The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by J. Darksong

Part ten: Chris

Christopher Julian Ruiz sighed wearily to himself. taking a moment to wipe the sweat from the noon day sun from his face before he stepped inside his boss’ mansion. He hated to be the bearer of bad news, particularly to a brutal vicious bastard like Hector Marcello, but lately that seemed to be his ill-fated role. He was high ranked, and well trusted, a longtime member of Marcello’s entourage, yet he knew that if he continued being the bringer of bad news, it was only a matter of time before Marcello turned his anger on him.

Yeah... and I’d hate to end up like poor Jafe, he thought, swallowing uneasily, as he made his way up the stairs. Poor guy just asked him a question about how he wanted him to handle the cleanup after that last raid, and he shot the guy in the fucking balls! That’s just plain cold...

Approaching the door, he paused, frowning at the sound of Hector yelling loudly, cursing a blue streak. Fuck! He must have already found out about the shipment. Shit... wonder if I can sneak back downstairs before he notices I’m here— And cringed visibly as the door opened suddenly, and a red faced Hector peered out into the hallway as he all but threw out Fabian Montes, his right hand man. Spying Christopher, his eyes narrowed, and he gestured with a finger. “YOU! Get yer ass in here, now!”

“Um, ye-yeah, sure, Hector, sure,” Christopher murmured, stepping into the ‘lion’s den’. “I take it you just heard about the shipment?”

“Heard about it? Hell, I practically SAW it from my balcony!” Hector screamed loudly, gesturing with a large meaty hand towards the veranda. “Those fucking American bastards blew out the whole fucking barge! Ten million dollars’ worth of coke, gone, literally, up in smoke!” He growled, angrily knocking over a stack of papers from his desk. “This shit has to stop! You hear me, Christopher? IT. HAS. TO. STOP!!” He started to say something more then paused, eyes narrowing. “Wait a second... you... you were there at the wharf with Pablo and Dominic today. You were THERE,” he grumbled, making his way slowly around the desk towards him. “What the fuck happened, Christopher?” he asked softly, pulling the five and a half inch Bowie knife free of its sheath. “Why don’t you explain it to me?”

“Um, uh, you see, Hector... it was.. the Americans,” Christopher began.

“I FUCKING KNOW IT WAS THE AMERICANS, DICK FOR BRAINS!” Hector screamed at him, holding the blade up underneath Christopher’s chin. “You better fucking explain how the fuck they knew about the shipment going out today!”

“I, I...we have a leak!” Christopher gasped, backing up as far into the wooden door frame as humanly possible. “Someone must have ratted us out! It has to be! One minute the place was clean, completely quiet, and the next, BOOM! Out of nowhere, the place was swarming with DEA agents! I ordered Pablo and Dominic to head out, to follow the escape plan we worked out... but it didn’t work! They had a boat further out in the harbor, and even with Dominic driving the decoy boat, they still somehow knew which boat to go after.” He sighed as Hector lowered the knife. “Pablo gave them a run for their money, at least,” he added with a slight smile. “You told him not to surrender the cargo under any circumstances and he didn’t... they blew him out of the water because they couldn’t catch him.”

Hector snorted, a slight smile creasing his lips. “Heh. Good for Pablo. With any luck, he took a few of the bastards with him.” His scowl returned. “But... a traitor, you say? One of my men is ratting me out to the Americans...” He shook his head. “I can’t believe that. I treat all of my men like brothers! Who would turn traitor against me? Who would DARE?”

Anyone who thought they could get away with it, Christopher thought furiously, rubbing at the slight indent caused by the knife. Luckily, it hadn’t broken the skin. Aloud, he said, “I don’t know, Hector. It could be anyone. The American government has been putting a lot of pressure on the Honduran government to help with stopping the drug trade. They’ve even been offering a lot of money for anyone willing to give information.”

“Money?” Hector scoffed, returning to his desk. “Bah. No one would betray me for a few American dollars. But... these American dogs... they are sneaky, yes? All of their hi-tech surveillance shit... infrared, heat-seeking shit... satellite shit.... heh.. maybe we need to be a bit more careful.” Contemplating for a long moment, he suddenly nodded. “Alright. The next shipment should be ready to ship out in five days. We’ll move it as soon as it’s ready instead of waiting the traditional seven days. This time, I’ll oversee the transport personally... to make sure there are no mistakes. This time we’re using three decoys, and we’re setting a little trap for the DEA.” He chuckled evilly. “They think they are taking the fight to me? I’ll take it to THEM instead! And Christopher... just to be extra sure, only tell Dominic and Javier about the plan, okay? No one else is to know about this! Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Hector,” Christopher replied, wiping the sweat from his brow. “I understand, perfectly.”

* * *

“Red Line? This is Chris checking in.”

“Yes. Yes, it went okay. Big man was really steamed, though. Seems he wants some payback.”

“Uh huh. Another shipment going out soon... in five days instead of seven this time.”

“I know. And get this.. the Big Man plans on being there himself! I know... a chance to cut the head off the snake free and clear.”

“Okay. I’ll call again when I get more Intel. Gotta go.”

* * *

Tina Bianci glanced up at her door as it opened. “Papi!” she squealed, rushing over to greet Hector warmly, pressing her ample bosom against his chest. “I missed you. Why do you always stay gone so long, Hector? You know I can’t live without you!”

“Sorry, little one... I had business to attend to,” he replied, unbuttoning his shirt, moving over to sit down on her bed. “But that’s all settled for now. I’m here, and you have my complete attention.” Tina giggled, laying down on the bed beside him, running her fingers through the thick, ample hair of his chest.

“That’s good, Papi,” she husked, slipping off her blouse, freeing her braless tits, which jiggled enticingly with the movements. “I love being the center of attention... especially YOUR attention, Papi... mmmm...” She slid a hand down to his pants, unzipping them and freeing his semi-hard member, an action she had, by now, perfected without even glancing down. “Ah! Looks like someone else is happy to see me too,” she husked, feeling him grow harder in her grasp. “And I’m missed ‘Little Hector’ too.” She paused, frowning slightly, glancing up at the drug lord. “Honey... does wanting to suck your cock day in and day out make me a slut?”

“Of course it does, baby,” Hector replied with a bored sigh, pulling her into place between his thighs, “but you’re MY slut, so it’s okay.”

Tina frowned, biting her lip for a moment, considering, then smiled. “Thank you, Papi! I feel better now!” Leaning down, she wrapped her lips around his cock, and began to suck.

“Hector!” Christopher yelled, bursting into the room, “I just found out.... ohhh!”

“FUCK!” Hector roared, pushing Tina away as he covered himself. “Fool! Incompetent bastard! Get the fuck out of here!”

“Ahhh! Forgive me, Hector,” Christopher yelped, averting his eyes, backing slowly out of the room. “I, um... Michael said you were here, and I didn’t think—”

“That’s right, you DIDN’T think!” Hector yelled, rising back to his feet. Grabbing Christopher by the neck, he slammed him against the wall, causing Tina to squeal in panic. “Give me one good reason why I don’t cut your fucking head off and stick it on a pike outside the mansion for the birds!”

Swallowing painfully, he managed to respond. “You... said you wanted to know... the instant I heard back from Miguel... about the status of the shipment. He just called back... he can have... fifteen hundred K ready by Friday...”

“Fifteen hundred?” Hector replied, losing his grip. “Heh. Heh... that’s great! Wonderful! With that we can even recoup our losses from that fiasco earlier! Good, good... tell Dominic to start getting the boats prepared, and make a call to our man on the Mexico border.” He scowled, glancing back at his whore, who sat on the bed, looking confused. “And close and lock the door on your way out, Christopher,” he growled, making his way back to the bed, unzipping his fly. “I don’t want to be disturbed... and the next person that barges in here unannounced is leaving without his balls!”

“Yes, Hector,” Christopher murmured, closing the door behind him, pulling out his cell phone. “I’ll be sure and pass the word along...”

* * *

“Red Line? Yes, it’s Chris again, checking in.”

“I did. It’s going to be a big one this time... fifteen hundred pounds.”

“Uh huh. Definitely... but maybe you can take them down without blowing up the coke this time?”

“Uh huh. Well, I’m just saying... okay. I know.”

“Alright. I’ll see what I can do. Gotta go. Bye.”

* * *

“Hey, Christopher?”

He glanced up as Fabian Ramirez walked up to him. “Het, man.... is there something going on?”

Christopher perked up. “Eh? What do you mean?”

“I’m asking if something is going on. We’re working overtime packaging the product here, like we’re on some kind of a rush, but nobody is saying anything. The shipment’s set to go out on Sunday night, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” Christopher replied with a scowl. “Why wouldn’t it be? Fabian, I think you’re reading too much into this. Hector is pissed off that our shipments keep getting picked off by the Americans, and he’s pushing everyone hard. Trust me... just keep your head down and do your work and this will all blow over in a couple of days.”

“Yeah, well, maybe...” Fabian replied with sigh. Glancing around the warehouse, he leaned towards his friend. “You know, Christopher... there was a rumor that the DEA had an undercover agent casing this place...”

“WHAT?” Christopher yelled, then winced, immediately dropping back down to a whisper. “What? What rumor? What agent? Who told you something like that?”

“Oh, um, no one really,” Fabian replied, glancing away. “It’s just... you know... talk. Just rumors, you know? Ah... just forget it. I probably shouldn’t even have mentioned it...”

“You’re damned right you shouldn’t have mentioned it!” Christopher growled, keeping his voice low. “Fabian, listen to me closely: There is no undercover DEA agent. There is no traitor or spy in this organization. And the next time someone comes up to you with a suspicious rumor, you tell THEM that if they want to spread nonsense around, they can go tell it to Hector himself!” He nodded, seeing the younger man wince. “Yes, as I thought. Now... get back to work, and make sure the others maintain the current quota.”

Mumbling softly to himself as he walked away, he pulled out his cellphone. Fabian watched him leave, then let out a soft sigh. Damn. I don’t care what he says, there is something going on here. Maybe I should talk to Dominic about it...

* * *

“Uh huh. Yeah... ooops! I gotta go! Bye!”

Christopher snapped his cell phone shut and slipped it into his back pocket just as Hector, Dominic, and Javier entered the wharf. He nodded to his companions, then led them over to the three speedboats lashed tightly in place. “Hector, we’re all set. Everything’s been loaded and put into place. I oversaw the loading myself. And, as you requested, the left and right boat have been packed with powdered sugar as a decoy, and the coke is packed into the middle boat. Carlos has been keeping an eye on the Federalis, and monitoring their calls. They’re completely silent; they still think we’re going out on Sunday instead of tonight!”

“Ah, good, good,” Hector said calmly, walking up to the center boat. “Then the only thing left is for you to hand me the keys.”

Christopher’s smile faltered. “H.. hand you... the keys? But Hector...”

“I said I was handling this personally,” he replied, hand extended. “So, hand me the keys, so we can be on our way.”

“But... but Hector, you, going yourself?“ Christopher replied scowling deeper. But... what if something goes wrong? You’d be completely exposed!”

“Ah, but nothing is going to happen, is it?” he said with a bit of an edge to his voice. “After all, you’d followed all my instructions to the letter. No one knows about the transport tonight but the four of us. And as you said yourself, the DEA is expecting us to move two days from now! So, I ask you again... hand over the keys.”

With a sigh, Christopher handed his boss the keys to the boat. “Very well. But, Hector, please... I think you are making a mistake by going yourself! You should let me handle this delivery for you—uurrrk!”

Staggered, surprise by the punch, Christopher tottered back, falling flat on his butt. He started to rise to his feet, only to find a pair of pistols, held by Dominic and Javier, pointed at his head. He glanced up into the unflinching face of his employer. “Hector? Why?”

“Did you really think you could get away with something like this right underneath my nose?” the hot blooded Honduran yelled, drawing his knife. “Betraying me? ME!?! I thought we were friends, Christopher... I thought of you as my brother!” He sighed, shaking his head. “I thought you were smarter than this. Well... I suppose I made a mistake in trusting you. So, I guess it’s time I ‘fixed’ my mistake.”

“NO! Wait! Hector, please!” Christopher begged, scuttling back even as Hector approached him, blade in hand. “I’m innocent! I did everything you asked of me! Wait a minute, damn you! Just... just wait!” To his relief, the larger man paused, allowing him to regain his feet. “Why do you think I betrayed you? What have I ever done to make you think I was disloyal?”

“Tell me, Christopher,” Hector said, placing a hand deep into his pants pocket. “Who were you talking to on the cell phone just before we arrived?” Seeing Christopher go pale, he took another step forward. “Tell me, now! Who were you talking to?”

“Ah, my... girlfriend,” he replied hastily. “She’d called me to ask if we were meeting up tonight... and I told her that I was busy. That’s all! I swear!”

Hector’s eyebrow raised. “You swear? On your life?”

“Yes, yes, I swear!”

Saying nothing, Hector took a small handheld tape recorder from his pocket, and, holding it up, pressed PLAY. “...Hello? Red Line? This is Chris,” a slightly muffled, masculine voice spoke. “... uh huh... yes, I’m going there right now... no, no one suspects a thing. It should be simple enough to slip away and bring the shipment to you... I disabled the other speed boats, they won’t get very far... oh, yes, he’ll definitely be there... just make sure you let the middle boat through the blockade... I’ll meet up with you again after the fireworks die down... yes, yes... at the rendezvous point... uh huh. Yeah. oops! Gotta go! Bye!”

Christopher stood there for a moment, shocked. “But...but... that’s not me!” he insisted, even as Hector tossed the recorder away, picking up his knife again. “That’s not my voice! It’s not me, Hector! I’m being set up!” He turned to run, then, and managed a single step before a shot from Dominic blew out his kneecap. Falling to the floor, holding his bloody leg, he continued to shake his head in denial. And as Hector used his knife to slowly, painfully, strip the flesh from his bones, he managed one last coherent sentence before descending into maddened screaming:

“It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! It wasn’t meeeeee....”

* * *

“Papi!” Tina squealed in delight as her lover slid silently into her bedroom. She welcome him with a deep passionate kiss, then scowled, pulling away. “Ewww.. gross! You stink Papi! And you’re clothes are sticky... what’s this... is this blood?!?”

“Yeah, it’s blood,” Hector said wearily, stripping out of his clothes, tossing them to the side of the bed. “Don’t worry... it’s not mine. Now... come here, baby... I have a lot of angst and rage to work out... and I can start by fucking you into the damn ground!”

“Oooohhh! I like the sound of that, Papi!” Tina gushed, slipping off the simple light wrap that covered her, leaving her naked. “But... um... you should, um... take a bath first! I don’t wanna get the bed all sticky!” She giggled at the face he made. “Come on, honey, I’ll scrub yer back for you... as well as all the ‘other’ placed you got all dirty.” She giggled again, and despite himself, Hector smiled.

“Alright, fine,” he said, walking across the room to the large walk-in bathroom. “That actually sounds like a good idea. Heh. I guess even a brain dead bimbo slut can have a good idea once in a while.”

“Yeah, we sure can!” Tina agreed with a giggle... then frowned slightly. “Um... what idea was that, Papi?”

“Never mind, slut, just turn on the water,” Hector said with a chuckle, slapping her bottom in passing. Waiting a moment for the water to fill the tub, he sank gratefully into the heavy cast iron basin, letting out a sigh of contentment. Tina hummed softly to herself as she poured in a bit of bath salts to cause a lather, then settled in behind her lover, sponge in hand.

“Wow... you’re like, really bloody, Papi!” she stated as she began gently sliding the warm wet sponge against his slightly hairy back. “Who’s blood did you say it was?”

“I didn’t say,” he mumbled, relaxing a bit more under her gentle fingers, “but it was Christopher’s blood... you know, that fucking idiot that burst in on us the other day.” He sighed softly, closing his eyes. “It turns out he was the traitor that was causing me so much grief... ratting me out to the Americans. Carlos has been tracking unknown secret transmissions for the past few weeks now, and he finally managed to catch and record one of them... looks like he made some kind of a deal with the American dogs...”

“Uh huh,” Tina replied, rubbing more of the lather into his back, reaching around him to wash his front as well. “That was kinda dumb of him, though, huh?”


“Transmitting on an uncoded transponder when he knew you were already suspicious of him? And you were suspicious... ‘specially with all the wild rumors goin’ round from the guys processing the coke... and the fact that he’s always making secretive calls on his cell phone at odd hours of the night?” She giggled. “You’d think a ‘mastermind’ capable of setting you up, someone who had managed to keep all his other transmissions encoded and indecipherable until now would have known better... don’t you think, Papi?”

Hector’s eyes opened, and he turned to gaze at the suddenly not-so-ditzy whore, only to wince and gasp in shock as she jabbed a pair of fingers hard into his neck. His gasp faded into a rasping breath as he felt his body go numb from the neck down, as he struggled to take in a deep breath.

“Just relax, Hector,” Tina said calmly, moving around to slip into the tub, straddling him, facing towards him. “I just hit a few key pressure points. You’ll be fine in a few minutes. I just wanted to make sure I had your complete attention.” She smiled, giggling again, a normal laugh far from the empty-headed bimbo giggle she’d used up ‘til now. “You see, I really DO like being the center of attention. And before we conclude tonight’s little drama, I need to explain some things.”

“First of all, I’m the so-called traitor you’ve been looking for, the one who’s been informing the DEA of your every move.” She smiled as his eyes widened. “Yes, Hector, your sweet, dumb, dim-witted lover-whore that you chose to share so many things with in the sack, is the one who screwed you.” She laughed. “Figuratively as well as literally. And my name isn’t Tina. It’s Christina. As in, ‘Chris’, the person from the phone?” Reaching down, she pulled a small leather satchel from behind the tub, and removed a small plastic box from it, placing it against her mouth.

“Voice modulator,” she explained, her resynthesized voice coming across as a low deep masculine tone. “Yes, poor ol’ Christopher was innocent. I set him up to take the fall... and knowing you, and your temper, I knew you’d bite, hook, line, and sinker.” She sighed, dropping the device back into the satchel. “Yes, I’m working with the DEA. I can’t say it’s been my most favorite assignment ever,” she said, wrinkling her nose. “For one thing, I HATE playing the bimbo. Absolutely hate it. But, well, they needed someone inconspicuous to infiltrate your organization, and when your psych profile revealed just the kind of ‘girl’ you’re into... sigh well, I played the cards I was dealt.”

Hector groaned softly, struggling to speak, forcing the words through his frozen lips. “Yoouuu.. ffuuccckking... bbbtttchh...” he managed with a shudder. Tina merely laughed.

“Well, yeah, I fucked you, didn’t I? Several times.” She leaned forward, planting a soft kiss on his nose. “And for what it’s worth, you weren’t half bad. Not as good as my usual sex partner, not even close... but not bad. And, really, if you weren’t a cold-blooded sociopathic killer with no sense of morals whatsoever, I might actually feel bad about what happens next.”

Reaching down into the leather satchel again, she removed a large glossy photograph from it, holding it up to her face. “You see this girl, Hector?” Christina asked. “You remember her, don’t you?” She reached up and moved his head up and down, forcing a nod. “Yes, yes, of course you do! She and her fiancé were here visiting your lovely country six months ago, taking a boat tour of the Cayman Islands. She and her husband-to-be were just having fun, touring the islands, snapping a few pictures here and there... until they came across one of your boats making a delivery.” Christina held up a second picture, showing the girl again, post mortem, taken by the coroner. “They didn’t see anything. They didn’t even know what was going on. But you have a very strict rule about witnesses. So... you had your men follow them back to their hotel... and then you paid them a little visit. And you... did things to her, while forcing her fiancé to watch. Then you killed them, first the man, then the woman.”

Reaching down, she quickly jabbed the side of Hector’s neck again, unlocking his muscles, causing him to gasp for breath and flail wildly for a second before grabbing hold of the side of the tub. “You fucking bitch, I’ll kill y—” he yelled before going silent, finding his own knife, the five and a half inch Bowie, resting idly against his own throat. He eyed Tina warily; something in her stance and almost careless grip of the blade belied a more than casual acquaintance with knives. He somehow knew that, despite the differences in their size and strength, she could carve him up like a Thanksgiving Day turkey before he could so much as begin to try and disarm her. The fading smile on her face when he refused to try only confirmed it.

“Pity,” she said idly, shaking her head. “I had hoped you would try something stupid. It’s a lot less fun when they don’t at least TRY to fight back. Oh well. Maybe in the next life.”

“Wait! Just a second,” Hector begged, eyes wide. “Please! Tell me. Who was that girl? Who was she to you, that you would go through all of this for revenge?”

Christina laughed ruefully. “Typical. Only now that you’re staring at your own impending death do you even stop to wonder who that poor girl was. Fine. I’ll tell you.” With a sudden flick of her wrists, she brought the blade across his throat, cutting from ear to ear. “Her name was Angelina Bennet, the only daughter of Chairman Nathan Bennet, of the President of the United States’ special cabinet. As for what she was to me... nothing really. Just another job.” And, with her job finished, she climbed out of the tub, calmly dried herself and dressed, then left the compound.

* * *

“Hi honey, we’re back!”

Christina Mirabella Bianci Sullivan glanced up from her bed as her husband and daughter walked into the hotel room. She smiled grandly, sitting up, then winced slightly, clutching her stomach. “Oohhh... hi honey... how was the tour? Did you guys have fun?”

“Well, we couldn’t really have much fun without you, darling,” her husband, John, said, leaning forward to kiss her lips, then thinking better of it, kissed her cheek. “How are you feeling today? Has your fever finally gone down?”

“Yes, I think so,” she said with a small smile. “For an island in the South Pacific, the hospital here is remarkably good. When they first carried me in, I thought I was going to be tended by the Skipper and Gilligan!”

“Who?” her daughter, Ashley, asked with a frown.

“Before your time, honey,” John said easily. “Go and get changed, sweetie, while I catch up with Mommy.” After their daughter left, John sat down on the side of her bed. “Sweetie... I’m so very sorry about all of this. I really am. This has to have been the absolute worst vacation I’ve ever taken us on.... what with the airline losing our luggage, and you getting acute food poisoning from that sushi—”

“Puffer fish,” she said with a grimace, nearly going green. “Huh. That’s what I get for trying something new for a change. From now on, I’ll stick to the California rolls.” Seeing her husband’s face, however she forced a smile. “But sweetheart, don’t worry about it. It’s okay. I was right to insist you and Ashley take the cruise without me. I wouldn’t have been much fun, throwing up every few minutes on those rocking rolling waves... and it was a chance for you and Ashe to catch up again... spend some father-daughter time.” She took his hand and squeezed it. “Besides, with all the time we spent talking on the phone, it’s almost like I was right there with you.”

John shrugged, still dubious. “I dunno... are you sure you didn’t mind being left behind all alone in a hospital?”

“Well, I minded being sick,” she admitted after a moment, “but I certainly don’t blame you. If anything, I should thank you for making sure the vacation wasn’t completely ruined for Ashley.” She sat up, wincing only slightly. “Besides, I’m feeling much better today. And we still have an entire week left before our vacation is over and we have to head back home.”

John smiled, reaching out to take her hand, squeezing it gently. “Well, that is true. And I was really hoping we could have some ‘alone time’, if you know what I mean.”

“Mmm, hmm,” she purred softly, taking his hand, and surprising him by sucking lightly on his fingers. “I know EXACTLY what you mean. I don’t know if it was being cooped up here in the hospital, or the Caribbean Island atmosphere, but I’ve been really freaking horny!” She sighed deeply, pressing his hand down underneath the bed sheets, to the wetness between her thighs. “You see? I really missed you, Papi... ”

Papi? John thought, but shrugged inwardly, pulling his beautiful wife into a deep passionate embrace. “And I’ve missed you too, my beautiful Christina...”

((end of part ten))