The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Sweet Submission

Chapter Four

I stared at her for a good fifteen seconds. Finally I started laughing. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Good one, Eugenia. I thought you were going to tell us you were sick or something horrible.”

“I’m not kidding,” she said. “You’re a super, Arlette.”

“I think I’d know if I had super powers,” I said. “Believe me, there’s nothing super about me.”

“You’re a super good kisser,” Tabitha said.

“That doesn’t take super powers,” I replied.

“And you’re super cute,” Tabitha added.

“Also not a super power.”

“No, but I’m just saying: there are super things about you.”

“Funny,” I replied. I turned back to Eugenia. “Super powers. Seriously? Are you joking before the real conversation?”

“This is the real conversation,” she said. “You’re a super hero, Arlette.”

I shook my head. “All right,” I said. “I’ll bite. What super powers do I have?”

“Mind control.”

I laughed again. “Mind control? Seriously? I’m pretty sure if I had mind control powers, my parents would have given me that car I wanted for my high school graduation gift.”

“Well,” Eugenia replied, “I don’t think you actually control it, and you seem to be susceptible to it.”

“I control my own mind? Um. Doesn’t everyone?”

“I can prove it,” Eugenia said.

“This isn’t funny,” Tabitha said. “Arlette doesn’t have mind control powers. Okay, granted, she can get either of us to do anything just by flashing her dimples, but that’s not mind control.”

“It’s lust,” I said with a grin. “And I’m just that cute.”

“You are that cute,” Eugenia agreed. “No. Arlette can’t make either of us do anything. But she’s the one with the super power mind control. I can prove it.”

“You said that three times now,” Tabitha said. “Arlette wouldn’t do that!”

“Hey,” Eugenia said. “I’m not accusing her of misusing her power.”

“I don’t have any power.”

“So you don’t mind if I try to prove it.”

“This should be good,” Tabitha said.

“What she said,” I said.

“All right. Tabitha, what’s something you’d never agree to during sex, but that you won’t get too angry at if I make you do it?”

“Fine. I don’t let anyone tie me up.”

“Perfect,” Eugenia said.

“But if you’re making me do something,” Tabitha said, “aren’t you the one with mind control?”

“Not me. That’s going to be harder to prove. You know how ticklish I am?”


“Well then, after I prove someone here has mind control, I’ll let you control me. You’ll make me unable to move or even make a noise. Then you’ll tickle me.”

Tabitha narrowed her eyes.

“If that’s not good enough,” Eugenia said, “You pick something.”

“You won’t move a muscle?”

“Not if you do it right,” she said. “Agreed?”

“We’ll see,” Tabitha said, crossing her arms. “This isn’t funny.”

“You have to cooperate for a minute,” Eugenia said.

“I have to cooperate while you tie me up? That’s your proof she has mind control?”

“Nope. You’re going to beg us to tie you up.”

“Not happening.”

“But you have to make out with Arlette first. That’s the only cooperation required.”

“I have to make out with Arlette. And she’s going to mind control me into begging to be tied up.”

“Sort of. Yes.”

“And if it doesn’t work, then what?”

“If I’m wrong?” she asked. “What do you want?”

“We get to tie you up. All weekend.”

“Fine,” Eugenia said. “Start making out.”

“So romantic,” Tabitha said. But she stood up then pulled me from my chair and led me to the couch. I didn’t resist as she pushed me down and climbed on top of my lap. “Ready?”

“Uh huh. I’ll zap you all with my super powers, and you’ll both be my love slaves forever and ever.”

Tabitha and I laughed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Eugenia said. “Start kissing.”

So we did.

She let us go at it for a minute before she said, “Keep kissing. The two of you love kissing. Keep kissing each other.”

And we did.

Eugenia got up from her chair. “Keep kissing,” she said again. She moved behind the sofa and leaned down. “Arlette, the next time Tabitha comes up for air, you’re going to meow like a cat. You’ll keep meowing until one of us starts kissing you again or tells you to stop.”

What a stupid suggestion, I thought.

“Tabitha, when Arlette meows, you’re suddenly going to be struck with a deep desire to be tied up for sex. There’s nothing more you’ll want, and you’ll beg us to take off all your clothes and tie you firmly to the bed. You’re going to love what we do to you, and you’re going to beg for more until we’re all worn out.”

The chances of that happening were, well, zero. Even I knew that.

But then Tabitha lifted her mouth from mine. We both took a deep breath, and then I let out a meow. And then another, and another.

Above me, Tabitha shuddered, then she lifted her eyes towards Eugenia. “What? Um. Oh god. Oh. I need you two to tie me up.” She rolled off me. “Rip my clothes from me and tie me to the bed. Please.”

“Keep begging, Tabitha,” Eugenia said. “All you can think about is us tying you.”

“Yes!” she said. “Tie me. Oh god.”

I let out another meow, and another.

“Arlette,” Eugenia said, “Help me tie Tabitha.”

I climbed from the sofa, meowing. Eugenia came around the sofa, and we pulled Tabitha to her feet.

“Yes,” she said. “Tie me. Tie me good.”

We led her into the room, with me meowing the entire time.

“Kiss Tabitha, Arlette,” Eugenia said.

I did, and immediately the urge to meow ended.

“Keep kissing her. Tabitha, let me tie you up.”

While I continued to kiss Tabitha, Eugenia removed her clothes then led her to the bed. She ordered Tabitha to lie down with her arms and legs spread, then ordered me to continue kissing her. She continued to issue orders like that while she slowly and completely tied Tabitha to the bed.

“Take me!” Tabitha said. Now that she was tied up, she began to pull on the restraints. But Eugenia had done a good job and she couldn’t free herself. “Take me!”

“Tabitha,” said Eugenia, “you may ask, order, or beg us to do to you anything you want except let you go. You will not ask, order, or beg for anything else until after we have released you. You are going to love everything we do. Arlette, stop kissing Tabitha and move away.”

I climbed off of her. Eugenia brought me to the end of the bed, and we watched Tabitha as she begged us to do things to her, wonderful things.

“Arlette,” Eugenia said, “do you feel any particular compulsion to obey her orders?”

“Other than she’s really hot, and it sounds like fun?”

“Other than that.”

“No. But I think we should.”

I turned to Eugenia and tried to steal a kiss, but she said, “Not yet. Soon. Stand here for a minute.” She climbed onto the bed and said, “Tabitha, do you believe me?”

“You’re the one with mind control. Oh god! Please, I need you to take me.” She squirmed.

“No, it’s not me,” she said. “It’s Arlette when she kisses you. And she’s just as susceptible to her own kisses.”

“Then why isn’t she taking me? Kiss me! Touch me!”

“Do you want her to do those things?”

“Yes. Oh yes.”

“Arlette, do you mind doing the things Tabitha is begging for?”

“No. They sound like fun.”

She moved from the bed and pulled me to her. “Once we start kissing, after a minute or so, you’ll do anything she tells you to do, but the only thing she can tell you to do is more of what she’s currently asking for. And she’s not going to stop asking until we’re all worn out.”

“I think you’re doing it.”

“I won’t be able to hold back, either.”

“Stop screwing around and start screwing me!” Tabitha said, her eyes a little wild. She yanked on the ropes then gave a lengthy litany of what she wanted us to do. Most of it was pretty tame, but some of it was darned kinky.

“Arlette,” Eugenia said, “Meow like a cat.”

“I already did that,” I said. “Why did you make me do that?”

“Tabitha, it’s worn off of her, but it’s going to start again. This time, she’ll obey you but not me.” Then she pulled me to her and began kissing me.

I let her, of course. She was a good kisser. I wrapped my arms around her, and we kissed. But then Tabitha’s words registered with me.

“Give me a hickey!” she screamed. “Both of you.”

And, together, Eugenia and I turned to Tabitha, writhing on the bed. We climbed up the bed and, side by side, sunk our mouths to either side of Tabitha’s neck and began to suck.

* * *

It went on for hours. Every few minutes, Eugenia pulled me into another kiss, lasting until Tabitha began making more demands. Eugenia and I did everything Tabitha asked for.

Some of the times, Tabitha begged for kisses, and it was a race to see which of us began kissing her. When I won, Eugenia would find other parts of her to kiss, but then she would issue fresh orders. Still tied to the bed, Tabitha still did whatever Eugenia ordered. So did I.

For hours.

Finally, Eugenia called a halt. We lay spent, Tabitha still tied. Then, by unspoken agreement, Eugenia and I untied Tabitha. She immediately backed up against the head of the bed, pulling her knees to her chest.

“She hasn’t kissed you in at least ten minutes,” Eugenia said. “Her control has worn off. Please don’t be angry.”

“I—” Tabitha looked away. I moved to her, ready to comfort her, but she held me at arm’s length. “No.”

I moved away, hurt.

“Tabitha,” Eugenia said in admonishment.

“Arlette,” Tabitha said. “I’m not rejecting you. I’m not mad. I just want a clear head. Will you cuddle? But no kissing.” She turned to Eugenia. “Is cuddling safe?”

“It seems to be kissing,” she said. “Cuddling seems safe.”

And so I moved to Tabitha. And then, by invitation, Eugenia moved to her other side. We held her.

“Are you mad?” Eugenia asked.

“No. Oh god, I was out of my mind.”

“Did you hate it?”

“I should,” she said. “I didn’t. It was... amazing.”

“I was afraid you would be angry,” Eugenia said.

“I still think you did it,” I said.

“Once Tabitha has recovered, I’ll let you kiss me,” she said. “And then the two of you can tickle me until I wet the bed, if you want. I won’t be able to move, if you order me not to.”

“I—” I looked away. “I don’t have super powers. I’m not some sort of evil mind controller villain.”

“You do have super powers,” Eugenia said, “But you’re right. You’re not evil nor a villain. Super powers are what you make of them.”

“If I can do mind control, why doesn’t it work when I make the orders?”

“I don’t know,” Eugenia said. “Come over here and start kissing me. Tabitha, do you promise to only do what we talked about?”

“Yes. But then we’re talking.”

“If you’re going to tickle me until I wet the bed, maybe we should get the shower curtain or something.”

“Gross. We’ll stop before then.”

“This is stupid,” I said. “She’s the one with mind control.”

“Come kiss me and we’ll let Tabitha decide,” Eugenia said.

“Fine.” I crawled over one lover and began kissing the other. Eugenia pulled me more completely into her arms, kissing me back.

Tabitha waited a moment or two, then encouraged us to keep kissing. Of course, we kept kissing. Then she said, “Eugenia, after Arlette stops kissing you, you’re going to beg us to tickle you. You won’t move a muscle the entire time. You won’t even make a sound.” She repeated her order a few times, and then she said, “Arlette, stop kissing her.”

The moment my lips left Eugenia’s, she went limp in my arms but said, “Tickle me. Please tickle me. Oh, tickle me.”

I felt no particular compulsion. So instead, we arranged her on the bed. The entire time, she begged us to tickle her. The moment we started, she shut up.

And after that, she didn’t make a sound. She didn’t move a muscle.

We tickled her until Tabitha told me to stop. Immediately, Eugenia rolled onto her side, wrapping around Tabitha, but she reached behind her and grabbed my hand. “Oh my god! I can’t believe I let you do that to me.”

Tabitha lifted her eyes to look at me. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but I didn’t think I liked it.

“It’s not me,” I said in a small voice. “I’d never hurt anyone.”

“I know you wouldn’t,” she said. “But—”

“Tabitha, if you say another word, you’re going to hurt her, and she doesn’t deserve it.”


“You didn’t fall in love because of her super powers.”


“I might have though.”

“What?” I spat. “No....”

“And the two of you might love me because of her powers.”

“I’ve loved you for two years,” Tabitha said.


“Not like that,” she added, looking at me. She looked back and forth between Eugenia and me, and while she did that, Eugenia sat up so she could look at both of us.

“Tabitha, when you kiss Arlette, you both become susceptible to my orders. When I kiss her, we become susceptible to hers. But we’re not susceptible to Arlette, well, except we both love her.”

“That’s a screwed up super power,” Tabitha said. She looked at me. “We can’t tell anyone!”

“No, we can’t,” Eugenia agreed. “Someone would use it against us or try to take her from us. That’s the last thing I want.” She looked back and forth between us. “I don’t care how it happened. I love both of you, and I want us to be together forever.”

I looked between them, and Tabitha did the same. “Me too,” we said together.

“Group hug!” we all said. We held each other for a long time, but then Eugenia said, “But there are things we need to do.”

“What?” Tabitha asked.

“Hang on.” Eugenia got off the bed and ran to her room. She came back with a piece of paper, then sat on the bed again. “What I think we should do is start kissing Arlette, then the other one reads this. One of us will go first, then the other.”

“No!” I said. “I’m never kissing anyone again.”

“Wait until you see it,” Eugenia said. Then she handed Tabitha the paper. We shifted so we were sitting side by side, and we read it together.

“You will never use Arlette’s super power to hurt anyone. You will never use it on any of us without our express permission.”

I read it twice.

“That means if someone is kissing her, no orders,” Eugenia said.

“I want more than this,” Tabitha said. She rolled over and dug through the nightstand to find a pen. Then she scrawled on the paper for a minute, tapping the pen against her lips while she thought about what to say. Finally she handed the paper to Eugenia. I read it with her.

“You will never use Arlette’s super power to hurt anyone. You will never use it on any of us without our express permission or for really good sex.” I laughed when I got to that part. “We will all be in love forever, and we will always work to resolve any disputes.”

“You want to be together forever?” I asked her.

She nodded. “The three of us.”

I turned to Eugenia. She nodded. “The three of us.”

“Who goes first?” I asked.