The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 13: Mind-Controlled Virgin Sister

Justin Sampson

“Master!” chorused the hundreds of girls crowding the hallway before me. “Master, Master, Master!”

There were so many of them. I only recognize half of them by sight, a sea of college coeds, interspersed with professors and staff like the college’s secretary, Miss Debbie. Plus there was my PE teacher Coach Johnson, my history teacher, my English instructor from last year, my sultry French professor, and more. Along the edges of the hallway were guys trying to look tough and intimidating.

My sex slave Aurora had outdone herself. When she froze time, she decided to ensure my protection the only way she knew how: by making my entire student body of my college into my slaves. The girls, at least the cute ones, she made into my sex slaves while she turned the boys into my army of protectors.

These abilities were spreading beyond me and my sister. Vince, had turned most of the guys in the school gay, wanting to start his own harem of male studs. I caught a glimpse of him with Chris, Lance, and Steve, the three bullies who caused me to stop time yesterday.

I shook my head, almost overwhelmed by all of this. The NSA knew I could do stop time as well. They just tried to arrest my girlfriend and me. If it wasn’t for Aurora stopping time, I would be in the back of a van going god knows where. Now I was free, with a harem of more girls than I could count. It was insane. It made me so hard as I knelt before one of my newest slaves.

One that I had created.

Paris was one of the three girls who’d picked on me the most. Aurora and Petra had already succumbed to me, but Paris had held out. For hours, she needed to cum. My command had driven her so wild with the need to orgasm and then denied her body the ability to achieve it. To get relief, she had to beg to be my sex slave. Now she was ready to have a release. Her shaved pussy glistening as I knelt behind her. Everything else could wait but fucking her.

Paris needed a release before she went insane.

My little sister, Krystal, knelt on my left. She’d stripped naked, exposing her small, budding breasts. Her pink nipples poked hard before her. She had an elfin face, framed by her black pigtails. An energetic smile crossed her lips as she grasped my dick, aiming me at my sex slave.

“Let me just help you out, bro,” she said. “It’s kinda weird, huh? Us helping each other out.”

“Yeah, kinda weird,” I said. “Guess you were wrong about last night.”

She nodded her head. “Guess so. Well, being bi means I get to have even more fun.”

Ji-Yun, Krystal’s best friend-turn-girlfriend thanks to my sister’s mind control, knelt on the other side of me. “Yep! I’ve been having so much fun eating pussy. But now I’m ready to try out cock. I’ve always had a crush on you, Justin.”

“What!” gasped Krystal. “You never said anything.”

“The old you would’ve been horrified,” she said. The cute, Korean girl flashed me a naughty smile. She was tall and slender, her breasts small and firm. She had a little bit more to her tits than my sister did. Her pale-olive skin was such a delicious hue. She wore her silky, black hair and a graceful braid.

“Just hurry up and fuck your rich slut so that I can enjoy your cock, bro,” my little sister moaned. “Ji-Yun wants to lick your cum out of my pussy.”

“Yes, yes, please, fuck me, Master,” Paris moaned, her voice muffled by Aurora’s sloppy snatch.

My cheerleader sex slave was leaning back on her elbows, her legs spread wide. Aurora’s round breasts jiggled as her green eyes flashed at me. “Yes, please, you have to fuck her now, Master. She’s made up for being a bitch. Just like me and Petra did.”

“Yes,” I groaned as my little sister and her girlfriend pressed my dick against Paris’s shaved flesh.

“Master!” whimpered Paris’s, the two girls stroking my dick up and down Paris’s hot flesh. “Yes, yes, I know I’m going to cum so hard!”

Krystal smacked my rump. “Fuck her, bro!”

I thrust into Paris.

It was incredible sliding into the rich girl’s cunt. She’d always thought her pussy was the best because her daddy was a millionaire. She flaunted her wealth around campus, sauntering around in the most expensive clothing and jewelry. She’d only dated the hottest guys, like Lance, showing them off as another extension of her wealth. It was almost like you saying, “Look at how hot I am, I have a guy like this to be my boy toy.”

Now she was my slave.

Now she was cumming on my dick.

“Master!” Paris squealed as her pussy convulsed around my dick the moment I plunge into her. “Yes, yes, yes! This is what I need! I’m finally climaxing!”

I groaned, my dick throbbing in her silky snatch as her flesh writhed about me. The rich bitch’s snatch worship my cock. My balls ached and throbbed, full of so much my jizz. I ached to spurt into her. But not yet. I had fuck the shit out of her first. Just because she came right away, didn’t mean I wasn’t going to enjoy every last second of her cunt.

I drew back my hips, my dick sliding out of her convulsing depths. Her spasming twat massaged the sensitive crown of my dick, sending pleasure rippling down my shaft. My balls tightened.

I thrust into her depths.

My nutsack smacked into her clit. She squealed again into Aurora’s pussy. Paris’s head moved, nuzzling her mouth against my cheerleader sex slave’s snatch. Paris was licking out all my cum, feasting on Aurora.

“This is so wild,” moaned Krystal as she ground her drenched bush on my thigh, the heat of her pussy lips bleeding through her silky hair.

“Yes!” Ji-Yun moaned from the other side of me. Her bush was thicker than my little sister’s, but her pussy felt just as hot through her pubic hair.

Krystal kissed me as I fucked my sex slave. I groaned, drinking in the delight of her mouth on mine. I finally had my little sister in my arms. I wrapped up both her and Ji-Yun, pulling them close. My hands cupped both their asses, feeling their muscles flex as they ground their cunts on my thighs.

My lips worked on Krystal’s. I loved this moment. I reveled in this incestuous bliss. My dick ached in Paris’s still-cumming snatch. I fucked her hard as I made out with my little sister. My balls ached from the dizzy lust rippling through me.

My hand squeezed my little sister’s rump, pulling her pussy tight against my thigh. She groaned into my mouth, her ass scrunching beneath my hand as she ground against me. Ji-Yun’s tight tush flexed beneath my grip, her undulations shifting my fingers so they slid into her butt-crack.

“Justin!” Ji-Yun gasped as my fingers slid into her crack. Just then a naughty idea popped into my mind. “Oh, no, you’re going to do something pervy.”

Krystal broke our kiss, a grin flashing across her lips. “Of course he is. He’s my brother and...” Her forehead furrowed. “What are you doing to Ji-Yun, bro?”

“This!” I growled, my hips still plunging my cock in and out of Paris’s convulsing snatch. I jammed my fingers into my little sister’s butt-crack, sliding the digits of both my hands down until I found Krystal’s and Ji-Yun’s puckered assholes.

Both the girls moaned as I stroked their sphincters, my fingers caressing their naughty holes. They both whimpered as my middle fingers sank into their bowels. Their velvety sheaths engulfed my digits, just like Paris’s cunt hugged my throbbing dick.

“Justin!” squealed Ji-Yun.

“Such a pervy brother!” Krystal clung to me, her small breasts rubbing on my side. “I love it!”

“Because you’re as much of perv as I am!” I growled.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned as my fingers pumped in and out of hers and her girlfriend’s assholes.

It was so hot to fuck my sex slave and finger both girls’ bowels. I jammed my digits into their rectums while plowing my cock hard into Paris’s convulsing snatch. My new sex slave moaned into Aurora’s cunt, her pussy convulsing wildly about my cock.

It was like all those denied orgasms, all that pent up frustration from trying to cum again and again for hours, was unleashed in her at once. Her pussy couldn’t stop climaxing. She must be rolling from one eruption to another, the pleasure shuddering through that hot cunt.

I loved it. She felt incredible my cock. The rich bitch’s flesh massaged my cock, writhing in convulsing over my flesh. I thrust my fingers deeper into Krystal’s and Ji-Yun’s asshole, wiggling around inside of them as the pleasure flowed down my cock.

Juices coated my thighs. Both girls moaned and gasped while they ground on me. Their lips kissed up my jaw to the corners of my mouth. They whimpered and kissed at me, sharing their bliss. We were soon involved in a three-way kiss, our tongues playing with each other as we all drove ourselves towards our climaxes.

Their silky bushes caressed my thighs as their cunt grew hotter and hotter.

Ji-Yun’s asshole squeezed down on my probing fingers. She undulated her hips faster and faster as she moaned into her three-way kiss. Krystal’s asshole felt even tighter, her hot, velvety sheath gripping my fingers. I pumped them in and out of both their holes Krystal whimpered, grinding her cunt not in circles like Ji-Yun did, but up and down my thigh.

“Master!” Aurora moaned. “Your new sex slave is driving me wild. I’m going to cream her mouth!”

“Do it!” I growled, slamming my dick deep into Paris’s still-cumming snatch. “Flood the cunt’s mouth with your cream. Drown her!”

“Yes!” Aurora screeched, her hands squeezing her round, perky breasts. The nineteen-year-old sex slave thrashed in orgasmic bliss.

“Justin!” Ji-Yun moaned. “I’m going to cum, too!”

“Yes, yes, me too, bro!” moaned Krystal.

I plunged my ring fingers into both her asshole, adding a second digit to each. My two fingers stretched their backdoors open wider. They both squealed, shuddering against me. My cock throbbed in Paris’s cunt as I imagined sodomizing both of these girls.

There would be time for all that.

They both screeched in rapture. They clung to me, rubbing theirs small tits and hard nipples against my chest and sides. They ground their hot cunts on my thighs. Then they cried out in rapture. They came almost at the same instant, bathing my thighs in their hot juices.

The scent of their cunts, one fresh on the other tangy, filled my nose with a heady rush. Those delicious aromas mixed with Paris’s spicy cream. I thrust so hard into my sex slave’s writhing snatch as I enjoyed my little sister and her girlfriend’s orgasms.

My balls grew hotter. it was so exciting holding my sister and her girlfriend, to feel their asshole’s writhing about my fingers. Paris’s hot cunt sucked at my cock. My balls, thwacking heavily into her clit, my nutsack brimmed with my jizz. I just had to unleash a flood of spunk into her.

“Beg for my cum, slut!” I growled, fucking her as hard as I could.

Her head snapped up, and she threw a look over her shoulder. Her mouth glistened with pussy juices. Her brown eyes smoldered with lust. “Cum in my nasty pussy, Master! Flood my cunt with all your jizz! I deserve it for being such a bitch to you! I’m your cum dumpster!”

“Fuck!” Krystal moaned, shuddering against me. “Dump all your cum in the slut!”

Her silky flesh spasmed about my cock, caressing the sensitive tip. My balls thwacked into her labia. My nuts tightened. I thrust as hard as I could, reaching that pinnacle. I buried to the hilt in Paris, erupted in her depths.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled. “Take it, you slut! You’re my cum dumpster!”

The jizz pumped out of me. I spurted powerful blasts of ecstasy. My mind reeled from the pleasure of this moment. Aurora, Petra, and now Paris had all succumbed to me. My little sister shuddered beside me, quivering in their own orgasmic delight.

The moans of the horde of college coeds serving me echoed around me. They were loving each other as they watched me fuck. The sight of all these naughty sluts who now served me enjoying each other sent me to nirvana.

This was so amazing. I felt invincible. No one could stop me with all these followers.

“Now it’s my turn!” Krystal moaned in my ear as Paris’s spasming cunt milked out the last drops of my cum.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

As Justin prepared to fuck Paris, I still buzzed from cumming on Tracy’s mouth. The busty, brunette sex slave licked her lips clean of my juices. I smiled, watching Justin line up to thrust into Paris. Then his naked sister and Ji-Yun rushed up beside him. They both grabbed his cock to guide his shaft into Paris’s cunt. It was such a hot sight to see. I was so happy that he would experience more pleasure. My virgin cunt quivered.

I couldn’t wait for our date so we could finally make love.

I was so horny. I needed more sex. More naughty, depraved passion fluttering through me. I had Miss Daisy, Rebecca, and Petra all kneeling before me, all eager to love me.

I was their queen.

Three of the kneeling slaves had big tits. Tracy, Miss Daisy, and Petra were all such busty girls. That... excited me. I had little A cups. My tits were so small that I didn’t even bother wearing a bra. They needed no support whatsoever, so why have the annoyance of one? Those three lush girls with those big tits made my mouth watered.

“Tracy and Miss Daisy, present your tits to me,” I commanded, my lust swelling. “I want to fondle them. I want to play with them while Rebecca, you eat my pussy to another orgasm. You need to worship your queen, too.”

“Yes, your Majesty,” Rebecca moaned.

As the two busty slaves I mentioned rose to their feet, Rebecca shifted over and grabbed my hips. The blonde cheerleader nuzzled between my thighs, rubbing her face right into my black bush. Then her tongue swiped across my virgin pussy, brushing my hymen. I shuddered as she caressed up to my clit, pleasure rippling through my body. I groaned, my eyes fluttering in delight.

As Rebecca feasted on my cunt, my hands lashed out. I grabbed Tracy’s plump tit with my right hand and Miss Daisy’s soft breast with my left. The redheaded associate professor just edged out the brunette college coeds by a few inches of plump flesh. I kneaded them both, shuddering and grinding on Rebecca’s mouth as I enjoyed this delight.

My thumb swept across their flushed, brushing her wide areolas. They both had pink nipples, Miss Daisy’s a slightly darker shade of them all. They both whimpered as I massaged their nubs, my fingers digging into their pillowy flesh.

So incredible.

I used to think sex was such a waste, but now I understood how much fun it was. Masturbation was nothing compared to the ecstasy of playing with women. I enjoyed commanding my boyfriend’s sex slaves.

My virgin pussy clenched, quivering, aching for Justin to deflower me. I couldn’t wait for our date, for his cock to thrust into my depths and open me up. I whimpered, my hips wiggling as Rebecca’s tongue stroked up my petals and brushed my clit again and again.

I needed more delights. More depraved pleasures. Justin had turned me into a bisexual pervert. I had lusts that were just as naughty as his. I glanced down at the Hispanic slave quivering on her knees. She groped her golden-brown tits, her nipples brown and hard. She stared up at me with such worship in her eyes, serving me the way she served Justin.

A spike of anger shot through me. “Petra, you will lick my asshole. You will rim my butt-hole because you used to pick on my boyfriend. It’s your punishment.”

Her tongue flicked across her lips. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

The look of abject joy on her face revealed that she didn’t think of this as much of a punishment. I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel her tongue caressing my asshole while Rebecca licked my pussy. Petra shuffled around me, making me tremble in anticipation. I squeezed Miss Daisy’s and Tracy’s tits as Petra moved into position.

Petra’s hands gripped my butt-cheeks. She parted them, exposing my sphincter. She let out a purring moan before pressing her face between my asscheeks. I gasped as her tongue swept across my taint and brushed my asshole. Two tongues licked at both my naughty holes. Pleasure rippled through me. As Rebecca tongued my clit, Petra circled my sphincter.

Both gave me bliss.

“Yes, yes, worship Justin’s Queen!” I moaned, my thumbs pressing hard on both Tracy’s and Miss Daisy’s nipples.

“Yes, sluts, worship her!” Miss Daisy’s moaned, her green eyes fluttering. “She’s our Master’s Queen! His lover!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Tracy moaned, her face glistening with my juices.

“Tracy,” I ordered, “kiss Miss Daisy and share my pussy with her. She loves the taste of my cunt!”

“I do,” Miss Daisy moaned, licking her lips.

Tracy kissed her.

I shuddered as I watched them obey me, their tongues dancing. My cream smeared onto Miss Daisy’s mouth from Tracy’s pink lips. I shuddered, the pleasure building and building in me. The two tongues pleasing me made me shiver. I loved the one fluttering over my asshole and the other caressing my virgin pussy.

Then Petra did something so naughty.

She pressed her tongue into my asshole. I gasped as she wiggled it into my bowels. Her lithe tongue writhed around inside my anal sheath, caressing me. My snatch clenched deep inside, aching to be filled with something more... substantial. With Justin’s cock. I groaned, squeezing both sex slave’s big tits as I came closer and closer to erupting.

I gasped as Tracy cupped my left breast, kneading my budding mounds and brushing my puffy nipples. More pleasure shot down to my clit. I quivered, throaty moans rising to my lips. I was so close. My toes curled against the vinyl floor of the hallway. My gasps joined the hordes of others. All those girls who were here to serve Justin. Serve me.

I was his queen.

I orgasmed.

My pussy convulsed, juices gushing out of me and flooding across Rebecca’s mouth. The cheerleader-whore lapped up my cream as I shuddered. My asshole writhed around Petra’s probing tongue, her wiggling movements adding more delights to my climactic rapture. Pleasure rushed through me. Wonderful, amazing bliss surged through my body. It was absolutely stupendous. My mind drank in my passion.

“Worship your queen!” I cried out while Justin moaned his own orgasmic bliss. He was flooding Paris’s cunt while my juices gushed into Rebecca’s hungry mouth.

We were using our slaves. We were reveling in the bliss of owning them. I couldn’t believe this had become my life. I felt like a new person, reborn by the commands that were whispered into my mind while time was frozen. We were all changed.

It was... fascinating to ponder. I couldn’t wait to think about this properly, to delve into all the intricacies of how this time manipulation worked.

* * *

Justin Sampson

“You want to fuck my pussy, don’t you?” my little sister moaned as I pulled my cock out of Paris’s still-cumming pussy.

“Fuck yeah, I do!” I growled, staring at my naked, eighteen-year-old sister. Her black hair fell into long pigtails about her elfin face. She had such an excited look of lust burning in her eyes.

She wanted this badly.

“Of course you want to fuck me, Justin,” she said. “You’re such a perv.”

“And aren’t you?” I asked my little sister.

Ji-Yun giggled on my other side as she pulled away from me, leaving my right thigh coated in her hot juices. “Oh, yes, your little sister absolutely is a huge perv. You should see how many panties she collected today.”

“Yep,” Krystal said. She licked her lips. “So many panties! I’m a huge perv.” She grinned at me. “Now, you, rich bitch, come sit on my face. I want to lick my brother’s cum out of you. I want to enjoy eating his jizz out of a woman’s pussy again.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised by that.

“She licked your spunk out of your mother’s pussy,” Ji-Yun said. “When you stopped time during the second hour, we came across your parents. It was obvious you had just fuck your mom, we could even see your cum running down her thighs. I just knew this was the perfect chance to entice her into eating your jizz and to get her thinking about you in naughty ways.”

I grinned, surprised my suggestions to Ji-Yun worked as well as they had.

Krystal stretched out on her back, her head nodding. “I didn’t want to eat your cum out of Mom’s pussy since I was still one hundred percent gay back then, but it was just such a... naughty idea. Temptation consumed me. That was your cum leaking out of our mother’s pussy. It was about the most forbidden thing in the world. Then Ji-Yun kissed me with your jizz on her mouth and...”

“And?” I asked.

“And I liked it.” Krystal shuddered. “That disturbed me so much. It made it even hotter because I shouldn’t have liked it. I didn’t have any attraction for you, but I couldn’t stop myself from licking you out of mom. Before I knew it, I was enjoying devouring your cum as it leaked out of Mom’s pussy.” She licked her lips. “Now I want to eat your cum out everyone’s pussy while you’re fucking me!”

“I will gladly fuck you.” I said, moving between her thighs.

“What about me, Master?” a curly-haired brunette, whose name I didn’t know, asked. She cupped her round breasts, jiggling them at me. “When are you going to fuck me?”

“Or me, Master?” asked Brittany, the English girl studying from abroad. She quivered, her hands sliding down her belly to her pussy.

Other girls around the pair chorused their desires to be fucked by me, too.

“This is my little sister,” I told them. “I got to fuck her before any of you other sluts. When I get a chance, I’ll pound you all hard. For now, just love each other. You’re all sister-slaves now. When you’re horny, turn to one of your fellow sex slaves and indulge. Fuck each other. Love each other.”

Brittany and the curly-haired brunette melted together in a passionate kiss. They obeyed me, along with the other girls around them. I groaned at the sight of Brittany and the brunette’s tits pressing together, their tongues dancing as they obeyed me. They sank down to the floor and stretched out as they loved each other. The other girls began sucking on each other’s nipples and fingering each other’s twats.

It was such a hot sight to see.

“Come sit on my face,” Krystal said with eager glee as Paris straddled her.

My rich-bitch sex slave lowered her cum-filled cunt to my little sister’s greedy mouth.

“Enjoy, honey,” Ji-Yun said, squirming nearby.

“Well, Ji-Yun, if you’re dating my Master’s little sister, then we should get to know each other, too,” Aurora said.

My blonde cheerleader took both of the Korean girl’s hands. Ji-Yun didn’t fight as Aurora tugged her close. There was a gleam in Ji-Yun’s slanted eyes as she allowed Aurora to pull her down. Ji-Yun stretched out on my sex slave’s lusher body. Their lips met, Ji-Yun’s small tits pressing into Aurora’s plump mounds.

Aurora grabbed Ji-Yun’s ass and pulled the girl down between her thighs. I groaned as they trib their cunts together, Ji-Yun’s writhing her hips as she kissed my cheerleader. Ji-Yun’s pale-olive skin made such a contrast against Aurora’s ivory flesh.

“Oh, yes, lick my pussy,” Paris moaned, snapping my gaze back to my little sister.

My dick throbbed as I watched Krystal’s tongue swiping through Paris’s shaved snatch. She gathered my cum out of my sex slave’s cunt. My little sister was feasting on my jizz. She was devouring my spunk out of Paris with hunger.

It was such a hot delight to witness.

Krystal licked again and again, her tongue fluttering through Paris’s folds. The rich bitch wiggled on my sister. My dick throbbed as I knelt between my sister’s thighs. I should be fucking her, but I was transfixed by the sight of my formerly lesbian sister enjoying my cum leaking out of Paris.

“Justin!” moaned my little sister. “You’re not fucking me! I want your dick in me right now!”

“She’s a little brat, isn’t she, Master?” asked Paris as the slut grasped my dick, still soaked in her own juices. She pulled me towards my little sister’s black-furred muff. “Mmm, you’re so hard for her.”

“Of course I’m hard for her, she’s my little sister,” I groaned.

“Yes!” Krystal moaned then licked, making Paris gasp.

“Oh, she’s a good pussy licker, Master,” Paris purred as she pressed my dick into my little sister’s bush.

The wet, silky strands of Krystal’s pubic hair caressed my cock. Then I felt her hot pussy directly. Her folds were juicy, molten. I groaned as Paris slid me down lower, guiding me to the entrance of my little sister’s snatch.

An entrance guarded by a membrane.

“You have a cherry, Krystal!” I gasped.

“D’uh,” my little sister moaned. “I haven’t gotten a dildo yet to let Ji-Yun or Mom or even Miss Daisy pop my cherry. So you’re in luck, bro.”

“Shit!” I groaned as Paris let go my cock.

“Pop your little sister’s cherry,” Paris moaned, squirming atop Krystal.

“Hell fucking yes!” I growled and thrust.

My sister’s hymen stretched like rubber. I could feel her maidenhead wrapping about the tip of my cock as I pressed into her. I could feel her waiting warmth just lurking on the other side of her cherry. She whimpered into Paris’s cunt, her belly flexing and her budding breasts jiggling.

I thrust harder.

Her maidenhead stretched. Popped.

I groaned as a third of my cock buried into my little sister’s virginal pussy. I grinned. I deflowered her. Panting, I pressed my dick deeper and deeper into her silky sheath. Her once-pure depths expanded to engulfed me. The silky friction was incredible.

No pussy or asshole I’d fucked so far was as tight as my little sister’s cunt. Incestuous pleasure rippled through me as I slid all the way into her. She utterly engulfed me, her pussy clenching and relaxing on me. She squirmed, stirring her flesh around my cock and sending pleasure zapping up my shaft.

This was my second incestuous hole I’d enjoyed. First my mother’s cunt, and now my little sister’s once-pure pussy. I was such a lucky guy to have these powers. I drew back my cock, shuddering at the wonderful friction engulfing my dick. I gripped my little sister’s thighs as she whimpered into Paris’s cunt. The rich-bitch’s conical tits shook as she writhed atop Krystal.

“Fuck, your cunt’s so amazing, Krystal!” I growled as I thrust back into her.

My balls thwacked into her taint.

“Justin!” she moaned. “Holy shit, this is even better than I thought it would be. You’re in me. You’re filling up my pussy. Dad wanted this, but you get it.”

I hardly register that comment as I drew back my hips and thrust in again. And again. I fucked my little sister hard. I rammed my dick into her depths. She squeezed and relaxed around me, massaging the sensitive crown of my dick with her silky sheath.

It was incredible. I grunted and gasped, adding my moans to the passion echoing around me. All those girls writhing in lesbian passion. My slaves. My harem of coed sluts and sexy professors. I pumped away my sister’s incestuous depths as I reveled in my power.

“Yes, yes, fuck your little sister, Master!” Paris moaned, her small tits jiggling as she ground on my sister’s face. “Ooh, she’s licking out all your cum from my snatch. She’s feasting on your jizz. She loves it.”

“I know,” I growled. “I could feel how much her pussy joys my cock. She keeps squeezing about it.”

“It’s so hot!” Krystal moaned. “Oh, Ji-Yun, you’re going to love being fucked by my brother.

“I know I will!” Ji-Yun moaned as she tribbed Aurora.

“Master, you’re going to have so much fun fucking Ji-Yun, too,” Aurora moaned. “She’s got a hot, little cunt grinding on mine.”

“I know,” I growled, my thighs still sticky with Ji-Yun’s and Krystal’s juices.

“After he’s dumped his cum in me, he’ll fuck you, Ji-Yun, while you lick me clean!” Krystal moaned. Then she latched onto Paris’s clit.

“Oh, fucking yes, yes!” Paris moaned, her face twisting in bliss. “I’m going to cum again! I’m so glad I can cum as much as I want now, Master! I’m so glad I surrendered to you!”

Paris threw back her head, her stomach flexing as she ground her cunt on my little sister’s mouth. My rich-bitch sex slave cupped her conical tits, her fingers squeezing those little mounds. Her mouth threw open wide as she screamed out in orgasmic rapture.

“Yes!” she howled.

My little sister’s cunt tightened about my plunging dick as she lapped up the juices flowing out of Paris’s snatch. I shuddered, loving the sight. My hips thrust faster and faster, churning up my little sister. Her pussy felt so amazing about my cock, squeezing and relaxing about it. Her snatch almost felt like it was sucking on my dick. This wonderful sensation surged around my shaft.

Then she squealed.

I felt the wonderful moment of my little sister’s orgasm spasming through her pussy. Her cunt writhed about my dick. I reveled in the blissful convulsions massaging my aching shaft. I groaned out my pleasure. It was just amazing moment of pure rapture. My eyes rolled back into my head as her pussy sucked at my cock.

“Fuck, you’re cumming like a firecracker!” I growled as I pumped my dick in and out of my little sister’s spasming snatch.

“Your dick is stirring me up, bro!” Krystal moaned between hungry licks at Paris’s cunt.

“Cum in her, Justin!” squealed Ji-Yun. “I want to lick her clean while you fuck my cunt.”

“Ji-Yun’s got such a juicy cunt, Master,” moaned Aurora. “She’s a virgin. I’m rubbing against her hymen right now.”

“She is, Justin!” Ji-Yun moaned, her voice throaty with her own orgasmic rapture. “Your sex slave is wicked! Love it!”

The gasps and moans from so many cumming girls echoed all around me. Even Sam was enjoying herself. I thrust hard and fast into my little sister’s writhing cunt. Her spasming, incestuous sheath massaged my dick. My balls, heavy with my jizz, thwacked into her taint every time I buried into her. I didn’t fight my impending bliss. Not with Krystal’s convulsing cunt massaging my sensitive tip.

I buried to the hilt in my little sister and exploded.

I fired my incestuous seed into her fertile depths. I pumped her full of my jizz while the pleasure rushed through me. My hands grabbed her thighs, clutching to them. My eyes fluttered as the bliss spilled through me. Every spurt fired ecstasy into my mind.

“Take my cum, Krystal!” I howled.

“You’re firing so much jizz into me, bro!” Krystal moaned, her pussy milking my shaft. “So much! You’re going to get such a treat, Ji-Yun!”

“Yes!” I growled as I spurted the final blast into her. “Fuck, that was amazing.”

* * *

Krystal Sampson

Paris slumped off me. She panted as she stretched out on her back. I understood why. I was gasping for breath myself as I came down from my orgasmic high. My pussy clenched around my brother’s dick. My pussy felt so warm, so full of Justin’s seed. I bet the old me, before I was mind-controlled by my girlfriend, would be so furious right now. But it just felt so good. I enjoyed getting fucked by my brother. It was like I’d always been bisexual.

Being mind-controlled was amazing.

“Justin,” I whimpered as he pulled out of me.

“Krystal, don’t let any leak out of you!” Ji-Yun moaned.

I clamped my hand over my pussy as Ji-Yun scrambled off of Aurora. My girlfriend’s small tits jiggled. She had such a look of lust on her doll-like face. Justin backed away, giving room for my Korean girlfriend to fall between my thighs.

“This is going to be so good!” Ji-Yun moaned as she settled between my thighs. “We’re going to have so much fun with your brother and all his sex slaves!”

I shot a glanced at my brother as she prepared to deflower my girlfriend. “Justin, you know, an awesome big brother would give his cute, little sister a few sex slaves.”

He shrugged. “Sure. Who’d you want?”

I craned my head, staring at the writhing girls. I smiled at the sight of my old bully. Pearline was licking a Hispanic girl’s pussy, just feasting on that snatch. Clearly, she wasn’t a whore obsessed with getting gangbanged by all the boys any longer.

“Pearline, for sure,” I said, my eyes flicking across all those coeds whores who served my brother. “And Brittany! She had one of the yummiest cunts. Ji-Yun and I loved eating her out while time was frozen.”

“Brittany, Pearline,” Justin called out, “you now serve as my little sister’s sex slave! You’re still mine, but you’re also hers. Okay?”

“Yes, Master,” Brittany moaned, lifting her head from Matilda’s thighs. “Sounds hot.” The curly-haired brunette shuddered as Brittany went back to eating her.

“Yes, Master,” Pearline moaned.

“Pearline, is your pussy still full of cum from all those boys you fucked?” I asked, licking my lips as Ji-Yun pulled my hand away from my pussy.

“Yes, Mistress,” my bully said. She used to pick on me. She’d call me flat-chested and string bean, and stick-bitch. “None of the other slaves want to eat me because I have so much jizz leaking out of me.”

I had a hankering to taste more cum. I had ordered all those boys to fuck her, so why shouldn’t I enjoy the fruits of my command? I was bisexual now. I loved cum now.

“Come sit on my face, and I’ll lick you clean!” I moaned. “I love creampies!”

“So do I, Krystal,” my girlfriend moaned before she nuzzled her face into my well-fuck pussy.

I gasped as Ji-Yun lapped her tongue through my folds, gathering up my brother’s cum as it leaked out of my snatch. I shuddered in delight, reveling in the passion surging through me. It was so exciting to feel her tongue probing into me, licking me clean of all my brother’s incestuous jizz. It made me feel like such a wicked whore.

My brother moved into position. Ji-Yun’s eyes squeezed shut as he rubbed his cock against her pussy. I stared down at her, watching for the magical moment when my brother deflowered her, too. Justin gripped her hips, his chest flexing as he thrust his hips forward.

My girlfriend groaned into my cum-filled cunt.

She squealed in delight. Justin’s hips shot forward. My own snatch clenched, knowing Ji-Yun just lost her cherry. My brother was filling up her pussy. The first cock to ever be in her.

We shared that wonderful delight with the same cock.

“Ji-Yun, I love you!” I moaned as she thrust her tongue into my snatch. “I love you so much.”

Ji-Yun showed me how much she loved me with the eagerness that she licked my pussy. She feasted on me with such hungry passion. Her hands gripped my rump, squeezing and kneading my ass as she probed her tongue into my depths. She scooped up my brother’s spunk with such glee as he fucked her deflowered pussy hard.

The slap of their flush echoed through the hallway.

“Mistress!” Pearline said, the Black girl appearing above me. Her thighs were slick with pearly jizz, more leaking out of her pussy. Her butt-crack was a mess of boys’ spunk.

“They fucked you hard, huh?” I purred as she lowered herself to my waiting mouth.

“So hard, Mistress,” she moaned. “It was wild. Some of them were like a pack of animals, just barking and growling and baying as they fucked me over and over again. I loved it.”

“Well, you are a bitch, aren’t you?”

“I was such a bitch to you, Mistress,” she said as she lowered her pussy to my lips. “I’m so sorry!”

A glob of cum dropped out of her and landed right on my lips. The salty flavor bled into my mouth. I liked that. It was a mix of so many different boys’ jizz. I didn’t know who this spunk belonged to. I didn’t care.

In fact, not knowing made me hotter.

Just as she settled her sloppy snatch on my face, she purred, “I’m so sorry for calling you stick figure and bean sprout and all that. My life sucked so much, it made me feel better to dump on someone else. But now… I’m your brother’s slave and yours!”

I accepted her apology by feasting on her with such enthusiasm. My tongue fluttered through her folds, gathering up all that salty jizz leaking out of her. I could hardly taste her pussy. There was just so much cum in her. It flowed out of her and poured into my mouth. I gulped it down while I squirmed on the floor, enjoying Ji-Yun’s tongue wiggling through my snatch.

My girlfriend rocked to Justin’s rhythm. Her face pressed a little tighter against my pussy every time he buried into her twat. I shuddered, loving the feel of her tongue. She built the pleasure in my depths, spurring my tongue to lapped through Pearline’s sloppy depths.

Cum coated my mouth.

It spilled across my cheeks.

It warmed my belly.

I think Ji-Yun turned me into a cum-slut. I just enjoyed it so much. I could eat any boy’s spunk out of a girl’s pussy. I could just feast on them all. I think that I’d only let Justin fuck me, but I would devour so many different yummy creampies.

Just thinking about it drove me towards my orgasm. I trembled, my clit throbbing as Ji-Yun’s tongue fluttered against my bud. I moaned into Pearline’s snatch. I sucked on her cunt, drawing out more and more and jizz.

She seemed inexhaustible.

She moaned and writhed above me, grinding her snatch on my face as I feasted on her. I stared at her ebony rump; the jizz smeared between her butt-cheek dribbled down to my waiting mouth. It spilled over my lips.

I loved it.

“I’m such a cum-slut!” I howled.

Ji-Yun giggled between her licks.

“You did this to me, so you’re going to be one, too!” I howled.

“With you, gladly!” Ji-Yun said then latched onto my clit.

She sucked on my bud hard while her fingers dug into my rump. She moaned as she nursed on my clit. I shuddered at the buzzing massage on my little nub. Then I gasped as the naughty girl probed her fingers into my butt-crack. She swept them down and located my asshole in moments.

“Ji-Yun!” I howled into Pearline’s cunt. My Korean girlfriend’s nimble finger jammed deep into my rectum.

“I love you so much!”

“Make my Mistress cum!” Pearline moaned as she ground atop me.

I kept feasting on Pearline’s pussy, caressing my tongue deep into her depths. I started to taste her tart musk as the cum inside of her dwindled. She ran dry. Soon, it was just her tart cream I was devouring.

It was good, but better full of cum.

My orgasm swelled faster and faster. Ji-Yun nibbled on my clit with her lips while her finger pumped in and out of my asshole. My deflowered cunt clenched, and I groaned as her thumb jammed into my silky depths. She had a digit in both my holes now.

It was amazing.

I gasped and shuddered, cumming so hard and fast. My orgasm swept through me, my holes convulsing about Ji-Yun’s thumb and finger. The pleasure reached my mind, drowning my thoughts in ecstasy.

I sucked hard on Pearline’s clit, moaning my passion. The Black sex slave squirmed atop me. Her butt-cheeks clenched, forcing some more of that cum trapped between them to dribbled down to my face. It washed across my nose and ran down my cheeks.

I loved it. It made my orgasm more intense. I spasmed and convulsed on the ground, Ji-Yun pumping her thumb and finger in and out of my holes while her tongue lapped up the juices spilling out of me.

“Goddamn, she’s cumming, isn’t she?” Justin moaned.

“Yes, your sister is!” Ji-Yun howled. “I’m about to join her. Keep fucking me, Justin!”

“Yes, yes, cum in her!” I howled. “I need another creampie to eat!”

“Fuck!” Justin moaned.

As my orgasm peaked, the rhythmic slap of Justin’s flesh on Ji-Yun’s swelled in intensity. He pound her harder now. Faster. He drove my girlfriend wild with his passion. Her head shot up, her fingers jammed deep into me. She moaned so loud. I pictured her face, smeared with my pussy cream, her features twisting as her orgasm burst through her.

She groaned through her clenched teeth.

“Fuck!” Justin grunted.

“Cum in my girlfriend!” I howled.

“Yes, Master!” Pearline moaned. She shuddered atop me. Her spicy juices flooded my mouth as she came.

I lapped at her cunt, drinking up her juices as I listened to my brother grunt and groaned. His cum was flooding my girlfriend’s snatch. He was making another creampie for me to enjoy.

I loved these powers. I loved that we had the sex slaves. I was so glad Ji-Yun mind-controlled me into being bisexual. This was so much better than being angry at Justin.

I was having so much fun playing with my brother.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

I pulled Petra and Paris close to me, my arms around both their shoulders. Petra’s large breasts pressed against my right side, Paris’s conical tits rubbed against my left. It felt so right to have them snuggled up against me. My two best friends were now my Master’s sex slaves.

“You were right about us becoming his sluts,” Paris said. “Though you and Master cheated.”

“Yep,” I said. “Big cheaters. Mind control is so sexy, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Petra moaned, glancing down the hallway. “Is that like, every girl in our college having an orgy?”

“Oh, I’m sure there’s more around the corner.” I shuddered, feeling so proud of what I had created. “It’s a start, but it’s not enough.”

“Not enough?” gasped Paris. “Hundreds of girls is not enough for Master?”

“Not the girls, the boys. The ones who have to guard him. We’ll need more. Like the entire police department or something.”

“What?” Paris said. Then her eyes widen. “Right, the man in the suit was trying to kidnap Master. I forgot all about him.”

I nodded my head, staring down the hallway at the man in the suit and the two “sewage workers” kneeling by the doors, waiting on Master. “They’re from the NSA. The government knows about Master. They’ve already tried to arrest him once.”

“Oh, dear,” Paris said.

“’Oh, dear,’ that’s the best you can say, puta?” Petra asked, her tone scathing.

Paris blushed. “Yeah, I guess it is pretty fucking serious. What are we going to do?”

At that moment, Justin stood up. He had just finished cumming in Ji-Yun’s pussy. He looked over at us then turned and looked at the man. Sam, who was cuddled up with Miss Daisy, rose and drifted towards him. She took Justin’s arm as he marched down the hallway towards the three men.

“Come on,” I said, scrambling to my feet. My two fellow sex slaves joined me. We hurried after, our bare feet slapping on the hallway floor.

Justin stopped before the three men. “My Lord,” the man in the suit said. “Do you need something from us?”

“Answers,” Justin ground. “What the fuck is going on?”

“Does this have to do with Project KRONOS?” Sam asked.

The man the suit gaped in shock. Then he nodded his head. I trembled as he explained how this all had happened.

To be continued...