The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter One: A New Target

As Erik Larsson, Ph.D., hung up the phone, he mused “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m going to do this!” Having started as a well meaning, idealistic scientist, it was hard to believe that his research had brought him to this point…

When he first developed his male enhancement formula, he had used it on himself first. When he found that it worked fantastically well and apparently had no negative side effects (hey, he didn’t consider a 500% increase in libido, 500% increase in ejaculate, 50% increase in cock size and near-instantaneous recuperation to be negatives), he had planned to sell it. He was even more enthusiastic when he discovered over time that it acted like a steroid or testosterone supplement. It increased his muscle mass and burned off all of his excess fat, again with no negative side effects, so that he soon looked like a male model for a fitness magazine. He could make a fortune! But then he decided to keep it to himself, so no one could use the principles he developed and beat him to his second goal -- a female enhancement formula. If he had both formulae, patented and under his control, he’d be the richest man in the world! Later, when he had succeeded at his second goal and transformed his lab assistant, he realized that the wimps and women of the world would crucify him and outlaw the product. Further, he realized that he wanted it for his own selfish use even more than he wanted money! Perhaps it was the testosterone talking, but he became happily ruled by his own increased libido and newfound sexual prowess. His new obsession was to create an unending supply of perfectly fuckable women. Thus, he began his career as a producer of fuckdolls. Besides creating his own harem, he had also created an underground market that he controlled as the sole provider.

He mused to himself, “I know I’ve been turning innocent women into fuckdolls, but I’ve always thought of it as harmless fun. Of course I enjoy it (yowsa!) and all the men love it, but even the girls love it after they’re processed. And by involving their men or having their female friends and family join them, I make sure no one really misses them. All things considered, everyone loves a slutty fuckdoll!”

Wrestling with his conscience, he thought, “but this -- this will be different! Am I really doing the right thing? I mean, she really does do some good in the world, and not only that -- this could be risky!”

Quickly, however, his newly found aggressive streak and dominant libido overruled all other considerations. He concluded, “Damn…I just can’t pass up that kind of money…or the chance to sample her myself! With her secret identity and the ingredient my sponsor is offering, she should be as vulnerable as anyone else.”

With this thought and the images that came to his mind, he felt his member swelling in anticipation. Imagine, a real superhero on her knees in supplication to him! He grinned as he bellowed into his intercom, “Hey Sindy, come on in here, I’ve got some serious dick-tation for you.” Through his office door, he heard the happy giggle of his former lab assistant and current receptionist, followed immediately by the click of her approaching heels…

…leaning back against the edge of his desk, with his trousers around his ankles, he tried to take his time as he slid his cock slowly in and out of Sindy’s plump, wet, swollen lips. As he looked down at her kneeling figure, she worshiped his cock with her amazing mouth and gazed lustfully yet subserviently up at him. Ripples of pleasure ran through his body as she slurped and swirled her prehensile tongue around his shaft. She was obviously mindless with ecstasy as his cock rubbed back and forth across the enhanced clitoral tissue he had implanted in her lips, tongue and upper throat. The obscene sight of her swollen lips stretched around his huge girth spurred his primal urge. Each time his balls bounced off of her chin, he thrilled at the sight of her throat, swollen around his deeply embedded meat. Her cheeks hollowed and she nearly sucked his balls up through his dick as she sped up in her efforts to please him. Despite the extreme suction, he felt a perfectly smooth and tight wetness all around his cock as her thickened, lubricating saliva (another successful modification) did its job. Her platinum curls tickled his pelvis repeatedly as he allowed her to take the initiative. She bobbed her head wildly up and down, striving to cram as much cock as possible into her pleasure-sensitive throat. Her huge, over-inflated yet perfectly shaped tits bounced up and down as her hardened nipples rubbed against his legs. (The rubbing was on purpose, as her nipples had been enhanced with clitoral tissue as well.) She shivered with pleasure as her entire body writhed in passion…yet maintained her goal of pleasing him and using all of her well-engineered female assets for his personal pleasure. Of course, the fact that she couldn’t cum until he gave permission lent her extra motivation!

He imagined his proud new target in the same position, servicing him helplessly as a mindless fuck-doll, and found it impossible to control himself. He gave in to the urgency of his lust and enjoyed the pornographic images in his mind as he gasped with pleasure and convulsed a full cup of cum down Sindy’s throat…

Chapter Two: Capture

Finishing up with her hair, she gave her golden locks a toss as she admired herself in the mirror. “Gosh, I look good, if I do say so myself,” thought Lynda Deevers. “My hair just shines with this new hairspray, and damn if my lips aren’t hot in this new wet-look magenta lipstick. Let’s face it, I’m a babe!”

She posed for a moment with her hands on her hips, just as she often did when fighting those horrible criminals, but then jutted them out to one side for a saucy effect and impressed herself with her sexiness.

Alone in her apartment, she was readying herself for a night of partying with her new friend, Deena, and was looking forward to putting her “super” persona out of her mind for a while. She wouldn’t let her chastity be violated of course (she had an image and a professional responsibility to uphold), but she could enjoy dancing and teasing the men at the clubs! She hated to admit it, but she really was a cock-tease. She loved watching the men drool as she gyrated in a skimpy outfit to some pulsing music. She’d let them get close and even grind against her a little, maybe even grind back if they were really cute, but she always left them cold at the end and went home alone. Truth be told, she often had to frig herself to three or four orgasms to get the lust out of her system afterward…

Tonight she was looking forward to a “grand opening” party for which she had received a special invitation. It was put on by a new “women’s enhancement spa” called “New Woman, Inc.,” that offered some vaguely described combination of spa treatments, counseling and cosmetic procedures. She liked the empowering language they used in their advertisements, promoting women “reaching their full potential.” Even though she deplored their featuring of women that looked like porn stars, she rationalized that was just a bad but common marketing technique. Regardless, the free party and promised handouts of their newest cosmetic creams were irresistible. They promised having the hottest bachelors and male models in town to keep the ladies entertained.

She imagined some hunky guys in their tight jeans, maybe showing off a (big!) bulge in the right place, and anticipated, “Ooh, this should be fun!” And with Deena along, it should be even better.

Deena had ebony black hair to compliment her own gold, and an Amazon build with huge bosoms that contrasted with her own, more athletic physique. If she could get Deena to let her hair out of that bun and put in some contacts to replace those glasses (as she had promised), she’d be knocking the men senseless with lust. Lynda thought she and Deena were different enough that she needn’t feel threatened by Deena’s beauty -- she just figured the more men they attracted, the more fun it would be teasing them! The men deserved it anyway as far as she was concerned. They were all ruled by their hormones, and the way they lied to women to get their way, they might as well be criminals. And hey, Deena was so pretty, Lynda could almost kiss her herself! “Golly,” she thought, “I better not think like that—that’s just wrong.” “Oh well, off to have some fun!”

* * *

Lynda swayed to the music and through the crowd, sweat dripping from her brow, carrying a fresh tropical drink from the bar to Deena. She felt really happy and carefree, almost giddy with the fun and freedom of the club’s atmosphere. And wow, these were the best tasting drinks she’d ever had.

As she looked around, she saw gorgeous women everywhere. Almost all were pretty enough to be models, although they ranged from Twiggy-thin and flat-chested to voluptuous and rubenesque. She had made small talk with a lot of them as the party started, and was impressed with the sophistication and intelligence of many. There were lawyers and doctors and not a few business owners among them, many with advanced degrees. They almost all seemed to share an easy camaraderie at the start of the party, as they joked and laughed about the stupid men some of them worked for (and routinely outperformed). But she noticed that as the night wore on and they drank and danced with the hunky men at the party, they acted more and more girlish, flirty, even ditzy. She saw an example now: a business woman she had met at the start of the party and had a stimulating conversation with about stock options, was now humping her partner’s leg with abandon, glassy-eyed with visible lust, her rock hard nipples nearly poking through her sweat-soaked blouse. She had obviously ditched her jacket and bra. As Lynda watched, the woman pulled her shirt tails out from her pants and tied the bottom, Daisy Duke style, above her now visible navel. She gyrated with a kind of drunken grace as she put her arms around the happy man’s neck and presented her upturned lips. She wasn’t the only one acting this way…

As she caught up to Deena a few minutes later, the women throughout the club had gotten wilder and sluttier, taking off their tops and letting their breasts bounce freely. Others knelt in front of their men, swaying to the music on their knees, and bobbing their heads up and down as they happily gobbled cocks pulled hastily out of trousers. An irresistible lust seemed to have overcome the whole crowd!

Deena and she were the only two women still fully dressed, and this seemed somehow wrong, but for some reason she couldn’t think why. In fact, she had never seen a sexual act up close in real life, and found herself fascinated and really, really horny watching the blowjobs taking place all around her. She had never seen a real cock before, and certainly never watched a woman suck one. Here, she saw cocks of all shapes and sizes plunging in and out of drooling lips. Some of the men were holding the women’s heads and literally fucking their mouths forcefully, while others stood mostly still as the women bobbed feverishly with suction-hollowed cheeks.

She looked at Deena, who was still dancing dreamily with her partner, and saw that Deena’s eyes were focused on a couple she hadn’t noticed, in a dark corner of the dance floor. Lynda followed her gaze, and saw a lady she remembered as Barbaree, who worked in the Police Commissioner’s office, bent over a railing at the edge of the dance floor. Her hunk of a man was pounding his meat into her from behind! She and Deena had a side view of the action, and they could see his bulging, purple veined cock sliding in and out of her pussy, shining wetly under the disco lights. They could even see Barbaree’s nether lips dripping pussy juice as they pushed in and pulled out, gripping at the man’s huge tool. Barbaree’s breasts swung forward and back wildly. She was moaning with pleasure as the man’s heavily muscled bare buttocks thrust his cock in and out. While she watched, another man emerged from the dark, across from Barbaree on the other side of the railing, approaching her from the other side. As he entered a little more light, Lynda could see that his cock was freed through his open fly and was sticking straight out if front of him. He walked right up to Barbaree, whose head appeared to be thrown back in ecstasy already, and pushed his cock right between her lips. Barbaree eagerly took him in, and the two men began seesawing her back and forth between them in an obscene, primal rhythm. Lynda felt a heat in her loins and a buzzing in her brain as she watched, standing like a statue in the crowd, mesmerized by the living porn scene playing out before her…

Lynda shook her head, startled as she realized she had “zoned out” for several minutes…and Barbaree and her studs were still going at it. Fighting off her stupor, she ran forward and grabbed Deena by the hand, yanking her out of her apparent daze and pulling her toward the nearest door. “Deena,” she yelled above the din, “something is wrong.” Deena resisted at first, whining “but it’s fun in here,” then shook her own head and dashed through the door with Lynda.

* * *

Erik observed through the one way mirror as Lynda Deevers and Deena Price rushed into his outer office. Though it appeared to be an exit from the “dance floor,” it was actually an adamantium-armored, air tight chamber (courtesy of his new super-villain sponsor). Once the doors closed, there was no exit unless he activated one. Supreme Man and The Bulk might be able to bash their way out given half a day, but neither Supreme Gal nor Power Lady (a bonus he hadn’t counted on) would stand a chance in the seconds they would have. He smiled as a fog of pink sluttification gas began hissing into the room and the confused superheroes stumbled to a halt. Power Lady had uncommon resistive powers, but not enough to save her from her fate. With the kryptonite nanoparticles dispersed in the gas, even Supreme Gal would be just as affected as his normal prey…

* * *

Lynda and Deena held on to each other as they glanced frantically in every direction. “Hold your breath,” Lynda yelled above the hissing, as she pulled Deena toward the far door. Before she held her own breath, though, she had gotten a little of the gas into her lungs. She slammed her fist into the door, expecting it to burst away from her, and recoiled in pain as it held firm and her hand screamed in agony. She felt weak, and realized the door must be made of something incredibly strong… ”Admummumm,” she thought, “no, that isn’t right, Adanamamammm…” “no, …and it still shouldn’t hurt….” Confused, she realized she had let go of Deena (or lost her grip, which was no longer as strong). Deena was facing her, but glassy-eyed and breathing slowly as she swayed on her feet. “Deena,” Lynda yelled, filling her lungs with air to tell her about the “adammammmm…” And then she thought “Oops,” followed immediately by “Golly, it smells nice in here!” “Unhd mah hand don’t hurt no more.”

Deena failed to respond as she slowly reached up and cupped her wondrous breasts. Her nipples were so hard they were practically poking a hole through her blouse! The fog billowed around Lynda and Diana in a pink haze, but they felt less concerned and pleasantly horny. They became happier and sillier and dizzy and more confused. They half-collapsed and half lay down as they were overcome with sleepiness. Their breasts and pussies signaled warm, happy feelings to their brains as they began to lubricate. Their hands began roaming over their own bodies without conscious control. Their last conscious thoughts were of the cocks they had seen a few minutes before. Lynda slowly formulated a new thought, “I wunder how they really taste,” as she licked her lips with a vague sense of hunger…

Chapter Three: Transformation Begins

Lynda felt a pleasant tickling on her left nipple, followed by her right, as she woke slowly from a pleasant dream. The dream had been really sensual in nature, but she couldn’t remember any details…only that it had felt good to surrender to her feelings. As her nipples hardened, her eyelids fluttered open and she tried to move. Finding herself immobilized, she quickly became alarmed.

Lynda found herself anchored to a padded chair, similar to a dentist’s chair, angled head-up at about 45 degrees. She tried to move her head but it didn’t budge, and found her arms and legs held similarly. She saw a room that looked like a mad scientist’s laboratory: computers and blinking lights lined the walls, overhead machinery with grappling hooks and conveyor belts was built into the ceiling, and a huge vat of bubbling pink liquid sat ominously in a corner.

Across the room, she saw Deena in a chair identical to her own, noting with increasing alarm that Deena was anchored in place as she must be, with a strap across her forehead, neck, waist, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. Her mouth was held open in a perfect “O” with a ring-shaped stretching device, while her tongue was anchored to the bottom center, stretched out and unable to move. Her legs were held wide apart in gynecological stirrups, while a long metallic arm rose from the base of the chair and reached between her legs almost to her exposed pussy. It appeared to be vibrating and poised for action. Other mechanical arms extended from every side of the chair, with varying types of nefarious-looking equipment attached.

As Lynda watched, she saw Deena begin to open her eyes and struggle as two mechanical arms with small rotating feather disks swiveled away from her distended nipples. A device that looked like a plexiglass suction cup, attached to a metal arm, lowered onto her left breast. As it approached the breast closely, the breast was sucked upward into it, so that her nipple crammed itself into a narrow indentation in the center, while her breast formed perfectly to the inside hemisphere of the cup. The process was repeated with Deena’s right breast and another mechanical arm and suction device. The arm between Deena’s legs ended in a large, slowly rotating dildo that was obviously vibrating and dripping with pink lubricating fluid. Even from across the room, Lynda could see that it had to be at least 10 inches long and two inches thick, covered with counter-rotating rings of bumps and ridges. Diana was quivering and jerking in her chair, but unable to move more than a millimeter in any direction as she screamed unintelligibly through her mouth ring.

The arm between Deena’s legs began to move, pressing forward so that the vibrating cockhead touched and then spread Deena’s pussy lips. Lynda unfortunately had a clear view of Deena’s violation as the device slowly but steadily sank into her womanly depths, then began stoking slowly in and out despite Deena’s obvious but useless struggles.

Ashamed to watch, yet mesmerized by the spectacle before her, Lynda saw everything as Deena was subjected to a series of sexual horrors. The suction domes attached to her breasts had reservoirs of pink liquid in gallon-sized, syringe-like devices attached to their centers. With a pneumatic hiss, a needle could be seen through the plexiglass syringe, sinking into the center of Deena’s nipples one after the other. With another hissing sound, plungers in the syringes began pushing toward her nipples, and the pink, syrupy liquid slowly disappeared into her breasts as they expanded before her eyes. Within 30 seconds, as Deena shrieked, her breasts transformed from the large, beautiful breasts of a well-endowed woman, to the huge, round, artificial, balloon-like tits of a latex sex doll designed in an adolescent’s fevered sex dream. The nipples reddened and extended further into the suction devices, until they looked like raw, over-used cow teats, fresh from a mechanical milking.

While the mechanical tit-transformation was occurring, the mechanical arm at the junction of Deena’s immobilized thighs continued to plunge the spinning vibrator in and out of her stretched pussy. Deena’s struggles began to take on a different tone as her hips, which had been trying to jerk away from the nefarious device’s thrusts, gradually slowed and then began pushing to meet the thrusts.

As this occurred and Deena’s shrieks turned to moans, two more mechanical arms extended from the bottom and top of the chair. Both were equipped with vibrator devices similar to the one now pistoning away in Deena’s pussy, except that they were slightly smaller. Both dripped pink lubricating fluid like the first, while the one that was now above Deena’s face also hissed a pink gas through vents in the sides of the cylinder. The vibrator below pushed slowly into Deena’s ass, as the other lowered through her mouth-ring and into her throat. Deena’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head as her asshole and mouth were violated, then gradually glazed over as her hips began spasming uncontrollably. Gargled noises of what sounded like unbearably intense, endless orgasms leaked out around the dildo now fucking her mouth. Saliva and pink lubrication mixed and dribbled down her chin onto her bulging tits as she became a quivering mass of mindless flesh. Meanwhile, her gargantuan tits (they could no longer be called breasts) pulsed obscenely up and down and bulged in and out as the suction devices gripping them performed the obscene massaging action of a deranged plumber with a plunger. Next, two robotic tentacles, armed with smaller syringes, hovered over Deena’s face and then struck, injecting her lips with more pink fluid. They quickly swelled into perfectly parodied, overly-plump, cock-sucking porn star lips and closed tightly around the plunging vibrator. As they created a tight seal, the gargling sounds from her throat muffled into near silence.

As Lynda contemplated the horror that was happening to her friend, she tried to yank and pull at her bonds. She fought with all of her might to move. She couldn’t believe that her super strength was gone. She felt a sense of terrified anticipation, mixed with a growing, unholy desire in her loins, as she lowered her eyes and saw the same devices surrounding her that she saw violating Deena. Just as she was thinking “this can’t happen to me, I’m Supreme Gal,” the devices began to move and, with a jolt of shocking pleasure, she felt her pussy lips begin to stretch. Shamefully, her hips struggled not to avoid the invader, but to welcome it…

* * *

Erik was watching the whole process through his one way adamantium-infused mirror, relaxing in his chair and munching on popcorn while Sindy, on her knees in front of him, gave him a leisurely blow job.

He had been a little afraid that one or both of his victims, who had survived innumerable attacks and overcome dozens of super villains, would somehow be able to resist the processing. In fact, he had an escape pod ready to rocket out of the building in an instant. But even though it would have been safer to keep them unconscious during their processing, he just had to watch the awareness in their eyes as they were overcome by his process, and by the lust he had forced upon them.

To his delight, the kryptonite nanoparticles had done their job on Supreme Gal and she seemed, at least physically, to be helpless. Power Lady’s own golden lasso was wrapped around her waist after he himself had tied it while she was unconscious, with a suggestion he had whispered into her ear, “You will give in to your restraint and submit to pleasure; the more you submit, the greater pleasure you will feel.” Combined with his perfected sluttification serum, his process had so far been irresistible. He saw that Lynda, a.k.a. Supreme Gal, was overcome and had reached the point of sucking obscenely on her throat fucking machine while thrusting her hips feverishly against her ass and pussy violators. With great satisfaction, Erik pushed the button to start the most important step in their processing.

Even while the myriad octopus-like arms violated every opening of the helpless superheroines, even as their eyes closed in orgasmic bliss, a pair of glowing, blinking helmet apparatus extended toward them from the nearest computer banks. The helmets sank over their firmly anchored heads, and began whispering the tenets of their new personalities into their defenseless minds. Their minds had been conditioned by his formula to accept new learning as inviolable programming -- it would override and overwrite any conflicting information. Erik knew that the messages, which he had written himself and which were simulated to match the women’s own voices, included such commands as:

“I love this feeling. I love sex. I love being violated and powerless. I love being used. I love submitting. When I submit I feel pleasure. When I feel powerless I feel pleasure. I am powerless to lust. I am powerless to men. I love feeling a cock in my mouth. I love feeling a cock in my throat. I have no gag reflex. Feeling a cock in my throat fills me with arousal and pleasure. I love feeling a cock in my ass. I love feeling a cock in my pussy. I am only complete when a cock is using me. I live for cock. I am powerless to resist a cock. I exist to please cock. I am a fuck doll; I am a plaything; I have no other purpose. When I please a cock I feel pleased. The more I please a cock the happier I am. I love all of the man that is attached to a cock. I love touching and teasing and caressing a man’s skin. If I make a cock cum, it fills me with joy. I can only cum when the cock’s owner says I can. I cannot cum without permission from a man. I am a fuck doll; I am a plaything; I have no other purpose. If I disappoint a cock I feel worthless and sad. I am a woman for one reason. My reason is to be a source of pleasure to men. All that I am exists for the pleasure of men. I am a fuck doll; I am a plaything; I have no other purpose. My lips are for their pleasure. My tongue is for their pleasure. My throat is for their pleasure. My tits are fun bags for their pleasure. My pussy is for the pleasure of men. My ass is for the pleasure of men. My skin is for the pleasure of men. My body, my rhythm, my voice are for the pleasure of men. My clothing is for the pleasure of men. I am a fuck doll; I am a plaything; I have no other purpose. If I disappoint a man I feel worthless and sad. To disappoint my master would be worse than death. I also love pussy and tits. I love to suck pussy. I love to lick pussy. I love to make a pussy wet. I love to make a pussy cum. I love to feel pussy on me. I love tits. I love mouths and tongues and tits and hair and skin. I love sensuality. I love sex. I love making others horny. I love making others feel good. I love to be fucked and used. I live to be fucked and used. I am a fuck doll; I am a plaything; I have no other purpose. I love sex with men and sex with women. I love men more than women. I love sex with men more than sex with women, but I love both. Above all I have one master. My soul belongs to my master. My master’s wishes are above all else. The slightest praise from my master is better than an orgasm from anyone else. An orgasm at my master’s command is all consuming, an ecstasy beyond words, 100 times more powerful than anything else I have ever felt. I love my master. My master is my God. Any word from my master is word from my God. My master can change me and anything about me with his Word. I will know my master when Mr. Larsson tells me who he is. I am a fuck doll; I am a plaything; I have no other purpose.”

Even as these words of creation were replacing the thoughts of the former Lynda/Supreme Gal and Deena/Power Lady, a flashing laser visor lowered over their eyes. Delicate mechanical pincers held their eyelids open. The visors began playing computer-generated pornographic holograms of their own likenesses, submitting in pleasure to every sex act known to man. Meanwhile, the entire symphony of pleasure devices surrounding them synchronized their actions to mimic the scenes. As their sex doll images lustfully fucked their asses backward onto a cock, the machine drove the vibrating ass-dildo into their real assholes. As their holographic mouths sucked a climax out of a dominant man’s dick, the vibrating throat-fucking device spurted a generous helping of goo down their throats.

A new drug administered through the tit needles blocked the helpless heroines’ ability to orgasm, even as their pleasure sensitivity was heightened a thousandfold. They would now be subjected to an absolute insanity of lust and pleasure, with no available release, as their minds were recreated for one purpose: to animate perfect fuckdolls whose every thought, action and asset existed for pleasure.

The dominated heroines were incapable of mustering any coherent thought, confused by hearing all of these new thoughts in their own voices and seeing themselves enthusiastically engaged in submissive sex acts. Simultaneously, they were subjected to synchronized feelings of overwhelming pleasure and helpless violation. Their old personalities faded with minimal struggle as they were reduced, over the course of 72 continuous hours (and 100,000 virtual simulations) to passive blank slates onto which their new programming was written. Meanwhile, video cameras captured their domination and transformation from every angle, both wide view and close up.

Chapter Four: First Stage Testing

Erik approached the new Deena as she knelt naked before him, legs spread, hands behind her back, eyes down and tits thrust out. Her black curls hung down her back while her balloon-like fun bags stood proudly in front of her, her nipples pointed straight ahead. Her bubble butt and huge new tits counterbalanced each other so that her back arched with a dramatic and sensual curve. He knew that her pussy was dripping with lubrication and her lips were wet with desire just from her awareness that there was a man in the room. Following her 100,000 hours of virtual programming and sexual torture, still denied release, she was a quivering cauldron of lust. Although she would be even more desirable once her surgical improvements and training were completed, she was already an irresistible vision of the ideal porn star. She literally shook with desire as his naked cock approached her face. He relished the thought of breaking her in while she remained aware of her fate.

He glanced briefly at Lynda/Supreme Gal, bound in place a few feet away in another “mad scientist’s dentist chair” and forced to watch, while a dildo buzzed away in her helpless pussy. Butterfly clips held her eyelids open while a dozen straps held her facing the spectacle she was about to see. Smirking with satisfaction, he turned his attention back to Deena/Power Lady.

He waved his cock just in front of her lips as his thighs brushed her nipples. She quaked with desire as he told her, “I am Mr. Larsson.” “I am your master.” “You may speak.”

The doll spoke in a halting, submissive little-girl voice that was in dramatic opposition to the former mannerisms of Power Lady. She said “Ppuh, pplease, Master, I, I ache to please your cock. I exist to please you. Please may I worship your cock?”

He told her “Silly slut, you are unworthy.” “Why should I let you touch me at all?”

She replied, “Master, I am unworthy. But if you allow me, I will please you in every way I know. I want to make you happy. I exist only for you. I promise I will please you, in any way you desire. My mouth is yours! My ass exists for your pleasure! My cunt aches to please your cock.”

He smiled with satisfaction and said, “Your new name is Ditzy Powerslut, but you will answer to any name I call you.” Now, I want you to focus on all that you feel and how much you want release. Tell me, how do you feel?

“Master, I can’t stand it, yet I love it! I feel so good, but I ache so bad! I have never felt so much pleasure and I have never felt such longing! I feel empty without your cock! I want your cock so bad! I ache for your touch! I ache to bring you pleasure! I ache to cum if you would let me! I need to cum so bad my heart and my head are going to explode! My pussy is screaming for relief, yet I am yours to use as you see fit. Most of all, I long to please you!”

“Now,” he commanded with malicious glee, “I want you to remain in your current position and be unable to move. I want you to remember all that you used to be as Power Lady and Deena Price, yet also remember all that you are and all that you feel as Ditzy Powerslut at this moment.”

As he spoke, the cartoonish fuckdoll before him shivered and shook. He could sense a flicker of anger behind her eyes, yet he could also see that she continued to salivate and drip pussy juice.

Confident in his process and his programming expertise, and even more confident in the insane raging fire of lust that he had stoked in her, he spoke.

“Knowing who you are and who you have been, I am giving you a choice of futures. Option One: You can choose to be Power Lady and Deena Price again, and I swear I will reverse your programming and set you free. However, if you choose this option I will leave you with your memories, and with one behavioral limit —- you will never be able get revenge. You will never be able to harm me directly or indirectly, or through lack of action allow me to come to harm. Option Two: You can choose to be Ditzy Powerslut as I have recreated you, and forget all that you were before. If you choose this action, you may act only as Ditzy Powerslut from this point on for the rest of your life. As a reward, however, you may start by sucking my cock now, and when you make me cum, I will let you cum.”

The poor, tortured being in front of him shook violently and shivered even more strongly than before. Her eyes flashed and bulged and her fingers flexed and relaxed, and then a single tear leaked from her left eye. Even as the tear rolled slowly down her cheek, her demeanor morphed rapidly from one of frustrated sadness to one of joy and lust. She suddenly smiled and giggled and grabbed her tits and said, “Oh Master, I love you so!”

In a rush, she lunged forward, let go of her tits, wrapped her arms around his ass and hugged his cock against her face. “Ditzy is going to make you feel so good,” she promised! Then she licked her already wet lips and wrapped their plump, pillowy softness around his cock. She looked up at him with worshipful eyes as she slowly sucked him into her mouth, swirled her tongue wetly around his shaft, then teased his balls with her fingers as she slid him back out coated in saliva. She moaned with obvious pleasure at the taste and feel of his cock as she plunged him back in, and he swelled further with lust as he saw her pleasure was real and her conversion complete. The former Power Lady was now a living fuck doll, and she was gleefully fucking him with her mouth!

Erik drank in the awesome sight of her as she her give him a first class porn star blow job. He held on, with his toenails curled into the floor and his fingers gripping her hair, as he resisted his orgasm for as long as he could. He watched her take him down her throat like a pro and alternately lick him up, down and sideways. She tried every trick she could think of to titillate his cock, and obviously enjoyed every second of it. She sucked one ball and then the other into her mouth, with and without his cock, then teased his asshole with a lubricated finger. She lubricated every inch of his cock and balls and pleased him with her curled fingers while she teased his asshole with her magic tongue. Then she plunged him back into her mouth and sucked like a vacuum while sliding his shaft across her tongue and squeezing his cock rhythmically with her tight swollen lips. Finally, when he could resist no more, he ordered her to hold still and stretched her chin up so that her throat was in a straight line with her mouth. He grabbed her hair and began forcefully fucking her face. He could feel the head of his cock bouncing across her uvula and in and out of her spasming throat while she sucked through her nose for valuable breath between each stroke. Her tongue lashed his cock wildly from every direction, driving him mad with pleasure, and he could see her throat swelling and deflating as he pistoned his cock in and out. His balls bounced almost painfully off of her slick pillowy lips each time he buried himself to the hilt. He had a nearly out of body experience as his vision refocused and his awareness expanded to take in the whole scene. He reveled in delight that he was face fucking a superheroine that no one had ever been able to defeat. She was his, and she loved it!

At last, and without warning, he let loose a gusher of cum as he groaned loudly in delight. His brain exploded in a supernova of pleasure as she kept him from collapsing with her grip on his ass cheeks…which she was using as handles to fuck her own face. She greedily gulped down every drop of his precious nectar as her own body screamed for release. He bucked and gushed for a full minute of mindless pleasure! Finally, as his mind returned to his control and his continuing spurts slowed, he whispered, “Cum now!”

Suddenly, Erik’s cock popped out of her mouth as she screamed “Yyyeessssssssssssssss!!!!!!” and convulsed wildly, her eyes rolling back in her head until only the whites showed. His last squirt of cum splashed across her nose and lips as she arched backward and fell on the ground. Her hips bucked wildly and bounced her entire body off of the ground as she flopped around the floor like an epileptic fish in an electric chair! Her head snapped back and forward and her spine contorted, twisting alternately in every direction so forcefully that he was afraid her spine would snap! Through every movement and undulation, her pelvis led the way, as if she were desperately trying to fuck a retreating cock! She grunted animal sounds with each pelvic contraction, sounding “unnh, unnh, aaagh, unnnhhh,” over and over again. After a full minute, she slowly convulsed to a stop on her side, her head limp, eyes closed, panting yet unconscious, her mouth open against the floor. A combination of drool and cum leaked from the corner of her swollen lips, pooling on the floor.

* * *

Erik marveled that he had never seen an orgasm so intense, and that only a super powered being could have survived such forceful contractions. He imagined how incredible the video would be, and what price it might bring. Even more, he relished the thought that he had caught, for all of history, the images of he, himself, subjugating and enslaving the mighty Power Lady! To his great delight, he knew that in addition to helping him ejaculate a cup of cum per minute-long orgasm, his formulae had given him superhuman recuperative powers as well. He would be ready to use both of her other holes on camera within the hour! He would record, for posterity, that he was the first to conquer and use every part of his new sex dolls.

He walked over to where Lynda rested in her straps and wiped his wet, leaking cock against her lips. She moaned with desire as he said, “Wasn’t that exciting? You know, your friend loves sex so much that she chose life as a fuck doll over her life as Power Lady. Just look at how good she felt! Think about what she must have experienced! I bet you’ve never seen anyone feel as good as that, have you? She worries about nothing now. All she knows is pleasure, and she is happier than you have ever been in your life! Think about it as you watch the rest, because your choice, and your turn, is coming soon.” He saw her try to shake her head momentarily as she experienced a flash of awareness, just before she moaned and her hips again began chasing an orgasm that was just out of reach. The vibrator continued to buzz mercilessly…

A few minutes later, Ditzy Powerslut moaned and fluttered her eyelids, then lifted her head off the floor and her eyes to her Master. “Oh, my God!” “Oooh, my Master”, she panted! Oh, thank you, my Master,” she exclaimed with total sincerity. “You are my God! Only you have ever made Ditzy feel this way!”

“Ditzy hopes that she pleased you, and begs you to let Ditzy please you again. Ditzy’s asshole aches to swallow your cock, Master. Ditzy’s pussy longs to squeeze your shaft. Ditzy is yours. Would you please fuck Ditzy, my Master?” And as she spoke these words, she sensually licked the remaining cum from her lips and winked, then turned and presented her ass to him, with a lascivious wiggle, in doggy style position. She spread both her asshole and pussylips with freshly licked fingers -- both holes at ready access. “Please fuck Ditzy, Master,” she begged breathlessly.

* * *

Erik looked at Ditzy’s wiggling ass and daydreamed of her future for a moment, even as his cock throbbed with readiness again. He knew that, as good as Ditzy’s mouth was already, and as good as her pussy would feel in a minute, those holes and her ass as well would be even better when she was surgically enhanced with clitoral and muscle tissue. Her lips, throat, labia, vaginal canal, anus and rectum would all be spongier and more responsive for him. The genetically-modified salivary glands he would implant in all three of her fuck-holes would produce a thick, oily lubricant. Properly trained, she would be able to control the full length of all of her openings with rhythmic muscle contractions that would literally “milk” his cock while maximizing his pleasure. Meanwhile, with every use of her sensitized body, her helpless experience of overwhelming pleasure would further cement her programming and permanently addict her to sex. A full dip in his sluttification tank would remove every hair on her body and head while sealing her permanently in a doll’s body. He could give her any kind of hair he liked, later, in any color or style. Given his sponsor’s preferences, he knew he’d fit her out with pink ponytails and cover her eyes with oversized doll’s-eye lenses to give her that helpless, wide-eyed doll look. She would become a Supreme Fuckdoll--no longer even remotely human, but the most delightful toy ever imagined by man--and be happily used by his sponsor thereafter. He shivered as he thought of the super-villain’s ultimate victory and enjoyment of his former enemy. What a fate for the former Power Lady! Oh, well…he would of course turn her over only after he had fully tested all of her attributes himself, and he already knew that he valued his pleasure more than her former humanity. His happiest thought was that he was saving the best for last: he would give Supreme Gal the same general treatment, but customize her to his own liking and keep her for himself!

* * *

But back to the present. The already cartoonish Ditzy Powerslut was on her knees before him, wiggling her ass and begging to be fucked!

He, of course, did not disappoint her!

* * *

To Be Continued…