The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: A Standard Physical

Description: I return for a follow-up physical examination with Doctor Green. But why can’t I control my arousal?

I fidgeted as I sat in the well-appointed waiting room. Just last week, I had my first appointment with Doctor Green. It was a general physical examination, a fairly standard check-up that my husband has arranged for me. I was surprised when my husband informed me he had organized a second examination, just one week later. He rubbed my arm reassuringly, told me this was all standard procedure, just a follow up check in to confirm the doctors prognosis.

And so, here I was, looking down at my feet, fiddling with the hem of my skirt. I had taken to wearing skirts this week, dressing much nicer. It seemed to please my husband, which made me wonderfully happy, and I had even started going without panties and a bra. I enjoyed the freedom, I don’t know why I’d never dressed so nicely before. The male attention made me happy, and it made my husband happy. I’m so glad I chose to wear that first short little skirt a week ago.

But I was nervous. And I knew why. Doctor Green would require me to strip. He would see how I dressed, how I wore nothing decent beneath my clothes…and worse still, I had found the previous examination to be…arousing. Doctor Green was…handsome, intelligent, well-spoken. And there was a hint of something in his eyes that made me…so aroused. I was aroused the previous appointment, being naked and touched by this incredible man…I wonder if he would notice my dripping pussy again this visit?

I was pulled from my worrying mind suddenly by the loud announcement of my name. I stood, and was escorted to the room by a very attractive nurse. She held open the door to the office for me. I thanked her, and she gave me a wink.

‘Relax. Doctor Green will take care of everything’, she said with an easy and charming smile.

I nodded, not really feeling relaxed at all, and entered the large doctor’s office. My eyes immediately found him.

Doctor Green sat in his usual expensive looking armchair, a notepad and pen in his hands, leaning back and staring over his glasses directly at me, and then down my body. I stood awkwardly there, shifting uneasily and trying to look anywhere but at him. My mind was racing, wondering if I should say hello, or simply stand there and let him continue his examination, or turn around and run…but Doctor Green just sat there unconcerned, examining my body, possibly noticing my perky nipples beneath my thin shirt, and my rubbing thighs beneath my skirt. He scribbled down a couple of notes patiently, humming under his breath.

I knew I had to break this moment, I opened my mouth to begin speaking…and he suddenly stood up and smiled, disarming me.

‘Miss Venner, a pleasure to see you again.’ He held out a hand for me to shake, and I made forward.

‘Doctor Green…nice to see you again too’ I said, a little shyly, walking forward and taking his hand.

For a moment, I braved a glance into his eyes. The handsome face exuded confidence and easy contentment. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and dropped my gaze to the floor. I made to pull my hand back from his grasp, but he held it firm, not letting me escape. I swallowed nervously and waited, not knowing what to do. A simple ‘hmph’ escaped his lips, and my arm was released.

Doctor Green turned his back to me, moving back towards his chair, his white doctor’s coat swishing around. As he did, he spoke two simple words:

‘Strip, girl’.

I knew it was part of the process. And I had confidently made the decision not to wear panties or a bra. I felt almost as though it would have been wrong to wear them. As yet, as I was standing here now, I felt like prey, trapped in an embarrassing situation of my own making. And it was making me aroused. I could feel my wetness beginning to escape my pussy and coat my inner thighs. Standing here in my tiny skirt, thin singlet and heels, in front of Doctor Green…I was horny.

He made himself comfortable again in his armchair, picked up his notepad and pen and stared at me expectantly, eyebrows raised. I removed my singlet.

As I let it drop to the floor beside me, Doctor Green continued to stare, almost completely unfazed by the sight of my bare breasts. I knew that shouldn’t surprise me, he probably saw lots of breasts on a daily basis. As I let my skirt drop to the floor too, I was left standing naked now in just my heels. I looked down at between my legs. I was obviously drenched.

I had to explain myself. ‘Um, I—’

‘The heels too, Miss Venner,’ he said.

I just nodded and quickly removed them. I could feel my face turning bright red.

Doctor Green again took the time to look over my entire body with patient, clever eyes. Peering over his glasses, I watched him gaze analytically, occasionally looking down to his notepad to scribble something down.

‘Your attire today seems a little different from last week, Miss Venner. Is this…a new look you’re trying?’ he queried, continuing his examination.

‘Um…I, um…yes, Doctor,’ I answered, rather lamely. I had no real explanation.

‘I see...I would ask if there’s a cause for the particularly prominent wetness between your legs that’s leaking down your thighs, too,’ he uttered, so casually, making me blush bright red. ‘But, I think I already know why. Your exhibitionistic streak was obvious last week also.’

‘I, um—’

‘I don’t require you to explain yourself to me, girl. I simply ask that you remember that this is a professional examination. We are here to see to your health, not to indulge your sexual fantasies. Is that clear?’

I stared down at the ground, utterly humiliated and ashamed. ‘Yes, Doctor’, I whispered, through deepest embarrassment.

‘Now, I’d like you to adopt some positions for me, so I can check your flexibility.’

Doctor Green then had me bend down from the hip to touch the floor, balance on one leg, stretch my arms to the air and thrust my chest out. He ordered me down onto all fours and had me crawl around for a while. I did so to the best of my ability, feeling like some kind of animal, but determined to show the Doctor I could be professional. But…I knew I was getting off to it still. As I crawled, my thighs naturally rubbed together, and the wetness just kept on flowing out of me.

Next, he ordered me to approach his chair so he could begin to touch various parts of my body. Unthinking, I stayed down on all fours and crawled naked across the room to approach him. It wasn’t until I reached his feet that I looked up at his handsome face and noticed the raised eyebrows. And then realized what I had done. I quickly stood back up.

He stood up too and took half a step closer towards me, bridging the gap. ‘Now, take a deep breath in for me’, he said, his hands approaching my body.

His touch felt amazing. His fingers softly caressed my stomach, slowly teasing the sensitive skin. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and enjoy his strong, gentle hands. He walked a slow step to my side, his fingers trailing around from my stomach to my hip. He trailed up my spine, then rested both his hands on my shoulders, gently massaging them, before letting them run down my back again. I was in heaven, his hands were so deeply pleasing on my body. Down my legs, his hands squeezed my wet inner thighs, and I let out a soft moan. He returned again to the front of my body, tracing my skin upwards, and cupping my breasts. I pushed out into his touch instinctively, and another moan of pure need escaped my lips.

‘Miss Venner, truly, you’ve been incredibly unprofessional throughout the course of this entire process. I’ve never met such a slut like you before. I think it best you take something to calm you down.’

Doctor Green walked back to his desk as I internally scolded myself for my behaviour yet again. I just couldn’t seem to help it. Everything he did was making me so horny, just his eyes could make me cum on the spot right now. I felt needy and desperate, even more so than the last examination. Every part of me longed for his touch. I began to wonder what he might look like without that coat on, naked and sweaty with his huge cock sliding insi-

‘Swallow these.’ He interrupted my train of thought, thankfully, by handing me two pills and a glass of water. I took them quickly from his hands and swallowed the pills quickly. ‘They’ll help you to relax a little more, girl’.

I nodded gratefully. ‘Thank you, Doctor’.

He suddenly smirked rather playfully, catching me off guard, almost like he was amused with me. I felt confused, but hopeful soon these pills would begin to work and hopefully help me to make it through to the end of this examination without any more embarrassing situations. I took a deep breath in and let it out with a sigh, trying to centre myself. Doctor Green nodded his approval.

‘Now, bend over and hold your ankles. I’m going to insert an instrument inside your vagina, to check for any diseases or injuries,’ he explained.

I nodded and adopted the position, bending over and holding my ankles with my hands. It was a very vulnerable pose, but I felt strangely relaxed and empty, almost a little bit sleepy. I figured the pills must be working. Everything felt so much lighter and easier, I’d forgotten how embarrassed and horny I was.

I heard the soft tread of Doctor Green’s footsteps as he walked around behind me. I felt him rest a gentle hand on one of my ass cheeks. His hands were so warm and soft, they felt incredible. He was softly humming again, and it sounded almost hypnotic. My suddenly slow and sleepy mind just wanted to rub my needy pussy up against his crotch, grind desperately until he unbuckled his pants and thrust his perfect cock deep inside me, and fucked me like I was nothing more than a bought and paid for street hooke-

‘This may be a little cold at first, Miss Venner, but your body will warm it up quickly’

‘Please,’ I heard myself begging, before I could even think, ‘just stick it inside my needy pussy!’

Doctor Green chuckled. ‘Now there’s my good girl.’

My mind was a blur of arousal and confusion as I felt cold metal begin to tease my pussy. I felt my hips trying to thrust back, but Doctor Green held my ass in place firmly, slowly inserting the strange metal device. The further he thrust it inside me, the louder my moans grew, the more desperately aroused I became. I needed cock. I needed to be filled. I needed to cum.

And…I needed to lie down. My muscles were suddenly so weak, just like my mind. I was kind of confused, and simultaneously didn’t have the energy to feel confused at all. As my legs suddenly gave out, I felt my body fall forward. Doctor Green caught me easily with his free hand, and held me there as he finished easing the metal device inside my soaking pussy. He soothed me patiently.

‘Shh, it’s okay, girl. It’s all okay,’ he whispered, then proceeded to pick me up completely. I felt so safe and warm in his strong arms. I was so horny, I hoped he was taking me somewhere to fuck me.

Instead, he sat me down on a chair. My head immediately rolled back, and my limbs all collapsed, weak and tired, just like my mind. Doctor Green gently knelt down beside the chair, taking one of my wrists in his hand, holding it against the arm of the chair, and securing it in place with the attached strap. My hand was trapped there, but I didn’t mind. I felt so calm and horny and peaceful. Doctor Green continued fastening straps around my wrists and ankles and body as he spoke

‘Now girl, you’re not going to remember this next part very well at all. Those drugs are extremely efficient. But your subconscious mind will remember. It absorbed all my suggestions so well last week. Just look at you, how much more sexy you’ve been dressing, at how quickly aroused you get from male attention. But…well, you’re lacking a little confidence, aren’t you? The confidence to really take all that arousal become the best little slut you can be. For your husband, for me, and for any men we desire you to please.’

With straps secured around my wrists, ankles, waist and my neck, I was forced into an upright sitting position. Doctor Green stood and took a step back to admire his handiwork.

‘It’s important for pretty girls like you to not waste their natural gifts. Being modest doesn’t suit you at all. You belong in short skirts and heels, you should be pleasing men everywhere by flashing them your ass accidently. You should be offering to suck men off just to make them happy. And when you’re husband demands, you should roll over and pump out lots of beautiful babies for him.’ He reached down and placed a gentle, affectionate hand on my head.

‘That’s your true calling’, he said, smiling, ‘isn’t it, girl?’

I stared blankly, unable to form any thoughts, let alone words. He chuckled and walked away again.

Doctor Green moved to the corner of his room, where a large TV on a rolling stand sat. He moved it towards me, humming happily, and placed the TV directly in front of me, the large screen a little too close for comfortable viewing.

‘You’ll be better this way.’

Suddenly, the instrument between my legs began to vibrate powerfully. I let out a soft moan, that would have been a scream if my lungs weren’t so tired. I shifted a little, and I would have been squirming so desperately were my body not so weak. The pleasure was incredible, overwhelming, undeniable. I knew I would need to cum in just seconds.

The TV screen turned on, and my eyes were instantly assaulted with a thousand strange images. My slow mind recognized some images as pornographic, some images as featuring unreadable words, flashed and faded far too quickly. The images were unpleasant to look at, and yet I found I couldn’t close my eyes or look away. I could only stare as they branded themselves in my mind.

I felt something being slid over my ears, as though from a world away. The powerful vibrator inside my pussy had finally pushed me over the edge and I felt as I began to cum powerfully. But still, my body barely moved a muscle, I felt so tired, like I just didn’t have the strength to lift any single part of my body. I could only cum and stare and cum some more.

As I began to hear strange noises, some part of me registered that these were headphones over my ears. I heard Doctor Green’s voice, his distinct voice, like gin and honey, rasping and growling at times, gentle at others. His voice, layered upon many different tracks, all saying different things, so many things all being said that I couldn’t even focus on one. I heard words that stood out, like ‘slut’ and ‘confident’ and ‘proud’ and ‘feminine’. But I could distinguish nothing.

I could distinguish nothing. I couldn’t move, yet I was cumming again and again. I couldn’t remember the images I saw, yet they were flashing relentlessly, never stopping. I couldn’t distinguish the words in my ears, and yet there were so many, telling me so many different things. My body was being assaulted. My mind was being assaulted. I could only give up, and let it happen.

I could only give up and let it happen. And I could swear, through it all, I could hear him humming still…

I got dressed slowly, proud of my body, a cheeky confident part of me hoping that Doctor Green might be watching, sneaking a glance at my tits, or my ass or even my dripping pussy. But he just continued to write notes down. Always focussed, always working hard. I idly thought to myself that a man like that deserves a girl who would help ease his tensions and frustrations…perhaps next physical she would try and tempt the handsome Doctor. He stood up from his desk and moved towards me as I finished getting dressed.

‘Well, everything seems to be in good order, Miss Venner. You appear to be a very healthy, and apparently quite sexually excitable girl,’ he announced. I let out a giggle.

‘Now, I would like to have one more appointment with you next week. I’m sure your husband will be quite agreeable. Just the same basic procedures; a few positions to check for flexibility, I’ll feel for any skin abnormalities, very standard.’ I nodded, with a smile. I couldn’t wait for Doctor Green to touch me again. It made me so…horny.

‘Thank you, Doctor Green,’ I said, in my most sultry voice. He offered me his hand and I took it, biting my lip, and staring up into his hypnotic, green eyes with lust. ‘Until next time, then.’

‘Until next time, Miss Venner.’