The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Stacey saw Joanna coming down the hallway from the opposite direction. As always, she found herself wishing there was a conveniently placed door she could duck into to avoid passing her—although it was a bit too late to escape this time even if there was one, as the two of them were going down the hallway in opposite directions, and Joanna was already smiling brightly at her from 20 meters away.

Every time she saw Joanna in the hallway like this, Stacey felt the sudden and compulsive urge to move out of the apartment she otherwise loved just to get away from her too-cheery neighbour. What was there to be so cheerful about any way? A crappy dead-end job at a fast food place, coupled with an even crappier retail job making for 12 hours at least every day, just to cover rent? Not like Joanna would know anything about that—she was quite proud of the fact she didn’t work, and that her “family” sent her all the money she wanted.

Sure, “family.” It was Stacey’s private opinion that Joanna had no such family—if she had been a gambling woman, she would have bet that all the mysterious money came from a sugar daddy or something, some guy who was paying Joanna for sex. Joanna could probably get away with charging an exorbitant amount—even though she always wore those tacky A-line dresses from the fifties with the stupid bright prints on them, they all hugged tight at the waist, showing off Joanna’s ample tits, and showing off that she really did have a tiny waist. Not to mention that her stupid blonde hair always looked perfect—never a strand out of place! It shouldn’t have been possible. Literally no other woman on earth but Joanna could pull that off—it just wasn’t the way hair was supposed to work!

It was one of a thousand things that made Stacey curse Joanna under her breath.

Today, she was wearing a tacky pale pink A-line dress, this time with a V-neck that teased her cleavage—she was never shy about that—and her blonde hair was, as ever, perfectly straight, with just one clip pinning her bangs to the side of her forehead.

She was still smiling at Stacey, walking so confidently in those stupid tall brown leather heels of hers, and they were only about 5 meters away from each other now. It was too late to pretend she hadn’t seen her.

“Stacey,” Joanna said with that perfect bright white smile of hers as she stopped in front of her.

Stacey was standing directly in front of her own door, with Joanna in front of her door beside it on the same wall, but she was facing her, clearly expecting Stacey to stand in the hall and chat for a few minutes.

“Joanna,” Stacey acknowledged with a fake smile of her own. It was a good thing Joanna was such a ditz, or she would have picked up on Stacey’s resentment behind it. “I really don’t have time to chat—I just worked a long shift, and I want to have some dinner as soon as I can and turn in.”

Joanna’s face shifted into a too perfect look of compassion. “Oh, Stace,” She said, touching Stacey’s elbow in what was clearly meant to be commiseration. “Sure you don’t want me to come in and help you get it done quicker?”

The mere thought of Joanna crossing into her apartment made Stacey want to throw up. She kept her face neutral though.

“No, Joanna—that’s alright. I’ll see you later,” She dismissed, as quickly as she could.

“Alright,” Joanna said. “I’m always right next door if you need anything.”

Stacey smiled a little too wide. She could feel her teeth grinding together forcefully in her mouth. “I know.”

She shoved her key in the door quickly, still not entirely sure Joanna would let her get away so easily with it.

She only allowed herself to exhale when she was standing on the other side of the door with her back against it, lock turned.

* * *

A quick heated up canned spaghetti dinner later, and Stacey at last made it into bed. Her body felt like it was physically sighing in relief as she lay there under her sheets. She hoped she could fall asleep quickly, so she could get back up again tomorrow and do it all again.

Then she heard the moan, and that hope was rapidly destroyed.

“Not tonight,” She grumbled, and pulled the pillow over her head.

Joanna’s bedroom, she was pretty sure, was right on the other side of her bedroom wall—and Joanna’s favorite pass time seemed to be fucking herself.

“Got to practice for that sugar daddy of yours, don’t you Joanna,” Stacey grumbled. She grabbed her other pillow and added that to the one that was already pressed against her ears.

It was no use. The two combined pillows couldn’t block out Joanna’s orgiastic moans, and from experience, she knew Joanna would be at it for at least another hour—maybe two. She’d sometimes even gone for a four hour stretch.

Stacey just didn’t think she could take it tonight. She couldn’t spend the next hour lying here and listening to this. She was exhausted, and sleep deprived, and it was only 8:00 pm. If she could only fall asleep, she could get nine hours sleep for once. She didn’t want to lie here watching nine hours become eight, and eight become seven, until before you knew it, it was 5:00 in the morning and she had to get up and ready to leave for a 6:00 am 12-hour day split between two jobs.

She wasn’t going to do it tonight. She’d taken it quietly for the whole year Joanna had been living next to her, but she was drawing the line now.

She got up, crossed her apartment, stepped into the hallway, and pounded on Joanna’s door.

The moaning abruptly stopped, and she could hear Joanna passing through the room.

She opened the door, wearing a thin, translucent negligee that left nothing to the imagination—her nipples were clearly hard and poking out through the sheer bodice, and they were quite big. Stacey took her eyes off them and met Joanna’s.

“Could you maybe save your hour-long fuck-a-thons for during the day when I’m not here? I need to go to sleep, and I don’t want to hear you fucking yourself.”

“Oh,” Joanna said, her face falling. “I’m sorry, I had no idea.”

“You’ll stop?”

“Oh, of course I won’t stop,” Joanna said. “I can’t get enough of it. I will try not to vocalize, though.”

“Well... good enough,” Stacey said.

“Can I make it up to you, though?” Joanna asked, with a perky smile. “I feel terrible, thinking I’ve been keeping you up!”

“No, Joanna, I’d really rather not—” But Joanna’s fingers were around Stacey’s wrist and she was pulling her in—hard.

“When did you get so strong?” Stacey asked in disbelief.

“It’s a built-in feature,” Joanna said, with a flash of her teeth. She released Stacey only long enough to bolt the front door.

“What?” Stacey stammered. But Joanna ignored her question.

“It’s finally time, Stacey,” Joanna said with a smile. She took a step towards her, and all the Joanna hate Stacey usually felt at the sight of her was underlined by something else now too—total dread.

Joanna was a psycho.

Stacey opened her mouth to screen—she wouldn’t give her the courtesy of a warning—but faster than she could draw air, Joanna’s hand was clamped to her mouth and she couldn’t make a sound.

She could only stare at Joanna in disbelief.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this to you,” Joanna purred, as she moved the two of them quickly towards her bedroom. Stacey could only hope what Joanna had been waiting to do to her wasn’t axe murder—but given the hallway abduction, she knew it was a long shot.

Joanna swiftly closed the bedroom door behind her, and pressed Stacey back onto the bed, straddling her.

That was when Stacey realized Joanna was wearing crotchless panties—as soon as Joanna straddled her, she could feel Joanna’s wet cunt leaking onto her own. The feeling confused and sickened her. Joanna’s lubrication was flowing too perfectly, pouring right down Stacey’s crack, almost as if Joanna was pumping it into her. Stacey was not the least bit aroused by any of this—but now Joanna was creating the illusion that she was, with her own pussy juices.

Just in case that wasn’t clear enough from the position Joanna was straddling her in, to Stacey’s disgust, Joanna reached down, gathered some more of her own lubrication, and began aggressively massaging it into Stacey’s own cunt.

Stacey grunted and thrashed, but Joanna hadn’t gotten any weaker. She only seemed to be stronger now.

“You have no idea,” Joanna husked. “How long I’ve been dreaming of this moment. What your face would look like when I did this.”

Joanna’s free hand was on her stomach, right above her belly button. Stacey’s eyes widened as her fingers dug into her own smooth, perfect skin, and then actually slipped under it. Joanna grabbed it from underneath, and in one quick move pulled it away from her body.

Stacey stared in shock. She didn’t know how to process what she was seeing—because Joanna, somehow, wasn’t bleeding.

Under that smooth, creamy skin which Joanna was holding in one hand, was clean titanium covering lots of tubing.

“You’re not human!” Stacey exclaimed, her voice verging on hysterical. This new horrific information sent adrenaline rushing through her body, and she thrashed with new vigor, struggling with everything she had to get out from under Joanna.

It was like Joanna had been waiting for her to do that, because as soon as she did, suddenly Joanna’s fingers were inside her, pumping hard and deep, and the confusion of all that lubrication down there combined with... really some experts strokes from Joanna, all underlined by the electric edge of her own adrenaline, had her coming on Joanna’s hand in seconds. She hadn’t processed what Joanna was doing in time to stop her desperate thrashing attempts to escape, and with Joanna’s pumping, she had driven herself to her own orgasm unintentionally.

“There’s a good, obedient girl,” Joanna cooed, and it left Stacey feeling dazed. That was just from the orgasm, she was pretty sure, but it was getting harder to keep things straight.

“What are you going to do to me?” Stacey asked, barely getting the words out between heavy breaths.

“I’m going to make you perfect,” She answered, in that same reassuring tone. She was now rhythmically rocking her hips back and forth, bucking their two cunts together. Every time they made contact, however brief, it sent little aftershocks of pleasure through Stacey’s body that she could feel all the way up in her nipples.

Joanna put her skin flap back, and she was again perfectly smooth and supermodel-esque. She kept rocking her cunt against Stacey’s, and Stacey tried hard to ignore it.

“I’m going to make you like me,” Joanna said, rocking faster. She could feel Joanna’s lubrication dripping onto her own cunt again—but she was beginning to suspect she was leaking some of her own now too, smearing it back on to Joanna...

The thought, however improbable it seemed, filled Stacey with horror again, but she had learned from last time—a mad rush to escape was only going to key her up and play into Joanna’s hands. The adrenaline was filling her body again, but she tried to keep a handle on it this time.

It didn’t work—all it did was sensitize her entire body and make every detail so much more vivid.

“All perfect and mechanical,” Joanna murmured, “Underneath a beautiful seductive exterior. And the most fun part is, I’m going to program you so beautifully that you’ll want to spend your life between my legs.”

Stacey was trying very hard now not to follow Joanna’s words and imagine what she was saying. She couldn’t shut them out effectively enough, though—the image of her on her knees lapping at Joanna’s dripping cunt as it streaked down her face played through her mind and maybe it was the adrenaline, maybe it was the dizzying mix of her and Joanna’s juices between their two cunts as Joanna kept rocking against her, but at that image, she felt herself lubricate even more.

“I’ve already started,” Joanna murmured, her lips right against Stacey’s ear.

“I don’t... I don’t want to be...” Stacey tried, but Joanna’s fingers were on her clit, slowly messaging it now. She pried a moan from her that she’d really been trying to conceal.

“Yes, you do,” she said. “It will make you perfect, and perfect forever... you won’t ever have to die... everyone will want you—all that beautiful synthetic flesh over so much concealed power...” Her teeth were on Stacey’s earlobe now, nibbling softly, and it sent shivers rippling through Stacey’s entire body.

“You have no idea what you will be capable of,” she husked. “There are so many upgrades... so much potential.”

“No, I...” Stacey gasped. Joanna had sucked her earlobe into her mouth just as she pinched her clit, and the spasm from Stacey’s cunt that followed was so powerful it shook her whole body. It completely emptied her mind.

“Synthetic sensations are even better than human ones,” Joanna purred, having released her earlobe again. Her fingers were swirling around Stacey’s clit now, and the words she was saying slipped past Stacey—impossible to hold onto.

“Synthetic is perfection,” she spoke, reaching up with her other hand to tweak at one of Stacey’s nipples. Stacey could feel a bead of drool trail out of her neck onto her shoulder, and at each tweak, her whole body rose up in to Joanna’s hands in response. “You want nothing more than to be perfect for me... because however perfect you will be, I will always be more perfect. You live to worship me... you are dying to be my cunt slave, because you are addicted to this pleasure...”

All Stacey could do in reply was let out keening moan after keening moan as Joanna’s ministrations became quicker, speeding her towards orgasm. Stacey’s mind was completely blank, consumed by the overpowering pleasure in her body. All she could think about was coming now.

“Synthetic is perfection,” Joanna said, and slipped her hand expertly into Stacey’s cunt once more. She twisted it, and began stroking along, just underneath the surface. “Say it with me as you cum,” she commanded, with an edge to her voice that was just enough to somehow make everything 1000 times hotter.

“AHHHHHHHHH—Synthetic is perfection!” Stacey barely husked out as she came with everything she had, the pleasure saturating her mind and erasing everything that had come before. She gushed and gushed onto Joanna’s hand, her entire body locked in paroxysms of pleasure that rippled through her everywhere, even the deepest places in her core.

It lasted for what felt like a long time, but at last the pleasure ebbed, and Stacey lay, very exhausted, on the bed.

“Now we can begin,” Joanna purred, and raised her hand to her belly button. Stacey watched in wonder, as a small titanium egg slowly pushed its way out through the synthetic folds of her skin. She took the egg, and nestled it between Stacey’s legs, slowly inserting it into her vagina. Stacey came again as the intruder slowly invaded her body, and when it was all the way inside—she swore she could feel cords slithering inside her cunt, moving through her entire body.

“They will entwine themselves with every part of you first—” Joanna said, lightly thumbing her clit again. “Then, they will envelop each part of you, encasing all your internal organs in their clear, clean metal. And once you are encased, they will break down all of your flesh, all of your blood, until all that is left behind is their perfect electrical circuits.”

The feeling of cords rushing through her body was too much. She could only buck in pleasure.

“That’s my girl,” Joanna said, tenderly stroking Stacey’s hair with her other hand. “Let’s see how many times we can get you to come before that happens.”

With the metal pouring through and seeking out every corner of her body from the inside, that really wasn’t much of a challenge.

* * *