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Teenager Dreams

Why, Hello. Back again? Can’t get enough of my stories. I’m starting to think your stalking me.

Well, this weeks journey takes place in the heartland of America. As I “posed” as a sexual education teacher at Fairview High. I haven’t been around so much young flesh in a long time. Well, time to mold some young minds. Walking to my home room, I walked in on a bunch of these students and I almost gagged. What a bunch of dumbasses. How can you warp the mind of those who fucked to begin with? Although there are a couple of hotties in the group. Now which one to single out for her future in my mansion. I began by calling out their names in her registration booklet. .


One of the male teenagers looked up at me.

What was your previous teacher telling you about?

Aaaaaa, well Miss, she was telling us about sexual harassment in the work force.

I see, what chapters?

6 through 8, Miss.

Thanks, Lets see, your almost done this section. Lets discus what you have learned. You there!

Pointing to one of few hot ones, she had butt long, brown hair, petite, glasses, and had nice small pert breasts.

Yes Miss Skye?

Tell us what sexual harassment is.

Sexual harassment is the making of unwanted or offensive sexual advances, towards employers, co-workers, or colleagues. Also sexually offensive remarks or acts, especially by one in a superior or supervisory position or when acquiescence to such behavior is a condition of continued employment, promotion, or satisfactory evaluation.

Very good,

Damn, I think this ones a little too smart for me. Maybe I should get two of them to act out an scenario?

You and you, act out this scenario.

Giving one of the scripts to a very short harried blonde girl, who had perky breasts, and a high ass. Thinking to myself, she could be acceptable. I think her name was Ashley.

They acted the skit. The boy made sexual reverences about her ass and breasts. Grabbed her ass and said to her that she would get a raise if she came in with no bra on. Taking a look around at the class, I noticed a gorgeous red head with big breasts, and a perfect hourglass figure, with her hand up.


What did he do wrong?

The whole class looked at her.

What? My mother says that, that is what the work place is like. She also says go with the flow. What ever that means?

Tell me what is your name again?

Cherry Ryan.

Bingo! I found my next slave. Maybe this neck lace does have luck in it after all.

Ummmm, Cherry, there are laws that govern certain behaviors in the work force, and those laws have to be enforced.

Cherry’s face had an expression of confusion and puzzlement.

Then how do you get anything from your bosses?

Jest then the bell rings and the kids start to leave.

Remember chapter 9 is to be read and do all the questions. Ashley could you stay behind?

Sure Miss Sky.

She pulls a chair to my the front of my desk.

Did that skit make you a little uncomfortable.

No it didn’t, I knew it was jest for fun.

Ok, I see, I see, Tell me what do you think of this neck lace?

Pulling the necklace from in-between my two huge mammary glands. Ashley’s face became blank and lifeless. Damn I love this.

Go lock the door and close the blinds!

With out a word she rose from her chair and walked over to the door (click) and the windows.

Come sit on my lap.

Ashley complied and walked over to my lap.

That’s a good girl, now tell me the history of Cherry.

She’s a stupid, whore. She’s failing every class, and a lot of guys and girls have tricked her into have sex.

You don’t like her very much do you.

No, my ex fucked her one night while I was away.

Raising my hands to her bra, I begin to unhook it.

Why do you think that was?

She has big boobs, dumb as a post, and can’t keep her legs shut.

I begin to grope her perky breasts and they expanded.

You want big boobs.

I want big boobs.

Rubbing them for a few minutes, I got them to become respectful C’s. Standing her up, I continued with my commands.

Get naked!

She started to strip for me, showing me that she had a hard body. Ashley must run or be part of the track team.

Good, Good, now I want you to wear these!

After conjuring up a few sets of slutty clothing, I passed her the thongs to Ashley first. As she tried to put them on, which where two sizes too small. I couldn’t help but notice that it didn’t cover anything at all. Next a push up bra, with two elastic bands at the base of the breasts. Also the breasts are bare, there are no cup holders. Alright the skirt, its loose and short, a perfect combination for her. Every time she bends down, she’ll expose her tight ass to every body in sight. Oh yeah, the shirt! This is super important. I made it out of spandex and very tight to show off her little pink nipples.

Excellent, now when you are in my presence, you will become hot and horny. When I speak to you, your nipples will become stiff and erect. Thus increase your horniness. When I say wipe, you will reenter this state and await further commands. When I say order you’ll leave this state and follow my commands!


I turned Ashley a round and patted her on her butt as I spoke,

I want you to come back tomorrow for a few more sets of cloths.


Now its time for you to go home. But remember what I have said and follow.

Ashley went towards the door and didn’t speak until she took the first step out. I sat back in my chair and lifted up my skirt. Slowly teasing my clit, I began to masturbate. ooh this time I’ve hit the jackpot. Two young tender sluts for the price of 1. I’m so wet and horny. Inserting three fingers into my waiting twat and my nipples. So swollen, so erect. Its only a matter of time now until my plans come into full circle.

Over a period of two weeks, I continued to fail Cherry in class and continued to make Ashley my slave. She’s pretty good now. I’ve taught her how to please me every-which-way. Also I programed into her how to do cook, clean, and how to wear 8 inch heels. So I’ve decided to make her my maid. I think Cherry will make a good partner for Ashley. But right now another round of failures and time for some fun.

Cherry, I need to talk with you after class.

About what Miss Sky.

We’ll discus that in private.

Shortly afterwards the bell rang, and Cherry sat in front of my desk.

I’m sure you know why you’re here.

No, actually I don’t have a clue.

Ok, Mmm, DO you realize that your failing this and every other class your in?

Yep, but its ok.

Oh, whys that?

My mother usually takes care of it.

What does your mother have to do with this?

My teachers call her and she goes over to their houses. Stays out all week-end and when she comes back she’s so tired.

Tell me Cherry, how would you like to go to collage?

I would love too. But I can’t really afford it.

That’s no problem, I’m a agent for The University of Hard Knockers. But we have a problem with your grades.

Please I’ll do anything. I want to be the first child in my family to enter collage. Please.

Mmm, there’s something you can do.

What, what?

Put on this uniform.

I handed her over a skimpy cheerleader out fit. I looked into her eyes and realized that she may question this.

Oh, right, We want you to be part of our cheerleaders. This is a little bigger than usual, so you could see what you look like in it.

Cherry got undressed in front of me, and I pulled out my necklace. Jiggling it close to her face, her eyes moved instantly right towards it.



Her eyes started to film over and enter my trance.

From now on Cherry, you will call me mistress.

Yes Mistress.

Good girl. Your going to be my cheerleader. Your will is going, your mind is disappearing. Your old life is now gone and replaced by a better life. A simpler life. One free from choice, thought, boredom, and freedom. Now meaning lives in your life. The only meaning in life is to serve me and my purpose. Free thoughts bring pain, terrible, terrible pain. To be free of pain is to submit fully and willingly.

Yes Mistress.

Mmmmm, your sooo cute. Shall we get you ready to meet mother.

I passed her a corset first. As she tries to fit into it, I increase the size of her large breasts to make an even bigger pair. Now time for her to wear the uniform. A very tight, and revealing cheerleading uniform.

Now do a cheer.

I didn’t pay attention to the words she was saying but I notice her chest. Perfect was the only thought that came into mind. Up, down, jiggle, jiggle, bounce. All the time her nipples where hardening and stiffening. The skirt was working its magic too. Catching glimpses of her naked pussy and ass.


Cherry did as she was commanded. Sweat was running down her forehead and collected on the tip of her nose. She was breathing heavily as I walked up behind her and placed my right hand on the back of her head. Gently pushing forward, Cherry bent at the waist. Thus she displayed that robust ass to me. Conjuring a large dildo, a Harness and some liquid hot lubrication. After applying a large amount of lubrication onto her pussy and my fake prick, I slipped it into her ass. Cherry was not an anal virgin. My fake cock should have been at least 2 inches wider.

Moan for me Cherry!

OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I love it mistress. Please mistress harder.

Harder you want, harder you get.

Grabbing both sides Cherry hips, I increased my thrusting. The room was filled with the cries of Cherry and the scent of orgasms. Cherry began to tire out and became limp. Now All I had to do was install my last commands and we’ll see her slutty mother.

Cherry, darling, from now on, you’ll be horny. No matter the time or the day, no matter how many orgasms you have, you’ll always be horny.

Yes mistress.

Good girl, now straighten up and get ready to see your mother.

Thank you mistress. I love you.

I know.

We embrace each other in a kiss and I slide my hand down her slender body to pat cherry on the butt. We hoped you enjoyed my new adventure please cum with me again when I train Cherry’s mom.