The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Takedown: Agent Leidner.

By The Slaver.

Major Reilly looked up at the young agent positioned in front of her. The agent stood over six feet tall, he always remained standing in front of Reilly to emphasis his height, and power over women. The agent, Leidner was now in his fifth year with the agency. Recruited from the US Navy, the 32 year old young man had risen through the ranks fast to become one of the agency’s best agents. The unfortunate thing was that Leidner knew it and he acted with a demeanour that showed he knew it. Leidner never hid his desire to one day replace, ‘the bitch,’ as he referred to Reilly to others and Reilly inwardly seethed with that knowledge.

In training sessions at the agency gym Leidner delighted in preening about showing off his perfectly proportioned muscular body and flirting with every woman in the agency. His dashing looks had had quite a few female agents in his bed. Leidner was also homophobic; he signalled a threat that Reilly had yet to figure out how to overcome. But which was going to be taken care of by an Enemy Organization, who had placed an highly trained agent in Reilly’s own Organization.

Reilly looked down at the top of her desk, and then up at Leidner again before she spoke; “Well done on your last mission, I only wish more weapons of mass destruction had been found. But no matter, 240 weapons are not to be sneezed at.” She stopped talking and looked at Leidner’s face, trying to read his thoughts, but saw nothing. “However, it has been decided by the Psycho-department that as well as a debriefing, you are to have a Psycho-debriefing as well.”

Leidner just stood there, looking straight at Reilly, his eyes looked on the neck-line of her dress. “I’m afraid the Psycho-debriefing won’t be here in the US, the Psycho-department want it to be at D l3.” On hearing this, unseen, Leidner sieved inside. ‘Arrogant assholes’ he thought. ‘Why can’t they fucking do the thing here, instead of sending me all the way to London?’ But he just said, “Ok, I’ll do it their way?” And with a brief nod of his head, he turned on his heels, and left the office without another word.

As Reilly watched Leidner leave her office, a part of her secretly wanted Leidner to fail the Psycho-debriefing. Thoughts of the homophobic Leidner being broken and humiliated by the Psycho-department sent a tingling throughout her body. Little did she know that very soon, Leidner would be completely broken and humiliated, but, not be the Psycho-department.

Two days later, Leidner stood on a London street, looking up at the BT Tower; where department D l3, was housed. As he walked towards the main entrance, Leidner briefly wondered what the British public would say if they knew about D l3, was stationed in their beloved BT Tower. He rode the elevator up to the twenty-first floor, as he stepped out, he saw a large pair of doors, on which was printed the words, ‘Lincoln Telecom. UK Division’ He smiled at the choice of cover for D l3.

Leidner walked into the marble outer office and saw that all the people sitting at the desks were perky, incredible feminine male secretaries, the other people in the outer office who were moving around the room, or were sitting waiting, both women and men seemed to be ordinary. Leidner had no idea that for several months, now, that this section of D 13. Was now totally under a foreign power’s control. And that the man he was going to see for his Psycho -debriefing was going to take him out. Leidner walked over to one of the desks and looked down at the feminine male secretary that sat behind it: a name plate on the desk said that the secretary’s name was McDowell.

“You have an appointment?” McDowell asked, as he blatantly looking Leidner up and down with a smirk on his face. That for a moment, seemed to but Leidner on edge; but that moment soon past. “Leidner. I have an eleven-thirty five appointment with Mr. Lavigny Leidner replied curtly, choosing to ignore the obviously purvey way the guy had smirked at him, and how it had made him feel for a few seconds. “Of course. If you’ll just take a seat, he’s with an client at the moment but he’ll be done momentarily.” McDowell replied, Leidner turned on his heel and strode over and sat down on one of the leather lounges that lined the space in front of the desks: McDowell then buzzed Lavigny to let him know that Leidner had arrived.

Fifteen minutes passed in silence with Leidner trying to amuse himself with his phone, when one of the many doors behind the rows of secretary’s desks suddenly opened and two men walked out. One of them was obviously Lavigny: a sharply-dressed man in his late thirties whose hair had gone totally grey whilst the other was his client, a tall, conventionally attractive man who was built along the same lines as Leidner himself. “Same time Tomorrow, Smith?’ McDowell asked standing up to greet the two men. “Sure…Thing…” The client, Smith replied after a long, strange pause. His face appeared slack and his gaze was weirdly vacant.

“Ah, Leidner, sorry to keep you waiting!’ Lavigny called out, as Leidner rose and walked past McDowell’s desk. “No worries.” Leidner replied, not meaning any platitude at all, and he made that obvious with his tone of voice, Lavigny just smiled at him, apparently ignoring Leidner’s displeasure. ‘Shall we?’ Lavigny motioned to his office, ‘Let’s get this over with.’ Leidner grunted, as he walked into the large office.

“Who was that guy. I’m sure I know Him?’ Leidner asked as he walked through the office door, briefly appreciating the floor-to-ceiling window view of London before sitting in one of Lavigny’s ridiculously expensive looking leather-backed chairs, as Lavigny, himself occupied another across from him and picked up tablet computer from the curved desk that separated them.

“Surely you know that I can’t discuss another agent’s debriefings with anyone, else, without Reilly’s express permission! Surely an Agent like you knows that?” Lavigny answered simply, raising an eyebrow in amusement. He smiling to himself as he used the stylus to write something down on the tablet’s screen, and then Lavigny read though a short file on the tablet.

Which read?

David Leidner currently 32 years old. Over six foot. Former champion swimmer and soccer player at College. Black hair, blue eyes. Recruited to Agency after 2 years in the Navy. Homophobic, reports from College, and Navy show assaults on gay men: but not proven.

Allegedly likes to be rough with his women after sex: no charges filed.

Has a dislike of dogs.

Also a dislike of people he thinks are dumb.

Leidner folded his arms, and looked at the man, expecting that this would ruffle Lavigny’s feathers but to Leidner’s disappointment Lavigny continued to stare at him with benign good humour.

“I would give the Leidner reply to anyone that asked about you. Discretion is key in our business, you must know that?” Replied Lavigny, as he placed a mug in front of Leidner, “Coffee, black, no sugar. That is correct.” Leidner was speechless, for a few seconds the Agent just starred at Lavigny, before Lavigny said, “Your file is correct, is it not, in how you like your coffee?” Leidner nodded his head and picked up the mug and took a couple of gulps of coffee, before putting down the mug and looked again at Lavigny. “Let’s begin!” He said, with a nod of his head.

“Fine, whatever, just do your thing. But hurry up about it, I’ve got stuff I need to do back in the States?” Leidner said, not even hiding his yarn, “Such as?” Lavigny asked, as he noticed that Leidner had drained half the mug of coffee already. Leidner looked Lavigny in the eyes with annoyance, causing Lavigny feign a look of contrition. “Well…let’s begin then, should we?” Lavigny said.

The session wasn’t anything like Leidner thought it would be. He had been though many debriefing before, at which he’d been asked questions about his childhood, his parents or his early days at school, and other Freudian bullshit. But here, instead of asking that sort of things Lavigny simply engaged Leidner in conversation about seemingly innocuous subjects: the weather, cars, clothing, music, both men droned on and on, to the point that Leidner had almost forget why he was so pissed off that he had to be there. Through it all Lavigny continuously refilled Leidner’s mug with coffee, whenever it had become empty: strangely, and oddly Leidner found that he didn’t mind it so much whenever Lavigny told him to drink up, so engaged was he the conversation.

Eventually the conversation topics became more serious: they discussed politics, religion, social issues. Leidner found himself talking more freely, giving opinions and having thoughts he didn’t know he was capable of having until he’d heard the doctor pose or answer a question in a certain way. He was riveted to the conversation at this point, everything outside of the office had fallen away to the point that Leidner didn’t even realise that Lavigny had turned the direction of their discussion to more personal things: like his thinking habits, sex habits, his habits. Leidner found himself telling Lavigny everything.

Lavigny continued to keep filling the mug with coffee; Leidner continued to drink the coffee. The conversation slowed; to Leidner the temperature of the room had become pleasantly warm. The chair felt so comfortable. “Look at me, and sleep!” Lavigny said suddenly and Leidner found himself caught off guard, reacting to the request instinctively. ‘Got him’, Lavigny thought to himself as he watched the handsome agent’s eyes glaze over and his jaw slacken before slumping in his seat, staring off into nowhere. “Leidner can you hear me?’ Lavigny asked, palming himself through his pants, his rock-hard cock having been hidden from Leidner for the past three hours by virtue of the desk between them.

“Yes” Came the slurred reply from the agent. Lavigny smiled at Leidner, the drugs in the coffee had rendered the agent senseless and so now easy to manipulate; he pushed a button on the desk, (in the outer office a lit flashed on McDowell’s desk). Lavigny looked up as McDowell came into the office, “Contact Control Central, and tell them that pause 1 is now complete. Agent Leidner will be ready for shipment to Control Central within one month!” Lavigny told McDowell, “Sire!” was all McDowell said as he turned on his heels and left the office, closing the door behind him. Lavigny stood up and walked around the desk and stood beside Leidner; Lavigny placed his hand on a part of the desk that was in front, and he pushed down. Part of the desk-top slid aside, and a large screen rose up in front of Leidner, and spinning spiral appeared in the screen.

Lavigny lent in towards Leidner, and began to speak to him in a low controlling voice. “Now, slowly, I want you to open your eyes and look at the screen, I know it’s going to be hard, because of the drugs in your system, but I want you to try, just try and open those eyes. There you go. Do you see the spiral? Isn’t it pretty? Just watching those different colours shimmer as the spirals go round and round and round. “Leidner opened his eyes, and at once they become locked on the spinning spiral.

“Don’t you wish, sometimes, that you can go back to being an innocent? Not having to worry about bills, rent, groceries, being a spy, or even politics? I’m not talking about becoming a kid again, of course. That’s impossible. I’m talking about just letting go of it all. Taking all your worries about living, taxes, gainful employment and the ever-nebulous idea of success and just letting them drift away!”

“Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You’re right. It’s too good to be true. You’re right. You can’t just push all those problems away. Can’t just shove them to the back of your mind. You might last a few days, but you’ll always know that those worries are just around the corner.”

Leidner sprung a boner as he felt a hand rub his cock through his pants. “Wow. You sure seem to have been starved for man affection, boy. I’ll take that hard cock of yours as a yes. What if I told you that I can help you put all those worries aside in a permanent way?

“There you go. Just like that. Now, try and pay close attention to my voice. Try to push everything else out of your mind. Block everything out other than my voice. Just listening to my tone, as it rises and falls in a quiet cadence. Doesn’t that feel nice?”

“Now, why don’t you take a deep breath for me? Now let it out… That’s it… Perfect… Just keep breathing like that as you listen to my voice. Just my voice, and watch the spiral. Just letting your lungs fill with air… and then empty… your shoulders rising and falling with every breath. And as you listen to my voice and breathe in… and out… I want you to relax. Just breathe in… and out… listening to the rising and falling of my voice. With every breath you can feel your body loosening up, those tense muscles relaxing, letting go of all the stress that you’ve had to deal with today.”

“By now your eyes are probably beginning to droop. That’s okay. You might fall asleep. That’s okay. With every breath that you take you can feel your eyelids beginning to get heavy… Heavier and heavier with every breath in and out. You can try to keep your eyes open if you want, but that’s okay, just let them drift shut. They must be getting heavy, now. So heavy… Heavier and heavier as your chest rises… and then falls… with every breath.” A soft moan escaped from Leidner’s mouth

“There you go… Just let yourself sink into that nice, soothing darkness. Just feel your body relax all the way from the tips of your toes to the top of your head… Feeling warm and heavy and numb all over as you slip deeper into trance.” Leidner tried to fight what was happening to him but he could not. Slowly, he was falling under Lavigny’s control. Lavigny smiled as he watched Leidner being put under his control.

“Just feel your conscious mind dropping away… Eyes glued to the centre of the spiral… You can feel yourself falling in? It’s okay. The spiral can’t harm you. The spiral won’t hurt you. The spiral will help you relax… It will help take all your problems away. That’s it, boy. That’s it… Just let go. Let your mind let go. It doesn’t matter. You’re safe here. You’re safe with me. I would never hurt you. Just let your thoughts stream out of that silly little head… Let them fall into the spiral, swirling around and around and around, falling deeper and deeper still, sinking into the middle of that pretty spiral.”

“There you go… Doesn’t that feel better? Just letting go of all your thoughts? All your problems? Just let them go. Let them slip out of that little head of yours. You don’t need them. You don’t want to think about all that anymore. So tell me about your work” Leidner had been asked about his work for the agency, and the mind-fucked agent spilled his guts telling Lavigny every agent’s name, their plans, location and, passwords they used to send messages through secure channels. They, like Leidner would all became the sexual playthings to high ranking member of Lavigny’s organization. Their mouths & butts would never be without cock in it.

“But telling me what you just have, doesn’t really solve your problem? Because that little head of yours is always going to come up with new thoughts, new problems… The real issue is thinking, right?” Leidner’s body went slightly limp, as he finished spilling his gusts. Lavigny smiled again. “I’m glad you see things my way. Just keep staring at the spiral… Just let the shimmering colours take you deeper, swirling around and around and around as your chest rises and falls with every breath.” The Agent’s chest rose and fell in time with Lavigny’s voice. “When you think, you can’t help but think of the things that cause you stress. And you don’t want that? You know that it’s only going to make you frustrated.” Said Lavigny, as he again rubbed Leidner’s cock thought his pant.

“Your life of thinking is frustrated for you, it isn’t fun. Not fun at all. Do you know what would be fun? Not being frustrated, not having to worry, no having to think. I can help you . I can help you stop being frustrated. Do you understand?” Leidner slightly nodded his head, his eyes till locked on the spiral “Good. Good boy… Just keep staring at the spiral. Just keep letting it take you deeper. Deeper and deeper with every moment, deeper and deeper as the colours shift, shimmer and shine. Deeper and deeper as the spiral spins, around and around and around. Deeper and deeper as your chest rises and falls with your breath.”

Lavigny smiled and patted Leidner’s head; as he began the next stage of Leidner’s Brainwashing, and reprograming. “Here’s what you have to do, boy. You just have to let go, let go of all your will. Let go of all that knowledge. Let go of all those human thoughts and let the spiral take them away… Just let the spiral take your thinking away. You don’t need to think. You need to be happy. And care-free. That’s what you want, isn’t it?” There was a soft mumbled ‘yes’ from Leidner.

“That’s right, you don’t want those human thoughts. You just want to be simple. Let someone else do the thinking for you for once. You just need be simple, dumb, and empty. “Leidner’s body shock and he let out a long moan. “How do you feel now ,that you’ve given up that your mind and brain? You feel warm, you feel happy. There’s not a single speck of you in that empty little head of yours. No stupid human thoughts to remind you of anything of your old life. Not that you know, or remember what anything is now! Doesn’t it feel so good, now? Doesn’t it feel so good now that you’ve let go? You don’t ever want those things back? You don’t need them. Just let them fall into the spiral. Let the spiral take them away forever. Let the spiral consume them. Those stupid thoughts, your stupid human memories. Let them all go. You don’t need them.”

“That’s good. Now that we’ve gotten rid of all those dumb human thoughts we can fill that empty little head of yours with other things. You want to be a good boy, don’t you? That’s right. It feels good to be a good dog. You’ve always wanted to be good , just like a little dog… That’s it. That’s what you are! You’re not a human anymore. You got rid of all those human thoughts, those human memories. You’re now a dog. Simple, carefree, and a good dog!”

Lavigny’s voice hardened slightly, but not much. “That’s what you want, right? You want to be a good boy. You want to be carefree. And you don’t want to have any thoughts in that little head so you’re always going to be simple, and dumb . It’s the truth. You know I’m telling the truth. You’re a dog, just an eager little dog. A good little dog.”

“That’s it. Let the spiral take you in. Slipping deeper and deeper. Just watch the pretty colours. Let them swirl around and around and around in that empty little head of yours, turning you into a good little dog. You want to be a good little dog, don’t you? Not a thought in that empty head. Not a care in the world. Just a happy and playful dog satisfied with his toys and his bones! Just a dumb, simple little dog, no more thoughts to distract you. Good dogs are always happy. Good dog are always playful. Good dogs keep their little heads empty of all thoughts that would make them bad dogs.”

“You’re becoming more and more like a dog. Can you see your human thoughts, human problems, and human memories? Well now they’re falling into the spiral. Falling deeper and deeper and deeper like you are, as well. They’re getting carried away. Further and further, deeper and deeper into the spiral.” Lavigny noticed a wet patch of Pre-cum on Leidner’s pants.

“Hmm… that spiral is probably getting you all hot and bothered, isn’t it, little dog? That’s fine, that’s perfectly natural. Why don’t you show me that hard little doggie dick, of your?” Leidner pulled out his leaking cock, Pre-cum covered his hand as soon as his cock was free of his pants. Look at it your cock leaking pre-cum. The spiral is sending all those silly human thoughts, right up that hard, twitching dog dick of your, out through your dripping pre-cum. Can you feel it, dog? Just leaking out of you? Dripping onto your hand because you’re such a good dog? Just let go. Let the spiral take them away and send them out your little dog dick.”

“Now, when I say so, that little cock will get harder than it has’ ever been. And you’ll cum harder than you have ever cum. And when you cum, all those pesky thoughts, problems, and memories will spill out of you with your cum. And then they’re going to be lost forever. That’s a good boy. That’s a good boy. Getting harder and harder. Sliding deeper and deeper. Losing more and more of yourself to the spiral. Becoming a good little dog.”

“When you cum, you’ll become nothing more than a dumb, horny dog forever. Empty in that little head. Just a little dog with an eager little dick that’s always leaking Pre-cum just in case any of those human thoughts come back. You’ll always be leaking so that you get rid of them if they ever come back. And you know what else, pup? When you’re nothing more than a dumb little pup, I want you to howl. And when you howl you’re going to understand that I’m your handler. You’re going to understand that I’m your Master. And you’ll know that you adore me because you’re mine.”

“And do you know what else you’ll do, dog? You’re going to obey me. You’re going to follow my commands. And you’re going to trust and believe all I say. Because I’m your Master. And you’ll know that you’re supposed to obey and trust your Master. Because you’re a good dog. And you so need and want to be a good dog.

Disobedient dog are bad dogs, and are punished, and you don’t want to be that, do you?” Leidner just let out a moan as even more Pre-cum leaked from his cock.

“Now cum for me, dog. Cum for me and let go of all your thoughts. Let go of all your memories. Let go of your humanity. Cum for me and turn into a happy, horny, little dog.” Leidner arched his back off the chair, his cock was as hard and erect like it had never been before. And then without Leidner even touching his cock, it erupted. Endless wads of cum shot from Leidner’s cock, “Arooooooo!” Leidner howled, Lavigny smiled at the agent. Leidner finished emptying his balls, he was ready for the last stage of his training; he slumped back into the chair, his eyes glazed over, and took on an empty looking. Lavigny turned off the screen, and told the agent to stand up.

Lavigny juiced up Leidner till the muscled agent was flying high, the diminutive Lavigny directed his prey to the centre of the room. He then ordered Leidner to strip completely naked and position himself on all fours. Leidner did as he was told, Lavigny moved behind Leidner, and slowly he spread Leidner’s sculpted thighs and lubed the agent’s whole with his thumb. “Arf,Arf,” Leidner barked as the wet cool lubricant was massaged into his outer ring.

Lavigny grinned, as he began to finger fuck Leidner’s whole. “Arf,Arf,” Leidner barked again as he wiggled his beefy muscled butt hole on Lavigny’s finger. “Wait till you feel my dick boy,” Lavigny said. “You won’t be able to get enough of it!” Leidner whimpered as he revelled in Lavigny’s finger job in his rump. Encouragingly “My dick up your shit maker will be fantastic.” Said Lavigny encouragingly, Leidner whimpered again as Lavigny’s digital penetration turned him.

Lavigny took his thumb away and slowly inserted his massive dick up the agent’s butt. As he got half way in Leidner’s body quaked, and he let out a low bark. “Relax boy I know you can take it.” Lavigny cooed as he grabbed Leidner pushed his dick in some more.” Lavigny felt Leidner’s whole relax. He pushed fully in. Leidner howled in dismay. “Your ass is getting seeded, boy.” Lavigny grunted. In his mixed up mind Leidner accept what was happening to him. Lavigny suppressed an urge to laugh. He began to fuck harder and faster as the taller man under him squirmed and bucked.

Leidner howled, when suddenly Lavigny’s cock hit the sweet spot of Leidner’s prostate. Leidner whimpered as the massaging of Lavigny’s dick triggered an erection for him. “Seeded like the dog in heat, you are, huh,” Lavigny whispered to the dazed young agent as he ploughed him over and over still rubbing that spot in Leidner’s gut that further released a cascade of arousal through the young agent’s body. Leidner barked in reply as his brain processed the erotic thrills of his suggested new role. “You are a dog in heat,” Lavigny continued. “It’s what you crave, right!”

“Arf,Arf,” Leidner howled in obedience as his dog mentality kicked in as it was programmed to do on Lavigny’s command. The former macho agent spread his muscular legs and stroked his meat too. A huge grin came to Lavigny. Fucking take my cum you dog,” Lavigny yelled as he spurted up Leidner’s chute. “Ahhhh…ahhh…aaahhhwwhhoooo,” Leidner howled as he became a dog mentally forever.

Leidner erupted as well sending a spurt of cum to the floor. ““Good dog,” Lavigny said AHHHWWWHHOOOO!” Barked Leidner, Lavigny finished filling Leidner with his Spunk. “Bowwow,” Leidner barked as he lost consciousness, falling face first into his own sticky spunk. Lavigny climbed off Leidner. “I’m going to repeat this breakthrough over and over again, on you, you arrogant bastard.” In a month’s time, when I’m done with you; you’ll permanent connect man on man arousal with being a dog. In fact your brain will think you always were!”

By the end of the month Leidner had been firmly & permanently broken and reprogrammed. Leidner had been permanently reprogrammed to act like a dog for the rest of his life.

“Good boy!” Lavigny smiled as he stood in his office, staring down at the dog collared young hunk that was naked & on all fours looking up at his ‘master’. Lavigny patted the now fully submissive Leidner’s hairless head. “You deserve a reward. How about I let you suck my cock.” Lavigny stated as he pulled out his cock and waved it in front of the young guy’s eyes. “Here doggie!” He commanded as if Leidner was his pet dog. “Come suck on my boner!” A look of sheer bliss came across Leidner’s face.

“Arf…arf…arf…arf…bowwow…bowwow...bowwow…bowow,” Leidner barked knowing how it pleased his master when he did this. He crawled up closer to his master with his tongue hanging out. The formerly straight homophobic hunk licked his full lips and took Lavigny’s monster down his throat. As he sucked he wiggled his bubbled butt in glee for Lavigny’s amusement, the tailed butt-plug in Leidner’s arse wiggled as well. He loved being the smaller man’s pet pooch and acted as such whenever he was called ‘Good boy’ or ‘Dog’.

“Ah yeah good dog!” Lavigny sighed as he felt himself getting aroused. “You big arrogant straight muscle guys make the best cock suckers. After I cum let’s get you ready for shipment.” Soon the office echoed with Lavigny’s gasps, as he erupted which was followed by the slurping sounds as the once macho agent gobbled up every drop of Lavigny’s seed.

Lavigny pulled his spent and softening cock out of Leidner’s mouth, he looked up and saw McDowell standing in the doorway; he’d seen everything. Lavigny smiled at him, “Have we heard from Control Central, about the thirteen Agents in Leidner’s department that he sold out to us, during his ‘Psycho-debriefing’?” Lavigny smirked as he tucked his cock back into his pants.

“Yes, Sire!” Came the reply, “All thirteen have been located, and our ‘man’ on the inside was arranged ‘Psycho-debriefing’ for all of them here. All of them will be here with in the next two to three weeks. Lavigny nodded his head, and pointed at Leidner, “Oh, and prepare our friend here for shipment, will you?” Lavigny said the smirk still on his face! “Sire.” Came the reply as McDowell turned as left the office.