The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 12: Sex Slave’s Naughty Plan

Aurora Pritchard

“I wonder where Krystal is off to in such a hurry,” I said to my fellow sex slaves—Rebecca, Petra, Tracy and I were sitting at a table in our college’s cafeteria—as Krystal, our Master’s little sister, and her girlfriend, the Korean Ji-Yun, rushed out of the cafeteria.

“Maybe they’re going to go fuck,” Petra said. She was one of my best friends. I was so happy that she’d accepted her new role as Justin’s sex slave. Now only our other friend, Paris, needed to surrender to her lust and to stop being such a stubborn bitch.

“Maybe they are,” I said, watching the pair scurry towards the exit. They darted past Vince, the most openly gay guy in our school. I wondered if he would hit on my ex-boyfriend now that Master had turned Chris gay. I shifted, thinking that would be hot. I blinked and...

Vince disappeared like he had popped out of existence.

At the same moment, every guy in the cafeteria, at least the ones who were at least moderately handsome and in shape, stood up and all headed towards the boys’ restroom. It was the one next to the single use bathroom where Justin had fucked me in yesterday. I blinked in surprise as some of boys started holding each other’s hands.

Vince was over by the bathroom now. How had he crossed the cafeteria in an eye blink? He looked so pleased, such a big grin on his face, as the guys flowed past him inside. All the girls in the cafeteria, and the few husky or nerdy guys who didn’t join the parade, stared in shock.

“This is going to be great,” a guy named Mike said he strolled by my table. He was holding hands with our college’s star running back, Marquise. “Can’t wait to suck your dick, man.”

My jaw dropped.

“Are they about to have a gay orgy in there?” Tracy asked, the busty brunette sex slave leaning over the table towards me. Her tits swayed in her blouse. “Did... Master pause time again?”

I shook my head. “Justin wouldn’t do this. I...” A strange idea struck me. “I think Vince paused time. And I think he made his own a harem of guys.”

“Well, that’s ambitious,” Rebecca, my fellow cheerleader sex slave, said. She was another accidental sex slave, created when her and Tracy heard words Justin spoke to me while time was paused..

They were accidents like me, mind-controlled to be Justin’s.

“Yeah,” I said, an interesting idea percolated through my mind. Our Master could make any girl at our college into his sex slave. The next time he paused time, he could have an entire army of nubile women all loving and serving him.

All brainwashed to be his.

My pussy went molten wet. I shifted in my seat, wanting to just reach between my thighs and finger myself. I wished Master had let us join him and his girlfriend for their “study session” with Miss Daisy. But he wanted to have fun with just his girlfriend and the busty professor.

I bet the professor would make a good sex slave. Miss Daisy had a beautiful, red hair and tits as big as Tracy’s.

My phone trilled an announcement, telling me I had a text message from Paris. I read it and smiled. “I’m surrendering. You won. I need to fuck my Master.”

I smiled and stood up, staring at my fellow sex slave. “Let’s go, girls, were about to have some more fun.”

Vince could have his harem of boys because it left more girls for Justin to enjoy.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

I sprinted with my Korean girlfriend, Ji-Yun, at my side. Paris had a good lead on us. The bitchy rich girl was surprisingly fast in those five-inch heels of hers. She was motivated to get to my brother an fuck him. She really wanted to become his sex slave. I didn’t want to become my brother’s sex slave, but I did ache to fuck him.

My naughty girlfriend, apparently, could stop time, too. She’d used her power to brainwash me into being bi. Thanks to her, guys turned me on. Especially my brother. I couldn’t wait to writhe in incestuous passion with him. Maybe I should be mad at Ji-Yun, but I couldn’t be. It was only fair since I made Ji-Yun like girls.

Like me.

My excitement kept me from really wondering why when Justin froze time, I wasn’t paused, but when Ji-Yun did it, she froze me. I would have thought that I would’ve been immune from her power. I didn’t even feel her time-stoppage rushing over me. It was almost like we weren’t on the same wavelength or something.

Sam would understand this.

After I fucked Justin, I’d asked her about it. She was, like, dating my brother now. I don’t know what he saw in the nerdy girl—she was so mousy and plain—since Justin could have any sexy girl he wanted. I mean, he had the sultry Paris rushing towards him. Aurora and Petra, the other two hottest girls in school, were already his sex slaves.

“Come on, faster, Ji-Yun,” I panted as I stretched my legs. “We have to get to my brother!”

“Yes!” Ji-Yun moaned. “He’s going to be so happy with me. I did it! I followed his orders!”

My brother’s dumb plan to brainwash my girlfriend into seducing me into having sex with him actually worked. Maybe he wasn’t as much of an idiot as I thought he was.

* * *

Justin Sampson

Fear froze me as I stood naked in Miss Daisy’s classroom. The two sewage workers, who’d been stalking around my college. charged at me. They were dressed in gray jumpsuits, having the sort a portly build you’d see in any middle-aged, blue-collared worker. But they moved fast. They grabbed my arms in moments, gripping me while a third man in a black suit—he looked fit and athletic, embodying that dangerous and competent government agent—stared at me with a hard face.

They were arresting me for violating national security. They must have figured out that I was pausing time and mind-controlling people. But how...?

It hit me. Aurora’s Facebook and Instagram posts. She broadcasted to the world her new personality changes. It wasn’t really subtle at all.

Luckily, I had powers. I had a few hours’ worth of time-freezing energy built up inside my internal battery. I’d learned I could not only freeze all of time, but localize it. Pausing one person was less efficient than the pausing the world, but now wasn’t the time to worry about that.

I shouted out as the two assholes wrestled with my arms. My “time energy” flowed out of me, immobilizing both men. They froze in a way that no human being could ever mimic. There were no tiny spasms of muscles to betray them, no flutter of veins throbbing in their temples or twitch of their eyes. No slight rise of the chest from breathing. These men looked freeze-framed in the midst of reality.

“Shit!” the agent in the suit shouted. His hand moved in a blur, drawing a pistol from a holster at his side. He aimed at me, snarling, “You open your mouth, and I will put a bullet in your head, boy!”

There was a slight tremor to the agent’s hand as he pointed the gun at me. Was he scared of me?

My mind tumbled as I stared at the weapon. Fear swept through me. I swallowed, struggling to think. He worked for the government. I had rights. He wouldn’t shoot me if I wasn’t doing anything threatening. I was just speaking. I had rights. All I had to do was say the words and mind-control his two grunts so they were on my side.

My jaw moved. The words formed on my lips.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

I had read that senses slowed down in stressful situations. That hardly conveyed the way my mind raced far faster than reality was happening. My brain was processing a greater quantity of sensory information, my mind struggling to handle it as the adrenaline flooded out of my adrenal glands and pumped through my bloodstream. The hormone was responsible for my increased brain activity, giving me the illusion that time had slowed down.

This allowed me to scrutinize the agent, to process what he was doing, that his threat was no empty boast, that his finger was poised to pull the trigger. It would only take a few pounds of force to break the action and send the firing pin slamming into the primer. The gunpowder would ignite and shoot the bullet at 380 meters per second into my boyfriend’s head.

From the way the agent’s jaw was set, the way his brow was furrowed, I knew he was going to shoot my lover.

“Nooooooo!” I screamed in pure panic as his finger pulled the trigger.

A rush of energy hurtled out of me, a wave of power that burst out of a reservoir I wasn’t really aware of. This force lashed out of me in a cone before me, freezing a block of reality.

Catching a copper-jacketed, 9mm bullet in midair.

The room went silent as we all stared at it, the bullet frozen like a bronze star, the air behind it rippling from its wake. Curls of smoke and specs of unburned gunpowder were paused in a cloud outlining the spreading cone of affected space before me.

I gaped.

The agent cursed.

Justin flinched, gasping in shock as he threw himself to the ground. The bullet’s frozen path would’ve carried it straight into his brain.

My hand lowered, a wave of dizziness washed through me. I unleashed all the energy I had built up since... The kiss? I thought I had imagined I stopped time when Justin kissed me outside of Miss Daisy’s classroom when we arrived at school. That happened before I knew people could freeze time. I must have paused it then, and now had just unleashed all the gravitons that had built up in me since then to stop the bullet.


The bullet streaked forward, time moving again. The sonic boom of it traveling faster than the speed of sound crashed into my ears. Then it buried into the wall, missing Justin as he groaned on the ground. The two agents he’d frozen lurched into motion a moment later, grunting in surprise before they lunged down and seized Justin. The agent with the gun pivoted, recovering from his shock. He aimed his weapon right at me.

A bead of sweat trickled down his brow.

I felt so tired. So weak. I wanted to collapse. A gibbering, liquefied moan rose through my guts. It climbed higher and higher through me and came out of me as a terrified whimper. Something a little girl would make. I suddenly felt like I was a different person, watching this frightened version of myself thrust her arms up into the air, tears falling down her cheeks as she blubbered, begging for mercy.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to handle the situation.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

I blinked at the sharp crack. It was slightly different from the first one, not quite as powerful, reminding me almost of a... gunshot. But it couldn’t be that. It had to be like a car backfiring or some asshole boy setting off fireworks. It couldn’t be a gun here. This was a college. A gun free zone.

Ahead, Paris reached the intersection of a crossing hallway. She gasped then shouted in excitement and ran even faster around the corner to the right, her dark-brown, wavy hair flying behind her. That direction lead towards Miss Daisy’s classroom.

I kept running after her, a stitch forming in my side. I couldn’t keep this up much longer. I really needed to exercise more. Sweat beaded my forehead, my body feeling all sticky. This wouldn’t make me look sexy when I reached Justin. I slowed down, allowing Paris to get to him first.

I didn’t mind because she wanted him more than I did.

I rounded the corner with Ji-Yun, slowed now to a walk and panting for breath when...

I gasped.

Paris screeched as she flew at a man in the suit. The guy was holding Justin in a tight grip. My brother was naked and there was a black bag pulled over his head. His hands were behind his back, bound by those zip-tie cuffs that riot police used. A moment later, two of those sewage workers who’d been meandering about our college all morning hauled out a shaking Sam. She had a similar bag thrust over her head. Her naked breasts quivered, her inner thighs gleaming.

“Let go of my Master!” Paris shrieked and threw herself at the man in the suit. She grabbed his arm, trying to pull his grip away from Justin. “He has to fuck me! I need it!”

“Another Parallel!” shouted the man in the suit, throwing Paris back.

The rich girl’s arms windmilled. She tottered on her heels. The right one snapped. She collapsed onto the ground, a grunt bursting from her lips.

“Come on,” growled the man in the suit. “Let’s move before any more of them show up.”

Paris kicked off her heels and gained her feet, throwing herself like a wild animal at the man in the suit. Her hair flew behind her as she pounced onto his back, grabbing him, her thighs wrapping around him tight.

“He has to fuck me!” she shouted. “I have to cum! I’m going to fucking explode if I don’t fucking cum!”

“What do we do, Krystal?” Ji-Yun whimpered beside me.

I had no idea what to do. I didn’t understand what was going on here. Who were these men? Why were they arresting my brother and Sam? Because they were having sex with Miss Daisy? Or...

Did they know he could stop time and control people with his mind? Did that mean they were looking for me, too?

“Ji-Yun,” I whined, gripping my girlfriend’s hand. “What do we do?”

She shook her head, trembling beside me.

“Get this crazy Parallel off of me!” snarled the man in the suit.

One of the shabby-looking sewage workers sprang at Paris. He seized the nineteen-year-old girl and wrenched her bodily from the man in the suit. She thrashed like a wildcat in the sewage worker’s grip, legs and arms flailing, her brown hair flying about her face.

“I have to fuck him!” she screeched. “Don’t you understand that if I don’t fucking serve him, I’ll never cum! And I need to cum! I can’t take it any more! Let him go! He’s my Master!”

“Come on!” snarled the man in the suit as she dragged my brother down the hallway. Where were they taking him? Were they cops or the mob? This was so bad. I had to do something. I couldn’t stop time again until 7 PM tonight. That was up hours and hours away.

But I couldn’t just stand here helpless.

Footsteps slapped behind me. I threw look over my shoulder to see Aurora and my brother’s three other sex slaves slide to a stop. They gasped as they stared down the corridor. The man in the suit and the other sewage worker were about to take Justin and Sam out of the building. The third one still grappled with Paris as she’s screeched with madden lust.

“Are they taking Master?” gasped Aurora. “Oh, shit, those are the assholes from the NSA!”

NSA? That was the federal government. It all clicked in my mind. The man in the suit... the workers wandering around our school with their phones like they were monitoring all the pervy stuff going on... Of course the government would be trying to figure out what was going on here. Somehow, they knew all about it and...

Aurora’s social media posts.

“Let’s go save our Master!” Aurora shouted.

She raced down the hallway past Ji-Yun and me, her time as a cheerleader giving her speed. Her lithe legs flashed beneath her. Rebecca, another blonde cheerleader, ran with grace at Aurora’s side while the two busty girls, Petra and Tracy, trailed after.

“Let my Master go!” Aurora roared.

“Yes!” howled the other three.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

The NSA agent in the suit whirled around. He stood by the doors that led out of the building gripping my poor Master by the arm, holding him tight. I wouldn’t let this bastard take Justin.

“Fuck, more Parallels?” snarled the agent. “This little fucker’s done some real damage here!”

I didn’t care how much damage Justin did. Master could make every girl on campus into his. It felt so right to me. I couldn’t let these dumb government agents take him away. I would throw my all into saving my Master. I was his sex slave. It didn’t matter to me what the NSA agents did to me. If it let me save my master, it would be worth it.

“Fuck this,” growled the man the suit. He drew a handgun from a holster at his waist and pointed right at my Master’s head. Justin went stiff as he felt the gun barrel pressing through the sack covering his head. “If you girls don’t stop right the fuck now, I will kill him!”

Such horror shot through me. The man in the suit’s eyes were so hard. So cruel. I could see the truth in them. His finger was on the trigger. He was going to execute my master.

“No!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, willing everything to stop, to freeze and give me a chance to save my master and—

Energy burst out of me.

I felt that familiar rush that had come from Justin when he’d paused reality around us. It spilled out of me everything froze around me. I stumbled to a halt, gasping for breath, and cast my gaze around in disbelief. Rebecca was frozen in mid run, neither one of her feet touching the ground, her blonde hair streaming behind her. Tracy was just on the tip of her toes, her tits heaving in her blouse as she raced at her full speed. Petra was in the process of stopping, a look of horror frozen on her face. Beads of perspiration gleamed like diamonds on my fellow sex slaves’ faces, droplets of spittle hung suspended in the air before their mouths.

My head whipped around. “Master, I stopped time! Isn’t that...?”

Justin wasn’t moving, either. I blinked, seeing him standing still, immobilize, the gun’s barrel pressed against his head. The agent looked so wild, his face frozen in an expression of thuggish brutality. The bastard really was going to execute my Master. Such an anger swelled through me. I wanted to go over there, grab his gun, and pull the...

No, no, I needed to be smart about this.

I just stopped time. Somehow, I gained Justin’s powers. Maybe they had rubbed off on me. Or maybe... No, wait, Vince gained the power to stop time. Was whatever causing this ability spreading? Were more and more people gaining it? If that was the case, then they could do things to my Master, control him. I had a chance to set things up, to protect my Master.

I couldn’t be hasty.

First up, the agents. They needed new instructions. They couldn’t have my Master; they had to serve him. I had to protect him from the rest of the government.

A wave of fear washed through me as I felt a monstrous enormity lurking before me. The government knew Justin was behind this. They knew he was dangerous.

I took a deep breath, struggling to gather myself. I need to think big. Ideas kindled in my mind.

Smiling, I marched towards the agents, settling on the commands I would whisper to them. I stopped at the one holding the struggling Paris. I leaned close to whisper, not wanting Paris to overhear what I spoke.

With my lips almost touching his, I hissed softly that Master especially couldn’t hear me, “You now serve Justin Sampson. He is your master. Your God. You’ll do anything he says. You will give up your life for him. You are devoted to being his bodyguard, his protector, his servant. You’ll obey him, his girlfriend, and his most trusted sex slaves without question. With utter devotion.”

I nodded in satisfaction and marched towards the bastard holding a gun to my Master’s head.

The moment I reached the bastard clutching my Master I kicked him squarely in the balls. I hoped he would feel it when time unfroze.

Threaten my Master!

His slacks stayed bunch up, leaving a clear impression that my toe had connected squarely with his family jewels. Nodding in satisfaction, I shoved his arm up into the air, ensuring that if he pulled the trigger when he came unpaused, he wouldn’t harm my Master.

Next, I ripped the bag off Justin’s head. I studied his face, my heart breaking. His eyes were wide, full of terror, his cheeks pale. “I’m here, Master,” I said, speaking softly, with all my love. “You’re safe. Bastards are never going to hurt you.”

The bag remained frozen in the air instead of fluttering towards the ground. I ignored it as I leaned close to the agent in the suit. I whispered nearly identical command in his ear, making him into my Master’s devoted slave. The I scooted around him towards the overweight schlub dragging poor Sam away. I ripped off her bag, exposing the nerdy girl’s terrified gaze. Tears glistened like frozen diamonds on her cheeks, her eyes swollen behind her glasses. More anger boiled inside of me. I pressed my lips up against the final agent’s ear and hissed his commands.

They would make up for terrorizing my Master and his nerdy girlfriend.

I nodded my head in satisfaction. That done, I needed to take care of the school. This power was spreading, I needed to ensure that no one else can use it on my Master. I glanced at Justin and...

I could do something to him. I could whisper him a command. The temptation shot through me. Ever since yesterday, I’d been bratty to him. I kept hoping that he would get more than annoyed with me. That he would punish me. Spank me.

I licked my lips, shivering. I knew it would be incredible. I just needed to give Master a little... nudge.

I slipped next to my master, putting my arms around his neck as I nuzzled into his ear. I nibbled on his lobe, my tongue licking up it. I knew he would feel that when time unfroze. That made my naughty pussy clench.

“Master,” I whispered into his ear. “You’re going to remember I gave you this command. You’re going to know that I was naughty. Whenever I’m naughty, or whenever any of your sex slaves misbehave, you have to spank us. Bare bottom. With your hand, a belt, with a flogger. It doesn’t matter what you use. You just have to discipline us. Me! You’ll want to discipline me for mind-controlling you. You want to spank me, a minimum of ten times, at least once a day.”

I shuddered, I was such a naughty, disobedient slave. My pussy was molten in my panties as I broke away from Justin. I couldn’t wait for him to discipline me. He would be such an amazing master. He would be so incredible. I darted over to Sam next. I wanted to tweak her, too.

“You’re Justin’s queen. You’re going to be at his side. I know how much you love him which means you need to be ready to take charge of his sex slaves, to discipline us when we’re naughty. If Justin’s not around, you’ll have to do. You love spanking us.”

I nodded in satisfaction. I scanned down the hallway and saw the stunned Miss Daisy huddling naked in her doorway, her naked breasts flushed, cum staining her thighs. I smiled in satisfaction. Justin needed even more sex slaves, and he definitely had the hots for his professor.

This morning, Master and I had a fun time playing with Miss Daisy’s body.

I darted to Miss Daisy, eager to give up all my commands. I had all the time in the world to go through the campus. I would make sure that every pretty girl was Justin’s. All my fellow cheerleaders, all those hot girls that we’d shared a orgy with in the bathroom, even Coach Johnson would be his. We would let the lesbian coach revel in all the feminine delights Master’s harem would offer.

Next, Justin would need other servants. Vince had turned most of the guys in our student body gay. Well, those guys wouldn’t care that all the girls were Justin’s now. I could make them all into Justin’s protectors. What they did with each other in their off time was their business. I didn’t care. Vince would still have his guy harem, and this way there was no way he could turn my Master gay.

That would ruin everything for me, for Sam, for all the other girls.

I fixed all my commands in my head, telling everyone that they could never give Justin any orders if they could freeze time and that they all needed to serve him, sexy girls with their bodies, boys with their loyalty. The government was truly after my Master, so he needed to be strong. This was just the beginning.

I paused as I approached Krystal and her girlfriend Ji-Yun. Should I make them into Justin’s sex slaves, too? I knew Master wanted to fuck his lesbian sister, but did she need to be his sex slave, or just his lover?

“Ji-Yun and Krystal, you both want to have sex with Justin,” I said, deciding Ji-Yun, for Krystal’s sake, should have the same fate. “You’re both so wet for him. And neither one of you wants to use your mind-control powers on Justin or anyone he cares for. Krystal, you’re going to be a loyal, loving sister, and Ji-Yun, you’re going to be a supportive girlfriend to Krystal and help the brother she loves.”

I nodded my head in satisfaction. Then I darted away, giggling in delight.

This was so much fun.

* * *

Justin Sampson

I suddenly could see. I blinked, the bag was no longer on my head while a strange tingle, like someone had licked my ear, ran up my lobe. Black cloth fluttered down to the ground beside me. The agent holding me growled of pain and doubled over. He fell to his knees, his gun falling from his hands as he clutched at his groin like he’d been kicked there.


“The fuck!” the asshole snarled, his face twisted in pain.

The fear melted away. I didn’t need it any longer. I felt like someone had... banished it. Then I frowned, new memories I couldn’t possibly have blossomed in my mind. I remembered Aurora whispering through my thoughts, telling me that I had to spank my sex slaves when they were naughty.

I growled, realizing that she’d frozen time and mind-controlled me. That was such a naughty thing. I had to spank her. Right now.

The urge to discipline her overwhelmed anything else inside me.

“Aurora!” I snarled, my head snapping to the right where... My blonde cheerleader knelt naked in the middle of the hallway, her ass pointed right at me, her shaved pussy glistening with her juices.

“I know, Master, I was so naughty,” Aurora moaned as she wiggled her rump at me. I had to spank that ass.

“Justin!” shrieked Sam. Before I could take a step towards Aurora, my girlfriend threw her arms around me. Her naked body clutched to mine, trembling. “You’re not dead!”

I held her, conflicting impulses tearing at me. I wanted to comfort Sam, to love her and let my girlfriend know that everything was okay, but I had to spank my naughty sex slave. I couldn’t stop myself.

“Goddamn it, Aurora!” I growled. “I’m sorry, Sam. Aurora... stopped time and... gave me commands.” The realization of that sank in. Sam could do it, and now so could Aurora, but I didn’t freeze with Aurora? I needed to think, but that impulse...

My hand itched to crack on Aurora’s ass.

“That is so naughty of her,” Sam said, her voice gaining a bit of her normal detached sound. She sniffled, her face still a mess, cheeks tear stained, eyes puffy. “You... absolutely have to discipline her, Justin. The slave’s naughty, so she has to be...” Sam blinked. “She gave me commands, too!”

“Sorry,” Aurora said, “I just couldn’t resist.”

“Master?” Miss Daisy shouted, charging towards me, her thighs glistening with my pearly cum. With her ran my other three sex slaves: Petra, Tracy, and Rebecca.

Then Paris was released from one of the sewage workers and was racing towards me, too. Her desperate pleas to save me made me understand the full level of my powers. She was fighting for me. They could have hurt her because of the orders I gave her.

“Master!” the rich bitch cried. “I need you to fuck me. You’re my Master!”

Everything was happening so fast. It was overwhelming, and all I could do was go to Aurora and spank her naughty ass.

“My Lord,” groaned the asshole in the suit who held that fucking gun to my head. He looked like he was both trying to genuflect and wince in pain. Aurora must have kicked him in the balls while time was frozen. “I’m so sorry, my Lord. I didn’t... understand.”


“My Lord,” one of the schlubby sewage workers said.

The second fell to his knees before me and bowed, pressing his face to the floor. He groaned, “My Lord, I’m so sorry. I was just following orders. I didn’t understand.”

What sort of orders did Aurora give them? Irritation flared through me. I didn’t have time to deal with them. I had to spank her. I couldn’t stop myself. “NSA agents, just go wait by the doors!” I snapped. “I’ll deal with you after I’ve disciplined my naughty sex slave.”

“Yes, my Lord,” all three said almost simultaneously.

“Master,” Paris moaned, the rich bitch kneeling by Aurora. “Please, please, I need you to fuck me. I need to cum so bad.”

As I advanced on Aurora, I stared at Paris. “You really are my sex slave now?”

She nodded her flushed face. “That’s why I fought to save you. I’m yours. I can’t take this any longer. My pussy hurts from masturbating. Nothing but you will satisfy me. And I know the only way you’ll fuck me is if I give myself utterly to you.”

That command had reached its full potential. “You’re going to sit there, you won’t masturbate, and you will watch while I discipline Aurora. When I’m done I might fuck you and let you cum. You know why? You were a cruel bitch, weren’t you?”

“I was to Aurora.” She shivered, her hands gripping her thighs through her rose-hued dress. “I’ll be good. I will.”

“What about me, Master?” Miss Daisy asked, the busty redhead quivering as she knelt on the other side of Aurora.

“I can handle your new sex slave, Justin,” Sam said. “It shall give me a chance to meet your other sex slaves.” She gave an inquiring glance at Tracy, Rebecca, and Petra standing nearby, the three holding hands. They looked so relieved, nervous smiles on their lips.

I nodded my head. “Slaves, Sam’s my girlfriend. You’ll obey her like me.”

“I’m his queen,” Sam said with an almost regal lift to her head. “Now, you, Tracy, come here and lick my pussy. I imagine that watching Justin discipline Aurora is going to be quite arousing. I wish to be ready to deal with my wet pussy.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Tracy moaned. The busty brunette darted past Aurora and me towards Sam.

I nodded my head, my dick swelling harder and harder. I was just almost kidnapped by the government, and now... I had to deal with my disobedient slave. She mind-controlled me. A strange anger shot through me. I was her Master. She presumed to order me around? I knew why she did it. She wanted me to spank her. She wanted me to be a better master.

“You are one naughty slut, aren’t you?” I growled.

“I was so bad, Master!” she moaned. She wiggled her hips, a glistening bead of her pussy juices running down the inner flesh of her left thigh. Her tart passion filled the air. “I’m so sorry, Master, but I just couldn’t resist. I succumbed to temptation. The next time you pause reality, you need to order me never to do it again. I don’t want to be naughty.”

“Liar!” I growled. “You’ve been a brat trying to goad me to do this, haven’t you?”

“I have,” she moaned. “I just wanted to be spanked by my strong Master. I wanted to be discipline. I want—”


The sound of my hand cracking into her ass echoed through the hallway. Sam whimpered behind me as she ground on Tracy’s mouth. My dick twitched as the red print blossomed across my naughty slut’s rump.

My handprint blazed in scarlet.

“Thank you for spanking me, Master!” she moaned. “Please spank me again.”

Hearing her say that only made my dick ache more. My fingers flexed. I had to spank her at least nine more times. At least!


“Thank you for spanking me, Master!” she gasped, her voice full of passion. “Please spank me again!”


“Thank you for spanking me, Master!” The stinging sound echoed through the hallway. “Please spank me again!”


“Thank you for spanking me, Master!” The pain and passion in her voice made me ache. “Please spank me again!”

My palms stung from delivering those four spankings. Her ass blazed from each one. I landed them on a different spot, but they overlapped. She whimpered and moaned, her blonde ponytail swaying as she shuddered. Her lithe back arched as she made such wanton noises.

Her pussy looked even more swollen.

I rubbed a finger up and down her shaved snatch, pressing into her outer labia to caress her inner petals. Her tart passion coated my fingers. She whimpered when I brushed her clit, her entire body quivering like she was on the verge of an orgasmic release.

It turned her on this much. She needed this. She craved me to spank her. Before, I hadn’t given what she ached for. I wasn’t sure if I loved Aurora or not, but she was definitely the favorite of all my sex slaves. She and Mom were neck and neck in my affections, both beneath Sam.

I wanted Aurora to be happy.

And now I had to make her happy.


“Thank you for spanking me, Master! Please spank me again!” She shook her crimson ass at me.


“Thank you for spanking me, Master!” she gasped, her blonde ponytail dancing. “Please spank me again!”

I had to administer three more spankings. My dick ached so much. My left hand cupped her hot pussy, rubbing up and down her feverish flesh as I drew back my right hand to deliver the eighth spanking. Her ass was pure scarlet, glowing with the intensity of my discipline.


“Thank you for spanking me, Master!” Aurora screamed. “Please spank me again!”

Her pussy rubbed against my hand. She coated my palm with her juices. She moaned and whimpered, building towards her orgasmic release. I just had to deliver two more spankings to her, then I could fuck her.

I would pound the shit out of my disobedient sex slave. I was so hard.

I needed to be in her badly.


“Thank you for spanking me, Master!” she gasped. “Please spank me again!”

Aurora quivered as she waited for the tenth and final spanking. Her rosy asscheeks clenched as she panted a mix of throaty pleasure and aching pain. She ground her boiling cunt against my hand, drenching me with her juices. She was so ready for this. I massaged her clit with my middle finger, making her whimper as I raised my right hand up into the air.

My cock twitched and throbbed. I had to deliver that final spanking. The compulsion gripped me. I struggle to fight it, to put it off as long as possible to increase her punishment.

“Please, please, spank me, Master!” Aurora moaned.

“Damn, this is so hot, bro,” Krystal said. My little sister watched, holding hands with Ji-Yun. I blinked at seeing her there. My sister had this look of pure lost in her eyes.

“If I fuck you, Justin, will you let me play with all your sexy slaves?” my little sister asked me.

“Damn, did you mind-control my sister, Aurora?” I demanded, my hand poised to spank the naughty cheerleader, my arm quivering as I fought the urge to smack her rump hard.

“Yes!” Aurora shouted, grinding her hot cunt into my hand.

“No, she didn’t, it was me who mind-controlled her!” Ji-Yun moaned. “I stopped time and made her bi. Just like she made me bi. I made her want to fuck you, Justin, just like you ordered me to!”

My long-shot plan actually worked. Damn.


“Thank you for spanking me, Master!” Aurora shouted with such throaty passion.

Her juices squirted out of her as she came from my tenth and final spanking. Her blonde ponytail danced across her back as she quivered, her welted ass squeezing tight. My dick throbbed as she bathed my hand in her juices.

I had to be in her.

“That’s what you get for being a naughty whore!” I snarled and rammed my dick into my sex slave’s convulsing cunt. My balls smacked into her clit. “You will never give me commands when you pause time again, slut!”

“I won’t!” she squealed. Her pussy writhed about my dick. I didn’t move, letting my dick bathe in her passion.

I stared at my little sister. She watched, cheeks burning red. She licked her lips, her hips swaying from side to side, her skirt pockets bulging with frilly panties, a riot of colors peeking out of her pockets. Ji-Yun had the same look of lust in her eyes, each staring at Aurora liked they envied her right now.

They wanted my cock in them. My lesbian sister wanted my cock in her.

My lusts boiled over. I drew back my cock, sliding it through Aurora’s convulsing cunt. She whimpered while I groaned. The tip of my dick drank in the feel of her spasming flesh. It made the silky delight even more incredible.

I rammed back into her. My heavy balls thwacked against her. The sound echoed around me. I groaned. Pleasure shot down my shaft, the delight bathing my cum-filled balls. Then the bliss rippled through the rest of my body. I gripped Aurora’s hips as I pounded her hard.

My crotch spanked into her welted ass. Her cherry-red butt-cheeks rippled as I smacked into her again and again. She moaned and gasped and winced. I was still punishing her. Her pussy convulsing around my dick, her moans screaming out of her as she soaked my shaft in her juicy passion.

“Yes, yes, fuck your slut, Justin,” my girlfriend moaned, her voice throaty with pleasure. I threw a look over my shoulder to see Sam grinding on Tracy’s face. Sam gripped Tracy’s brown hair and both her hands, clutching tight as she used my sex slave—our sex slave—for her own pleasure.

I couldn’t believe how wild this day turned out. I thrust harder and harder into my sex slave’s cunt. I rammed my dick to the hilt, her snatch spasming around my shaft. She moaned and gasped, one orgasm must be spilling through her into the next.

I seized her ponytail, yanking back her head. I stared into her flushed face, her green eyes glassy with lust as she stared at me over her shoulder. Her mouth was open, her lower lip quivering. She moaned out in wordless pleasure again and again.

“You’re going to use your time-freezing powers for me, slut!”

“Only for you, Master!” she howled.

“Indeed, Justin,” Sam moaned. “Our slaves will use their powers to benefit us. Us!”

I shuddered, my balls growing tighter and tighter. I couldn’t take much more of this. It was so hot spanking her. That urge built in me to smack her rump. I wanted to slap Aurora’s rump again and again. I would have to discipline her every day. I would have to make Aurora squeal in pain then I would pound her cunt this hard.

I would enjoy it every time.

“Fuck!” I snarled and buried to the hilt in her convulsing flesh.

I erupted. My cum fired spurt after spurt of my jizz into her depths. I painted the inside of her convulsing snatch with my jizz. Her hungry flesh writhed about me, sucking at me. My balls quivered as they unloaded my passion.

The pleasure hammered into my mind. Every eruption fired the new blast of rapture into my thoughts. Stars exploded before me. I gripped her ponytail hard as I growled through clenched teeth. My mind almost dissolved into the euphoria of this moment.

One moment of perfect rapture.

Then her pussy milked out the last of my cum. I gasped, panting, coming down from my orgasmic high. I shook my head, licking my lips as I sucked in breaths. It was so exhilarating. I felt dizzy from it. I gasped, panted, struggling to gather my wits after reaching nirvana.

“That was so damn hot, bro,” Krystal moaned, her arm now around Ji-Yun’s waist. “I can’t wait for my turn to fuck you.”

“But what about me, Master?” moaned Paris, her fingernails dug deep into her skirt, almost tearing into her thighs. There was actual pain in her face. “Please, please, I need you in me, Master.”

The rich bitch, the girl who thought she was the queen of Mark Glassner College, stared at me with such submissive need. She had fought to save me. Much as I wanted to fuck my sister, Paris deserved her chance to finally cum.

“You can lick Aurora clean while I fuck your cunt, whore,” I growled at Paris.

“Yes!” she squealed and threw herself at me.

Paris rained kisses across my face. Her designer dress rustled against me as she clung tight to me. Her lips kissed over every inch of my face. My wet cock rubbed against her belly, smearing Aurora’s cream across her expensive dress.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Master!” she moaned over and over. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Sam moaned, “Drink all your queen’s pussy cream. That’s it, you naughty slave.”

I threw a look behind me, grinning at the sight of Sam’s small tits quivering as she came on Tracy’s mouth. So she was my queen? That must be Aurora’s doing. It was hot. I watched my queen grind on my sex slave’s mouth while the other sluts knelt around her, all looking eager for their turn to devour Sam.

My cock twitched while Paris kept planting hungry kisses on my cheek and nibbled on my jaw. She licked up to my ear before groaning, “Please, please, I need to cum so badly.”

I turned to face her, grinning. “Then get out of that dress right now, slut!”

“Yes!” she moaned and bounded to her feet.

I smiled as Paris reached behind her, ripping down the zipper of her rumpled dress. It fell off her body, revealing her naked form beneath. Her breasts were small and conical, a little bigger than Sam’s. Paris’s nipples were pink-brown beads, puckering up from her small areolas. My eyes drifted down her flat and tan stomach to her shaved pubic mound. Her pussy was tight and glistening with her cream. More of her juices ran down her lush thighs.

“You really have great legs, slut,” I groaned. “Now start eating out Aurora’s creampie while I fuck you hard!”

“Yes!” she moaned. She whirled around, fell to her knees, and pressed her face into Aurora’s pussy.

As I maneuvered into place, shifting on the hallway floor, I looked up to see new people arriving. There were girls, a group of them coming towards me. They squealed at the sight of our hallway orgy. Then they raced down towards me, Melissa, the Black girl from my PE class, at the lead.

“Master!” she shouted. “There is our Master!”

“I’ll get the word out that we found him,” moaned Brittany, the English girl studying at our college. She pulled out her phone.

“Aurora?” I gasped as more girls came around the corner. They all squealed when they saw me. A chorus of “Master” rang out. Their feet smacked on the hallway floor ats they rushed at me. A growing swell of them flooded towards us.

“Damn, Justin,” my sister said.

Then a whole bunch of them started flashing her, showing off their tits to my sister and asking her what she thought of them.

“I didn’t give them that command,” Aurora said, grinning at those naughty tits being flashed.

There were some professors and other staff in the group, too. I stood up, my dick thrusting hard before me, staring as the hallway filled up with more and more girls. Krystal, taking off her clothing, shook her head in amazement as she stared at those exposed tits.

“Jesus, Aurora, how many girls did you talk to?”

“Most of them,” she said. “There are quite a lot the hotties at our school. Then I talked to the boys, too. You got your own gay army of protectors.”

“Gay army?” I growled. “I’m not into guys!”

“I didn’t make them gay,” Aurora giggled. “Vince did. But you need this. The government is after you.”

I swallowed, looking behind me at the three NSA agents waiting for me to give them orders.

“Fuck me,” I muttered.

“No, Master, you need to fuck me!” Paris moaned. “Please, please, you promised me!”

“Shit,” I muttered. My thoughts reeled. The hallway was full of girls calling me Master. There were so many of them. A sea of sex slaves.

Sam came up beside me, her body flushed. “Don’t worry, Justin, I’m here. Let’s attend to your whorish sex slave’s wanton needs, and then we shall figure things out.”

“Yeah,” I said. A plan.

“Fuck me,” I muttered again as I fell to my knees. An entire student body of girls who loved and worship me? The thrill of that swept through me. I grinned as I lined up my cock at Paris’s cunt.

To be continued...