The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

There’s Somthing in the Water

By Rawly Rawls

Chapter 12

Nine months was a long time to wait for experimental results. Especially when one had just spent years and years crossing interstellar distances. Axcix looked over the adjustments she’d made a while back. Four months was a more reasonable waiting period. It wasn’t an easy task to alter gestation rates. Especially for a complex species. But Axcix felt she’d been more than equal to the task.

* * *

Linda leaned over the toilet and heaved again. It had been like this for several days. She’d wake up before anyone else and throw up for a while. Between that, and her swelling belly, it seemed like David might have succeeded in breeding her. Except, of course, it was too early for her to show. So maybe it was just something she ate. Linda retched again. Or maybe not.

After a while, she felt better and stood up. She rinsed her mouth out a good long while at the sink and wandered into her bedroom on shaky legs past her snoring husband. Poor William. So sweet and so clueless. At least she’d given him a little sex over the past few months. If this was pregnancy, she’d be able to give William a plausible tale of fatherhood.

Linda shuddered as she opened the door and slipped out into the hall. She opened David’s door and locked it behind her. They had a couple hours until William usually woke up, more than enough time for a little mother-son time.

“Davey, I see you’re already hard, sweetheart.” It was true, his penis stood proud under the covers as he slept on his back. Getting no response, Linda lifted the covers and crawled underneath. The smell was pungent and divine under there. It smelled of raw teenager. She shivered in anticipation. “Davey.” She moved in between his legs and nuzzled those overripe balls. Her hands went up to the shaft and stroked slowly. She breathed in his scent over and over.

“Mom?” David opened his eyes. His room was still dark. “What time is it?” No one took care of him the way his mother did. His whole body surged with pleasure.

“It’s … early … Davey,” Linda said between licks of his scrotum. She climbed up his lean body and straddled his pole. “It’s going to be another beautiful day.” She sighed, the blanket still covering her head, and sank down, feeling that long gadget spear her completely. She rocked her hips gently.

“Mom?” David looked down at the lump of blanket humping him. It still blew his mind, thinking about his little mother moving like a harlot on his dick. He lifted up the blanket and put it over his head so that they shared the same confined space. He could smell her wetness under there.

“Yes, sweetie?” Linda sped up her hips. She was already going to cum.

“I want to do Ms. Gonzalez.” He grabbed her ample hips. “Can I?”

“Yeeessss …” Linda shook all over and buried her face in David’s broad chest. Her fingernails dug into his skin. When she recovered, she lifted herself back up and bounced up and down on his long shaft. “If you’re a good boy … and you fill me up … ooooohhhh … this morning … I’ll let you have her … when you get home from school.” Linda’s face contorted as she came again.

“Thanks, Mom.” David watched the dark shadows of his mom’s boobs bounce in counter-elliptical paths. It was mesmerizing. Ten minutes later, he flooded her pregnant pussy with cum.

* * *

There was a knock on Roy’s door. “Roy, you slob, have you seen Mom?”

“Don’t be a bitch, Annie.” Roy stopped his hips and rested his fat, sweaty belly on his mom’s swelling tummy. He put his right hand over her mouth to keep her from crying out with his sister right outside. “I haven’t seen her. She’s probably in the shower or something.” He looked down at his mom’s wide, brown eyes and smiled. “Mom gets so dirty, Annie.”

“Ugh, you are so gross.” Annie gave one last whack at the door. “I’m going to school now, later loser.” Her loud footsteps descended the stairs and then she was gone.

Roy took his hand off Amanda’s mouth and grabbed one of her large boobs. The nipple was darker than usual. His hips resumed thrusting.

“Be … nice … to your … uuuuhhhhh … sister.” Amanda’s toes pointed straight up in the air and her hands moved around on Roy’s back, flexing her fingers with pleasure.

“Hey, Mom.” Roy ignored her request. “I’ve got … a question.” He was now hammering her with long powerful strokes. With his dad and sister out of the house, he didn’t have to try and be quiet. His bed squealed in protest and the mattress sunk down every time he lowered all his weight onto her hips. “Are you having my … baby?” He wiped sweat from his forehead.

“Ooohhhhh … Roy … I think so. It’s not your … father’s.” Amanda grunted, putty in her son’s hands.

“Sweeeet.” Roy slapped at her right boob. “You’re going to have so many grandkids, Mom. And I bet you’ll pop out the first one. Yeehaw. You’re my bitch now, Mom.” He withdrew from her pussy and lined his dick up with her anus.

“No Roy.” Amanda made little fists and beat at his back to get his attention. “My wedding ring’s in my butt. If you … do that. We’ll lose it.”

“Oh, yeah.” Roy raised his dick and slipped it back into her pussy. He reached under her and grabbed her wide ass. He humped into her with all his might.

“Thank you, Roy. Oh, thank …” The first hot splash of cum filled her vagina and the euphoria swept any further thoughts out of Amanda’s pretty head. She howled as her son seeded her before school.

* * *

“I found your ring while cleaning the bathroom yesterday.” Susy stepped back from the stove and reached into the pocket on her apron. She pulled out the sparkling wedding ring and held it up for her daughter to see.

“Oh, that’s where that went to.” Sally walked over to Susy and took the ring from her mother’s hand. “Where’s Pat?”

“Still sleeping. He’s been sneaking off to see that harlot of a girlfriend. She tires him out.” Susy moved back to the stove and picked up the spatula. The smell of hash browns and bacon filled the room. “And your father left for work a little while ago. Sit down, Sally, I’ll have some breakfast ready for you in a minute.”

“Sure, Mom.” Sally didn’t make eye contact. She felt very uncomfortable for forgetting Jack’s ring. Especially after getting her eighteen-year-old brother off, twice. Even worse, she had an image in her mind that kept playing over and over. It was what she thought her mother’s mouth might have looked like when she wrapped those pink lips around Patrick’s fat cock. She pulled out one of the kitchen chairs, tucked her dress under her, and sat down.

“So, daughter of mine.” Susy eyed Sally as she sat at the table. Her daughter slipped the ring back onto her finger. “Our husbands expect more of us than misplaced rings without a second thought. What if I hadn’t found it? What if you went home to Jack without those beautiful diamonds on your finger? I’m sure he’d be very upset.”

“You’re one to talk.” Sally’s brow furrowed and her lips pressed into a thin line. “You did it, too.”

“I’ve never lost my ring, sugar.” Susy used the spatula to remove the hash browns and bacon from their pans and neatly placed the food on a white plate. “Your father wouldn’t hear of it if that happened.”

“You know what I’m talking about.” Sally looked up as Susy delivered the plate in front of her.

“I really don’t.” Susy raised an eyebrow. She’d managed to push her untoward actions with Patrick to the back of her mind. Denial could be a powerful tool. And she had no idea that her daughter had heard her sloppily sucking her son the other night. She really didn’t know what Sally was talking about.

“Never mind.” Sally felt bad for her father, but she was just as guilty as her mother. She didn’t have a leg to stand on. She picked up a fork and pushed a hash brown on her plate. “I’ll be more careful.”

“That’s good, sugar.” Susy turned and walked to the refrigerator. “Would you like some juice?”

“Yes, please.” Sally felt herself pulled in a million directions. Her family’s actions were out of control. She should run home and away from there. Get back to Jack. But she didn’t want to leave Patrick. She wanted to spend at least a little more time with her brother. Maybe she could even meet this new girlfriend of his. Normal sisterly thoughts vied in her brain with strange perversions. She didn’t know what to do so she ate her breakfast in silence. To make matters even worse, it seemed that her clothes were a bit tight on her. Was she gaining weight?

* * *

David and Patrick passed Roy in the hall and nobody made eye contact. When Roy was long passed, David leaned down to his friend. “What a slob.”

“He’s always been a slob.” Patrick looked up and tried to smile. The three friends had been together for years, it was difficult to have Roy split the way he had.

“Yeah, but not like that.” Patrick offered a faint smile back. “Hair a mess, shirt untucked, sweater torn. He looks like a beatnik.”

“Forget him.” Patrick looked up as the bell rang signaling next class. “Are you busy … with … um … you know … your mom … after school?” They stopped in the hall as students rushed by.

“We did it this morning.” David leaned in closer and whispered. “She said I could do it with the new houseguest afterschool.” His smile broadened. “You find that meteor yet?”

“Well, um …” Patrick stammered.

“You got sidetracked with your detective girlfriend, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” Patrick nodded.

“Just enjoy it, man.” David clapped Patrick on the shoulder. “We’re living the dream.”

“Some dreams turn into nightmares.” Patrick’s smile left his face.

“Not this one.” David gave him a nod and walked into class.

Patrick followed, a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth.

* * *

Roy, with complete nonchalance, walked into Caroline Rodgers’s chemistry class. “The principal wants to see you, Mrs. Rodgers.”

The energy in the class leapt a level as several conversations sprung up among the students.

“Quiet class. Hello … Mr. Ackerman.” Caroline’s round cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink. She pushed her blonde hair behind her shoulders. “Did he say to what this is pertaining?”

Roy shrugged.

“Okay.” Caroline pointed to the front row. “Chrissy, you lead the class on a review of Chapter 13. I’ll be back in few minutes.” She gave the class a stern gaze. “Mind Chrissy, class. She’s in charge until I get back.” With that she smoothed out her blouse, stepped out of the classroom, and followed Roy down the hall. They stopped outside the freshman math classroom. “This isn’t the principal’s office,” Caroline whispered. She looked around, but the halls were empty.

“Shit, did you think that was real?” Roy chuckled to himself. “Go in there and tell Mrs. Bennett that she has to come with you.”

“Why?” Caroline looked down at the slovenly eighteen-year-old and felt butterflies in her stomach.

“Do I have to spell it out for you.” Roy talked to her like she was a misbehaving child.

“I won’t.” Caroline shook her head.

“Hey, everyone.” Roy called loudly down the empty hall. “I’ve got a teacher here trying to—”

Caroline put a shaking hand over Roy’s mouth. “Fine, I’ll do it. But how?”

“Make something up.” Roy shrugged again. He watched Caroline take a deep breath and walk into the room. The class all turned to watch her as she entered. She said a few things to Fiona Bennett, and then Fiona said something to the class. The two women walked back to the door. Roy was quite interested in Fiona. She was an older teacher, and recently she’d lost most of her gray hair, some of her wrinkles, and slimmed down considerably. All but her breasts, which had gone in the opposite direction. Roy wanted to see what she looked like under those smart swing dresses she always wore. Her now mostly-brown hair was back in a tight braid.

Caroline led Fiona out of the classroom. “I let her know that the principal put you in charge of the drill in the …”

“Art room.” Roy nodded and smiled. “There’s no one in the art room this period.” He led them down the hall doing jumping jacks the whole way.

“Are you sure about this?” Fiona looked over at the younger teacher. She thought Caroline looked quite nervous about something. “This is quite …” She looked at the fat kid exercising in front of them as they walked. “… unusual.”

“Yes, it’s a drill.” Caroline lowered her blue eyes.

The two teachers and the student entered the art room. There were wide tables all about, some stacked with large sheets of paper. Everything else had been put away.

Fiona went to turn on the lights.

“No lights.” Roy ambled over to her and moved her hand from the switch. He then reached down and locked the door.

“What’s going on?” Fiona’s thoughts drifted as the sweaty, disgusting kid touched her. There was the most wonderful scent in that room. She hadn’t remembered smelling it there any time before. A warmth spread out from her vagina and she felt most peculiar.

“Mrs. Bennett’s a nice lady, Roy.” Caroline’s knees trembled as she watched the pivotal moment. “Don’t do this.”

“Mrs. Rodgers, kindly take off Mrs. Bennett’s clothes.” Roy unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to his ankles.

“What’s happening, Caroline?” Fiona looked to the taller blonde teacher with confusion in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Fiona.” Caroline stepped over to her and unbuttoned Fiona’s blouse. “But you will feel things you never thought possible.” She pulled the blouse off, folded it, and placed it on a nearby table. “You’ll love it. I promise.” Caroline then bent at the knees and pulled down the woman’s skirt. She helped Fiona step out of it and then placed it with the blouse.

“I need … I need …” Fiona’s nostrils flared.

“I knew it, look at that body. You’ve got one classy chassis, Mrs. Bennett.” Roy looked the teacher up and down as she stood in her supportive bra and panties, heels still on her feet. “I’ll show you what you need.” Roy lowered his underwear and his massive erection flopped into the open. The dark, almost black, knobby head looked very angry.

“I’ve never seen anything …” Fiona’s large breasts rose and fell and she struggled for breath. “… like that.”

“Help her out, Mrs. Rodgers.” Roy winked at Caroline.

“Okay, Roy.” Caroline put one hand on the back of Fiona’s head and one hand on the delicate curve at the small of her back. She gently pushed Fiona onto her knees in front of Roy. “He likes it when you put one hand on the shaft and the other on one of his testicles. You know … while you’re sucking.”

“I’ve never done this for my husband.” Fiona stared at the precum oozing out of the head. “And even if I had …” She felt gentle pressure on her braid and her head moved forward until the penis touched her lips and rubbed against her cheek. Sparks exploded before her eyes and euphoric lightning shot through her nerves. She needed more.

Five minutes later, Caroline sat on a nearby table, her skirt up around her hips and her panties pushed to the side. Without shame, she stroked her blonde pussy as she watched the older teacher slobber on Roy’s monster. Caroline’s mouth hung open. It seems Fiona could follow instructions, even in new enterprises. The old woman, who looked remarkable for her age, slid her left hand up and down the shaft, while she massaged Roy’s right ball with her right hand. Caroline looked at the diamond ring gliding along that veiny cock and thought about all the faithful decades Fiona had just defenestrated.

“What do you … think, Mrs. Rodgers, should I … cum on her face?” Roy breathed hard with his hands on his hips and looked over at his pretty chemistry teacher.

“Yes,” Caroline squeaked. Her left hand moved quickly, a blur on her engorged clit. She gave Roy a slight nod with her head.

“Mmmmmpppphhhhhhh?” Fiona had never even considered such a filthy thing. He would ejaculate on her face? What well of depravity had she stumbled down? Minutes ago, she stood primly in her classroom, teaching math to freshman. Now, she slurped at a perversely large penis and waited to be defiled. And she couldn’t stop it.

“Here … it … comes … Mrs. Bennett.” Roy pulled his dick from her mouth, slapped her cheek with it, and then let loose inches from her face. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.”

There was no time for the disgust she expected. The second the first drop of sperm hit Fiona’s nose, she experienced the most blindingly pure pleasure. She fell to the floor and writhed as the eighteen-year-old boy coated her with his seed. She was only dimly aware of Caroline and Roy talking as she coasted on her high.

“Amazing.” Roy jerked out the last few sprays of cum. “Get her up … and bend her … over the table,” he panted.

“Okay, Roy.” Caroline had just had her own orgasm watching Fiona submit to the fat teenager. She slid off the table and grabbed Fiona under her arms, careful not to get Roy’s cum on her own clothes. She pulled Fiona to her feet and bent down to remove her panties. Fiona leaned against the table with vacant eyes, offering no resistance. Caroline reached behind Fiona and unclasped her bra. It fell to the floor revealing a pair of large, round boobs. There were stretch marks at the top, and some sagging, but those did not seem like the breasts of an older woman. “Alright, Fiona. Get ready.” Caroline maneuvered the teacher and bent her down over the art table. The woman’s bare boobs pressed into the Formica and the cum on her face began to drip onto the tabletop.

“Say goodbye to your old pussy, Mrs. Bennett.” Roy giggled, stepped up behind her, and rubbed her slick vaginal lips with the head of his dick.

“Wait.” Fiona looked to her left at Caroline, the focus had returned some to her eyes. “We can’t let him—” The long dick unlocked something deep inside her as it slipped in and spread her out. “Oooooohhhhhh nnnnnoooooooo.” It was like discovering the Fibonacci sequence for the first time. So beautiful, and so obviously the way nature had intended things. Fiona braced herself against the table as the fat boy pistoned in and out of her vagina. She could feel his chubby stomach slapping against her butt.

“Go on, Roy.” Caroline stared at the mating couple. Her right hand massaged her boob through her blouse. “Make her yours. Claim her.” She didn’t know where those words came from. How could she cheer on the fall of this once dignified woman? “Slap her butt.”

“You slap her butt, Mrs. Rodgers.” Roy moved his left hand to give Caroline access to the wobbling left butt cheek. He held firmly to Fiona’s right hip with his other hand.

“Okay.” Caroline brought her hand down with a smack on the pale, jiggling flesh.

“Oh,” Fiona said.

“You’re his now, Fiona.” She slapped the butt again and left an indelible red handprint. “You’re ours now.”

“That’s teamwork, Mrs. Rodgers.” Roy put his left hand back on Fiona’s hip. The large room filled with the sounds of smacking skin and the loud squelching of Fiona’s wet pussy. “Now give me a boob, Mrs. Rodgers.”

“Yes.” Caroline hurriedly unbuttoned the top of her blouse and pulled her left boob out of her bra. She held it up to Roy’s waiting mouth. “Yeeeesssssss.” Caroline sighed as he rolled her nipple with his tongue.

Roy took his mouth off the pink nipple. “Thanks. That’s enough.” He slapped at her exposed boob and watched it wobble, and then looked down to the woman squealing on the table. That shaking ass was truly terrific. “Give her … some encouragement … Mrs. Rodgers.”

“Okay, Roy.” Caroline leaned down on the table, her boobs pressing against the cool Formica, and looked into the older teacher’s brown eyes. “You’re doing great, Fiona. Everything is different now. You’ll want to fight it, but don’t. It’ll be better if you just accept him.”

“So … aaaahhhhh … deeeeeep.” Fiona’s mouth hung open and her pupils didn’t seem like they wanted to focus. The expression on the once composed woman’s face was somewhere between shock and ecstasy. “My … hussssbbbb …”

“Your husband never did this for you?” Caroline nodded, still keeping her face close to Fiona’s. “I know how surprised you must be at what sex is really like. Especially after all these years. How long have you been married?” It was hard for Caroline to make eye contact with her colleague as Fiona’s head jolted forward with every thrust she absorbed.

“Thirty … two … years …” Sweat dripped down Fiona’s face. The way she squealed sounded almost like a pig. Decidedly unladylike.

“And what’s your husband’s name?” Caroline reached for Fiona’s left hand on the table and squeezed it with her hand.

“B … B … B …” Fiona couldn’t get her husband’s name out. A surge of electricity rushed through her and she realized she was having another orgasm.

“She’s already … forgotten … his name.” Roy grunted. “You’re mine now … Mrs. Bennett.” Roy’s balls churned. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh.”

Just as Fiona came down from her orgasm, she was rocketed off again by the rapture of hot cum splashing inside her. Her head flopped side to side, her braid coming undone. The sounds that came out of her mouth were completely inhuman.

“Wow.” Caroline watched Fiona take Roy’s load deep inside and marveled at what had become of the woman. Caroline wondered if she was still fertile. Would Roy plant his baby inside her? She suspected he would.

A few minutes later, Caroline purred as Roy slid his cock into her waiting pussy. She sat up on the table next to the still panting Fiona. Caroline’s skirt was around her waist and her panties dangled from one ankle. “Take me, Roy.” Caroline put her hands behind his head and ran her fingers through his short, messy brown hair.

“You want … uh … uh … uh … that baby, Mrs. Rodgers?” Roy grabbed on to the tits that still spilled over her blouse and used them to pull Caroline back and forth on his dick.

“Yes … ooooohhhhhh … yes. Put that baby … inside me.” Caroline shrieked out the words. This fat, hung student used her however he liked. And that was perfection.

“A … baby?” Fiona struggled for breath, looking at the Formica right in front of her eyes. She’d spent her whole life living by a set of rules and making sure those in her charge did as well. She turned her gaze to her left where the couple humped liked heathens and realized that all society’s norms lay shattered around her. She felt the boy’s sperm drip down between her legs, and she knew that the moral code that bound them had been much weaker than she’d ever imagined. Soon, she saw the young blonde wife cry out and willingly accept sperm in a place that was the rightful property of her husband.

“Take … my … baby …” Roy jammed his cock all the way inside Caroline and felt her pussy clench around him.

Minutes later, Fiona’s bare knees were pressed into the cold tile of the art room floor. All she wore were her high heels. She looked up at the long, thick monster before her with frightened eyes. He’d already released himself three times. How was he still hard? What sort of abomination was this?

“Clean off my dick, Mrs. Bennett.” Roy looked down at the white frothy mess that covered his pole, leftover cum and secretions from two married women. This was the life. “You too, Mrs. Rodgers. Let’s clean up before we go.”

“Really?” Fiona’s voice was shaky. She leaned forward and with a reluctant frown on her face licked her way up the shaft. Her eyelids fluttered and little sparks shot across her vision. The salty mess tasted divine. The frown disappeared and she greedily licked and sucked.

“Oh, Roy. Why do you have to push us so far?” Caroline dropped to her knees and helped Fiona with her task. She started by stretching her tongue out and removing dried cum on Roy’s right testicle.

“That’s good, ladies.” Roy looked down at the women so dutifully slobbering all over his gadget. Both had their eyes focused on their work. In the future he’d make them look up at him while they did this. “That’s good. Now, Mrs. Rodgers, you need to clean off Mrs. Bennett before we leave. And hurry.” Roy looked up at the clock. “We only have a few minutes before the bell rings.”

At this request, Caroline balked. She looked at Fiona sitting next to her and could see the dried cum on her face, breasts, and even her back.

“It’s okay, Caroline.” Fiona looked at the floor, defeated. “Go ahead.”

And so, Caroline crawled over to the other woman and licked the cum off her. She started with her face, then moved to her back, and finished with those ponderous breasts. She could feel Fiona shivering the whole time Caroline’s tongue was on her. There was nothing to be done about the cum in Fiona’s hair, so Caroline left that as it was. When she was done, Caroline pushed her own boobs back into their bra and buttoned up her blouse. She then stood Fiona up and dressed her as quickly as she could.

When the women looked over at Roy, they could see he’d put his penis away and was beckoning them to the door.

Roy opened the door a crack and peered out. “The coast is clear, hurry.” Roy slipped out into the hall.

The teachers followed him. Instead of going back to class, all three rushed out the back door and into the parking lot.

“Looking forward to next time, Mrs. Bennett.” Roy called after Fiona as she walked hurriedly away from them to her car. She didn’t acknowledge him. Roy turned to Caroline who was busy walking as fast as her heels would allow toward her automobile. “Hey, can I have a ride?”

“Sure, Roy. Hurry before someone sees you.” Caroline opened the door to her car and slid behind the driver’s wheel. She slammed the door behind her.

“Great.” Roy got in the passenger’s seat and they sped out of the lot.

When Fiona got home, she paused a long time in the hall, looking at a photo of her family. As long as no one found out, everything was still fine. Her sweet, pot-bellied husband and her two grown children would never know. She could put the incident behind her. She then called the school and told them she’d suddenly fallen ill and had to go home. She hated lying, but sometimes it was the lesser of two evils.

When Caroline got home, she didn’t stop and stare at any family pictures. Even though, as she entered the front door, there was a fine photograph of her, her husband, and her in-laws at the park. Instead, she forcefully returned Roy’s kiss and reached into his pants to hold that steel rod of a cock.

They discarded their clothes as they moved down the hallway, groping each other the whole way. Her husband would be at work for many more hours, so they had time.

A little later, Roy had her bent over her kitchen table as she called the school’s office to explain her early departure. The school secretary thought it very odd that Caroline hadn’t checked out when she left school, but she did admit that Caroline sounded awful. The secretary didn’t know that was because, at that moment, she had Roy’s massive tool jammed up her butt.

When Roy finished with Caroline, the orange afternoon sun cast long shadows across Portsmith’s streets. Roy whistled to himself as he strolled home.

* * *

Agent Stuart Mills oversaw the unloading of food and bottled water from the flatbed trucks. He directed his detail to put the radio receivers and the bulkier transmitters up in one of the second-floor rooms. They’d booked five rooms at the hotel for an indefinite stay in Portsmith.

The letter Stuart had received from Agent Reynolds had been cryptic, and distressing. When they arrived in town, they’d discovered it had been several days since anyone had seen Dr. Cobb, the agents, or the rest of the team.

The mission was clear. Find the team and locate any hostile foreign entities. Stuart watched his men and women unload in the long afternoon shadows and scowled. He’d never assembled a crew with so many women before. Dr. Cobb’s info had highlighted the importance of a woman’s natural immunity to the phenomenon. Stuart hoped she was right, and hoped these women were up to the task.

It was a big job at that. He could feel it in his bones. Commies. It had to be fucking commies. Well, they’d get to the bottom of it and send those pinkies off with their tails between their legs.

* * *

The hours between when he got home from school and before his father returned from work were David’s favorite part of the day. Naked, on his brother’s bed, he plowed his mom’s pussy from behind. She was naked too, on all fours, grunting and gripping tight onto the sheets. On either side of her lay Olivia and Wendy on their backs. The women had their shoulders tilted and their heads under Linda’s rocking boobs. Both Olivia and Wendy gulped down the sweetest milk from Linda’s dark nipples.

“Can I … cum inside Miss Gonzalez, Mom?” David held firmly onto Linda’s hips.

“You’ll … ohhhh … have to ask … her.” Linda pushed her butt back against every thrust.

“Hey, Miss Gonzalez … want my baby?” David looked down to his right. He could see Wendy’s curly black hair move as she shook her head under his mom’s right boob. Maybe he could get her to change her mind. “Sorry, Mom.” David pulled out of his mom’s pussy and climbed off the bed. He reached down and took Wendy’s dark hand in his and pulled her to her feet next to him. He looked down at the short woman, with her black nipples, and brown curves. She was breathtaking. “I bet this is new for you.”

“It’s all new.” A dribble of white milk ran down Wendy’s chin. Her brown eyes widened as the tall teenager lifted her into the air and flipped her upside down.

David spread her legs on either side of his head and looked down at her dark pussy lips and the pink underneath. He buried his face in her pussy and dove his tongue between her folds.

“Ooooohhhhhhh.” Wendy had learned a bit about cunnilingus from the other women in the Riles house, but that had been nothing like being suspended upside down and aggressively eaten out. She grabbed onto David’s mammoth cock just to have something to hold onto.

“My word, Davey.” Linda looked up at her conqueror of a son. She now lay on her back with Olivia sucking on her left boob. “You’re an animal, aren’t you?”

Olivia looked up at the scene, too, as she lapped milk. Her eyes wide.

After a few minutes of readying Wendy for the coming invasion, David flipped her right side up, facing away from him. He put his hands on the bottoms of her thighs and lowered her so that his dick nuzzled up against her pussy. “Put it in, Miss Gonzalez.”

Wendy nodded, reached down, and guided the thing inside her. There had been so many twisted firsts for Wendy in the last few days, but feeling that monster gadget slowly fill her while looking down at the two women below her was not a moment to forget. “Goodness … you’re in my belly.”

“How … about a baby … now?” David bounced her up and down with long, fluid strokes, his dick supporting a surprising amount of her suspended weight.

“Nooooo,” Wendy whispered.

“Okay.” David continued his onslaught. He enjoyed the way her little brown feet bounced helplessly out to the sides. Eventually, he tired some and lowered her down to the bed on her knees. He stayed firmly inside her and reached around and grabbed her breasts. They were larger than before, he thought. He pulled her up to him so that her hair was right below his chin and pounded away some more. He watched Linda’s boobs shake as the bed bumped up against the wall with every slam into her pussy.

“So deeeeep.” Wendy grunted, and sobbed, and shook through several orgasms.

“Now ask her, Davey.” Linda could tell her son was close to his own orgasm.

“Want … my … baby?” David wanted nothing more than to let go inside her.

“Yeeeeeessssss.” Wendy bucked back against him. Her rapture spilled over as hot cum filled her pussy. Her eyes rolled back and she took every drop.

When David was done, he released her and let her flop down on the bed. “I’ve got more.” He panted, his erection not in any way diminished. “What do you say, Miss Green?”

Olivia nodded her head and crawled into position, presenting her ass high in the air for him. She let out a shriek as David entered her pussy and then gritted her teeth. She lived for pleasure now. Only pleasure.

* * *

“It’s not safe for you here, Mark.” Donna paced next to the hotel bed, her arms folded over her chest. “You should go.”

“We should go, you mean.” Mark sat on the bed with his legs crossed. He’d left his shirt unbuttoned and his bowtie hung over one shoulder. He never bothered to tie it anymore. “Am I not correct, my lady?”

“No.” Donna unconsciously adjusted her glasses, but didn’t look at her husband. She paced seven steps, watching a spot on the wall, turned, and paced back, watching a spot on the opposite wall. She did this over and over. “There’s important work to be done in Portsmith, Mark.”

“I see.” Mark raised an eyebrow. He hadn’t been called my lord in several days. Clearly, something was bothering his wife. “We don’t need to risk our lives for this, Donna.”

“We’ll be fine.” She glanced his way and the briefest smile flitted across her freckled face. “This is something I need to do. We have to get to the bottom of this.”

“Well, then. I admire your commitment and I, of course, trust you completely.” Mark stood and put his hands on his wife’s shoulders, stopping her pacing. “I will need to take the automobile if I am to go.” He looked her in the eyes, searching.

“That’s fine, Mark, I’ll figure something out.” Donna kissed him on the rough stubble covering his cheek. She watched him turn and pack his suitcase.

When Mark had packed, he tied his bowtie in the mirror, grabbed the car keys, and straightened his suit jacket. “All set.” He flipped on his fedora and went to the door. “Maintain constant contact, Donna. I will worry every moment we’re apart.” He put his hand on the doorknob.

“I will.” Donna walked up to him, gave him another peck on the cheek, and stepped back.

Neither moved for several beats.

“Goodbye, now.” Donna waved and smiled.

“It seems …” Mark gritted his teeth. “That now that I have resolved to make my departure, I cannot go.”

“What do you mean?” Worry lines formed on Donna’s forehead.

“Something … some malevolent force, maybe, has stayed my hand, and shackled my feet with invisible bonds.” Mark’s breathing came more shallow. He grunted with effort but could not bring himself to open the hotel room door.

“It’s okay, Mark.” Donna stepped up to him and loosened his grip on the door with her fingers. She had him put down the suitcase and guided him back to the bed.

“This is quite distressing, my love.” Mark sat down. His mind seemed suddenly in a fog.

“Oh, sweetheart.” Donna took the keys from his hand. She wouldn’t need the car immediately, but best to hold on to them. “You relax here and I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Mark nodded and watched silently as his wife exited the room.

Donna felt for her poor husband. She’d find a way to get him out of town. But at the moment, she had butterflies in her stomach as she walked across the hotel to the room she’d reserved for her regular time with her boyfriend. School was out and Patrick should be riding his bicycle her way at that very moment. She wanted nothing more than to welcome the teenager with wide open legs.