The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 16: Sister’s Naughty Twin

Crystal Sampson

I was getting bored. I hated being bored. I stared at the door and growled in annoyance. It defied me. I don’t know how my asshole of a brother escaped his imprisonment. I would see that that damn Salome was punished with him for helping him escape. How dare they both disobey me!

I hated waiting. Where were those damned baseball bats to batter down the door? I was so tense.

“Ji-Yun! Aurora!” I snapped, staring at my cadre of slaves. I had so many of them. Hordes of schoolgirls and women were so in love with me they would fight to help me punish all the filthy, disgusting men.

Like my father... I would never, ever let that bastard rut atop me again.

“Yes, my Queen?” Ji-Yun and Aurora said, the girls stepping up before me.

Each was so different from the other. Aurora was a blonde, green-eyed beauty with all the perkiness of a college cheerleader. Ji-Yun was shy and quiet, a slender, Korean willow with silky-black hair and budding breasts just like my own.

“Ji-Yun, eat my pussy!” I hissed. “Aurora, my asshole!”

“Yes, my Queen!” they moaned together, lust flashing across their faces. They were both so eager to please me. I had made them all my lesbian whores.

When I found Justin, I’d make sure all that nasty, filthy lust was wrung out of him.

“Daddy just needs you to drain all his lust out of his balls, Crystal,” echoed through my mind right before that bastard’s filthy cock ripped through my virginity. “Daddy just has too much cum in his balls. He just needs his little angel to drain them.”

Ji-Yun’s soothing tongue lapping through my folds, banish those dark memories. I groaned, grinding my pussy against her wonderful mouth. Her hands gripped my thighs while her slanted, dark eyes stared up at me in worship. I gripped my small breasts, squeezing them as I enjoyed her sapphic touch.

Then Aurora parted my butt-cheeks. The blonde cheerleader, one of the three girls my jackass brother drooled over, nuzzled into my crack. Her tongue flicked up my taint and brushed my sphincter. My puckered asshole clenched at the hot contact of her tongue. She rimmed around my anal ring, caressing me, teasing me.

So long as I had my lesbian slaves, I never had to think of him ever again. My loving slaves soothed away all the bad memories, their tongues pleasing me. My small breasts jiggled as I quivered in delight. I pinched my nipples, twisting them, shooting delight down to my pussy.

Aurora’s tongue swirled faster around my asshole. Her fingers clenched into my butt-cheek, massaging my rump as she caressed my backdoor. She was so loving. She pressed that wet tongue against my sphincter. My anal ring stretched and widened as she pushed forward.

Her tongue slipped into my bowels.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “That’s how you worship your Queen! You feast on her! You love her!”

Girls rushed by hefting baseball bats. I grinned as they went to work on the door, slamming into it hard. I quivered, knowing my asshole brother and his nerdy, whore friend were in there. Salome would pay worse than Justin. She had submitted to his filthy lust. I just knew it. She somehow became addicted to cocks. I thought I had freed her from that.

Freed them all.

Ji-Yun’s nimble tongue penetrated my pussy. She swirled around inside of me, circling counterclockwise while Aurora went clockwise in my asshole. I shuddered, loving the contrast in delight. The silky and velvety caresses melted together into building bliss.

I pinched my nipples harder, my black hair falling loosely about my shoulders, caressing them as I shuddered. I smeared my cunt across Ji-Yun’s face while Aurora fucked her tongue in and out of my asshole.

My orgasm built faster and faster. Ji-Yun’s hand stroked my thighs while her nose nuzzled into my clit. Little sparks burst from my bud, my cunt and asshole clamping down on both my sex slave’s tongues. It was such a delight. Such a treat to experience.



The beating, pummeling sounds of the girls hammering at the door punctuated the rapture building in me. I trembled as my sex slaves worshiped me. Their tongues stirred me up. They knew just how to please me. Just how to soothe away all my pain.

“Yes, yes, make me cum!” I howled.

“Make your Queen cum, sluts!” hissed Brittany as she stood by the door, watching the girls battering it down. “Make our Queen explode on your naughty tongues! Eat her fanny and her arse!”

I could hear the envy in Brittany’s voice. The English slut wanted to be eating me. Rimming me. Loving me.

I had such power. I would change the entire world. I didn’t know why the government was dumb enough to turn on that stupid machine last week, but I would use the power they gave me. I would remake everything. I would burn this world down and replace it with something better. I threw my arms up into the air as my orgasm swelled in me. Out of the ashes would rise my sapphic paradise.

I exploded on my slaves’ tongues.

My orgasm surged through me. My pussy convulsed around Ji-Yun’s thrusting tongue. My asshole spasmed around Aurora’s tongue as she swirled it through my bowels’ depths. I shuddered, my fingers pinching my nipples.

“You fucking wonderful sluts, yes!” I moaned. “You’re my lezzie slaves. Worship me!”

“We do, my Queen!” all the girls moaned in the hallway, even the ones slamming baseball bats into the heavy door.

I drank in the bliss. My power. I was making this world a better place. We would drain all the lust from the boys. Then they would be docile. They wouldn’t ever hurt any of us again. My fingers pinched my hard nipples, tugging at them as my ecstasy carried me to the plateaus of rapture.

I hung there.

A phone rang.

“Shit, my phone, my Queen!” gasped Aurora. She pulled her face from between my butt-cheeks and scrambled to pick up her smartphone she’d left on the floor. She scooped it up, listening to the other end.

I glanced behind me and witnessed a puzzled expression crossing her face.

“What?” I snapped, my body shuddering. “Has something gone wrong with the offensive? Are those filthy men still holding out by the mall?”

Aurora stared up at me in shock. “Your brother and father are still in their chains. Rebecca just checked it out.”

“No, we all saw my brother run down this hallway. He has to be in that classroom with that traitorous bitch. There’s nowhere else for him to go!”

Aurora rose. “Rebecca says she’s staring at your brother right now. He’s still chained up.”

What was going on?

“Ji-Yun, with me. Aurora, batter down the door and capture whoever is in there. I’m going to figure out what the hell is going on!”

Aurora nodded, murmuring, “Yes, my Queen.”

Ji-Yun rose, licking her pussy-stained lips as I whirled and marched down the hallway. The Korean slave fell in a step behind me. She was my favorite of all the schoolgirls I owned. She used to be my friend, but I didn’t need friends now. I just needed to be obeyed. I marched with an imperial step, my firm tits jiggling. I didn’t run, even though I wanted to. I strolled past our college’s trophy case.

That needed to be removed. There were boys’ achievements in there.

We rounded the corner and then passed the stairs that led down towards the first floor. I marched swiftly, my feet ringing and... There was something off. I couldn’t quite place it. The hallways looked just a little different. I felt like someone had rearranged everything while I was gone. Like I’d entered my room and discovered that someone had shifted every object over by an inch or two. Enough to make my brain know something was wrong without me being able to spot it.

“Slave, is something... wrong about this hallway?”

“I… I think so, my Queen.”

We rounded another corner and... There was no one guarding the doors to the classroom holding my brother and my filthy, despicable father. “I thought Rebecca was here!” I snarled, marching down the hallway. “That she was looking at him. Where is she?”

“I don’t know, my Queen!” Ji-Yun said, a slight cringe to her voice.

My fists balled tight. I reached the door that should be holding my brother. I yanked it open and—

It was full of desks. It was set up like the classrooms were before I took over. There were no chains bolted to the walls. Justin may have escaped, but he couldn’t unbolt his restraints from the wall. He couldn’t have put the desks back into place. They were removed from the building.

The world spun around me. This strange, dizzying sense of vertigo hit me.

“Ji-Yun!” I gasped, seizing her to steady my spinning universe. “You’re still my slave, right?” This wasn’t all a dream. I didn’t just... wake up?

“Of course. I am your devoted slave, my Queen. What is going on? Where are the chains?”

* * *

Justin Sampson

Sam started to ride my still-hard cock again. She worked her cum-filled pussy up and down my shaft. What choice did she have? She had to maintain the ruse that she was here to dominate me. That she was here to drain my balls of all my cum. All my filthy lust. That was what the crazy girls in this parallel reality believed. They were led by my alternate-version of my little sister.

The Krystal of this world had gone mad. She thought men were evil. She was causing problems. Outside the college grounds, there was fighting. Smoke rose on the horizon. Gunshots echoed. The boys were rounded up and forced to have their cocks drained by the girls who were all brainwashed into being lesbians. Those girls mechanically rode up and down the boys’ cocks to empty their balls of all their cum.

They seemed to think a guy only produced a finite amount or something.

Sam and I were trying to sneak back to the opening that led to our world. Upstairs was a rift that led back to our universe and away from this insane one. We were almost there when we stumbled across Petra and Melissa. It was Sam’s idea to pretend that I was chained up, like the other boys in this mad universe. That she was draining my balls of their “lusts” to pacify me.

She’d sacrificed her virginity to maintain the ruse.

But now Petra—not the Petra who was my sex slave from our reality, but the messed-up version from this one—was groping Sam from behind. She wanted Sam to keep fucking me until my balls were empty. Thanks to the gravitons feeding me from the NSA’s screwed-up experiment, Project KRONOS, I had unlimited sexual stamina.

So that was happening. And we were wasting time. If the evil version of my sister got through that door and realized Sam and I jumped out the window...

Watching us was Melissa, the Black girl rubbing her pussy as she urged Sam to keep riding me. “That’s it. Be a slut and work that cunt up and down his dick,” Melissa moaned. “Make him cum again and again! Subdue his perverse passions! Tame him with that cunt!”

I had to act. The power lurked inside of me. I glanced at Sam, catching her eyes as she worked her deflowered pussy up and down my dick. Pleasure rippled through me, her snatch feeling incredible. A perverse part of me wanted to let her keep riding me. To keep enjoying her sweet snatch caressing my cock.

Sam nodded her head, mouthed, “Now.”

I ripped my hands-free of the manacles. Sam hadn’t locked them, just wrap the metal bands about my wrists. At the same moment, Sam threw herself backward, pushing Petra away from her. My girlfriend’s pussy popped off my dick as she knocked the Hispanic girl onto her ass. Then Sam sprang to the side, rolling off me and allowing me to move.

“What the fuck?” gasped Melissa. The Black girl lunged at me while Petra scrambled to her feet, her big, brown tits heaving.

Sam had done this earlier today, throwing out her power to freeze the bullet that almost killed me. I concentrated on flinging the reserve of energy that had built inside of me. The pool of the gravitons that the Project KRONOS machine gave me.


A cone of stopped time hurtled from me. It surged over both girls, catching Melissa head on, her body frozen in midair, both feet off the ground. But the gravitons only caught half of Petra, her arm and one of her boobs. She shrieked and jerked her body, struggling to move her outstretched arm. It was like the air held her. She let out a scream of pure fright as I scrambled to my feet. We didn’t have much time before her panic brought others.

I grabbed Sam’s hand and rounded Petra. I took one last look at the half-paused girl, her body struggling to move. She tugged at her frozen arm, gripping her wrist, crying out in terror. Then I darted out of the room.

My still-hard cock bobbed before me, flicking drops of Sam’s pussy juices. Our bare feet slapped on the floor as we rushed for the nearby stairs. It led up to the second floor nearby the rift back to our reality. We raced up it, Sam panting, Petra’s shrieks reaching. As we neared the top of the stairs, I heard a girl asked, “What is that?”

We burst onto the second-floor hallway. Rebecca, not my blonde sex slave from my world but crazy one in this universe, stood beside an open door, her arms folded. She gasped when she saw me, the color draining from her face. Then her head whipped around, peering into the classroom she stood before. She snapped her head back to look at me.

“How... How the fuck are you right here? And... And... in there?”

I didn’t give her a chance to think. I darted the other way, rushing to where the rift should be. I had to guess because I couldn’t see that demarcating line from this side. It all looked like their reality. I raced forward until I thought we were past the point. I hoped this would work. I hoped that the rift was still around.

I whirled around and...

Instead of seeing Rebecca and the hallway of this reality, I saw that small shift in colors and tweaks to the hallway of my universe. That line that ran across the floor, walls, and ceiling, making a perfect edge that mark the borders between our universes. There was home. We couldn’t cross over from the direction we just came, but we could from this side.

It made my head hurt thinking about a two-dimensional gateway in a three-dimensional world.

Sam and I raced back into our reality. We crossed that line and...

A giddy rush shot through me. It felt wonderful to be back home. I wanted to shout out in celebration. Then I heard a strange, slapping echo. It was bare feet smacking onto the floor but faint and distorted. It was like I wasn’t hearing the source of the footsteps, but their echo bouncing off the far wall in the other reality before crossing over into this one.

It clicked in my mind. Rebecca could find us if she passed the boundary point and turned around.

Sam gasped as I shoved her into an alcove for a drinking fountain. I pressed in after her, hugging tight against her naked body. She trembled against me, her eyes wide. She opened her mouth to ask a question, but I couldn’t let her make a sound. I kissed her, sealing my lips over hers. Suddenly those footsteps sounded so close to us. Rebecca must have passed the boundary point. She must be standing where, to her, it must have looked like we had just vanished into thin air.

“What the fuck?” she asked. If she charged into our reality, I would grab her, overpower her.

Sam’s naked body trembled against mine. She clung to me, squeaking. I enjoyed the feel of her. I couldn’t help the way my dick throbbed against her. This was so exciting. We were hiding. So close to getting back to our sex slaves.

It was all so crazy.

Then Rebecca’s footsteps darted away. She was running deeper into her own reality, probably heading to where the alternate version of my sister was trying to batter down the door to the classroom where they thought Sam and I hid.

I broke the kiss with Sam, my excitement bleeding out of me.

“Clever,” Sam said, adjusting her glasses. “But you have drained all your power. It will be twelve hours before you can freeze time again.”

“Doesn’t matter! We’re shutting down that damn machine before this gets any worse.”

Sam nodded. I didn’t want to turn off the machine that gave me these powers. I was afraid everything would go back to normal, that I would lose my sex slaves, especially Aurora, but I couldn’t let insane realities like that one bleed into ours. My sister over there was bonkers.

It sucked doing the right thing.

I pulled away from Sam, gripping her hand, and stepped out into the hallway.


* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

“Hey, Krystal, watch out,” Justin said, grinning at his sister and her lover. “You go too much farther down the hallway and you’ll cross over into this other reality. All that bullshit about parallel universes bleeding together is true. And it is fucked up on the other side.”

“Other... realities...?” his sister asked, her face scrunching up.

“So, what drew you out of the orgy?” Justin continued while I bit my lip. Something was off... I gasped as Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. “Are you hoping I slipped off to make love to Sam? Were you interested in licking my cum out of her pussy?” Justin chuckled. “I know how much you love licking my cum out of a girl’s snatch.”

Krystal’s face mottled red. Her hands balled into fists.

“Well, let’s head back to the others, and then you can lick my cum out of Sam’s pussy. I pumped quite a lot into her.”

“Shut up!” snarled Krystal. “Stop spouting all that filth, you fucking pervert! Why would I ever want to lick your spunk out of another girl’s cunt? You’re just as bad as him!”

Justin’s face fell.

“That’s the other Krystal!” I said, realization slapping me. “She must’ve crossed over into our reality.”

“Fuck,” he muttered, eyeing her.

What should we do? I opened my mouth to ask but Justin suddenly darted forward, leaving me blinking in surprise.

He moved fast, crossing the distance between me and the other version of his little sister. He seized Krystal in his arms. She screeched like a wildcat, her fingernails scratching at his arms. He grunted, wrapped his arms around her waist, and hefted her off the floor.

She fought back, thrashing. They tussled, struggled. He pivoted, his feet sliding on the floor. He grunted against her abuse as his back arched. She bucked back against him, spittle flying from her lips. Her loose hair slapped him in the face.

She twisted in his arms, legs flailing. She snarled and hissed, bucking. She tried to break free of my boyfriend’s embrace. He held her tight, his face scrunching up as her fingernails scratched at his arms again, leaving red furrows, some beading with crimson drops.

“Fucking bitch!” he growled. “We can’t let them cross back over, Sam.”

“Let go of my Queen!” the parallel-version of Ji-Yun shouted.

The petite, Korean girl launched herself at Justin’s back. Her arms went around his neck, choking his throat, her thighs locking about his waist. Her loose, black hair swayed about her shoulders as she screeched and tugged at him.

I had to help him.

I crossed the distance, Justin’s cum pouring down my thighs. I ignored that ticklish rivulet as I seized the Korean girl’s hair. I yanked back hard as she went to bite his neck. She screeched in pain, her neck bending backward.

I took the opportunity to hook my left arm around her neck, pressing the crook of my elbow into her throat. I pulled back even harder. She gasped as I threw her off of Justin’s back. She hit the floor hard. Her head smacked into the linoleum. She gasped, coughing, her eyes fluttering. She looked dazed by the impact.

I acted.

I rolled her over onto her back, twisting her left arm behind her and pinning my knee into her shoulder blades. I held her there.

“Stop your struggling,” growled Justin.

“Let me down, you filthy bastard!” his sister howled. “I won’t let you take me to him! I won’t let him ever rape me ever again!”

“No one is going to fucking rape you!” Justin snarled. He glanced at me. “You got that one, Sam?”

“Indeed,” I answered.

“Good,” he spat, carrying his thrashing sister towards the stairs. Her leg still kicked, but he’d managed to pin her arms to her torso, keeping her from scratching him. She was half thrown over his shoulder now. Her black hair swirling about her rage-mottled features. “We need to get to the others and get our cops guarding the breach right now. We can’t let this insanity bleed over to our world.”

“Let me fucking go now!” howled Krystal, thrashing.

I wrenched the gasping Ji-Yun up by her left arm. I kept it twisted behind her back, saying, “This is what is called a stress position. I am manipulating your joint and can deliver extreme pain if you do not cooperate. Worse, Justin will harm your queen if you struggle to escape. If you wish her to remain unharmed, you will cooperate.”

“I...” whimpered the girl. “Okay.” Her voice sounded strained. “Don’t hurt my Queen. Don’t let her father hurt her ever again.”

Father? An idea of what had twisted the other Krystal formed in my mind. “That shall not happen.”

* * *

Crystal Sampson

I thrashed. I screeched. I fought against my disgusting, filthy brother’s grip. He held me tight as he marched us through the school, heading down the stairs to the first floor. I shouted, crying out for my followers. Where were my sex slaves? Why weren’t they coming to save me? Why was everything back to normal? I didn’t see any classroom full of boys getting their dicks drained.

What did my filthy brother and that traitorous bitch mean by other reality? Where the fuck was I?

I struggled and thrashed. I refuse to be molested again, but I couldn’t stop him. Once again, Justin was taking me to that bastard’s bed. I hated my brother. Hated my mother for being so weak, for not standing up to my filthy father’s abuse. She allowed him to use me. She’d always apologize after, telling me how much happier he was now. How it was better for the family that he used my pussy. They were all such cowards for kowtowing to that fucking monster.

Justin was taking me to that bastard again.

The fear swelled. I felt so helpless again. I was that scared, weak little girl that I was a month ago before my powers were born. I squirmed and wiggled, struggling to escape his grasp. This couldn’t be happening. Not again.

“P-please,” I sobbed, all my new-found power gone. Crumbled away, leaving me crying. “Don’t take me to our father.”

“Our father?” my terrible brother asked. He sounded baffled. “I’m taking you to the gym. Why would I take you to our father?”

“So he can rape me!” I snarled. “You know that.”

“Our dad...” He sounded even more confused. “Well, our dad in this universe is my little cuckold bitch. He’s not going to rape you. No one is going to fucking rape you. Just calm down. I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, but I can’t have you leading your crazy bitches into my world.”

World? Universe? Why had everything gone insane?

I stared at Ji-Yun. My Korean sex slave was still mine, staring at me with such pride in her eyes as she marched before that traitorous Salome. We moved through the familiar halls of Mary Glassner College, but where were all my followers? We approach the gym. I could hear... moans.

Feminine moans.

It sounded like one of the many orgies I’d orchestrated. Those hours upon hours spent writhing amid hundreds of feminine forms, loving on another and celebrating our sapphic delight. Maybe... Maybe this was all some weird prank. Maybe my sex slaves thought it would be funny to have my brother kidnap me and bring me to an orgy.

Yeah, that had to be it. If I figured out which ones did it... I would spank them so hard. Probably that Petra. She was such a cunt.

I was regaining control of myself. Once I was back at the orgy, everything would be fine. Justin would be captured. I would punish everyone who thought it would be funny to pull this horrible joke on me. I would bind them in stocks and whip their asses until they howled. Then I’d fucked them with my strap-on. I’d make them cum while they screamed in blissful agony.

It would be so wonderful to punish them for making me feel helpless.

The doors to the gymnasium creaked open. Justin carried me in, passing two cops who’d opened the doors for him. They were both male cops. Armed male cops. No man should have a gun. My forces were out fighting against those few men who had managed to escape the initial surges of my power. Where had these men come from?

What happened to the school?

“Master!” Girls writhing in sapphic pleasure greeted Justin as he marched through the gym. “That’s so hot that you’re carrying your little sister, Master!”

“Master, can I suck your dick?”

“No, no, let me suck your dick, Master!”

“You can fuck my ass, Master!”

What was going on here? Did all my slaves worship Justin now? Had he taken the power for me? Did he release all the boys? There were so many of them standing around the edges of the gym, looking tall, erect. Like they were guarding it. They weren’t touching any of the women, which was good, only they were free. They looked strong and powerful, not cowed and pacified the way disgusting boys should be.

They could harm me.

“Ooh, who do you have there, bro?” asked the familiar voice. It sounded like my own. And bro?

Justin suddenly swung me off his shoulders and set me on the ground. I turned around to face a naked, slender, black-haired girl. She wore her hair in pigtails the way I used to and... It was like looking into a mirror.

“Holy fucking shit!” the girl before me gasped. “Bro, where did you find my twin?”

“She’s your evil twin, actually,” Justin said.

“Well, she doesn’t have a goatee,” Salome said as she marched Ji-Yun up beside me.

Justin laughed, a deep and hearty sound. Salome joined him, giggling.

“Goatee?” this other version of myself and I asked together. We did it with the same cadence.

Was I really in another universe? One where my brother had taken over instead of me? Where he’d made the version of me here his sex slave.

“Wow, you’re a me from another world,” my twin said. “That is so hot. Does this make you wet? Because I sooooo want to eat your pussy! Is that weird? It would be like the ultimate form of incest. Eating myself out.”

“I... I...” I shook my head. “This is fucking insane!”

* * *

Krystal Sampson

“Yeah, this is insane,” I told my evil twin. She didn’t have her hair in pigtails. And the version of Ji-Yun standing beside wore her hair flowing loose instead of in a cute braid. “So, were you born on April 19th, too?”

My twin nodded, her eyes looking glossy and dazed now. She slumped in my brother’s grip.

“Wow,” I said. “And you spell your name with a K, too? Your Krystal, right?”

“With a K?” she asked. “Why would I spell my name with a K? Crystal starts with a C.”

“Ooh, so we’re not quite the same,” I said.

Justin snorted. “You have no fucking idea. She wanted to exterminate all men over in her reality or drain their lusts or castrate them or something. She has some sort of powers. Don’t know if she can stop time, or anything, but she definitely was mind-controlling people.”

“Hot!” I said. “Well, not the exterminating part.”

Justin’s face grew serious. “Krystal, did dad ever...?” He shook his head. “Never mind.”

I shrugged. I turned my head and shouted, “Hey, Ji-Yun, come meet your evil twin!”

Ji-Yun wormed her way out of a pile of feminine flesh, pussy juices streaking her face and small tits. Her pale-olive skin looked so naughty gleaming with feminine oils smeared across her flesh. She darted towards me, her braided hair keeping her delicate face fully exposed. She glanced at our opposites and blinked.

“Wow, she is my twin,” Ji-Yun said. “Parallel reality stuff?”

I nodded my head.

“Is it weird that I want to have sex with my doppelganger?” my girlfriend asked.

“I knooooow!” I gushed, “I want to fuck my evil twin, too! So hot.”

Ji-Yun nodded her head in vigorous agreement. “Like the ultimate incest.”

I squealed in delight and hugged my girlfriend. I kissed her, tasting sweet and spicy pussy on her lips. I loved her so much. She just “got” me. Yes, I might have mind-controlled her into being the perfect girlfriend by accident, but she also turned me into a bisexual girl who loved her brother’s cum.

So we were even.

I gave another critical eye to my evil twin, who spelled her name with a C instead of a K which was totally weird. I frowned, brow furrowing. “Does she look a little... heavier than me? Right, Ji-Yun?”

“Oh, definitely, she easily has five pounds on you.”

I let out a sigh of relief. There definitely was a little bit of plumpness about Crystal’s thighs. I liked being petite.

My evil twin blinked. “What? You think you’re skinnier than me?”

“She’s all scrawny and bony,” the evil Ji-Yun said. “You are so much more beautiful, my Queen.”

“Why do you make your girlfriend call you queen?” I asked. “That’s a little kinky.”

“Girlfriend?” Crystal asked. “She’s my sex slave. You all should all be my sex slaves. If I had my powers at their full effect, you would all be kneeling before me!”

“This is why we need to shut down the machine,” Justin said.

I nodded my head. I didn’t want to give up my powers, but... I also didn’t want our universe to get destroyed. And now that I liked guys, I didn’t want to have them all emasculated. “So what’s the plan, bro?”

“Miller!” shouted my brother.

The government agent in the suit somehow appeared, almost out of thin air, but he was probably lurking on the periphery waiting to be needed. He was tall, handsome, with dark hair and a dangerous air about him. He bowed to my brother, saying, “I will call the facility and let them know we are coming to turn off the machine. I know they will be excited to end this.”

“No, I don’t trust the NSA.” My brother’s eyes slid down to the gun holstered beneath the agent’s shoulder. The butt and holster peeked out of his jacket as he moved. “We’re going to do this my way.”

“And what is your way, Justin?” asked Sam, sounding calm.

I nodded my head, holding my girlfriend tight to me. I can’t believe the other version of me made her Ji-Yun into a sex slave. She truly was my evil doppelganger.

Justin drew in a deep breath and then bellowed, “I need someone who feels like they could stop time right this second!”

His words echoed through the gym, cutting over the lingering moans of passion. Most of the girls had untangled themselves and were gathering around him. Aurora was fighting her way through the crowd to reach my brother. He surveyed his women, even glancing at the guys who stood guard. Anyone of them could gain the power. The closer you were to my brother, the more likely the ability would spill over into you and let you stop time and mind-control people.

And maybe if they were close to me, too. My brother and I were on the same... wavelength. So far it seemed like we were the only ones connected that way. Maybe because we were siblings? Or maybe because we both were somehow affected at the same time by the machine. I didn’t know. This was really Sam’s area.

Just as Aurora reached my brother, Paris burst out of the crowd, her body smeared in pussy cream just like Ji-Yun’s was. She had such a look of hope on her face as she shouted, “Me! I think I can stop time! I’ll do it, Master!”

* * *

Justin Sampson

I nodded, my plan bubbling in my head. I glanced at Sam and said, “We’re going to freeze time so we don’t have to worry about the people from the other world bleeding into ours while we’re traveling to Handford. Plus, I don’t trust those NSA fuckers. We’ll get in there, we’ll turn off the machine, then we’ll, hopefully, slip out.”

“Once we turn off the machine, time may resume immediately. We may not get out.” Sam adjusted her glasses. “Unless we are very careful in our infiltration.”

My head snapped over to Miller. “It’ll be up to you to ensure that once time flows again, we’ll have an easy escape route.”

“Of course, my God,” the government agent said.

I shuddered. How much longer would people think of me like that? I glanced over at Crystal, staring at the warped version of my little sister. I could understand the seduction of power. Of domination. I wanted to take over my world. For that fleeting hour, I had such dreams. I imagined spreading my influenced far and wide. I would have used my mind-controlled followers, the Parallels I created with my powers, to dominate governments. I would have moved my slaves into position like chess pieces, let them stop time themselves, then use their powers to create me new followers.

I didn’t want the dream to end, but how much longer before another fucked up reality bled into ours. It could already be happening, opening onto places even more messed up than the one Crystal came from.

“We’ll need a team,” I said.

Sam nodded her head, saying, “Of course. I will be going.”

I wanted to say no, not wanting to take my girlfriend into danger, but what choice did I have? I would need her brains on this. “And Miller will be going, too. That’s a given.”

“I’m coming, bro,” Krystal said, holding her girlfriend tight. “No way I’m missing out on sneaking into a government base. If we’re going to stop time, I want to enjoy it one last time.

“And you will need your head slave, Master,” Aurora said. “To keep Paris in line.”

Paris blushed. She had to go because she was the one who could pause time.

I studied my blonde sex slave. The first girl I’d ever fucked. Just yesterday she despised me; now she wanted to risk her life to spend as much time with me as possible. I could see it in her eyes. The fear that when this was all over, she wouldn’t be my sex slave any longer. She wanted to enjoy it for as long as she could.

“Okay. Aurora’s coming, too. But that’s it.”

“We’re going to need a vehicle,” Sam said. “I don’t want to walk all the way to Handford.”

I groaned. I hadn’t considered that. “Fuck, can Paris bring a vehicle with her when she pauses time?”

“That is a very good question,” Sam said. “Clearly, the gravitons affect your belongings and the people you’re touching, but it doesn’t seem to affect the ground you’re standing on. It appears to be a very localized area. Perhaps you... instinctively decide what is or isn’t affected by the gravitons. Also, the fact that you’re able to move through the air and manipulate objects implies that you have a continuous effect on things, spreading small ripples of space-time distortion around you. Undoubtedly, there are some unusual quantum effects going on that allow interesting phenomena to happen.”

“Like girls’ pussies getting wet when I manipulate them,” I said. I scratched at the back of my neck. “A whole bunch about this that doesn’t make any sense. Oh, well. Who cares how this works. We just need to find a vehicle and hope that Paris can encase it and all of us in her time bubble.”

“I can totally do it, Master,” Paris said, her small breasts jiggling as she nodded her head.

“And if she doesn’t, I will have to spank her,” Aurora added, a big grin on her face.

My hand itched. I suddenly wanted to spank Aurora. She hadn’t been naughty, and I’d already spanked her today so that the compulsion that she put on me wasn’t nibbling at me.

“We must make sure it is a vehicle that has a full tank of gas,” Sam said. “We cannot guarantee we could fill up the tank if we run out of gas before we arrive. But it is only a couple hour drive, so it should not be a problem if it’s full.”

“Our van has more than enough gas to get us there,” Miller said. “We topped it off this morning before we arrived.”

“Okay, that’s it.”

“Good, I need to wash up. I will return.” Sam turned and strolled off. I blinked, wanting to talk to her.

I waited about seven minutes, the orgy raging around us. Then she returned, her body wet and glistening. She’d showered in the locker room. I didn’t blame her. We had a wild time in the other world when I’d taken her cherry.

My stomach churned, remembering that moment. I said to Sam, “I need to talk to you in private.”

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

The only light that spilled through the equipment room bled from under the door. I trembled in the darkness with Justin. It felt so... intimate. Even with his harem of hundreds of schoolgirls and his army of protectors just outside, I suddenly felt like we were the only two people in the world. He took my hands in the darkness, his body merely a silhouette my eyes slowly adjusted. Beat by beat of my heart, I could see more and more of his features resolving out of the shadows.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” I asked, the sudden nervousness swirling through me as he rubbed the back of my hands with his fingers.

“Are you... sad that you surrendered your cherry to me?”

“Of course not,” I said, my deflowered pussy clenching. My snatch felt so... open. “I don’t regret saving our lives one bit.”

“Even though you didn’t get to loose her virginity in the backseat of a car after making out while watching a scary movie?” Justin asked. I could just make out his lips spreading in a smile.

“No,” I said. I had wanted him. I had no regrets. “I was just glad that it was with you. It turned out all that stuff really didn’t matter. Even with those bizarre versions of Petra and Melissa watching us, I felt your love. It felt so...” A breathiness entered my voice. My heart fluttered. All these emotions that I normally tried to ignore were bubbling up through me. My nipples ached, my areolas feeling so puffy and itchy. In my pussy...

My pussy needed to be touched. Stroked. Penetrated.

“I promise when this is all over, I will take you out on that proper date,” Justin said. “I want to do it properly, and—”

I kissed him.

My arms sprang around his neck. I pulled him tight as my lips melted against his. My body pressed against his. I clung to him. His arms went around me, embracing me with a fierceness. His dick throbbed in twitched against my belly, smearing precum that leaked out of the tip. My cunt clenched, aching to be touched. All these wicked and naughty sensations rushed through my body.

Our tongues dueled. My glasses brushed his cheeks as our lips worked together. So wonderful. It was like we were trying to devour each other. To feast on each other’s passion. I was so happy. Such joy bubbled through me to feel his arms around me. I whimpered against him, shivering.

Being kissed was wonderful, but I needed something more... rapturous.

I broke the kiss with Justin, panting. I could see more of his face now, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. His had a glossy shimmer to them. They were liquid with his passion. His breath was hoarse, heavy. He stared down at me with such hunger.

“If you want... to do this right, Justin,” I said, struggling to speak clearly as I gasped for breaths, “then you need to... go down on... me.” I licked my lips and then added, “I did douche myself. I washed out all of your cum.”

“We’ll have to remedy that,” Justin said, a grin spreading across his face. “After I go down on you and make you explode.”

“Yes!” I groaned as he knelt down before me, his strong hands sliding down my naked flesh. I was getting so used to being nude all the time, it was so naughty. His touch ignited my skin in ways I didn’t know possible. His fingers found my hips, holding me tight. Then he pulled me forward.

I gasped as his lips found my bush, nuzzling into my silky delight. He kissed lower and lower through my pubic hair until he reached the top of my pussy. He let out a growling moan of hunger.

Then he licked me.

His fingers tightened on my hips as his tongue lapped through my folds again. I shuddered, his mouth feeling so different from Miss Daisy’s licking tongue. He dipped into my hole since I had no hymen to block my entrance now. He didn’t have her delicate touch, either. He licked me with a stronger, more forceful touch.

A manly touch.

“Justin!” I squealed, pleasures racing through me as his tongue licked and lapped through my folds. My hands shot down past my quivering, budding breasts to grab his dark hair. I clutched him, fingers digging through his short locks as I held him against my pussy.

It felt so incredible. His dark eyes stared up at me, his nose pressed into my black bush. I shuddered, grinding my snatch across his face. I humped against him, his tongue diving into my pussy. He swirled around inside of me, teasing my silky walls.

I whimpered as the pleasure rushed through me. It flowed to every inch of my body. It built this wonderful ache inside of me. His nose would brush my clit as his tongue plunged in and out of my pussy. Almost like he was fucking me.

“Justin, yes!” I gasped. “Your tongue... Oh, wow, your tongue!”

“Just let yourself explode, Sam,” he growled, sounding so confident. A day enjoying sex slaves had given him the boldness to know what he was doing with my pussy. I could feel it as his lips latched onto my clit.


I gasped, my entire body bucking. His hands gripped my hips, holding me tight to his mouth as he nursed on my little bud. Between sucks, his tongue fluttered against it. He caressed it, stimulating it.

The rapture built inside of me. This wonderful quiver of ecstasy. My pussy clenched as I held onto him. I whimpered, my braid of black hair swaying down my back as I shuddered.

“Oh, my gosh, it’s building in me, Justin!” I moaned. “My orgasm. You’re going to make me climax.”

“Do it,” he growled, his hands sliding my hips to grab my rump. He seized both butt-cheeks, squeezing tight. “Cum on my mouth!”

He latched onto my clit again. Sucked.

“Yes!” I screamed.

The feel of him nursing on that sensitive bud sent rapture shooting through me. It built and built in me, swelling so swiftly. My toes curled against the gym mats lying on the floor. I trembled, my entire body tensing, bracing itself for the explosive ecstasy.

Justin’s tongue brushed my clit. He triggered it. I gasped as the bliss burst inside of my pussy. My snatch convulsed, begging to be filled. Juices flowed out of me while rapture speared through my body. It swept through every bit of me, washing through my mind.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled as little stars burst across my vision. My neurons were firing so hard. My mind was flooded with dopamine. It set off all my pleasure receptors.

Justin licked and lapped at my pussy, drinking the flood of my passion gushing out of me. His fingers gripped my clenching rump, holding me tight as I spasmed. I clutched at his hair, the room spinning around me. I was dizzy with rapture.

With the rapture he gave me.

My boyfriend loved me. He gave me such ecstasy. I groaned and gasped, my eyes fluttering as such bliss rippled through me. I loved it. I wanted more. I wanted him in me.

“Justin!” I called, unable to put my needs into coherent words.

But he understood.

He pulled his face from my pussy. He held my hips tight as he guided me down to the floor. Before I knew it, I was stretched out on the gym mats and he was over me, a dark shape that hovered above. My arms slid around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. I had to love him. He was Justin.

My boyfriend.

My lover.

His cock pressed into my silky bush. He must be holding his dick and guiding it. I shuddered, feeling his tip sliding down my slit until he found the opening of my pussy. Our lips met in a hot kiss, my tangy cream covering his mouth. I tasted wonderful on him. I whimpered into his mouth as his dick filled me.

This time it was just me and him. Alone in the college’s equipment room. I could pretend this was how I lost my virginity, but I didn’t want to. I sacrificed my maidenhead to save our lives, and I was proud of that. Now I could make love to him in private.

Just the two of us.

He bottomed out in me, my pussy gripping him. I shuddered, squirming my hips and stirring my snatch around his girth. His dick throbbed inside of me, twitching and pulsing to the beat of his heart. I could feel his love as he kissed me. Our tongues dueled, caressed each other.

He drew back his cock.

My pussy clamped down on his withdrawing shaft, not wanting his dick to leave but reveling in the silky friction that burned with rapture inside of me. Then he rammed home into me, burying back into my depths where he belonged. A wave of bliss washed through me. I clutched him so tight, crushing his chest to my small breasts. My puffy nipples tingled.

He made love to me. We made love to each other. Our bodies moved and worked and pumped. The both of us wanted to give the other such bliss. Every time his cock rammed into me, I whimpered. Every time he pulled back, my pussy clenched about him, increasing that wonderful friction.

Justin broke the kiss, moaning, “Sam! My beautiful Sam.”

“Yes, yes, Justin!” I moaned, my hips moving to the rhythm of his thrust. My clit throbbed every time his pubic bone crushed it. Little sparks of bliss exploded through me. They bathed my inner depths. “I love you, Justin!”

He kissed me again. My orgasm swelled with every thrust of his dick. The bliss built inside of me. It wasn’t going to be an explosion this time, but a wonderful wave of rapture inundating my body. A delicious tsunami of ecstasy that would sweep away all my thoughts and leave behind only the rapture of this moment.

I kissed him so hard, eager for the passion to burst through me.

Justin’s thrust harder and with more power. The pleasure built and built, squirming inside of me. I gripped him with my pussy, squeezing down on his shaft as he plunged in and out of me. His crotch smacked into me, my clit drinking in the pleasure every time. I savored that rush of bliss as he buried inside of me. He filled me up.

I came closer and closer to that moment. I groaned into his hot lips. Our tongues caressed each other. My puffy nipples rubbed against his chest, his body moving over mine. I loved his weight atop me. He was heavy in such a wonderful way.

I had never felt more like a woman than right now. Not an awkward, nerdy girl, but a mature, beautiful woman.

I broke the kiss, gasping out, “Justin, I love you! I’ve loved you for so long! I’m so glad you mind-controlled me to admit my feelings. This is amazing. Justin!”

As my orgasm crashed through me, Justin grunted, “Love you, too, Sam!”

“Yes!” I howled as my pussy writhed and spasmed about his cock.

He plunged into my orgasming cunt, churning me up and sending wave after wave of rapture flooding through my body. It was so wonderful, so amazing to feel that delight washing through me. It splashed into my mind, igniting all those neurons again.

Dopamine ignited all the receptors in my brain. Pleasure flooded like electricity across my mind. My cunt convulsed harder, sucking at his dick plunging into me. I clutched at him, bucking and writhing beneath him.

“Justin!” I howled with all my need.

“My Sam!” he growled and buried his shaft to the hilt in me.

His cum spurted hot into me. This wondrous delight that splashed against my cervix. It spilled through me, flooding my inner depths. My pussy writhed about him, wringing him dry. Passion filled me.

I kissed him hard, reveling in this moment. My body had evolved for me to enjoy this moment. To take my man’s seed deep inside of me. To feel the completeness of our rapturous union. I trembled beneath Justin, holding him so tight. I clutched him to me as the pleasure burned through my body.

He collapsed on me. His nose nuzzled into mine. We shared a quick kiss, enjoying the tenderness of this moment. I never wanted it to end. I just wanted to stay in his dark storeroom with him forever and—

A knock rapped on the storage room door. Then Aurora, her voice half-muffled, said, “Master, we’re ready.”

Justin broke the kiss. My eyes had adjusted enough to let me see all his features now. I stroked his cheek, nodding my head. He said, “Let’s go save the world.”

Bitterness twisted his features even as he pulled out of me. He didn’t want to give up his powers, but it was the right thing to do. The heroic thing. It made me love him even more. That wouldn’t change. Even if everything else went back to normal, I would still be honest about my emotions. I wouldn’t give them up at all.

“Yes, let’s do it,” I said.

To be continued...