The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 11: Mind-Controlled Teacher’s Passion

Justin Sampson

I had such a cocky grin as I passed the “sewage worker.” He probably was a government agent, but he couldn’t prove that I stopped time. That I was the source of the strange anomaly they were looking for. Nor could they figure out that my sister was the other one. It was clear they’d tracked it to my college, but there were hundreds of students here, and that didn’t count the staff.

So I just sauntered past him, my girlfriend, Sam, walking at my side.

She was in her usual baggy clothes: sweatshirt and pants. Her black hair was gathered in a loose braid. She didn’t wear her hair that way to look cute—though, she did look cute in a nerdy way—but to keep her hair out of her face. She was a practical sort of person. Her emotions almost entirely suppressed. When they flared in her, they burned bright.

It made her... interesting.

She was a delight to be around. If you glanced at us, you’d would probably think we were just friends since I didn’t have my arm around her shoulders or waist, nor were we holding hands. She believed in keeping things proper.

“So you need to pick me up at 5:25 PM precisely,” she was saying in answer to my question on why I had to pick her up at such a strange time for our date tonight, “so we can reach the pizza restaurant at 5:37.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, nodding as we walked down the hallway from the cafeteria, heading towards our tryst with Miss Daisy. I was eager to fuck my English teacher again, and this time with her conscious of me. I was even more excited to see her and Sam do naughty things together.

“Yes, we should be finished with our dinner at approximately 6:30, leaving us ten minutes to make the start of the 6:40 showing of A Quiet Place. I have already purchased our tickets.”

I blinked. “Really, a horror movie?”

It’s customary,” she said. “The movie will make me scared, and I will cling to you. Then you will be protective, and that will arouse me. We shall start kissing, then making out. By 7:30, we should be at a frenzy point where we will sneak out to your car to copulate.”

“You want to lose her virginity in the backseat of a car at the movie theater?” I asked her.

“Yes. Isn’t that the customary way for a young woman to lose it?”

“I suppose,” I said, a smile playing on my lips.

“That will leave us some time to enjoy ourselves and cuddle in a post-coital bliss afterwards,” she continued. “Then 8:01 PM shall arrive and we can experiment with your powers.”

“Oh well, it’ll probably be around 8:30 since I froze Coach Johnson and used up all the charge I’d accumulated.”

She blinked, studying me. “I had not factored the effect on your recharge time would be for pausing the coach like that.” Her head cocked. “Well, the movie tickets are already purchased. We’ll just have another thirty minutes for foreplay and cuddling.”

“Sounds good,” I said, a smile playing on my lips.

Not only could I stop time when my powers recharge d fully, which took twelve hours, I could also divert that power to cause just an individual to pause. Stopping one person while everyone else was unaffected took more power versus pausing the entire world. It seemed contradictory, but I didn’t understand how any of this actually worked. As much fun as it would be to pause an individual, it seemed like such a waste when I could pause everybody and give my hypnotic command to as many people as could hear me.

Sam figured out that I could mind-control people, too. Luckily, she didn’t mind that I turned her bisexual. I could’ve made her a slut, like I had other girls including my own mother, but she was Sam. I never realized that I had feelings for her as anything more than my friend until today. It was like my feelings were nestled inside of me, buried by my raging lust for the other girls at my college. Those whores like Aurora or Petra or Paris.

Two of those girls were my sex slaves now, and it wouldn’t be much longer before Paris cracked and surrendered to her lust.

“Well, we are going to have an amazing first date,” I said, Miss Daisy’s classroom just ahead.

Sam nodded her head. She drew a deep breath. “It makes me feel more than a little... breathy that we are about to have sexual relations with our English teacher. It makes me quite wet. It is all your fault, perv.”

I grinned at her as I yanked open the door to the busty, redheaded professor’s classroom. “Yep.”

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

“So how does the sex-slave thing work, Aurora?” Rebecca, my fellow cheerleader and sex slave to Justin, asked. She just sat down across from me at the cafeteria table. She set down her plate covered in a chicken Caesar salad, nearly identical to the one that I had before me.

Though she’d added croutons to hers. I didn’t want the carbs.

“Yes, how does this work?” Tracy, the busty brunette, asked as she took the seat beside Rebecca. “I mean, I know we just do whatever sexual things Justin wants, but is there anything else?”

“There will be spankings,” Petra, my gorgeous Hispanic friend, said as she took the seat beside me. She had gone with a solid drizzle of the cheesy Caesar dressing. “And he might tie us up.”

I gave Petra a curious look. She’d held back info on her desires from me. Of course, so had I.

“Spanking?” Rebecca asked. Her blonde hair swayed about her face. “That’s pretty kinky.”

Tracy nodded her head.

“I can’t wait until Master spanks me,” I said. “I keep being a brat, but he’s rather new at this.”

“So, you must’ve punched his V-card yesterday, Aurora, when you fucked him in the bathroom.”

“How did you even get out of there?” Tracy asked. “And how did José and Cassandra take your place?”

“There’s a lot of weird stuff going on today,” Rebecca added. She glanced over the table to the right where a group of guys were eating their food without their hands, just digging into it like they were wild animals.

Were those the same guys who were gangbanging Pearline earlier?

“Let’s not forget the fact that I was driven wild with lust to masturbate until I became Justin’s slave,” Petra said before she jabbed her fork into her salad. “What’s up with that?”

“And we did have an orgy in her PE class,” Tracy said. “I don’t even seem to recall Justin entering the locker room, just him being in the shower and me having to go and be his sex slave all of a sudden.”

Rebecca nodded her head, delight on her face as she shuddered. “I know, it was so amazing. It was like I just realized that I was his. That he owned my pussy.”

I smiled, Master had accidentally made them both into sex slaves when he was fucking me during frozen time. He was talking about owning my body, my pussy, but they overheard him.

Should I tell them? They were all just his slaves now. I couldn’t help the smirk playing on my lips.

“You know something,” Petra said, giving me a look. “Spit it out, puta!”

“Well...” I said, squirming on the hard, plastic seat. How would they take it? I’d handled the truth fine, but then it was always my fantasy to be mind-controlled into being a sex slave.

“Stop holding out on us,” Petra said, giving me a hard look. “Things are weird around here. I can’t believe Steve turned out to be gay all of a sudden. He used to love spanking my ass and then eating out my pussy. He absolutely loved my snatch. Now you’re telling me he only likes sucking on your ex-boyfriend’s cock, Aurora?”

“Fine,” I said, leaning forward.

A conspiratorial air settled on our table as my fellow sex slaves all leaned in. Rebecca’s blue eyes twinkled, and Tracy licked her lips. Petra quivered beside me, eager to find out what was going on. Would they even believe me?

“I know this is going to sound crazy,” I said, “but it’s all true. Justin has powers. He... can freeze time. While time is paused, anything he says to someone acts like... a hypnotic suggestion.” An awed smile crossed my lips. “It changes you.”

“He made us into his sex slaves?” Tracy asked.

“That’s why he just appeared in the locker room!” exclaimed Rebecca. “And why I suddenly wanted to go serve him because I thought he owned my pussy!”

“Making you two into sex slaves was an accident,” I said, shifting. “I was fucking Tracy with my strap-on while time was frozen, and Justin was fucking me. He was saying naughty things like how he owned my pussy and how I was his property and, well, you two just overheard.”

“Are you saying Jefe made me so horny and unable to cum until I begged to be his sex slave?” Petra asked, her eyes wide.

“Yep. He was getting back at you and Paris for being such cunts to him.” I arched an eyebrow at her. “All three of us were terrible to him. But now… we worship him.”

“Not Paris,” Petra said. “Where is she?”

“Resisting.” I grinned. “But not for too much longer. You saw her when I went live. She’s out of her mind with lust.”

Petra nodded her head.

“I think you watched that, but I heard it,” Tracy said, her hand squeezing her tits together. “Master came all over my boobs while watching. Then I got to lick them clean while he fucked me from behind.”

“Oh, you’re so lucky to have tits that big,” Rebecca said. “Are mine big enough to give Master a titty fuck?”

“Maybe,” Tracy said, her hand squeezing Rebecca’s boob through her blouse. “They are nice and plump.”

I smiled. None of them were angry. Justin had changed them. They were his now. Just like me.

“Justin’s not the only one that has powers,” I said, glancing to my right. His little sister was staring at us. I waved at her while saying, “Krystal also has the ability. There’s something special about them.”

* * *

Krystal Sampson

I looked away from Aurora, my jaw clenching. Such anger rippled through me. I was positive that Justin had brainwash my girlfriend, Ji-Yun. I stared down at my lunch, a hamburger and tater tots. I grabbed one of the tots and rubbed it into the dab of ketchup while I ground my teeth together. I had to get back at my brother somehow.

I glanced back at Aurora. Could I do something to her? It looked like he was gathering other sex slaves. What could I do to them when time was paused? What sort of commands could I put in their heads?

“Do you want to eat them out?” Ji-Yun asked me. She was my Korean girlfriend, as well as my best friend. She sat across the table from me, a petite girl like myself, her silky, black hair gathered in a braid that left her delicate face clear to be admired. “I bet they all have a pussy full of your brother’s cum.” She smacked her lips. “That sounds so yummy. We definitely have to eat them out.”

“You just want to do that because he brainwashed you,” I muttered.

Ji-Yun shrugged. “You brainwashed me into liking pussy. Your pussy. All girls’ pussies.” She shrugged. “What’s the difference?”

“It just is,” I snapped. “I’m your friend. My brother’s just a big pervert.”

“And you’re not a pervert?” Ji-Yun gave me a naughty grin. “How many girls’ panties do you have in your pocket? I know I have about a dozen pairs.”

My cheeks burned. I told every pretty girl I came across during paused time that she needed to give me her panties. Turned out, I loved smelling freshly worn panties, enjoying the scent of fresh pussy on them. My pockets bulged with all the pairs I’d been given.

“It’s different,” I muttered.

“You’re both changing things,” Ji-Yun continued. “I mean, you made Pearline love getting gangbanged. You can’t make any of that stop. It’s too late. Just embrace it.” She popped her tater tot into her mouth, chewing on it. “You’re just like him.”

“So I should just embrace licking my brother’s cum out of girls?” I glared at her. “Admit it, you also want me to fuck him, don’t you?”

“I do,” she said. “What’s so wrong about that? It’ll be so hot. It’ll be incest. It’ll be just the best. Don’t you want him on top of you, Krystal? Then I can lick his cum out of you.”

“Fuck that!” I said, slamming my tiny fist on the cafeteria table. Our trays rattled. “I’m not going to be his whore. Next time I pause time, I’m going to turn all those sluts against him. And I’m going to fix you, too. I’m going to remove those deviant commands he gave you.”

Horror flashed across her face. “You can’t do that. It’s too late. You have to stop!”

I blinked as Ji-Yun moved so quickly, her position shifting so that she was sitting straighter, her fist no longer pounding on the table. I blinked, certain that my brain had just short-circuited. I shook my head, frowning. I felt so foolish all of a sudden. I was angry a moment ago, but it was all gone.

I unclenched my hand and looked at Ji-Yun, asking, “Why are we fighting?”

Ji-Yun grinned at me. “I know, Krystal, it was so dumb. But you understand now.”

“Yeah, I guess,” I said, nodding my head. I looked around the cafeteria. I was wondering where my brother was. Maybe I was wrong about him. It was sexy licking his cum out of our mother’s pussy.

My tongue flicked across my lips, my stomach growing anxious. It would be nice licking his cum out of Ji-Yun’s pussy. And maybe... Ji-Yun could lick his cum out of my pussy.

“Great, where has my dumb brother gotten to,” I muttered.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

I was not exaggerating to my lover when I said that my pussy was wet with anticipation for our lunchtime tryst with Miss Daisy. I knew these desires were brought about by Justin’s hypnotic suggestion to me while he’d frozen time.

However, that did not matter.

My brain had accepted this new conditioning, adapting to the new cause that now affected my outlook on reality. I gave credence to those who said that will was but an illusion, merely a byproduct of our brain. In actuality, humans were nothing more than bio-chemical machines reacting to the stimuli of the world, conditioned by the events that had preceded us, by the way we were raised, by the way our society had developed in response to new technological advances, new opportunities, new ideas. All those pressures guided us to act in certain ways. It was really no different than what Justin did.

Though, perhaps, the other causes were not so... selfish as his perverted desires.

Justin opened the door to our English classroom, sweeping his arm like a gentleman. I favored him with a smile, my emotions bubbling through me. This was all so exciting. All so naughty. I suddenly wished I was wearing something more flattering. I had never given much thought to my outward appearance, not desiring to signal my sexual availability like the other girls in my college.

But sex wasn’t the messy distraction I thought it was.

My experience with Justin and his mother was stimulating. A part of me wanted to forgo the ritual of our date and allow Justin to deflower me in Miss Daisy’s classroom. But the fact that he was going to wait, to go through such a pointless exercise before we satiated our carnal desires, only showed me how much he cared for me. That he saw me differently than the sluts like our busty, redheaded professor.

“Sam,” Miss Daisy purred, breathy with excitement, as we entered, “and Justin. Mmm, I am so excited for our study lesson. I don’t know what happened to my panties, but my pantyhose are just soaked with my juices.”

“As are my panties,” I said, suddenly so nervous.

What was I supposed to do now? I adjusted my glasses on the bridge of my nose, my nipples so hard beneath my sweatshirt. My areolas were puffy and tingly, rubbing against the fabric of my top. I licked my lips, glancing at Justin.

He had a big, perverted grin. His dark eyes flicked up and down my body then glanced at our busty teacher as she advanced on me. Her hips swayed while her heels clicked with her every step. Her breasts jiggled, almost spilling out of her low-cut blouse.

I understood why Justin drooled over her breasts. There was something so vital about them. Fertility distilled to heaving, massive mounds of jiggling flesh. I hungered to suckle at them, to nurse from her bountiful teats. My pussy clenched, waves of heat washing over me as she reached me. Her hands cupped my cheeks, fingers stroking my face. Ripples of heat washed down me. I let out a whimpering moan, my hands balling into fists.

Should I touch her? Should I squeeze those big tits?

I swallowed.

“So you don’t know everything,” Miss Daisy said as her head leaned down towards me.

“She’s really neglected studying about sex,” Justin said.

“That is why I’m here,” I moaned, “to be educated.”

Miss Daisy’s lips touched mine. They were warm and hot and plump. They had a gentleness that Justin’s lacked. I groaned as she kissed me, her lips moving on mine, stirring such ardor through me. My hands seized her hips, squeezing her through her skirt. Dizzying waves assaulted me.

I swayed.

Her tongue penetrated my mouth. I met hers with mine, caressing hers. She didn’t claim me the way Justin did. Instead, she shared her passion with me. Her hand stroked down my face to my neck. My pulse fluttered beneath her touch, my heart drumming with rapture. It pumped heat through me that gathered at my breasts and my pussy.

I was so hot. I need to get out of my clothing.

As if Miss Daisy read my mind, or perhaps she was just feeling the same desires besetting me, her hands drifted down my sweatshirt. I groaned as she brushed over the tips of my breasts, stimulating my puffy nipples. Lightning zapped to my pussy as her hand stroked down my baggy clothing. Then her fingers grasped the material.

She dragged up my sweatshirt. The fabric rubbed on my nipples. Then my arms were lifting from her hips, thrusting up into the air as my breasts came into view. With my small breasts, 32A, I didn’t need to wear a bra.

“Miss Daisy!” I gasped as we broke her kiss so she could pull off my sweatshirt. My vision became dark for moment.

Then her face appeared again, my sweatshirt leaving my glasses half askew. I adjusted them as she threw my top to the ground. Her green eyes lit up as they fell on my tits. She cupped my little mounds, her finger so silky against them.

“Damn,” Justin moaned as he gazed at my breasts for the first time. “You’re so beautiful, Sam.”

“Yes, those are some cute titties,” Miss Daisy purred. “I’ve wondered what you had beneath your blouse a few times. I know I shouldn’t masturbate to my students, but I thought about you a few times, Sam.”

Justin chuckled.

So he was correct in his guess yesterday. Her attraction to me wasn’t just because of his commands. He just... loosened the societal conditioning that kept her from acting on them. As her thumbs rubbed over my puffy nipples and sent tingles through me, I was glad he had changed me.

“Thank you, Justin,” I moaned, smiling at my boyfriend. He had already taken off his shirt, his body sleek and toned. He didn’t have the brawny build of a jock, but he still was invigorating to gaze at.

Distracted, I hadn’t noticed Miss Daisy’s head moving. Not until her mouth engulfed my right nipple. Her lips sealed tight around my nub and puffy areola. She sucked, sending delight shooting straight down to my pussy.

“Miss Daisy!” I groaned. “Oh, that is such wonderful stimulation. You’re getting my pussy so wet and juicy for sex.”

“For pussy licking,” Justin said. “For fucking.”

“Yes, yes, fucking!”

I whimpered as Miss Daisy sucked harder on my nipple. Her lips had engulfed all of my puffy areola, her tongue stroking up and down my sensitive flesh. It was incredible. My hips shifted from side to side. I panted, my tongue flicking across my lips.

Justin wanted me, his eyes so hot. He kicked off his shoes, his jeans rustling as he undid his fly. His zipper rasped. I groaned as he shoved down his pants and boxers, his dick popping out. My virgin pussy clenched.

Tonight, he would be in me.

Miss Daisy’s hands slid down from my breasts, her fingertips caressing my skin. I never knew my flesh could be so sensitive. Everywhere she touched me tingled with pleasure. Tips of her fingers grazed down my stomach, reaching towards my sweatpants. I quivered, a throaty moan rising in my throat as her fingers reached the elastic waistband.

“Miss Daisy,” I moaned. “You’re making me feel so... so amazing. I like this.”

Justin just grinned at me, a knowing look in his eyes as he stroked his cock.

“You’re going to love this next part, Sam,” Miss Daisy said, her lips popping off from my nipple. Her fingers dug into the waistband of my sweatpants. As she lowered herself, her nipples grazing my stomach, she yanked my sweatpants off my hips. The material caressed my thighs as she knelt before me, her eyes staring at my plain, white panties.

I gasped as she nuzzled her face right into my crotch, inhaling. She let out a throaty groan, as if the scent of my pussy was the most intoxicating thing she’d ever inhaled. Like it was a fine perfume. It made me tremble, such joy bursting through me. Then her lips nuzzled against my panties, caressing my pussy through the dainty cotton fabric.

Fingernails grazed up my thighs as her hands climbed towards my panties. Her tongue lapped at the gusset of my underwear, pressing the cotton into my virgin flesh. She fluttered it up and down, caressing me. Delight rippled through me. I moaned and gasped as she caressed my labia, brushing my clit. I was so sensitive down there. Her every touch transmuted into rapture.

“Oh, my gosh, Miss Daisy!” I gasped, swaying. Fearing I would fall, I grabbed the only thing I could: her fiery hair. I gripped her silky strands as she licked me again. “That’s so good. You’re going to make me feel so naughty.

“Good,” Justin said as he knelt behind our professor. He drew up her skirt, staring at me with a hungry look in his eyes. “While she’s feasting on you... I’ll feast on her.”

“Mmm, show me how skilled you are at cunnilingus, Justin,” Miss Daisy moaned. “I’ve never had a guy go down on me before. Show me what I’ve been missing out on.”

Justin let out a moan as he thrust her skirt over her pantyhose-clad rump. The sheer, black fabric hugged the two curves of her butt-cheeks, molding to them. The nylon dug into her crack, emphasizing the heart-shape swell of her rump.

I gasped as Miss Daisy’s fingers hooked the waistband of my panties and yanked them down.

Her lips were nuzzling into my soaked bush, touching my virgin pussy directly. Her tongue fluttered through my folds, caressing my hymen. My toes curled in my shoes when she brushed my clit. Sparks of pleasure burst inside me.

I gripped her hair and moaned out my bliss. Her tongue stroked me over and over, licking and lapping and gathering the juices flooding out of me. Her every touch grew this pressure inside of me. This aching, swelling ball of orgasmic rapture. As it expanded, I knew it would envelop me in ecstasy.

I wanted that.

Nylon tore. The silky sound shot my gaze to Miss Daisy’s rump. A tear ripped through her pantyhose, following up her butt-crack. It exposed the pale flesh of her rump as the two halves of the nylons pulled apart. Justin had ripped it open so he could press his face into her pussy.

I couldn’t see what he was doing, but she moaned into my snatch with obvious delight.

Though I couldn’t directly observe what he did, I had an educated guess. If his tongue felt anything like hers did on my cunt, then she was in heaven. She fluttered her tongue up and down my folds, stroking over my hymen. She whimpered and groaned with pleasure, proving that Justin was doing naughty things to her. His hand squeezed her butt-cheeks as he feasted on her.

“Justin!” moaned our professor. “Oh, that’s so different. You didn’t shave this morning, you naughty boy. Ooh, it feels nice. Your stubble is rasping on my labia.”

What would that feel like?

I shuddered, Miss Daisy now nibbling on my pussy lips. Her lips were so soft as they worked on my sensitive folds. My orgasm swelled faster and faster. Little stars burst across my vision, the sensations affecting my brain’s perception of the world.

Justin kneaded our teacher’s butt-cheeks, squeezing and clenching his fingers into them as he feasted on her pussy. He ate her like an animal, so hungry. He growled as he devoured her. I couldn’t wait for him to feast on me with passion. Miss Daisy’s was nice, but I knew Justin’s would be amazing. I groaned, my pussy clenching as Miss Daisy fluttered her tongue around my clit. Then she was sucking on it. She nibbled on my bud. Every touch of her lips and tongue swirled my orgasm. I couldn’t believe how incredible this was.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I cried out, my pussy clenching. The pressure swelled to engulf my entire sex. My nethers quivered. “Miss Daisy!”

My orgasm burst inside of me. My pussy convulsed, aching for my virgin depths to be filled with something. With Justin’s cock. My juices gushed out of me. They flowed into Miss Daisy’s hungry mouth. She lapped them up, her tongue darting across my labia.

The waves of rapture washed into my mind. Darkness fuzzed at the edge of my vision as I swayed. My back arched, dizzy euphoria besetting me. It was incredible. It drove me to this wonderful height of rapture. I reached the peak of my bliss.

I hung there.

Then I stumbled back, panting. I caught myself on the desk, shaking my head, my entire body trembling. I stared at Miss Daisy’s; her lips smeared in my cream. Her green eyes were glassy with lust. Her large tits shook in her blouse as she wiggled back against Justin.

“Oh, my God, yes!”

Miss Daisy face transformed in rapture as she came. I licked my lips, suddenly so envious that my boyfriend was enjoying her pussy. I wanted to eat her. I shuddered, my pussy clenching, remembering the bliss that the professor just gave me. The way I had cried out in climactic rapture. How I’d exploded on her wonderful mouth.

“Damn, Miss Daisy,” Justin said as he lifted up his face. He, too, was drenched with pussy cream. “You drowned me when you came, Miss Daisy.”

“I always was a squirter,” she panted.

Eager to taste her, I darted around her to my boyfriend. As he stood up, I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him hard. I groaned as our lips met, his arms holding me tight. She tasted so sweet on him, the naughty flavor enhancing the thrill of kissing the boy I loved.

I trembled in awe at these feelings.

As I pressed against Justin, my lips savoring the flavor on his lips, I became so aware my naked body rubbing against him. My puffy nipples tingled against his chest, and his cock was hard against my stomach. An ache throbbed in my virgin pussy in response. I could just surrender now. I could have him take me here and now.

But... as much as I ached to lose my virginity, I wanted to lose it like a regular girl, and not in a perverted tryst set up by my boyfriend’s hypnotic, mind-control powers. Besides I wanted to taste Miss Daisy’s pussy.

I broke the kiss and groaned, “I know you are quite tumescent, Justin, but I truly desire to eat Miss Daisy’s pussy. I wish to perform cunnilingus on her.”

“That’s fine,” he said, giving me a big grin. “While you’re eating her out, she’ll give me a titty fuck.”

I shuddered, savoring the new, perverted things I learned. Titty fuck.

* * *

Justin Sampson

I sat naked on the floor, Miss Daisy crawling towards me. She’d stripped out of her clothing, including her ruined pantyhose, and now her heavy tits swayed freely as she came towards me. Her green eyes smoldered as she stared at me, her fiery hair falling about her youthful face. She was the youngest, hottest associate professor at my college.

“Damn, I am one lucky guy,” I groaned. This would be my second titty fuck of the day.

“Yes, you are,” Miss Daisy said. “But you’re going to have to educate me. I’ve never given one of these before.”

“It is never too late to learn something new,” Sam said. “Education can continue at all ages.”

“Indeed,” Miss Daisy purred. Then she hefted both her breasts as she settled between my thighs. “So I just wrap these about your cock?”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned.

Miss Daisy grinned at me as she piled her tits around my cock. “Now I just press them together and stroke up and down your dick?” She did just that, her fat nipples rubbing against my stomach, adding another delight. “Am I doing this right?”

“Yes, just like that,” I groaned as her silky, warmth caressed the sensitive tip of my cock.

My balls tightened from the silky joy running down my shaft to my balls. Sam stretched out on her back then wiggled herself beneath Miss Daisy.

“Press them tighter together,” I groaned, “then build up your speed as you go.”

She nodded her head. Then she gasped, “Sam, yes, eat my pussy!”

“Your juices taste even better straight from the source, Miss Daisy,” Sam moaned, her lithe thighs twitching, drawing my attention.

Staring down my teacher’s supple back, I could see Sam’s lower body. Her trimmed, black bush soaked with her juices, her toes curling as she feasted. Her hands grabbed Miss Daisy’s heart-shaped rump. My girlfriend’s fingers dug into those plump cheeks while the teacher stroked her boobs up and down my dick.

It was incredible. I was so glad I could share this pleasure with Sam. Miss Daisy’s face twisted with pleasure as she enjoyed my girlfriend’s pussy licking. The teacher rubbed her tits faster and faster up and down my dick, stroking the sensitive crown. My balls grew tighter, drinking in the pleasure. I shifted, my fingers flexing on the armrest of the chair.

“Damn, that’s it, Miss Daisy,” I groaned. “I’m going to cum all over those tits.”

“Yes,” she moaned. “I need you to fuck my pussy and fill my cunt with all your cum.” Her tongue flicked over her teeth as she stroked her tits faster. “After classes, your sister will get to eat out my cunt full of your cum.”

“Fuck, yes!” I growled. I was so glad to hear my commandment affecting her. She’d invite Krystal to a meeting after class. Miss Daisy’s pussy would be filled with my jizz. I knew my little sister, and she definitely had the hots for the busty teacher.

She’d get quite the surprise when she ate out Miss Daisy’s pussy.

I needed to figure out a way to watch that.

But I couldn’t think about it now. Not with Miss Daisy’s amazing tits sliding up and down my cock. She stimulated me. She stroked me. My precum leaked and bubbled at the tip of my cock. I squirmed in the chair, loving how it creaked and groaned beneath me. Miss Daisy kept panting, her face bursting with pleasure as Sam noisily ate her out.

“Yes, just like that, Sam,” Miss Daisy purred. “That’s how you eat pussy. Mmm, it’s such a delicious technique you’re using. I love having my labia nibbled on.”

“You have such thick labia,” moaned Sam. “My pussy is such a tight slit. My labia minora doesn’t even peek at all, but yours...”

“They’re like butterfly wings,” I groaned, remembering the feel of those big, hot folds rubbing on my cheeks as I devoured Miss Daisy.

“Yes,” Sam moaned. “Beautiful butterfly wings.”

I smiled, the pleasure surging through me. It was great hearing Sam express herself. She was aroused, her emotions boiling out of her. My girlfriend’s passion seemed to inspire Miss Daisy to rub her tits up and down my cock so that I could cum. The pressure of those pillowy mounds squeezing around my shaft increased. The silky glide caressing my dick’s sensitive tip was amazing.

Every stroke brought me closer and closer to erupting. I groaned, eager to splatter her face in tits in my jizz. The chair creaked as I shifted, my toes curling.

“Hurry up and cum on Sam’s mouth so I can fuck you,” I groaned, my orgasm almost upon me. “I’m about to shower you in my jizz.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned Miss Daisy. “I need a pussy full of cum for your little sister to lick out! Suck on my clit, Sam? Yes!”

I heard a loud sucking, smacking sound. My dick twitched as I realized my girlfriend was nursing on the teacher’s clit. Sam’s fingers dug into Miss Daisy’s plump butt cheeks while the redhead moaned in passion.

Miss Daisy slid her tits up my cock. They brushed the sensitive tip, engulfing my crown in her silky softness. She slid back down, her hard nipples rubbing down my stomach. The stimulation rippled through me.

My balls boiled over.

“Fuck!” I grunted as my cum fired out of my dick.

Pleasure shot through me as the first blast of my jizz fired up into the air, a pearly geyser of spunk that splashed across Miss Daisy’s face. She gasped, squeezing her tits around my spurting dick as I splattered her features. My cum covered her cheeks and lips, landing in her open mouth.

She thrust out her tongue to catch more while curly drops rained onto her heavy mounds. The pleasure slammed into me over and over, rippling ecstasy through my mind. My toes curled as I groaned, my mind melting in bliss.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I growled. “Take it, slut! You love my spunk!”

“I do,” groaned the formerly lesbian professor. “Ooh, it is so salty and good. I like it as much as pussy.”

As the last spurt of my spunk fired weakly from my dick and splattered across her left tit, I saw her face awash in bliss. She gasped and trembled. My jizz-splattered teacher writhed. She moaned out her rapture. Her body shook, her hands squeezing her tits tight around my cock while her orgasm burst through her.

“Yes, Sam, yes!” moaned the redheaded teacher. “Ooh, you’ve learned your cunnilingus lesson so well!”

“Damn,” I moaned. I was so eager for the next part. To fill my teacher’s cunt with my cum so my little sister could lick her clean. It was the only way to show Krystal that being with a guy might be something she’d like.

It was a long shot, but it was the only way I could sleep with my sister. I wanted her so badly.

I waited until her orgasm passed, letting Miss Daisy enjoy what my girlfriend gave her, before I grinned at her. “Ready?”

She nodded her head, her green eyes glassy. She only let out a murmuring, mewling sound.

“Yeah, you’re ready for my cock.”

We repositioned ourselves. I stretched out on my back, eager for this. I didn’t care that the floor was hard and cold. Not with my dick throbbing and begging to bury in my teacher’s hot cunt. This time, she would be aware of me plundering her twat.

To Miss Daisy, this was our first time having sex, but I had already enjoyed her pussy once today during paused time.

I licked my lips as the redheaded teacher maneuvered into position. She straddled me, pussy juices running down her cheek and neck. My cum coated her heaving mounds. Those delicious tits swayed as she grasped my cock and guided it to her fiery bush. Her butterfly-wing labia engulfed the tip. I groaned as she sank down me.

Her eyes widened as she took more and more of me.

“Oh, this is what a real cock feels like in my cunt,” she panted, her head leaning back. The movement shifted her body, changing how her pussy caressed my dick.

“What does it feel like?” Sam asked, pushing up her glasses as her petite body trembled.

“It’s so fulfilling,” she moaned, her pussy clenching down on me. When she slid up me, clutching at my cock. I groaned, my toes curling, my fingers flexing. The pleasure was so incredible. Her cum-splattered tits heaved before her.

Sam let out a hungry moan, then she fell to her knees beside us. She nuzzled her face into Miss Daisy’s heavy mounds. I groaned at the sight of my girlfriend licking my cum off our teacher’s tits.

That made Miss Daisy’s cunt feel even sweeter as she slid up and down my dick. Sam was enjoying my spunk, lapping up all the pearly rivulet she could reach. She shuddered beside me, her cute rump next to my arm.

I stroked her hand down her back, tracing her spine towards that ass. She whimpered, her black braid swaying off her shoulder. I reached the swell of her ass. I dipped into her crack as I squeezed her firm tush. I groaned, enjoying my dick inside Miss Daisy’s cunt.

“Sit on his face, Sam!” panted the teacher. “He’s really good at pussy licking, too. You should feel what it’s like when a man does it.”

Sam shuddered as I fondled her ass. I wasn’t sure if she would sit on my face. She wanted to wait for our date. I was fine either way. I had Miss Daisy’s fine snatch working up and down my dick, massaging me, making my balls ached.

With a groan, her mouth now latched onto the teacher’s nipple, Sam moved. She threw her limber thigh over my head. In moments, I was staring up at her black-furred muff. Her pink folds peeked through the tangle of silky hairs as she lowered her twat down to my mouth. A tangy scent filled my nose moments before she pressed her cunt against my lips.

I licked my girlfriend’s snatch.

“Justin!” she mewled, her hips shifting, rubbing her silky pubic hair on my lips and cheeks while her tangy juices filled my mouth.

“Damn, you have a great tasting pussy, Sam!”

“Oh, yes, she does,” moaned the teacher, her cunt squeezing down around my dick.

My tongue lapped from Sam’s little clit, up through her folds, and across her hymen. She moaned as she squirmed on me, grinding her snatch on my mouth while my dick ached in our teacher’s pussy. Miss Daisy worked that cunt up and down my cock faster and faster, her juicy flesh squeezing as she rose up my shaft. Then she slammed down, engulfing my dick in her silky grip.

She rode me.

It was heaven. I drank Sam’s tangy juices flowing out of her virgin cunt while Miss Daisy worked that tight, dyke pussy up and down my shaft. She fucked me with such aggression, moaning while Sam nursed at her tit.

“Sam, damn, I love eating your pussy,” I groaned as she ground atop me.

She made a whimpering sound as she sucked on our teacher’s nipple.

“She loves it, Justin,” groaned Miss Daisy. “She’s loving my nipple. Your pussy licking is inspiring her. Ooh, she’s squeezing my tits. It’s so good, Sam!”

I groaned, the ache swelling at the tip of my dick. “Ride me harder. Faster. I want to fill your cunt with my cum.”

“Then your sister gets to lick me clean!” Miss Daisy squealed. Her snatch squeezed tight about my dick as she slid up my shaft before slamming back down me. Her snatch swelled the pressure in my balls. “Your little sister is going to lick all your jizz out of me, Justin!”

I groaned as I caressed my tongue across Sam’s hymen. I couldn’t wait to enjoy that delight. I thrust up as Miss Daisy came down, pleasure ripping around my shaft. My fingers gripped Sam’s thighs, squeezing them as I nuzzled my mouth to her clit. I latched onto it.

She squealed as I sucked on her nub. I nursed on it, giving her all the pleasure I could. I wanted my girlfriend to drown me in her tangy cream. She tasted amazing. I fluttered my tongue against her bud as my dick came closer and closer to erupting.

Miss Daisy rode me faster. She worked up and down my shaft, her hips dancing, swirling her silky sheath around my cock. She squeezed and relax, stimulating my shaft. I couldn’t hold out much longer. My toes curled as I fought against erupting.

I wanted Sam to explode first.

“Justin!” moaned my girlfriend. “Oh, yes, Justin! You’re driving me wild!”

“Are you going to cum on his face?” Miss Daisy hissed. “Are you going to drown your boyfriend in your yummy cream?”

“Yes!” moaned Sam. “Miss Daisy, he is driving me wild. He’s licking... Oh, yes, he’s licking my clitoris!”

I fluttered my tongue against her clit as she squirmed. Her thighs flexed beneath my grip as she ground that hot, virgin twat on my mouth. Her silky pubic hairs tickled me. I stared at her tight rump, her butt-cheeks squeezing right before my eyes.

Her back arched. Tangy juices squirted into my mouth and spilled over my lips and chin. Her passion ran down my cheeks as she exploded in rapture. Wordless ecstasy burst out of her, the ecstasy that I gave her.

Miss Daisy slid down my dick. Her tight, hot cunt engulfed my cock. That ache peaked at the tip of my shaft. My balls tightened. I groaned into my girlfriend’s cumming pussy as rapture shot through my body.

I spurted hot cum into Miss Daisy’s boiling cunt. Stars burst across my vision as the ecstasy tensed every muscle in my body. I growled into Sam’s snatch as I spurted jizz from my dick. My pearly cream flooded into the professor’s pussy.

“Justin!” moaned Miss Daisy. “Yes, yes, yes! Fill my cunt! Give me all the yummy cum for your little sister to enjoy!”

“Indeed, Justin, flood our professor with all that yummy jizz!”

“I am!” I growled and then lashed my tongue across my girlfriend’s virgin pussy.

As my teacher’s snatch writhed about my cock, joining us in rapture, I licked up the cream from my girlfriend’s twat. I savored it as Miss Daisy’s pussy milked out the last drops of cum for my balls. My bliss peaked and then died into buzzing euphoria. I shifted on the floor, feeling like a billion bucks.

“Damn,” I panted. “Best study session ever!”

Sam purred her agreement.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

I had a suspicion where I could find my brother. I bet he was fucking Miss Daisy. She mentioned something about a lunch meeting with him and Sam. How else could he fill her pussy up with his cum for my afternoon study session? Ji-Yun hurried at my side, holding my hand as we left the cafeteria behind.

The hallways grew quieter as we hurried away from the cafeteria. Our footsteps echoed. I felt so naughty. I was on a wicked mission to find my brother and have incestuous sex with him. Ahead, a door opened.

Stepping out of the girls’ restroom was Melissa, her phone in hand. The Black girl looked up and saw me. She blinked and then a strange smile crossed her lips. She grabbed the hem of her top and yanked it up and over to expose her breasts clad in a leopard-print bra. Then she pulled down the cups, flashing her ebony tits and dark-brown nipples at me.

“Do you think I have sexy tits, Krystal?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said, utterly bemused. “They’re... uh... great.”

“Excellent,” she said and pulled her bra back up to cover her tits. She shoved down her top and continued on like nothing happened. My brow furrowed. I glanced at Ji-Yun.

“That was sooooooo weird,” she said in this too innocent voice. It was almost like she expected that to happen.

I gave her a strange look and was about to ask her if Justin gave her other commands, like that he planned on ordering girls of our college to flash me, when a new figure threw open the school’s main doors and strode in. She gasped when she saw me.

“You’re Justin’s little sister!” a frantic-looking Paris moaned as she rushed to me, her heels clicking. Her face was flushed, her rose-hued, designer dress disarrayed. Her wavy-brown hair bounced about her shoulders. “Do you know where he is? I need to find Justin right away! I can’t take it any longer!”

“Why do you have to find my brother?” I asked Paris.

“Do you know where he is, or don’t you?” she snapped.

God, what a bitch. “Not if you’re going to talk to me like that, I don’t.”

“Sorry,” she moaned. “I just can’t cum unless I...” She drew in a shuddering breath. “Unless I become his sex slave!” Her outburst echoed through the empty hallway.

“Oh, I see,” I said. “Justin must’ve given you a command.”

Paris blinked at me. “I don’t care what he did to me. I just have to serve him!”

“Well, you’re in luck because me and Ji-Yun are heading to see my brother. I need him to fuck me, too. I’m suddenly really into my brother and...” My jaw dropped as it clicked in my mind. My head shot over to look at Ji-Yun.

She had such an impish grin on her face. My Korean lover arched an eyebrow at me.

“Don’t tell me that you somehow stopped time, without me getting frozen with you, and then you turned me straight.”

“Technically, you’re bi,” Ji-Yun said. “It’s only fair, after all. You turned me gay.”

“Bi,” I muttered.

“So you can’t be mad,” she said, squeezing my hand, “because I wasn’t mad when you did it to me.”

My jaw worked and... I wasn’t mad. It didn’t bother me at all that I liked guys now. It just felt... right that I liked both now. I wanted to be with Justin. I mean, I kinda did enjoy eating his cum out of our mother’s snatch. “Yeah, you’re right, I guess we both brainwashed each other. But... why didn’t I freeze with you? Your power affected me!”

“I don’t fucking care about any of this!” Paris screeched, her face twisted with need. “I just need to be Justin’s like right the fuck now so I can cum!”

“Fine, fine. He’s in Miss Daisy’s classroom.”

Paris took off running. She was fast considering she was wearing high heels.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

“I did not intend for things to escalate so far between us,” I said as I shuddered, staring at Justin’s face coated in my pussy cream.

“Sorry,” Justin said, rubbing his hand along the back of his head.

“I thought that was a lot of fun,” Miss Daisy said, her hand pressed over her pussy to hold in Justin’s cum. “I wish I knew what happened to my panties. I could’ve sworn I wore them today. And now you’ve torn my pantyhose, Justin.”

“You can wear my panties, Miss Daisy,” I said. “I don’t mind going commando.”

Justin stared at me. “You’re not disappointed that we got to... I don’t know... what? Third base? Is that what you call it when you go down on a girl?”

“I have never gotten straight how that baseball metaphor applies to the stages of copulation,” I answered. “But no, Justin, I am not mad that we engaged in such behavior before our date. My virginity remains intact. Tonight, that will—”

The door burst open. My head whipped around, my black braid swinging behind me. A wave of fear slammed into me, locking me in the place at the sight of the two sewage workers who had been ghosting around our school today. One, a pudgy guy with lank, brown hair, pointed at Justin and bellowed, “That’s him, sir!”

Behind the two “sewage workers” was a man in a dark suit and slicked-back hair, looking like a government agent. “Justin Sampson!” the man boomed. “You’re under arrest for violation of the National Security Act!”

To be continued...