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Sweet Submission

Chapter Two

It was a typical college romance. We took it “slowly”. She took me to dinner and a movie and wouldn’t let me pay. We held hands during the movie, and she kissed me goodnight when she dropped me off.

I got flowers the next day. I thought that was sweet.

Our next date consisted of a long walk with another good night kiss.

For our third date, she took me to a comedy club. We had a serious make-out session in my room when she dropped me off.

Our fourth and fifth dates were just lunch between classes.

And our sixth date, two weeks after our first, was dinner at her place. I was the dessert.

So much for taking it slowly.

* * *

One couldn’t say we were inseparable after that. I didn’t move in with her, although I spent nights, if I didn’t have class in the morning. And we were both devoted to our studies. But we were together a lot. A lot. We had study dates and going for walk dates. We had dinners together and more than a few breakfasts. We met for lunch when it fit our class schedules. I watched her play Frisbee.

Oh, I loved watching her play Frisbee. She was amazing.

We declared our love.

And so, for the next six months, we had a typical college romance. That was to change.

* * *

In our relationship Tabitha was, in every way that mattered, the dominant partner. She planned—and paid for—our dates. She was the aggressor in our sex life and controlled the clicker if we watched television together.

I didn’t mind. In fact, I liked it. She was strong and gorgeous, and I felt really good just being with her. She treated me very well, and nothing she did felt bossy. And, as she had from the very first day, she took care of me.

I liked that. I liked that a great deal.

Oh, it wasn’t that we had a one-sided relationship. She was at least as happy as I was.

Interestingly enough, she wasn’t the jealous sort. If I had a study session with another girl from class or spent a night hanging out with Faith, she was perfectly fine with that. No, I was the jealous one. I couldn’t stand the thought of sharing her with anyone. I trusted her; I trusted her completely. But even her relationship with Eugenie had me jealous. I knew it shouldn’t, but it did.

And so, what was to happen next surprised everyone involved.

* * *

Tabitha pulled me into the apartment, closed the door with a foot, then pressed my back against the wall as she ravaged my mouth. I moaned into the kiss and clutched at her, and we kissed deeply, so deeply.

It was at least an eight, and we were barely starting.

“You make me so hot,” she whispered into my ear after breaking the kiss. “Just the sight of you in your cute skirt and cute blouse.”

I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. “I love you, Tabitha.”

“I love you, too, Arlette.”

We kissed again, then she pushed away. “I made dinner. If I touch you again, I’m not going to stop. And I’m starving.”

I looked her up and down and grinned.

“I’m starving for that, too, but I require sustenance. Come.”

I wouldn’t say Tabitha was a good cook. She had a few meals she cooked well. When she invited me over, I never knew if we would be eating American or Japanese style. Tonight was to be Japanese, one of my favorites of hers: teriyaki chicken. She had everything ready to go, and soon I found myself sitting on a stool while I got to watch her cook.

“So where’s Eugenie tonight?”

“She went home for the weekend.”

“So we have the place to ourselves?”

“All weekend,” Tabitha said over her shoulder. “Staying?”

“Will you let me study?”

“Maybe,” she said. “If you’re good.”

* * *

“Dinner was very good, Tabitha,” I said. “Thank you.” We both got up to clean and ended up doing the dishes side by side. As much as we both just wanted to fall into bed together, Tabitha couldn’t stand a messy apartment. Cleaning came before fun.

But then, the dishes done and everything put away, Tabitha looked to me.

“I know that look,” I said, returning it.

“You know,” she replied. “We haven’t done it on the counter.”

“Oh, no!” I said. I turned to run for the bedroom, but Tabitha caught me before I could get a step, wrapping her arms around me.

“Got ya!” she said. “Now you have to do whatever I say.”

“Don’t I always?” I whispered, turning in her arms and wrapping mine around her neck.

She pulled me into a kiss. I parted for her, and she slid into me, our tongues teasing each other. It took only moments before we were both panting.

Oh, I loved her. I wanted her. I wanted her hands on me, her mouth on me, her fingers inside me.

I moaned with need.

Without breaking the kiss, her fingers worked on my jeans, finally slipping her thumbs into the waist and beginning to slide them down my hips. I wriggled for her. A moment later she fell to her knees in front of me, helping me out of the jeans. Then, without ceremony, she slipped my panties from me besides. In a smooth motion, she stood up, stripping my sweater and blouse over my head, not even bothering to unbutton it.

My bra was next, and then, with me entirely naked, she pulled me into her arms again.

“Please, honey,” I said. “The bed is comfortable.”

But she pulled me into another scorching kiss, backing me towards the counter. I let her. A moment later, she half lifted me onto the counter. I wrapped my legs around her, and she pulled my head down for more kisses.

I went to work on her clothing even while we kissed. I fumbled at her shirt, eventually releasing all the buttons. She barely released me long enough for the shirt to fall from her shoulders, landing in a puddle on the floor. She kicked it away to join a growing pile of clothing.

And still we kissed, joined at the mouth, both of us moaning and hungry, offering little words of encouragement to each other. She caressed my skin, shifting slightly and lifting a hand to thumb a nipple. I arched my back, pulling my mouth from her, and hissed in surprise and pleasure.

“Tell me you want it,” she told me.

“I do,” I panted. “I want it. I want you.”

Tabitha lowered her mouth to my breast, drawing an already-engorged nipple between her lips. I pulled her against me, clutching madly at her. Then she moved lower, licking and kissing my belly, my legs still wrapped around her. She slipped her arms between my legs, and I found my thighs resting on her shoulders as she took me in her mouth.

She licked at me only a few times before her tongue slipped its way between my folds. I went wild with desire.

Seconds later, the apartment door opened. Tabitha still had her face buried in me when Eugenie stepped into the kitchen, coming to a stop.

We both turned to her.

If Tabitha was deep black, Eugenie was nearly pure white. Her skin was white; her blond hair was nearly white. Even her soul was white, if that makes sense. She was kind and pure.

But right then, she looked broken. I didn’t see how she could be broken at catching us making love, but I would learn later that wasn’t why.

We all stared at each other, and then she said, “Well, if you’re going to do that here, the least you could do is invite me to join you.”

And right then, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Of course, I wanted her to join us. I liked Eugenie, even if I was jealous of her relationship with Tabitha.

Tabitha looked up at me then pushed me backwards so I was more firmly positioned on the counter before standing up. She turned to Eugenie, grabbed her by the hands, and pulled her forward, wrapping her in am embrace and kissing her deeply.

I watched, and I wasn’t jealous. Well, I wasn’t jealous that they were kissing. I was jealous they weren’t both kissing me.

From what I could tell, it was a good kiss.

When it ended, I said, “Don’t forget about me. My turn.”

Tabitha pulled Eugenie, who was looking a little shocked, another step towards me. I reached for her, pulling her to me, and wrapping my legs, formerly around Tabitha, around her roommate. Before she could resist, I pulled her for a kiss. Eugenie stood there stiffly, not really kissing back, her hands resting on my legs, perhaps getting ready to push me away.

But Tabitha was there. I felt her hand on my neck, and when the kiss would end, I would see her other hand on Eugenie. But before that, she said, “Why don’t you join us, Eugenie?”

Eugenie stiffened just slightly in my arms, but then she relaxed, and she began kissing me back. I tightened around her more completely.

I was incredibly horny. Tabitha had worked me up pretty good. Eugenie tasted different from Tabitha, although I could taste a little of myself on her, third hand from her kiss with Tabitha.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Tabitha said. “Take some off.”

Eugenie pulled away from me and began to strip out of her winter clothes. I immediately grabbed Tabitha, groping at her and pulling her to my breast. God, I wanted her. God! I wanted both of them.

Eugenie got rid of most of her clothes, leaving herself in her bra and undies. “You’re still wearing too many, Tabitha,” she said. “Let me.” She moved up behind her roommate and went to work on her jeans. It took her only a few seconds to slide the clothing from Tabitha’s legs.

“Help me with her,” Tabitha said around my breast. A moment later, Eugenie was beside her, her mouth over my other breast. I moaned in pleasure, thrusting my chest towards them.

The sensation was amazing, and I was completely lost in it as these two women suckled at me. I began begging, not really being specific, just saying, “Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please,” over and over.

“Bedroom,” Eugenie said. “Let’s take her to the bedroom.”

They didn’t wait but immediately picked me up. I squeaked, but Tabitha said, “Don’t fight us, Arlette.” And so I didn’t.

Eugenie meant to carry me to her bedroom, but Tabitha said, “No. Mine. Yours is a pit.” And so, only a few seconds later, they set me on the bed. I immediately reached for both of them, kissing Tabitha, then Eugenie, then Tabitha, then Eugenie.

* * *

We made love for hours. I don’t know how many times I begged them, urged on by one or the other. I don’t know how many times I came. I don’t know how many times I had my mouth over Eugenie or Tabitha or watched while they pleasured each other.

I don’t remember all of it. I only remember listening to them tell me what to do, and I did it, every last bit.