The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By Gloryboy

When he awoke on Monday morning, he felt very strange. His knees hurt and his neck and back were sore. His sister, Dawn, smiled as he stumbled to the bathroom. It felt strange to be walking. He looked in the bathroom mirror. His hair was rumpled and then he noticed it- the indentations and a slight leather burn from where the collar had been. His hackles rose in anger and his neck hairs stood on end in sudden fear as he realized what must have happened.

“DAWN!” he screamed as he stomped towards her bedroom.

The world had been an even crazier place than usual in the last few years. Nobody knew exactly why yet but, here and there in the world, girls and women were beginning to develop extraordinary powers of the mind. They ranged from being able to read minds to directly speaking to someone telepathically to being able to control minds along with a few less common abilities. Dawn had begun to develop an ability to control minds about four years ago. But she had little control of it. Oh she made some high school jock that mouthed off to her lie face down in the mud while she walked over him so she would not have to step into the mud (as if she could not have stepped around it and, luckily, she remembered to release the control before he suffocated, leaving him running away from her in terror), but that was done in a fit of anger. Normally, she did not have enough power or control to do something like that. Then she started studying hypnotism.

Now, she had blossomed into a powerful ‘suggestor’ as they were called. Combining her telepathic ability to control minds with verbal suggestion and body language, she could quickly put people under. She was now eighteen years old, almost nineteen, and had moved into her own apartment for the first time. Her best friend from high school had made plans to move in with her right after high school graduation. Together, they could afford the apartment. But before the first month was over with, her friend had chickened out and moved back in with her parents. Dawn’s name was the one on the lease so she was stuck. Her Mom and Dad helped her out as best they could. But around that same time, her brother, Doug, was looking for a new apartment.

Dawn had plans to start college in the fall while Doug chose not to attend college. He had worked construction during the three years since graduating from high school. But his Mom suggested he consider moving in with Dawn. At least it would solve both of their problems for a couple of months.

So, anyway, they were a month into trying to be apartment mates. He was stomping towards her room. Dawn was sitting on the edge of the bed and smiling at him.

“How could you?” he roared. “I’m your BROTHER! HOW COULD YOU?”

“Like this,” she said. “Sit, Dougy.”

A compulsion struck him and he involuntarily got down on all fours at her feet. His mind was clear. He tried desperately to stand up but his body would not obey.

“Now,” she said, “it is true that I decided to have a little, harmless fun with you over the weekend.”

“You call that harmless fun?” he blurted. “You must have kept me under for the entire weekend.”

He was still trying uselessly to move from this position on all fours.

“Come to think of it, I remember walking in the door on Friday afternoon and then- and then- I vaguely remember that you said something to me but I can’t remember what. That’s all I remember until right now.”

Dawn smiled.

“You realize the only reason you are not under right now is because I let you free, knowing you needed to go to work today. To be honest, it was harder to bring you out of it than to put you under, which was easy. You didn’t want to come out of it. You liked it.”

He paled at that idea.

“Maybe that’s part of it,” He said. “You didn’t allow me to experience or even remember it. There was no pleasure in it for me. It just feels like a blackout to me.”

She smiled again.

“I was just testing the full extent of my power over you and I’ve discovered that it has no limits. Oh, I can control people but it is normally just a suggestion that lasts a few seconds. For it to last days like that, there is only one explanation. This is only possible because, deep down, you desire this treatment.”

He was still on all fours as she spoke. Without even realizing it, he had crawled to her feet. He was startled back to an awareness of what he was doing when he suddenly realized he was starting to sniff her feet and was even thinking about licking them. At the same time, her words had become a meaningless jumble as he slipped into a more primitive state of mind.

Dawn laughed when he snapped back to awareness. His ears turned red.

“It just happened, didn’t it?” she said. “You just went under for a moment. You long for me to put you back into that state of mind, don’t you doggy?”

Her words tugged at primitive regions of his mind and he barked before he could stop himself.

“Well, you have to go to work, so I can’t,” she said.

He started to scamper away on all fours before he caught himself and stood up. His sister’s laughter followed him as he walked to the bathroom. The very thought of her and he had to resist reverting to a “loyal puppydog” mentality. As always, he could never be sure if this desire to be hypnotized and controlled, even reduced to the level of a mindless pet, was really something he always had inside him or if she had implanted the ideas into his brain and was just telling him they were desires that had always in him. Either way, he managed to get through work and stay on track. But, on the way home, his mind began drifting, thinking of how this strange situation had started.

When Doug was considering moving in with Dawn, they set in her apartment and talked about it. He admitted he would not always be the ideal roommate. He tended to not wash the dishes, to toss his dirty clothes on the floor and was not the best at doing things like cleaning the place.

“That’s okay,” she smiled. “I tend to be a clean freak, though I hate the actual work of cleaning. I like staying up late which I know you don’t like because you have to get up early. But I think we can reach a compromise in terms of things you do that might annoy me and things I do that might annoy you.”

They had been talking for about five minutes at this point and he said, “I don’t know. That sounds pretty incompatible. How will we compromise?”

While they were talking, she had been dangling her high heel from her toes in a circling motion and his eyes were drawn to it.

“Around and around it goes,” she said, drawing out every word in a low, seductive voice.

“Yes,” he said, not thinking about why she was saying that or why he was agreeing.

After a minute, she lifted the shoe from her foot and began wiggling her toes. Her feet were small and his eyes tried to follow the motion of her toes.

“My toes are going in all sorts of different directions,” she purred, “Just like your mind. It cannot stay focused. It is mesmerized by my toes. They carry secrets that you cannot fathom.”

He could not answer. He was staring, trying to learn those secrets. Her hand slid up her leg and his eyes instinctively followed.

“There is an ultimate source to all existence, to all knowledge and power. Only I have the power to lead you to it- if I choose to do so. Do you want me to?”

“Yes, please,” he begged.

The irrationality of what he was saying was lost on him. He just knew everything Dawn told him was the truth and he desperately needed her guidance.

“I will always help you,” she said. “But you must always trust me. Trust me Doug, trust me in everything. Everything I say is true. If I tell you to do something, you want to do it.”

Her hand was sliding up higher on her leg as she spoke. It was reaching under her skirt. Some part of his mind was thinking, ‘Hey, wait a minute. This is just too weird. She’s my sister’ But that part was losing as he fell under her sway.

“This is the secret, the source of all power, Dougy,” she whispered.

She had just called him by that annoying childhood name and he did not say a word to contradict her. It did not even irritate him.

“Do you want to take a better look at the source of all power?” she purred.

“Yes, please,” he said.

“You have to do better than that,” she said. “You really want to see the source of all power. You want to see it more than you have ever wanted anything in your life. Make me believe you want to see it.”

“Please, Dawn, please. I need to see it. I have to see it. I’ll do anything to see it.”

“You understand that I and only I control the source of all power. In order to be allowed to see it, to serve it, you must be willing to totally be controlled by me.”

“Yes, I understand,” he stammered.

“Then you must approach it in a respectful manner,” she whispered. “Get on all fours. Crawl to it in a way that shows respect for she who you worship and obey.”

He was shaking with emotional need, sliding to the floor, crawling to her.

“Oh, good boy,” she smirked. “You are a very, very good boy, Dougy.”

A thrill ran through him. More than anything, he wanted to be the good boy she described, wanted to please her.

“You will always want to be a good boy for me,” she purred.

“Yes, always. Please allow me to always be,” he begged.

“Oh don’t worry about that at all,” she smiled. “You will be.”

“Now, sweet brother, I do apologize for this, shall we say, rather unsister-like way of controlling you. It is simply a method I developed for controlling males. I never thought I’d be using it to control my own brother. It is rather- inappropriate. Of course, it doesn’t matter since you won’t remember.”

“As you wish,” he whispered and put his head to the floor at her feet.

She grinned down at him.

“Yes, precisely as I wish in every detail. Now let’s see. Where were we? What’s the last part I want you to remember? I believe I mentioned my faults and said I think we can compromise. You said something about how we seemed pretty incompatible as roommates. When I snap my fingers, you will not consciously remember any of what has happened since then. But it is ingrained into you.”

She snapped her fingers.

Doug looked at Dawn for a few seconds. When she said nothing he asked again, “So, how will we compromise?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” she smiled. “You see, through a combination of telepathy, voice modulation and gestures, I’ve taken complete control of your body.”

“Yeah, right,” he laughed.

She grinned.

“Be a good boy and go wash the dishes,” she said.

He immediately rose and headed for the kitchen. His mind was wondering what was happening as his body moved completely outside his will.

“What in the world?” he said. “What’s happening?”

“I just told you,” she said. “When you are done with the dishes, I’ll have some clothes of mine that need washing. After that, you can do some vacuuming and maybe clean the refrigerator.”

He looked really scared.

“Relax,” she said. “I order you to calm down.”

He felt the fear slipping away. He must obey her.

“Maybe I’m getting carried away,” she giggled. “Just wash the dishes for tonight.”

When he was done, Dawn called him over to sit across from her.

“You know,” she said, “a lot of things a person thinks are too taboo to ever mess with become far less taboo when a person realizes she has the kind of power that I do.”

He did not know what to say. He was calm because she ordered it but his mind was a jumble.

“Dougy, tell me your most secret fantasies. What would be your ultimate sex fantasy?”

Sweat broke out on his forehead and his mouth went dry as he struggled to resist telling her.

“Don’t waste energy, Dougy,” she smiled. “By now, you know you can’t resist me. Now, be a good boy and tell me.”

“I dream about being controlled by a woman,” he said. “I fantasize being tied up, spanked, teased and sexually denied and having to do everything she says.”

All of the time he was saying this, he was straining with every ounce of will he had not to. He heard his voice saying these things and felt his lips moving as if he were being remote controlled, as if he was just watching his body and having no control over it.

“I suspected as much,” she laughed. “This was just so incredibly easy. Now tell me, what is the most erotic scene you could possibly imagine? No, better yet, what is the most erotic scene involving me that you could possibly imagine?”

She ran her hand up the smooth inside of her thigh as she said this, kicking the conditioning into high gear.

“Describe it to me in every detail.”

He literally moaned with the effort to stay silent or lie but he could do neither. He felt humiliated beyond description because he already knew basically what he had to say.

“I would be at your feet, Dawn. I would be naked and on all fours like a dog, your dog. A collar would be around my neck and you would be holding my leash. You would walk me like a dog. I would be your loyal dog.”

“Thank you,” she grinned.

She did not mention that this was his ultimate sex fantasy about her, that he had sex fantasies about her at all and believed he always had, because she had but recently put them there and made him believe they always had been there.

“I’ll bet you’d like to get down on all fours right now, crawl to me and start licking my shoes, doggy dougy. Until this moment, I never fully realized the appropriateness of your name.”

Waves of desire and worship washed over and through him, slamming through him.

“Y- Yes, please,” he stammered. “I want to more than anything.”

“Well, then do it, you silly dog.”

The next thing he knew, he was at her feet.

Dawn was immensely enjoying having her older brother at her beck and call. With her powers, normal taboos did not exist. She thought he had a good, muscular body and she loved being in control. Still, she was not without compassion for him. She made him think that he wanted these things as much as she did. In fact, since she conditioned his mind to want them, he did. Once she had her scholarships for college, she said, “Dougy, would you like to be my doggy on a regular basis?”

“I want to be aware of what is happening even if my body isn’t under my control,” he said.

“You’ll be aware of everything,” she promised. “For now, you just won’t be capable of most human actions.”

He agreed and she explained that there would be two words, “Good” and “Doggy” that, when spoken together, would completely bring about the hypnotic effects. She spoke the words and he suddenly found himself unable to do anything other than what a trained animal, a dog, might do. Although she had not specifically warned him about it, he found himself somewhat thinking in animal terms.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

He meant to answer, “The same as before. Are you sure it worked?” but what he actually said, to his own surprise, was, “Ruff! Ruff!”

He looked up at her, startled.

“Try to stand on two legs,” she said.

He tried but it was as if he could not remember how. It was as if his entire equilibrium was now set for being on all fours.

“I promised that you will be aware of what is happening and you will be. But, for now, you will not remember any of your history except that I am your owner.”

She smiled.

“Also, you will think in terms that are close to that of an animal. Look at the clock and remember- you’re a good doggy.”

He looked but the numbers made no sense to him. Even when he tried to focus, it made no sense. It was not that he did not understand what was happening. He fully understood that his sister/ owner had put a block in his mind limiting his capacity to think in human terms. He looked out the window and saw that the sun was setting. He relaxed and stopped trying to understand time in a human way as he now related to it on an animal level.

“Good boy,” Dawn said, seeing him relax. Now for the next step which I admit I also, kind of, sort of forgot to mention ahead of time.”

She smiled mischieviously.

“Although you are physically unharmed, I have mentally fixed you. From now on, you cannot cum.”

There was terror in his eyes.

“You will still feel desire but you can only cum with my specific permission- which I will give very infrequently. A loyal doggy should be horny, after all.”

He tried to protest but he found his body shuffling in place and he was wagging his ass like a dog in heat and making whimpering sounds.

“Finally,” she said, “you will no longer be able to understand human language except for some key phrases I’ve put into your mind. You will now begin your life as my good doggy.”

Although he could think in words, the capacity to understand them when others spoke vanished from his mind.

Dawn was speaking to him. He could not understand the words. But she was slapping her knee and he knew she wanted him to go to her. Although he was furious that she had deceived him about what the situation would really be, he could not do anything as his body reacted. He scampered to her on all fours and she petted his head. He knew she was saying things indicating her approval although he could not understand the words. His cock was throbbing and his balls were aching at the sight of her. He rubbed against the floor but the conditioning kicked in preventing him from cumming and he was hornier than ever.

“No!” she snapped. “Bad dog.”

As desperate as he was, he had to obey. He stood frustrated yet basking in her affections and the petting of his head.

Dawn started to walk away and Doug started to follow, his eyes glued to her luscious ass. She turned and spoke sternly.

“No! Stay!”

He froze in place as she walked away. She returned within a minute with a nice, new dog collar. This was not a slave collar but an actual dog collar bought from a pet shop. She buckled it around his neck and connected a leash. She tugged and said something. He knew she wanted him to follow her. In his mind, he was going, “What has she done to me? How long will she keep me like this?”

He stared longingly at the lovely legs and ass of his beautiful sister/ owner. He wanted to protest when she led him outside naked and on all fours but his body went through the motions with no more signs of self-consciousness than a real dog would have. He expected that this would be where it would end. People would obviously see this and wonder what was going on. The police would be called. But nobody was reacting as if anything unusual was happening.

Dawn looked back over her soft, sensuous shoulder and gave Doug a big, sly grin.

“You know, big bro, I think I may have ever so slightly played down the true extent of my telepathic abilities. They’ve grown very powerful, so powerful that other people that see you see the illusion that I want them to see. They see a really big but lovable doggy. Isn’t that just wonderful, Dougy-wuggie? I can take you for walks right out in public and keep you this way forever.”

Inside, he was panicking and in shock. Outside, he continued behaving exactly like a loyal dog would behave. She led him on a long walk. Thinking he must have to urinate, she took him over to a tree. Inside, he was feeling shame and humiliation. Outside, he was just a dog doing his ‘job.’

As she walked, another woman stopped Dawn and said, “That’s a cute dog you’ve got there and so big.”

Dawn giggled.

“Yes, and he’s such a good boy.”

“What’s his name?” the woman asked.

“I’ve named him ‘Big Brother’ or just ‘Bro’ for short because he’s so loyal, he’s like a protective big brother.”

“That’s so sweet,” the woman said.

“Isn’t it though,” Dawn smirked, giving Doug a wicked grin.

When they got home, Dawn led him to the kitchen. She filled a dog bowl with water and he instinctively began drinking it as best he could. She filled another bowl with dog food, actual dog food.

“I sure am going to save on the food bill,” she teased though he could not understand the words.

That night, he slept at the foot of her bed.

In the morning, Dawn stretched and yawned sensuously.

“Good morning, Bro,” she smiled. “Well, I kept my promise. I didn’t put your brain in doggy land. You are aware of everything that is going on. Are you a happy boy?”

On some level, he knew he would learn to accept this and enjoy her affections as she petted his head and cuddled him. What choice did he have? Frankly, except for the aching unfulfilled sexual desires, it was not so bad. He loved it when she petted him and spoke in a soft tone. She smiled in triumph and happiness.

“Good Doggy,” she said.