the jab.

But Candice just frowned. “I don’t know,” she said simply. “I’ve been trying to figure that out. Maybe they missed me somehow. I’m out of the office sometimes, picking up mail, and I don’t report to any of the partners very often. Maybe I was just away when they—did whatever it was.”

Adena’s scepticism returned. “When they did what? What could anyone have done to make people behave differently without knowing it? Come on, Candy, you’re sounding like totally paranoid here. And besides, if the partners were doing something, wouldn’t they have noticed that you’re not responding? Get a grip, girlfriend.”

“But that’s just it!” said Candice intently, “I think they have noticed. I think they’re worried about me. About what I might do. They look at me when I go by, like their studying me or something. It’s weird. Just yesterday when I was delivering mail, Mr. Pouvoir came right out of his office to watch me. He stood there, staring at me until I’d finished every single office in that end of the floor. And he was giving me this really creepy look, up and down, like he was undressing me with his eyes.”

Adena imagined Mr. Pouvoir looking her up and down, undressing her with his eyes, and her temperature rose to boiling point. Abruptly, she got to her feet. “Candice, I—, I have to go. I have to get back to work. I’ll talk to you later! I promise.” The high heels made her little skirt sway provocatively as she headed for the door.

“Think about what I said, OK?” Candice called after her, “Think about it.”

It took two delicious climaxes in the washroom before Adena felt calm enough to go back to work. When she stepped out of the toilet stall, lunch hour was nearly over and the washroom was full of her co-workers back from aerobics class, fussing with their hair and make-up in front of the full-length mirrors. Adena made her way back to her cubicle, pausing for several minutes before one of the new mirrors in the hallway to pull up her sleek pink knee-socks and admire her sexy new booties. The platform soles were two and a half inches high, rising to six-inch sculpted heels in the back. She turned her feet this way and that to admire the heels from different angles.

By the time she got back to her cubicle, Adena had pretty much forgotten Candy’s rant. The door to Big Cock’s office was open a crack, and Adena decided to drop in, just to see if he wanted anything. Like a chance to ogle her legs. She rapped softly and pushed the door open, then stopped. She hadn’t realized Mr. Pouvoir was on the telephone. He had his high-backed chair turned away from the door and he hadn’t heard her come in. Embarrassed, Adena made to back out of the office.

But she couldn’t help overhearing a fragment of the conversation, and what she heard froze her in her tracks. Mr. Pouvoir was talking to Mr. Masters, the partner in charge of the technical side of the company.

“—I tell you, Ted, I’m just about going nuts here. If I don’t get some nooky soon I’m liable to go off the deep end. I thought you said the subliminals would make them, you know, more co-operative.”

“They did? Really. Both of them! Wow, that must have been some sales meeting. But seriously, why won’t mine come across?”

“Oh god yes, she’s taken the rest of the program perfectly. Didn’t you see what she was wearing this morning? The legs just don’t ever quit! That’s part of the problem. I wouldn’t have it so bad is she didn’t look so sizzling hot all the time.”

Adena stood, frozen in place, on hand still on the doorknob. She knew she should leave, but she was fascinated by the conversation. What were they talking about? What were these subliminals? And who could he be referring to as “sizzling hot” if not her? Suddenly her conversation with Candice came back to her in force. She felt icewater in the pit of her stomach. The directors were doing something, Candice had said. Something that only affected women....

Mr. Pouvoir was still talking. “Yes, Ted, I did give her personalized instructions, just like you said. It worked perfectly, she absorbed the suggestions like a sponge....Yes, she responds to the key every time. But I just don’t know how to get her the rest of the way.”

“....what’s that? No, I guess I didn’t. What’s a trigger? ....I see....yeah. So she has to actually see the trigger to get a response, is that it? But what if it doesn’t work! I could be in for one hell of a harassment suit, subliminals or, I suppose you’re right, she’s too well conditioned by now.....OK, I’ll try it some time, maybe make it look accidental... Sure, changing pants or something.”

“Listen Ted, there’s one more thing. What are we going to do about that other one, what’s her name, the mail girl? No, still no sign that she’s picking up the programming....Yes, me too. We have to do something....”

“Adena, Hi!” came a cheerful voice from down the hall. It was one of the other secretaries, looking fetching in a tight red jumpsuit and red boots, passing the time of day. Adena gasped, and made to step out of Mr. Pouvoir’s office, but it was too late. He swung around reflexively at the other voice and saw Adena standing there. He gaped at her, eyes wide, telephone suddenly forgotten.

The shapely secretary struggled to find her voice. “Mr. Pouvoir. What... what’s going on here? What are you doing! What are you doing me?” Her voice rose in shock and indignation. “Candice was right. You have been up to something. Those... those subliminal things. You’ve been manipulating us; all of us. How could you! I’m.... I’m... somebody’s going to find out about this!” Her voice was shaking. Before her dumbfounded boss could say a word she turned to leave the office, intent on going to the police, or the newspapers, or somebody.

She heard a soft, sliding sound behind her, and paused. “Miss Fox!” said Mr. Pouvoir.

Adena turned around. Her boss was standing beside his desk, pants and underwear around his ankles. His flaccid cock dangled before her eyes.

Adena made a small, whimpering sound deep in her throat. Closing the door absently behind her, she took a step forward, staring helplessly at Mr. Pouvoir’s exposed member. “Ohhhh...” she said in a small voice. Her boss said nothing, but his penis was already rising, responding to Adena’s rapt attention. Her desire rose with it. She took another step toward him, unsteadily, then sank to her knees, falling heavily on the carpet when she fell off her platform shoes. “Please,” she said, face flushed, “I’ve got to....” She took his cock in both hands and stroked it gently. She kissed it, a long, slow lover’s kiss. Then she opened her lips and took him in.

Adena’s head bobbed up and down, long hair flying as she hungrily sucked her boss’s cock. She felt alive with lust. Her anger of a few moments earlier, the revelation of a conspiracy by the partners, the subliminals, whatever they were, all were forgotten in her frantic urge to gorge herself on Mr. Pouvoir’s manhood. Her right hand jacked the base of his now rigid cock, while her other hand was equally busy beneath the pink miniskirt. She heard Mr. Pouvoir’s gasps and groans and knew he was about to cum, just as the first wisps of impending orgasm flitted through her body. A moment later his back arched and he shot his load down her throat, and Adena struggled to suck him dry before her own climax overtook her.

Sometime later Adena’s high heels were pointed at the ceiling as her boss fucked her lazily on his desk. She was still wearing her flippy mini, but the matching sweater had come off to afford Mr. Pouvoir a better view of his stacked secretary’s overflowing bosom. She had never felt so contented. “What,” Mr. Pouvoir said between strokes, “is the matter...with your friend?”

“Friend? What...oh!... friend?” Adena replied dreamily. “Oh fuck me that feels good.”

Mr. Pouvoir ran his hand up and down one exquisite, pink-clad leg. Her calves rested on his shoulders. “Your friend, the mail girl. Cute blonde.” He kissed her suede bootie. Adena had been delighted to discover he liked high-heeled platforms almost as much as she did.

Adena tried to lift her pelvis a little to meet his thrusts. “Oh...Oh yes, oh, you mean Candice... Candice... ah... Freemason... oh god I love your big cock.”

“Yes, Freemason, that’s, uhn! that’s her. He grasped both her legs, one thigh in each hand, and spread her wider. His tempo increased.

Adena crumpled a memo with one hand. “She doesn’t...ah yes, like that...she...oh yes, yes... doesn’t use a computer! Ohhhh!”

“What? What about the computer?”

“She delivers, mmmmm yes, fuck me you big brute, delivers, oh yes, delivers mail all day. Doesn’t use a computerrrrrr. Doesn’t see the sub—, sub—, subliminals!” Her big breasts bounced in rhythm to his accelerating strokes.

“Of course!” shouted Mr. Pouvoir, and ejaculated triumphantly inside her. Thrashing wildly on the desk beneath him, his panting secretary steeled herself for her third orgasm of the afternoon.

Late the next morning Adena sat quietly in her cubicle, pretending to type a letter. Really she was trying to hear something of the conversation going on in Big Cock’s office. The walls were too thick. She smiled and smoothed down the front of her dress, admiring the way it played up her jumbo chest. The dress was off-white, short, and very tight. It had long sleeves, a high collar with pearly buttons, and a diamond-shaped cut-out in the middle of her chest. Shiny nylons played up her long legs, set off perfectly by the white, platform mules on her feet. The sandals had two broad white straps across the front, immaculate white soles nearly three inches thick and wedge heels rising three inches higher. They weren’t the most efficient shoes for walking, but Adena loved them the moment she put them on. And the commotion she had caused just walking to work that morning convinced her that a lot of men liked them too.

As she regarded her new footwear happily, Adena wondered what was going on in Mr. Pouvoir’s office. He had called in Candice first thing that morning—first thing after Adena’s blow job—and the petite mail girl had looked terrified. The brown-haired secretary carefully adjusted a strap on her left sandal.

The door opened and Candice walked out. She looked shocked. “Candy! Are you all right?” Adena asked.

“I’ve been promoted,” the lithe blonde said. “Effective immediately. Level two data entry and quality control. I thought he was going to fire me.”

“Wow! That’s great. Come on, tell me all about it.” Adena got to her feet, immediately making her a head taller than her friend.

“There’s a big pay raise too. And I get my own office; well a cubicle, but still a desk and all. No more sorting mail!” She still sounded like she didn’t believe it.

“And a computer?” Adena asked.

“Yes, a brand new one.” Candice grinned suddenly. “This is going to be a big change for me.”

“You can bet on that,” Adena said, looking down to admire her shoes.