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(hetro, brain washing, photo)

I used to hate my new stepsister, she’s was stuck up and spoilt, but I have to admit she is really built, nice long legs and a nice firm size ‘C’ bust. Not that I would give her the satisfaction of letting her know that I noticed. It can be difficult sometime however, as she does seem to wander about the house in her underwear. I can see why Dad married her Mum though, she is just an older version, but a lot nicer person. In fact we get on really well, which pleases Dad no end.

Suzi is just four months older than me, we attend the same local college and we have just finished our first year; I am studying modern History, while she is doing English Lit.

In my studies of the Korean War, I’ve been reading up on Chinese brain washing techniques. If only I could do that to Suzi, I mused, life could be more pleasant. Well why not, soon Mum and Dad were off for a two weeks holiday, leaving my brat stepsister and me alone. I could have ago, experiment a bit, what have I got to lose. So I’m nose down in my reading material to see what I could find out.

I drove Mum and Dad to the airport to see them off; Suzi was too busy, so I went alone.

“Right Son” Dad said, “no parties ok!”

“Sure Dad” I replied.

“And try to get on with your sister ok” he added

“Ok dad I try”

I kissed my new Mum goodbye and they were gone. I must confess that I like to do more than kiss my new mum, but I don’t expect Dad would be too impressed.

Back home I had things to do before Suzi returned. I stopped off and bought three cassette loop tapes from Tandys; you know the ones they use in answer machines. On one track of each tape, I recorded some relaxing background music, then on the parallel track, I recorded my voice, saying softly: -

“I love and trust my step-brother”

“My step-brother will always look after me”

“I must please my step-brother”

“I must be nice to my step-brother”

As this was a tape loop, these words would be repeated again and again.

“How’s supper” I asked nicely. I was rewarded with a grunt for my effort.

“I’ll wash up” I said. With that she got up and left for her room. All though my chores I had a big smile on my face, little did she know that today was the first day of her new life. In her OJ were two tablets I had bought from this guy at College. In fact I had bought a dozen; I hoped that would be enough. He had told me that they would put anyone asleep for at least six hours and probably more. Good enough I thought.

I gave her twenty minutes then knocked on her door. Getting no reply, I entered. She was stretched out on her bed, fast asleep. She had managed to change into her night-shirt but didn’t make it all the way into her bed. Plugging the mains powered cassette recorder into the wall socket and fitting the headphones over her head, I switch on to a low volume, then left her to her dreams. The theory was that during sleep, our brains are susceptible to suggestions. The Chinese used these techniques extensively on POWs throughout the war, using all sorts of drugs to enhance the effect. I set my alarm for 3 a.m. so I could recover my equipment before she awoke, then I undressed and went to sleep.

I didn’t notice any change in her the next morning, but it was still early days yet. Suzi went out later with some of her friends, leaving me alone in the house.

I started on tape number two. This one would be more sexual in theme with words like:

“I find my step-brother is Sexy”

“I think my step-brother is cute”

“I think my step-brother has a sexy body

“I find it exciting to expose my body to my step-brother”

After supper Suzi actually thank me for her meal, it must be working I thought. Late when I entered her room, she was asleep on top of bed again, dressed only in a T-shirt and knickers, leaving her legs bare. I switched on the new tape, then spent some time gazing at her beautiful legs before going to bed.

Next morning Suzi came down for breakfast dressed as she had been the night before and smiled at me and said ‘good morning’ I almost fell off my chair. It seemed I was on the right track. Tape number three would be even more sexual with words: -

“I would love to have sex with my step-brother”

“I find it exciting when my step-brother looks at my body”

“I would love to pose naked for my step-brother”

I was finding each day that Suzi got a bit friendlier, smiling and talking to me. Thanking me for cooking her breakfast and things. I also noticed that she was wearing less and less around me, like not wearing a bra or not putting on a skirt when watching the TV with me, just tucking her long legs under her body. After a week of this treatment of alternating the tapes each night, I ran out of the sleeping pills, so I wiped all my tapes to destroy the evidence then threw them away, they were pretty worn out anyway, then I just had to wait.

Monday dawned hot and sunny.

“Fancy a picnic” I offered, “we could drive out to the woods, if you like, I know this nice secluded spot”

“Sounds good to me” she replied, “I’ll make the sandwiches, you get the beer, Ok”

“Fair enough” I say.

Once the cool box was filled with goodies, I changed into my shorts and T-shirt, loaded the car, and then waited. After a short delay, she appears dressed in jeans and jean jacket.

“Ready” I say,

“Yep, lets go”

It only takes an hour to drive the thirty miles or so to our picnic spot where we unload and spread out the blankets. I remove my T-shirt and lie down. I watch as she removes her jacket and jeans to reveal a very small Bikini.

“Wow sis, you look hot it that” I praise her.

“Oh do I, thank you Brother” she replies then sits down beside me on the blanket with a happy smile on her face. We catch a few rays then move into the shade to cool off, eat lunch and have a few beers. As I was driving I only had one beer then switch to coke. Suzi on the other hand, downed three cans in short order. After lunch we moved back into the sun, Suzi laid down on her front and reached behind and undid her bra strap.

“Can you put some cream on me please” she requested.

“Sure sis” I replied.

I poured some sun cream onto my hands, then rubbed it into her back and shoulders.

“Mmm that’s nice” she cooed, “More please and don’t forget my legs”

“Turn over if you want and I’ll do your front as well” I said jokingly.

“Yeah! Get away you pervert” she relied in the same vain, “I bet you would love to get your hands on my tits”

“Yeah I sure would sis” I laughed.

This was better; we were getting on great now. After a bit she redid her strap up and turned over.

“Do you want me to do you?” she asked, holding up the sun cream tube.

“Yes please” I replied. She rubbed cream into my back. Her hands where cool and felt very nice on my skin.

The rest of the afternoon past pleasantly with Suzi drinks five of the six packs of beers. Just as we thinking of packing up and going home, I remembered the camera.

“Hi Sis I brought the camera, do you want me to take a few snaps?” I asked.

“Oh yes, that’s a good idea” she replied, “take a few of me over here”

“Ok sis, that’s it kneel on the blanket and face me, great. Ok now sit down, stretch your legs and push your tits out”

“You’re a pervert” she giggled but did as I asked. “Now it’s my turn” she said reaching for the camera.

“Ok sis, where do you want me” I handed her the camera and posed by a tree.

When she had taken half a dozen of me I said.

“Ok it’s your turn again, put your jeans on and your jean jacket, no, no, take your top off”

“What! You really are a perv” but she smiled all the time, pleased with the attention, but she did what I asked, turning her back to me as she removed her bikini top.

“No don’t button it all the way up, that’s right, turn for me, great. Now come on and undo those buttons, there’s a good girl” I cajole. I soon finished off the film with my sexy stepsister flashing her tits at me.

Once we were home, I unpacked and washed up.

“Have a good day sis?” I asked once every thing was clean and tidy, with everything put away.

“Yeah great thanks” she replied, “I think I may have burned a bit, I’ll go and have a shower and puts some ‘After Sun’ on”

“Ok sis I start supper”

With that she went upstairs while I put some chops in the oven. When she came down, she was dressed in her dressing grown with a towel round her head.

“Ahh that’s better” she said, “you go and have a shower and I’ll finish cooking supper”

Things were working out great, not only was Suzi being nice towards me, but she was being sexy as hell.

The next day it rained, but still hot and very humid. I put my shorts on and made breakfast. Suzi came down after I shouted to her that it was almost ready. She walked into the kitchen dressed in shorts and one of my shirts just buttoned up enough to keep me interested.

“Morning Brother” she said and came over to me and kissed me on the check. “Sleep well”

“Sure did sis, like a log” I replied

“Head like one too” she smiled at me. This was so much nicer that the old Suzi.

“How many eggs?” I asked

“Two please” she replied. I set about breaking four eggs in the pan to go with the bacon under the grill.

“If you stop looking down my top, you won’t mess my eggs up” she said laughingly.

“Well it’s your fault” I retort with a smile, “Flashing your tits at me, and at breakfast table too”

“Didn’t you see enough of them yesterday” she said.

“It’s your fault, you’ve got such great tits” I said.

“Do you really think so?” she asked all coy.

“Sure do sis, in fact I think you have a really hot bod, as good as any I’ve seen” I replied

“And of course you’ve seen a few ah” she said, then burst out laughing.

“If you’re not careful” I say " I’ll see lots more”

We both laugh and eat our breakfast.

“What do you want to do today brother?” she asked.

“I’ll don’t know sis, it’s too hot and sticky to be energetic” I said

“Yeah right, ok let’s play cards or something, how about strip poker” she laughed.

“Now that’s hardly fair, I’m only wearing two items,” I say in mock indignation.

“Well I’m only wearing three pieces myself, well if you don’t want to play, well do something else” she smiles at me.

“Ok, ok, I’ll get the cards and you can tell me the rules” I got up to find the cards.

“Ok brother, let’s play jack wild, at least a pair to win, anything less is void.”

I shuffle the cards and deal; I have a jack so I have a pair.

“I’ll take three” she said and tosses three cards at me.

“I’ll take three as well” I said.

I win with three fours to her pair of tens. She stands up and unbuckles her shorts.

“My deal” she smiles at me. The next two hands were void, as we both had junk. She won the next and I had to loss my shorts.

“Your pants look a bit tight there brother” she giggled.

“Just deal” I snapped at her, trying to hide my bulge, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“I win” slapping down a full house to her three of a kind. She undoes the few remaining buttons of my old shirt and slowly removes it to expose her naked tits.

“What do you think, brother” smiling as she shakes her shoulders back and forth, making her tits wobble.

“Awesome sis, really awesome” I reply

I won the next hand too,

“Shit, you must be cheating” but she stood up and peeled her knickers slowly and provocatively down her legs.

“What happen now?” I asked.

“We carry on playing till the one who is naked, in this case me” she stopped talking, thinking for a second, “must, do a forfeit, agreed on by the winner. On successfully completing, he or she will get an item of clothes back. You can’t repeat the same forfeit twice, ok.”

“Ok sis, it’s a bit complicated” I said.

“Just deal, you’ll get the idea”

This time she won

“Goody, get your kit off” she shouted, “talk about awesome, lookey here at that” she said pointing at my hard on.

She won the next hand too.

“Ok sis, what do you want me to do?” I ask fearfully, not knowing what she got in mind.

“Well” she looked at me dreamily, “I want you to come over here and suck my nipples”

“You what!” I asked incredulously.

“Come on, just come over here and suck them Ok” she smiled sexily.

Well that was the last cards we were going to play today, I moved over to her and started to suck and nibbled on her nipples, fondling the other tit as I did. After a few minutes her hand went down and stroked my hard cock. Her remaining arms gave way and we both collapsed onto the floor. Our mouths met and we kissed. My hand moved down between her legs, which open at my touch. We were both more than ready so I moved between her open legs and entered her slowly.

“Oh yes brother” she said softly, “push it into me”

Neither of us was going to last long, as we were both too excited. I thrust into her with long and hard strokes until she arched her back in orgasm. Two more stokes and I came deep within her.

“Talk about awesome brother that was something else” she sighed

“Sure was sis, give me ten minutes and we can do that again” I cooed.

One of the benefits of being young is the power to re-coup quickly. We were kissing and caressing with my soft cock still within her, but it got harder and harder till it was hard enough to start fucking again.

We lay there for some time luxuriating in the after glow of our lovemaking.

“I need a shower, how about you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m all hot and sticky, let’s go” I said

We soaped each other down and then dried off in new fluffy towels.

“I know sis, do your hair and makeup and I will make you a star” I said.

I fetched my Nikon and a handful of films to her bedroom. Suzi was sitting in front of her mirror applying her makeup.

“Won’t be a minute” she said continuing to do her eyelashes.

“How’s that” she turned for me, showing herself in all it’s glory.

“As I said earlier sis, awesome, really awesome.

For the next hour I photographed ever curve, crevice and line of her beautiful naked body. Doing so had got me hard again so I dumped the camera and jumped on top of her.

“What took you so long?” she asked wrapping her long legs around his body. We fucked fast and furiously till we both come again.

Story by JAX 14/9/00