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There’s Somthing in the Water

Chapter 4

Roy got home and closed the door behind him. He was breathing hard and sweating. He felt great. He felt on top of the world. He also felt a little strange. He had just lost his virginity to his friend’s mom. With his friend’s dad standing in the hallway. His fevered brain couldn’t quite process all that had just happened.

“Hello, Mom, I’m home.” Roy dropped his backpack in the hallway and walked toward the kitchen.

“In here, Roy.” Amanda pulled her casserole from the oven and covered it with aluminum foil. She placed her oven mitts on the Formica countertop. She reached behind her back and untied her apron. She slid it over her head and folded it neatly. She looked forward to spending a little time with her gentle son, even if that time was in front of the television.

“Mom, it’s been a crazy day.” Roy stepped into the kitchen. His mom looked lovely. She more than filled out her periwinkle blue housedress. The fabric gapped in between the buttons on the front. Roy could maybe see some bra in the gaps. Where had his skinny little mother gone? If she wasn’t his mom, he might think she was a doll. And with his newfound confidence, he might make a pass at her. Who knows? But she was his mom. He looked down at the linoleum floor.

“My word, Roy, look at you.” Amanda was about to place the folded apron on the kitchen counter, but she stopped with her arm outstretched when she saw her son. His hair was a mess. His sweater was untucked and bunched around one shoulder. He was huffing and puffing, his large stomach rapidly rising and falling. And he looked wet and sticky. “You’ll need to shower before dinner.”

“Ah, come on, Mom. Can I shower after dinner?” Roy pulled off his sweater and held it in his right hand. His button-up undershirt was also untucked. “Dad and Sis here for dinner?”

“No, it’s just us. Your father is working late again. And Annie is off with that Connors boy at the drive-in.” Amanda finished setting the apron down on the kitchen counter. She then waved her hand in front of her nose. “Gosh, Roy, you really do need a shower. That smell.” But then something crept into her mind with that scent, and she didn’t mind it anymore. Her vagina, with a mind of its own, started gushing like it was a special night with Nathaniel.

Roy stood fixed in place, watching his mom squirm. What was she doing?

“Well, darling, if you won’t take yourself to the shower …” Amanda walked with sudden purpose over to Roy, turned him toward the stairs, and pushed his shoulders. “… I’ll have to take you.”

“Mom?” Roy stumbled and then walked toward the stairs.

“No back talk, young man. We’re going to clean you off before dinner.” Amanda followed him up the stairs and steered him into the pink washroom. She turned on the shower and then turned him back around and began unbuttoning his undershirt. “You can leave that sweater on the floor, I’ll put all these things in the laundry.”

“Okay.” Roy was confused, but he dropped the sweater. He let her unbutton and remove his shirt. She dropped it on the sweater. She then unbuttoned his pants, pulled them off, and dropped them on the pile. She squatted down and pulled off his socks. Of course, she hadn’t undressed him in a long, long, time. The washroom started to fill with steam.

“One last thing.” Amanda pulled down his briefs. Her son’s soft penis dangled out in the open. Her hands stopped, still holding the briefs around his knees. “I’d forgotten that you were so … different from your father.” She finished pulling down his briefs and Roy stepped out of them. “Now in you go.” There was another smell that caught Amanda’s nose, even more enchanting than his teenage sweat. Amanda couldn’t quite place it. Her panties had become uncomfortably saturated. She’d never experienced anything quite like what her body was doing. The feeling would surely pass. Best to ignore it and clean her boy.

“Uh. Okay.” Roy stepped into the shower and put his hand up to close the curtain. The warm water cascaded over his head, pushing his brown hair into his eyes.

“No.” Amanda pushed his hand away and left the curtain open. “When you’re this dirty, Roy, you need your mother’s help.” She pushed up her sleeves to her elbows and grabbed the bar of soap. She rubbed it over his back.

“You don’t have to.” Roy stepped forward so the water fell on his shoulders. He pushed his hair back with his right hand and watched her out of the corner of his eye as she rubbed at his back with vigor. Baseball, baseball, baseball. The last thing Roy needed at the moment was a boner.

“Don’t be silly, darling. It’s a mother’s job.” Amanda moved to his armpits. Satisfied with those suds, her hand brought the soap to his big belly. She bent down and rubbed. Her eyes drifted down to his penis. “That certainly is a big guy you have hanging down there.” Even soft, it was bigger than Nathaniel’s biggest erection. The foreskin halfway covered the head. She could see the network of protruding veins. “Well, we’ll have to clean that too.”

Roy stepped back and the water fell on his head again, rushing down the front of his body. He pushed his hair out of his eyes again and held it back on his head with his right hand. He blinked through shower droplets and watched his mom sit down on the edge of the tub and reach out with both hands, the bar of soap in her right. The water washed away the soap bubbles on his belly. And streamed over his dick.

“It’s important to get under the foreskin.” Amanda moved the skin back and forth, back and forth with her left hand. Her son’s penis started to rise. “Well, hello, big guy.”

The pink washroom was completely filled with steam. Roy couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he watched his mom clearly tug on his dick. He didn’t know what to do.

After a minute, her hands slowed down and she shook her head a couple times. “Oh no.” Amanda blinked her eyes. What was she doing? She dropped the soap into the tub and pulled her hands away. “Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to.” She stood up and looked at her dress, wet from splashing water. “I have to get changed. You finish cleaning yourself up.” And just like that, she disappeared out the washroom door.

Roy reached down and grabbed his dick. It was now rock-hard. As he finished the tug-job his mom had started, he thought about recent events. First his mom in the kitchen. Then Mrs. Riles. Now his mom again. But once she’d cleaned him pretty good, she’d lost interest. Roy was no dummy. It seemed simple enough. When he was sweating, women couldn’t resist him. When the sweat was gone, not so much. Roy was about ready to bust thinking about the next part.

He needed to test his theory. But with his mom? Well, if it worked with her, he rationalized, it would work with anyone. And he wouldn’t take it too far. He wasn’t some sort of pervert.

And the beauty of it was, he was about the sweatiest guy he knew. This was a gift from God.

Roy grunted and sprayed great streams of gooey cum all over the tub.

Great, now he’d have to clean that up.

* * *

Patrick snuck out his bedroom window and dropped down to the lawn. Susy had said that she didn’t want to see him until dinner. She didn’t say that he needed to stay in his room. And there was plenty of time to ride over to the library, look up a few things, and ride home. He grabbed his bike and set off.

With the wind in his hair, Patrick turned his bike down Main Street. And there, on the sidewalk, he saw the investigators again. A tall man in a gray suit, bowtie, and fedora accompanied by a shapely woman with an elegant dress, red hair, and Brownline glasses. It was them.

Ever since Patrick had kissed his mom, he’d felt not quite himself. A little more bold. More brave. He turned his bike and hopped it up onto the sidewalk and stopped in front of the cosmopolitan couple, blocking their path. “I hear you’re interested in meteors.”

“Capital.” Mark exchanged a quick look with his wife and then offered Patrick a broad smile. “How can we be of service, young man?”

“Well, I’m interested too. Name’s Patrick Lannit.” Patrick stuck out his hand. This sort of introduction really was out of character. It felt good. A welcome change.

“Mark and Donna Farmer.” Mark shook Patrick’s hand with a dry, firm grip, pumping up and down. When he was done, Donna offered her hand with a gentle but crisp shake. Mark leaned in like they were friendly conspirators. “Tell us about it, kid.”

Patrick told them that he’d seen the blue streak in the sky and felt the earthquake. That he’d noticed strange behavior in town. Absences at school. Clothes no longer fitting some citizens. Patrick felt outgoing, but not so much that he shared with them his own changes, or how his mom’s boobs and hips had grown.

“Very interesting, young detective. Donna, take a note, will you?” Mark turned to his wife.

“Already there, my lord.” Donna had pulled her small notepad from her purse and jotted Patrick’s observations down.

“Excellent, my lady.” Mark turned back to Patrick. “Anything else?”

“Yes.” Patrick nodded and adjusted his glasses with his right hand. His left hand held his handlebars to keep the bicycle upright. He then told them about the dusty book in the library that chronicled the three meteors from five hundred years ago.

“So, you’ve found one of Cobb’s books. Good work, lad.” Mark rubbed his chin. “I like you, Patrick Lannit. Your beguiling confidence reminds me of myself at your age. How would you like to join our team as a junior investigator?”

Patrick nodded. This was so cool.

“Great.” Mark clapped Patrick on the shoulder. “You’re the perfect man to observe this town from the inside. Why don’t you take the weekend to survey and note anything else out of the ordinary, and we’ll meet at the library on Monday? When’s a good time for you?”

“I can be there at three-thirty.” Patrick’s face was stuck on a huge, goofy smile.

“Capital. We’ll see you then.” Mark gave Patrick a big friendly wave and guided his wife around the bicycle toward the restaurant.

Donna gave Patrick a more modest wave and a sweet smile.

Patrick waved back, hopped back on the bike, and pedaled back toward home. The library could wait. He wanted to sneak back into his room and start writing his observations down into a notebook, like Donna Farmer had. He was, after all, an official investigator now.

* * *

Axcix gurgled a chuckle in her aquatic home as she reviewed the latest data. This was the beauty of starting with reproduction. Its pull over almost any species was supreme. And the dominant species on this planet was no different.

There were still individuals that would resist, but much less than if she’d just started with wholesale physiological shifts, as some of her sisters had done. Mating was at the core of any successful species. And she was learning so much watching these mammals fornicate.

With luck, this would be a long process, with many iterations. As long as she avoided interruption. And Axcix hadn’t yet settled on what to do with those bent on disrupting her beautiful experiment.

* * *

Mark looked across the table at his lovely wife as she dug into her second burger of the evening. He adjusted his bowtie and thought about Donna’s appetite. To tell the truth, it had been a tad excessive lately. He was too polite to mention it, but common decency said nothing about taking notes. The Lannit boy hadn’t said anything about hunger. Mark would have to ask him on Monday. He’d make a note of it. “Good burger, Donna?”

“Hhhnmmmmmm.” Donna ripped off another bite and chewed heartily. There was something slightly feral in the way she demolished her food.

“Well, enjoy.” Mark sipped at his milkshake. He looked around the diner. It was a typical early crowd for a Thursday evening, he supposed. Lots of young people. A few retirees. And … Mark did a double take. In a booth catty-cornered from where Mark and Donna sat, five people ate together. What caught his attention was not their dark suits and dresses. Or that the men in the group wore sunglasses and hats indoors; heathens. Or that each of them seemed to have brought their own sandwiches and water, despite going to an establishment that served both. What interested Mark, exceedingly, was that he knew one of the women.

Dr. Gertrude Cobb was a historian who had written several books on the quincentenary meteors. That she was in Portsmith, could only mean that this group was on the same trail as Mark and his wife. This could finally be it. They might have actually found another transformative meteor.

“Capital.” Mark looked back at Donna.

“What?” Donna wiped her mouth with her napkin and signaled to the waitress. She needed another hamburger.

“Don’t stare, my lady, but Gertrude Cobb sits at a table to your seven o’clock.” Mark took another sip of his milkshake.

“Really?” Donna turned and glanced over her shoulder. Sure enough, there was Dr. Cobb. Donna didn’t recognize the two women with Gertrude, but the two men were obviously government. “This isn’t good.”

“No?” Mark frowned. He was so excited to see a prominent researcher in the same field.

The waitress stepped up and Donna ordered another burger and fries. The waitress then walked off to put in the order.

“Don’t you see. It means this could be it.” Donna looked at her husband, her green eyes large through her glasses. “And if Gertrude Cobb has been brought in, they have resources. They will almost certainly unlock the mystery before we do.” Donna paused to take a long drink of water. She drained her glass.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Mark’s frown deepened.

“This is a sign, Mark,” Donna said. “Let’s leave this mystery to Gertrude and her team. There are other mysteries in our future. What about that barn in Montana? Why don’t we go home, have a rest, and then drive up to Montana?”

“It’s a challenge, Donna. Unlock the mystery before a renowned expert.” Mark eyed the group with Gertrude. They did look professional. “Our names will be remembered forever. We would become renowned experts ourselves.”

The waitress dropped off Donna’s third hamburger.

“I … don’t … like it,” Donna said as she chewed.

Mark watched his pretty wife stuff her face. He didn’t like it either. But he would get to the bottom of it.

* * *

“You feeling okay, sugar?” Susy looked across the dining table at Patrick and tried on a warm, bright smile. The Lannit family sat at their nightly dinner and everything seemed so normal at the moment. They would conquer the troublesome patch of mother-son relationship tomorrow morning, with the good advice of Dr. Epman. She just wished they didn’t have to wait till the next day to seek help. Like in most things, waiting was the hardest part.

“I’m fine, Mom.” Patrick was not fine. He looked up from his plate. He finished chewing his meatloaf. He was hungry today, but not as hungry as he’d been. He met his mother’s deep, brown eyes. Patrick had always known that his mother was beautiful. And since he’d hit puberty, he’d dreamed of having a girl like Susy. But those dreams had twisted in his mind recently. He now wanted the genuine article. Which was impossible. Patrick sighed. And now he’d made it even worse by inexplicably groping and kissing her earlier. Now he had to see a doctor.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Susy watched him.

“Leave the boy alone, Susy.” Fred, who sat to Susy’s right, gave her a stern look. “He’s probably moping about some girl.” Fred turned his focus on Patrick. “That it, Pat? Some doll got you down?”

Patrick nodded his head. Well, it was true. He adjusted his glasses and looked at his father. The man was tall, handsome, and confident. Girls had always chased Fred Lannit. Patrick happened to be the opposite of his father. What could he do about it?

“Well, Pat.” Fred put down his fork and gave his son a resolute nod. The man knew his advice was gold. “You can’t let this girl make the decision for you. In life, you have to be able to win the difficult prizes.” Fred reached over and rubbed his wife’s back. “You think your mother said yes when I first asked her out? You have to be persistent.”

Patrick looked back and forth between his parents. He worked hard not to let his gaze fall to his mother’s round boobs, tucked away in her ill-fitting dress. “It’s complicated, Dad.”

Susy’s cheeks warmed with blush. Given her son’s antics lately, she could guess what was going through his head. Maybe she’d need to help find the kid a girlfriend. Maybe at eighteen, it was time for him to get a little more interested in girls his own age. She pondered this.

“Nonsense.” Fred removed his hand from Susy’s back and dropped his fist to the table, rattling the dinnerware. “Take life by the horns. I want to see you get what you want, Pat.”

Patrick knew his father meant that Fred wanted Patrick to want and get what Fred wanted. Patrick rubbed his forehead.

“Pat should make that girl his.” Fred looked back at his wife. “Don’t you agree, dear?”

“Yes, dear.” Susy nodded, her brown ponytail bobbing. Her countenance turned serious. She was thinking about friends who had daughters Patrick’s age. The doctor was sure to help, but this would be an excellent backup plan.

* * *

At about the same time the Lannits were enjoying meatloaf, Amanda served dinner on television trays. Roy and Amanda ate in silence, which was a great relief to Amanda. She did not want to talk to Roy after the incident in the shower. They each had second helpings, but no more. That was another relief. She had been so hungry lately, but that hunger was starting to die down.

After she’d cleared away their dishes, they both sat down on the opposite ends of the couch to watch Dragnet. Amanda covered herself in a quilt and watched the screen, making no eye contact with Roy.

Roy also covered himself in the warmest blanket he could find. Sure enough, in a few minutes, the first beads of sweat tricked down his forehead. “How are you doing, Mom?” Time to see if he was right about his perspiration.

“Fine, darling.” Amanda squirmed a little under her blanket. After their shower, she’d taken out her ponytail, and her dark hair curled around her on the back of the couch. She pulled the quilt up under her chin.

“Good.” Roy waited, pretending to watch the television while keeping her in his peripheral vision. Her squirming continued.

By the next commercial break, Roy could see rhythmic movement under the quilt. Amanda’s breathing caught in her throat. She held her breath, and then let it out in a series of small gasps. She was clearly masturbating while they watched their show.

Roy’s experiment worked. He threw off the blanket. Time to cool down and let his mom off the hook.

“Roy?” Amanda’s gaze left the television and moved to her son. He looked so handsome sitting there. “About what happened earlier, Roy.” Amanda’s right hand continued its assault on her vagina. Her arm had snaked past her skirt, and two of her fingers wiggled inside her. A little earlier, she’d pulled her panties out of the way. She was confident her son couldn’t tell what she was doing.

“Don’t worry about it, Mom.” Roy watched her with widening eyes. He needed to stop sweating this instant.

“I just want you to … uh … know that I’m here to … oohhhh … help you whenever you need me.” Amanda willed her hand to stop its movements, but it felt too good. And, come to think of it, she didn’t care if Roy knew what she was doing after all.

Baseball, baseball, baseball. “Thanks.” Roy felt a lump in his throat. Despite cumming twice already that day, his dick grew. Now he wished he’d still had his blanket on.

“Oh my gosh.” Amanda was about to find release. She could see the impossibly large bulge growing in her son’s pants. She leaned her head back on the couch, her eyes rolled back, and the soft waves of an orgasm enveloped her.

Thinking about baseball was worthless now. Roy watched his own mom get herself off. And before he could stop himself, his balls contracted and he unleashed shot after shot of cum into his pants. That was his third of the day. How much more was in there? “Aaaagggghhhh.” Roy clenched his teeth, hoping Amanda wouldn’t notice.

When Amanda had recovered from her own orgasm, the first thought she had was that she’d just done the unthinkable right in front of her son. Thank God the quilt covered her indecency. Maybe she could play it off as some sort of silly game. Maybe … suddenly a new scent washed over her. Just like when she’d undressed Roy to get him into the shower. The first odor was intoxicating, the second was mind-altering. She focused back on Roy and saw the wetness spreading on the front of his pants. She knew this smell. It was a man’s scent. She needed to have a taste. Just one taste.

“I see you’ve made another mess, Roy. Let Mom help you, okay? Don’t move.” Amanda slid to the living room floor. Leaving the quilt behind her, she crawled toward Roy.

“Mom?” Roy watched her shoulder blades rotate under her white blouse, like a stalking cat. He stared at her round ass, rolling under her brown skirt. Whatever his mom was about to do, Roy wasn’t going to be able to stop her. His experiment had run amok.

“I just know you need my help, darling.” Amanda reached Roy, spread his legs and kneeled between them, hiking the hem of her skirt above her thighs. She reached under with her right hand and moved her panties back to the side. Her index finger then rubbed at her clit. With her left hand she carefully unbuttoned Roy’s pants. It wasn’t easy with one hand and that enormous tent in the way. She unzipped him and looked up into his soft, brown eyes. “Be a dear and scoot these down for me.”

Roy nodded and pulled his pants and underwear down over his feet and tossed them to side. His dick sprang free.

“Oh … my … word.” Amanda’s right arm rhythmically moved as she frigged herself. With her left, she reached up to hold Roy’s monster. “You really did make a mess. Your stuff is all over.” The smell was so much stronger with his pants out of the way. His penis was thick and angry looking. Her hand slid down its extraordinary length and lightly caressed his balls. They were so swollen, with little purple veins spread all across each massive sack. His white stuff dribbled over them. “Do they hurt, darling?” She reached back for his penis and held it up out of the way.

“N … n … no,” Roy stuttered.

“Let me … oh … kiss them better.” Amanda’s right arm shook faster and she plunged two fingers into her vagina. She leaned toward Roy’s left testicle, mouth parted. A tiny drop of sweat ran down her cheek. She was getting herself worked up.

“They don’t hurt, Mom.” Roy was now sweating buckets. He inhaled sharply as she moved in. His lungs filled with the most delicious scent. His mom. He went from knowing he couldn’t stop her to wanting her to go crazy.

Amanda planted a soft kiss on his rough, swollen flesh. Her eyes twitched and rolled as pleasure surged through her. She recovered herself. “There now, isn’t that better?” She then licked at it, her tongue tasting the salty, dripping expression of teenage lust. A half realization floated through her mind that she was eating her son’s semen. More shockwaves of pleasure hit her. She devoured all the sperm covering his left sack, and moved to the right one. It was like drinking life itself.

“Mom.” Roy closed his eyes and rested his head back on the couch cushion. He felt her tongue on him and then his right ball was engulfed in wet warmth. She’d taken him into her mouth. Her left hand began moving up and down his shaft in slow, easy strokes. Roy opened his eyes and looked down at her. Her mouth was full as she rolled her tongue around the ball. Her wedding ring faced Roy, as her hand slid up and down. He thought about his father. It turns out you didn’t need to cut the same dashing figure as Nathaniel Ackerman to get the beautiful girl. Roy couldn’t stop himself from getting the women around him.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Amanda released his right testicle and looked up at the mighty penis towering above her face. “Now it’s time for the big guy.” She rose a little off her butt and licked her way up the dark, angry thing. More tremors reverberated through her body as she swallowed his cum. Finally, she lowered her mouth onto the head. All the while, her right hand kept working at her vagina.

“Oh, Mom.” Roy watched her head bob on his dick. Her hair fell around her face, so he couldn’t really see what she was doing. But it felt so good.

She slurped and sucked for what seemed like forever.

The front door slammed. Roy had sudden déjà vu with what had happened with David’s mom. But it wasn’t Nathaniel at the door.

“Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.” Annie’s peppy voice. “I’m home.”

Roy looked up toward the hall, terrified she’d find them doing this.

Amanda spit out her son’s dick and looked at the living room doorway in horror. She still had her left hand wrapped around his dick, and her right hand buried under her skirt.

Annie raced by the doorway, a blur of white as she headed for the stairs. “Be in my room.” Annie hadn’t even bothered to look into the living room as she passed. Her footfalls sounded on the stairs, and then the faint slam of her door from upstairs.

The close call was like cold water on Amanda’s face. “I’m so sorry, Roy. I don’t know how this happened.” Amanda looked up at her son. She removed her right hand from under her skirt and placed it on Roy’s thigh. Ready to push herself away. But she couldn’t quite leave him. Conflict filled her mind. Could she really give up on extracting more of the magic he stored in his testicles? Amanda took a deep breath. Finally, she said, “We have to stop.”

“No.” Roy reached with both hands, planted them on Amanda’s soft black hair, and gently pushed her mouth toward his dick again. “We can’t stop.”

“Oh, no … Roy.” Amanda watched that monstrous thing get closer and closer to her face. Before this week, she’d had no idea the male organ got this big. With steady pressure on her head, she let Roy guide his penis back into her mouth. The fingers on her right hand gripped his pants in a fist as her tongue got a taste of oozing precum. Sparks danced before her eyes. Before she knew it, her head was bobbing up and down again. Even with her daughter upstairs, Amanda had to finish this.

“Oh, God, Mom, I’m going to cum.” Roy didn’t know if he should cum in her mouth or not. He supposed it was best to let her decide.

“Uuuuugggghhhhhh.” Amanda gagged a little as she tried to force more of him into her mouth.

“It’s … happening …” Roy let out what felt like a gallon of cum past his mom’s sweet lips.

The second Roy’s sperm hit the back of her throat, her whole body exploded into orgasm, from the tips of her toes to the follicles on her head. She managed one swallow and then she spit him out and buried her head in his chubby, sweater-covered belly. He kept spraying her and she could feel the front of her blouse grow sticky and saturated with his mess. As it soaked through her shirt and bra, her breasts sent new waves of pleasure through her. Amanda grunted and whined, and came and came.

They stayed like that for several minutes. Roy, panting on the couch, Amanda with her face buried in his belly, still gripping his penis with her left hand. When she thought she could stand, she rose on wobbly legs. She looked down at her little man. “Get cleaned up, darling. Your father will be home soon.” She walked toward the stairs and looked over her shoulder with a dazed expression. “And don’t let your sister catch you.” She pointed a finger at his penis. “With that.”

“Okay, Mom.” Roy bent over and reached for his pants, replaying what had just happened in his mind. In the end, he didn’t care if he was a pervert. This was the way to live.

* * *

Friday morning, Patrick slumped in the passenger seat of his mom’s car. He didn’t want to be late to school, but his mom had scheduled his appointment for nine o’clock. He didn’t want the appointment at all for that matter. Patrick didn’t need a doctor, he needed to get to the bottom of this mystery. He needed to investigate.

“Don’t pout, sugar.” Susy looked over at him from the driver’s seat with a frown on her pretty face. “I’m doing this for your own good.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Patrick looked over at her as she turned her eyes forward and pulled the car away from the stop sign. Her profile was so perfect, with her high cheekbones and dainty nose. A little bit lower, the swell of her boobs pressed against her arms as she spun the steering wheel.

“You may not mean it now.” Susy nodded her head, her brown ponytail bobbing behind her. “But someday you’ll thank me for this. It’s not like I want to go either.”

“Okay, Mom.” Patrick removed his glasses and looked out the car window. The world was a blur. He just wanted this to be over.

They made it to the doctor’s office ten minutes early and waited in silence in a bright, modern waiting room. A young woman with her brown hair up in a bun opened a door and ushered them in. They were both surprised when the woman closed the door behind them and sat in a leather armchair, facing a couch.

The woman gestured to the couch. “Please be seated.” She wore a green, tweed swing dress with a contrasting collar. Very professional. She folded her hands in her lap and waited. She watched them with big brown eyes through the lenses of her black glasses.

“I’m sorry.” Susy put her hand on Patrick’s shoulder and led him to the couch. They both sat. Susy kept her purse on her lap. “I thought Dr. Epman was a man.” Susy’s house dress was far more casual attire than what the brunette had on.

“Dr. Epman is a man. I’m his wife and assistant, Mrs. Paget Epman.” She smiled helpfully at them, showing white, even teeth. “Dr. Epman has had a few episodes when counseling over the past few weeks.”

“Episodes?” Susy’s eyes went wide.

“I don’t mean to cause you any alarm.” Paget’s smile turned sympathetic. “Just small memory lapses. We’re not sure as to the cause, so he’s asked me to take over his sessions this week. Don’t worry, I’ll take detailed notes and report back to him. At our next session, I’ll have a full report for you.”

“Very well.” Susy nodded.

“So, what seems to be the trouble?” Paget looked at Patrick.

“Well, Pat has been a little clingy with me lately.” Susy felt no need to tell an assistant everything, even if she was the Doctor’s wife. Maybe if it had been Dr. Epman himself, that might be different. “Too many kisses and hugs.”

“I see.” Paget picked up a notebook and jotted something down. “I’ve been hearing similar complaints lately.” She looked up at Susy through her glasses. “To help Doctor Epman arrive at a diagnosis, we ask that if anything strange happens with Patrick before our next session, please write the incident down exactly as it occurs.”

“So, that’s it?” Susy wasn’t sure how any of this was supposed to work.

“No, Mrs. Lannit. Now we’ll check in with young Patrick.” Paget turned to Patrick. “So, you’re eighteen-years-old? How is school going, young man?”

They talked for about another forty-five minutes. It seemed mostly like small talk to Susy. But she made another appointment for next week to follow up. Paget assured them that she would have updated information from Dr. Epman when they met again.

Susy walked Patrick out of the office and drove him to school. She thought over what Paget had said. Susy would dutifully write down anything strange, but she hoped things would just go back to normal.

* * *

Linda woke up late in the morning. She sat up in bed and clutched the sheet over her breasts. “William?” Golden rays fell through her bedroom windows. She looked at her clock. Well, William must have left for work hours ago. Then thoughts of what she’d done yesterday filled her head. She’d taken sperm from two teenagers. Her son and his fat friend. Oh no. Linda put her hands to her mouth. She was going to be sick.

The washroom was only feet away, but it seemed a mile. She leapt out of bed and on sore legs raced to the washroom. She dropped to her knees and retched into the toilet. The act was painful, everything was sore. Her arms, back, neck, belly, and yes, her vagina. Her body hadn’t ever been through a day like yesterday. Not even close.

“Jesus Christ.” Linda’s stomach heaved again and she threw up into the toilet.

If willpower couldn’t keep her away from sin, maybe Jesus could. She was ready to seek help from the church. After a few minutes, Linda rose on unsteady feet and shuffled to her sink. She washed her face vigorously. Then straightened and looked in the mirror. Who was this woman looking back at her who had done such things? The woman in the mirror somehow looked radiant, with pale skin and ponderous, dangling breasts. She did not look like she’d just been throwing up.

Each minute that passed was another minute farther away from yesterday’s sins. The more removed she was, the more guilt settled in. She turned and moved to her closet. She’d need to find her nicest, loosest dress. She would finally go see the pastor and maybe he could giver her some direction.

Linda dressed, put on her makeup, and snuck out of her room. David’s door was open and he wasn’t in his room. He must be off to school already. This was good. She did not want to tempt fate, or her body, by running into him before she sought God’s help.

Without a thought for breakfast, Linda descended the stairs, grabbed her purse and keys, and headed out to the car. Hopefully the pastor would have time on a Friday morning.

* * *

Patrick craned his neck to see David in the front row of the bleachers. His tall friend was back at school and sitting with the basketball team for a pep rally. Patrick wished David was up in the stands with his pals so Patrick could talk to him about everything that was going on.

“This rally’s a drag.” Patrick looked over at Roy.

“Yeah.” Roy wasn’t paying any attention. He was watching the cheerleaders. “Check out the paper shakers.”

“Yeah, they’re pretty.” Patrick looked down at the girls dancing in formation. “Did you hear me?”

“Be cool, man.” Roy turned his attention to Mrs. Rodgers. The math teacher sitting on the aisle of their row. She was clearly not into the rally. She had her chin in in her hand and a bored expression on her soft, pretty face. Her blue eyes were glazed over. A red headband kept her blonde hair out of her face. “I’m thinking,” Roy said.

“About what?” Patrick adjusted his glasses and tried to follow Roy’s gaze. Was he looking at Mrs. Rodgers? The teacher was hunched over, clearly suffering through this as Patrick was. Her tweed dress and posture couldn’t hide her inviting curves. She was one of the teachers that had seemed to gain weight lately. “Roy?”

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Roy stood up without looking back at Patrick and inched down the row in front of seated students.

“Watch it, sweat hog,” Someone said. Roy ignored him.

“Mrs. Rodgers?” Roy stopped next to the teacher. “I need to show you something.”

“Hello, Roy.” Caroline looked up at her corpulent student. Any distraction was a good one during these abysmal rallies. They went on forever. “What is it?”

Baseball, baseball, baseball. Roy prayed his dick would behave for the next couple minutes. A boner now would be disastrous. “I have to show you. Out in the hall.” Roy stepped around her and walked down the stairs and into the tunnel. He prayed she’d follow him, but he didn’t want to look back to check. Once out in the school hallway he stopped.

“Okay, Mr. Ackerman.” Caroline stepped up next to Roy and looked down into his eyes with a confused smile. “What’s so important?”

“This way.” Roy turned and started doing jumping jacks down the hall.

“What on Earth are you doing?” Caroline followed the jumping boy, her curiosity piqued. The poor teenager looked so awkward trying his calisthenics.

“Just trying to stay … fit.” Roy kept jumping all the way to the janitor closet and stopped. Just enough activity to work up a light sweat.

“Oh.” Caroline suddenly felt very strange. She should only feel those feelings in her husband’s arms. But here too? Following this crazy, chubby kid? Her vagina leaked into her panties. She must be coming down with something. “Make this quick, Roy. We need to get back to the rally.”

“Okay.” Roy opened the door to the janitor closet and looked back at her. “In here, Mrs. Rodgers.”

“In there?” Caroline reached her left hand to her bosom and peaked into the little storage area. There was a mop. Some cleaners. She didn’t see anything, but then again, she was having trouble with her focus all of a sudden.

“Let me show you.” Roy looked down the hall, both ways. Nobody around. He took her right hand in his and pulled her into the closet. “You can see it better with the door closed.” He closed the door after them.

“I think … I think …” There was a scent in that closet, along with the tannic cleaners and the moldering rags. It was something out of a dream. Or maybe out of nature. Yes, Caroline could place it. It smelled like the building blocks of life itself. If one converted the Fibonacci sequence into an odor, this would be it. “I need … I need … to go.” Her poor panties were a sloppy mess.

“In a minute.” Roy reached out for her hips and spun her to face him. It was dark in the closet, the only light coming from the crack under the door. The dim light and deep shadows enhanced the feminine curve of her lips, nose, and cheeks. No more baseball. Roy let his dick do its thing. He raised himself onto his toes and planted a sloppy kiss on her lips.

“No … Roy … no.” Caroline drew in a sharp breath. This short, sweaty boy was kissing her. Why was she not running from the closet? She should be running. “Not like that, young man.” She reached her hands to his back and pulled him against her, feeling the press of his flesh against her breasts. And the press of something large against her belly. That couldn’t be his penis, could it? “You need to kiss a woman softer. Tease her. Like this.” She bent down and nibbled on his upper lip. She couldn’t help herself. In the middle of that pep rally, she’d somehow gone insane.

They kissed in the dark for several minutes. Caroline could sense some progress in the boy, but she felt he was still too aggressive and sloppy with his kisses. This was an important life skill and she was his teacher. She’d help him.

Roy pushed her back against the wall and they continued making out.

Caroline took a quick breather. “That’s better, Roy.” She suddenly noticed that his right hand was squeezing her left boob. She hadn’t meant to let him do that. But it was too much effort to push him away and her dress and bra still covered her modesty. She decided to let it slide. Caroline bent down and planted more kisses on his lips. Her tongue darted into his mouth, and her hands groped the back of his cardigan. Then she felt cool air on her thighs. She hadn’t accounted for Roy’s left hand. He was pulling up her dress. She broke their kiss. “No, Roy. You can’t.”

“Just give me a second here, Mrs. Rodgers.” Roy had just released his dick from his pants, and he was going to try and get it in her as quickly as he could. That pep rally wasn’t going to last forever. Using his grasp of her left tit, Roy pulled her down, lowering her hips to his level and spreading her legs just enough.

“This has gone far enough. You—” She felt her wet panties being pulled to the side. And then, just like that, some sort of cudgel pressed up against her vaginal lips. “What is that?” She could feel Roy rubbing the thing all over her nethers. It sent little sparks of pleasure shooting through her. Was he trying to put something so large inside her? What a silly boy, something like that could never fit. No matter how wet she was.

“Stay still for just a minute, okay,” Roy said. This was the second time he’d tried to put his dick inside a woman, and both times he had a hard time finding the right spot. Roy didn’t think Caroline would help him the way Linda had. So, with a firm grip on the shaft, he kept pushing and moving it around. Looking for that give.

“Okay … okay … enough.” It should have been easier for Caroline to get out of this situation. She’d let the boy push her up against the wall and spread her legs. She’d let him rub that thing against her. “It’s time to go back … oof … oh … oooohhhhhhhh.” And now she had let him sink it inside of her. Not very far on the first thrust. “Oh, my … it is your … penis.” But his fat hips didn’t stop and by the tenth thrust, she’d let him all the way in.

“Yeah. You like it, Mrs. Rodgers?” He moved both hands to her hips, for better leverage. Roy’s sweat had done it again. He was some sort of super hero. All women tremble before the Man of Sweat. Or something like that. Caroline was so wet and inviting. Roy’s only regret was that he couldn’t get a better view of the surprise on her face as he worked his dick into her pussy. Next time, he’d have to do her where the light was better.

“It’s … uh … uh … unreal, Roy.” Caroline had no idea the human body could produce the pleasure she now felt. She forgot about everything except the sweaty teenager humping her up against the wall. Her fingers dug into his shoulders and she held on for dear life.

“Your pussy is so … ah … sweet … uh … Mrs. Rodgers.” Roy’s hips sped up. He was really nailing her, his face pressed up against her soft, round titties.

“Don’t … say … that.” Caroline grunted with each thrust, trying her best not to cry out. She moved her left hand to her mouth to stifle her moans. A stray thought passed through her mind; she needed to dislodge him before he planted his seed. But she didn’t have the foggiest idea how to do that. Instead, she kept hunching up against him, spurring on the invader between her legs.

“Aaaaahhhhhh.” Roy exploded inside her without warning.

“Uuuuugggghhhhhhh.” Caroline gritted her teeth and shook as her ecstasy skyrocketed by orders of magnitude. Sparks of rapture spread from her middle like electrical currents.

“Yeah … yeah … yeah.” Roy jammed his dick deep into her again and again until he’d emptied his balls. Then he held himself there all the way in. He felt his teacher trembling against him, clutching his shoulders tight with her right arm. This was the life.

After a few minutes, he pulled himself out and stepped back. Caroline slowly slid down the wall until she was sitting on her butt, legs splayed out in front of her.

“Thanks, teach. I needed that.” Roy did his best to tuck his still rigid dick into his pants. “You want to do that again?”

Caroline could only whimper in response.

“Right.” Roy tucked in his shirt. “I gotta get back to the rally.” He opened the door and looked out. No one in the hall. There was still time. “Bye.” Without looking back, he stepped out of the closet and closed the door behind him. He walked back toward the gym with a spring in his step. He could do anything. He could do anyon.e