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Sweet Submission

Chapter Three

“No more,” panted Tabitha. “No more.”

We all collapsed together, each of us sweaty and sticky. I would be sore in places that had never been sore before, but I felt good. I felt really, really good.

No one said anything for a while.

“Wow,” Eugenie said eventually.

“Yeah,” agreed Tabitha. “I can’t believe we did that.”

I murmured something, but I have no idea what.

Tabitha turned to me. “Oh my god, Arlette. Are you all right?” She rolled to me and kissed me. It was a sweet kiss.

“Tell us you’re all right,” Eugenie said.

“I’m all right,” I said into Tabitha’s kiss.

“Neither of you be mad,” Eugenie said.

Tabitha broke the kiss. We both turned to Eugenie. “I feel too good to be mad,” I said.

“Yeah,” Tabitha agreed. She pulled Eugenie in for a kiss, and then I got one. “I hope you’re not weirded out.”

I wasn’t weirded out. Oh, I should have been, but it had all felt normal. I couldn’t have explained it, not then. It would be a long time before I would understand what happened.

Eugenie didn’t say anything, but she moaned some sort of consent into the kiss before releasing my mouth and rolling onto her back again. And so the three of us lay, side by side, with me in the middle.

It was a few minutes before Tabitha said, “I thought you went home for the weekend.”

“I did,” she said. “It was to be a surprise for Kate.” Kate was Eugenie’s girlfriend; they were high school sweethearts. I’d only met her once or twice. I hadn’t liked her.

“Oh no,” I said.

“She plays pool every Friday night,” Eugenie said. “I knew I’d find her there. It’s the same circle of friends. They meet every week; we started together when we were in high school. I showed up, and they were already there. When I got there, she and Paris were sitting at the side, and it looked like they were having some sort of intense conversation. So I got a drink from the bar before interrupting. But when I turned around, I saw they were holding hands.”

“Oh Eugenie,” I said. I rolled over to face her, leaning on an elbow.

“Then they kissed,” she said.

“Oh honey,” I said. I bent down and kissed the corner of her mouth, wanting to offer comfort.

“Please don’t be sad,” Tabitha said. “You know she was never good enough for you.”

Eugenie said, “I’m not sad.” She pulled me into a tighter kiss.

“You have us,” Tabitha added.

“I have you two,” Eugenie said. She rolled me onto my back, kissing me again, then leaning for a kiss from Tabitha on my other side. Then Tabitha took another kiss from me. “I have to admit, I’ve never had better sex. Tell me it was good for both of you.”

“It was good,” Tabitha said, and I nodded.

That generated more kissing, and more conversation. And somewhere, amidst all the kissing, we agreed we were now a couple of three instead of two.

And that was just fine with all three of us.

* * *

It all seemed completely natural. I didn’t have one girlfriend; I had two. And if sex with Tabitha had been great, sex with both of them together was beyond great.

It was a miracle we found time to stick to our classes, but that was discussed—amidst a great deal of kissing—and we all agreed that schoolwork came before sex.

It was only a few days later, during another lovemaking session, that Eugenie suggested it would be good if I moved in. Tabitha and I immediately agreed with her. And so they made room for my things. Faith was a little sad to see me move out of our shared room, but she didn’t seem that surprised. I didn’t see much of Faith after that.

Our shared lovemaking became pretty wild. I agreed to anything either of them suggested, but only if the three of us were together to agree to it. Eugenie might be busy kissing me, and Tabitha would suggest something, and I immediately thought it was a great idea. It didn’t matter what it was; I loved everything we did.

I felt like such a sex fiend, but it all felt so good at the same time. I just couldn’t stop.

What was interesting was that they both were just the same. Well, they seemed to ignore most of my suggestions, but they seemed to enjoy the suggestions of the other.

We’d been together a few weeks. I was home with Eugenie; Tabitha was out and about somewhere. I found myself on the sofa for a little make-out session with Eugenie when Tabitha got home. She stepped into the living room, saw us, and said, “Hey! Not without me.”

That was the last time Eugenie and I made out if Tabitha wasn’t there. But two days later, Eugenie walked in on Tabitha and me and said, “Hey! Not without me.” And that was my last make-out session alone with either of them. I might kiss or cuddle one or the other, but there were no heavy duty make-out sessions unless we were all there.

I was insanely happy.

What I didn’t know at the time—what none of us knew—was that there was a super power at work.

* * *

There were hints, but I didn’t see them for what they were. The entire relationship, especially how it had started, was one big hint.

But there were more hints.

It was during one make-out session that hadn’t quite gotten to the screaming orgasm phase that Tabitha said to Eugenie, “You know, it would be fun to color your hair. I can’t color mine, but I’d love to color yours. Please let me.”

Eugenie pulled her mouth from mine, looked at Tabitha, and said, “What colors?”

“Blue,” Tabitha said. “But temporary so we can try something else. Arlette, tell her she’d look great in blue hair.”

“You’d look great in blue hair,” I said immediately. I had never thought about it before, but now I really wanted to see Eugenie in blue hair.

“Dye it,” Eugenie said. “Right now.”

And so there was nothing to be done about it. We all hopped in Tabitha’s car, drove to the drug store, and then went searching for hair color. None of us had ever dyed our hair before. But we found a temporary, wash out color. We bought blue, purple, pink and red, and the moment we got home, Eugenie sat down in a chair and let us dye her hair.

We hadn’t really known what we were doing when we started. We’d bought temporary hair dye, but it was really a gel. We worked it into Eugenie’s hair. Then Tabitha and I sat back.

“Well?” Eugenie asked.

“You’re not sleeping on my pillow with that gook in your hair,” Tabitha said.

“How does it look?”

“Blue,” I said. “It looks blue.”

“You hate it.” She got up and ran to the bathroom. A minute later we heard the shower start up.

“Hey, wait!” Tabitha said. “Pictures!”

“Not happening.” We ran to the bathroom door, arriving just in time to hear the lock click.

I was disappointed to learn it washed out so easily. But she had looked pretty silly.

Blue hair wasn’t remotely Eugenie’s style.

* * *

I can’t really tell you the other hints we had. But in hindsight, there were a few other incidents that came together, spelling out the obvious, but to me, it was only in hindsight.

It was about two weeks later at the start of another lovemaking session. Tabitha and Eugenia started it, but then Eugenia turned to me, pulling me into her arms. She kissed me, she kissed me deeply, and soon had me panting. Then she separated the kiss and said, “Don’t move. We’re going to tickle you.”

“I don’t think so,” I said, my fingers reaching for her ribs. “You don’t move.”

She managed to fend me off, pinning me to the bed, but then Tabitha grabbed her and pulled her from me. “We’re going to tickle you, Eugenia,” she said. “You may as well surrender now!”

She put up almost no fight at all, and the two of us tickled and tickled her until she begged us to stop.

“I don’t think so,” Tabitha said.

“But... you haven’t kissed Arlette,” she said from under us. “I bet her lips are getting lonely.”

Tabitha and I looked at each other. Then, without releasing Eugenia, we leaned forward and kissed. It was a brief kiss.

“Oh, you two can do better than that,” Eugenia said. “Make it a real kiss.”

So we did, making out while still leaning over Eugenia. She watched us for a minute then said, “Let me go now. I want Arlette and I to make love to Tabitha this time. Arlette, keep kissing her.”

So I did. With Eugenia talking quietly, we pressed Tabitha to the bed. “Let us do what we want, Tabitha,” Eugenia said. “You’re going to love it.”

And she did.

* * *

Three nights later, we decided to have pizza and popcorn and watch a movie. Tabitha wanted to watch a court drama she’d missed in the theaters. Eugenia wanted to watch a romantic comedy. I didn’t particularly care what we watched.

“Tell you what,” Eugenia said, “You two make out for a while. I’ll make the popcorn.”

“Sounds good to me,” Tabitha said. She didn’t wait for my opinion but instead rolled over until she was straddling my legs on the sofa, perched over me. She used one hand to lift my chin and lowered her mouth to mine.

Eugenia moved behind the sofa, kneeling down and whispering, “Yes. There you go. Just keep kissing. It feels so good to kiss. Just keep kissing until I get back.”

And we did.

Eugenia disappeared into the kitchen. I didn’t notice the popcorn popper noises—I was too busy making noises of my own.

Tabitha felt so good. I was so in love; I was so in love with both of them.

Eugenia returned with the popcorn, buttery with lots of salt. She crouched down behind us and said, “You’re going to kiss for other minute, but then you’re going to come up for air and decide you want to watch the romantic comedy I picked out.”

Then she moved around to sit on the sofa next to me. A moment later, Tabitha lifted her mouth from mine.

“You know what would be really hot?” she said. “If we watched a romantic comedy, then all went to bed together.”

“I think you’re right,” I agreed.

“Oh, goody,” said Eugenia. “We should play a game, too.”

“Oh?” We both turned to look at her.

“Yes. Every time someone kisses, we’ll pause the movie. The first time, Arlette and I will make out for a minute, and then Tabitha will whisper what she wants us to do to her later. The next time, Tabitha and Arlette will kiss. Then Arlette and me again, and so on, back and forth.”

“Okay,” we both said. “That sounds like fun.”

I couldn’t have told you whether I liked the movie, but the sex afterwards was varied and a little kinky. I loved every minute of it.

* * *

Eugenia woke early the following Friday morning. She woke me with a kiss, then Tabitha, then encouraged the two of us to kiss. Once we started kissing, she spoke quietly, telling us to keep kissing.

And we did.

Then she said, “Tonight, you two are going to make dinner for us. We’re going to stay in and talk. There’s something I need to tell you.”

* * *

“That was really good,” Eugenia said. “Let’s clean up, then there’s something I need to tell you.”

“You’re not leaving us, are you?” I asked, immediately concerned.

“Of course not. I am hopelessly in love.”

“Me, too,” I admitted.

We both turned to Tabitha. “Me, three,” she said. “I love you both so much.”

“Good,” Eugenia said. “Let’s clean up. But no hanky panky until we’ve talked.”

So there might not have been hanky or even any panky, but the three of us were never in a room together without some touching—most of it my ass. I didn’t mind at all. They both lavished me with physical affection, and I liked it a great deal.

But finally we moved to the living room. Eugenia made us sit in separate chairs. “This is a little serious, and I want us to stay focused.”

“All right,” Tabitha said. “What’s up?”

“You’re not going to believe me,” she said. “But I can prove it, if you give me a chance.”

“What?” Tabitha asked.

But Eugenia turned to me. “Arlette, you have super powers. You’re a super.”