The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

There’s Somthing in the Water

By Rawly Rawls

Chapter 13

The school bell rang and Donna’s hands trembled on the steering wheel. The anticipation of spreading her legs for her young boyfriend sent a surge of adrenaline through her. She adjusted her glasses and watched the high school empty out. She needed Patrick to fill her. Her life revolved around the hours each day they writhed together in their own little hotel room.

“Over here, Pat.” Donna leaned forward and waved through the open window. She could see his smiling face as he jogged over. She sat up and looked at herself in the rearview mirror. She liked what she saw. Her hair was perfectly coifed and her makeup expertly applied. She knew she wouldn’t look quite so put together later that afternoon. Patrick had taken lately to forcing his monster cock down her throat, and that tended to make her mascara run.

Patrick bent at the waist and gawked at Danna through the open window. She was so breathtakingly pretty. “My lady.”

“My lord.” Donna beckoned him into the car. “Get in, Pat. I can’t wait to get you all to myself.” They hadn’t made any pretense at solving Portsmith’s mysteries for over a week. Their mutual need was just too strong.

“Me too.” Pat opened the door, climbed into the passenger seat, and closed it behind him. He tossed his backpack into the back seat. “My mom’s out shopping, my sister’s visiting a friend, and my dad’s at work.”

“So?” Donna put the automobile in gear and drove away from the curb toward the hotel.

“So, I was thinking. We never get to do it at my house.” Patrick adjusted his glasses and watched her pretty freckled face as she concentrated on driving. “I want to do it in my parents’ room. We’ll have the house to ourselves all afternoon.”

“Oh, Pat.” Donna shook her head and a slight smile curved her red lips. “You’re so bad.” She took the next right and drove toward Patrick’s house.

* * *

“You’re … so … deeeeeep.” Donna sat on Patrick’s lap with her feet over his shoulders. The pair had recently tried all sorts of new sex positions. Donna found that with Patrick’s youthful exuberance, lithe body, and long cock they could do all sorts of wonderfully perverted things she’d never been able to do with Mark. She held onto Patrick’s narrow shoulders, her body bent, with her round boobs pressed into, and spilling around, her thighs.

“I’m going to … uh … uh … uh … cum again.” Patrick had his legs crossed and he sat upright on his parents’ bed. He was completely naked but for his glasses. Before they started, he had put a beach towel under them. That was a sound decision as sweat and cum from both of them now stained the towel, but hopefully not the sheets below. His fingers pressed into her thighs and he helped her bounce. “Where do you … want it?”

“Fill me up … my lord … fill me all the way up.” Donna squealed as the teenager released inside her. Doubled over as she was, he had spectacular access to her depths. She rode that magnificent high that Patrick’s cum always gave her. Nothing else in life came close to that feeling. When she came back down to Earth, she was still in his lap with her feet over his shoulders. “I … could … feel it all the way … in my belly.” She let go of his shoulders and leaned her head back on the mattress.

A voice by the door startled Donna and Patrick.

“What in heavens are you doing, Pat?” Susy stood in the doorway, her eyes and mouth wide in shock. She held a hand up to her ample bosom, clutching at her white housedress. “With that tramp … in my bed … and that smell … it’s so …” Unconsciously, she reached to her collar with both hands and began unbuttoning her dress.

“Mom …” Patrick scooted back and away from Donna. His long dick slowly slid out of her until it sprung free with a plop. There was all sorts of frothy cum and pussy juice covering his blueish dickhead. His dick didn’t deflate one bit as he sat there. “… I can explain. You see …” But there was no explaining this. He scrambled off the bed and got to his feet. He looked into his mom’s brown eyes and he could see that telltale vacant look. Oh no, his sweat was twisting her mind. He tried to cover his manhood with his hands.

“You can’t keep doing this, Pat.” Susy unbuttoned her dress down to her navel and kept going. Her cleavage peaked out from inside her bullet bra. “What would your father say?”

“He’d say … um … that I’m a man?” Patrick glanced at Donna. “Sweat,” he whispered to his girlfriend.

“Go for it,” Donna whispered back. She reached for her glasses on the nightstand and put them on. She then stretched out on her side on the bed and propped her head up with her hand. She should have been mortified at being discovered in the midst of her affair by her teenage boyfriend’s mother. But she was still dreamy from the last orgasm, and she was more than curious to see what would happen next. Cum leaked out of her and dribbled down her pale thigh to the towel below.

“Dad wants me to be a man.” Patrick folded his arms over his thin chest, inadvertently exposing himself to his mother again. He saw his mother’s gaze fall to his dick and fix itself there.

“Oh, we all know you’re a man now, Pat.” Susy finished unbuttoning her dress and dropped it to the floor. She stood before them in her white bra and panties. “You’re a man with a trollop.” She waved her hand in Donna’s direction. “She doesn’t even have the decency to cover herself up.” Susy pulled her eyes away from Patrick’s penis and looked over the shapely woman lying on her bed. She was quite a sight, Susy had to admit. “And on my bed. How could you, Pat?” She looked back at Patrick’s raging erection and took a step toward him.

“Mom, there’s something you should know about our sweat.” Patrick’s brain moved slowly. The curvy woman approaching him clouded his thoughts. He stole another quick look at Donna and she nodded at him with encouragement. He had her approval for whatever was about to happen. “There was a meteor and—”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Susy reached behind her, undid her bra, and let it fall to the floor.

“Wow, Mom. They’re perfect.” Patrick looked at those massive tits with their dark nipples and then he looked back up to her face. Her high cheekbones, dainty nose, and cleft chin were all perfect. Every inch of her was perfect. “What … um … are you going to do?”

“I’m going to satisfy you with my hands.” Susy stepped up next to her son and circled his dick with her fingers. “If I satisfy you, you won’t need her anymore.” She nodded at the redheaded woman leaking cum on her bed.

“I love her, Mom.”

“It’s puppy love, she doesn’t love you back.” Susy’s hand’s slid along the veiny monster.

“I do love him, Mrs. Lannit.” That was the first time Donna had admitted it out loud.

Both Susy and Patrick looked over at her.

“Really?” Patrick hadn’t expected the first time a woman professed her love for him he’d have his dick in his mother’s hands. “I love you so much, Donna.”

“I know. You tell me all the time.” Donna nodded and watched the spectacle. “If you really want to win him back, Mrs. Lannit, you’ll need to take him in your mouth.”

“You’re crazy.” Susy looked down at the woman with a frown and then brought her focus back to the monster in her hands. “Your juice is all over him. That’s disgusting. I’d never.”

Five minutes later, Susy found herself on her knees in front of Patrick, lovingly licking and sucking on his penis. It was clean now. Somehow, she’d cleaned the whole thing. Even his balls had no secretions but Susy’s saliva on them. It was degrading to be doing what she was doing in front of that trollop, and in only her heels and panties, but the redheaded tutor was right. She needed to go the extra mile to win her son back.

“I know your son, Mrs. Lannit. He isn’t even close.” Donna sat up cross-legged on the bed, still with only her glasses on. She leaned forward as she watched, her nipples just brushing her knees. “You’re going to have to do more.” Donna had always been so quiet and reserved with other people, but seeing this haughty woman fall to her own son really changed things.

“What else is there?” Susy said between licks. She looked at the blue veins running the length of the penis before her.

Donna giggled. She was really enjoying this. The woman would give it all up in a matter of minutes. “You could satisfy him with your breasts. But that won’t be enough. I think you know what it’s going to take.”

Patrick looked over at Donna and mouthed the words I love you.

It’s okay, Donna mouthed back. I want this. I love you, too.

Susy was too busy sucking on one of Patrick’s balls to notice the back and forth between the lovers. She spit the ball out of her mouth and took a deep breath. “I couldn’t do that to my husband.” She looked over at Donna, sitting on the bed Susy shared with Fred. Why was she seeking this hussy’s guidance? Susy didn’t really understand what was happening, but she felt caught up in the force of the moment, like a leaf on a current.

“I love my husband, too.” Donna nodded. “But they don’t ever need to know.”

“You’re right.” Susy let go of Patrick’s penis and stood up. She shimmied out of her panties, revealing the dark triangle of hair between her legs. “How do you want me, Pat?” Her breasts rose and fell with short breaths and her heart beat like a drum in her chest.

“You mean?” Patrick’s dick gave a jump as he realized what Susy was about to give him.

“Yes.” Susy nodded and slipped off her heels. She didn’t make eye contact with either person.

“Could you … could you get on your back, Mom?” Patrick watched her round butt and wide hips as Susy nodded and turned away from him.

“Be gentle, Pat.” Susy stepped over to the bed and flopped down and rolled onto her back. She had never been this wet before.

Donna scooted away to give them some room, but still sat on the bed watching closely. She was off the beach towel now, but maybe the cum was done dripping from her vagina.

“The towel, Mom.” Patrick climbed onto the bed and reached for the towel. He pulled the towel toward Susy and she lifted her hips off the bed so he could slide it under her. Patrick then spread his mom’s shapely legs to the sides. He reached down and slid a finger into her warm pussy. There was so much pussy juice that his hand was coated in the stuff. “Wow.”

Susy looked down past her breasts as they hung to either side, and past her belly, down to the spot that had been reserved for Fred and Fred only. Good heavens, she was about to give her vagina to her only son. At that moment, she thought about what her life would have been like if she had given birth to a third daughter instead of a son. Susy was sure she wouldn’t have been on her bed, spreading her legs, at that very moment.

“I love you, Mom.” Patrick took his dick in his hand and lined the blue head up at her opening.

“I love you too, sugar.” Susy stared at that blue head about to spear her.

Donna held her breath.

“I can’t believe I came out of here.” Patrick slipped the head in with a plop.

Susy’s back arched and she pressed her brown hair into the mattress. Her hands gripped the sheet and towel tightly on either side of her hips. “This is how much I love you, Pat. I’d do anything for you.”

“You’re the best, Mom.” Patrick slid his dick slowly in and listened to his mom mew like a distressed kitten. “I know it’s the sweat. But I don’t care.” He slid more and more into her. When he was all the way in, Susy convulsed, throwing her head side to side. Her first orgasm and he hadn’t even started pumping yet.

“She’s yours now, Pat.” Donna licked her lips. What sort of mystery made such things possible? In all their travels, she and Mark had never seen anything remotely like this. If she believed in God, she might have attributed the miracle to Him. This was biblical. But of course, that was preposterous. Donna rocked on the mattress as Patrick pumped his mother with long, slow strokes.

“Oh, Pat … ooohhhhhh … Pat … you’re going to turn me inside out with … that thing.” Susy shuddered through another orgasm. Her sweet boy took hold of her ankles and held them by her ears. She was completely exposed and helpless.

“This is the best … uh … uh … uh …” Patrick’s hips sped up and he really slammed into her. He bounced Susy’s body off the mattress with every smashing downstroke. “We’re going to … do this … all the time … Mom.”

“Noooooooooo.” Susy orgasmed again. She’d only meant to tempt him away from his girlfriend, but as the electricity surged through her nerves, she realized that had never made much sense. Underneath it all, she just wanted to give the boy what he needed. It dawned on her that she was jealous of the redheaded tutor. Especially because they were about the same age. She wanted to give Patrick everything that any other woman could give him. She was his mother after all. She needed to make him happy.

Donna’s hand slithered its way to her cum-soaked vagina and rubbed her clit. Oh, the things they were going to do to Susy Lannit. Her own orgasm rapidly approached.

Twenty minutes later, Patrick trembled and his teeth clenched. His body fatigued, but he was almost at the finish line. “I’m ready …”

“No, sugar.” Susy looked up at his lean frame with vacant eyes. She could see his thin muscles tense with every thrust. “We don’t have … a condom.”

“Take it Mrs. Lannit.” Donna rocked as the mattress shook with Patrick’s efforts. Her large breasts rolled back and forth in front of her. “You need to take it inside.”

“Yes.” Susy turned her head and looked at the woman. She was right. Susy needed to take it all inside her. “Go … ahead.” She looked back up at Pat. “I’m yours … Pat … whatever you want.”

“Uh … uh … uh … mine.” Patrick let go of her ankles and grabbed her rocking tits. He leaned forward and mashed his mouth against hers. Their tongues met. He was making out with his mom and about to unload in her. All while his amazing girlfriend watched. He thanked his lucky stars for that meteor. He broke the kiss and looked down at his mother’s twisted face. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.” Patrick screamed out his orgasm and flooded his mom’s pussy.

Susy shrieked and experienced the most ecstatic moment of her life. She was completely subsumed by the power of her son’s cum as the heat of it spread through her womb.

Minutes later, Patrick gave Susy one last kiss on the lips and pulled out of her. He looked down at her gaping pussy as it leaked cum.

“That’s four times today, and there’s still so much.” Donna leaned closer to get a look at Susy’s destroyed vagina. It was an amazing sight.

Susy looked over at Donna and blinked her eyes slowly. “I can’t replace you. You’re not going anywhere, are you?”

Donna smiled back at her and shook her head.

“That was so great, Mom.” Patrick leaned forward and rested his cheek against Susy’s sweaty right breast. His hard dick pressed into her belly.

“He’s going to keep doing both of us, isn’t he?” Susy raised her left hand and ran her fingers through Patrick’s messy hair. Her wedding ring glinted in the afternoon light pouring in through the bedroom windows.

Donna nodded.

“One more time, before Dad gets home.” Patrick reached down between them and slipped his dick inside Susy again. He pumped gently at first.

“But … you already … did it … four times … today.” Susy knew about teenage stamina, but Patrick was incredible. His heavy balls slapped against her butt. How much did he have in there?

“One … more ... time, Mom.”

And Patrick took his mother to lofty orgasmic heights again. Her shrieks filled the quiet house. She took another load inside again. When they were done, the three of them crammed into the shower. Susy found her attitude shifted. She was polite to Donna. She was thankful to the other woman for facilitating the most amazing experience of her life. She didn’t even call her a trollop or a harlot or any other names as they dried off and dressed.

They all agreed on secrecy and then sent Donna back to her clueless husband. Patrick and Susy stood at the front door as Donna drove off. Patrick waved with his right hand and placed his left hand squarely on his mom’s round butt. His usually stern mother didn’t reprimand him at all.

* * *

Over the next few days, Patrick and Susy constantly humped. They did it in Donna’s hotel room with Donna watching. They did it at home when Sally and Fred were out. They even snuck into the basement in the middle of the night where the rest of the family couldn’t hear them.

Susy made a few weak protests about condoms, but quickly gave up. She wanted to make her boy happy and, it turns out, she’d do anything to make that happen. She even watched in fascination as Patrick and Donna mated. After her initial reluctance faded, her only worry was that the rest of her family would find out.

* * *

Sunday morning arrived and the Lannit family ran late for church. “Fred, dear, are you ready?” Susy called upstairs.

“Almost ready.” Fred called back down.

“Sally, are you coming?” Susy shouted.

“I’m here, Mom.” Sally stepped into the kitchen in a splendid Sunday dress. “You look nice.” Sally eyed her mother’s shapely figure in her own tasteful church outfit. Susy looked quite decorous in her swing dress. Her mother’s dangling earrings glittered almost as bright as her smile when she saw Sally.

“You look wonderful too, sugar.” Susy envied her daughter’s trim figure. She looked Sally up and down and frowned. Maybe not as trim as she used to be. The dress did look a little tight on her. Maybe her extended stay at home wasn’t the best thing for Sally. Maybe Susy should serve her less bacon and hash browns in the morning.

“I’m here.” Patrick jogged into the kitchen adjusting his tie.

“And now I’m here too.” Fred followed him in.

“Wonderful.” Susy looped her arm in her husband’s arm. She looked up at him, very proud to have snared such a handsome, dashing husband. She then frowned when she thought about what she’d done behind his back that week. She was torn between the two main men in her life and it seemed Patrick was winning the race. “Let’s hope they don’t start the service without us.”

* * *

Across town, Pastor Neilson began with the invocation.

Amanda sat in the pews, with her husband, Nathaniel, on one side and Roy to the other. Her daughter, Annie, sat just on the other side of Nathaniel. Father and daughter clasped their hands in their laps and concentrated on the pulpit. Roy kept pawing at Amanda’s leg. She slapped his wayward hands away. Amanda tried to concentrate on Pastor Neilson’s words but her thoughts kept returning to her growing belly. Was she really sitting like a proper lady in church with her son’s baby inside her?

Pussy was all Roy could think about. He didn’t want to wait until after church. He just wanted to mess with his mom’s pussy a little right there. He finally got his hand past her defenses and under her skirt. He looked around. No one seemed to notice anything. He wiggled a finger under her panties and found her lips already wet. He could just barely hear her soft, plaintive moan as his finger moved inside her. Again, no one else seemed to notice.

This was too much. Amanda tried to keep her composure, but soon her hips wiggled a little on their own and sweat broke out on her forehead.

Pheromones wafted through the large room. Soon, all the young men in the place were fighting with erections, and the older men’s eyes went vacant. Pastor Neilson stopped mid-sentence and repeated “Christ is watching,” again and again.

Amanda looked around and saw mothers kissing sons, brothers fondling sisters, and all sorts of perversions in the pews. Thank goodness the children were doing Sunday school in a completely different part of the church. She leaned her head back and shrieked out an orgasm as Roy frigged her vagina with his fingers.

“Mom?” Annie looked past her comatose father to see her mother writhing with her brother’s hand clearly between her legs. “What are you doing?” She shook her father. “Dad, Dad, wake up. Look what they’re doing.”

Nathaniel didn’t respond to his daughter.

“Mom,” Roy said as bedlam broke loose in the church. They could hear the blissful cries of women and the deep grunts of men all around them. “You know she’ll tell Dad when he wakes up. I have to take her.”

“Yeessss.” Amanda came down from her orgasm. She nodded, stood, took her daughter’s hand, and pulled her in close. “Annie, darling. This is the only way.” She spun them around. She could see Roy already had his hideous, glorious penis out in the open. Amanda lifted up her trembling teenager’s dress, pulled her panties aside, and pushed her down onto Roy’s lap. “Heaven help us, you can never tell your father.”

“What are you doing? This is so—aaahhhhhh.” Annie cried out as Roy entered her. “Get that thing … oooohhhh … out of me. You’re in so much trouble … when Dad wakes up.”

“Get used to it, Annie.” Roy looked up at his mom who was watching them with her mouth agape. “Get her dress and bra off. I want to see titties.”

“Oh, Roy.” Amanda nodded and bent down. She turned her daughter’s face toward her and could see the fight had already gone out of her. Annie’s eyes had a vacant, distant look. Her hips bounced quite willingly on her twin’s long dick. “How can I deny you, Roy?” She unzipped and pulled Annie’s dress down to her waist, she then unclasped her bra and dropped it in her comatose husband’s lap. She looked down at Nathaniel. “I sure hope you don’t wake up anytime soon.” He just stared blankly ahead. Amanda looked back at her copulating children, tuning out the rest of the insanity going on around her in the church. She sat next to them in the pew, reached her hand under her dress, and watched her daughter’s eighteen-year-old breasts bounce.

“Nice tits, dummy.” Roy’s eyes went from the vacant look in his sister’s eyes, down to her bouncing boobs. They were smaller than Roy was used to but had a lovely round shape and puffy pink nipples. “This your first time?”

“Noooooo,” Annie whispered.

“Your dumb boyfriend?” Roy reached around her and grabbed her trim ass through her rumpled dress. He forced her to quicken the pace.

“Yes.” Annie nodded, her brown hair flying about.

“He fuck you like this?” Roy tightened his grip on her ass. He wanted to see what else was happening around him, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his bitchy sister losing herself on his dick.

“Oh, God nnnnooooooo.” Annie’s eyes rolled upward and she shook her way through her first orgasm. Her hips stopped and she pushed down to get her brother as deep as possible. That was very deep indeed. When her orgasm subsided, she looked over Roy’s shoulder and could clearly see Mrs. Rollins riding her son a few pews back. Depravity unfurled everywhere she looked. For some reason, that spurred her on and her hips rocketed off again, bouncing her up and down. “What’s … happening?”

“You’re gonna … have my baby. That’s what.” Roy gave Annie’s shaking boobs several sloppy licks. “And here … it … comes …”

“No, no, no, no,” Annie chanted. “Nnnnooooooooooo.” Annie’s womb filled with heat and her mind completely left her as the electricity of an earth-shattering orgasm ran through her. The last cogent thought she had was that she was hooked. Nothing in her short life had ever felt remotely like taking her brother’s cum inside her. She needed more.

Amanda’s own orgasm approached as she watched her daughter take Roy’s load deep inside her. Her gaze went around the room. There was Linda Riles riding her tall son’s gadget. Next to them, in the aisle, Mrs. Forestal’s nineteen-year-old nephew plowed into her from behind. Everywhere she looked it was copulation. In the pews, on the floor, everywhere. And any man over twenty-five just sat mute and dumb, as if nothing was happening. She looked back at her daughter and was at least glad that Annie seemed to be enjoying her brother’s penis so much. The siblings now kissed deeply as she rode him.

* * *

The Lannits parked their car in the church parking lot and got out. The four of them walked across the asphalt in the bright morning sunshine. As they neared the church, Fred suddenly stopped walking.

“What is it, Fred?” Susy looked over at her husband. “Oh, no, I think he’s having one of his spells again.” Susy smiled over at her daughter. “Sally, we’re already late. Would you be a dear and take him back to the car? He’s done this a few times recently, and it takes him a little while to recover. He’ll be fine once it’s over. Get him comfortable and then come meet us inside. We’ll save a seat for you.”

“Sure, Mom.” Sally nodded and put her hand on her father’s back. She turned him and guided him back across the parking lot. Something smelled delightful. It reminded Sally of her time with Patrick in the shower. Suddenly, Sally was quite wet and had to waddle a little as she walked in her kitten heels.

“There you go, Dad.” Sally tucked him into the back seat of the car and rolled down the windows for him.

Fred stared at the seat in front of him with a blank expression.

“Come in when you’re ready,” Sally said and she turned back to the church.

* * *

In her lake outside town, Axcix turned to live data. Something of interest had started in one of the communal buildings the dominant species frequented. She patched into the feed and sorted through the events. Of course, a chain reaction. She should have expected this. One, sparking the next, sparking the next. It was inevitable, and mostly harmless. She watched the rampant copulation with mild interest.

* * *

Linda got off her son’s long cock and stood next to another mating couple in the aisle. Cum leaked down her legs under her dress. She smiled down at David and took a deep breath. She turned to her houseguests. Olivia straddled Wendy and the two locked lips as Olivia gyrated on top of the darker woman. “Your turn Olivia. Now for a new baptism in the sanctified presence of Him.” She grabbed Olivia’s shoulders and pulled her off her roommate. She then guided the young fiancée onto her son’s lap, lifted her dress, and slipped his long cock into her.

Olivia immediately let out a long shriek and rocked her hips. She looked down at the smiling teenager and tried to remember what her fiancé looked like. She couldn’t even picture Robert’s face.

“Come on Wendy, no need for you to feel left out. We are all serving Him here.” Linda lovingly rubbed the cross hanging from her wrist. “You’ll have your turn in a bit. Until then, let’s make some use of you.” She pulled Wendy down onto the floor behind Olivia’s shaking ass. Linda pulled up Olivia’s dress. “Let me help you.” She then took a fist full of Wendy’s black hair and pushed her face down to David’s heavy balls. “Clean him off, sweetie.”

Wendy could only do as she was asked. She looked up and saw Olivia’s shaking butt as her roommate took long, powerful thrusts on the monster cock. Olivia’s panties were pushed to the side and Wendy could see her pick butthole and the tight ring Olivia’s pussy formed around the shaft. Wendy darted out her tongue and licked at David’s rough balls. She spasmed as the ecstasy of his drying cum hit her. She then greedily cleaned off the rest of his seed and sucked on one ball and then the other.

“That’s good, Wendy.” Linda watched these women that she’d brought home serve her son in church. She thrilled at her part in His plan. Of course, the town would fornicate in God’s house. This was the most proper place for a baptism after all. She looked at her husband who was sitting a little farther down the pew and staring off into space and felt sorry for him that he missed out on this communion. But then again, it was probably for the best. William wouldn’t understand.

* * *

Sally, with her panties wet, waddled back across the parking lot and stopped when she noticed a nearby car rocking back and forth. She stepped closer and looked in. Her jaw dropped. In the back seat, with her bare feet up in the air, Mrs. Crabtree was getting her pussy pulverized by her son, Mike. Sally knew Mike. He’d been a quiet type one year behind her in school. She turned away in shock and moved faster toward the church.

Once in the vestibule, Sally stopped dead in her tracks. A cacophony of grunting, shrieking, and shouts filled her ears and echoed out of the nave. What on Earth? She took a few uncertain steps and then nearly fainted when she found her brother and mother.

Susy faced away from Sally in the doorway to the nave. She was down on her hands and knees with her dress hiked up over her round butt. Susy’s whole body shook as Patrick took her hard from behind. “I … told … you, Pat. We … shouldn’t … be doing this here,” Susy grunted with each deep stroke.

Sally’s hand went to her mouth. If they shouldn’t be doing it in church, did that mean Susy thought they should be doing it elsewhere? How had this happened? The whole town would soon know how depraved the Lannits were. How could they do this in front of everyone?

“I … can’t … stop, Mom. I just … have to … have you.” Patrick gripped the flesh at the top of his mom’s ass with his small fingers. His glasses sat crooked on his face. He still had his jacket and tie on, but his pants were around his ankles.

“How?” Sally whispered to herself. How had the sanctuary of church so failed them all? How did Patrick’s massive cock even fit inside their mother?

Sally almost ran out of the church and fled all the way back to her loving Jack waiting far away at home. But instead, she lifted her dress, moved her panties to the side, and got down on all fours next to her mother. She looked back at her brother over her shoulder. “Me too, Pat.” This would put her marriage in jeopardy, but she didn’t care. She didn’t even care about all the people in church. She then looked into the nave and saw that it didn’t matter. The lust-filled insanity pervaded the entire building. Sex was rampant among the pews. It took Sally’s breath away.

Susy looked to her right with lust filled eyes. Her head jerked forward with each thrust she absorbed. “You too … Sally?”

“Yes.” Sally nodded. There was no more to say.

Patrick pulled out of his mother, scooted to his right and slipped into his sister’s wet pussy. “Oh, Sally. You’re … so tight.”

“Give it … uh … uh … to me.” Sally gazed into the nave and watched as the most faithful of Portsmith’s citizens gave into their animal selves. Even the Pastor’s wife had her head buried between some woman’s thighs. The older men simply sat and ignored the beastly behavior. Even the pastor, who still stood facing his congregation, seemed not to see the evil under his nose.

“Can … uh … uh … uh … I …?” Patrick sped up his hips.

“Yes … Pat … spray it … inside me.” Sally looked back at her brother, her pale blue eyes wide and expectant. Her freckled face twisted in pleasure.

“Wait.” Susy, still next to them on her hands and knees looked up at her son. His sweet face now looked positively demonic. “She’ll get pregnant. You can’t.”

“Sorry.” Patrick slammed home and held himself deep in his sister’s pussy. “Sorry, sorry, soooorrrryyyyyyy.” He released inside her.

Sally’s ecstatic scream added to the cacophony inside the church. She knew she would allow her little brother access to her pussy whenever he wanted it. He had mastered her. When her mind floated back down from space, Patrick was no longer inside her. He was back inside their mother. Sally leaned back and sat on her butt. She watched with wide eyes as Patrick rode Susy hard from behind. Somehow Sally had taken the full length inside her and her mother did the same. Sally wasn’t sure how, but the Lannit women could accommodate a giant cock, it seemed.

“Are you … going to … fill me again?” Susy looked down at the carpet, not wanting to meet anyone’s eyes.

“Yeah, Mom.” Patrick felt himself in a frenzy. He needed to spread as much cum as he could between these two women. He could see in the church where his buddy David was pounding a dark-skinned woman David had bent over one of the pews. One of his houseguests, Patrick guessed. He could also see Roy drop his sister to the floor and stalk down the main aisle. Pretty soon the fat slob had the pastor’s wife bouncing on his dick and screaming out in joy. Patrick felt bad for her, but he was powerless. At least Patrick focused his sexual gifts on the women he loved. And not, like Roy, despoiling the first skirt that happened by.

“Mom, he’s about to do it inside you.” Sally watched her little brother with awe. For such a skinny eighteen-year-old, he moved with raw power. It would take something powerful, Sally mussed, to get Susy Lannit to so willingly give up her pussy. She’d always known her mother to be strict, moral, and self-composed.

“I knnnooooowwwwwwww.” Susy convulsed as her insides bathed in Patrick’s seed.

After a minute, Patrick recovered and switched back to his sister and took her from behind again. Ten minutes later, he unloaded a second time inside her.

As the three Lannits staggered out of the church, many continued the bacchanal behind them.

Susy drove them home. Patrick’s cum leaked out her pussy, through her panties, and onto the inside of her Sunday dress. Sally sat next to her. Patrick, his eyes down, sat in the back next to his nonresponsive father.

“No one mentions any of this to your father.” Susy gave a stern look to Sally and looked at Patrick in the review mirror.

“Yes, Mom.” Sally and Patrick mumbled at the same time. Neither looked anywhere but down.

“And we’ll never speak of it again.” Susy turned her eyes back to the road, her knuckles white on the steering wheel. “Understood?”

Both children mumbled their assent.

“I don’t want you two doing it again, either.” Susy frowned. “Never again. Is that clear?”

Brother and sister nodded, but they both noticed that Susy hadn’t said anything about mother and son not doing it again. That was conspicuous. They both knew she couldn’t stop giving Patrick her pussy.

They drove the rest of the way home in silence.

Fred didn’t recover for a few hours and by then they were all home and showered. They told him he’d fallen asleep on the way over, which he readily believed. Mostly because he’d had the strangest nightmare of watching churchgoing folks staggering across a parking lot. Some of them humping each other like animals out in the broad daylight. His dreams had been so strange lately.