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There’s Somthing in the Water

Chapter 2

Cool morning sunlight streamed through Patrick’s open bedroom window. He stretched, climbed out of bed, and walked over to the window. Was this still a dream? He wasn’t sure. Patrick opened the window and let the cold air blow in.

Clothes were so constricting. Patrick pulled off his pajama tops, bottoms, and underwear. He stood in the middle of his room, letting his new equipment hang free. The air felt so good on his naked body. He looked between his skinny legs at his soft monster and dangling balls. My goodness, he’d really put on a lot of mass down there. The rest of his body hadn’t changed, just his gadgets. This had to be a dream. There’s no way his little dick could really have grown like it had in such a short time. This was all a dream, he thought. He rubbed at his eyes.

The smell of bacon floated up from the kitchen below. Without thinking, Patrick walked to his door, opened it, and strode downstairs. In a dream, naked didn’t matter.

Susy was busy at the sink when her son walked into the kitchen.

“Morning, Mom.” Patrick moved over to a cabinet and pulled out a glass. Even in a dream, he was always so thirsty.

“Morning, sugar.” Susy kept her eyes on the dish and sponge in her hands. The hem of her blue housedress swished around her calves as she vigorously scrubbed. That bacon smelled so good. She couldn’t wait to eat breakfast. She’d woken up especially hungry this morning.

“Where’s Dad?” Patrick stepped a few paces behind his mother, waiting to get some water from the sink. He admired her wide hips. Susy’s round butt jiggled, just a bit, as she worked. The mom of his dreams was so full and curvy.

“He’s in the living room, reading the paper.” Susy put the dish in the rack next to the sink and grabbed a dishtowel. While drying her hands, she turned to properly greet her youngest. “I’ve got bacon going, you don’t have much time before school. What are you …?” Susy got a look at her son and the towel fell from her hands. Her mouth hung open. Her scrawny son stood before her, wearing only his thick-rimmed glasses. Her gaze fell down his body. She hadn’t seen him naked in years. “Goodness, gracious, Pat.” His penis was obscenely huge hanging between his pale legs. The monster swung a little back and forth as Patrick tapped his foot, waiting for his mom to leave the sink.

“Mom, can I get some water? I’m really thirsty.” Patrick eyed his mom’s massive boobs hiding inside her dress. He could stare, because this was all just a dream. After he’d taken them in, he looked up into her wide brown eyes and saw the shock registered there. That’s when he realized he’d been parading around the house completely naked. This wasn’t a dream. He dropped the glass to the linoleum floor and it hit with a loud thud. Thankfully it didn’t break. He moved his hands over his dick to hide it from his mom. His real and angry mom. No dream.

“Is everything okay in there?” Fred called from the living room.

“Get upstairs and get dressed this instant.” Susy whispered. “What if your father saw you?” Her jaw tightened and she pointed toward the stairs. “Everything’s fine, dear.” Susy shouted to the living room. “I just dropped a glass.”

“Sorry, Mom. I just—” Patrick couldn’t believe he’d done this in front of the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Go, now,” Susy hissed. She watched her son turn and run out of the kitchen, hands covering his nethers the whole way. His alabaster butt looked so skinny and frail, naked as it was. He disappeared up the stairs and Susy shook her head. Boys were such odd ducks. Even at eighteen, Patrick was still surprising her. She turned back to the sink and began working on the next dish. She’d just forget about the whole thing.

As she tried to let her mind wander, the image of that large dangling penis kept creeping into her brain. Where had Patrick gotten it from? Certainly not his father.

* * *

Axcix let out a hiss. The data on prolonged quasi-dream cycles was not good. The dominant species lived life too close to its dreams. Quasi-dreams had caused several of her potential mating pairs to step back from their congress. Very well, she would abandon the protocol for now.

It was not all bad news in her research. Axcix was pleased to note that several mating pairs had progressed to daily coupling. This would lead to conception. She had a few minor alterations that might make the process a richer field for her data.

* * *

Roy sat at the kitchen table eating some Sugar Smacks. The cereal box stood next to his bowl and he eyed the clown illustration. It was creepy. Like really creepy. Someday people were going to realize that clowns were dreadful. He brought the spoon up to his mouth and munched on another bite of the cereal. But it did taste good. He scooted his chair in a little further so he’d spill less as he shoveled breakfast down his gullet. His pudgy belly pushed up against the edge of the table.

“I’m off to work, Roy. Where’s your mother?” Nathaniel Ackerman walked into the kitchen with suit, hat, and tie perfectly adjusted. He regarded his son.

“Helping Annie with her hair, I think.” Roy looked up at his dad. Maybe someday he’d cut the same trim, dashing figure as his father.

“Well, I’m off.” Nathaniel walked over to the front hall and picked up his briefcase. “Tell her bye for me.” With a nod, he walked down the hall, out the front door, and to his waiting automobile.

“Bye, Dad,” Roy said to the empty space where his father had been.

Roy poured himself another bowl and ate in silence.

“Hello, sweat hog.” Roy’s sister Annie skipped through the kitchen and into the front hall. “How’s your day?”

“You’re gonna be early for the bus, Annie.” Roy watched his sister prance by with that smug smile on her curved lips. She wore a poodle dress and tight blouse that showed off her budding titties. Their mother had braided her hair in pigtails.

“Remember, unlike some people around here, I have friends. Carla’s picking me up with her wheels.” Annie gave him a wink.

“I have friends.” Roy’s brow furrowed. “Why are you always such a bitch?”

“Now, Roy. Oh my, gosh.” Their mother Amada walked into the kitchen, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders, her dark eyes fixed on Roy with the severity of a mother wronged by a good child. “Apologize to your sister at once.”

“She started it.” Roy looked up at his mom, she wasn’t tall, but she was imposing when angry.

“Roy.” Amanda put her hands on her hips. Her green dress didn’t fit her quite right, it was bunched in the chest and the hips. She looked like a woman trying to wear girls’ clothes.

Roy looked back at his sister and sighed.

Annie pouted, her bottom lip quivering as she looked at her twin brother. She was pretty, with even features and soft brown hair drawn into those pigtails. If she wasn’t an evil sister, Roy might even have thought she looked like a nice young woman.

“I’m sorry.” Roy didn’t look sorry.

“You don’t look sorry,” Annie said.

“I’m very sorry.” Roy did his best to seem contrite.

“Thank you, Roy. I’m proud of you.” Amada nodded, like that was settled.

Annie stuck out her tongue at Roy and raced out the front door, off to catch her ride.

Roy pushed the cereal bowl away from him.

“Now Roy, there’s something else I’d like to talk to you about.” Amanda eyed his cereal. Even that disgusting sugar food looked good to her at the moment. She was so hungry. “I’m missing some panties again.”

“It wasn’t me.” She looked so good bursting out of her dress the way she was. He tried to think about baseball, but it was no use. His dick hardened, pushing up uncomfortably at the bottom of the table. Baseball, baseball, baseball. The combination of the boner and the mention of her panties, which, of course he did take, was enough to cause Roy to break out in a sweat.

“Look, darling, we’ve talked about this.” Amanda stepped toward her kitchen table. Something tingled her nose. Something rough and unsophisticated. It was a smell from time primeval. Amanda tried to focus. “You can’t take my undergarments.”

“Okay.” Roy put both hands under the table, an instinct to cover his shame in front of his mother.

“What …” Amanda shook her head to clear it. “What are you hiding under there?”

“Nothing.” Roy pushed his chair away from the table. His flop sweat turned up another notch. This was so embarrassing. He kept his hands over his crotch, but they didn’t do much to hide the massive tent. “It’s just a boner, Mom.”

“Language, young man.” Amanda unconsciously ran her hands down the sides over her dress, accentuating the flare of her hips. “It’s too big to be an erection. What are you hiding?”

“Mom?” Now Roy’s face was bright red. He watched his mom walk around the table.

“Show me.” Amanda’s breath came quickly, her heart thumped in her chest.

“Oh, Mom. Please no.” But Roy’s shaking fingers unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. He lowered his pants and underwear to the edge of his seat. His dick flopped out of confinement. Having a mind of its own, it was as excited as Roy had ever seen it. So engorged with blood, that the knobby head looked almost black, and its veins protruded everywhere.

“My word.” Amanda’s hands went up to her mouth. She caught a glimpse of the diamond on her wedding ring. What would her sweet, polished, husband think if he knew his son wielded such a crude weapon? She took another step toward her son. She was, heaven help her, drawn to his penis like a moth to a flame. A crazy thought crossed her mind. Maybe she should touch it?

“See?” Roy’s voice trembled. “Just a boner.” He looked up at his mom’s dark eyes, they were fixed on his dick. “Mom?” He squinted in confusion. “Mom?” Roy quickly pulled up his pants. He stood without bothering to button or zip. “Okay, bye.” Roy ran for the door, holding his pants up with his right hand. With his left, he hefted his backpack. This was crazy. What was she doing? He made it out the door without looking back. He slammed the door behind him. He didn’t stop to button or zip until he’d reached the safety of the sidewalk.

Amanda took a deep breath. The air felt clearer now that Roy had gone. Goodness, if he hadn’t run off like that, she might have actually grabbed her son’s disproportioned tool. What a strange day. She moved to the hall closet to fetch her vacuum cleaner. She supposed there would always be some awkward moments between a mother and her teenaged son.

* * *

David snuck out his house early in the morning and walked to school. He was going to be there way before first bell, but that was okay. He didn’t want to face his mom after what happened in the washroom the day before. Watching his breath frost in the air, he pondered his mom’s strange behavior. Linda had always been such a virtuous mother and wife. She went to church on Sundays. She preached morality and decency to her children. David couldn’t reconcile his mom before this week, with his mom in washroom.

He’d need to unravel this mystery before she tried anything else. Lord knows, it wasn’t easy to resist her. He was a horny teenager after all. A blowjob was amazing. He just didn’t want it to be his mother who was doing the blowing.

* * *

The cafeteria was a little quieter than unusual for lunch that day as the three friends eyed their hamburgers and each other.

“Lots of boys have called in sick this week.” Patrick lifted his burger and took a bite.

“Word from the bird, several kids missed basketball practice this morning.” David wasn’t sure what else to share with his friends.

“Well …” Roy chuckled. “… maybe their moms are all giving them handjobs.” He smiled at Patrick and David.

“Shut up, with that stuff.” David leaned over the table and punched Roy on the shoulder. The force was enough to topple him over backwards.

“Hey.” Patrick adjusted his glasses. He couldn’t believe what he’d just seen. Maybe Roy deserved it, but David was always so placid. That sort of aggression from David was a shock.

“Ow, man.” Roy picked himself up and sat back at the table, rubbing his shoulder. He looked around but no one was paying attention. His eyes were big, round, and wet with tears. “Why’d you do that?”

“Just stop talking about people’s mothers.” David settled back down and took a long drink of water.

“Why?” Roy wiped at his eyes. The tears dried. “Something happen with your mom? My mom’s been acting weird lately. Really clingy.”

“She … um … hasn’t been herself.” David nodded and looked at Roy. “Sorry for hitting you.”

“No big deal.” Roy kept rubbing at his shoulder. “How about you, Pat?”

“Things have been a little off.” Patrick thought about it. The weirdness seemed to be coming from Patrick, not his mom. She’d been fine. Expect for, maybe, how she filled out a dress lately. That could probably go in the strange column. “She’s getting bigger.” Patrick made the hourglass gesture with his hands.

“Mine too,” David said.

“Mine three,” Roy said.

“What about your sister?” Patrick watched Roy. His eyes still looked hurt from David’s sudden strike.

“She’s the same.” Roy tried to smile. “Skinny and mean. Maybe her boobs are getting bigger, but I think it’s just the normal amount. I guess … I don’t know.”

“What’s happening to Portsmith?” Roy looked to Patrick.

David also looked Patrick’s way.

“Fine, I’ll go to the library this afternoon and try and figure this out. Who wants to come with?” Patrick was always the one who knew stuff or could find stuff out.

“Sorry, basketball practice,” David said.

“I’ll come.” Roy dropped his hand from his aching shoulder. “I don’t really want to rush home anyway.”

“Sounds like a plan. We’ll see what we can find out.” Patrick popped a french fry into his mouth. “Anything else you guys can tell me about what’s going on? Anything more specific?”

Both boys shook their heads.

The bell rang. The boys stood. They all hoped they’d get to the bottom of this.

* * *

Linda spent the morning cleaning the house. Tidying took her mind off what had happened with her and David the day before. There was no excuse for touching David’s manhood the way she had. She shuddered as she moved down the upstairs hall. She truly hoped God wasn’t watching her house yesterday.

Time for David’s room. She held her breath and opened the door. All was quiet except for the tick-tock of his bedside clock. She breathed in again. Everything was fine. This whole thing would blow over. She could maintain control. She moved into the room and began dusting his bookshelf. Her wide hips wiggled in her skirt as she worked. Her breasts did their best to get in the way. They did that a lot lately. Her blonde ponytail swished behind her.

It was just an ordinary teenager’s room. Posters on the walls showing fast cars zooming, or parked cars with pretty girls leaning on them suggestively. Linda had thought maybe it wasn’t the best idea for David to have pretty girls on his walls, but William approved and that was all there was to that.

A basketball lay on the carpeted floor. As did some dirty laundry. Normal teenage boy stuff.

Linda moved her way over to the bed and started tidying when a faint scent caught her attention. Her vagina suddenly flooded again. “Oh no,” she mumbled to herself. Light-headed, she sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the floor. There was a pair of dirty briefs David had discarded, right next to one of David’s many cardigan sweaters. There was a smell coming from the briefs. Still sitting on the bed, she leaned down and picked up the underwear. She sat back up and held the underwear in her lap. Her chest rose and fell as she struggled to keep her composure.

The briefs were clearly stained with some of David’s semen. The smell was almost too much. With her left hand, she brought the briefs up to her nose and deeply inhaled. Stars flashed before her eyes. “Just one more time,” Linda said to the empty room. She stuck out her tongue and licked his underwear. Immediately, her body trembled. Her poor panties were completely drenched.

“It’s harmless,” she said. The room didn’t answer her. God didn’t answer her. She leaned back in her son’s bed and scooted herself to the middle. She pulled down her skirt and tossed it onto the floor with David’s dirty laundry. “One more time. Then I’ll stop.” She licked his underwear again and shook all over. So good.

Pretty soon, her stained panties fell to the floor too. There she was in only her blouse, on her son’s bed, with three fingers from her right hand buried in her Vagina. The whole time she masturbated, she held the briefs up to her face. Smelling and tasting the most tantalizing substance on the face of the planet. Her son’s semen.

The women in the automobile posters stared down at her from her son’s walls. Even though they were harlots with skimpy clothing and suggestive poses, Linda imagined them silently judging her for this wanton act. But Linda couldn’t bring herself to care. She needed more.

* * *

Mark and Donna Farmer entered the old Portsmith library.

“My lady.” Mark held the intricately engraved copper door for his wife. He was a tall, slim man with short blond hair and a knowing smile. Whether on the case, or out on the town with Donna, Mark always wore a gray suit, bowtie, and fedora. He exuded a warm genteel nature that made holding a door for a lady second nature to the man.

“My lord.” Donna nodded and smiled at her sweet husband. On this day, she wore a checkered sheath dress, with her red hair piled up in a bun. Her green eyes were enlarged behind rounded, brownline glasses.

“The case awaits.” Mark let the door slowly close with his wife safely inside. “Who knows what shadows lurk in this sleepy town.”

Donna giggled. “You’re such a ham.” She gently laid her left hand on her husband’s shoulder. Her sapphire wedding ring was muted by the dim library lights. Donna frowned at the ring. She liked to see it sparkle, a not so subtle reminder of the day Mark proposed to her by Niagara Falls all those years ago.

“Not so, my dear. Just a man committed to solving the mysteries of the universe.” Mark locked his arm in Donna’s and walked her to the information desk.

“Excuse me.” Donna smiled down at the middle-aged woman behind the desk. “We’re looking for information on a meteor impact near here. Can you help us?”

The librarian looked up at them. It took her a second to reply as her brain processed this cosmopolitan couple that had swept into her library. “Yes.” She coughed to clear her throat. “We have a microfilm machine in back. You can review old newspaper articles there.”

“Capital,” Mark said. “And might I ask, have you noticed anything strange in town recently?”

“Strange?” The librarian’s cheeks flushed and she dropped her gaze to her hands clasped on the desk. “Not really, sir.” She looked back up at the couple.

“Thank you.” Donna made eye contact with the librarian and rolled her eyes. She liked to let people know she didn’t take her husband too seriously.

“This way.” The librarian rose and guided them toward the back.

The paranormal investigators followed.

* * *

“Did you hear that?” Patrick whispered. “They’re looking into the meteor.” The boys were waiting behind the cosmopolitan couple in the library. Patrick wanted to talk to a librarian.

Roy’s eyes had fix themselves to the red-headed woman’s backside. It was shapely and moved beautifully in her narrow dress as the couple walked off toward the back of the library. Roy moved his backpack off his shoulders and placed it in front of his crotch. He didn’t want the world to know he had a boner. And with the size of his dick, he was sure they could see it from one of those satellites in space. “What did you say?”

“Really?” Pat looked at his friend’s backpack. “You’ve got a boner here? Now?”

“I can’t help it. That woman with the stiff was a doll.” Speaking of stiff, Roy needed to do something about his dick.

“He’s not a stiff, he’s an investigator.” Patrick shook his head. “He’s on the same trail we are.”

“Great, you two compare notes. I’m going to the bathroom.” Roy waddled away from his friend, backpack firmly pressed against the front of his pants.

Patrick watched him go. Of course, Patrick was too shy to approach a seasoned investigator and offer his help. Maybe he’d see them again sometime. In the meantime, he had his own research to do.

* * *

Patrick got home just before dinner. He was tired and sweaty from the long bike ride across town. He wished, not for the first time, that the library was closer to his house. He found his father watching the evening news in the living room. “Hello, Dad. What’s the latest?”

Fred didn’t look up from the television. His long frame slouched on the couch. Since returning from work he’d changed out of his suit and now wore slacks and a sweater.

“Um, Dad?” Patrick pulled his glasses down his nose and pushed them back up. He took a closer look. “I played sports today.”

Nothing. Fred’s eyes were open and seemed to be following the movement on the television screen.

“I met a girl.” Patrick snapped his fingers in front of his dad’s face. “I got married.”

“What?” Fred blinked his eyes and looked up at his son. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in, Pat.”

“How was your day, Dad?” Patrick cocked his head. The investigator had asked if the librarian had seen anything strange. Well, Patrick had seen plenty strange in the last few weeks. Add this to the list.

“Fine, Pat, fine.” Fred turned his eyes back to the television. “I’m just … I’m just …” Fred’s voice trailed away. On the coffee table in front of him sat an untouched martini, condensation collecting on the glass.

“Dad? Hey Dad? You’re acting really …” Patrick felt the presence of an invisible cloud envelop him. It was just like the other day when his mom had been exercising in front of the television. An enormous erection suddenly threatened to burst out his pants. “I’m going to go check on Mom.” Patrick gingerly walked past his strangely sedated father and into the hall. He reached into his pants and adjusted his dick so that his waistband did some work containing the monster.

“Mom?” Patrick walked down the hall.

“In here, sugar.” Susy sat at her kitchen table, taking a breather with a nice, refreshing martini. She was finally cooling down after putting dinner together. The pasta was soaking in the sauce in a pan on the stove. One of her Italian family recipes, handed down from mothers to daughters over the ages. She wiped the last bit of evaporating sweat from her forehead. It felt so good to have a moment to just sit. Her apron hung from her chair back.

“Mom … wow …” Patrick walked into the kitchen. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you, Pat.” Susy smiled at her son and took a sip of her cocktail. She ran the fingers of her right hand down her thigh, smoothing out the imaginary wrinkles in her blue circle dress. “You look …” Susy eyed her son, the bulge in his pants was evident. “… nice,” she said. Well, boys would be boys. Such things as erections were to be expected. It wasn’t surprising that Patrick couldn’t hide his erection, he was such a small boy with such a large penis. Susy giggled to herself and took another sip of her drink.

“I love you, Mom.” Patrick moved into the kitchen. His hard dick made walking awkward.

“I love you too, sugar.” Susy smiled up at him. She stood to give him a hug, turning sideways a bit to avoid that bulge.

Patrick needed something. Something from the most beautiful woman in the world, standing right before him. He wasn’t sure what he was about to do until he did it. He leaned into his mom’s sideways embrace and craned his neck up and planted a kiss on her lips.

Susy’s eyes went wide. Did her son just—?

Patrick stood on his tiptoes and planted another kiss on her lips. He then gently nibbled her lower lip.

“Pat, sugar, I’m your—” Susy was cut off as Patrick tenderly pushed his tongue into her mouth. Something about his teenage smell. Susy didn’t know what it was, but she wanted more. She swirled her tongue around his and then pulled her face back. “Wait.” Her chest rose and fell with labored breaths. “You’ll need to take these off.” She removed his glasses and set them down on the kitchen table. Susy then brought him back to her warm embrace, no turning sideways this time. She bent a little at the waist to allow him easier access to her lips. So what if he rubbed his hard penis against her leg? It was harmless.

They kissed more, tongues entwined. Each groped at the other’s back like a couple teenagers in a passion pit.

Patrick marveled at the feeling of her bra straps. He pressed himself against her and felt her massive boobs press back against his clavicle. He stepped back from her and tried to clear his head. “What about … what about … Dad?”

“Oh.” Susy put her hand to her mouth. “I completely forgot about your father.” She stepped away from Patrick. “He’s just in the next room.” She shook her head and crossed her arms over the expanse of her chest. “We can’t do this, Pat. It’s not right.”

“Sorry, Mom.” Patrick shifted his weight between his feet, unsure whether he should rush her or run. “You’re just so beautiful.” Patrick leapt toward her, planted one last kiss on her lips, turned, and ran upstairs.

Susy shook her head. She should drink less martinis. They said a mother’s job was messy work, and they were right. Now she had to figure out how to deal with an adoring son with boundary issues. These things happened, she guessed. Maybe she’d have Linda over tomorrow and get her opinion. Susy frowned at that. Linda was a God-fearing, church-going lady. Maybe she’d tell her about the adoration, while leaving out a few of the details.

* * *

Linda prepared dinner, moving about in a rush as she always did. She wanted things to be perfect for her men; David and William. She eyed her husband as she stirred the soup. He was in one his moods again. He still wore his suit from work, sitting at their Formica kitchen table. He held a newspaper out in front of him with both hands, but he hadn’t turned the page in a good long while. “William, dear. Would you like to get changed into something more comfortable?” Smoke slithered upward from behind the paper, but she could tell he wasn’t puffing on his pipe. “William?”

William just sat, hiding behind his paper. Reading the same darned page.

Linda shook her head and moved to the oven to check on the rolls. Oh well. Even as strange as this was, Linda’s husband wasn’t the chief of her concerns. David would be home from practice any second and she already felt temptation trying to creep its way into her brain. Just a little more semen, it said. You’ve done it before, what’s one more time? Linda shut her eyes tight.

“No,” she muttered to herself. “I am a strong woman.” She opened her eyes and looked into the oven. Maybe ten more minutes until the rolls were done.

“Mom, Dad, I’m home.” David slammed the front door and wandered down the hall. He found his parents in the kitchen. “Hi, Dad.”

William just stared at his paper.

“Hi, Mom.” David looked from his statue of a dad to his mom by the oven. She had on a circle skirt, blouse, and apron. David couldn’t help trail his eyes down her plump, little body. Under her apron, her boobs were practically bursting out of her blouse. David didn’t think she was wearing a bra. Was that possible from Linda Riles? Then again, the realm of possibility had greatly expanded lately. And there was that smell again. Suddenly, his mom looked even more beautiful than before. He didn’t bother hiding the boner in his pants.

“Your dad, is … um … in one his moods again. Like … yesterday.” Linda brushed her loose blonde hair behind her shoulders. It was very hard to focus. All her little internal pep-talks about avoiding sin slid from her mind. “I … I …” She could clearly see the outline of a massive erection in David’s pants. “You … um …” She pulled her apron over her head and dropped it on the kitchen floor. “We’ll be back in a few minutes, William,” Linda said to her husband without looking in his direction. She walked up to her son and took his hand in hers. She looked up into his bright, blue eyes. Then pulled him toward the stairs. She climbed the stairs first, David behind her.

“Mom, are we going to—?”

“Sssshhhhh.” Linda turned and looked at David over her shoulder, finger to her lips. “Your father might hear.” But both of them suspected he heard nothing at the moment.

“Okay.” David couldn’t help himself. He reached up and grabbed her right butt cheek with his hand and squeezed. It was so supple, round, and perfect.

“Oh, Davey.” Linda continued to climb the stairs, pulling David along. They got to the upstairs hall and she led him to the room she shared with William. They stepped inside and she closed and locked the door behind them.

“Mom, you smell really nice.” David looked down at her as she turned to face him, just a foot away. She was redolent of things long promised and almost delivered. Old covenants broken and new bonds made.

“I’m going to take care of you, Davey. Now take off your pants.” As she said this, she began unbuttoning her blouse.

David pulled off his pants and briefs and dropped them to the floor. He left his knit sweater in place, walked to his parents’ bed, and sat on the edge. His heavy dick stood out straight from his lap, the veins pushing out from all sides.

“I want to give you my love and attention, sweetheart.” Linda finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it off, dropping it behind her. She looked down at her swollen breasts. “I can’t seem to find a bra that fits anymore. What do you think?” She put her arms to her sides so David could get a full view.

“They’re beautiful, Mom.” David took it in.

Linda’s boobs were large with pink nipples and large areola that pointed slightly to either side. David seemed to remember someone on the basketball team describing this type of boob as a side set. Because her breasts pointed out, there was a large valley between them. A meandering web of blue veins laced just under her pale skin, making her boobs seem so vulnerable. Linda’s belly had a slight protruding curve.

Linda followed her son’s gaze. “I used to have a bigger belly, it all seems to have moved to my butt and breasts. Well most of it, anyway.”

“I love it, Mom.” And David really meant it. He knew she was in the driver’s seat, so he waited for his mom to tell him what would happen next.

“My goodness, look at that magic wand. And those big boys underneath.” Linda stepped toward him. “I want you to be happy, Davey. Since you like my breasts, I have something very naughty in mind. Do you know what that is?” She dropped to her knees in front of David.

David shook his head, mesmerized as Linda’s boobs jiggled closer and closer.

“My friend Susy said I should just give you my love and attention.” Linda spit into her left hand and reached out and spread the spit up and down David’s penis. “And that’s why I thought up this little game.” She removed her hand, inched herself a little closer, and pressed her breasts up against his penis.

“Holy smokes.” David watched the hunger in his mother’s eyes.

“There, now. Isn’t this nice?” Linda put a hand under each breast and pushed them together around David’s amazing monster. She began bouncing her breasts up and down against him, completely enveloping his penis.

She bounced her boobs like that for several minutes, alternating between watching that enormous flared head press against her chest and watching the dazed smile on her son’s handsome face.

“Maybe … your mouth … too?” David thought he might be getting close. He looked down at her broad hips, her skirt still covering her lower half. The way her body curved while she sat bent on her knees was almost too much for him.

“Of course, sweetheart.” Linda bent her head and tried to take him into her mouth on every downstroke. She missed several times as she got used to it, but quickly she was slurping away every time his penis poked up through her boobs.

“Mom … I’m getting ... close.” David leaned back on the bed.

Linda stopped her motions and removed David’s monster from her breasts and mouth. “Sorry, Davey. Not like this.” She stood, unbuttoned her skirt, and wiggled it down her legs. She hooked her thumbs under her panties and dropped those too.

“What?” David looked into her blue eyes. Everything was lust and confusion.

“I need … something more.” She took two steps onto the bed and stood with her feet on either side of his hips.

David gazed up at her from his back. From his vantage, her boobs looked enormous as she stood above him. He also had the perfect angle for a view between her legs at that neat triangle of blonde hair and her protruding pussy lips.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I need this.” Linda squatted down, grabbed her son’s penis, and guided it home. “Oh, my. You’re … oooohhhhh … so much bigger than your father.”

The thought of his father brought on a sudden panic for David. But what could he do but hope his father remained oblivious?

David’s dick pierced deep into his mom, as Linda slowly lowered her hips, inch by inch. This was David’s first pussy, and it clenched tightly around his dick. David reached up and grabbed his mom’s boobs. They were heavy and full. He kneaded and squeezed them.

“Oh … sweetheart.” Linda gyrated her hips, moving her son’s penis to all sorts of exquisite angles inside her. She leaned back and supported herself with her left hand on David’s thigh and with her right, she reached for and found his testicles. She massaged them, trying to coax out that bewitching semen.

David dropped his hands from Linda’s boobs to her hips and gripped hard. It wasn’t going to be much longer.

Downstairs, William stared at his newspaper, pipe hanging from his lips. “So interesting,” he murmured. If he could have roused himself, he would have heard the bed in his master bedroom banging against the wall above and the animal grunts that echoed through his house. If he could have wandered upstairs, he would have seen his small, round wife rotating her lovely hips on his tall, lean son. But all he could do was stare at the paper and softly mutter, “Most interesting.”

Back upstairs, Linda increased her pace. Sweat dripped down her neck, forming rivulets between her breasts. She inhaled deeply, taking in her son’s electrifying scent.

“I’m going to …” David closed his eyes tight. “… cum, Mom.”

Deep down Linda knew she couldn’t let him do it inside her. But that part of her brain had lost its battle some time ago. “Do it, sweetheart. Give me … all of it.”

David’s hands slid around to the full curve of Linda’s butt. He grabbed it, his fingers pressing deep into her flesh. He held her there, forcing her hips to cease their movement and impaling her on the full length of his dick. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” He unleashed inside his mother, a deluge of cum flooded her unprotected pussy.

“Davey, I … nnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhh.” Linda couldn’t finish her sentence as her brain seized up. A torrent of pure ecstasy rushed through her. Her eyes rolled back, her back arched, and her whole body shuddered. She could feel David coating her insides with his stuff. So much of it.

After a minute, her mind began to return to her. She leaned forward and looked down at David’s knit sweater, covering his chest. Sweat stung her eyes. She was a fool to have fought this. Anything that felt this akin to heaven, must be God’s good work. She gasped for air.

“Wow, Mom. That was … crazy.” David struggled for air.

“That was … good. But I need to … go check on the rolls … and your father.” Linda slid to the side and pulled herself off him with a plop. She could feel David’s semen leaking out of her. She would need to clean the blankets before William came up here. She leaned up next to him, resting her head on his flat stomach. Her eyes widened, his penis was still so hard.

“We’ve already done it today.” David looked down at the back of her little head. “One more time won’t hurt.” David pushed her onto her back, spread her curvy legs, and mounted her. His dick pressed against her stomach.

“Your father …” Linda looked up at him, unbelieving. Never in her life had she known a man to keep going after he was satisfied. Never.

“Dad’s reading the paper.” David lined up his dick with her pussy and slid it in. It made a soft slurp. “He’s fine.” He moved his hips up and down.

“Oh, sweetheart. I wasn’t … uh … made for … uh … uh … uh … this.” Linda spread her legs as wide as they went. “You might break me.”

“I love you, Mom.” David quickened his pace.

“Oh, I love you … too … Davey.” Linda took him as best she could.

The Riles’ bed shook for another half hour. Eventually, Linda and David finished, remade the bed, showered, and went downstairs. The rolls in the oven were ruined, but the soup was fine. Just before dinner, William returned to his normal self, very apologetic about dozing off.

* * *

Axcix gurgled in her underwater home as she processed the latest data. Another mated pair. The experiment progressed well. She opened her outer doors and released another batch of nanites. Good news ran ahead of higher expectations. More work to do.