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There’s Somthing in the Water

Chapter 6

Roy arrived home in tears. How could Mrs. Lannit have treated him like that? He was a sobbing, sweaty mess as he stumbled down the front hall.

“Roy, darling?” Amanda put down her magazine and stood up from the couch. Above her, the ceiling vibrated as Annie listened to her rock-and-roll on a record player. “What’s wrong?” Amanda straightened her new housedress and walked out in the front hall. Roy’s distinctive odor hit her like a freight train. Her vagina dripped. The association between that smell and Roy’s magical semen had firmly linked itself in her brain. Amanda knew immediately what she had to do.

“A … girl … Mom,” Roy said between sobs. “She was mean … to me.” Roy’s hair was a mess, his eyes red, his chest heaved up and down, and the faint pink outline of fingers covered one cheek.

“Did someone hit you?” Amanda pulled him into an embrace, cradling his head against her bosom.

“She … did.” Roy couldn’t stop his tears. He might be eighteen, but he could still cry like a baby.

“There, there.” Amanda stroked his hair. She put her arm around his shoulders and led him toward the back of the house. “I know how to cheer you up. Would you like something special?” She pulled him into her husband’s study and closed and locked the door behind them.

“Where’s Dad?” Roy looked around the study. His father’s ledger sat open on the desk.

“After he roused himself from his morning stupor, he left for the office. Your father thinks the house is making him sleepy.” Amanda unbuttoned her dress, pulled it over her head, and carefully placed it on the back of the chair. “But your sister got home about an hour ago. I never thought I’d say it, but thank goodness she listens to that infernal racket.” Amanda’s black ponytail danced as she quickly undressed. Her pale skin looked milky in the dim light of the study. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. “Would you like to see my boobies?” She held the unhooked bra to her boobs with both hands.

“Yes, please.” Roy wiped at his drying eyes with the back of his hand.

“It’s nice to see you smile, darling.” Amanda dropped her bra to the floor and lowered her arms to her sides. Her breasts hung high on her chest, a clear rejection of gravity. Her nipples were small and dark. The alabaster skin easily showed the blue veins that ran all over her breasts. “Do these make you feel better?”

“Yes, Mom.” Roy looked her up and down. He unbuttoned his pants, lowered them, and kicked them to the corner of his dad’s office. He pulled off his briefs and tossed them. They landed on a bronze statue of a bird on the bookshelf behind him.

“Promise me you won’t do it inside, and you can have your fun.” Amanda stood only in her black panties and kitten heels, her hips cocked slightly to the right. The silver cross hung from its chain just above her boobs. She pulled off her panties, picked up her bra, and placed both on top of her dress. “Promise?” Amanda turned her back to Roy, leaned forward, and placed her hands on either side of Nathaniel’s ledger.

“Okay, I promise.” Roy only halfway meant it. He stepped up behind her, grabbed his dick, and guided it in. She was wet, and he felt himself slide in with one long, smooth stroke.

“Oh, my gosh. Roy … it’s like you’ve got a baseball bat back there.” Amanda lowered her hips a little and braced for the onslaught.

“Have you had sex with Dad since we did it in the washroom?” Roy gripped her wide hips with both hands and started with easy strokes. He looked down to see her pink lips stretching and tightly hugging his fat dick.

“Yes.” Amanda’s ponytail bobbed as she nodded. She stared down at the boring ledger that absorbed so much of Nathaniel’s time. All those tiresome numbers.

“Was it the same?” Roy felt a little hot with his sweater still on, but he figured a little extra sweat wouldn’t hurt. “Was his little weenie the same after I stretched you out?”

“Oh, gosh … oh … oh … no. It wasn’t, darling. It was too small.” Amanda’s legs trembled uncontrollably. She was about to have her first orgasm. Amanda shrieked as electric sparks flew around her body. The music upstairs continued to shake the ceiling. The pounding downstairs shook Nathaniel’s desk.

“I’m … the man … of the house … now,” Roy said in between animalistic grunts. “Right, Mom?”

“Oh … no …” What should Amanda say? Roy wasn’t replacing her husband. They were just enjoying a new dimension to their relationship. Amanda looked down at her flopping boobs, banging up against the cross. She was a long way off from the sanctity of Pastor Neilson’s office.

“What, Mom?”

“I … ah … ah … ah … love your father.” Amanda gritter her teeth. To use a cliché, it was as if she’d lived her whole life in black and white, and God had suddenly shown her color. Sex before this wasn’t comparable. Life after this week would never be the same. “And … I love … you.”

“I … love … you … too … Mom.” Roy punctuated each word by bottoming out hard in her pussy. “Now take it. Aaaaahhhhhhh.” Roy let loose inside her.

“No, Rooooooooyyyyyyyyy.” Amanda’s face twisted and she contorted as the rapture passed through her. Little droplets of spittle and sweat sprayed across that dull old ledger.

Roy kept himself buried in her from behind. He reached around her and groped at her large, firm titties. It was the first time he’d touched a bare breast. They stood like that for several minutes.

“Now, Roy, please pull out. We can’t … keep …” Amanda felt that giant gadget slide back and forth again. How to satisfy that boy? “We can’t … do … it … that way.” Amanda reached behind her and pushed at his hips. She carefully dislodged him and grasped his tool with her left hand. “I sometimes do this … for your father.” She angled his penis up a little and slowly guided him into her butthole. “Gentle … darling. You really are … getting a special … treat.”

“Wow. Thanks, Mom.” Roy returned his hands to her hips. He couldn’t believe she’d let him do her in the butt. His dick looked incredible disappearing between her cheeks.

That afternoon, Roy came two more times, both in Amanda’s ass. Afterward, Amanda waddled off to get cleaned off, happy she had cheered up her son. Roy watched her round bottom vanish past the doorway, his cum still dripping out of her.

Upstairs, Annie danced and listened to her music. She hadn’t heard any of the shrieking going on in the Ackerman study that afternoon.

* * *

The government car pulled out of the hotel parking lot, leaving behind the stash of bottled water and food from many miles away. Gertrude watched the automobile disappear behind some shrubbery as it headed for the interstate highway. She stood rigid, in her sensible shoes, on the balcony. Her formal, tweed swing dress fluttering a little in the breeze. She’d very much like to be on the interstate herself, traveling far away from Portsmith. There was danger here. Even the government people seemed to underappreciate their perilous position.

“Want some lunch, Dr. Cobb?” One of the government spooks stepped out onto the balcony, holding a newly delivered sandwich.

“Yes, thank you, Reynolds.” She reached out a delicate, pale hand and took the food. She was grateful not to experience the hunger that many of this town’s good citizens, infected as they might be, had complained about. “I think we should cancel our interviews at the schools.”

“Ma’am?” Reynolds hid his blue eyes behind dark sunglasses. His narrow-brimmed hat placed slightly askew on his head.

“Based on our findings so far, I think we should steer clear of the youth.” Gertrude gave the grim man a faint, humorless smile. “Especially male youth.”

“They don’t scare me.” Reynolds didn’t like this little scientist. Or the fact he had to take her orders. But those were the breaks when you took on the odd cases.

“No?” Gertrude turned her head to look back out in the direction the car had vanished, her blonde ponytail swished behind her. “I’m sure if it came to fisticuffs, you could take on all comers. But remember my warning about incapacitating airborne chemicals. Even with our precautions, I’m not sure we’re immune.” She nodded to herself. “Set up some interviews with older women. That should be safer territory. And make arrangements for blood draws.”

“Airborne chemicals.” Reynolds thin line of a mouth tightened so much it almost vanished. “Sounds like the Soviets. Let’s call in Langley.”

“This is not a red scare.” Gerturde shook her head, still not looking back at the man. “And most of my conclusions are preliminary.” She carefully unwrapped the sandwich and took a bite. “When we know more, we’ll call it in, or pack up and go home.”

“Sure thing, ma’am. Whatever you say.” Reynolds turned back into the hotel room to fetch his own sandwich. Not for the first time, he considered whether the good doctor was more than a little looney.

* * *

“How embarrassing.” Susy walked next to her friend Linda in the Sears department store in the big city. The two women had first tried the local Woolworths, but the store was poorly stocked on larger sizes. And both women needed larger sizes, particularly around the bust and the hips. So, they made the drive out to Sears.

“Don’t fret, Susy.” Linda looked over at her tall, shapely friend. “I have no doubt they’ll fit us up fine and we’ll look just as elegant as ever.”

“Of course, sugar. This is Sears. They’ll take care of us. I just wish the local stores would fit me.” Susy put her hands under her boobs and gave them a quick lift to emphasize her point. She dropped her hands and rolled her eyes at Linda.

“’Temporarily out of stock,’ they said. They’ll have our sizes soon, I’m sure.” Linda nodded her head with enthusiasm and her blonde hair bobbed with her. “Anyway, let’s have fun shopping.”

The women found a pair of salesladies to help them and reserved two changing rooms right next to each other. That way they could talk while they tried on clothes. Linda was the first into her changing room. She peeled off her tight green dress.

“Mrs. Riles, could I come in for a second? I’d like to get a measurement without your dress.” It was the young saleslady from outside the curtain. “My measurements seem a bit off.”

“Of course.” Linda wore no bra, but she had her panties on. She wasn’t feeling particularly bashful. She looked down at her left wrist, where she wore the cross Pastor Neilson had given her on a slender silver bracelet. She knew the Lord wouldn’t mind if a young woman saw her naked. She needed the measurements after all. “Come in, Ms. …”

“I’m Ms. Olivia Green.” The saleslady deftly slipped past the curtain so that no one could see in. Her eyes widened when she gazed upon the bare beauty of the blonde housewife. They were about the same height, but that’s where the comparisons stopped. Linda boasted exquisite, heavy breasts that dangled out before her. Her waist was narrow and her hips wide. Olivia was narrow all the way down. A slight woman with a girlish figure. She tried to not to stare at the woman. “I … I … brought my tape measure.”

“Wonderful.” Linda gave her a wide smile. “Let’s get those measurements right.” Suddenly, butterflies flapped in Linda’s stomach. She had the distinct feeling that this woman was an outsider and needed to be tamed. The feeling of impending conquest sent a quick shiver down her spine. What odd thoughts to have. She blinked her eyes and looked down at the bracelet on her wrist. She couldn’t remember the words Pastor Neilson had wanted her to say. The cross would have to be good enough on its own to ward off the devil.

“Um … okay.” Olivia stepped toward the older woman with nervous hesitation. Was she overdressed in her heels and circle dress? Olivia felt so odd standing next to this curvy, naked woman. She looked down at Linda’s large pink nipples, with her large areola that pointed slightly to either side. Small drops of milk dribbled down each boob. “Oh, it looks like we’ll need to get you some nursing pads too. Congratulations on the baby.”

“Baby?” Linda’s pulse beat in her ears. She was suddenly dealing with the urge to grab this mouse of a woman. Instead she reached her right hand for the cross and let her fingers slide across the cool metal. “What?” Her eyes trailed down to her own breasts. Sure enough, little droplets of milk formed around her nipples.

“Well, let me just get you measured, then we can get—” Olivia’s body coursed with sudden panic as Linda’s hands reached for her shoulders and head, roughly pulling her toward those enormous breasts.

“Sssshhhhhhh.” In one swift motion, Linda snatched the girl and sat down on the cushioned bench behind her. She cradled Olivia’s head and shoulders on her lap and forced the young woman’s mouth onto her left nipple.

Olivia tensed, struggled for a split second, but when the sweet, warm liquid hit her tongue and her body relaxed. It was the best thing she’d ever tasted. Olivia forgot about the changing room, the measurements, and even her commission. Her mouth moved of its own volition, sucking and gulping down milk.

Axcix did not have drones in the big city. But if the alien could have seen the two women, she would have been quite proud of her work. This was a novel way to spread the nanites. The makers would be proud.

“Gggghhhmmmm.” Olivia’s eyes rolled and her body shook for a few seconds. She hadn’t known there was pleasure like this on Earth.

“That’s it.” Linda stroked the girl’s brown hair with her left hand. She wanted nothing more than to feed Olivia. “Sssshhhhhhhh.” The cross caught the light and flashed at her. Was this part of God’s plan? Linda wasn’t so sure, but if Pastor Neilson’s protective cross allowed it to pass, it might be okay.

Olivia hung half off the bench. Linda reached down and pulled her so that the lower half of Olivia’s body curled on the bench next to Linda, while she continued to suckle. They were now both more comfortable.

“One more thing.” Linda looked down at the woman’s slim hips. She reached with her right hand and pulled Olivia’s dress up to her waist. She then lifted Olivia’s right leg so that her knee was in the air and her panties were exposed. Linda pulled those panties to the side, revealing a dark triangle of hair. “I’m sorry, Ms. Green, but I need to do this.” Linda’s fingers found their way in between Olivia’s vaginal lips. She was slick and ready. Linda inserted two fingers into Olivia and started pumping.

“Rrrrrrmmmmmnnnnn,” Olivia said around the large nipple. Her eyes opened wide and then shut as she let this housewife do as she pleased. The thought slipped into her mind that she was drinking another woman’s milk and committing lesbianism. Both those acts were unthinkable minutes before. But now … Everything felt so good. She opened her legs a little wider for Linda. Olivia was building up to a mighty orgasm.

“You in there, Linda?” Susy’s voice carried through and around the thin partition wall between the two changing rooms. “They certainly aren’t out of stock here. I have a mountain of clothes to try on. How are you faring?”

“I’m good.” With her left hand, Linda pushed Olivia’s head more firmly onto her boob. Olivia startled when they heard Susy’s voice, but quickly relaxed and continued sucking and gulping. Linda rhythmically thrust her fingers in and out of Olivia’s vagina. She’d never before done this to another woman. “Just … trying on something new.”

“Great.” Susy peeled off her old dress. She never wanted to wear the constricting thing again. “How’s it fit?”

“It fits …” Linda looked down as Olivia started to shake and moan. She kept Olivia’s mouth pressed firmly against her boob to quiet her. “… really well.”

Olivia was going to cum like an erupting volcano. She rocked her hips against the hand between her legs. “Mmmmmmmmhhhhhhgggghhhhh.” Her pussy gushed around those invading fingers. Olivia was certain no one had ever felt anything as magical as the orgasm that ripped its way through her.

“Did you say something, sugar?” Susy cocked her head quizzically at the wall. She caught sight of her own naked form in the mirror. She turned sideways and gazed at how her breasts now hung out from her chest. She sighed. Those boobies were going to make everything harder, from housecleaning to driving.

“Nothing.” Linda looked in the mirror in her own changing room. There she sat, mostly naked, with a young woman writhing in her lap. She trusted in Jesus, what with the cross resting on Olivia’s hair, but this did seem more than a little strange. She had conquered this woman and now the need to feed her started to subside. “How’s your day?” It was a dumb question, but Linda’s brain was occupied.

“I’m glad you asked.” Susy slipped into the first dress. It was wonderful to fit into something. “The Ackermans’ boy came to my house today.”

“Roy?” That got Linda’s attention. That was the boy that had so defiled her. Linda removed her hand from Olivia’s vagina. The woman was done with her orgasm, but still greedily drunk Linda’s unlikely milk.

“Yes, the fat one.” Susy nodded into the mirror. That dress was a keeper. She pulled it off and tried on the next one. “He was as rude as he’s ever been. He even propositioned me.”

Linda’s right hand was covered in Olivia’s juices. “What did you do?” She didn’t know how to clean up her hand. With her left hand, Linda pulled Olivia off her boob and looked into the young woman’s dark eyes. Linda brought her left index finger to her lips, telling the woman to keep quiet. She then brought her right hand to Olivia’s pretty mouth and slid the wet fingers past her lips.

It was clear to Olivia that this woman wanted her to clean the cum off her fingers. In her dazed state, she complied, opening her mouth and licking and sucking each finger in turn. She’d never tasted her own pussy before. Add it to a growing list of firsts.

“I slapped him and told him his friendship with Pat was over.” Susy liked the second dress too.

“Oh.” Linda wished she’d done the same to Roy. “That was good.” Her hand now licked clean, Linda stood up and pulled Olivia to her feet. “My measurements are fine. Please find me some nursing pads and some new bras.” She patted the woman on the rump and sent her out of changing room.

“Yes, Mrs. Riles.” Olivia looked back at the naked woman with longing, but dutifully slipped out of the changing room. How had life taken such a drastic turn?

“What was that, Linda?” Susy move on to trying bras. She fastened the straps in the back. It felt so good to be adequately supported.

“Just the saleslady. I sent her on the hunt for some roomy brassieres.” Linda slipped into the first dress waiting for her. It fit pretty good.

The two friends spent the rest of the afternoon talking and trying on clothes. Linda tried not to think about what she’d done to the saleslady. Especially, when she felt the urge to do the same to other people she encountered. Deep down she felt that these big city folk were from another place and needed to be conquered. Needed to be fed. But God had decided that Olivia was enough for one day.

Olivia went home that night, her mind a whirlwind. She had cheated on her boyfriend with a much older woman. And she had loved it. When she walked in the front door, she realized she was hungry. So very hungry.

* * *

Patrick and David rode their bikes all over town that Saturday, looking for some clue as the meteorite’s influence. It was getting late and they hadn’t found anything yet. Patrick needed to get home to dinner with his big sister, Sally.

David turned his bicycle to cut across a lawn by the Gooden residence. Ralph Gooden had graduated from high school the year before, but he still lived at home. He had been on the basketball team, so David knew him.

“Wait.” Patrick skidded his bike to a stop behind the house. From this angle, they could see the back windows on both stories of the house; bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen and living room downstairs. This was usually a private view for the Goodens, except when someone was cutting across their back lawn. “That’s Mrs. Gooden, right?” Patrick was looking through the big picture window in one of the bedrooms.

David made a U-turn, stopped next to Patrick, and looked up at the house. “Yeah, it is.” Roberta Gooden was a demure woman, wearing a housedress that looked like it belonged to a much smaller lady. Her blonde hair was spread around her head wildly as she pressed her back against the closed bedroom door. “What’s she doing?”

“Seems odd right?” Patrick looked over at David and then back to the house. He was just in time to see the door push open behind her, sending the poor woman stumbling into the bedroom. “Is that?” A tall naked form stalked into the room after her. Roberta turned and held up her hands in front of her. Patrick wished they could hear them. The tall figure had quite the enormous boner.

“Yes, that’s Ralph.” David watched in amazement.

Ralph walked up to his mother and pushed her hands out of the way. Roberta shook her head and took another few steps backward, but Ralph reached down and swept her up into an embrace that took her feet off the ground. He pressed his lips to hers. Patrick and Ralph watched her struggle at first, but then go limp in his arms. After a few minutes, she placed her arms around Ralph’s shoulders and actively kissed him back.

“What the heck?” Patrick got off his bike and stood next to it, squirming as he fought with a dick that wanted to inflate in his pants.

“He’s going to do her.” David also got off his bike, struggling with the same thing as Patrick. “Right there in her bedroom.” This was not the revelation for David that it was for Patrick, since he had done something similar to his mother.

Ralph put her down and roughly disrobed Roberta. The onlookers got a nice view of her sizable tits and ass. Ralph picked his mother back up in the air and turned her upside down. He buried his face in her pussy. Without missing a beat, Roberta grabbed his dick and pulled the head up into her mouth.

Both Patrick and David’s jaws dropped.

“Sweet Jesus,” Patrick shook his head. “Should we help her?”

“No,” David whispered. Although, whispering wasn’t going to do them any good. With the windows closed, the couple couldn’t hear them. But if the Goodens looked outside, the boys would have been spotted. Even so, David’s feet didn’t move. “It looks like she likes it.”

“Wow. You’re right. I didn’t know that kind of sex existed?” Patrick was a virgin, and he had often thought about what sex might be like, but he’d never imagined the act he was watching.

“Me either.” David was taking mental notes for the next time he could get his mother alone.

“Hey, Dave.” Patrick’s eyes were fixed on the mutual oral behind the picture window.

“Yeah?” David tucked his dick under his waistband.

“Have you had … you know … sex?”

“Yes. But not like them,” David said.

“Oh, okay.”

Ralph turned Roberta right side up facing him and held her under her knees. She reached down and fed his cock into her exposed pussy. She started bouncing up and down with long, jerking thrusts.

“Holy shit.” Patrick had a notebook in his backpack for clues. He thought he should be writing things down as he watched, but he didn’t want to take his eyes off the action. And was this really the kind of thing he could share with the investigators? He didn’t know. “Have you done that position?”

“Yes.” David thought back to holding his mom up in the air and punishing her pussy. He needed to do that again.

The boys watched in silence for a while, shifting their weight from one foot to the other. Their pants were uncomfortably tight.

Ralph pulled Roberta off his dick and held her up in the air. Her hips continued moving like she was still getting pumped. He turned her upside down again, still facing him, and lowered her head to the floor. Roberta supported herself with arms. While holding her hips, Ralph slid his dick back into her pussy. Roberta bent her legs and let him pound her upside down.

“Holy moly,” Patrick said. “You ever done that position?” Patrick was pretty sure that he was too weak and skinny to have standing sex, let alone upside-down standing sex. But David could probably pull it off.

“Not like that.” David started to feel uneasy. They were pressing their luck standing out in the open. “Maybe we should go.”

Ralph pulled out of Roberta’s vagina again and lifted her into the air. He tossed her gently onto her bed, turned her around, and mounted her from behind. The way Roberta’s blonde hair tossed about, it was obvious to anyone she was in the throes of ecstasy.

“Yeah, okay.” Patrick turned and walked his bicycle past David over the lawn. It was awkward going and there was no way he could ride the thing with his stiffy. “Say, Dave, who’s the girl you had sex with? You never told me.” Patrick frowned, thinking his friend usually told him everything.

“Sorry, Pat.” David took one last look at the Gooden home and walked his bike next to Patrick. “It’s … it’s just a little embarrassing.” It was also probably a clue. Seeing Ralph and Roberta was too much of a coincidence given what was happening with his own mother. Either they were really lucky to see it, or that sort of thing was happening all over town. Even though he knew it would help Patrick with his mystery, David couldn’t bring himself to tell his best friend. “Maybe I’ll tell you about her later.”

“Oh.” Patrick kept his eyes down on the green grass. “Okay. I understand.” But he didn’t understand. Even if the girl was a dog, he wouldn’t judge his friend for it. They passed the lawn and reached the dirt trail on the other side. One way was David’s home, the other Patrick’s. “I gotta head home. Sally’s coming for dinner. Thanks for helping me out today.” He was soft enough now that he felt he could mount the bike. He got on and pedaled off without so much as a wave.

“Okay,” David called after him. “See you soon.” He waved, but Patrick never made eye contact. Oh well. He’d smooth it over with his friend later. Now it was time to head home and face Linda. He gingerly got on his bicycle and rode home.

* * *

When Patrick arrived home, he was a sweaty mess. They had spent too much time watching Roberta Gooden succumb to her son. Now Patrick was late for dinner.

Patrick snuck into the house and entered the kitchen. Sneaking in wasn’t a very good plan, he was late, whether he was silent or not and Susy was sure to notice.

Susy worked in the kitchen by herself, putting the finishing touches on dinner. There was a casserole sitting out and she mixed together a chef’s salad. “Patrick Lannit. You’re late.” Susy looked up from her work when she spotted her son. “Everyone’s in the dining room. We’re all waiting for you.” She lowered her eyebrows and glared.

“Sorry, Mom.” Patrick hung his head.

“Come here. You’re filthy.” Susy grabbed a dishtowel and soaked it under the faucet. “Let’s get you cleaned … up.” She turned back to her son as he walked up to her. She could tell he was clearly abashed. Her nose tingled and her body suddenly felt quite strange. He smelled of teenage boy, and a day spent in the autumn breeze, and something darker, too. Her vagina gave a quick spasm. She ignored it. “Now what sort of mischief have you been getting into?” She looked down into his sweet face and dabbed at the dirt on his forehead with the towel.

“I was investigating, Mom.” Patrick cracked a half-smile. “And I might have found a big clue.”

“You and your mysteries, Pat.” Susy’s face warmed into a soft, bright smile. Her brown eyes filled with good humor. “You’re …” As Susy dabbed at his cheek with the towel, she lost her train of thought. “… such a handsome boy.” She bent down and gave Patrick a peck on the lips.

“Mom?” Patrick’s eyes widened.

“Shh.” Susy pulled back and winked at him. “Just a little kiss for my handsome boy.” She leaned back in and kissed him again, sliding her tongue into his mouth.

The conversation in the dining room echoed into the kitchen. Sally was laughing at some joke.

Patrick pushed on Susy’s shoulders and broke the kiss. “I’m too dirty, I need a quick shower before dinner.” He sprinted out of the kitchen, past the dining room, and up the stairs.

“Oh, my.” Susy put a hand to her chest and felt her heart thumping hard. “I don’t know what came over me,” she said to herself. She still felt so strange. Horny. Horny was the word. Susy turned to the sink and splashed some cold water on her face. Was she going to have to share this incident with Dr. Epman? Probably. Eventually, her body returned to normal and she finished up with her salad.

That night at dinner, Susy did her best to forget all about the kiss.

So did Patrick.

Sally monopolized the conversation, anyway. She was six months into her marriage with Jack and she couldn’t be happier. They were shopping for a new house and Jack had a promotion at work. Sally sipped at her water, and picked at her casserole, and talked and talked.

Jack sat to her side, smiling with admiration. After a time, he started up a conversation with Fred about baseball.

To one side, Patrick had men discussing sports. To the other, the women talked about Susy’s shopping trip earlier that day and the newest fashions. Patrick was bored out of his mind. So, he quietly ate his dinner and thought about the various clues he’d gathered. It all added up to something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. Yet.

* * *

David arrived home and dropped his bike in the garage. His dad’s auto was there, so he was home. David frowned at that. Oh, well. David sighed and walked inside. He found William in the living room watching a football game.

“Want to watch the game?” William looked up at his tall son and nodded to an empty spot on the sofa.

“No thanks, Dad.” David wiped his brow. His face was red from riding home in the cold. “Where’s Mom?”

“In the kitchen, reading one of her magazines.” William turned back to the little black-and-white men running around on the television. “I think.”

“Thanks.” David stepped past him and walked into the kitchen. “Hello, Mom.”

“Hello, sweetheart.” Perched on a kitchen chair, Linda looked up at David. She had been trying to distract herself from thinking about all the milk she’d fed that poor salesgirl earlier in the day. “How was your day?”

“My day was good. And it got me thinking.” David stopped and looked at Linda. She was radiant, her round cheeks glowing, and her blue eyes bright. “Say, that’s a nice dress.”

“Thank you, Davey.” Linda put down the magazine on the kitchen table. “I got it today on a shopping trip with Susy Lannit.”

“You look really good.” David closed the distance between them, bent down, and kissed her on the lips.

Linda pushed her chair back. Her vagina was more than moist. Reality just kept twisting around her. God was testing her. She held the cross that dangled on her bracelet up between her and David. “Jesus commands … something … something. Oh, no. I forget the words.”

“Did you say something, dear?” William yelled from the living room.

“No, Bill,” Linda yelled back. Her anxiety ratcheted way up. Her palms were slick, and the hairs on the back her neck rose.

“What’s that?” David reached out and held her wrist, looking down at the little silver cross. He caught a whiff of her response to his presence, and his dick practically turned to steel.

“It’s supposed to help.” A trickle of cold sweat slid down Linda’s cheek.

“Well forget about that.” David pulled her to her feet by her wrist. “I saw something today.” He dragged her into the laundry room, turned on the light, and closed the door behind them.

“What did you see?” Linda looked up into his desperate eyes and bit her lower lip.

“Ralph Gooden having sex with his mother,” David whispered. He pulled her close, pushing her large breasts into his belly.

“That’s … that’s not possible. I know Roberta. She’s on the Sunday School Curriculum Council with me.” Linda felt so small next to her son. She could feel his lean muscles through his sweater. “I just … can’t believe—”

“Don’t you get it, Mom. It means we’re not the only ones.” David lifted her into the air, pressing his hands into her lower back. “It’s okay.”

“But Jesus …”

“Forget Jesus.” David kissed her with passion and Linda kissed back.

William sat in the other room watching his game, but he might as well have been on Saturn for all Linda cared. They kissed for while like that, swirling their tongues together.

David pulled back from the kiss. “I want to show you something else I saw today.” He turned his surprised mother upside down and her dress fell to her waist. He put one hand on the small of her back and one on her butt, moving her panties to the side. He licked up the length of her wet pussy. She tasted perfect.

“Oh, Davey.” Linda knew what had to be done. She frantically unbuckled his pants and dropped them. She caught a glimpse of the cross around her wrist, but it gave her no pause. She pulled his long penis from his underwear. Waves of pleasure spread from her vagina. She could hear the smacking sounds as David sucked and licked her. She got the head of the penis into her mouth and began returning the favor. This was all so crazy and incomprehensible. But she surrendered to it completely.

After several minutes, David turned her right side up and put her on the ground.

“Go ahead, sweetheart.” Linda let him turn her around and bend her over. She leaned forward, her feet and hands both on the ground, her legs straight and her butt high in the air. “Put it in.” This position was also new to her.

“I want to give you a baby.” David lowered his hips and slid his dick into her waiting pussy.

“Oh, yes.” Linda watched the sweat drip off her nose onto the tile floor. “Give me your baby with your big, long thing.” Her insides stretched to accommodate him. “Uuugggghhhhhhhh. So … deep.”

“I’m … going to fill you up, Mom.” David gripped her hips tightly and slid her back and forth on his dick. “Here it … comes. Oooooohhhhhhhhh.” He emptied his balls inside her.

Linda screamed total incoherence. Asking to be seeded had brought on a whole new high for her. Linda’s eyes rolled back, her mouth hung open, and she took David’s cum. When she had recovered some, she found herself still impaled on his penis, but standing straight up. David reached around and groped her boobs. He started moving inside her again. She took him to completion standing from behind again, but this time with him kissing her neck and whispering all sorts of naughty thoughts about their would-be baby in her ear.

When they finished, Linda staggered out of the laundry room, horrified. She was sure William must have heard them. How could he not?

“Do you think Dad heard?” David pulled up his pants and followed her into the kitchen.

“Oh my, gosh.” Linda crept toward the living room. “He’ll kill us, Davey.” The thought of her normally gentle husband in a homicidal rage played in her mind. Linda peeked around the corner, and there was William still sitting on the sofa watching the game. “Bill?”

“He’s in one of his moods again. Thank God.” David peeked in at him over her shoulder.

“Yes.” Linda looked up at David. “That was lucky. But if we’re going to keep doing this, we have to be more careful.”

That was music to David’s ears. “Sure thing.” He dropped his pants again and waddled over to one of the kitchen chairs. He sat down, his dick straight up in the air.

“Really? Again? This is not what I meant by careful.” Linda lifted her dress, dropped her panties, and straddled him. “But this is the last time.” She put him inside her and bounced on his lap. “The very last time … for today.”

David came inside her again. After, they went and showered together.

By the time William came out of his daze, the game was almost over. How had that happened? He heard David chatting with Linda as they set the table in the dining room. William got himself up, lumbered into the dining room, and sat down. “I must have dozed off again. Dinner smells good, dear.”

“Thank you, Bill.” Linda came in and served them. It was a crazy day, but she wouldn’t have wanted it to go any differently.