The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Sound and the Fury

by J. Darksong

Added 20 December 2009

Updated 16 January 2010

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A laboratory accident sends a young woman’s consciousness into cyberspace. Slightly unhinged by the trauma, she decides to take revenge on the one responsible for her condition. But when the havoc she causes in search for vengeance esculates, Parker and Veronica are forced to intervene, to take down a woman who had, only days before, been one of their closest friends...

Chapter Length Added
Ch.1 That Was Yesterday 6000 words 20 Dec 2009
Ch.2 Flesh Wounds 5885 words 20 Dec 2009
Ch.3 Spellbinder 5438 words 20 Dec 2009
Ch.4 Cold as Ice 4898 words 03 Jan 2010
Ch.5 Hot Blooded 5077 words 03 Jan 2010
Ch.6 Head Games 4491 words 03 Jan 2010
Ch.7 Prisoner of Love 3794 words 16 Jan 2010
Ch.8 Tooth and Nail 7809 words 16 Jan 2010
Ch.9 Back Where You Belong 5907 words 16 Jan 2010