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There’s Somthing in the Water

Chapter 5

Linda sat in a soft chair in the church’s bright, quiet back office. She took a deep breath. She was safe in the house of God. She should have come to Him sooner.

Pastor Neilson watched his parishioner closely. Her troubles didn’t show. She exuded radiance. The woman looked like she stood in the Lord’s light morning and night. “What sort of temptation has you so vexed, Mrs. Riles?”

“Carnal temptation, Pastor Neilson.” Was it a sin to withhold the entire truth from a man of God? Linda supposed it was okay so long as she put forth the foundation of the problem. “I have unholy desires.”

“I see.” Pastor Neilson steepled his hands in front of his nose. He sat behind a large desk, papers neatly set in piles to his right. He looked over Linda’s shoulder to see the office door open. His genteel wife, Molly, entered, her blue housedress swirling around her ankles. Over her dress, a loose white cardigan protected her modesty. “What is it, dear?”

Linda turned her head to see Molly Neilson standing primly behind her, hands clasped in front. She was a beautiful, brunette woman with a wide smile and soft brown eyes. She was not always fashionable, but Linda understood that she was a modest woman and God had given her much to cover up. “Hello, Molly.” Linda nodded politely.

“Hello, Linda.” Molly nodded back and offered that wide smile. “I just wanted to see if you needed any water?”

“Do you have any coffee?” Linda guessed Molly was maybe two or three inches shorter than herself, neither of them tall women. Linda’s eyes trailed down the pastor’s wife. Molly was probably quite the Rubenesque lady, but Linda couldn’t really be sure with her chaste sartorial decisions. And then, Linda’s eyes fell to the floor. How could she have such thoughts? Especially in that sanctified building of all places.

“Oh, I’m sorry. We don’t have anything stronger than water.” Molly could see the trouble in Linda’s eyes. Linda looked rested and radiant, but as a woman she could see the disquiet that possessed the parishioner. She’d obviously disturbed them at a difficult time. Well, her husband could handle his flock. He’d get it sorted.

“Of course.” Linda nodded. “No water, thank you.”

“Very well.” Molly looked from Linda to the kind eyes of her husband. “Also, you have another parishioner here. She’s in the waiting room.”

“Tell her to sit tight.” Pastor Neilson dropped his hands out of the steeple and reached into a drawer in his desk. “We won’t be long. I know how to help Mrs. Riles.”

“Yes, dear.” Molly turned, exited the office, and gently closed the door behind her.

“Temptation is easily put aside … when we walk with Him.” Pastor Neilson pulled a small silver cross from the drawer and held it out to Linda in the palm of his hand. “Here, take this.”

Linda leaned over and picked the cross from his hand. She curled her fingers around the little cool object and sat back down, hands in her lap.

“Whatever happens, know this cross is a holy symbol evil will recognize and fear.” Pastor Neilson’s face emanated confidence, from the set of his jaw to the coolness in his brown eyes. “You need only to hold that before you when the devil’s temptation appears and the evil will wither like grapes on the salted vine. Say these words to the Devil’s false promises: I praise His grace. I need no heaven but what God provides. Thank you, Jesus.”

“Really?” Linda raised an eyebrow, but the pastor’s confidence was catching. Linda repeated the words. “I praise His grace. I need no heaven but what God provides. Thank you, Jesus.”

“Yes. You got it.” Pastor Neilson looked at the clock on the wall. “I’ve had quite a few women come to me recently complaining of such temptation. I put the blame squarely on modern culture. Society is grappling with rock-and-roll, lascivious cinema, and the invasion by communists and Catholics. But the Lord will protect you child.”

“Thank you.” Linda nodded her head, her blue eyes clear and trouble free. This would work. “And thank you, God.”

“Excellent. Now, we’ll see you on Sunday.” Pastor Neilson looked to the door, his message clear. Time to leave.

“Thank you, Pastor.” Linda stood and turned. She walked to the door, opened it, and stepped out into the waiting area. She looked to her left, and her breath caught in her throat. There was Amanda Ackerman. The mother of the beast that had so debased poor Linda the day before. “Um, hello … Amanda.” Linda’s pulse drummed in her ears.

“Hello, Linda.” Amanda looked down at her kitten heels.

“Okay, well, goodbye then.” Linda hurried off. Strange, usually Amanda was so talkative. Maybe God was already getting Linda out of uncomfortable situations. Linda squeezed the cross tightly in her left hand. Thank you, Jesus.

* * *

In a small, windowless room behind the high school gym, Mark and Donna Farmer interviewed members of the senior class. The first two interviews, one girl and one boy, were of no interest to the investigators. The third would prove more exciting.

“What is your name and age, young man?” Mark jotted notes down on a pad of paper. They were seated at a rectangular aluminum table. Mark and Donna sat next to each other, a member of the school’s basketball team occupied a chair on the other side of the table.

“Chris Sumner and I’m eighteen.” Chris didn’t bother looking at Mark. His interest was fixed on Donna. She was pretty with her red hair twisted behind her head and the sprinkling of freckles on her upturned nose and cheeks.

“And you’re on the basketball team?” Donna looked at the boy’s exposed shoulders, covered only by the straps of his basketball jersey. His pale skin glistened with sweat. They’d pulled him in from his PE class. “And … um … um … um …” Something was wrong. Donna adjusted her glasses on her nose and pressed her legs together. What was wrong with her vagina? And she suddenly had butterflies in her stomach.

“Yes, I’m on the team.” Chris smirked. “Is something wrong with her?”

Donna opened and closed her mouth several times. She put a hand to her bosom and felt her chest heave. She suddenly needed more air.

“My wife was going to say …” Mark felt odd too. The world was out of focus, almost like looking at it through rippling water. Mark didn’t like the way this boy was looking at Donna. He had the swift realization, this is how prey feels when surprised by a predator. Fight or flight should have kicked in. But it didn’t. Instead his pen went to the paper and wrote of its own accord, very slowly. He wrote fight or flight fight or flight fight or flight over and over again, filling up the page.

“What’s wrong with him?” Chris watched the old man mindlessly scribble in his notebook. He looked back at Donna. “Say, Miss Farmer was it? You’re real pretty.”

“Mrs. Farmer.” Donna was terrified. She had no idea what was happening to her or her husband. Mark, the man of action, was suddenly rendered inert. She broke out in a cold sweat.

“Real, real pretty.” Chris stood up and pulled his basketball jersey off and dropped it on the table. He pointed a finger at his shorts. “See my teepee lady? I’ve got an angry Indian I want to show you.”

“No.” Donna clutched the edge of the table with both hands, her knuckles turning white. Whatever he had in his shorts was immense. “Stay seated young man.” But she didn’t want him to stay seated. She wanted to see what could make such a large teepee. She hated herself for it, but she wanted to see his angry Indian.

“Here it is.” Chris dropped his shorts and pulled down his underwear to his ankles. Out flopped his gigantic dick.

“Oh, no.” Donna grabbed Mark’s shoulder and shook him. She clenched at his gray suit jacket. “My lord. My lord. I need you.”

“Shit, lady. He’s not your lord.” Chris grabbed his dick and stroked with two hands. “This is.”

“No.” Donna rose from her chair. It took every bit of willpower not to run over to the young basketball player. “Mark?” She pulled her husband to his feet. He stood, but made no other move. “We need to go.”

“You can’t go.” Chris took a step around the table, but got caught up on the underwear and shorts around his ankles. “I haven’t had any pussy since last night. These days, I need lots of pussy.”

“No, thank you.” Donna moved for the door, dragging her husband who stumbled with her.

“Wait.” Chris reached for them, but his outstretched fingers fell short of the pretty redhead. “Wait just a sec.”

“Hurry, Mark.” Donna made it to the door, opened it, and pulled her husband out of the room with her. “Please.” She left all their notes and equipment behind, along with that horrible boy.

By the time they were outside in the fresh air, the fog in Mark’s brain began to clear. “What happened, Donna?”

“I’ll tell you when we’re safe.” Donna shoved him into their auto.

“Safe from what?” Mark couldn’t quite remember how he had left the school.

“Something’s happening here, Mark.” Donna raced around the car, opened her door, and sat in the driver’s seat. “We’ve found evil in Portsmith.”

“Capital.” Mark shook his head to clear his mind. “That’s what we’ve been looking for.” He closed his door. Now that he was confined in that small space with his wife, he felt his mind begin to wander off. It smelled like old memories in there. Things long gone that called to him.

“Mark?” Donna started the car and put it in reverse. “Mark?” She looked over at her husband, but he was in a daze again. “Don’t worry, dear. I’ll get you back to the hotel.” She put the automobile in gear and raced out of the parking lot. She took them back to their room, tucked Mark into bed, and sat in the chair next to him as he snored away. They should have left Portsmith long ago.

* * *

After visiting Pastor Neilson on Friday morning, Amanda went to Woolworths. She bought a chain for the cross the good pastor had given her. She wanted the protective symbol close to her heart. She hung it and it nestled in her cleavage. Then, with boobs on her mind, she went to the undergarment department.

The saleslady measured her. To Amanda’s horror, she’d gone from a 30B to a 32D. The saleslady said she was lucky, they were running low on bras bigger than her size. Amanda bought four bras, two longline and two bullet. She then bought herself three new housedresses, all two sizes larger than any she currently owned.

If only the strangeness in her life had been limited to her bust size. She had done something horrible with her son, and she needed to make it up to him. And she needed to make it up to her husband Nathaniel too. Even though he didn’t know, she had wronged him in a terrible way.

Amanda ate a hearty lunch. She then drove home, cleaned the house, and got to baking. She planned to have a chocolate cake ready for Roy when he got home from school. Then they could discuss putting that awful incident behind them over some afternoon cake.

She put on her new, green housedress and one of the longline bras. She hadn’t been so comfortably dressed in weeks. The day was off to a good start. Now she just needed it to end well.

* * *

Roy raced his bike home after school. A few minutes before, Patrick had asked him for help with unraveling his stupid mysteries, but Roy could care less. He’d laughed, wished Patrick luck, and ran for his bike. Roy wanted to see how far he could push it with his mom.

The turning point for Roy was an accident. He’d only meant to get his mom a little worked up, but Amanda had instead blown him. What he did with his mom was wrong. What he did with Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Riles was wrong. Roy knew it and he didn’t care. He needed more. Lots more.

Roy carelessly dropped his bike in the garage. He hopped up and down all the way to the front door. He was sweaty, but he wanted to be sure. He opened the door and slammed it. The anticipation was killing him. Something smelled good. His mom was baking. He tossed his backpack to the floor, flung off his shoes, and walked into the hall. “I’m home, Mom.”

“In the kitchen, Roy.” Amanda’s heart quickened. How could she be so nervous to see her sweet, darling boy? She smoothed out her apron and checked the oven. A couple more minutes on the cake. Roy would just have to be patient.

“Hi, Mom.” Roy walked into the kitchen and stood before Amanda. He pulled off his jacket and dropped it on the floor.

“Now, Roy, you know I’m going to have to pick that up.” Amanda stepped toward the jacket, but then stopped. “You’re … such a mess … Roy.” That smell again. It was Roy, but it was also something deep and dark and as primitive as a caveman. She was wet again, heaven help her. She pressed her trembling legs together. “I praise … His grace … I need no heaven … but what God … provides. Thank you … Jesus,” she whispered.

“What, Mom?” Roy cocked his head at her.

“You’re all … sweaty, darling.” Amanda tried to clear her head. The shower yesterday had gotten her back to her level-headed self. She’d do that again. “In the shower you go.”

“Okay.” Roy turned and raced upstairs. He stepped into the pink washroom and pulled of his pants, socks, and underwear. He had no intention of getting in the shower, but the washroom offered privacy, close quarters, and a chance to get her out of her dress. He removed and tossed his sweater and undershirt.

Amanda took the cake out of the oven and placed it on a cooling rack. She then followed her son up the stairs. She could hear him undressing in the washroom. It was good she thought of the shower. This must be how God helped her, putting constructive thoughts in her head. “There now, we’ll just get you … oh, my. I’d almost forgotten …” When she entered the washroom, she was treated to an eyeful. Roy was already naked, his chubby little belly hanging out. His hideous penis as hard as can be, sticking straight out from his body with its many veins and its knobby, dark head. His overripe testicles dangled between his legs. “I just didn’t remember, that you were so different … from other men.”

“One sec.” Roy turned and started the shower, giving Amanda an eyeful of his pale, white butt. Cold water came down from the showerhead. Roy turned back to his mom. “Last time you got all wet from the water. Why don’t you take off your dress?” He had no intention of taking a shower, so he didn’t bother adding any hot water.

“Yes.” Amanda couldn’t take her eyes off that monstrous penis. How could such a thing belong to her sweet Roy? “Good idea, darling.” Amanda untied her apron in the back and pulled it over her head. She dropped it on the pink tile. She reached down, pulled her new dress over her head, and then dropped it on top of the apron. “We need some privacy.” She closed the washroom door and locked it. She couldn’t have Annie coming home and finding her half-naked, giving Roy a shower.

“Wow, you look pretty, Mom.” Roy reached down and stroked his dick with his right hand. His gaze roved her body. Her white panties were stained with wetness in the crotch and her white bra held back titties Roy knew hadn’t been there until recently.

“Now, stop touching that, darling. We’re just going to get you cleaned up.” Amanda tried to look away from the penis, but she couldn’t do it. Such a crude instrument. So different from his father. She shook her head and tried to clear the cobwebs in her brain. “I praise His grace. I need no heaven … but what God provides. Thank you, Jesus.”

“You keep saying that. What gives?” Still stroking, Roy took a step closer to his mother. Roy’s father wouldn’t give his son the time of day. Nathaniel thought he was so important. Nathaniel wouldn’t let Roy sit in his chair, or read his books, or drive his car. Well, Roy thought, guess what Dad. I’m about to take my rightful place. He took another step closer.

“It’s something Pastor Neilson wanted me to say.” Amanda fell to her knees. She remembered what her son’s fluids had done to her. Would she taste him again? “I praise His grace. I need—”

“That’s enough, Mom.” Roy took the last step on that pink tile. He took his dick in his hand and gently slapped her cheek with it.

She let him. It made a soft smacking sound.

“You need to suck my dick.” Roy placed his dick on her pretty lips.

“Okay, darling.” She opened her mouth and let him in. Precum hit her tongue and her whole body shook for just a second. This was heaven on Earth. She didn’t know how, but she wanted to take all of him down her throat. “Ggggggkkkkkgggghhhh.” She gagged on his monstrous gadget.

“Wow, Mom.” Roy put both hands on the back of her head. “You look so perfect.” He pushed himself further into her mouth.

Amanda tensed and put her palms on the front of Roy’s hips, pushing hard. Her eyes watered. She was being invaded. She gagged again. And then, another bit of precum splashed in her throat. A sudden relaxation came over Amanda. She realized, she could simply just let him in. She could let her once gentle son have his way. The muscles in her back and neck loosened. She let him push in, and just like that, her nose bounced up against the base of his penis. A feeling of surrender and acceptance filled her body. And her son’s dick filled her throat. Her head took long, smooth strokes back and forth. She would never have thought any woman could do such a thing, least of all herself.

“Oh, my God.” Roy watched with wide eyes as his mom took all of him into her mouth, over and over again. “You were … uh … uh … made for this.”

She was. God in heaven, she was made to take this tool. “Hhhhhhmmmmmggghhhh,” Amanda said.

“Here it comes.” Roy pulled her head forward, gripping her dark, silky hair. He pressed himself into her. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh.” This was his best cum yet.

Amanda took the whole load down her throat like she’d been doing it her whole life. Her body spasmed and shook, and she came as her son filled her stomach with his magical seed. She would have fallen to the tile floor, but she was pinned by the penis lodged in her throat and the hands behind her head.

“Wow.” When Roy was done, he let her go and his dick slipped out of her mouth. He looked down at her pale face as cum dribbled down her chin. “Not done … yet,” Roy panted.

In a fog, Amanda felt hands on her. She was pulled from the floor up to her feet. She grabbed the sink for support and leaned forward. She felt her son pull her panties down and she groggily stepped out of them. Even though she’d never had sex standing up, she could guess what was coming. “Condoms … Roy.” She looked down at her fingers, gripping the pink porcelain tightly. She didn’t want to look up and see herself in the mirror. She didn’t want to see what she’d become.

“You think they’d fit, Mom? I bet Dad has a little weenie.” He slapped his still hard dick against her right butt cheek and watched the ripples. The roundness and firmness of her ass drove him crazy. The mass of it was something to behold. “Is it true? Does he have a little weenie?”

“I can’t believe …” Still looking down, Amanda nodded her head. “Yes. I didn’t know it … until recently. But your father … has a little weenie.”

“I thought so.” He slapped his weighty dick against her left butt cheek. “Now put it in.”

“Okay, darling.” She reached behind her and grabbed her son’s penis with her left hand. “But be gentle. And don’t let it out inside … meeeeeeeeee.” The second she lined it up with her entrance, Roy shoved it home. She felt split completely in two. Thank goodness she was so wet. “Gennnnntttttllllllleeeee,” Amanda said through gritted teeth.

“This is a … nice … pussy, Mom.” Roy grabbed her wide hips and thrust in and out. Her pussy made a faint squelching sound. After a few thrusts, he was all the way in.

Several minutes later, Amanda finally looked up. In the mirror, she saw a wild-eyed woman with dark hair flinching with each lunge from the boy behind her. His semen clung to her chin. The cross around her neck bounced back and forth, hanging below her neck. Her new boobs shook inside her new bra, jiggling crazily every time he bottomed out. So deep. She grunted like an animal and looked over her shoulder. Her son had a frenzied look in his eyes, staring down at her backside. Sweat flowed down his forehead. She felt like they were indeed wild animals.

“What did … uh … uh … the pastor … tell you?” Roy could see the white froth from his mom’s pussy on his dick with every back thrust.

“I praise … His grace … I need no heaven … but what God … provides. Thank you … Jesus.” Amanda could barely get the words out. She looked back at the crazed woman in the mirror. In all her life, she’d never been so enslaved by pleasure. She wanted this act of mating to go on forever.

“Okay.” Roy watched Amanda’s face in the mirror. He could see the ecstasy and the loss of control etched on her pretty features. “Now say this … instead. ‘I praise … ah … my son’s dick. I need no heaven … but what Roy … provides my pussy. Thank you … Jesus.’”

“No.” Amanda shook her head. “Ooooohhhhhhhhh.” Her vagina spasmed on his penis. She was rocked by the most intense orgasm yet.

“Say it.” Roy pounded harder with long, punishing strokes. He could see the little muscles in her back under her bra strap tense each time he slammed home.

Amanda braced herself against the assault. When she’d recovered from her orgasm, she knew that she couldn’t deny her son anything. How had he gotten so good at this? How had she lived her whole life without knowing what sex could be like? “Oh, my gosh, Roy. I’ll say it.” Who was this woman in the mirror? “I praise my son’s penis … uh … uh … uh … I need no heaven … oooohhhhh … but what Roy … provides my vagina. Thank you … Jesus.”

“Dick and pussy, Mom.” Roy watched his mother surrender. “Say dick and pussy.”

“I need … dick … dick … dick … I need … no heaven … but what you … provide to my pussy … Roy. Oh, sweet Jesus.” And with that, a new, intense bliss spread from her core as Roy let loose a torrent in her pussy. As the rapture passed through her, she knew she was his.

They both still gasped for breath a few minutes later when Roy pulled out, turned her around, and sat her on the edge of the sink. He stood up on his toes and slammed his dick into her pussy. It was the first time he got it into a woman by himself without any hassle. Amanda squealed, unable to comprehend that a man wanted to put a third load inside her.

Roy buried his face in her bra covered boobs and began slow steady strokes.

“Mom? Mom, where are you?” Annie’s voice filtered in through the door.

Amanda frantically tried to push at Roy’s shoulders. “We have to stop.”

“No way.” Roy kept up his slow, steady pace. He grabbed the upper part of her butt and pressed her forward to meet his thrusts. He looked up at her contorted face.

“Okay.” Defeated, she looked down into his brown eyes. “But be quiet.”

“Sure.” He buried his face back in her cleavage and went about his business.

“I’m in here, darling,” Amanda called through the door. “Taking a shower.”

“Hey, Mom.” Annie’s voice was right out in the hall. “I’m going out with Bobby now.”

“Okay … Annie.” Amanda winced as she felt Roy’s penis push things around in her belly.

“See you later.” Annie’s voice faded as she ran down the stairs.

“Bye.” Amanda closed her eyes and let Roy do as he pleased.

“Say it, Mom.” Roy pushed himself all the way in and held his dick there. He could feel his mom’s pussy clutching at his dick.

“Your dick … is heaven … in my pussy.” Amanda put her arms around her boy’s shoulders. “Thank you, Jesus.”

“That’s good.” Roy pulled almost all the way out and slammed home. He controlled her with his hands. He dominated her with his words. And he possessed her with his dick. “I can’t believe … I didn’t want to fuck you … at first. You’re the best … uh … uh … pussy yet.”

“Oh, no. Roy, you … didn’t.” Amanda’s eyes went wide. She looked down at his messy, brown hair. The cross lay on her chest, just above his forehead. It was about as worthless in this situation as his father. It was a terrible thought that Roy had done this to other women. But the idea also sent her spiraling into another orgasm.

They had sex for another hour in the washroom. After he’d cum again, Roy turned on the hot water and they showered together, washing off all the sweat and cum staining their bodies.

Starving, they went downstairs and together made short work of the chocolate cake. Amanda then went about making dinner for her family, but Roy said he felt sleepy and turned in before six.

Amanda served Nathaniel a reheated dinner when he returned home later that night. Afterward, she took him to their bedroom to fulfill her marital duties. Unfortunately, she’d been so stretched by Roy, she could barely feel her husband. He made a comment about how sloppy she was down there, ejaculated, rolled over, and went to sleep. Amanda lay in bed next to her snoring husband, staring at the ceiling.

* * *

Axcix sent playful vibrations out in the water around her. She’d been pondering the outsiders for some time. They seemed to know something about her and her methods. This was … unexpected.

To solve this problem, she would need to do something unexpected herself. She had only the dominant species to use as her tools. Her makers were clear, she could not jeopardize the experiment by acting directly. Even to eliminate a threat.

The answer was in the question. She could use the experiment itself. The dominant species was the only mammal to have permanently enlarged breasts, one of the many strange anomalies of evolution on this planet. Axcix had expanded female breasts to lure males. But what if she used them further. She went to work programming her nanites for lactation. Such large, fatty mounds could be useful in many ways. The makers would understand this.

The dangerous outsiders had taken precautions against food, water, and young, local males. They had adapted to the experiment. But they may have failed to realize the experiment could adapt to them.

* * *

On Saturday morning, Mark and Donna Farmer were still recovering from the shock of their interview at the high school.

Mark lay in bed, thankful for a good night’s sleep. “And you remember all of it?” Mark couldn’t seem to recall key moments from the day before. About a minute or two into their third interview, Mark’s mind had wandered off into a pleasant dream about note taking.

“I remember every horrible second of it. You went farther away than Sputnik. And the boy, he became agitated and aggressive.” Donna didn’t have the heart to tell her husband that she’d become sexually excited. Maybe more so than at any point in their marriage. It took enormous will to pull herself out of that small room. “He dropped his shorts and exposed his … thing … to us.”

“How very strange.” Mark lay supine on the bed, still in his pajamas. “You did the right thing getting us out of there.”

“Of course I did.” Donna sat on the plush chair by the bed, still in her pajamas as well. She leaned forward and watched Mark closely, her lips pinched and her eyebrows drawn. “Mark, we need to leave this town. Today would be best.”

“No.” Mark shook his head and rubbed the stubble on his chin. “We cannot walk away from this.” He turned his head on the pillow and looked at her. “My lady, we must further our knowledge.”

“This is not a game, Mark.” Donna’s green eyes, large behind her black-framed glasses, were sharp and piercing.

“I know. It is a quest for scientific knowledge.” Mark sat up and rested his head on the headboard. “We’ll stay at least until we meet the Lannit kid on Monday. He’s observing the town for us as we speak. If you still want to leave after that, we can revisit the idea then. Okay, my lady?”

“Fine.” Donna folded her arms over her chest. “My lord.” Her lips tightened into a fine line.

“And one more thing.” Mark’s eyes shone bright with earnest sincerity. “If I should happen to fall into another somnambulatory state, I’d like you to leave me in a safe place.”

“Leave you?” Donna’s cheeks blanched.

“If you are not being accosted or otherwise in jeopardy.” Mark nodded slowly. “I would like you to leave me and investigate further. The trancelike state is most likely tied to some other event in the scheme of … of … this presence.” He nodded. “I promise if you do this and we get interesting findings, I will be satisfied with our investigation and we can leave Portsmith. Yes? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We can’t let Dr. Cobb get all the glory.”

“I do not like it,” Donna said. “But if there is no danger, and you are … not responding, I will look into it further.”

“Thank you, my lady.” Mark moved to the edge of the bed. “Now, how about breakfast?”

Donna nodded. She was very hungry.

* * *

Amanda busied herself in the kitchen all morning. She made breakfast for Annie and Nathaniel, but Roy slept in. What Roy had done to her in the pink washroom was so out of this world. He’d managed to pull some trigger in her brain. As she gathered her ingredients together for cookies, her mind replayed the hours-long scene in her head over and over again. Such a tool as Roy possessed was fit for mating a wild beast, not a petite mother and wife. Yet, she had taken it. Taken every inch down her throat and vagina. And thanked Jesus for it.

The cross had been a failure, but she kept it around her neck. Not to deter anymore of her son’s advances, but because it reminded her of looking at herself in the mirror. The mad, grunting woman with wide eyes, gritted teeth, and dark hair. She’d had her son’s seed splattered on her face. Her round breasts had bounded up and down under her bra. And the silver cross had swung as it dangled from her neck. Amanda shivered thinking about that sin and walked over to the oven. She turned the dial and started the preheating. She loved her husband, and the last thing she wanted to do was break their marriage vows. Again.

No, no. Amanda shook her head as she walked back to the counter and added flour to her mixing bowl. Even though she loved her husband, the actual last thing she wanted to do was live her life without filling herself with Roy’s monster gadget again. Her body longed for it. With the spatula, Amanda finished mixing the dry ingredients.

“Nathaniel, dear. Are you here?” Amanda called out in a loud voice.

“I’m in the study, dear.” Her husband’s voice carried back across the house.

“Darn it to heck,” she whispered under her breath. Sometimes on Saturday mornings he’d sneak off to work. Amanda wanted him out of the house. “Annie, darling?” Amanda called.

“Here, Mom.” Annie stepped into the kitchen. “But I’m just about to leave. Bobby Connors is picking me up.” Annie was dressed in one of her poodle skirts. Above, she wore a modest, green blouse and a green headband to hold back her wavy brown hair.

“Well, you look nice.” Amanda set down the spatula and wiped her hands on her apron. “You’ve been seeing a lot of the Connors’ boy.” She untied the apron and pulled it over her head. Having only Nathaniel in the house was good enough and the cookies would have to wait. A wave of excitement and anticipation swept through her. She placed the apron on the counter.

“We’re going steady, Mom.” Annie gave her mom a quizzical look. She looked distracted and a little harried. She looked a bit sweaty too.

“Yes, Annie.” Amanda walked over to her daughter and shooed her toward the front door. “Be good. Now off you go.”

“But he’s not here yet.” Just as the words left Annie’s mouth, a car horn sounded out front. “Oh, cool. Bye, Mom.” Annie turned with a twirl of her skirt and ran down the front hall. A second later the sound of the door slamming filled the house.

“Right,” Amanda whispered to herself. “This is it.” She walked to the study and peered in. “Hello, Nathaniel. I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be busy … um … for a few minutes.” She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.

Nathaniel sat at his desk, eyes fixed at the ledger open before him.

“Did you hear me?” Amanda put her hands on her ever-expanding hips. “Nathaniel?”

Her husband just stared at his ledger.

“Okay, dear.” Amanda watched the back of his head. “I’ll bring you some cookies in an hour or so. Love you.”

He didn’t move.

Fine. This was fine. He was in one of his moods and he wouldn’t bother her. Amanda quietly shut the study door and rushed for the stairs. Her heart thumped in her chest and her pink dress trailed behind her as she took the stairs two at a time. She stepped down the hall and opened Roy’s door.

Loud snoring filled the bedroom. She closed the door behind her, locked it, and looked around. The curtains were drawn and the room was a murky dark. Roy had taken down his childhood posters a few years ago and replaced them with teenage art. This meant posters of ladies. Space ladies, with ray-guns and spherical glass helmets. Cowgirl ladies, with six-shooters and sheriff badges. Surf ladies, with boards and wood-paneled cars. And others ladies too. All with curves and striking feminine features. Amanda wondered how she stacked up against these women. She looked down at her large breasts tucked into her new bullet bra and concluded that she compared well.

“Roy?” Amanda walked over to the bed, keeping her eyes on the poster ladies. It occurred to her, for the first time, that he must masturbate with his enormous gadget while looking at those posters. The thought would have horrified her a week ago, but now it sent little butterflies flapping in her stomach. “Roy?”

Roy snored on.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” Amanda reached down and pulled the blanket off Roy. She sucked in her breath.

Roy slept naked, his penis fully into its morning wood. The hard manhood rested on his chubby belly, the knobby head so dark and livid.

“Well, okay then.” Amanda exhaled and rubbed her hands together to warm them up. She climbed up onto the bed and crawled between Roy’s legs. She looked down at those improbably large testicles and bent down on all fours to get a closer look. Little purple veins branched all over the rough flesh. She opened her mouth, reached out her tongue, and licked the left ball. It was salty and the substance of it sent a thrill through her. She licked again, trailing her tongue over to the other testicle. Before long, the right ball filled up her mouth.

“Mom?” Roy propped himself up on his elbows and watched Amanda suck at his balls. The way she stretched her back, with her butt up in the air, was truly a sight to see. The sweep of her spine, the flare of her hips, and the roundness of her ass were all so inviting. “Yeah, keep doing that.”

“Mmmmmmmmmhhhhh.” Amanda reached up with her left and stroked his penis. Her little hand struggled with its girth.

“Where’s Dad and Annie?” Roy didn’t really care, but it seemed like something he should worry about.

Amanda released the testicle with a little plop. “Annie’s out with her boyfriend.” Amanda raised her shoulders up, extending her arms so she could look down on Roy’s penis as she manipulated it. “Your father is in his study.”

“Oh, shit.” Roy smiled. “The old man’s downstairs?”

“Language, Roy.” Amanda looked up into his eyes and nodded. “Yes, so be quiet.” She then lowered her mouth down onto the head. The electrifying sensation of his precum hit her tongue. She bobbed her head up and down.

“Sorry, Mom.” Roy leaned his head back on the pillow. “Who do you love more? Me or him?”

“Gggggghhhhhhhh.” Amanda gagged a little as she lowered her head further on his shaft. Another hit of the precum relaxed her muscles.

“Aaahhhhh, Mom. Your … throat’s so tight.” Roy was already so close.

“Ggghhhpppphhhhh.” She managed to get her nose down to the base. She moved her head up and down, making love to this savage tool with her mouth in long, wet strokes.

“Shit, Mom.” Roy grabbed the sheet in clenched fists. “Take it. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.” He spewed down her throat. The sound of her urgent gulps heightened his orgasm even more.

The world spun and stars danced before Amanda’s eyes. She was orgasming again from drinking his semen. She swallowed again and again, not wanting to waste a drop, feeling the liquid fill her stomach. After a minute, she pulled her head away. A lone strand of cum spanned the distance from her lips to his penis and then broke. “Thank you, Jesus.” Amanda sat back on her heels and let go of Roy’s gadget. It flopped back on his belly.

“Thank you, Mom.” Roy had his eyes closed, still clutching the sheet.

“Okay.” Amanda crawled off the bed. She wanted more, but knew better than to press her luck. This was good enough for now. She stood and looked down at her son. “I’ve got breakfast for you downstairs. It’s time to get up and start the day.” Her whole body tingled, and she felt so alive. Amanda turned to the door, but then looked back at him over her shoulder. “Oh, and I’m baking cookies. Come and get them while they’re warm.” She turned and walked to the door.

“Sure.” Roy turned his head and watched her butt sway as she left. She opened the door and disappeared. Roy wanted more. Much more.

* * *

Patrick called David late Saturday morning. He wanted his help as he rode his bike around town and looked for clues.

David agreed. He wanted to get out of the house. His mom had been avoiding him, and he couldn’t talk to her with his dad around. Standing in the kitchen, holding the phone, he looked over at his mother as she busied herself at the sink. He wanted to pick her up and carry her off. But that was impossible, so it was better to spend the day away.

Next, Patrick called Roy and asked for his help too.

Roy thought about Patrick’s offer. He hemmed and he hawed. Eventually Roy said no, he had other things to do.

Patrick didn’t like the sound of Roy’s voice as he hung up the phone. His fat friend had taken on a tone Patrick knew. It was how Roy spoke when he was trying to be devious.

Patrick ate a late breakfast in the kitchen, gave his mom a chaste peck on the cheek, and walked toward the front door.

“Don’t forget your sister will be here for dinner,” Susy called after him. “Be home before five.”

“Okay, Mom.” Patrick tried to hide the exasperation in his voice. Seeing Sally and her new husband, Jack, was not a priority when he had so much to do. But he was a good son and brother, so he’d be home by five. Until then, he would prove his worth as an investigator. Who knew what they’d find?

* * *

Later that day, Roy dropped his bike on Patrick’s front lawn. He was sure his friend would be off looking into his stupid mysteries by now. Roy was already sweaty from the ride over, but he did some jumping jacks down the front walk anyway. He stepped up and rang the doorbell.

The front door opened and there was Susy Lannit. Roy thought of the women he’d been with. He loved his own mom and had come to see her as very pretty. David’s mom was pretty too. Caroline Rodgers was a real doll. But Susy Lannit was the town beauty. With her high cheekbones, almond eyes, and the cute little cleft on her chin, she looked like an angel. Then, of course, there was her tall, voluptuous body which was less angel and more devil. As she blinked her deep, brown eyes at Roy, he looked her up and down. She wore a green and white circle skirt, and a too-small white blouse.

“Hello, Roy.” Susy felt quite uncomfortable all of sudden. One minute she’d been reading Good Housekeeping, the next she was staring at Patrick’s sweaty friend. Her vagina seemed to think it was intimate time with her husband. It wasn’t. “I’m … afraid you just missed Pat. You might … um … try the library.”

“Oh, damn.” Roy tried to look disappointed.

“Language, young man.” Susy frowned. She felt a bit light-headed. A raw, unctuous scent floated into her house. She couldn’t quite place it. She knew at once she hated it, but at the same time it was ingratiating itself with her body.

“Sorry, Mrs. Lannit.” Roy looked up. This was a delicate moment. Once she invited him in, it would be game over. “It’s just that I rode all the way over here. Could I please have a glass of water before riding over to the library?”

“Well … sure … that would be fine.” Susy opened the door wider and beckoned him in. She turned and walked down the front hall toward the kitchen.

“Say, Mrs. Lannit?” Roy stepped into the house and closed the door behind him. A little crescent of a smirk played on his red, sweaty face.

“Yes, Roy?” Susy looked back at him.

Roy couldn’t believe he was about to stretch out this absolute doll. The arc of her back, the subtle curve of her shoulders, the sway of her hips, and the sumptuous swell of her ass. It was almost too much. “I was wondering, is Mr. Lannit here?”

“No.” Susy shook her head and turned into the kitchen. “It seems golf is the new way to get ahead in the business world. He got up early to get out on the course.” Susy walked across the kitchen, grabbed a glass from the cabinet above, and moved to the sink.

“Oh.” Roy followed her into the kitchen. He stopped in the middle of the black and white linoleum floor and dropped his pants and underwear. Even after the blowjob from his mom earlier, he was hard as a rock. His dick jutted out in front of him. “Golf seems interesting.”

“It’s not.” Susy filled up the glass at the tap.

“Whatever you say, Mrs. Lannit.” Roy watched her delicate, slender arms work at the sink. His eyes moved up to her face as she turned to offer him the glass of water in her right hand. He needed to see the shock and confusion in those gorgeous eyes.

“Golf takes hours to play. And I’d rather spend time …” Susy froze when she saw the boy half naked with his out-of-proportion member sticking out in front of him. Her eyes went wide and her left hand went to cover her mouth. “Goodness, gracious. What … are you doing?” Her vagina had been leaking before, but now she felt a flood down there. She could not fathom why her body was responding to this rude, distasteful boy.

“Come and get it, Mrs. Lannit.” Roy’s smile broadened.

Susy stepped toward him. It was hard to think straight. “You are …” She took another step. “You are …” One more step. She was right in front of him now, staring down into his smarmy eyes. She gathered her strength. “You are … a vile boy, Roy Ackerman.” She splashed the water from the glass into his face. “Get out.” She didn’t care what her confused body said, this was wrong in every way possible.

Roy winced when the cold water hit him. “But … you want—”

“Nothing from you.” Susy slapped him with her left hand across his fat, right cheek. “Get out.”

“What?” Roy looked up her with shock and confusion. “I thought—”

Susy slapped him again. The smacking sound resounded around the kitchen. “Out.”

“Sorry.” Roy hurriedly pulled up his underwear and pants, tucking his dick under the waistband. He retreated down the front hall, opened the door, and ran toward his bike.

“And stay out.” Susy followed him to the front door and leaned out, glaring at Roy’s backside. “And … I don’t want you to see Pat anymore. He’s not … your friend.” Susy slammed the door and leaned her back up against it. Her breasts rose and fell as she struggled for breath. Was every teenager so grossly proportioned nowadays?

After she caught her breath, Susy went upstairs, calmly removed her clothes, and masturbated herself to climax. She hadn’t done such a thing since before marriage, but she just couldn’t help herself. The whole time, all she could think of was young, hard penises.