The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 14: Slave’s Incestuous Passion

Justin Sampson

Sam’s words hung in the air around the three NSA agents. Project KRONOS.... That was what the conspiracy nuts that Sam knew on the internet claimed was a government project causing the time anomalies. Atomic clocks across the globe were becoming minutely out of sync each time we froze reality. Through math, observing the way the disruptions were spread out across the dozens of atomic clocks around the world, a rough estimate of where these events were happening was determined.

Apparently, the government had an even better estimate because they found my college. They had sent these three men, who were kneeling before me, to investigate. They determined I had the powers. One wore a suit, actually looking like a government agent, while the other two were dressed like septic workers.

The government knew about my powers.

The government was afraid of my powers.

As much as I wanted to watch Krystal eat my cum out of Ji-Yun’s pussy—it would be hot watching my little sister do that—the need for answers had finally overcome my horniness. Behind me, my hundreds of coed sex slaves gasped and moaned as they writhed in lesbian ecstasy. Their male classmates watched on stoically.

The boys were turned into my guards by Aurora when she paused time.

“Names?” I asked the three men. Aurora, when she paused time while I was captured, had turned these three into my loyal slaves. I think she even ordered them to worship me as a god or something.

“I’m Miller,” the guy in the suit said, his dark hair slicked back. Unlike the other two he had a strength about him. The man was fit. Dangerous.

The man had put a gun to my head and threatened to execute me.

“I’m Carson,” the plump, red-haired man said. He looked more like an IT technician.

“George,” the brown-haired, doughy man said.

“What is Project KRONOS?”

“It’s a plan to re-create a Soviet era project,” Miller said.

I arched an eyebrow.

“The Soviets called their project Kontrol’ Vremeni,” said George. “They studied it at Chernobyl. Their reactor—”

“The Chernobyl?” I asked, groaning. “That one that had that massive meltdown back in the eighties?”

“April 25th, 1986,” said Sam.

“The project didn’t directly cause the meltdown,” George said. He shifted. “The amount of energy required was just too much for the reactor. With its sloppy safeguards, an uncontrolled reaction lead to a runaway meltdown and the subsequent disaster. It ended their project before they could really test it out. The Soviets buried it. They never wanted to touch it again.”

“But, of course, our government couldn’t control themselves from messing with it,” Sam said. “They discovered knowledge and desired to exploit it.”

Carson nodded his head. “We turned it on yesterday at 7:59 AM local time.” He shifted. “It did not... work as we intended.”

I started in laughter. “Really? So it wasn’t the government’s plan to give me time-stopping powers?”

“Of course not,” George said. “Our targeting was... off.”

“Why did the government want this?” Sam asked. Then understanding flickered across her face. “Espionage?”

Miller nodded his head. “Imagine an agent who could freeze time and then slip into any installation, facility, embassy, or consulate undetected. Then he could obtain secure information. He could get in and out without the enemy ever knowing it. He wouldn’t show up on their cameras. He would pass undetected by their sensors. He could take all the time he needed to defeat any physical measures they might employ to prevent intruders from reaching their information. To the enemy, it would be like either a ghost had entered the facility, or their data just went missing.”

“And, what, you didn’t anticipate the mind control aspects of it?” I asked.

Sam nodded. “Astute observation.”

Behind me, one of my sex slaves giggled. I threw a look behind me and saw Aurora, Petra, and Paris huddled together, my blonde cheerleader between them. All three were grinning at me.

Aurora winked a green eye at me.

“We knew about that aspect,” said Carson.

“But how could you trust any agent with this power?” Sam asked. “Once they’ve stopped time, they could just mind-control anyone. They could take over our country in a blink of our eye if they were patient enough.”

“Yeah, I mean, they could set themselves up as dictators of the world with enough time and...” I trailed off while my dick throbbed. The possibilities spread wide before me. Not only did I have this power, but it was spreading through my followers. Men and women mind-controlled to only want to serve me. To only use their powers to aid me. “Shit, you’d have to be idiots to ever turn this on.”

“The people chosen for the project are all mutes. They are incapable of speaking, so therefore incapable of creating Parallels.”

Carson nodded his head. “It was a safeguard to keep this situation from happening. We’re not idiots.”

Sam snorted.

George flushed. “We understood that we couldn’t allow Parallels to be created. It was possible what happened at Chernobyl wasn’t so much because of their bad technology as the creation of Parallels.” He shrugged. “But we’re not sure.”

“Parallels?” I asked. I had the vague memory of these guys calling my sex slaves that earlier.

“Well, sir, you don’t exactly mind-control people,” Miller said. He rubbed at the back of his neck. “You more... pull personalities from another universe and substitute them in place of the one from this reality. I’m not the Miller from this universe any longer. I’m one from another reality drawn in by your words.”

“The many worlds hypothesis?” Sam asked, excitement bursting across her face.

“Jesus Christ, you’re talking about all the infinite parallel realities that might exist.” My mind reeled from realizing that. “You mean, there is some parallel reality that exists were every single girl in my college is my sex slave? So, what, when Aurora gave her commands, she just... brought their minds over into this reality?”

Then it really hit me. I was mind-controlled by Aurora. She compelled me to spank her once a day. Which meant there was a reality where a version of me existed that had to spank Aurora at least once every day, applying a minimum of ten swats to her rump with anything from my bare hand to a flogger.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” I whispered. I wasn’t the same me any longer.

“Yes, this is a rather remarkable concept,” Sam said. She clutched at me, her eyes growing distant the way they would when she dove into a problem, the world fading away from her. Eddie, our other friend who’d transferred schools, and I would talk about perverted things while Sam ignored us, lost in her own mind.

“I just can’t believe there is a reality were every single girl in our college is my sex slave,” I said.

“Only the cute and hot ones, Master,” Aurora said.

“Still... That’s just so hard to imagine.”

“Well, my Lord,” Carson said, running a hand through his red hair, “it’s more likely that each girl was drawn from a different parallel reality. Though, I suppose there could be a reality where you have multiple sex slaves. I mean, with an infinite number of worlds...”

“Anything is possible,” I said, my mind hurting from the possibilities.

“How are you powering this program?” asked Sam. “The Soviets used the reactor, what are you using?”

“Handford,” George said.

“I thought that place’s being shut down,” I said.

“And I thought you said the NSA had taken safeguards,” Sam said. “The reactors at Handford produced a lot of waste, I mean, they number among the earliest nuclear reactors ever constructed.”

“We build new ones,” Miller said. “You know, to continue doing research while on this surface it looked look like the site was being cleaned up.”

“This is why you can never trust the government, Justin,” Sam said. She shook her head and then asked, “So you were just arresting Justin and me to contain this? To stop us from using our powers?”

My forehead furrowed. Realization hit me. “No, they haven’t turned off the machine. That’s why you became one today, Sam. And why more and more people are, too.”

“That’s correct, my Lord,” George said. “We turned it on and... there is a field around the machine. It’s... offset from our time. Our scientists speculate that only the target individual can make it through the field to shut down the machine.”

“You were willing to execute me,” I said, shuddering as I remember the feel of the gun barrel pressing against my head through the sack that was covering me. I’d never been more terrified of my life then at that exact moment. Despite all my powers I’d gained since yesterday, I felt utterly helpless.

Even more pathetic than the kid who stood by and let his father beat his mother.

Anger swelled through me. I wanted to punish this asshole. “Why were you going to kill me then?”

“Well...” Miller said, shifting. “You see, my Lord, it’s like...”

“Just say it!” I growled.

“My Lord, it was clear that you weren’t the only person exercising these powers.” Miller said. “So... we could have grabbed another. However, you were about to turn my partners into Parallels. I couldn’t allow that to happen. I had to contain it and start over with another person.”

“Instead, you guys becoming Parallels and had the original yous erased and replaced by personalities who serve me in another universe.”

All three nodded their heads.

“Well, it’s good to know,” I said. “So the government going to come after me. They want their machine shut down.” I grinned. “But it just going to keep giving these powers to people around me, right?”

All three men nodded.

“Good thing everyone around me will use their powers to my benefit.” I glanced at Sam standing beside me, a thoughtful look on her face. “Benefit us,” I hastily amended. I took her hand, squeezing it. “Right?”

She didn’t answer.

“You’re not going to shut down the machine?” Miller asked.

“Why? This power...” A huge grin spread across my lips. Ideas spilled through my mind.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

“It concerns you that the machine is still active,” I said, staring at the two men. “Even now that you serve Justin. You should not be worried if all those around him who gain the powers are already his Parallels.” I shivered saying that, realizing the original me born in the universe been replaced by a variant. A bisexual girl who wasn’t afraid of her feelings. A girl who wanted to share domination with her boyfriend.

To be his queen.

It was so fascinating to realize that there were all these different versions of me throughout the multiverse. All these variants on me. And those were just the versions of me from the realities closest to ours. There must be universes where I developed entirely differently. Or where I wasn’t even born. There would be realities where a different sperm from my father had fertilized my mother’s egg, resulting in them having a different child born. The genetic information from my father would be different, causing them to have a boy. Their child might be dumber. Smarter. Stronger. Taller. My mind almost exploded from the possibilities.

Infinity truly was at our fingertips.

“What are you not telling us, slaves?” I asked the NSA agents.

“More people being able to freeze time isn’t the problem. Theoretically, it’s the creating of Parallels that is the true issue.” Miller glanced at George. “I think you can probably explain it better.”

“The multiverse is like a great slick of foamy liquid covered in bubbles.” George said. “Our universe is one of those bubbles. All these parallel realities are more bubbles on the surface of this quantum foam.”

I nodded my head. “I understand perfectly. You’re talking about branes and braneholes.”

“Brains?” Justin asked. He tapped his skull.

“It comes from membranes. B R A N E S. Not brains.” I swallowed. “Your scientists think that we are weakening the ‘membrane’ of our universe’s bubble allowing other bubbles to bleed through the resulting branehole?”

“Theoretically, yes,” George said. “That is exactly what our scientists fear. If we don’t shut down the machine, they theorize that these bubble universes will bleed into our own. It might start small, at first, with little patches of another reality substituting their own, but we think it will grow. So the machine has to be shut down.”

I nodded my head. It made absolute sense. “Justin, we clearly have to cooperate with them.”

“We do?” my boyfriend said, blinking his eyes.

Confusion weltered through me. “Of course, it’s the only logical thing to do.”

“What about my powers?” Justin looked at the three men, a strange, almost panicked look crossing my boyfriend’s face. “Would I lose my ability to stop time? To mind-control people?”

“Yes,” Carson said, no hesitation. “You will absolutely lose those powers. Everyone will. It is the machine granting them to you, drawing on the nuclear reactor for electricity to make the gravitons.”

“That feeling that I’m slowly gathering power inside of me is just... gravitons being broadcast from the machine?”

“Yes,” George said. “You’re like a... battery. It takes a certain amount of graviton charge to power your ability. But, as I said, stopping time isn’t the problem, my Lord. It’s creating more Parallels. When you do, you’re actively pulling bits of these other realities into our own. That has to stop. We have to turn this off before it gets out of hand.”

“Is there any actual proof that these braneholes are happening?” Justin asked, his eyes narrowing. “And what happens to the people who are already... paralleled?”

“We don’t know,” Carson said. “Sorry, my Lord. We really don’t know.”

“We never thought to test this,” George added. “Our scientists believed it was too dangerous to try making Parallels. It was another reason we used mute individuals.”

“But will those already... paralleled stay the same?” Justin asked, his face frozen. “Will Aurora still be my sex slave? Will my sister still be bisexual? Will Sam go back to the way she used to be, too afraid to express her emotions?”

My brow furrowed. “Interesting. You think that once the machine shuts down, these parallel personalities will reset to their originals for this universe?”

Justin nodded.

“Then take comfort in knowing that there is a version of me that is your dominating queen, loving to enjoy your sex slaves with you.”

Justin started. “Doesn’t do much fucking good for me in this reality! Why should I give this up when there’s no actual proof it’ll cause problems? Huh? You actually want to give up this power?” He looked behind him.

I turned to face the three sex slaves watching us while beyond them the orgy of women kissing and writhing together. All those horny coeds and sexy professors scattered throughout the hallway. They were kissing, licking, tribbing. They fingered each other. Made each other cum. The hallway was filled with the scent of hundreds of hot pussies all blending together into one beautiful perfume as the wild, lesbian orgy raged.

A strange lust rippled through me. Did I want to give this up? No. I did not. But...

“There is no way I’m giving this up,” snarled Justin. “Carson, Miller, and George, you’re going to make sure that I am protected from the government. You’re going to show me how I can get my slaves into the facility to take control of the entire operation.”

A wild grin spread across my boyfriend’s lips. A chill raced through me.

“We’re going to use this power and make something amazing.”

I swallowed. What should I do? How could I convince Justin of the necessity of turning off this machine? I could feel the attraction of what he wanted, this urge filled me to stand at his side as his queen and revel in the delights of dominating all his sex slaves. After our date tonight, I would be fully his.

So should I let my emotions cloud my logic?

“Aurora, assemble them,” Justin commanded, standing so tall and imperious. “All the slaves. I have an announcement to make.”

“Yes, Master,” Aurora said, her perky tits jiggling as she snapped to attention.

No, I could not let my emotions smother my logic. I could not let our reality be destroyed because of the perverted desires of the man I love.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

I trembled in excitement while waiting with Master outside the gymnasium. I could hear the bustling of voices in their, that loud murmur of several hundred people still in one room chatting with each other. Excitement crackled through the air.

Our Master was about to address his slaves.

My pussy was on fire. Justin was so powerful. He’d dominated those of us who could mind-control people. It was the sexiest thing in the world. We would make more slaves for him. We would expand his dominance. And I... I was his head slave. He had his queen, his sister, his mother, and me.


How did I get so lucky?

Justin was right. There was no proof that his powers would cause the end of the world. We couldn’t let fear stop us from doing something amazing. We, his slaves, would spread his domination across the entire state. The nation. We could even do the world. It would be so amazing. We would plan it out, sending his slaves to important places, letting them freeze time and make more and more of these Parallels.

I quivered in eager anticipation.

“Master,” Paris said as she entered, “everyone’s accounted for. President Brooks says everything’s ready for your announcement.”

Justin grinned, flexing his fingers. He looked so powerful. My excitement swelled and... I noticed Sam sitting on the bench, his queen looking distant. Concerned. Did she still worry about the theory? She had to see how amazing this was. She had to envision what her role would be in the future as we spread farther and farther.

“Let’s do this,” Justin said, a huge grin on his lips.

I darted to my Master’s side and hooked my arm in his, giving him a dazzling smile. I was so excited to walk naked on his arms before the sight of all his slaves, the hot girls and his bodyguards. I was his head slave, and that was so hot. We marched up towards the double doors that led into the gymnasium.

A pair of boys, Rick and Caleb, thrust them open for us, nodding and murmuring, “My Lord.”

A giddy thrill washed through me. My Lord! This was better than all my fantasies. Better than all those kinky stories I’d read on the internet about mind control. I was living it.


And great ripple of all pass through the gymnasium. The bleachers were crowded with making girls, clutching each other, squealing in delight at the sight of the man who owned them. They were on both sides of us, their cheers echoing around the gymnasium.

Justin had such a huge grin on his face. He walked back straight towards the center where our college’s president awaited. President Brooks stood there, the bony, older man nodding his head, clapping the way he would at prep rallies. The old me would be pumping up the crowd right now, dressed in my pleated cheerleader skirt and shaking my pompoms.

Now just the sight of Justin got them so excited.

Not just the girls, but the guys who served him, too. His army of gay bodyguards. They wouldn’t be jealous that Master had all the girls now. Vince, the guy who mind-controlled most of the guys in our college into being into guys, grinned as he stood between my ex-boyfriend, Chris, and Paris’s ex-boyfriend, Lance. He was happy to keep his harem of boys he’d created while receiving the privilege of serving as Justin’s head bodyguard.

That was a nice concession to the gay guy.

“My Lord,” President Brooks said, extending his gnarled hand. “Everything’s set up for you.”

Justin shook the old man’s hand while nodding his head. Yesterday, President Brooks despised Justin. Hardly anyone at our college liked my Master before. Now they all worship him. I broke away from him and stood just off the dais as he mounted it. A single microphone stood before him. It faced the side of the gymnasium that the seniors and juniors always crowded, the sophomores and freshmen sitting on the bleachers behind us.

I shivered as I watched him bathe in his slaves’ adoration. He let their cheers resound through the gymnasium for what must’ve been a minute, a huge grin on his face. His cock thrust out so hard before him. That wasn’t good. I should do something about it. I licked my lips and then darted to him. Without saying a word, I slipped to my knees before him and squeezed beneath the podium. He glanced down at me and winked at me.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching, and engulfed the tip of his dick.

I didn’t suck hard, but just let him feel the warmth of my mouth wrapped around his dick. My tongue swirled around it as he gripped the podium, letting out a groan of pleasure. His precum coated my tongue, that salty treat promising me so much more creamy delight.

My pussy melted. Juices ran down my thighs as I sucked my Master’s dick before all these people. This was my dream. I gripped his hips, sliding my lips slowly up and down his shaft, my cheeks hollowing as I sucked.

“It is so wonderful to hear all of your love,” Justin said, his voice throaty. His words boomed over the PA system.

“We love you Master!” squealed hundreds of girls. Their outbursts echoed around the gymnasium.

I swear I heard a few guys shouting, too. They probably loved him.

His dick throbbed in my mouth as he nodded his head. “You are all such wonderful slaves. You’re all going to serve me. We’re going to do something incredible. Together, were going to change the world.”

More schoolgirls shouts echoed. More shrieks of bliss resounded.

I nursed on his dick, loving him as he closed his eyes and let the adoration of his sex slaves washed over him. Had any man ever had more hypnotized slaves than my Master? I did this. I enslaved all these girls, and the boys, for him. I mind-controlled them all to be his wanton sluts. To worship him with their bodies.

I sucked harder. I bobbed my mouth up and down his dick. I loved him.

“Some of you are discovering that you have... powers. That you can freeze time. When you do, you can mind-control people by talking to them. You can make them into my slaves, just like Aurora made you all into mine.”

Thunderous cheers shook the gymnasium.

“That’s right, you are all going to spread my power. When you stop time, you’re going to use your abilities to enslave more people for me. Important people. Cops. City officials. Soldiers. And, if there are any hot women you think should join my harem, make them into my sex slaves.”

“We will, Master!” squealed a few girls and shouted a few guys.

“My mother is so hot!” a girl shrieked from real close.

“I bet she—” Justin broke off in a shout. “Fuck, Melissa! Where’d you come from?”

I ripped my mouth off Master’s dick and looked behind me to see Melissa standing only a foot away, the Black girl was naked, of course. She was gasping for air, her entire body flushed. Sweat dribbled down her face like she’d just run a marathon.

“I got the entire police department, Master,” she panted. “Every... last... one of them that was in the station.” She fanned her face. “Oh, boy, that was quite a walk.”

“Just now?” asked Master. “You froze time?”

I engulfed his cock again, sucking hard on him. More of his precum flowed over my tongue as I waited to hear Melissa’s answer. This was so hot. Another sex slave who was spreading his power surged around me.

“I did, Master!”

I bobbed my head faster and faster, working my hot mouth up and down my Master’s cock. This was so amazing. The police force was his. His power would spread and spread, and I would be at his side. The leader of his slaves.

I would please him every day. And he would reward me. Spank me!

My ass still burned from my first punishment. I would get that delight every day. Ten spankings on my naughty ass. I was such a bad slave for mind-controlling my Master. I deserved it.

I sucked harder.

“Look at Melissa,” Justin said, his voice growing throatier and throatier. “She’s a shining example. This is what I want from you. If you gain your powers, that is what you’ll do. We’re going to make plans. You’re going to be in a position across the state, ready to freeze time. Then country. The world. Isn’t that amazing?”

All his slaves, his bodyguards and his whores, cheered and clapped and plundered their excitement. The sound resounded through the gymnasium. I couldn’t hear the sound of my own blowjob over their excitement.

I squeezed my eyes shut, my cunt on fire. My juices ran down my thighs as I sucked so hard on my Master’s dick. I loved him. My tongue swirled and fluttered around the spongy crown. I teased him, worshiped him.

It was incredible.

He grunted and groaned. I whimpered in delight as he erupted his hot cum. His seed spurted into my mouth.

“We are going to change the world!” he shouted, thrusting a fist up into the air as his jizz boiled into my mouth.

I gulped it down. I swallowed his seed with such hunger. This wondrous delight filled me as he warmed my belly. He was going to do it. He was going to take over the world with his army of mind-controlling sex slaves. We would pause time for him. We would create Parallels for him.

We would love and worship him.

I swallowed the last load of his cum. I loved the creamy feel sliding down my throat until it reached my stomach. I shuddered as I slid my lips off his dick. I peered up at him. He faced his slaves, drinking in their worship.

Why wasn’t Sam at his side? Where was she?

* * *

Justin Sampson

“Master, see, see, my mom’s hot!” Melissa shouted, leading an older, but still sexy, Black woman towards me. There was no mistaking that the naked, curvy, busty woman was Melissa’s mother. She’d taken care of herself, her body toned and tight, her hips curvier than her daughter’s, her tits larger.

“Damn,” Melissa’s mom moaned as she saw me. “You are right, baby girl, he is such a sexy man. I much rather be here than at the bank.”

That made me smile. “Bank?”

“My mama is the assistant branch manager at Puget Sound Savings and Trust,” Melissa said.

I filed that little fact away.

“Your daughter has done something special for me today,” I said. It had been thirty minutes since I gave my speech. The cops she’d brainwashed had already started showing up in their uniform, armed with their equipment. Many of them were standing around the gymnasium, keeping watch over the lesbian orgy raging around it. They held their shotguns or long rifles, those black AR-15s. “She deserves a big reward, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely,” the Black woman said, nodding her head. She had a flowing weave of silky, black hair. It was styled to amazing perfection.

“Well, start eating her pussy,” I told her. “I want you to make your daughter cum.”

The MILF blinked. A shudder ran through her. “But she’s my daughter, Master. I mean...” Her words trailed off as I arched an eyebrow at her. “If that’s what you want me to do, Master.” She swallowed, a shudder running through her body. “I’ll do it.”

It was clear she’d never thought about having sex with her daughter. The idea disturbed her, but she was mind-controlled to obey me. Melissa stared at me, a big grin on her face. She must’ve been expecting this fun. After all, she must know that I’d fucked my own mother. And she’d seen me with my little sister, Christy.

“Come on, Mama, you have to eat my snatch for our Master,” she said, lowering her ebony form to the floor. “I discovered I liked getting my pussy licked by an older woman today. Coach Johnson made me cum so hard during PE.”

I nodded my head, grinning at the memory of the locker room orgy I triggered. It paled compared to the gasping, writhing bliss around me. My sex slaves were all having fun. Aurora had donned her strap-on and was fucking whatever hottie she could find. Paris, Petra, and Miss Daisy were romping through the lesbian flesh, enjoying themselves, too.

Melissa squeezed her dark breasts as she parted her thighs, revealing her shaved pussy. Her outer labia parted, exposing her dark-pink depths. Her petals glistened with juices. “Mama, I sure am wet for you to eat me.”

“Oh, baby girl, I can’t believe I’m doing this. This is so wrong, but...” The MILF glanced at me. “But I’ll obey you, Master. I don’t know how this happened, but I just know that you own me. That I had to obey everything you told me to do, no matter how kinky.” She swallowed. “That means eating out my daughter’s cunt.”

Melissa’s mother knelt down between her daughter’s thighs. The MILF’s trembling hands grasped her daughter’s knees. She slid her hands down Melissa’s thighs as the MILF lowered herself towards her daughter’s waiting pussy. A powerful ache rippled through my cock as I watched the lesbian incest unfold before me.

“That’s it, Mama, you can do it,” Melissa moaned. “Our Master’s watching us.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, falling to my knees behind her. I stared at her black-furred muff, the very cunt that birthed the beautiful coed. She was about to devour her daughter. To feast upon the very flesh she created in her womb.

“Yes!” hissed Melissa. Her fingers dug into her dark tits. “See, Mama, you can do it. You can eat my pussy and make our Master happy.”

“So happy,” I said. “Damn, that is a delicious sight to behold. I’m going to fuck your cunt hard. Then I’ll slide right into you and make you explode.”

I pressed my cock against the MILF’s cunt. I slid through the tangle of dark curls to find her hot snatch. I groaned at the juicy feel of her lips. I stared down her supple back as she devoured her daughter on my command. So hot. I had all this power.

It would spread.

I thrust into her pussy, experiencing the tight sheath that birthed Melissa into the world. The Black woman clenched down around my cock, squeezing hard as she moaned into her daughter’s snatch. My balls thumped into her clit, my nuts heavy with my cum. The gravitons building up inside of me must speed up the production of my jizz.

That was why I could keep cumming and cumming.

I drew back my hips. The silky friction was incredible as I experienced their incestuous passion. Melissa’s hand shot down, grabbing her mother’s braided weave. She gripped her mother’s hair, grinding her snatch against her mother’s hungry mouth.

“That’s it,” I growled, thrusting harder and harder into the MILF’s hot cunt. “That’s your daughter you’re eating. You created that cunt in your womb. Now you’re feasting on it. Loving her just the way a mother should love her daughter.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Melissa moaned. “You are loving my pussy, Mama. You made me. Now you get to enjoy me! For our Master’s pleasure!”

“For your pleasure, Master!” moaned the Black MILF. Her cunt clenched hard on my thrusting dick, increasing the silky friction about my girth.

I grinned, loving this. Melissa’s face twisted in pleasure as her mother ate her towards an orgasm. I thrust deep into the MILF’s cunt. I savored her juicy snatch wrapped around me, squeezing and massaging my dick.

The pressure in my balls built and built as I reveled in this delicious treat. I slid my hands up her body, my pale fingers caressing her dark flesh. I found her large, soft tits. I squeezed them, loving how she moaned into her daughter’s snatch.

“Oh, Mama, you taste good!” Melissa moaned.

“Does she, slut?” I growled, thrusting so hard, loving my power. “Does your daughter taste good?”

“Yes!” she moaned. “I... I shouldn’t like this, but... It’s so wrong! So forbidden! I... Yes!”

The MILF came on my cock.

The thrill of her first-time experiencing incestuous passion rippled through her. Her cunt convulsed around my dick, massaging me as I plunged again and again into her. This wondrous heat washed around me. I groaned, squeezing her hips as I plunged deeper and harder into her cunt. I reveled in the absolute bliss of being in her climaxing snatch. It was such a delight to experience. Such a treasure.

I slammed into her as my orgasm built and built. I loved being in her convulsing depths. Her pussy writhed around me, sucking at my dick as she moaned into her daughter’s snatch. The MILF wrapped her arms around her daughter’s thighs, holding Melissa’s cunt tight against her mouth.

“Yes, yes, Mama!” Melissa moaned. Her dark eyes found mine as her tits heaved. “Master! My mama is going to make me cum!”

“Drench her face, whore!” I growled as every thrust into the MILF’s convulsing cunt brought me closer and closer to erupting.

“Yes!” squealed Melissa. “Mama, drink my cream!”

“I am, baby girl!”

Incestuous passion was such a delight to watch. Mother and daughter both arrived at their ecstasy. Mother licked her daughter’s cream up, feasting on the juices spilling out of Melissa’s incestuous depths. I couldn’t take much more of this.

My balls tightened.

I slammed to the hilt in the MILF’s still-convulsing snatch. I erupted.

Pleasure surged through me as my cum spurted into the MILF’s hot depths. I basted her cunt—the very cunt that birthed Melissa—with my seed. My balls tensed every time I unloaded spunk into her.

“Fuck, yeah!” I roared as the pleasure slammed into my mind.

I savored that trembling rapture pulsing through me. I held onto it as long as I could, experiencing the bliss of her pussy milking my cock. She wrung me dry as my orgasm peaked. I hit that ecstatic height, and then crashed into gasping, trembling bliss.

“That was incredible, slut,” I growled. “You’re just the fucking best, whore. Both of you. Melissa, sixty-nine with your mother and lick her clean.”

“Come sit on my face, Mama!” Melissa squealed as I pulled out of her mother’s depths.

I rose, feeling my power, the control I had over all these people. Girls writhed in every direction I look. They were spilled across the gymnasium floor, they were draped across the bleachers. They licked pussies and sucked on nipples. They fingered cunts and assholes. Other girls had found improvised sex toys, using the handles of hairbrushes or jamming any sort of phallic-shaped objects they could into each other. One girl worked the butt of a drumstick out of a Hispanic girl’s asshole.

It was incredible to behold.

“Someone come suck my dick clean of Melissa’s mother’s pussy!” I growled, my dick dripping with cream.

“Master!” squealed Mrs. Howards, the college’s busty nurse. She had short, black hair swaying about her face. Her huge tits jiggled as she fell to her knees before me. “I’ll attend to you, Master!”

The sexy MILF engulfed my dick with her hot mouth, sucking hard. I grinned, loving the feel of her lips sliding up and down my dick. Her tongue swirled about my cock, cleaning the other MILF’s juices off. My hands clenched and relaxed.

“Yes, that’s how you take care of your master,” I moaned. “Such a good nurse.”

“Yes, I am sure she is a wonderful nurse.”

I blinked at the familiar voice. I was having so much fun with my giant harem, I hadn’t realized that Sam didn’t come into the gymnasium when I entered to give my speech. I threw a look over my shoulder to see my naked girlfriend striding through the orgy, her hand pushing up her glasses. Several strands of her black hair, gathered in a loose braid, had escape to drape across her pale cheeks. Her small, firm breast quivered, her nipples and areolas puffy and swollen. Juices glistened on her thighs and dew beaded on her silky pubic hairs.

“Sam,” I grinned at her. My dick throbbed in the school nurse’s mouth. “There’s my beautiful queen.” I arched an eyebrow at her. “Want to play?”

She gave me a cool look back. “Have we had our date yet?”

“Sadly, classes aren’t over yet,” I said. “After all, you gave me a very specific time to pick you up this evening. 5:25 PM.”

She nodded her head. “That is not why I’ve come. Will you follow me?”

I shrugged, ripping my cock out of Mrs. Howard’s mouth. “Good job, slave. You can go have fun.”

“Thank you, Master,” the school nurse moaned. I proffered my arm to Sam.

She took it.

“So, what is it you want to show me?”

“You shall see,” she said.

She strode with a forceful gait, pulling at my arm and compelling me to keep up. She might be slender and petite, but she had drive. We navigated through the orgy, passing my sister forcing several of the turned-gay guys to gangbang Pearline.

“Pumped her full of all that yummy cum,” my little sister moaned as they fucked the Black girl I’d given my sister.

“Yes, Mistress,” the gay guy said, his face clearly twisted with disgust. He was one of the football players. John, I think his name was. He always used to brag about all the puss he crushed.

“Maybe you should have him fuck her ass,” I said, grinning at my little sister. “Bet he’d like that better.”

”I don’t care what he likes,” Krystal said, her chin held high. “I just want to lick some yummy cum out of my slave’s cunt.” She arched an eyebrow at me. “Someone else has been too busy.”

I winked at my sister before Sam dragged me out of the gymnasium.

The sounds of the orgy faded in the hallways became quiet. Almost oppressively so. There was only the slap of our bare feet echoing through the corridors. It was in the afternoon, almost the end of the school day, so it was strange to be here alone. Not even when classes were in session was it this quiet in the hallways. And walking through them naked, escorting my nerdy friend, my girlfriend, only added to the surreal nature of that moment.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

“You know what this is about,” Sam said.

My forehead furrowed. “Are you still convinced that I should... cooperate with the government and turn off the machine? To give up all that fun in the gym? Did you see the cops I have now?”

“Yes, I saw them,” she said. “I do not object to what is happening, but to the consequences that making Parallels will cause to our universe when we bleed.”

“There’s no proof of that,” I said as we marched up the stairs to the second floor. My cock bounce before me while her small breasts jiggled.

“No proof?” She arched an eyebrow at me. We gained the second floor, and she nodded her head towards our right. “Tell me why the color of the tiles changes at a distinct boundary twelve feet from us. It is subtle, but you can see it is not quite the same shade of white on the ground past that point before us.”

I frowned, seeing a distinct boundary across the floor and walls. There was something... off about the hallway beyond it. It was close to what I expected. It was like the experience of walking into your room and seeing things were just not quite where they should be. You knew things had been moved, but only by inches so couldn’t quite place what was wrong about everything.

Sam let me towards the boundary. We crossed over. It didn’t feel any different on this side, like I hadn’t crossed between universes. Was this really another reality? I looked behind us, seeing the “normal” part we just left behind.

“I never really paid attention to the floor before, Sam,” I said. “Maybe the school had to replace this section of it?”

“What is our college called?” Sam asked as we reached a T-intersection. She led me around the corner, the hallway looking much the way I remembered it. The subtle color difference wasn’t noticeable now and that out of place feeling was fading. Classroom doors, lockers, drinking fountains, the school’s trophy case, and the restrooms were all familiar. All where they should be.

“Mark Glassner College,” I said. “Why?”

“The trophy is cases ahead. See it?”

I nodded my head.

“Perhaps you should read the awards,” suggested Sam.

My brow furrowed. My stomach churned. We reached the trophy case, and I stared at it. My eyes flicked down to the awards, reading the most recent ones: “Varsity Football Championship, 1997”, “Junior Varsity Volleyball Team Championship, 2007,” and “Varsity Wrestling Team Championship, 2015.”

“I’m not seeing it,” I said. “I don’t...”

My words trailed off. It was right in front of my face. The name of our high school was at the top of the trophy case, written in big letters. Only on this case our school was called Mary Glassner College.

“Who the fuck is Mary Glassner?”

“Who is Mark Glassner?” asked Sam back, giving me a look as my mind still reeled.

“I don’t remember,” I said, my brain not wanting to function. We were in another universe. Another reality. What else was different about this place? Did I even exist here? “Some old dead guy.”

“In our universe, he was a self-made millionaire who journeyed on the Oregon Trail to the Washington Territory. He founded an empire on growing hops in the Puyallup Valley. In his later years, he became a great philanthropist. He donated the money to build the school. However, in this reality, his wife, Mary, clearly is remembered for the philanthropy. I have no idea why. Perhaps he died, and she endowed our college. Or perhaps this is a reality where women drove the engines of commerce. I really can only speculate. There are so many different ways this change could have happened. But, you see what this means. What you have to do”

I nodded my head, my stomach sinking. I felt like the world was crumbling out from beneath me. “The machine has to be turned off.” I didn’t want to give up my powers. I didn’t want to lose my harem. I just gained all those sexy followers, but... “Fuck.”

“Fuck, indeed,” Sam said. She took my hand. “You know that I did love you before I was turned into a Parallel. I see no reason why that would end.”

I nodded my head, my mouth tasting of ash. It was a tiny consolation to losing all this power. All those women... Aurora... The other sex slaves... My mother and little sister...

“Well, we might as well fucking get this over with. There’s no point in dragging this out. Fuck, doing the right thing sucks, but... This can’t be good.”

“I’m relieved that you are seeing this rationally and...” Her words trailed off at the sound of slapping footsteps.

A large group approached us.

The buzz of chatter swelled. I glanced down the hallway we just came from. I became so aware that we were both naked. Just because I turned our reality around, and had dominated every person in our school, didn’t mean anything remotely like that was happening in this universe. A moment of panic shot through me.

What would happen to us for getting caught not wearing any clothes?

I darted my gaze around, searching for a place to hide us. In books and movies, the heroes always acted so fast, darting towards the perfect hiding place. But I couldn’t think with my blood screaming through my veins. I was in another universe, naked at school, and about to get caught by...

My little sister?

My brow furrowed as Krystal walked naked around the corner, her petite body flushed. I blinked. Had she come from our universe looking for me? That was the direction we came from. Other girl spilled around the corner after her, all stopping and gaping at me or gasping in shock.

“Krystal!” squeaked Ji-Yun. She grabbed my little sister’s hand.

“How?” Aurora asked. She was standing right behind my sister and her girlfriend. My cheerleader-slave’s blonde hair fell loose about her face instead of gathered in her usual ponytail.

Paris stood to Aurora’s right, the rich-bitch had a haughty, sneering look on her smile. She sniggered as she stared down the hallway at me. There were other girls I knew mixed in with them, and others I didn’t recognize at all.

“Krystal?” I asked, the expression on my little sister’s face changing from shock to anger.

Something felt off about her.

“How did you escape the milking?” My little sister demanded. “And you, did you free him? Did you betray us, bitch?”

“B-betray?” stammered Sam. She grabbed my hand, squeezing tight, her palm clammy.

“Shall we capture them, Mistress?” Aurora asked with the same breathy passion she normally addressed me with.

My little sister nodded her head. “I want him punished for refusing my mercy and escaping. Her, too, for helping him.”

“Fuck!” I snarled.

This time I acted. It was without thought. I just ran, dragging Sam with me. She squeaked but didn’t fall behind. I stretched out into a full run as a horde of shrieking, angry girls raced behind us. The slap of their bare feet crashed after us.

What the fuck happened in this universe?

To be continued...