The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 1: Slut’s Frozen Passion

Justin Sampson

“Why is dad up this early?” I muttered to my sister, Krystal, as I tied my shoes by our front door.

Krystal shook her head at me, her black hair, gathered in a pair of pigtails, dance about her elfin face. “I don’t know why—”

“Why the fuck isn’t dinner ready?” our father shouted from the kitchen. “God dammit, Bethany! Can’t you do anything right?”

“Dinner?” I frowned at my sister. “How drunk is he?”

She only flinched as something shattered in the kitchen. I didn’t hear her mother’s response. A moment later, our father burst out of the kitchen and stumbled into the living room past us. His beer got thrust before his, his stained undershirt clinging to his rotund body. He collapsed into his recliner, aluminum cans crunching beneath his fat ass. He kicked out his feet, leaned the chair back, and extended the footrest.

“Can’t do anything fucking right?” he muttered, his words slurred. Then he glanced at me. “What’re you looking at, you little shit?”

“Nothing,” I muttered. I finished tying my shoe and straighten. “Just going to classes, dad.”

“Classes?” he grunted. He then grabbed a beer, the can hissing as he pulled back on the tab, opening it. Then he pounded it down.

I was nineteen, a man. I should stand up to him. I should protect my mom. But I was a coward. I wrenched open the door, holding it open for my petite, little sister to scurry outside into the morning air. Then I followed her, slamming the door behind me.

I felt like such a loser. Sometimes I wanted everything to just freeze so I could think. So I could figure out what to do, how to handle the situation. When my parents fought, I just huddled there like a little kid. I was nineteen. I should protect my mom. My little sister.

Krystal scurried ahead of me, the eighteen-year-old girl putting distance between me and her. Though we both walked to the same school, Glassner College, she hated walking with me. She didn’t want to associate with Justin Sampson, the loser. She had friends.

My best friend just switched colleges because of me.

I tried not to dwell on how much of a fuck up I was as I shuffled my way toward school. I kicked stones on the sidewalk, watching them bounce and scatter before me. I hated going to college, but I hated being at home more. Between the two, school was the slightly better choice. No drunk father yelling. No watching my mother cringe and try to hide another bruise on her cheek with too much concealer. I just had to put up with snooty girls who thought I was a pervert and their glowering boyfriends who somehow thought I was a threat to their masculinity just because I all ogled their pretty girlfriends. I just had to deal with teachers droning on and on about their boring subjects. I hated being stupefied by the drivel of our cheap college.

Damn, I miss Eddie.

If he were here, I’d have someone to joke with. To past the tedium with text messages. It wasn’t the same when we weren’t sharing the classes together. There was my other friend, Sam, but she was shy. It was like talking to a wall with her sometimes. A wall that nodded her head and sometimes would say, “Yeah,” or, “I get that,” but wouldn’t add anything.

My slower pace let my little sister get farther and farther away from me. Soon she was a half block ahead, walking with one of her friends, the pair laughing and giggling. It didn’t bother her at all what happened at her home. Or maybe this was just how she coped. I stared at them as they walked, growing a little heated in the cheeks from the way their skirt swayed about their rumps.

Her friend, Ji-Yun, was a tall and skinny Korean girl who had a nice ass. The wiggle of her hips looked enticing as she walked beside my sister. Krystal also looked delicious with that tight rump and her lithe legs.

I adjusted myself as my cock grew hard.

I shouldn’t lust after my sister, but she was this petite thing blossoming into womanhood. It seemed like only a few years ago when she was a flat-chested string bean. But now.. Now she was becoming so... appealing.

I blinked when I noticed the way she was holding Ji-Yun’s hand, the pair whispering and giggling. An intimacy formed around them. They looked like they were in their own world. Ideas percolated through my perverted, young mind.

Did they ever... practice kissing together?

The fantasy of my sister and her Asian friend trading kisses filled my thoughts during the last few blocks to my college. I hardly noticed my surroundings, everything fading. My cock grew harder and harder as I picture the two eighteen-year-old girls kissing, their tongues fluttering together. Their hands exploring each other’s nubile bodies.

I couldn’t get the images out of my mind. My sister and her friend Ji-Yun stripping each other’s bodies, exposing their budding breasts. Their slender fingers squeezing and kneading each other as they took turns sucking on the other’s nipples. Lips smacking, both moaning and squealing in delight. There hips shifting as they grew hotter and hotter. Their hands explored lower, reaching for their crotches. For their pussies.

I was so hard. I adjusted myself, trying to get my dick comfortable as I pictured Ji-Yun kneeling between my little sister’s thighs, staring at her eighteen-year-old pussy. In my mind, the Korean girl nuzzled her face into my sister’s snatch to take her first lick.

God, I want to masturbate so badly. I squeezed my erection and—

The sound of girls laughing dragged me out of my fantasy. I blinked and looked around, realizing I was walking up to the college’s main entrance. The brown brick exterior rose above me, glass windows piercing it at regular intervals. I shook my head, coming out of my trance.

The peals of laughter drew my attention to my right. The three hottest girls at our college, and the three bitchiest, stood in a small circle. Aurora, Paris, and Petra were looking at me, sneers dancing in their eyes. Petra, the Hispanic girl with golden brown skin and large tits almost spilling out of her low-cut halter top, pointed at me. Her curly light-brown hair dance about her face as she laughed harder.

“God, what a fucking pervert,” Aurora sneered. The blonde and perky head cheerleader gave me such a glare. Her green eyes were so hard. Her blonde hair, gathered in her usual ponytail, swayed behind her she shook her head. “What are you looking at, dick-diddler?”

“Stop staring at us, freak,” Paris hissed. Her dark-brown hair fell in waves around her face. She dressed to show off all her daddy’s money, her designer clothing fitting her slender and elegant figure to perfection. Her lithe legs descended from beneath a short, bronze skirt. Her heels gave her calves such shape. My already hard dick throbbed despite the insults they shouted at me.

“God, can’t believe he still staring at us,” Petra groaned, her big tits jiggling in her top.

“Fuck off, dweeb,” snarled Aurora, her hands on her hips now. She glared at me.

“Fucking bitches,” I muttered at them and turned to walk away.

As I headed into the school, I heard a guy asked, “What has you girls looking so pissed about?”

“That fucking perverted freak Justin was eye-raping us again,” Aurora said. Her voice became smooth like honey. “Mmm, but I’m glad you’re here so you can drive him off.”

I threw a look over my shoulder in time to witness Aurora’s sliding her arms around the neck of her boyfriend, Chris. Of course she was dating the quarterback of our college’s football team. She was that much of a cunt. Chris glared at me, his face square and bluff, the type of face perfect for charging forward like a bull into a defensive lineman’s chest. His blue eyes focused at me with an intensity. He ran a hand through his buzz-short, blond hair. His jaw tightened.

My shoulders tensed.

I vanished inside the school building before I had to deal with that asshole. I wasn’t looking forward to being harassed because he thought I was ogling his girlfriend again.

My hardon subsided as I drifted through the hallway, flowing with the crowd of students. They talked around me. Lockers rattled opened and slammed shut. Students looked at their phones, showing off the screens to their friends, laughing about something. Some of them glanced at me.

It made my cheeks warm. Did that bitch Aurora post something on social media about me? Half the college followed her on Instagram were she posted flirty pics of herself and what other skimpy lingerie she bought.

She was such an exhibitionist slut.

I’d almost reached my first period class when President Brooks, head of the college, passed by me. His cadaverous face glanced at me, his bloodless lips pursed tight. He had the look of a skeleton wearing flesh, his gray hair weedy and thin. He shook his head and looked about to say something.

So I just kept walking.

He suspected I changed my grades by hacking into the school’s system. It was the reason why my friend Eddie switched colleges. His parents were pissed thinking he might’ve been involved in something like that. My parents, especially my dad, didn’t give a shit.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

“God, he is a disgusting freak,” Petra said then shuddered, her Latina accent thickening her words. “Just a puto.”

“Fucking can’t stand that dweeb,” Chris muttered. My boyfriend’s arms tightened around me, making me squirm in his embrace. I could feel my boyfriend’s dick hard against my rump, sending a naughty thrill through me. He was hot. He could ogle my body all day and grope his cock while doing it. My fingers blazed across my phone’s as I finished my Instagram message. I hit send on it, alerting the entire college to what that pervert was doing.

In moments, my friend Shelly responded with, “OMG!! I can’t believe he was groping himself while staring at you!!!” She capped it off with a yucky face and a throwing up emoji.

My fingers blazed as I type back: “You have no idea!!! I need to take a shower! Feel so dirty!”

“Yeah,” Paris said, her manicured hands clutching her cell phone. Her fingers typed as she responded to my comment. “Someone should do something about that disgusting prick.”

Chris’s arms tightened around me, holding me tight against him. He nuzzled into my ear, pushing aside my blonde hair. I shivered as he nibbled on my earlobe before he whispered, “Maybe me and my friends should do something about him. Remind him can’t just squeeze that little pecker of his while staring at my girl.”

I shuddered, wiggling my hips, “Oh? What are you going to do to him?”

“Rough him up a little,” he said, his hands rubbing at my belly. “Scare the shit out of. Me, Lance, and Steve will make sure he understands. We’ll teach him a lesson.”

A pleased shudder ran through me. I lifted up my phone, the camera on. I saw our faces on my screen, his over my shoulder smile spreading across his lips. Right before I took the picture, I said, “You’re such a great boyfriend.”

The phone snapped the pic, recording our happy moment. My fingers were blazing as I uploaded it to Instagram, captioning it: The best boyfriend ever! Such a sweetie! #blessed

* * *

Justin Sampson

Miss Daisy’s class was as torturous as ever. The new English teacher, fresh from graduate school, was a busty, redheaded beauty whose tits overflowed her tight blouse today. I sat in the back by my friend Sam, her eyes down in her textbook, unable to appreciate the redheaded goddess inhabiting our classroom. My dick was so hard again. It took all my self-control not to reach down and squeeze it.

I couldn’t. Not with that bitch Aurora’s Instagram post was circulating through the halls claiming I was touching myself thinking about her.

Worse, I couldn’t admit the truth that I was fantasizing about my little sister and her friend Ji-Yun.

God, I miss Eddy. He would appreciate Miss Daisy’s lush figure. She then had those slender, librarian glasses perched on her dainty nose. It made her green eyes stand out even more. Her skirt was so tight, clinging to her lush rump and thighs were clad in pantyhose. You don’t see those that often any longer, and they looked so sexy on the teacher. She also had these lush lips that were perfect for sucking cock.

“I want you all to finish reading King Lear,” she said, as class came to an end. “We’re going to be discussing it tomorrow, and I want you all ready.” Her eyes flicked back to me. For a moment, I saw that flirty smile on her lips. “Sam, you’ll be joining the discussion, too.”

I flushed, realizing Miss Daisy wasn’t even looking at me.

Sam squirmed beside me, her black, braided hair swaying down her back. She was a slender girl, petite like my sister. She had a light dusting of freckles on her pale cheeks. She be cute if she tried. She didn’t care about much. I guess that’s why she got along with me. It didn’t bother her that people thought I was groping myself while ogling that bitch Aurora and her cunt-friends.

I stood up with Sam, trying to adjust myself without drawing attention. I heard a girl snigger. A flush warmed my cheeks. I knew it was because of me. I imagine there be a few new comments on Aurora’s fucking Instagram pose.

“Miss Daisy was smiling at you,” I told Sam.” Maybe she’s got a thing for mousy, nerdy girls. I mean, you both have glasses.”

Sam pushed up her glasses and gave me inscrutable look. “You can be such a pervert, Justin. Maybe you’d have more friends he didn’t say things like that.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Are you mad?”

She shook her head. “I don’t care.

“Well, do you care about anything?”

She just shrugged. “I got math. I’ll see you later for lunch.”

I nodded my head and groaned. I had PE next. I hated physical education. “Yeah, see you.”

I trudged through the hallways of my college, my dick painfully hard. Miss Daisy’s lush tits and curvy ass wouldn’t leave my mind. She danced in my thoughts along with my little sister and her friend Ji-Yun. Suddenly, I had the depraved fantasy that my sister and her friend were sucking at Miss Daisy’s big tits. That the two eighteen-year-old girls’ were loving my the teacher’s fat nipples, their nubile hands sliding down Miss Daisy’s body, reaching for her pussy.

Would Miss Daisy be shaved? Would she have a thick, fiery bush?

God, picturing her with either made my dick throbs so hard. I had to stop thinking these thoughts. I was heading to the locker room for my physical education class. The last thing I needed to be was sporting an erection in there. But, god, the fantasy of Miss Daisy, my sister, and Ji-Yun inflamed me.

Nothing I could do could get rid of it. Not even thinking of Sam reading from a boring textbook, or that look of concentration my friend got while doing math, her tongue thrust through her lips, did anything to soften it.

With a resigned sigh, I slinked into the locker room. I made a beeline for my locker, hoping no one would notice my turgid cock. I prayed it would go down while I changed. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing if someone noticed I was erect in here?

I kept my eyes forward, not daring to look at anyone as I opened my locker. My gym clothes were in there, ready to be donned. I had to changed quickly. I swallowed and peeled off my t-shirt and tossed it inside. I looked around, no one paying any attention to me at all. I shoved down my my pants. I worked fast to get my jeans off and...

They bunched around my ankles. Worse, the movement popped my hard cock out the fly of my boxers. My erection twitched and bounced before me.

“Fuck,” I muttered.

In my haste, I forgot to take off my shoes. I kicked at them, my dick bouncing before me. Someone would notice that. Then there’d be more rumors floating around the school. I do not want Aurora to have another Instagram post for the entire student body to comment on.

“Shit, shit, shit?”

I kicked off my shoes and shoved off my jeans. I sat down on the wooden bench, ripping my pants off my feet then shoving them into my locker room. I grabbed my boxers and peeled them down, the fly catching on my dick. It made my cock spring up and bounce before me, waving like a flag, announcement its presence.

I had to act fast. Then I froze and groaned a my own stupidity. I didn’t have to take off my boxers. Why did I do that?

Because I was fucking frazzled.

“Crap,” I muttered again and went to step into my boxers when they were ripped out of my hand.

I turned in shock to find Chris clutching them, a shit-eating grin on his face. The quarterback towered over me, a solid mass of muscles. He wore only his gym shorts, his chest bare, revealing to the world all his strength.

That wilted my erection.

“What the fuck, man?” I asked, my stomach fluttering with nerves. “Give those back.”

“Goddamn you are a fucking pervert,” he snarled. “You’re fucking hard in here. What the fuck? You ogling us, too?”

“Yeah, he’s a faggot,” a voice rumbled behind me. I threw look over my shoulder to see Lance. The Black guy loomed, standing a foot-and-a-half or more over me, arms folded across his chest. He had a grin on his thick lips. And not a friendly one. Chris’s other friend, Steve, stood behind Lance, a short, squat guy with the build of a wrestler, all compact muscle. Despite the glasses he wore, you’d never mistake him for a nerd.

I swallowed.

“What the fuck, Chris?” I groaned. “I wasn’t ogling your girlfriend.”

“But now you ogling us, huh, faggot?” He asked. “You getting off by stripping naked and showing us all your little hardon?”

He had a look on his face of disgust and loathing. My stomach clenched. A cold swelled inside of me. My head darted around, looking for any help. There was no one around. All the other boys had melted away. Our gym teacher was a woman, so there was no one supervising in here. My fingers clenched as the three moved in around me, Steve sidling along the other side of the bench to cut off even that avenue of escape.

“You were ogling all three of our girlfriends,” Chris said. “You made them feel filthy.”

A spurt of fine anger shot through me. “They are filthy sluts,” I snarled. “Especially Aurora. She’s always—”

Chris shoved me hard into the locker. Metal rattled behind me as the air exploded out of my lungs. I grunted against the pain, the back my head smacking into the hard surface.

Crimson spilled across Chris’s face. His blue eyes blazed with cold fire. Every muscle in his body tensed. He planted his left hand against my chest pinning me in place. His right balled into a fist, knuckles cracking and popping.

“What. Did. You. Say?” he growled, speaking each word slowly.

I knew I shouldn’t have said it. But through the fear a perverse, annoyed anger surged inside me. Why did these asshats have to fuck with me? Why did he have to pin me here in place? Why did I have to deal with all these Neanderthals and their slutty girlfriends?

“Your girlfriend’s a whore who posts nude vids of herself on PornHub all the time. I watched her masturbate. She’s a filthy—”

“SONOVABITCH!” he roared, releasing the pin as his fist barreled at my face.

Fear spiked through me. I wanted to stop. I wanted everything to stop.

I squeezed my eyes shut.


I trembled, waiting for the meaty impact of Chris’s fist battering into my face. I was ready for his knuckles slamming into my orbital bone or my cheekbone. My head would snap back and crash into the locker behind me. I squirmed...

Why hadn’t he hit me?

I opened my eyes and saw his fist inches from connecting with me. It hovered right before my eye, so close I could see all the little wrinkles,scale-like patterns in his skin, and the hairs curling up along his knuckles. I frowned, wondering why he stopped.

“W-what are doing?” I asked, my body so shaken.

Chris didn’t answer.

I squirmed against the locker, frowning. Chris wasn’t moving. His face was locked in a rictus of anger. Frozen. He wasn’t even breathing. On either side of them Lance and Steve stood, theirs mouth opened in encouragement. I could see Steve’s tongue half arisen between his teeth, forming a letter. But he never finished it.

“What the fuck?” I gasped, a new fear flooding through me. Why was no one moving?

My head snapped around, looking for anything, even a buzzing fly. I couldn’t see any movement. There was no rustling of the papers lying on a nearby bench from the current blowing down from the overhead vent. I didn’t even feel the air blowing from it. I swallowed, a strange, crazy writhe squirming through my guts. I shifted down the locker, wiggling away from Chris and his fist. None of my bullies moved.

None of them so much as twitched a muscle to stop me.

I backed away from them on bare feet, putting distance between them and me. I shook my head in disbelief. Had I gone crazy? Was this all a delusion that was happening in the moments before his fist crashed into my head?

Or had he hit me so hard that I was hallucinating? That I was really lying unconscious on the locker room floor, my head split open, my neurons misfiring and conjuring this... This strange—

I backed into the wall.

I felt the cold, painted cinder blocks at my back. My head cast to and fro. I spotted the other boys who were in the locker room, the ones who had melted away when the bullying started. None of them were moving either. Some were in the process of getting dressed. Mike was balanced precariously on the balls of one foot, a pose any world-class gymnast would be a proud to hold.

My jaw dropped. What the fuck was going on?

It was like time had... Stopped.

“No, no, no, no,” I repeated over and over again as I found myself darting towards the exit of the locker room. I didn’t care that I was naked. I just had to get away. I had to think.

I navigated the serpentine exit of the locker room and burst out into the hallway by the gym. My mind wasn’t working. I just ran, searching for someone I could move. I raced naked, my cock and balls bouncing and slapping against my thighs. I pumped my arms, running for all my might.

I passed the frozen student walking down the hallway, one foot raised as if he just took a step. I shuddered and darted past him. I reached the classroom, gazing through the first window in the door. It was empty.

I darted towards the next one, heedless of my nudity, and threw open the door. My chest heaved, my side burning from the exertion. It was Professor Viên Lê’s classroom. The short, Vietnamese teachers stood at the front of the room in the process of writing a math formula on the whiteboard. The students were mostly getting ready for the lesson. They were frozen in the process of taking out books from their backpacks or setting up laptop to take notes.

At the front of the classroom was that bitch Aurora. She stood by her desk, half bent over as she fiddled around in her purse. Her rump was aimed right at me, her short skirt riding up those lithe thighs and...

My dick twitched.

I couldn’t look away from the way her skirt fell over her perfect ass. She might be a cunt, but she was hot. One of the hottest girls in school. Especially with that blonde ponytail falling down her back. I bet Chris love grabbing it as he fuck her hard from behind. She’d squeal like a little whore on his dick, bucking back into them, swiveling those hips, stirring her juicy cunt around his dick.

Just thinking it had me swelling hard.

I stood in the math class, naked and erect, my fear being drowned out by lust. As the cold retreated before the heat, I realize that I was somehow moving while time had stopped for everyone else. They had no idea I was here. They had no idea what I was doing.

And here was the bitch who sent her boyfriend to beat me up in the locker room. I could get back at her. I could... fuck around with her.

My dick throbbed so hard at the idea. Maybe this was all a dream, and even if it wasn’t, I would enjoy myself. I marched to her, my dick bouncing before me. My balls, heavy with cum, begged to unload.

I could do such wicked things to her.

I could touch her. I don’t know if I could move her clothing, but the very least I could jerk off all over that ass,. When—I had to hope that this would unfreeze somehow—time started moving, she’d have a wet spot splashed across her ass that she couldn’t explain.

Stroking my cock, I advanced on her. Where should I start.? How should I play with her? I so wanted to feel those tits. Aurora’s tits always looked so round and perky. Especially when she was cheerleading, bouncing around on the field, her boobs heaving beneath her sleeveless top.

My dick twitched. I knew I had to begin with those.

I moved around to the front of her desk, a look of concentration on her face, her brow furrowed, her lips pursed as she dug through her purse. I ignored the contents of her purse as I reached past her arms with both hands. A nervous tremble ran through me as I approach my first ever pair of tits. I swallowed that fear.

I could do anything right now.

My hands grasped her firm, nineteen-year-old titties. My dick twitched as I felt her plump firmness through her pink top. The cloth rustled, my fingers rustling the fabric. I dug into her tits and realized I could move things. Affect things.

Then I felt like an idiot. Of course I could move things; I just opened the door to get in here. But what were the rules? What can get away with here?

I groped and kneaded her tits, her face still frozen, her body utterly unmoving as I manipulated her breasts. I felt her bra beneath, tracing the cups that clutched her breasts. I ached to see what they looked like. I grabbed the hem of her blouse and drew it up her flat, toned stomach. She had a cute, innie bellybutton. I raised her top up over her breasts. They were clad in a soft, lilac bra frilled with lace. It held her tits in their unmoving perfection.

Eagerly, I shoved the bra cups up over her breasts and groaned as her perky tits came in the sight. They jiggled for a moment, moving because I jostled them. But then they stopped. They didn’t move as much as they should have, resisting gravity. Whatever affected froze time for everyone else had claimed them again. If I wasn’t so aroused, I would have wondered how this worked. I didn’t. Not when I could see her breasts.

Touch them.

I grasped them without her clothing in the way. My fingers squeezing her perfect swells. Her nipples were soft, barely poking out of her areolas. She had tan lines that formed a pair of triangles centered on these delicious nipples. I rubbed my thumbs over both areolas and—

Her nipples hardened beneath my touch. I gaped at that. Why would that happen?

I kept rubbing them, feeling her nipples grow harder and harder, swelling beneath my touch. My dick ached so hard as it thrust before me, my balls needing to erupt. I leaned my head down, engulfing one of her nipples. I sucked on it, loving it. She did make a sound even as it grew harder my mouth. I explored its shape, loving how it poked from of her puckered aerial.

This was incredible. I was sucking on the bitch’s nipple and she had no idea. When time started moving again, I would always look at her and know I’d enjoyed these titties.

My mouth popped off her right nub as I darted over to suck on the left. I nipped her with my teeth, half wishing she’d squeal or make any sound. I sucked hard, loving her nipple. The only sounds in the room were the wet, slurping noises I made. I groaned as I loved her nub. My tongue swirled about it.

If her nipples grew hard, what about her pussy? Was she getting wet?

I pulled my mouth away to look up at her face. Were her cheeks blushing? They were pink, but were they like that before I started playing with her? Or was the frozen her somehow enjoying what I was doing to her?

I darted around the desk, my hard dick bouncing before me. I had to find out if she was aroused. Had to know if she had a hot cunt because of my touches. I threw her flirty skirt up over her rump, groaning at the sight of her tanned butt-cheeks. She had a narrow triangle of pale flesh following her crack down towards her pussy. She had a lilac thong buried between those lush hemispheres, the waistband made of frilly elastic. I bent down and stared at the crotch covering her pussy. It hugged her plump vulva, revealing every inch of her pussy lips.

“Of course you’re shaved,” I groaned. “You’re just that much of a slut, aren’t you? Yes are, Aurora. You’re just a whore. You’re such a slut that you get turned on when I touch you.”

As I ripped down her thong, I moaned, “Fuck, you’re my slut now!”

I shuddered at the side of my first live pussy. I stared at the tight slit formed by the meeting of her plump out labia, her little bud peeking out from her folds. She was aroused. Her vulva was engorged. Juices beaded across her lips. I could smell her tart musk. I inhaled deeply, a heady rush surging through me.

Hungry, I licked at her pussy. I ran my tongue up her slit, parting her folds for moment. Everything froze in place after my lick, her slit not squeezing tight again like it should, exposing her delicate petals. The tight entrance to her sheath winked at me.

“Oh, god, you’re just so wet for my cock. You’re always wet for my cock, aren’t you?” I asked. “Yeah, you are. That’s why you rag on me all the time. That’s what you claim I’m such a loser. You hate how your cunt gets so turned on by me. How you want to be my slut more than you want to be your boyfriend’s, or any other guy’s, whore.

“Because my dick gets you wetter than anyone else’s!”

My words echoed through the frozen classroom. I couldn’t wait. I had to fuck her.

I bolted to my feet. My dick smacked into her pubic mound. I felt the fuzzy strip of hair racing up from her snatch I hadn’t noticed before. She had a landing strip? Somehow, that made her even more of a slut. I shivered while moving my cock higher, letting my cock’s tip nuzzle against the parted lips of her labia. She felt so hot. So wet. The slut wanted me badly.

She wanted me to fuck her.

“You’re such a slut, you don’t even know why you’re so horny right now. You can just sense that I’m here with the cock your cunt craves. You just need me to fuck you all the time.”

I swear her pussy lips felt hotter after I said that. It was just my imagination but... god, it made me want to fuck her so hard. To just thrust away and enjoy the bitch-cunt’s pussy. She deserved be my whore for the way she acted. I smiled, realizing when time unfroze, she’d wonder why she was so wet.

Maybe she’d remember a strange fantasy that the dork she hated had fucked her harder than any other guy ever had.

As I thrust my cock into her cunt, I growled, “You cum harder on my dick than any other’s, slut!”

Pleasure exploded around my cock as I sank into Aurora’s tight, wet pussy. It was incredible. My balls smacked into her shaved flesh as I buried to the hilt in her. Her silky flesh caressed. I groaned as I reveled in my first ever taste of cunt.

Her cunt.

I gripped her hips as I drew back my dick through her tight, silky cunt. It was incredible to be able to fuck the bitch who led the teasing against me. Who sent her boyfriend to kick my ass. I slammed into her juicy depths. She was so hot and wet, her body, even frozen in time, loved the feel of my dick fucking into her.

I thrust hard and fast. I want to take my time. To savor this. But it just felt so incredible to be in her. I hammered her silky cunt. My crotch smacked into her rump over and over again. Her ass jiggled for a brief moment before freezing in place, frozen time capturing the rippling waves of impact crossing her flesh.

I shuddered, entranced by the sight for several strokes as I watched my crotch smacking against her ass. Each impact set her flesh to moving before time froze it in place. It was incredible. I loved this. My balls ached while I plowed into her cunt. She had no idea I was fucking her.

“You’re my slut, Aurora!” I howled to the frozen classroom. “You’re my nasty whore. You’re going to cum so hard on my cock. You love cumming on my cock. It gives you more pleasure than anything else.”

I swear her cunt squeezed down on my dick as I buried into her. I shuddered, her twat so tight. My hips thrust with all their might. The tip of my dick ached and throbbed. The pleasure swelled there, an explosion aching to burst out of me.

My hands moved from her hips up to her tits. I grabbed and kneaded her firm, perky mounds as I hugged her tight. I kissed and nuzzled into her neck, disturbing her ponytail. I licked her skin, tasting the salt of her flesh mixed with the strawberry flavor of her body lotion.

My fingers pinched her nipples. Her pussy did squeezed down on my dick. She loved this so much. My balls tightened. I was only a few strokes away from erupting into her. I was so eager to flood her cunt. But was she on birth control?

Would I knock her up?

“You want to be bred by me, don’t you?” I growled into Aurora’s ear. I nipped her lobe I thrust my dick to the hilt in her.

“You love cumming on my dick, slut. You’re going to cum right now!” I moaned.

As I drew back my hips, standing on the cusp of my orgasm, everything changed inside her pussy. Her flesh spasmed. It writhed and convulsed as I buried back into her. My eyes widened. I shuddered, loving her pussy massaging me. She caressed my plunging dick. My balls smack hard into her. My fingers twisted her nipples as I realize she was somehow cumming around my dick.

Even frozen in time, her body reacted. Her slutty cunt hungered for my juices. It was like she wanted to be bred by me. Her fertile depths begged for my seed to flood into her.

“Fuck!” I cried out as rapture exploded in me.

My cum fired into the bitch’s cunt.

Every blast sent ecstasy shooting through my body. My balls pumped load after load of my spunk into her. I filled her writhing cunt as stars burst across my vision. I squeezed her tits so hard. I groped them as dizzy rapture burned through my thoughts. Euphoria filled me.

This was so much better than masturbating. Then cumming in a sock. I howled out my triumph to frozen time as I dumped every last blast of my seed into Aurora’s cunt.

I filled the cheerleader juicy snatch to the hilt.

I panted. I leaned over her, nuzzling into her neck, savoring the warm embrace of her pussy around my softening dick. It was incredible. My body buzzed from the euphoric high of filling the bitch’s cunt with my jizz. From using the stuck up whore hard.

I groaned as I gave her tits one last squeeze. Then I pulled out of her. I stumbled back a few steps and leaned against the desk next to hers. I stared at her, her ass frozen with the imprint of my last impact, dimpled by the impression of my groin. Her pussy had only only half closed after my cock’s withdrawal. My cum was only beginning to leak out of her before it, too, froze in place. I could see the white spunk coating her inside, mixed with her own cream.

“Damn,” I panted. “You love being my slut, Aurora. You came so hard. I know it was the hardest cum of your life.”

I couldn’t help laughing. She’d never know she did this. How could she? As long as I wasn’t anywhere near her when time resumed...

How was that going to happen?

My brow furrowed as I considered what had led up to everything freezing. When it happened, Chris’s fist was about to slam into my face. I just wanted it to stop. I wanted everything to... to stop...

Did I somehow do this? How? Like a... superpower? Could I control this?

As I pondered the possibilities, I studied Aurora. Part of me wanted to leave her like that, suddenly naked and exposed before the entire class. But... I just fucked her. She just made me feel amazing. Maybe there were better ways to mess with her. She wouldn’t know why she had a pussy full of cum all of a sudden. She went understand why her body felt so flushed. It was obvious that my touch had aroused her. Made her cum. It would drive her nuts wondering what happened.

I set to work straightening up her clothing as best I could. I dragged her panties up those lush thighs and covered her cute rump. I gave her a kiss right on her tan line before ensuring her thong was buried between the cheeks of her lush rump. I drew down her skirt over her ass, smoothing it so it looked presentable. Her bra posed a new challenge. I had never dealt with them before. I had to keep adjusting it, making sure the cups were holding her tits while I fumbled with clasp in the back. I straightened the straps on her shoulder, adjusting everything so it look natural. Lastly, I pulled her top back down. Other than she looked flushed like she just been fucked, she appeared normal.

I wish I was here to see her reaction when I unfroze time. If I could unfreeze time.

I took one last moment to survey Aurora’s form. My dick twitched, growing hard again a as I remembered the silky embrace of her pussy. I almost wanted to fuck her, but I needed to know that I could escape from this frozen time. That I wasn’t suck like this for the rest of my life...

I pushed down that nervous twinge as I stepped up before her. I stared at her flushed face, her green eyes dilated, her cheeks rosy red. She even had beads of perspiration dotting her forehead, frozen in time.

The rules were so strange.

I leaned closer. “You enjoy being my slut. You are my whore.”

I kissed her on the lips. I couldn’t resist taking one last thing from her. I felt their plumpness, tasted the sweetness of her strawberry lip gloss. My head tilted to the side, my tongue flicking out and caressing her. I pressed past her lips and brushed her teeth. I wiggled my tongue around in the depths of her mouth, exploring her. I enjoyed her one last time. My dick swelling harder and harder.

I had to restore time’s flow. I needed to know I wasn’t stuck like this.

I broke away from her, leaving her lips parted in memory of my stolen kiss. I wish I had my phone on me. Could I even take pictures?

I backed away, so confused. Nothing about the rules of this made any sense. I slid out the door, closing it behind me. I didn’t race back to the locker room, but took my time. I wanted to think. When I unfroze time, Chris’s fist would slam into the locker. He would still be pissed at me. They would be confused how I moved so fast, but that wouldn’t change their anger. I needed to do something to turn the tables. Something that would utterly humiliate them. Maybe... I wasn’t ready to do that to Aurora, yet. I mean, she did just give me the best orgasm of my life.

But those assholes...? I smiled, those assholes deserve to pay.

I reached the locker room, a bounce to my steps. I felt so powerful. In this frozen time, I was the one in charge. I could do things. Effect things. I was almost like a... God. I shuddered at the immensity of that thought. Maybe miracles were someone freezing time and changing things in that heartbeat. Well, would cause my own miracle to happen today.

I would get Chris and his asshole friends to never fuck with me again.

Call me a faggot!

I marched up to them, Chris’s left face still twisted in his rage. His naked torso was tense with his anger, muscles all flexing and bunching as they drove his entire body weight towards my face. His fist was about a foot away from the locker.

He still clutched my boxer’s in his hand.

I snagged them from him and drew them on, followed by my gym shorts and tank top. I made sure my shoes were tied, getting everything ready for things to return to normal. Then I turned my attention to the three guys. They only wore their gym shorts; they like to show off their muscles.

Sometimes they strutted through the locker room completely naked like they owned the place. And they called me faggot? I leaned close to Chris and whispered in his ear, “You’re the faggot, aren’t you? You love it when every guy stares at your dick and body. It gets you hard, doesn’t it? Makes you want to suck their cock, too, right?” I sneered. “Yeah, you’re a faggot. You and your friends. Lance, Steve, all three of you are gay. You all want to suck each other’s dicks and fuck each other’s asses. You want to tell everyone in school the truth, but you’re too afraid. So you pick on me while pretending to enjoy fucking Aurora.

“But you really hate fucking her, don’t you, Chris? Yeah, you do. You don’t appreciate that tight hot cunt of hers. That’s what makes you so angry. You know she’d rather fuck me.”

The words were pure fantasy, but they made me feel better. I was so angry that he called me a faggot. I had nothing against gay guys, they were fine, but I liked girls. I mean, Chris and his friends were pissed at me because they thought I was ogling their girls.

Maybe they were really gay? I heard some guys that are really homophobic are secretly afraid that they are gay. So maybe I was just helping them accept who they were.

Moving them wasn’t that difficult, just laborious. I had to manhandle them around, pushing and pulling them, posing their bodies like giant action figures. I grunted as I shoved them around like stacks of flour. Heavy sacks of flour. I groaned and strained, sliding their bare feet across the cemented floor. I don’t know how long it took, there was no way to tell time, but it felt at least an hour. But it was worth it. I smiled when I surveyed the sight, backing away with my phone held in my hand. I aimed it right at them, and then thought about time passing once more.

I imagine it flowing towards the future. Moving. Before, I yelled stop in my mind, so i focused on the opposite. I need everything to move.


Something burst out of me, my will somehow reaching out and touching the... time stream? Timeline? I know I touched something primal to existence’s foundation. I felt the world lurch around me. Sound buzzed to life around me, a sudden surge of assaulted my ears. All at once the talking of a dozen guys, the rattling of the ventilation system, clothing rustling, feet slapping on bare cement.

Chris’s fish smashed into the locker. A great metallic ring echoed through the locker room. Every guy in the room jumped at the sound. Their heads whipped around. They came running to see what happened.

Chris shouted out in pain, shaking hand. And then he looked down to see his friend Lance kneeling before him. I hit record on my phone as Chris stared down at Lance “sucking” on his dick, the Black guy’s mouth wrapped about Chris’s shaft. Steve hugged Chris from behind, Steve’s limp dick—there was no way I was going to stroke them hard—pressed between Chris’s butt-cheeks.

It look like they were having a gay orgy.

A flood of my fellow students surged past me and stopped at the sight of the three bullies breaking apart in shock. Lance spat out Chris’s cock as he stumbled back and crashed into the locker. Steve fell over the bench that ran in the middle the aisle, grunting in his haste to escape. The laughing boys pointing and snorted because it looked like Steve just ripped his dick out of Chris’s asshole.

Steve hit hard on his back, and rolled over on its side. Then he scrambled towards the end of the aisle, pressing against the wall, his eyes wide. A smile a mile wide spread across my lips as Chris stared at the dented locker, not even really aware of everything else going around. He frowned when he he realized all the students pointing and laughing.

“Oh, my God, can’t believe you were sucking Chris’s dick, Lance,” shouted Mike.

“Yeah, you guys act like your bunch of chick magnets but you’re really a bunch of fags, aren’t you?” said José. He glanced at Vince standing beside him. “No offense to you, man.”

“Nah, it’s cool,” Vince said, his voice with a slight lisp. “But if I knew Chris, Steve, and Lance liked to play hide the salami with the boys instead of the girls, I would’ve offered to join.” Vince blew a kiss at them. He was the only openly gay guy in our physical education class.

The color drained from Chris’s face as he realized what was happening. He shoved his hands down to try and cover his cock as... I frowned, realizing he was getting hard. Everyone staring at his naked body was making him erect.

Didn’t I say something like that to him during my rant?

I couldn’t remember for sure. But it didn’t matter. I had video of them in their “gay” fucking. If they tried to mess with me again, I’d post it far and wide. But from the looks of humiliation on their faces, they had other things to worry about the kicking my ass.

I smirked. I could feel something inside of me, something building up again. Whatever this power was, it was coming back. I don’t know how long it would take, but I would get to freeze time again. I need to think about what I would do then.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

The pleasure hit me like a ton of bricks. I gasped, my hand shooting deep into my purse as my back arched. My pussy convulsed as an orgasm, more powerful than anything I ever felt in my life, quivered through my body in a beat of a heart. It was over in a flash, but the ecstasy left me trembling. My pussy suddenly felt so wet, so juicy. I let out a moan, forgetting that I was in Professor Viên Lê’s math class. My blonde ponytail swayed down my back while I quivered.

It was incredible. It was like Justin had fuck me with his cock, giving me that orgasm I always knew, deep inside of me, that his dick could.

I wanted you so badly even though he was a dork. I wanted to be a slut. His whore. I could see it now. The reason I was always hating on him, trying to act disgusted by him. Because I wanted him so badly. I wanted his dick in me. Fucking me. I would do anything for him.

I was a slut. And just realizing that almost made me cum again.

“Are you okay?” asked Rebecca, another cheerleader.

“Oh, yes, I am,” I moaned. I had to find Justin. I couldn’t deny this any longer. Not if denying it made me cum so hard in class. But if holding back builds up my passions until they just exploded inside of me.

I just knew I would cum even harder on his dick. I just knew his cock we give me the best orgasms of my life. Far, far better than Chris ever did.

“Okay, okay, sit down,” Professor Viên Lê said. “Aurora, are you okay? You look... flushed.”

I sat down, my poor thong soaked by the passion flooding out of me. I needed to get to Justin right now, but I had class. “I’m just fine, Professor Viên Lê.”

I struggled to think when I would see Justin next. When I could be his slut for real. I couldn’t wait.

To be continued...