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There’s Somthing in the Water

Chapter 3

When Roy arrived home after his trip to the library, he was surprised to find the whole family waiting for him. His father and twin sister were already sitting at their places at the dinner table when Roy trudged down the front hall.

“Hello,” Roy said into the dining room.

Nathanial had the paper open on the table in front of him. Roy’s father raised his hand in a gesture that always meant not right now. Roy looked to his sister. Annie hid behind one of her teen mystery novels. She ignored him.

Roy, turned and wandered into the kitchen. “Hello, Mom.”

“Really, Roy?” Amanda sat at the kitchen table, she looked up from the latest issue of Good Housekeeping. “Your father left work early, just so we could eat as a family tonight.”

“No television tonight?” Roy sniffed the air. The food did smell delicious. Whatever his mom had been cooking, sat in pots on the stove. “You didn’t tell me.”

“I told you this morning.” Amanda frowned, her pale cheeks turned a little rosy. “Maybe I got distracted.” She looked toward the dining room and then back to Roy. “I’m sorry about not believing you about your … um …” She whispered.

“My dick?” Roy scratched his head.

“That’s not polite, Roy.” Amanda’s frown deepened. “But yes, the gadget you’ve got down there. And as long as you leave my undergarments alone, we can never speak of it again.” She still kept her voice low, but her face brightened. “Agreed?”

“Sure, Mom.” Roy’s belly grumbled. “Can we eat?” He was so hungry.

“Yes. Go wash your hands and join your father and sister in the dining room.” Amanda rose from her chair and walked over to the stove. Her black ponytail bounced behind her. “I’ll bring dinner in a minute.”

Roy headed for the main washroom. He breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe not normal, but things were normal enough in the Ackerman household.

* * *

Once her passions had cooled, Linda fell into a state of deep remorse. She’d done the dirtiest of deeds with her son. If that wasn’t a cardinal sin, she didn’t know what was. After David had gone to bed, Linda went to check on her husband. She found William in the den, happily reading a book. Linda’s stomach turned. The sweet sight of her husband sent waves of guilt coursing through her body.

How could she have done this to her mild-mannered Bill? She stepped into the den, dropped to her knees before him, and unbuckled his belt. She pulled down his pants and went down south on husband. She gave him what the kids call a blowjob.

Up until that moment, she’d always thought William had a satisfactory penis. But putting it in her mouth created an unfortunate contrast with their son. She easily swallowed most of William’s shaft. With David, she’d barely been able to fit the head inside her mouth. When William ejaculated, he deposited his normal, modest amount of semen. It sent no thrills of pleasure through her. She spit his stuff into her hands. With David, it had been a deluge that she had tried to swallow, and she had been in ecstasy.

Of course, William was thankful and appreciative. He congratulated Linda on her initiative. That was nice. She’d hoped the act would bond them and get her mind off David. Instead, while William offered polite appreciation to his wife, Linda’s mind went to the sperm in her womb. She just knew David’s little swimmers were in there, searching for an egg. The thought was more than troubling. She excused herself and went to bed.

* * *

The next morning, Patrick caught up with David in the school hallway before first period. “I found out some stuff at the library.” Patrick looked up at his friend and adjusted his glasses.

“Oh?” David looked down the hall like he had somewhere else to be. Which he sort of did since the school day was about to start.

“Want to talk it over at lunch? I’ll give you all the details.” Patrick adjusted his cardigan. David was making him nervous, but he wasn’t sure why.

“Sure, sure.” David clapped his friend on the shoulder and finally looked at him. “See you then.” He walked off toward class.

“Okay. Be there or be square,” Patrick called after him. Everything would be fine when they talked at lunch.

* * *

The contrast of David and William plagued Linda as she thought about it during her morning chores. It hammered home the perversity of what she’d done with her son. She thought about going to her pastor for help, but decided she’d be too embarrassed to bring these sorts of problems to God. Could He really see everything? And come to think of it, how could He let this happen to her family? Linda might have even been a little mad at God.

Instead of turning to the church, she went into the kitchen to telephone her friend Nancy Anderson. Nancy was a college graduate and knew much about the world. Nancy was Linda’s best bet.

The two women talked on the phone for twenty minutes before Linda confided that she’d been having problems with David. She told Nancy that they’d become too close recently. Nancy, ever the helpful friend, recommended a family counselor who worked in Portsmith. Dr. Epman came highly recommended. Linda dutifully wrote down the name, address, and phone number.

When she hung up with Nancy, she didn’t call the counselor. Maybe she could handle this on her own. The thought of confiding the truth to anyone was too humiliating. She just needed a little more willpower. She folded up the paper with Dr. Epman’s information, put it in her purse in case she changed her mind, and went about her household chores. Her thoughts wandered to David and what she would say to him when he came home after school.

Linda looked up at the clock over the mantle in the living room. She had to hurry with her dusting. Susy was expecting her for their morning coffee date in about a half hour.

The sound of the front door slamming echoed into the living room. Linda froze. Her green housedress fluttered around her knees as it adjusted to her sudden stop.

“Mom, where are you?” David dropped his backpack and walked down the front hall.

“I’m in the living room, Davey.” Linda stood, still frozen, her duster resting on the top of the television.

“There you are.” David tromped into the living room.

“Why aren’t you at school?” Linda blinked her blue eyes in disbelief.

“I skipped.” David offered his widest, it’s Christmas morning smile.

“You what?” Linda couldn’t believe it. He’d never done something like that. She looked at her son. She could see the sheen of sweat on him. It was clear he’d rushed home.

“I just wanted to see you.” David stepped toward her with long strides across the living room.

“Me?” She caught a whiff of his young male sent and her vagina went Niagara Falls again. Oh no. Her knees trembled.

“You need to call the school and make up an excuse for me.” He closed the distance between them. “But first.” He reached down and pressed his hands into the back of her dress. He cupped her butt in both hands and lifted her into his arms.

Without a second thought, Linda wrapped her legs around his waist, flung her arms around his shoulders, and let his mouth meet hers. It was their first kiss.

* * *

Roy and Patrick waited the whole lunch period for David. It was a few minutes before the end of lunch and the two friends looked at each other. It was clear he wasn’t going to show.

“What do you think happened to him?” Roy’s had a look of worry etched on his face.

“Beats me.” Patrick shrugged.

Across town, at that moment, David held his mom up in the air with a firm grip on her bare butt cheeks.

“Oh, sweetheart. I didn’t know … people had sex … standing up.” Linda’s spread legs dangled on either side of David, her feet bouncing with every powerful thrust. Her green dress was bunched around her waist. Her black panties hung from her right ankle, rocking back and forth and back and forth. “Where … did you … uh … uh … uh … learn this?” She grabbed tightly to the jacket that still covered her son’s shoulders, her wedding ring glittering as it caught the midday light in the living room.

“It just … felt natural.” David watched his mom’s sweet round face clench up every time he bottomed out in her pussy. It was an incomparable sight.

The sounds of their coupling filled the room. The squelch of Linda’s pussy. The slap of their skin together.

“It’s so amazing, David.” Linda’s blonde ponytail bounced. “Your … uh … school? Oh nooooooooo.” Her vagina clenched. And she had another orgasm while being hoisted up in the air. She squealed like a harlot.

David kept pounding her while she came. When she’d calmed down, he answered. “Call them later. I’m a … senior … ah … ah … what are they … gonna do?”

At that moment, a few streets away, Susy swept the kitchen with her broom. Where was Linda? It wasn’t like her to be late for one of their coffee dates. And Susy had needed to talk to someone about Patrick. She eyed the phone on the wall. Maybe she should just call her. Susy leaned her broom against the wall, walked over to the phone, and dialed. She lifted the receiver to her ear.

After eight or nine rings, Linda answered. “Hello? This is the Riles … residence.” Linda’s voice was hoarse.

“Hi Linda. It’s Susy Lannit.” Susy twirled the telephone cord around her finger.

“Oh … I’m so … sorry, Susy,” Linda said. “I missed our … coffee. Can … we make it an afternoon date?”

“Oh. Of course.” Susy eyed the broom. That meant more time to clean. “Is everything all right, you seem a little out of breath.”

“Oh, yes. Just doing … one of those television … exercise programs … you recommended.” Linda didn’t want to tell her friend that she was bent over the kitchen table with David slowly sliding in and out of her from behind. “Gotta go, Susy. See you … at two?”

“Sure thing, sugar.” Susy’s right hand fiddled with the buttons on the front of her red checkered dress. Those poor buttons were straining to contain her expanding bosom.

“Bye.” Linda hung up.

“Goodbye,” Susy said to the dial tone. She hung up too. That was odd. Jack LaLanne’s exercise program wasn’t scheduled to be on channel 5 until the afternoon. Maybe one of the other channels carried it earlier? Susy would have to check sometime. She shrugged and walked back over to the broom. Time to get back to work.

* * *

Linda and David had sex through the morning and into the early afternoon. He took her standing up, bent over the couch, on the floor, in the living room, in the den, in the kitchen, and in the hall. He deposited load after load deep inside her.

All that effort wore David out. After they finished their copulations, Linda cleaned him off in the shower, fed him an enormous lunch, and tucked him into his bed for a nap. This was the first tuck-in she’d given him in many, many years. Soft snores filled David’s room before she reached the door on her way out.

Linda walked downstairs, ate her own lunch, and finally telephoned the school.

“Yes. A stomach bug,” Linda said. Well, lying to the school secretary wasn’t the worst thing she’d done that day.

“He shouldn’t have left without notifying the office.” The woman on the other end of the line sounded a little putout.

“He’s very sorry. He’s in bed resting.” Linda smoothed out her maroon circle dress.

“And you’re his mother?” The woman sighed. “I’m sorry if I was short just then, we’ve had so many absences lately. The phone keeps ringing.”

“Yes, I’m his mother. Mrs. Linda Riles.”

“Do you think David will be back in school tomorrow?”

“I …” Linda bit her bottom lip. A mix of guilt, dread, and anticipation sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach. “I hope so.”

“Very well, we will expect him,” The woman said. “Goodbye, Mrs. Riles.”

“Goodbye.” Linda hung up the phone. She took a deep breath. Maybe she’d gotten it out of her system. Maybe David would wake up and everything would be normal again. She prayed he’d lose interest in her, because the temptation of that ecstasy would not leave her brain.

Linda walked to the hall and grabbed her purse. She was very late for her date with Susy. She hoped her friend would forgive her.

The reflection that greeted her in her hallway mirror was of a woman well put together; makeup perfect, hair brushed back, winning smile. Was it that easy to deceive the world?

* * *

The Lannit living room was as immaculate as ever. Linda sat on Susy’s modern couch and sipped at her coffee, thinking about how much cleaning she’d need to do at her own house later that afternoon. She held her legs primly together, occasionally holding her coffee cup on her knee. The warmth felt good.

Linda eyed her tall friend, sitting on the other side of the couch. Susy was a picture-perfect housewife. Everything perfect. Well almost everything, Susy’s clothes didn’t seem to fit her anymore. Apparently, those exercise routines weren’t doing the trick.

“You’re looking at my bust, aren’t you?” Susy frowned. “You know, I’ve just about given up. I think I might need to buy a whole new set of clothes.” Susy squirmed a little, to show her discomfort.

“You know, Susy.” Linda leaned in. “I’ve given up myself. I can’t even wear my bras anymore.” She nodded down toward her boobs, hidden poorly by only a layer of maroon fabric.

“I wasn’t going to say anything.” Susy held her hand up to her mouth in sympathetic disbelief. “Maybe there’s something in the water?” The two women giggled at that.

“Why don’t we go shopping this weekend? We could buy some things that fit.” Linda gave Susy her full dimple smile. “That is, if Fred doesn’t mind.”

“Oh, he’ll pay for anything, the old softy.” Susy liked the idea of shopping with her friend. She liked the idea of some well-fitting clothes even better. “Saturday at one?”

“It’s a date.” Linda nodded.

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.” Susy’s smile faded.

“Oh?” Linda took another sip of coffee.

“I’ve been having a little trouble with Patrick.”

“Yes?” Linda wondered where this was going. Was Susy having the same problems as Linda?

“Yes.” Susy watched the steam rise from her cup. “He’s been a little over-affectionate lately.” Seeing Linda’s eyes, she quickly added, “Nothing out of line, mind you. Just too clingy. Too many kisses for his mother.”

Linda let out a long breath. So, Linda was alone with her problems. “I see.”

“I’m wondering if you’ve ever had to deal with this sort of thing with David.” Susy looked down at the red, checkered pattern on her dress. She didn’t feel like looking at her friend at the moment. She didn’t like lying to anyone, least of all Linda, but Susy couldn’t tell her she’d somehow passionately kissed Patrick for several minutes. “If so, do you have any advice?”

“Well …” Linda’s heart beat faster. What would she tell her friend? “David’s always been a bit of a momma’s boy. But nothing that’s caused me concern.” So, it was a lie then. It seemed the lies had started simply rolling off Linda’s tongue. “And as for my other boy, now that Ryan has a fiancé, he won’t even answer the telephone. But he always did prefer his father.”

Susy nodded. Patrick’s two older sisters were recently married, and very much into their own lives now. She thought about raising two boys and didn’t know how Linda did it. Girls were easy. Susy had her hands full with Patrick.

“You know …” Linda’s dimples returned. “There’s a family counselor I know about. Dr. Epman. I actually have his contact information right here.” Linda stood and walked out of the room to fetch her purse.

Susy watched her friend leave, eyes fixed on her round behind. It was somewhat mesmerizing the way it rolled as she walked, even concealed under her dress. Susy found herself wondering what it would look like with no dress at all. She frowned. Such an odd thought to have.

“Here it is.” Linda walked back into the room and handed Susy a folded piece of paper.

“Let me go copy this.” Susy made a move to rise off the couch, but Linda put a hand on her shoulder.

“No need.” Linda walked to her old spot and sat back down. “I don’t need it.” Away from her house and chatting with her friend, Linda had found a little perspective. She could stuff temptation deep down where it wouldn’t bother her anymore. As long as David kept his hands off her, Linda was sure she could get things back to normal. She was a strong woman. She’d just have a chat with David about it tomorrow.

“Okay.” Susy held tightly to the paper. Hopefully, the good doctor would set Patrick back on the right track. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Linda smiled, all dimples.

* * *

Patrick took a long, meandering walk home. He dawdled and barely paid attention to his surroundings. David’s sudden disappearance at school was part of the puzzle. What did Patrick have so far?

A meteor fell to Earth not far from Portsmith. The gadgets on at least several senior class boys had grown tremendously since then. Several older women had put on weight; two teachers, the librarian, his friend’s mothers, and his own mother. There were investigators in town interested in the meteor. David was acting weird. Roy was acting weird. He’d kissed … no, Patrick had full on made out with his own mother while his father was in the next room. Then, on top of all that was what he’d found in the library.

On his search, Patrick had found that there had been some precedent for odd occurrences near meteor strikes. An old dusty book on the science shelves catalogued three meteor falls five-hundred years ago. All three had been near villages. One in North Africa, one in England, and one in China. The meteorites had never been found, but people reported seeing a blue streak of light in the sky. There were also reports of small earthquakes after impact. What followed was disturbing. In the weeks and months post-strike, all three villages reported disappearances, violence, and more disturbing things. There were reports of strange changes to the citizenry. The adoption of new religions. And all three villages, were eventually set upon by their neighbors. All burned to the ground.

Spooky thoughts. Patrick just wished he’d been able to share his findings with David. The gentle giant always liked a good ghost story.

Despite his slow walk, Patrick found himself at his front door. He took a deep breath. Now for a snack and maybe some homework. He opened the door. “Mom, I’m home.”

“In the … living room, sugar.” Susy was in her shorts and sport blouse again, exercising along with the man on the television. She bounced along with the routine, sweat trickling down her neck.

“Hi, Mom. I …” Patrick walked into the living room and stopped dead in his tracks. His backpack hit the floor. That smell again. Like untouched jungles ready for plunder. He looked at Susy’s round rump, bouncing with her movements. He ogled her side boob, as it temporarily defied gravity with each lunge, only to come bounding down again.

“I’ll be done in … a few minutes, Pat.” Susy kept her eyes on the television, moving each knee up as high as it would go and then dropping it back down again. “Why don’t you grab … yourself a nice glass … of milk.”

Patrick wanted to grab something else. His hard dick pushed fervently at his pants. His hand went up to his glasses, pulled them off, and dropped them on the coffee table. Susy was a blur now, but he didn’t care. He stepped toward her.

“Pat?” Susy stopped her bouncing and turned around. She saw her son stalking her like a wild beast. “Patrick Lannit, what are you doing?”

“You’re so beautiful, Mom.” He raised himself to his tiptoes, face upturned, ready for another kiss.

“No, no, no, you don’t, buster” Susy grabbed his right ear and led him out of the living room.

“Ow, ow, ow.” Patrick’s ear throbbed as his mom pulled him into the kitchen.

“This stops now. I’ve made you a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow.” Susy led him to the sink. With her right hand she continued to pull at the upper part of his ear, with her left hand she grabbed a glass and filled it with water. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, and I don’t know why I let you do those things yesterday.” She poured the cold water over Patrick’s head.

“Mom.” Patrick gasped and sputtered. His dick softened in his pants.

“But tomorrow morning we’re going to go see a doctor who will sort you out.” Satisfied, she let go of his ear. She turned him toward the stairs and smacked his bottom. “Now go to your room and do some homework. I don’t want to see you until dinner.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Patrick hustled to the living room, grabbed his backpack and glasses, and ran upstairs.

Susy jogged back into the living room. She had an exercise routine to finish.

* * *

The old bed in the motel squeaked softly as Mark Farmer gently moved inside his wife. She was such a beauty, lying under him. Her breasts pulled gently to the side and wobbled back and forth on her chest with his motions. He was the moon, and her breasts were the oceans pulled by his tides. Nature was magical, he thought. He looked down at the freckles that dappled her neck and chest. Mark never doubted that he was a lucky man to have landed Donna.

“Mark?” Donna had been thinking. She looked up at her husband as he slowly moved toward completion. These days, sex with her husband often gave her time to think. She didn’t even work up a sweat anymore. They weren’t the kids they’d been when they met. “Mark, I think we should leave Portsmith.”

“We can’t, darling. We’re on the case.” He moved his hips.

“Stop. Just stop for a minute. I’m thirsty.” She put her hands up and pushed on his shoulders.

“Of course.” Mark stopped and rolled off his wife, landing next to her in bed.

Donna leaned over and grabbed the water glass on the bedside table. She quickly downed the whole thing. She’d been so thirsty lately. “Maybe we can go out and get some early dinner.” And she’d also been hungry. So very hungry.

“Yes, darling.” Mark sighed. He wasn’t going to get to finish this time. He put an arm over his eyes. “But we have the interviews scheduled at the high school this afternoon. Remember the anomalies we found outside Cleveland? This could be similar. We can go to dinner right afterward, I promise.”

“Maybe that’s not such a good idea.” Donna swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. “There are other meteors and other towns, Mark. I have a bad feeling about Portsmith.”

“Nonsense.” Mark moved his arm away from his eyes and watched Donna. Her perfect breasts hung low, quivering as she struggled to get her bra on. Come to think of it, her body looked a little more full than usual. This was interesting, he’d have to write it down in the casebook. You never knew what was a clue. “I can see that you’re hungry, darling. How about this plan?” Mark sat up in bed. “We’ll go to dinner right away. I’ll call the school and reschedule those interviews for tomorrow. Good?”

“Thank you, my lord.” Donna wriggled into her dress. Lately, nothing fit her right.

“You’re welcome, my lady.” Mark reached for his clothes.

* * *

Linda scrubbed the kitchen floor, working hard down on her hands and knees. She let her mind wander as the floor slowly became spotless. Her thoughts kept returning to her son’s tall, lean body. And his gargantuan penis and how she might avoid it in the future. The doorbell startled Linda out of her ruminations. It was around 4:30 and William wasn’t due home for another hour. He wouldn’t ring the doorbell anyway. And David slept upstairs.

“Coming.” Linda brushed off her maroon dress. She tossed her sponge into the sink, reached her hands up over her head, and stretched. Everything was so stiff and sore. Her legs, her arms, her stomach, her back, and especially her poor, battered vagina. David had not gone easy on her earlier. Linda walked to the front door.

The doorbell rang again. She hoped it wouldn’t wake poor David. Given how sore Linda was, she knew David must be completely tuckered out. Linda opened the door and found David’s friend standing there, shoulders hunched against the cold. “Hello, Roy.”

“Hello, Mrs. Riles.” Roy stomped his feet. “Is David home?”

“He is, young man. He’s in his room sleeping.” Linda’s right hand grasped the door, ready to send Roy away and prevent any more cold air from entering the house. “He wasn’t feeling well today.”

“Oh, well, could I come in for a sec?” Roy’s fat cheeks were red from the cold. “I rode my bike all the way over here to check on him and I could really use a glass of water.”

“Well, okay.” Linda stepped aside. She let the teenager in. She marveled that David had friends so different from him. This boy was short, fat, and not always as polite as he should be. “Well, come in, come in, it’s cold outside.” Linda closed the door after him. And led him into the kitchen. “Can I take your jacket?”

“No, it’s okay.” Roy dropped his backpack in the hall and followed her. Was it his imagination, or was Linda actually something of a doll? His gaze fell to her exposed calves and worked their way up her backside. That was a mistake, he could feel his dick becoming very rigid in his pants. Baseball, baseball, baseball. To make matters worse, it was so warm in the house, he’d just had a long bike ride, and he still had his jacket on. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead. He followed her down the hall.

There was a smell. Something musty, dark, and alluring in this house. Roy sniffed the air. As his school’s designated sweat hog, he knew it well. It was body odor. But it was also somehow more than that. He was following Linda and her smell wafted back to him. No amount of baseball thoughts could quell the boner that now strained to break free of his pants.

“Here you go, Roy.” Linda fetched the water from the sink and turned with the glass in hand. Her eyes were immediately drawn to a jutting lump in the front of the boy’s pants. “Oh, my.” And there was that odor. The same as with David. Linda was helpless, her panties flooded again. Her legs suddenly rubber.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Riles. I don’t need that water anymore.” Roy took a step toward her. What was he doing? Some deep part of his brain had taken over, and Roy didn’t even know what he was going to do or say next.

“Oh, okay.” Linda moved the glass back to the counter. Little ripples danced in the water as her hand shook. “Is there, something else …?” She set the glass down and looked back to Roy. Good Lord, he was unbuttoning his pants.

“Yes.” Roy pulled his pants to the floor and kicked them into the corner of the kitchen. “I can’t ride home with this boner.”

“I see.” Linda’s eyes fixed on his crotch. The top of his penis was long enough to stick out of his briefs. He pulled off his underwear, and the monster swung down, waving back in forth in front of him. It was engorged beyond belief, the head almost black. “What do you need?”

“I need help.” Roy looked at her like she was slow.

“Oh. I don’t think …” Linda bit her lip, her gaze locked on that penis. God in heaven, why was this happening to her? Would his semen bring on the same euphoria as David’s? “Um. Yes. I … can help you.” Linda dropped to her knees and crawled over to Roy.

“I’ve never had a blowjob.” Roy grabbed his dick with his right hand and started stroking.

“I know how to do that.” Linda stopped in front of Roy and sat on her knees. She brushed her blonde hair behind her shoulders and pushed his hand away. With both hands, she reached up for his penis. Her fingers looked so small as they tried to reach all the way around it. Did all boys these days have penises this size? Was that a thing in the modern age? She looked at it. It was thicker than David’s but not quite as long. The head was smaller, darker, and looked more angry. Her hands moved up and down the shaft.

“Oh, Mrs. Riles, that feels really good.” Roy unzipped his jacket and flung it to the ground. He pulled his sweater and his undershirt off and tossed them behind him.

“I’m only doing this so you can bicycle home.” Linda looked up at Roy, who was now naked. His belly hung out and jiggled as he threw off his clothes. She took him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the knobby head. Her eyes rolled a little as she caught a taste of precum. Just like David, his secretions were pure rapture.

“That’s really nice.” Roy didn’t know what do with his hands, so he just let them hang by his sides. He watched his friend’s mom slurp and suck. His dick slipping, ever so slightly, in and out of her pretty pink mouth.

“Mmmmmmpppppphhhhhh.” Linda’s head bobbed for several minutes. This young man’s penis in her mouth was heaven.

“Uh … Mrs. Riles …” Roy was close.

She looked up at him questioningly with her blue eyes. And then her mouth was flooded with his stuff. Just like David, it kept coming and coming. And just like David, it brought on the most magical orgasm. She swallowed some of it, and then, convulsing in ecstasy, she let go of the penis and fell to her side on the floor.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh.” Roy let it all out. This was the best thing that had ever happened to him. When Linda fell to the linoleum floor, twitching as she was, Roy just kept on cumming, covering her dress, her face, and hair in his spunk. “More … just a little … more.” He immediately dropped to his knees, cum still dripping from throbbing dick. He grabbed Linda by the hips and roughly pulled her up onto her hands and knees. He lifted her dress and pulled her panties aside. Linda’s pussy was wet and waiting, her lips spread and pink.

“Condoms.” Linda managed to eke out the words. It was one thing for her sweet David to put his penis inside her without protection. But not this boy. She tried to focus. “Upstairs. My husband has … condoms upstairs.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Riles.” He rubbed the head of his dick along her pussy. Her ass looked so round, full, and inviting. “No time.” He pushed forward, but couldn’t find the hole. He tried again, but his dick didn’t go in. This was harder than it looked.

“Hold on.” Linda reached back with her left hand. The diamond on her ring didn’t sparkle, there was barely any light in the kitchen. It was getting late. “It goes in here.” She held his penis and guided it in. If there wasn’t time for condoms, then it couldn’t be helped. “Oooohhhhhhhh.” The monster slid in halfway on the first thrust. Her vagina was sore but accommodating.

“Yes.” Roy grabbed her hips and thrust in and out with long, powerful strokes. He listened to the housewife whimper and moan. He felt on top of the world. This is what confidence feels like, Roy realized.

They went at it for a long time on the kitchen floor. Linda felt him deep, deep inside her. Pretty soon, darkness completely enveloped the kitchen. Linda didn’t care. She knew she’d missed her chance to make dinner. She knew William would be home soon. She knew David slept upstairs. But all that mattered to her at that moment was taking more of that penis. She felt the cum drying on her face. She knew she was a sweaty, dirty mess. She knew that the dress Roy had bunched around her waist was stained. She didn’t care.

The front door creaked open. Neither Roy or Linda tried to separate. Roy kept on pounding her, watching her ass shake. Even when William called out, they didn’t stop.

“Linda, dear? Why are all the lights off?” William stumbled on something. “Whose backpack is this?” He heard noises in the kitchen and made his way there. He didn’t make it far.

A vaporous cloud of pheromones greeted him in the hall. He stopped walking and turned to face a family portrait hanging on the hallway wall. “Nice family,” he mumbled. His briefcase dropped by his feet. He stared at the picture the family had taken at Woolworths a few years ago. His whole family in their Sunday best, hair perfectly combed. William stood in the portrait, and his pretty wife Linda sat next to him. And their two sons kneeled on either side of her. He couldn’t seem to remember their names at the moment. It felt like that was the sort of thing he should remember. “Family.”

“I’m gonna … cum.” Roy slammed into Linda as hard as he could.

“Please … ah … ah … ah … please.” Linda gritted her teeth, ready for the euphoria that would accompany his explosion. She arched her back, willing him to let loose in her.

“Take … it …” Roy unloaded deep inside her, a cascade of cum flowed.

The instant his ejaculation hit her insides, Linda could only see stars before her eyes. She tossed her head back and forth and screamed a long, high-pitched wail. David, who was still asleep, didn’t hear her. William, who was staring at the family portrait, didn’t hear her. But a neighbor walking her dog outside did. Both owner and dog stopped, trying to determine where that otherworldly shriek had come from. After a few seconds, they gave up and continued on their walk.

When he was done, Roy pulled out of Linda with a plop. He looked down and could see his cum leaking out of her demolished pussy. Her hole gapped and her pussy lips were splayed open. “I gotta go.” Roy stood up and hurriedly dressed. He stuffed his deflating dick into his underwear. Pulled on pants, shoes, shirt, and sweater.

Linda stayed on her hands and knees, panting and looking down at the floor. Sweat dripped off her nose and pooled on the linoleum. What had she just done?

“Goodbye, Mrs. Riles.” Roy raced out of the kitchen and stopped in horror when he found William standing in the hall. In his earlier frenzy, he hadn’t heard William come home. “Um … Mr. Riles.”

William stood between Roy and the door. He didn’t look at Roy or acknowledge him in any way.

Everything about this afternoon was crazy. But this? Roy’s knees shook with fear. “Mr. Riles?” Roy didn’t know what was happening, but since William seemed preoccupied, there was no time like the present. He raced around his friend’s father, picked up his backpack, and bolted out the front door.

Linda stirred herself. She stood and her dress fell back down below her knees. She needed a plan. Clean the mess, shower, and then go to bed. She’d tell William she and David were both sick and that he had to see about putting his own dinner together. She grabbed the sponge from the sink and got to work.

When she had finished cleaning, she climbed the stairs to her room not noticing William standing in the shadows of the front hall. In the throes of passion while being mated like a dog, she hadn’t even heard her husband come home.

When William returned from his fugue state, he was much confused. It was later than he thought it ought to be. And his family was nowhere to be found. He walked into the house and turned the lights on. He found his son and wife in their own beds upstairs, recovering from some sort of virus. What an odd evening, he thought. He went down to the kitchen and found a jacket flung in the corner. Too small to be David’s. One of his friends must have left it. And that friend walked home without it in the cold? Strange. It was a strange day he concluded.

* * *

Axcix opened her doors to receive one of her data collection drones. More mated pairs. Some overlapping pairs too. That was to be expected.

Of course, she knew how the first expeditions had ended. So much data destroyed by fire. That’s why she kept a careful watch on outsiders. A team of two had already arrived in the habitat to seek her out. But they were foolish and had greedily swallowed her water. For them, everything was under control.

But now her scans told her another team had arrived from the outside. They would not drink the water. This could be a problem. Axcix needed more data.