The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

commercial begins

Do you struggle with bad habits like smoking, drinking, or gambling? Does your spouse tell you he wants to clean, but constantly forgets? Do your kids constantly back-talk or struggle with their grades? Tired of throwing away hard earned money on tuition, just to have your son or daughter fail their classes? Then we have a solution for you!


Apply this medical device between the shoulder blades and -presto!— behaviors can instantly change. Encourage a more positive you. Promote a better marriage. And keep those sons and daughters respectful and studying. After just one week you’ll see new, permanent changes in yourself and the ones you love. Turn off the negativity and lack of motivation and Switch-On! Today!

Mom stands over her son at the table and asked with a concerned look on her face, “Hey son, how are your grades?”

The son looks up and smiles, “All A’s thanks to you, mom! And Switch-On!” He gives her a big thumbs up and she hugs him proudly.

Call 1-800-555-SWITCH or go to Switch On Devices. You’ll be so glad you did!

commercial ends

Switch-On hit the market with a blast from a major corporation, Vabaja, Inc. Critics complained it could be abused. Lawmakers struggled with defining and regulating the devices. Professors debated the ethical nature of tampering with a human being’s free will. And while the talking heads and lawyers and politicians flapped their gums, the Switch-On devices flew off the shelves by the tens of thousands in a matter of weeks. Some people clearly had nefarious purposes to owning one of the devices, but even the benign expectations of innocent buyers were corrupted by their basic desire to control their environment and everyone in it.

* * *

Daughter’s Discipline

Denise sat staring at her husband disappovingly. Having just got over crying after the fight with their daughter Heidi, she was emotionally drained. Denise and her husband Hank had gone out for dinner with the understanding that Heidi would be staying home studying. Already in trouble with her academics with two D’s, they came home early to find her having sex with a boy who was a senior at her school.

The boy, Heidi, Hank, and Denise were equally mortified. The young man ran from the house with his pants half on, Hank chasing him all the way down the block. Denise was screaming at her daughter and calling her a whore. Heidi told her parents she hated them both and how they were ruining her life. The entire evening was a mess.

When the house settled into a discomfitted silence, the two parents finally sat at the table to discuss what they were going to do. It was then that Hank revealed he purchased a Switch-On device for their daughter. Denise had shot down the idea of Heidi wearing one of the devices the last time Hank suggested it. There were a lot of articles on the internet about how they were open to abuse and had some troubling side effects. It annoyed Denise that her husband not only bought the device without her permission but spent the money when they didn’t have it. Switch-Ons were not cheap.

“Hear me out, honey,” Hank started. “This is, what, the third boy we’ve caught over here? How many more is she having sex with that we haven’t discovered? How many more nights are there going to be before she gets an STD or gets pregnant? Maybe we can get her academics back on track and make sure she doesn’t get into any more trouble, all at once.”

She hated to admit it, but her husband was making sense. “I don’t know... It just seems so extreme. And what makes you think she’ll let us put the damned thing on her?”

Hank put his hand on his wife’s hand, “Listen, we’re her parents. We know what is best for her. Besides, we can’t watch her every minute of the day. What are you going to do when I go on my business trip this week? Lock her up? Let’s face it, Heidi is a oversexed girl. The monster is out of the bag with that one. We can’t rein her in without some help. This will help!”

He showed her the device which would control their daughter’s actions. It was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and the underside was covered in tiny needle-like prongs. Installed between the shoulder blades, the Switch-On could make a person do whatever command you gave them, or even make them think that they were the ones who had the thought. It was perfect for people who smoked or drank or committed crimes. But already there were so many Switch-On crimes committed where somebody got a hold of another person’s controller and coerced them into shooting someone, or robbing a store. It was a mess. Denise brought up her reservations to Hank.

“Well, this version supposedly has a control lock on it. If you don’t enter the code properly, it locks you out. It’s only going to be us that have access to Heidi’s Switch-On and to be honest it’s you who has to keep track of it while I am out of town. Who better for you to trust than yourself?”

“I still think it is a bad idea, Hank.”

“Will you sleep on it?”


The next day Denise woke up and—being in a better mood—decided that her husband was right. The two decided the best thing to do would be to install it when Heidi was asleep. They made sure that Heidi came directly home after school and stayed in her bedroom the whole day doing homework. It was a Friday and being grounded was like a death sentence for the teenage brunette who just wanted to get out and have some fun.

Hank and Denise read over the instructions together and waited for the wee hours of the morning to install it. Hank had to be up anyway to catch an early flight to Vegas. His company had a trade show there that he could not miss, which meant setting up all Sunday and running the booth Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday they had a business meeting scheduled to kick off their fiscal year and that meant he would be returning on Friday.

At 5am Denise slipped into her daughter’s room and with some hesitation pushed the tiny pins of the Switch-On into her daughter’s soft skin. Heidi’s eyes opened briefly and she gasped, her hands grabbing at the sheets. Suddenly the teenager relaxed and went back to sleep.

“Do you think she’s okay?” Denise asked worriedly.

Hank gave her a kiss on the forehead, “Honey, she’ll be fine. It’s installed and there is nothing we can do now except see how well it works.”

“So what should I tell her first?”

Hank shook his head, “I don’t know. I guess we’ll figure it out as we go. I’ll text you some ideas if I get any. It’s going to be a long wait at the airport.”

* * *

Denise couldn’t go back to sleep. She tossed and turned in bed wondering if Heidi would be okay. Turning on the light, she grabbed her glasses and the remote control and pondered the first command she should enter. After some deliberation, Denise typed into the pad...


It seemed like the best place to start. She figured that Heidi would be easier to control for the next two days and those two commands would give her some buffer time to figure out the ins and outs of the Switch-On. Turning off the light, Denise tried to go back to sleep when she heard the noise. It was soft, a moaning, coming from down the hall. Worried, Denise hopped out of bed and looked in on Heidi, hoping that the Switch-On hadn’t hurt her daughter.

Heidi was on her bed, eyes closed, her right hand shoved into her panties as she masturbated dreamily. Denise held her breath and closed the door quickly. “Oops!” she told herself. “I guess Heidi is just fine...”

The mother went back to bed and managed to get another few hours of sleep before she woke again. When Denise got up she poured herself some coffee and then checked her facebook page before she thought to look in on her daughter. The door was shut but Denise could hear a man’s voice and some female groaning. Immediately Denise assumed that her daughter had snuck a boy into the room—it wouldn’t be the first time. Without knocking, Denise opened the door and walked in on Heidi playing with herself again, only this time she was on her laptop watching a pornographic video. Heidi’s knee what up in the air as she lay on her side. Her fingers were rubbing quickly over her clit as she watched a big black cock going in and out of a white woman.

“Mom!” Heidi screamed, closing the laptop and pulling the covers over her lower half. “Aren’t you supposed to knock around here!? Get out!”

“Sorry!” Denise held up her hand over her eyes and retreated. “Sorry!” she repeated from the other side of the door.

“Ughhhhh...” Heidi let out sarcastically,“That’s just great, mom!”

Denise had no idea that her daughter watched porn and certainly didn’t approve of her watching ‘that’ kind of porn. What was that kid thinking? She was just about to reach for the controller when Hank called.

“Hey, honey, I’m getting ready to get on the plane. Everything okay?”

Denise sighed, “Not really. Your daughter has been, how should I say this, self-pleasuring all morning long. I think she’s a sex addict. Seriously.”

Hank lowered his voice and brought the edge of the phone closer to his lips, “Wow... Actually I am not so convinced. I was reading up on the FAQ and there are some potential side effects, especially when the device is first installed. It says that it can cause an increase in sexual arousal for the first couple hours. In some rare cases it can last a couple days. Maybe that’s what is happening to Heidi.”

“Great, so you’re saying that we got a device to keep our daughter from having sex, and it is going to make her want more sex? I knew this was a bad idea.”

“Hey, I just found out myself. It’s not my fault. Just, just, just keep her in the house. What harm is it doing if she—you know—does her own thing? At least she’s not going to get pregnant.... Hey the are calling my seat. Gotta roll. I’ll call you from my lay over.”

“Fine, love you,” Denise told her husband.

“Love you too,” he responded automatically.

* * *

Heidi eventually came out of her bedroom and barely made eye contact with her mom as they passed in the kitchen. Denise tried to get her daughter to talk to her but the conversation simply went nowhere. She was embarrassed, and rightly so.

“I’m sorry I barged in on you,” Denise finally told her.

“It’s okay,” Heidi mumbled back.

The day dragged on with the teenage girl taking an extra long shower. Denise heard the water massager running for at least fifteen minutes and figured Heidi was at it again. Then, as her daughter worked on her chores about the house, she kept disappearing to her room and locking the door. When Heidi would come out, her eyes were down and her cheeks flushed. After lunch Denise insisted that her daughter do her report for history class at the kitchen table. On more than one occasion she found Heidi sitting there with her hand on her crotch. It was over the top!

Denise finally had enough around 2 o’clock and, looking sternly at her daughter, she asked rhetorically, “Heidi, do you mind?”

“What?” Heidi shrugged. “I just have an itch.”

“Can you scratch your itches more privately?”

It wasn’t long after that Heidi excused herself to the bathroom. Denise used the opportunity to look at her daughter’s laptop history and see what kind of sites she was traversing. Unsurprisingly, the history cache for the day was filled with porn. Pictures and video of women with one man, two men, sometimes five or six. Black men, white men, latino men—Heidi had been ogling them all. The previous days didn’t seem to have as many searches so Denise figured Hank was right again—this high libido was caused by the Switch-On.

Denise had to go out to the mall to return a pair of slacks, but she couldn’t bring Heidi in her current state. The trip would take forty-five minutes tops, but leaving her daughter meant that she was definitely going to be back on the porn sites—or worse, inviting over a boyfriend. The brunette mom got the idea to use the Switch-On to try to curb her daughter’s ‘enthusiasm’. Hiding in the bedroom, Denise punched in one command after the next.







Denise was trying to cover all the options, and after thinking about it, came up with one more....



“That should do it,” Denise told herself resolutely. Excusing herself, she stepped out of the house, telling Heidi she would be back in two hours. It would be less than an hour, but her daughter didn’t need to know that.

* * *

Denise returned to the house and parked outside. She didn’t want the garage door alerting Heidi that she was home. Instead, the forty-ish mother went through the side door and quietly stepped into the house. Perhaps it was because she wasn’t a hundred percent confident in the Switch-On, Denise decided to be stealthy today. As she stepped into the laundry room, Denise immediately heard moaning. It wasn’t Heidi, but it was definitely sexual and probably coming from a television or her laptop.

“I knew that the Switch-On wasn’t working right,” Denise thought. Stepping forward slowly, she found her daughter sitting at the kitchen table watching a porn. This time it was two women locked in a sixty-nine position, shoving toys of purple and pink in and out of each other’s pussies. Heidi’s back was to her mother, but Denise could tell that her daughter was once again masturbating like crazy. Her shorts were down around her ankles along with her panties and her hand was moving quickly around her groin. Heidi suddenly arched her back and let out a squeal as her orgasm electrified her young body.

Denise stood motionless in the laundry room. If she walked in on her daughter masturbating again, it would be another highly embarrassing predicament. Heidi would be furious with her mom for violating her privacy, even though she was dumb enough to masturbate in the kitchen. And if Heidi found out her mom snuck in the back after coming home so early, it would be even worse. Denise decided to wait her daughter out. Eventually she would get tired and Denise would use that window of discretion to come in.

Heidi closed that video out and began surfing the web. Her daughter had taken to looking at naked pictures of other women. Occasionally she would read something, and then go back to some pictures of lesbians engaged in some type of act. Denise was kicking herself, realizing that her daughter in a hypersexualized state was taking the only outlet her mother allowed. By using the Switch-On to keep Heidi from thinking about boys, her libido switched gears and had her fantasizing about girls. It would be so easy to switch the commands back, but Denise left the Switch-On controller in their bedroom and there was no getting it for now.

The teenage girl got up briefly, but returned—still half naked—with the house phone and a credit card from the desk—probably the one Denise just got in the mail. She was reading a telephone number off the internet webpage and then waited. When she began speaking, Heidi’s voice trembled in nervous tension. Denise could only make out half the conversation, but it didn’t take long to figure out what was going on.

...“Hi, I was, uhh, I was looking to talk to I guess one of your girls.”

...“The ad on the website says her name is Wanda.”

...“Yeah, this is my first time calling. Sorry, I’m a little nervous.”

...“Uhm, probably a thirty minute call. That’s all I have time for.”

...“Uuuh, sure, I have a Visa. Here is the number. It’s—”

Denise listened with a whole mix of frustration building in her, not the least of which was her daughter using her credit card.

...“Yeah, the name is Denise M. McClaren. That’s me, I’m Denise. My name is Denise. Yup.”

Denise listened to her daughter lie and use her name to purchase some type of service over the phone. She wasn’t sure how her daughter was planning on covering up this theft, but Denise figured maybe she wasn’t thinking straight. Maybe it was the Switch-On that was impairing her judgment?

...“Yeah, thanks. I’ll hold.”

...“Hel—hello? Hi, my name is D—D—Denise.”

...“I’m forty-two.”

...“No, I’ve never called anyone like this. I mean I’ve had phone sex with my boyfriends, but never with—you know—a woman.”

...“Well, I dunno. I just can’t get off thinking about men anymore. I’m going crazy.”

...“Yeah, well I tried that. Trust me. But then I found myself staring at the girls in the pictures, and then I saw these two girls doing stuff and I got so turned on.”


...“Yeah. Totally.”

...“I did. It’s embarassing telling you this but I did.”

...“Harder than I ever did before.”

...“It made me feel naughty. Like I shouldn’t be doing it.”

...“Yeah, that’s probably why I came so hard.”

Heidi laughed and relaxed in her chair, her hand moving up over her breasts. Denise’s suspicions were confirmed—it was her damned fault with those stupid commands that she put into the Switch-On.

...“Tell me what you look like.”

...“Wow, you sound sexy. How old are you?”

...“No, th—that’s fine. I just never really considered the idea.”

...“No! I like your voice. You sound like you know what you are doing. That’s what I need.”

...“You know, a woman whose older who can teach me.”

...“Wait, you want me to say that?”

...“I guess. I’m just embarassed.”

...“Okay. I want to be a bad girl.”

...“Yes, I’m touching myself.”

...“On my tits.”

...“You have no idea how turned on I am.”

...“The truth? Uhhhh...”

...“Okay, the truth is I’m eighteen. My name is Heidi.”

...“How did you know I was lying?”

...“Was it that obvious?”

...“Punish me? How?”

Heidi reached down and spanked her pussy, softly at first, and then more firmly. In between swats she rubbed her clit slowly and moaned. Denise looked on mesmerized. Her daughter was having phone sex with a woman—lesbian phone sex! And it was on her new credit card! She was so tempted to rush into the kitchen and scare the living crap out of her daughter, but stopped instead. It would be a dreadful long week if there was another incident like this morning. Still, Denise was flushed embarrassed, listening and watching her own daughter finger herself. Heidi took a break only to pull up a video of two women having sex, just to go back to the phone sex and masturbation.

...“I do.”

...“I am!”

...“Oooh, my pussy is so wet!”

...“Yes, Wanda.”

...“Sorry, I meant Mistress Wanda. Sorry... Ohhh...”

...“I’ll do anything you want, Mistress.”

...“I’ll say anything you want, Mistress.”

...“I’m a dirty girl.”

...“No, no boys today.”

...“No boys ever.”

...“God I am cumming! Cumming! Cumming!”

...“Yes, Mistress!”

Denise was desperately trying to hide her interest but after watching the display in front of her, she found it impossible. Her daughter Heidi was watching lesbian porn, having lesbian phone sex, while masturbating at their kitchen table. Her young thighs were spread wide, her soft smooth legs shaking in pleasure. The perversity of her daughter was made ever worse by the fact that Denise was watching and letting it all happen. She felt immobilized by circumstance—wanting to move forward or backward but unable to do either.

...“I need to stop! Ooh, too sensitive!”

...“Yes, Mistress!”

Heidi began spanking her pussy again, hard and repeatedly, a self-punishment instructed by the phone sex operator on the other end.

...“Two fingers.”

...“Three, Mistress? I can’t—”

...“Oooh, yes.... Three fingers. Oh, Mistress. I am!”



...“I’m your lesbian whore!”

...“I’m a dirty little queer girl!”

...“Ohhh, I am so bad. A bad girl!”

...“Oh, make me feel dirty!”

...“Really dirty!”

...“I can’t say that... That’s so naughty.”

...“Please, Mistress! Don’t make me say it.”

...“Yes, Mistress! Sorry Mistress!”

The self-spanking began again. When her daughter shoved her fingers back into her sopping pussy, her moans were louder than ever. Whatever ‘Mistress Wanda’ wanted Heidi to say, she was resisting. That resistance failed as Heidi let go completely and obeyed the woman on the other end of the phone.

...“Spank me!” Heidi screamed. She hesitated and then continued as she rubbed her clit faster.

...“Spank me, mommy!” Heidi’s fingers were a blur of movement now.

...“Lick me, mommy!” Heidi threw her chin up in the air, her nipples sticking straight out.

...“I’m a bad girl, mommy!”

Heidi was fingering herself rapidly, her voice quivering as she shouted out everything that the lesbian phone sex operator told her to. Who was this woman? What would possess her to make a young mixed up girl say such perverted things? This woman was taking advantage of Heidi’s sexual confusion, feeding it, sexually commanding her to call out ‘mommy’ while she masturbated...

Denise was squeezing her thighs together, incapable of stopping herself from stimulating herself. Despite telling herself that it was lewd and disgusting and wrong and perverse, Denise slipped her fingers under her skirt and into her panties. Her pussy had soaked completely the fabric of her panties. The first touch of Denise’s clit was so sensitive she thought she might orgasm on the spot. Instead she shoved her fingers into her pussy, mimicking everything her daughter was doing. She couldn’t understand why she was so turned on. Denise was no prude and had experimented with girls in college, but nothing extensive and nothing that went all the way. A tiny percentage of her fantasies might have incorporated women, but the mother of one certainly never went out of her way to explore it any further.

But this was different. It was in her face, loud, and real. The fact that her daughter only recently began to discover this fantasy was fascinating, especially given the wickedness she suffered at her own hands. Denise hated the fact that her daughter acted like such a slut with all these boys, but now that Heidi was focusing all of her attention on girls, she couldn’t help but feel worse about her daughter. Was she just destined to be a sex maniac? And who was Denise to criticize as she stood clandestinely in the laundry room shoving her fingers up her wet cunt watching the whole thing.

Heidi screamed out again, “I’m cumming, mommy! I’m cumming, mommy!” Her orgasm causing her to collapse in the chair, the phone slipping out of her hand. Denise’s own orgasm was inhibited only by the mother covering her own mouth with her hand. Denise’s knees knocked together and smacked against the washing machine. Fortunately Heidi was so distracted by her own screaming and the sounds of the lesbian porn playing on the laptop that she didn’t hear a thing.

The eighteen year old grabbed the phone off the floor and fumbled it to her shoulder, “Hello? Wanda? Are you still there?” Giggling nervously, Heidi seemed to be back in a dialogue with the woman.

...“Yeah, that was insane.”

...“I don’t know how many times I came. It was wild.”

...“Totally. Oh my god, that was so hot. I loved it.”


...“Really dirty.”

...“Too dirty.”

...“Definitely. I would totally call you again, Wanda. I mean, Mistress Wanda.”

...“I can’t call you that!”

...“Mmm, but that’s naughty. Why do you want me saying all those things?”

...“Yeah, it made me cum the hardest.”

...“Yeah, I know it’s just a fantasy.”

...“Okay fine. I promise I will call you.”

...“Bye, mommy.”

Heidi hung up the phone and dropped it on the table. “That was some crazy shit!” she told herself, still oblivious to her mother’s presence. As the teenager quickly pulled her clothes on, Denise instinctively pulled her hand out of her panties and straightened her skirt out. Heidi was writing down her mother’s credit card number on her notes along with the phone sex number from the internet. Denise took the opportunity to press the garage door opener button in her purse to make it sound like she just got in. Heidi immediately reacted by straightening everything out and going back to her report.

Denise reached back and opened the laundry room door and announced herself as if she was just coming in. “Heidi, I’m home!”

“Hi, mommy—” Heidi said, then stopped. “Hi, mom. How was the mall?”

“Busy,” Denise answered, staring at her daughter who was looking straight ahead at her laptop. Heidi couldn’t make eye contact with her mother out of embarrassment—that much was certain. She was going to ask her daughter how much homework she got done, but what was the point? She knew nothing got done.

* * *

Denise went to the bathroom after dinner and used the excuse of being up to sequester herself in her bedroom. She picked up the Switch-On remote and looked at the commands. In retrospect, the mom could see how Heidi’s mind could misinterpret the commands that were entered. Denise was kicking herself for being so obtuse about it in the first place. The question was, what to do about it now? Heidi continued to struggle with her sexual excitement, staring at the television when a lingerie or make-up commercial came on. The Switch-On FAQ said that the sexual arousal would dip once the body became accustomed to the device, but that could take another day. With Heidi masturbating twenty times a day, would she rub herself raw? And what about her own reaction?

Denise pushed the memory out of her mind. It was a natural reaction to seeing somebody pleasure themself. Nothing more. It was an indiscretion that would not repeat itself. That was that.

But evening rolled around and Heidi excused herself for bedtime. Denise heard the snap lock on the bedroom door engage and knew her daughter would be masturbating soon. Not only did she know what she would be doing but what she would be fantasizing about—women. Denise went to her room and watched television in a stupor—totally unaware of what she was looking at. Her body was so tense that she knew what she needed to do...

Turning out the lights, the forty-two year old woman began touching herself, concentrating on the feelings she had. She thought of Hank making love to her, but it didn’t help. She thought of the grocery store manager who had the nice smile and good body. That fantasy didn’t work either. As Denise rubbed her clit, nothing seemed to catch. She even tried thinking of the porn that Heidi was watching with the giant black cock pumping into the petite white girl. Porn... She didn’t need porn... Or maybe she did? Denise had a flash of the porn Heidi was watching that afternoon and her clit hardened between her fingers.

Yes, those women were pretty sexy. Nice legs, beautiful faces, gorgeous lips, nice make-up. It made Denise feel hot and pleasure started to creep across her body, but the pinnacle of her sexual activity wasn’t reachable. Denise kept trying but she couldn’t come to an orgasm. Her frustration built and finally she dipped into her lock box under the bed where she kept her vibrator. It had been a while since she used it but the batteries were still good. Denise rubbed the vibrator over her clit and imagined those women kissing and licking and touching. She was so close to cumming but it didn’t work. She needed more. She needed to cum like she did that afternoon.

“No!” Denise fought with herself. That’s when she was watching Heidi. Watching her daughter masturbate. Damn! What was she doing? Denise was going crazy with the frustration and was trembling with how bad she needed a release. Climbing out of bed she tiptoed to Heidi’s door and heard her muffled squeals of pleasure behind the wood. What was she doing in there? What was she thinking about? Looking at? It was insane but Denise couldn’t stop wondering.

“I don’t have to wonder,” Denise considered. It was wrong, but by this point she didn’t care. She went back to the Switch-On controller and typed into the command screen...


Denise’s heart was pounding when she heard her daughter’s door creak open and Heidi’s bed springs squeak as she returned to her room.



Oh, this was bad... So very bad. But Denise was shaking with anticipation, knowing that she could do anything. It wasn’t wrong just to watch, was it? Denise quietly stepped into the hallway with her robe on and looked into Heidi’s room. There she was, sitting up in bed, the covers over her lower half, frigging herself as she looked at her laptop and the three girls who were engaged in sapphic delights. With her nightie on and the covers over her, Denise couldn’t see what her daughter was doing, but she knew by how she moved and groaned that Heidi was enjoying herself.

Denise quietly watched as her daughter climaxed over and over, and as Heidi did so did Denise. Each orgasm her daughter had was followed closely by one for her. The reason why she couldn’t figure, only that she had become obsessed with watching her daughter cum. Each orgasm brought pleasure which led to guilt which increased her tension which made her horny which made Denise masturbate which made her want to watch her daughter which made her orgasm. The cycle continued three times before Denise could no longer stand. Limping back to her bed, she made sure to command Heidi to go to sleep before doing so herself.

* * *

Sunday morning did not end Denise’s guilty pleasure. Heidi took her extra long shower with the massager pulsating jets of water on her sensitive young clit. She couldn’t understand why she kept leaving the doors open but didn’t care. It felt so good to get off over and over. Denise ogled her daughter’s naked form behind the semi-clear shower curtain and reasoned that this was a victimless action. It was her daughter’s bad behavior that forced her and Hank to get the Switch-On in the first place. Hank was working hard to put food on the table and Denise had to manage the house and laundry and meals. Heidi owed them. Heidi owed HER specifically after all the drama. If her daughter could help Denise out when she was feeling lonely then what was wrong with that? A voice inside her told her it was very wrong since this was her flesh and blood, after all. But that voice was getting smaller and less significant with each subsequent orgasm.

After cumming in the bathroom doorway, Denise went and looked at the internet history cache on Heidi’s laptop. Sure enough she had been looking at lesbian porn throughout the night. Many of the set-ups were teachers with students, babysitters with older women, even stepmothers with stepdaughters. Thumbing back to the previous afternoon, she pulled up the phone sex website and found Mistress Wanda’s bio which encouraged callers.

“Specializing in lesbian fantasies for first time callers. I especially love younger women who are shy. You don’t need a lesbian lover. You need a Mother, a Mistress, a firm feminine voice to control you and use you. Let me command you. Rub that sweet pussy. Mommy knows what’s best!”

The page was filled with other girls, all with pictures that presumably were theirs. What was it that made Heidi pick this one? Was she interested in older women? Was it the control factor? Did she want to be told what to do? Denise theorized that must be it. Her daughter loved being taken advantage of—it got her off. What a slut! Heidi’s actions just made Denise so... Wet.

Wet. Again. Thinking about her daughter. Denise closed the history cache and thought about the Switch-On. Nobody would know. Nobody would know anything at all. Denise was aflush with excitement all over again. She picked up the Switch-On controller and stared at it contemplatively.

“If I do this, there is no going back,” she warned herself. But she could go back! She could do anything! This was victimless! If Heidi wanted it to happen then it wasn’t wrong, was it? And all Denise had to do was tell her she wanted it. But Heidi didn’t want to want it. She wanted to be told to do things—that’s what got her off. So by making her daughter do these naughty acts against her will, she was really doing what her daughter wanted, right? The justification seemed so sound to a woman overpowered by her perverted lusts. Denise typed a long set of commands into the Switch-On...

* * *

Heidi was in her room wearing just her panties and bra, brushing her hair in the vanity mirror. She had this strange urge to look in her mom’s bedroom for a vibrator. Her mom never told anyone that she had one, but Heidi somehow realized that she must have one. Without thinking, Heidi got up and went into her mom’s room. Denise wasn’t there, but right next to the bed it sat. Standing straight up on the nightstand the white sex toy was, just waiting for her. Heidi’s fingers were so tired from masturbating for the last day and a half and the idea of using a sex toy sounded awesome. At eighteen, Heidi never had the chance to try one, but watching all the videos made her want to give it a spin.

Heidi lay back on the bed and turned the vibrator on. At first she rubbed it over her breasts, feeling the sensation illuminate her libido and harden her nipples. Closing her eyes, the teenage brunette girl leaned back on her parent’s bed and slid the vibrator over her panties. Even through the fabric her pussy felt so good. After teasing herself, she pulled off her panties and allowed her freshly shaved pussy to be exposed. Not sure why she shaved it, Heidi loved the sensation of the cool air on her puffy swollen lips, her juices wetting the path for the sex toy to travel. Not just any sex toy, but her mom’s vibrator. It was so dirty playing with it while lying naked on her mom’s bed, especially after all the things that Mistress Wanda made her say yesterday.

Those mommy-daughter roleplaying fantasies had gotten Heidi off so many times that she could barely see straight afterwards. Something about it made her feel so dirty yet turned on. Not that she would ever want to do anything with her real mom. That would be twisted! The more she thought about it though, the more she kept seeing images of her mom’s face as she masturbated. The taboo thought made her stomach feel heavy and tight, and her pussy super sensitive. It was so wrong, but Heidi couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was like the fantasy was worming its way into her mind, burrowing deep into her darkest thoughts...

Denise cleared her throat and Heidi sat up in a start. In the doorway her mother stood, wearing high heels, black stockings and a garter belt, and a matching black bra. Hank had bought it for her years ago but she was just never in the mood to wear it. Now she was in the mood. “Don’t stop on my account, young lady,” Denise said boldly.

“Mom, I’m sorry! I was just—” Heidi tried to cover herself but was unable to, frozen in fear.

“Save me the excuses. You are such a little pervert. I can’t believe you would use my private things.” Denise knew exactly how her daughter would react as she strolled confidently next to the bed.

Heidi was unaware of the control her mom had. To her, it was scary and embarassing. But why was her mom wearing lingerie? “I’m sorry, mommy...” Why was she calling her mother ‘mommy’?

Denise pulled the vibrator from her daughter’s grip knelt on the bed. “So, Heidi, you like playing with your pussy?” She took the vibrator and slid it along her daughter’s inside thigh, slowly moving down, down, down.. Heidi tried to close her legs but couldn’t. She tried to get off the bed but couldn’t.

“Mommy, what are you doing?” she asked, scared and turned on at the same time.

“It’s my house, my bed, my vibrator, my rules.” Denise delayed just a second before she ran the humming tip of the toy over her daughter’s clit. Heidi couldn’t take her eyes off her mother as the pleasure rippled through her. Denise plied her daughter, “Tell me, Heidi. What have you been thinking about while you’ve been masturbating all day and night?”

“Girls, mommy...”

“And what kind of dirty movies have you been watching?”

“Lesbian movies, mommy...”

“And did you have phone sex with a woman yesterday?”

“Yes, mommy... OOoohhh....”

“She made you talk about lots of dirty things, didn’t she?”

“Yes, mommy!”

“What kind of things?”

“I d—d—don’t want to say... Ooh...”

“Did she make you call her anything in particular?”

“Ooooh, yes. She made me call her Mistress...”

“And what else?”

“And Wanda....”

“And what else?”

“And—and—she made me call her ‘mommy’. She made me say it.. Ooh,...”

“And how did that make you feel, Heidi?”

“Naughty... Dirty....”

“And how do you feel now?”

“Naughtier... Dirtier...”

“Is that because your real mommy is rubbing a vibrator all over your sweet young pussy?”

“Yes! More, mommy! More! I’m so close to cumming!”

Denise pulled it back from her daughter’s cunt, “Ooh, not yet, Heidi. First you have to do something for your mommy.” With that she sat back next to her daughter and spread her stocking clad legs apart. “Come lick your mommy’s pussy.”

Heidi couldn’t understand what was happening. Almost without her volition, Heidi sat up and climbed between her mother’s legs and stared at the place where she came from. Her mother had a beautiful mound, juicy and wet and delicious looking. But it belonged to her mother! It was one thing to fantasize about this but something else entirely to do it. But Heidi’s face drew closer and closer to her mother’s pussy lips. Extending her tongue out, she smelled the strong scent of sex from her mother and realized her first lesbian experience would be right here, right now. Lesbian incest with her own mother! Her tongue slid along the soft lips and Heidi looked up to see her mother in ecstacy.

Denise couldn’t believe it. Her own beautiful daughter was right between her legs, eating her out, bringing such pleasure, breaking so many taboo barriers. The age barrier, the family barrier, the gender barrier... Everything shattered for the two as Denise grabbed Heidi’s hair and took incredible pleasure at controlling her daughter. And orgasm rocked the mother’s body, and then another, and then another. With the Switch-On Denise realized she could lay here all day and make Heidi lick away. How many orgasms could she have in a single day? Fifty? A hundred?

“Mommy, my tongue is tired! Please!” Heidi whined. Her daughter’s face was coated in pussy juice and Denise smiled wickedly at how much fun this all was.

“Awww, my poor daughter needs to cum too, doesn’t she?” Denise mocked concern.

Heidi frowned, “Yes, mommy, please!”

Denise pulled her daughter onn top of her and positioned her sweet ass right over her face. Damn it looked so round and tight and perfect. No wonder every boy wanted to fuck her. But no boys would be fucking her now. Only mommy would have Heidi’s body from now on. Denise’s first taste of cunt was incredible—her own daughter’s young mound was grinding in her face and her body wiggled about on top of her. Heidi’s tight abs rubbed against Denise’s breasts and the teenage girl that once came from her belly was now resting on it, staring at her mother’s slit in a very unnatural way. No matter how hard she tried to break the contact with her mom, Heidi’s lust kept her pinned in place. Now her mother was licking her pussy and making her orgasm with her tongue.

“Oh god I’m cumming, mommy! I’m cumming!” She reached her climax and tried to break free, but Denise held her daughter tightly and continued to stimulate her daughter’s sweet mound with her tongue. The post-coital torture made Heidi thrash uncontrollably but Denise wouldn’t let up. “OOooh, stop! Ok—okay! Ugghh! Mommy, stop! Please! Too—OOOh Too much! Uhhhh!”

Only after Denise was done getting her sadistic kicks did she let go of her exhausted daughter. The mother and daughter lay motionless and panting on the bed, the weight of what they just did sitting heavy on their minds. Heidi put her face in her hands in shock, a strange feeling overwhelming her like she had just been taken advantage of.

Denise sat up and fumbled about under the bed, perhaps putting the vibrator away. Heidi took the opportunity to speak up, “Mommy—I, mean, mom... Can we talk about what just happened? I think we made a big mistake doing this. I really didn’t want to—what are you wearing?”

As Heidi turned to face her mom, she saw Denise was wearing a big strap-on dildo. Her mother was pouring lube over the head and stroking it along the shaft. “Oh this is something I think you’ll enjoy, my slutty little daughter. I can’t wait to use it on you.”

Heidi climbed off the bed and ran to her room, only to find herself walking right back to her mother. Her mom had something that looked like a smart phone in her hand and she was pressing buttons on it. Heidi didn’t have too much time to think about it. Instead she got on her hands and knees and felt an overwhelming desire to apologize to her mother. “I’m sorry, mommy! I’m sorry I am such a slut.”

“And what happens to sluts to misbehave?” Denise asked, climbing behind her daughter.

“They get fucked by their mommies...” Heidi replied, barely understanding why she was doing what she was doing. The ‘whys’ disappeared in a new wave of perverse pleasure as Denise fucked her daughter from behind.

It looked so sexy, the giant dildo stretching out her daughter’s cunt as she spanked Heidi hard on the ass cheek. Denise wasn’t quite sure where the strap-on dildo came from, but she figured it didn’t matter. This week would be so much for fun with it than without it.

* * *

Hank blew his load in his hand again as he watched his wife incestuously fuck his own daughter. The camera shot showed the Switch-On device on Heidi’s back as well as the one on Denise’s back. Installation was easy enough the night before his flight and he programmed his wife not to know it was there. Heidi needed a little bit of prodding from her father here and there, but for the most part the commands Denise entered did everything perfectly. Just getting Heidi masturbating all day seemed to do the trick, and the phone sex call was something Hank had to work out. He told Wanda that a friend would be calling and that she really liked the mommy fantasy but was unwilling to admit it. The phone sex mistress simply pushed Heidi along and—combined with the Switch-On commands—was easy to ply.

Denise was trickier, as every thought and action needed to seem like it was hers. It worked great for Saturday and Sunday. The strap-on dildo might have blown the whole plan, but Denise was so far gone by then it didn’t matter. Hank would be home in a few days and that gave him plenty of days to reprogram them both. It might be difficult getting his daughter and wife to take cock again—let alone his cock, but no job was too big for Switch-On. He’d have his slut of a daughter begging for daddy’s cock in no time.