The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Subject 11


Sam has become Subject 11 in a strange facility where males are milked without their consent. His life will never be the same.

Sam felt like he was in the middle of a dream, a very sexy dream. Warm, soft hands stroked his cock making him incredibly hard. Even in this dream-like state, Sam could feel his heart pounding and the spreading warmth of a sexual flush invading his body. Sam tried hard to remain still as to not break the magic of the moment; however, it was impossible. He began to feel his hips move as one stroke after another caressed the sensitive foreskin of his cock. As the mystery hand continued its soft, sensual ministrations, two other hands began to simultaneously tease Sam’s nipples sending a new current of arousal straight into his core. Sam could no longer keep his body still.

“That’s it, you like that don’t you. It excites you?” Sam thought he heard those words whispered into his ear by a soft, sexy and melodic voice.

Sam then detected soft moans in the room, but failed to understand the moans emanated from his own mouth.

At that moment, the only thing Sam could concentrate on were the sensual touches and strokes rapidly building to a sexual crescendo deep within his body.

Struggling to concentrate and prolong the dream and sensations, Sam was stunned when he felt warm breath blowing on his ear, smelled a faint whiff of intoxicating perfume and then heard the same sexy voice whispering, “Sam cum for me.”

Immediately, Sam’s cock exploded expelling rope after milky rope of warm cum from his body. The sensual strokes continued until his body had no more to give and then they stopped.

“He’s dry, we will get no more from this one for a few hours.” Sam heard the woman’s voice, but did not know she was talking about him; afterall, it was a dream. Another voice joined in, “mark that sample #1 from cage #11.” A third voice, also female added, “make sure they run the proper fertility test on that sample. If we are to spend money on this one, he needs to be worth every penny.”

Sam’s eyes flew open and he saw the white fluorescent lights of a medical lab. He tried to talk, but could not for some reason make a sound.

“He’s awake,” a female voice announced. Sam’s sight was limited but he recognized voices as his gurney was wheeled into a room that looked like a large cell or cage. He saw a large black number 11 on the wall.

Once inside, the gurney was locked in place and Sam watched and then felt an IV inserted into a vein in his arm. As this happened, one of the female attendants laughed at him, “Don’t worry, it will save all of those incessant needle sticks down the road. We will just mainline you through the IV.”

As the drugs took effect, the voices became mumbled, but Sam was sure he heard the word ‘growth.’ One of the attendants came over and inserting a needle into the IV line smiled down at him and clearly said, “something to increase volume.”

Sam watched as she took a second needle and inserted it into the IV port. “This will make you relax,” she said with a smile. As Sam watched her thumb on the plunger his world faded into gray and then black.

“He’s asleep” one of the attendants whispered. “Now, let’s get his measurements.”

As Sam slept, his cock was measured for length and girth. Attendants laughed when one technician remarked, “if you have seen one cock, you have seen them all.”

“The results from the lab are in,” one of the techs on a phone remarked. “He ejaculated 4.2ml in his first session.”

Lynn, the nurse overseeing Sam’s processing curtly asked, and his fertility was?

“150 million,” the tech answered, “well within the normal range.”

Lynn nodded and smacking Sam’s flaccid cock laughed, “we will soon have you well over one billion and doubling your volume.”

A tech looked up and said, “we are intentionally putting him into hyperspermia?”

“Of course we are,” Lynn answered, “the greater the volume, the better for us.”

Lynn, turned her back to Sam and wrote a few notes on his chart. “Please insert the permanent prostate stimulator in him as we will want to use it for his next session.”

“Oh, he will be in for a surprise,” the lead tech laughed again.

“We are just mere milk maids,” another tech laughed.

Lynn walked down the hall to the directors office. Entering, she saw Dr. Mary Martin sitting behind her desk completing paperwork. Dr Martin was a world renowned infertility specialist with an extremely high success rate. She also moonlighted finding acceptable doners for friends who wanted to get pregnant without the mess of a relationship. Her name within the lesbian community was legendary.

“Here’s the data on subject 11. He is sedated and being processed as we speak.”

Mary looked at the chart and smiled, “Ivy League Grad, high IQ, professional athlete, this one will fetch a high price.”

“Well, we have started the drug protocol and should see an increase in volume and fertility soon.” Lynn looked across the desk as she spoke.

Dr. Martin smiled, “yes and size too if all goes well. Also, as hyperspermia develops, so will his libido. He will look forward to his milkings.”

“Well, we are lucky he is off season now, doing this during baseball season would be hard.”

Dr. Martin laughed as the tech spoke. “On the contrary, by the time his Spring Training starts, we will have multiple clinics where he can go and donate on any schedule we desire.” She added, “he will be the first subject we control fully for the long term.”

Laughing, Lynn remarked, “maybe he can call me Mistress before it is over.” As she got up to leave, Mary added, “Well as long as you don’t claim goddess, that word is already taken.”

Lynn walked back into the cell areas and checked on Sam. He was resting comfortably with multiple drugs flowing into his system.

“I hate to do this to you big boy, but it is time to play with that pretty little mind of yours,” Lynn laughed as she placed a set of sound dampening earphones over his head. “As you sleep, listen to this and see how your world has changed.”

One of the tech’s new to the job,looked up and asked, “does that stuff really work?”

“Mixed with the drug cocktail flowing into his body, he will believe anything we want him too.” Lynn then looked over and said, “if we had you laying there, we could have you barking and believing you were a puppy if we wanted. It is powerful and does work.”

The technician smiled and looked down nervously averting Lynn’s smirk.

As activity went on around him, Sam’s mind was slowly changed as the drugs did their work on body and mind.

The next day, Sam was wheeled into a collection lab, where again he was kept in a twilight state as his cock was stroked and teased. Measured quickly, Lynn noted increases in both length and girth.

“The drugs work quickly. He grew some, but no where near as impressive as he will get.”

“Shall we stimulate his prostate?” A cute blonde tech asked. Lynn just nodded and remarked, “when pre-ejacualte is visible, stop immediately.”

The petite tech smiled and flipped the switch on a handheld remote. Immediately a new sensation filled Sam’s body as his prostate was directly stimulated for the first time in his life.

“It makes you feel powerful doesn’t it,” Lynn asked. “You now control his body’s responses.”

The blonde named Jill smiled and nodded.

Lynn noticed how Jill shifted in her seat and resisted saying, “and it turns you on doesn’t it?”

Jill saw the inquisitive look on the nurse’s face and just hoped she did not see the flush she could feel covering her body. Knowing what she was doing to Sam was suddenly arousing and Jill luxuriated in the wetness flooding her pussy.

Lynn could only smile as she watched the young technician’s reactions.

As Jill watched the screen, she noticed a small drop of fluid form on the tip of Sam’s cock. She immediately stopped the stimulation and called to Lynn.

“Subject 11 is ready for collection.”

Lynn walked Jill over to Sam’s gurney and instructed her on how to place and secure the collection device over Sam’s cock.

When it was in place, Lynn smiled and said, “now make him cum.”

Jill looked at her with shocked eyes causing Lynn to laugh. “Oh come on, it is just a medical procedure and you need to extract the sample.” Laughing, besides, you’ll get to touch his beautiful cock almost daily as it grows and changes.”

Jill reached out nervously and began stroking under Lynn’s watchful eye.

Sam was agin in a dreamlike state feeling arousal and a growing need to cum. When his hips began to move, Lynn instructed Jill to simply whisper a command into Sam’s ear.

“Sam, cum for me,” Jill whispered, “cum for me hard.”

Sam immediately grunted and exploded into the collection device much to the surprise of the young technician.

“Do you see how powerful you are with him?” Lynn asked the question and smiled as she saw Jill flush again with excitement.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it is kind of a rush feeling the power you now have over him. Enjoy it.” Lynn smiled at her young protege before instructing her to get the samples to the lab for testing.

Within days, Sam’s samples where reaching new limits while the size of his penis had now reached an impressive length and girth. Lynn walked into Dr. Martin’s office with the latest lab results handing them to her with a smile.

“I think you will be pleased. Subject 11 has come a long way.” Lynn looked over the desk as the results were examined.

“7.3ml of ejaculate and a sperm count of over 750,000, now that is impressive.” Dr Martin smiled and then looked at the physical size measurements laughing, “well if size matters, #11 has moved to the front of the class.”

“How will we measure his libido?” Lynn asked. “We have been keeping him in a dreamlike state.”

“That will soon end,” Mary Martin laughed, “#11 is very controllable now.” She added, “my guess is his desire for sex is almost continuous and his recovery time is incredibly short.”

Returning to Sam’s caged area, Lynn instructed Jill and the rest of her team to slowly eliminate the drugs keeping him in a dream-like state and to move Sam to a room on the other side of the facility.

“Will we need the headphones and tapes anymore,” Jill asked.

“No,” was the immediate answer from Lynn, “his programming is complete.” He will voluntarily cooperate and do anything we ask.

That evening, the transfer was completed and when the morning sun streamed through the windows of Sam’s new room, his eyes opened for the first time in weeks. Confused about where he was and what was going on, Sam sat up in bed before looking at the array of monitors in the room.

Immediately, Lynn and Jill walked into the room smiling and greeting him. “It is not often we get sports figures in our facility, especially one so interested in helping women in need.”

Sam look confused. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” He again looked around the room.

“Don’t feel bad,” Lynn countered, “Dr Martin said one of the effects of the drugs may be a little temporary amnesia.” Looking to her chart and flipping pages, Lynn simply said “it is all right here to include consent forms.”

Sam looked at the pages and nodded. “Clearly I signed, but I don’t remember what I signed up to do.”

“You are a doner Sam, a sperm doner, for women who want children without being involved with a man.”

Lynn talked in soft reassuring words all scripted for Sam to accept what was going on. His mind was already conditioned to agree, and soon his head was nodding in agreement with everything Lynn said. As she spoke to him, Jill’s hand slowly massaged his chest with the lightest of touches. As she did, Sam’s anxiety melted and she saw him visibly relax. When her fingers grazed his nipples, small jolts of pleasure flooded through Sam.

“You like that, don’t you,” Jill whispered softly. Her fingers slowly circled the hardening nubs and looking down, Jill could see Sam’s cock stirring. Sam’s light moan told her everything she needed to hear.

The young technician continued her ministrations as Sam’s cock pulsed and grew. Jill was almost mesmerized as she watched in amazement and saw first hand the effect of the treatment. When Sam’s cock reached full length, she could not believe its size. Now Sam opened his eyes and turning the table said “you like what you see don’t you?”

Jill was speechless and could only nod her head.

Watching through monitors, Dr. Martin smiled and called Lynn. “This is working perfectly, young Jill seems capitivated at the moment.”

“Well you told me that one of the side effects may be excessive pheromones and it seems Jill has inhaled a large quantity while monitoring Sam.” Lynn then asked, “shall I remove her from the room?”

“No, this is perfect, just observe. Right now she seems oblivious to your presence.”

Lynn nodded, “when she came to us, she was so naive and innocent, now look at her.”

Dr. Martin laughed into the phone, “she sees nothing wrong and thinks this is just natural behavior, our little technician just loves his cock.”

As both woman watched, one in person and the other on video, Jill began stroking the length of Sam’s cock. Her eyes seemed almost mesmerized by the sight of Sam’s organ. As they watched, a smile broke out across Jill’s face and she slowly lowered her lips until her warm, inviting mouth encircled the cock head. Both observers heard moans: a soft one from Jill and a louder one from Sam.

At first tentative, Jill became more aggressive and was soon taking as much of Sam as she could in her mouth oblivious to her audience. For his part, Sam just reclined in the bed enjoying the ministrations of Jill’s sensual mouth. The taste of his precum slowly filled Jill’s mouth and determined the outcome of the session. Jill’s arousal peaked when she tasted Sam’s offering and she knew he was close, instead of stopping, she wanted more and opening her throat, she took Sam as deep as she could drooling over the head of his cock as she did.

Sam did not disappoint mind with a grunt, exploded with stream after stream of hot cum hitting the back of the young technicians throat. Jill did not waste a drop and to Dr. Martin’s amazement, she swallowed every drop.

When Sam let his cock fall from her lips, the spell was broken. Jill burned red with embarrassment and turning to see Lynn watching her softly said,”what have I done?” She continued, “I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. This was highly unprofessional and unethical and it will not happen again.”

Lynn smiled, “you could not help yourself. We failed to account for some of the side effects of the treatment and now we know. Besides, it looked like you enjoyed yourself.”

Lynn herself began to understand the pheromones and their effect as she felt her pussy grow wet and swollen. She quickly took Jill by the arm and led her out into the corridor.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off,” Lynn smiled to Jill as she spoke the words.

“Thanks, I do need to recover,” Jill said as she headed down the hall to the staff lounge.

Later that day in Dr. Martin’s office, Lynn tried to explain the effect she felt in the room to her boss.

“Poor Jill had no chance, she was so close to him.” Lynn then added, “even at my distance, the effect was almost overwhelming. It hit me like a wave. There was no gradual buildup. My body was on fire and my pussy throbbed. If I had stayed, I would have done the same as Jill or worse and probably fucked Sam.”

Dr. Martin nodded her head. We knew there was a possibility of this side effect, but did not know it would be so strong.” She then thought a little more. “But there might be a silver lining to all of this afterall.” Looking at Lynn, Dr Martin simply said, “put Jill in with him tomorrow and make sure he is not milked tonight. I have an idea.”

That night, Sam missed his evening milking, a pleasure he had grown accustomed to over the past week. Additionally, Dr. Martin ordered his drug dosage doubled betting the new dose would have the intended effect. None of this was reflected in his chart.

The following morning, when Jill was assigned back to his room, she reviewed Sam’s chart and everything seemed normal. The young technician was about to apologize to Sam for what she considered inappropriate behavior when the first effects hit her. Jill felt light headed, flushed and a warmth spread deeply into her groin. At the same time, she could not keep her eyes off of Sam. She could see a bulge growing under the sheets as he reacted to her presence.

The pheromones circulating in the room were double the previous day and Jill was helpless to resist. By the time she realized what was happening, it was too late as her brain focused only on her arousal. Slowly, she walked forward, pulled back the sheet and reached out wrapping her fingers around Sam’s penis. Lust filled her eyes as Sam’s groans filled her ears. Within minutes, the young woman had slipped off her scrub pants, tossed her panty onto the floor and was straddling Sam’s hips plunging his cock into her growing wetness. Sam and Jill fucked and fucked hard. Dr. Martin observing by video noted it was purely physical sex devoid of emotion. She smiled as Sam grunted loudly and unloaded his seed deep into the technician. At the same time, Jill came hard, her pussy milking Sam’s cock of every last drop.

Dr. Martin made a call and Lynn, wearing a mask, entered dragging Jill from the room. Lynn could not help noticing the trail of white semen dripping from her freshly used pussy. A small drop of drool hung in the corner or her mouth as Jill struggled to regain her senses. “OMG,” she whispered, “what happened?”

After interviewing Jill, Dr. Martin simply said, “we just have to have Sam meet a few of the clients and let nature take its course.” Smiling, she mentioned, “just think if we can skip the collection, storage and move right to the insemination steps. Think of the money we would save.”

“So Sam would be for want of a better term, a breeding bull,” Lynn asked as Dr. Martin nodded.

“Well what do we do with Jill now? Do we keep her attending to Sam?” Lynn waited for an answer.

“Yes, but lower his dosages as we don’t want her consuming the product,” Dr. Martin smiled. “By the way, please have her take a morning after pill as we don’t want her pregnant, or at least not yet. Given Sam’s increased sperm count and her fertility, there is a high probability that untreated, she will be pregnant.”

Lynn nodded and walked off to see to Jill and Subject 11.

The following week, Ms. Julia McGuire, a up and coming fashion designer and a patient of Dr. Martin walked into the lounge at the St Regis hotel looking for Sam. Julia was single, had no intention of marrying and was childless. She came to Dr. Martin’s clinic in the hope of conceiving. Dr. Martin asked for her to meet Sam under the pretense of introducing her to a potential donor for evaluation. However, her real reason was to see if Sam’s effect on Jill would also work on Julia. Over the last week, the clinic had regulated his drugs lower so that he would effect only the intended patient and not an entire room, and Julia was the test case. Sam for his part was compliant and agreeable to anything Dr. Martin or Lynn suggested. His conditioning was now a part of his personality.

Sam saw her walk in and immediately waved to her like he had somehow known her his whole life. Julia walked over, politely shook his hand and allowed herself to be escorted to a small table in the back corner of the lounge. “It is quieter here and we can talk,” Sam said as he pulled out the chair for her.

As they ordered drinks, Julia’s body, unknown to her, was already absorbing and responding to Sam’s pheromones. Her blood pressure elevated, her breathing quickened and her skin took on a slight flush. At the same time, her nipples began to slowly harden while blood rushed to her pussy causing it to begin to swell. Finally, Julia’s body began to lubricate in anticipation of what might come later. All of this was barely perceptible to the young designer as she sipped her cocktail while talking to Sam.

As they talked, Julia became more and more aware of her body and the changes taking place within her. She could feel her nipples pressing against the thing material of her bra and hoped Sam could not see how hard they had become. Julia found herself staring more intently at her companion and even started wondering what he would be like in bed.

After an hour, Julia’s system was saturated with Sam’s pheromones and when he casually asked her up to his suite, she never considered turning him down. As she walked through the suite’s door, she turned and pressed her body into his expecting a warm and passionate kiss. Julia was not disappointed. For the next hour, Sam played her body like a fine instrument until she was naked, laying in the room’s king size bed and quivering in arousal.

She was ready, her body was ready and when she whispered, “please,” Sam lowered his body into hers. Julia felt the hardness of his cock against her wet opening and thrust up at the same moment he thrust down. The combination of moves was exquisite ending only when Sam’s cock rested against Julia’s cervix.

“OMG, that is so good,” Julia cooed as Sam began to intensify his thrust as Julia’s body grew accustomed to his size. When Sam felt Julia wrap her legs around him, he increased his pace. Both partners were soon lost in a sea of lust. Julia was shocked when she heard the words “fuck me,” fall from her lips and Sam obliged. Within minutes both were on the verge of orgasm. With a large grunt and sigh, Sam exploded deep inside the fashion designer. Julia, feeling his explosion, felt her own orgasm wash over her as she cried out inside the cavernous room. Instantly, Sam’s potent seed swam fulfilling their destiny. At that point, Julia passed out overcome with her response to her lover.

Sunlight brought Julia back to reality. At first she thought it was a dream, but her nakedness, the suite and the copious amount of dried semen on the thighs told her otherwise. On the nightstand was a handwritten note simply saying, “I hope you had a great time.”

Back at the clinic, Dr. Martin debriefed Sam about his night with Julia. When she was positive he had sex with her patient, she smiled knowing it would not be long until she knew the results. As Sam sat there, she could feel his pheromones beginning to even effect her own body. For a moment Dr. Martin basked in her own arousal as a warmth spread through her. However, realizing what was happening, she had Sam escorted back to his room where he showered before being sedated, given a booster dose of his drug regime and fitted with earphones for some additional deep programming. Within minutes he was asleep under the watchful eyes of Lilly and her team.

Four weeks later, Julia entered the clinic for a checkup commenting she had missed her period. In a matter of minutes, Dr. Martin gave her the good news.

“I guess you will need to design a new maternity fashion line, Julia, you are going to need it. Congratulations, you are pregnant.”

“Now Julia, wasn’t that easy and let’s admit it, you had a good time too.” Dr. Martin watched as Julia blushed remembering the night.

After her checkup, finances were discussed and before the end of the day Julia had wired money into the clinic’s account. Everyone was happy.

“I think we have a new business model,” Dr. Martin laughed to Lilly as she sipped wine in her office.

“We just need to find a few more Sam’s if we are to build out the model.” Dr. Martin smiled at the comment commenting, “finding more Sam’s should not be too hard.”

She then commented, “we will still need to do normal collection. We have a lot of lesbian patients who may not be very keen on having sex with a man, even if it is to become pregnant.”

Lilly laughed, “well given how his pheromones influence behavior, they might be very willing.”

“True,” Dr. Martin said, “but once the effect wore off, they might be highly upset. I don’t want to risk adverse publicity or lawsuits.”

Unknown to either woman was the fact that Jill’s dosing instructions for Sam’s drug regime had been altered. Instead of 1.0ml, Jill read the chart that said 10ml. In effect, Sam started immediately receiving 10x the dose Dr. Martin wanted him to have to maintain his desired state. After dosing Sam, Jill left for the evening.

Finishing up her paperwork, Dr. Mary Martin walked down the hall to check on her prize subject before heading home for the night. Entering Sam’s room, she walked over to his bed and made small talk with him while she checked his chart. When she got to the dosage, her eyes went wide as she read 10 ml vs 1.0ml. How could such a mistake have been made? At the same time she read the words, a tidal wave of arousal washed over her body. Dr. Martin knew immediately she was in trouble. Instead of a gradual build up of arousal caused by a mild release of Sam’s male pheromones, this was immediate and intense. Dr. Martin whispered “no,” and turned towards the door. She never made it.

A medical professional, Mary knew exactly what was happening. She could feel her nipples harden like pebbles on a beach, her pussy felt swollen, enflamed and wet, her breathing increased as did her heart rate. Turning back towards Sam, Mary was soon pulling back his sheets and exposing Sam’s throbbing cock, the largest she had ever seen. She reached out and touched it, She could feel the flesh pulse in her hands. Mary could not resist kissing the swollen head inhaling potent pheromones as she did.

Dr. Martin reached under her skirt and slipped her moist panties to the floor. Looking into Sam’s eyes, she moved into the bed and was soon straddling his hips. Like Jill before her, Dr. Martin slowly lowered her hips until the head of his cock nestled between her swollen pussy lips. Lowering herself even further, Mary met Sam’s thrust with one of her own sending the hard cock deep into her body where it nestled against her cervix. Mary and Sam then fucked and fucked hard, each being driven by an animal instinct. Mary was the first to cum screaming as she did. Her pussy contracted tightly around Sam’s cock sending him over the edge firing spurt after spurt of thick white cum deep into Mary’s body. Then as had happened with Jill, Dr. Martin collapsed over Sam where she was found in the morning by Lilly.

Of course, Dr. Martin had been inhaling pheromones all night and when Lilly woke her, she was immediately in a heightened state of arousal. Lilly grabbed Dr. Martin’s arm and attempted to pull her from the bed, but as she exerted herself, she could not help but inhale some of the same pheromones Jill and then Mary previously succumbed too. Lilly had no way of knowing about the dosing error.

As with Dr. Martin, Lilly’s arousal washed over her like an avalanche. One minute she was fine trying to help the doctor, and the next minute she could only think of one thing: Sam’s cock. She tried to fight the response and move to the door, but found it impossible. Dr. Martin smiled as she watched Lilly stare toward the bed and she slowly pulled back the sheets uncovering what they all wanted, a throbbing, excessively large cock.

“Look what we created Lilly, isn’t it wonderful?” Dr. Martin slurred her words slightly as she talked to her assistant.

Lilly could only nod as her mind was overcome with desire. Lust filled her eyes and she walked slowly to the bed where Dr. Martin fondled Sam’s cock bringing him to a state of consciousness.

Lilly lowered her lips engulfing the head of Sam’s cock while Dr. Martin continued to stroke it. Sam just moaned in appreciation. Pulling back from Sam, Lilly slipped off her scrubs and her panty and was soon straddling Sam’s cock as Mary continued to stroke it. Lowering herself, Lilly impaled her body with the assistance of her boss and was soon vigorously fucking Sam with all of her energy. She did not stop until Sam exploded pumping her body full of his potent seed.

As Lilly fell off of Sam’s cock, Dr. Martin felt an overwhelming desire to lower her lips and lick the remaining drops of semen from Sam’s still hard member.

The door opened and there was a small clapping sound almost as if someone were applauding. “Bravo,” said a feminine voice coming from behind a surgical mask.

“Sorry for the mask, but one must take the necessary precautions or risk being turned into cum sluts by Sam’s pheromones. Unfortunately in your case, no precautions were taken and now look at you.”

Dr. Martin looked up recognizing the voice and simply said, “Meredith?”

“Correct, Mary and congratulations on perfecting the dosages. I will take it from here and make a fortune.”

Dr. Martin shook her head in disagreement and at that very moment another wave of arousal swept over her body as she looked down at Sam’s cock growing hard already. She moaned lightly.

Meredith laughed, “Look at you, this place needs new ownership and I have brought my own team.” She then smirked, “by the way, there are plenty of couples looking to adopt and would pay a pretty penny for the perfect baby. I am sure you and your team will deliver healthy children in about 9 months.”

With that, Meredith nodded to her team who quickly took Lilly and Mary by the arms and led them back to the caged areas. “Mark them subjects 11a and 11b,” Meredith almost laughed. “The young woman, Jill will be 11c.” Meredith looked down at Sam, “and you Sir will have your own harem.

“Move him to the suite adjacent the cages. Make sure the air handlers move air directly from his room to these three subjects. Afterall, we want their stay with us to be pleasant.”

Mary Martin awoke a few hours later looking around the cell like cage she was kept in. The furnishings were familiar; after all, she had designed them for her own subjects never thinking she would be one.

“Welcome back to the land of the conscious” the familiar female voice said to her. Opening her eyes, she saw Dr. Meredith Martin, her twin sister standing over her bed.

“Why, Meredith, why?” Mary Martin whispered as her mind cleared.

“Oh come on Mary, it has always been a competition between us and when you started this venture, I could not resist finding a way to take it from you.”

“Please. I can make you a partner.” Mary almost pleaded.

“Partner, why be a partner when I can have to entire thing. Besides I always wanted children but never wanted to go through the trials of pregnancy.”

“What are you talking about,” Mary asked quietly.

“Why you of course, your DNA matches mine and you are my perfect surrogate. After watching your performance with Sam, or Subject 11, I decided you would be the perfect solution to my dilemma.” She added, “you notice the numbering system, you are now Subject 11A, one of Sam’s women.”

“No,” Mary yelled, “you cannot do this to me, I am your sister, this is madness.”

“Oh do cut the drama, there is no madness here. You even said, that you were helping childless couples. Now you get to participate in your own work.” With that, Meredith walked over to the air vent that had been closed.

“Once the air begins to circulate, you know what will happen and even I cannot stop your body’s reactions.

As she finished speaking, Meredith, with great fanfare, opened the air vent drawing air from Sam’s suite into Mary’s cell. As she did, Meredith slipped on a mask.

“Don’t worry dear, it should not take long given his most recent dosing. Soon your mind will only be thinking of one thing: fucking Sam. Nothing else will matter.” Dr Mary Martin tried to sit up forgetting the restraints, and collapsed back on the bed. “Don’t do this too me please.”

To Be Continued.