The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 17: Sex Slave’s Wild Passion

Krystal Sampson

I placed my hand on the small of Paris’s back. She knelt in the middle of the gray van used by the NSA agents. They came to our college to find the person affected by their Project KRONOS machine. That person was my brother, Justin.

And, maybe, myself.

We were the first to use the powers. We were the only ones who did it yesterday. We also were the only two on the same frequency. When one of us stopped time, the other one was also pulled into the frozen reality, too. Maybe is because we were siblings, or maybe we were both affected by the machine. Which meant we were both the point that spread gravitons, and our abilities, to other people.

People like Paris.

But those people could freeze Justin and me. They could even mind-control us, like the way we’d done to all the people at our college. It was all so strange. I didn’t want to stop doing it, but it was causing problems to the fabric of space-time in our universe.

By mind-controlling people, we were really drawing personalities from other universes. Doing that was destroying the barriers between our universe and other ones, allowing realities to bleed together.

It was how I met my evil twin today. She was also named Krystal, but she spelled her name with a C and not a K. Weird.

Outside the van, all the sex slaves were cheering Justin on, almost drowning out the chug of the van’s running engine. Ji-Yun, my girlfriend, was out there, too. I could hear her calling out a farewell to me.

“I’m ready, Master,” Paris said. She stared at him. The pervert had his hand over her right breast, squeezing her tit. Well, he did own her.

Plus, she did have cute, little titties. Just a little bigger than my own.

Sam, Justin’s girlfriend, knelt beside him, her hand on Paris’s shoulder. The nerdy girl was naked like the rest of us, her black hair gathered in a loose braid. Kneeling on the other side of Justin was his first sex slave, Aurora. The blonde cheerleader had her hand groping Paris’s other tit. She was as much a pervert as my brother.

As me!

I enjoyed being a pervert. I liked that I was now a bi pervert instead of just a lesbian pervert.

“Let’s do it,” I said, shivering.

“We’re ready,” said the final person in the van: Agent Miller. He was dressed in the suit, looking handsome and dangerous. He was the sort of man you’d imagined when thinking about a spy. He was going to guide us to the facility where Justin would shut down the machine and put an end to all this madness before more craziness—like the bizarre reality that my evil twin came from—spilled over into ours.

“STOP!” Paris shouted.

I shivered as that familiar feeling rippled over me.

The gravitons flowed out of Paris and ran across my skin in a blink of an eye. She encased me in her power, allowing me to move through the paused time she created. I trembled, listening to the sounds of the outside world vanish. All the girls that were surrounding us, all the cheering sex slaves that my brother owned went silent.

The only sounds I heard was the sound of the van’s engine running.

“Thank god that worked,” Justin said, glancing at the front. “You did good, Paris.”

We weren’t sure Paris could bring the van into our paused reality. If it didn’t work, we’d have to walk there. Or, I guess we could just have driven there. But it would take a couple hours, and who knew what would happen.

Now we had all the time in the world.

I grinned, hopped to my feet, and threw open the sliding side door of the boxy work van. I darted out of it, weaving through the cheering horde of girls. My brother shouted after me, but there was something I had to do. It didn’t matter how long it took now. We could spend a year fucking around in paused time before we went to the facility and turned off the machine. While everything was frozen, not a single second would past for anyone else.

I licked my lips, hungry to do this. It would be so naughty. Such a wicked thing to do. The moment I saw my evil twin, I just had to do this.

“What the hell are you doing, Krystal?” Justin shouted.

I threw a glance over my shoulder, spotting my brother charging naked after me. I was finding him really sexy now. My girlfriend, Ji-Yun, mind-controlled me into finding my brother sexy. He had a lean build that was surprisingly hot for such a nerd. His cock bounced hard before him. Aurora was right at his side, the cheerleader’s toned legs stretching before her while her round breasts heaved and bounced.

I just grinned and kept going.

I burst into the gymnasium. My bare feet slapped on the floor, the only sounds in the entire room. It was full of guys brainwashed into being Justin’s personal army. His three former bullies were leading the watch on the prisoners. The muscular Chris stood over my evil twin and the evil version of my girlfriend, Ji-Yun. They both came from that other reality, captured by my brother after he spent an hour futzing around over there.

Well, an hour trying not to get captured by a horde of crazy girls that wanted to drain all the lust out of his balls and turn him into some sort of quasi-eunuch wuss.

I stopped before Crystal, staring at her. We looked so much alike. The same petite build, both of us eighteen and just blossoming into womanhood. She had boyish hips and budding breasts, too. Her nipples were pink and soft. Her black hair wasn’t gathered in pigtails like mine but fell in a loose mass around her elfin face. My eyes swept down to the nearly identical, trimmed bush that adorned Crystal’s pussy, the dark patch contrasting with her pale skin.

Mouthwatering, I fell to my knees before her. I just had to feast on her. To devour her. I wanted nothing more than to lick and lap and enjoy all her yummy delights. I wanted to eat my own doppelganger’s pussy. It was the ultimate form of incest.

“This is why your ran, Krystal?” asked Justin as he came to a halt behind me. Aurora was next to him. In the back, Sam and Paris were stumbling up, both panting and clutching at their sides. “You want to eat out Crystal’s pussy?”

“Justin, this is our last chance to enjoy paused time. We are never going to get to do this again. So, yes, I’m going to eat out Crystal’s pussy. I’m going to enjoy it. We have all the time the world right now.”

“Your sister... is... in essence... correct...” panted Sam as she arrived, her face flushed.

“See, even your girlfriend agrees with me, bro.” I grinned up at my brother. Then my head whipped around, and I nuzzled my face into my evil doppelganger’s bush.

Into her pussy.

She tasted just like me. That same fresh delight that I had enjoyed smeared on Ji-Yun’s lips a few times since yesterday. Or when sucking my fingers clean. I shuddered, rubbing my face into her silky bush, eating out my own pussy. My cunt clenched, almost like I was licking myself. This was so hot. This truly was the ultimate form of incest.

I wiggled my hips, my cunt growing hotter and hotter. Beads of my fresh juices ran down my thighs as my tongue fluttered through my evil doppelganger’s folds. This was the same delights that Ji-Yun, my brother, or my mother got to enjoy when they feasted on me. They licked these exact same labia. They flicked this same little clit. They felt these same ticklish pubic hairs.

My lust surged hot through me. I groaned as I thrust my tongue deep into her snatch, pumping in and out of her. It was so hot. This was incredible. I wiggled my hips more, my cunt itching to be filled. I could feel Justin watching me eat out this alternate version of myself.

His evil little sister.

I lifted my head and moaned, annoyed, “Why aren’t you fucking me, Justin? Don’t you see me wiggling my cute tush at you?” I threw a look over my shoulder at him, my evil twin’s juices coating my lips and chin. “Unless you don’t think I have a cute tush?”

Aurora giggled.

“Why wouldn’t Justin think you have a cute tush?” Sam asked, pushing up her glasses.

I rolled my eyes.

“Fuck yes, you have a cute tush,” Justin growled, his dick thrusting hard before him.

He fell to his knees and seized my hips. I groaned in delight as he thrust into me in a single plunge. My brother’s cock filled me as I turned back to my evil twin. I buried my face into Crystal’s snatch, licking up those familiar, fresh juices.

They poured into my mouth, my fingers gripping her hips as Justin slammed his cock into me over and over. My brother fucked me hard. His dick reamed into me, the silky friction sending waves of lust fluttering through me. Then his balls smacked into my bud, sending sparks of delight bursting through my cunt.

He grunted as he fucked me. His hand slid up my naked body to find my budding breasts. He cupped them, squeezed them. My snatch clenched around his dick as he pinched my hard nipples.

“That’s it,” I moaned into Crystal’s juicy snatch. “Fuck me, bro! Fuck me while I eat myself out!”

“Goddamn!” Justin grunted, his strokes growing harder. He pinched and twisted my nipples as he rammed that dick into my juicy depths. “Devour her, Krystal! Make her cum on your face. Love her! She needs to be loved!”

What weird words to say. But I didn’t care what they meant. I was burning with the rapture of my brother’s dick plunging again and again into my juicy snatch. Churning me up, spilling bliss through my body. My eyes fluttered as I enjoyed every hard stroke.

I gripped his dick tight in my cunny, increasing the silky friction burning in me. The pleasure swelled and swelled inside of me. I was going to cum feasting on my twin’s snatch. I found her clit, sucking on it.

When time unpaused, she would have an amazing orgasm. She would scream her pretty, little head off. It would be so amazing. My tongue swirled around her bud. I nibbled on it. I made sure she felt amazing.

And I was rewarded.

More more of her juices flooded out of her time-paused pussy. I didn’t know how these strange powers worked, I just loved them. I reveled in the pussy cream spilling over my chin and running down my neck.

“Fuck,” grunted Justin. “This is so hot to watch. It’s like you’re eating yourself! Like I have two sisters!”

“Yes, it is quite… stimulating,” Sam moaned.

Aurora let out a purring, whimpering moan. “I so want to do naughty things, Master!”

Justin just pinched my nipples while he slammed his dick into me. His balls smacked my clit. I couldn’t take much more of this. I sucked so hard on my evil doppelganger’s clit. My nose pressed into her hot folds. I breathed in her fresh musk. I trembled, clutching at her, just moments from exploding.

Then a burst of her juices gushed out of her cunt. I gasped in delight. I made my evil twin cum.

My tongue fluttered up from her clit to the entrance of her tight hole. I buried deep into her and felt her cunt’s contractions. She was having an orgasm that she would experience in one brief moment when time resumed. A hot rush of rapture. My fingers moved from her hips. They slid around her to reach her clit. I found her bud, stimulated it.

I wanted to give her such a treat. Something to remember me by.

I frigged her bud hard. I massaged it as my orgasm erupted through me. Justin buried into me, my cunt writhing and spasming around his dick. Waves of ecstasy flooded through my body, reaching my mind.

Stars danced across my vision.

“Yes!” I howled into my evil twin’s pussy.

“Goddamn, I love it when your pussy cums on my dick,” Justin moaned. He pumped his dick hard and fast into me, sending more waves of bliss flooding through me.

I kept my evil doppelganger cumming for as long as I could. My own orgasm spilled from one to the another. Climax after climax shuddered through me as Justin fucked me with his thick dick. His balls thwacked over and over against my clit. Sparks exploded through me.

“Krystal!” my brother gasped. He buried into me, his dick reaching to the very depths of my fertile pussy. Then his hot seed spurted into me.

“Yes, cum in me, Justin!” I howled, my head snapping up from my time-paused doppelganger’s snatch. I kept flicking her clit as my orgasm drove me to such height of rapture.

My convulsing pussy milked my brother’s balls of all their jizz. I wrung out every incestuous drop into my depths. I shuddered, welcoming this flood into me. I was so glad I’d been mind-controlled by Ji-Yun into loving this.

“Krystal!” he grunted, pinching my nipples one last time. “Damn, that was good.”

“Yeah,” I panted, my fingers falling away from Crystal’s bud. She would be beset with such pleasure when time resumed.

“We should do something about her,” Justin said as he ripped his cock out of me.

“Um, what?” I blinked, his jizz running out of me.

* * *

Justin Sampson

My dick, coated in my little sister’s pussy cream, still thrust hard before me as I contemplated the naked Crystal. The petite girl was standing there frozen. Krystal’s feasting had pushed Crystal’s legs farther apart. The paused girl’s pussy lips were still spread open from Krystal’s lapping tongue. The two looked so much alike.

There was so much pain in Crystal.

It led her to create that nightmarish world.

“You think my powers will work on her, Sam?” I asked.

“Probably,” Sam said. “Why?”

“It’s just... If our realities stop colliding, she’s going to be stranded here. We should move her back to her reality just in case. And if so... Maybe we can make it better.”

Sam smiled at me, such an unusual thing to see on the serious girl. I liked it.

I took a step towards Crystal and nuzzled into her ear. I cupped my hands, not wanting the guys standing around me to hear these commands. I thought about them for a moment. Then I whispered, “You don’t have to want to have sex with guys, but you don’t hate them. You don’t want to punish boys because of what your asshole father did to you. Punish only him. With whatever your powers are, you can make something better for your world. Something that won’t cause girls to suffer what you did.

“You need to forgive your brother and your mother. They were just scared of your father. Fear makes people weak. When you don’t have any power, you just want to survive. You make excuses not to do the right thing. It destroys your soul, surviving. So do that and work with all those boys. Build something together with them and make your world amazing.”

“Well, Justin,” Krystal asked when I pulled back. “what did you tell her?”

“Just something she needed to hear,” I said. Then I hefted the frozen girl, grunting as I threw her petite body over my shoulder. “Someone, grab evil Ji-Yun.”

“I got her, Master,” Aurora said. “Paris, get her feet.”

“Gotcha,” Paris said.

Would Paris go back to being a rich, stuck-up bitch once I turned off the machine? Would Aurora stop being my cheerleader-slave? Would Krystal return to being gay? What about her girlfriend, Ji-Yun? Would she still be into girls? Or would she hate the fact that she spent the day licking Krystal’s pussy?

Well, it didn’t matter. We’d just have to face those consequences once the machine was turned off. My sister and I had a lot of fun the last day, but we couldn’t let our enjoyment cause more harm to the world. I let go of my dreams of making it to my paradise. Maybe Crystal could do it to her own world. Things felt... different over there. Whatever happened to her wasn’t the same thing happening to me.

With infinite universes, things were bound to function differently in other ones.

I carried her out of the gym and down my college’s hallways. I reached the stairs that led up to the second floor. I climbed them, wondering what I would find at the barrier. Would it even be there when time was paused? Could we even cross it? What if time still passed in her reality?

I didn’t know, but we were about to find out.

I gained the top of the stairs, Aurora and Paris grunting behind me as they carried the petite Ji-Yun between them. A group of my cops stood at the breach, weapons aimed into the other universe. There were some girls from the other reality that were peeking around the corner. I spotted Aurora, her green eyes wide in shock.

“Oh, wow, there’s evil me,” Aurora said as we approached the rift.

It seemed like time was paused for all universes. Damn, this was a lot of power. No wonder it was ripping apart the boundaries between realities.

Sam swept past me and dragged one of the cops out of the way, grunting as she torqued her hips, pivoting him on one foot then the other to clear him out of our way. I marched to the gap into another universe. I set Crystal down just on her side of the breach. Next to her, my sex slaves settled Ji-Yun down on her back, her limbs at a weird angle.

Last, I maneuvered the cop back in place just in case the passageway between universes didn’t go away and they had to defend it.

“Okay, let’s go.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

Driving to Handford took longer than the two hours it normally would take. We didn’t account for traffic.

Even though it was the middle the day, traffic should’ve been mostly light on the way there which wouldn’t have slowed us down. However, it was all frozen. All the cars had stopped, forming a perpetual traffic jam.

We had to weave through them. Miller drove the van with skill. Sometimes he would race down the shoulder until a broken-down car or a cop doing a traffic stop forced us back out into the road. We passed strobing lights captured in mid-flash. Other times there was no shoulder, especially as we started over the Cascade Mountains across Stevens Pass. There were times when I wasn’t sure that our van fit through the gaps in between cars, but Miller threaded the needle, careful not to hit any vehicle.

If he struck them, it might impact momentum to the paused car that could trigger an accident when time resumed.

I sat in the backseat, holding Justin’s hand. It was a silent drive. All of us had realized that this crazy day—and all the strange, new delights we’d experienced—was coming to an end. I was cataloging my thoughts so I could record them all for posterity.

It was such a unique experience to be able to enjoy pause time.

I would stare out the windows, spotting impossible sights. A fluttering plastic shopping bag hung suspended in the air. A bird looked like it was stuck in the sky as if it were a taxidermy specimen on display at a museum instead of a living bird in the wild. I studied the people in cars, paused in driving. Some were talking while passengers texting. People stared bored out windows, others looked like they were bobbing to the music. We passed one where children looked like they were fighting in the backseat, their faces twisted in anger while their mother was turned around to yell at them.

These were the people we were protecting by doing this. I knew my boyfriend had fantasies of spreading his domination, creating some sort of perverted utopia for himself, so I was impressed that he was doing the right thing. I squeezed his hand. He glanced at me, his dark eyes distant. I leaned closer to him, nudging my shoulder against his.

“I am proud of you, Justin,” I said.

He blinked. “For what?”

“For doing the right thing,” I said. “It is a hard task to do. You are giving up so much. We are doing it for all these people we’re driving past. People who don’t even know what you are doing. It’s selfless.”

“I don’t feel selfless,” he muttered. “I’m doing this to protect those I care about.”

“See, selfless,” I told him. “I am glad that this all happened. That I became open with my feelings. I promise that won’t change. Even if everything resets, I will still love you, Justin.”

“Master!” squealed Aurora suddenly. I blinked as the sex slave ripped off her seatbelt and threw herself onto my boyfriend’s lap.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

I sat naked on my Master’s lap, trembling. I slid my arm around his neck, holding him tight. My round breasts swayed right before his face as I wiggled atop his lap. I could feel his dick swelling hard against my inner thigh, rising up to brush the shaved folds of my pussy. I stared into his dark eyes as I pressed my forehead against his.

“I don’t want to lose you, Master,” I whimpered. “I’m your slave.”

His arms went around me. His hands slid down my back to my ass. He squeezed both my butt-cheeks which were still a little sore from his spanking earlier. “I know that, slave.”

“Remember that,” I told him. “Remember that this is what I wanted. To be a strong man’s sex slave. Even if it all goes back to normal, that won’t have changed. You can still claim me. You can still make me yours again.” Tears burned in my eyes. My vision grew blurry. “Because I’ll always be your sex slave, Master. Always.”

His fingers dug into my rump. “I hope so, but...”

“Please, no buts,” I said. I stared into his eyes, begging him.

His eyes harden, something strong growing inside of them. Something masterful. I whimpered as he gripped my hips and pulled me down, my pussy pressing against the tip of his cock. I gasped as my labia swallowed his dick. My wet sheath slid around him, my silky flesh engulfing him. I whimpered as I sank down his girth, taking more and more of him into me. This was where he belonged.

“I own this pussy,” he growled. “It is mine to use. It’s my cum-dumpster. I’ll fuck you whenever I want. Nothing is going to change that, slave!”

His growling voice sounded so sure. I trembled, my fears retreating. Even if it was a lie, it was all I would believe. I clenched my pussy down around his cock. I quivered, impaled on him. I shifted my hips, stirring my snatch around his cock, pleasing him. He was so right. My body, my pussy, existed to please him.

I would please him right now.

As the van maneuvered through the paused traffic, I raised my hips and slid my cunt up my Master’s dick. I squeezed hard, making him growl. His fingers dug into my butt-cheeks as I rose to the pinnacle of his cock.

My hips danced a slow, sensuous circle that stirred the crown of his dick through my juicy twat. Then I slammed down him, taking every inch of him in a heartbeat. I gasped, my back arching, my tits pressing into his upper chest. My nipples rubbed against his collarbone as I shuddered. My blonde ponytail swayed behind me.

“Yes, yes, you own my pussy, Master!” I moaned as I rose up again. “Use my body! I’m your cum-dumpster!”

“She is,” Paris moaned from the front seat. “Oh, Master, yes, yes use her! She loves being your slave!”

I did. I loved my Master so much. I didn’t mind that he loved Sam more than me. She was his Queen. But I was his head slave. He fucked me before he fucked any other girl. What we had would never be erased. Even if everything went back to the way it was before the machine activated, I would know in my soul. I would ache for him.

And I knew he would claim me. He would seize me, hold me tight, and fuck me hard.

“That’s it, slave,” he growled. “Work that slutty cunt up and down my dick.”

He drew back his hand and cracked it down on my ass.


I hissed in a deep breath, my cunt clenching down on his dick as the pain radiated through my flesh. I whimpered, my body quivering as the heat flowed through me. It was such a wondrous delight to enjoy. Such a treat to experience. My Master disciplined me while I rode his dick. My clit throbbed every time I bottomed out on him, grinding into his pubic bone.


That delicious, stinging bliss shot through me. I whimpered, arching my back. My tits bounced before me, my nipples grazing his cheeks.

He latched onto my right nub. Suckled. Pleasure shot like lightning down to my pussy. My cunt clenched around his dick as I worked up and down his girth. Pleasure spilled through me, delight rippling through my body. A preview for the true rapture to come.


He spanked me hard. He gave me such bliss. I treasured it. I savored it. The heat surged through me. This wonderful passion that drove me towards my orgasm. I would explode on his dick. I would experience such rapture. I couldn’t wait. I quivered and groaned, ready for—


“Master!” I squealed as the heat from his fourth spank spilled through my rump.

He sucked harder on my nipple. He nipped it with his teeth. He made such naughty sounds while I slid my cunt up and down his dick. The pleasure spilled through me over and over again. Every time I bottomed out on his girth, I ground my clit into his pubic bone.


I groaned and whimpered. I loved feeling his hand spanking my ass. I was his naughty sex slave. I was his naughty sex slave forever. I never wanted to give this up. I wanted to be his for all time. I held him to my breasts, my nipple throbbing in his mouth.

My hips wiggled and danced. I stirred his cock around inside my cunt as I rode him. My moans echoed through the back of the van as the pleasure surged through me. It fed my growing orgasm.

I would explode on him.


I sucked in a breath. His sixth spank. That wonderful, delicious heat melted into my cunt. It compelled me to drive my pussy down his cock, my juicy cunt enveloping him. My head threw back, my blonde ponytail dancing down my naked back.

“Oh, yes, yes, Master!” I howled, grinding my clit into his pubic bone. Once the stinging in my rump died, I rose back up his cock and kept fucking him.

“This is very... stirring,” Sam moaned as she squirmed beside me.

Justin popped his mouth off my nipple while his left hand shot from my ass to plunge between his girlfriend’s thigh. Sam quivered as he caressed up her thighs and plunged his fingers into her liquid depths.

“Yes, Justin, yes!” The nerdy girl quivered. Her glasses shifted on her nose.


He fingered Sam and spanked me. It was so wonderful.

My pussy clenched around his dick as I absorbed the heat melting through my ass. Seven wonderful spanks. My ass stung. I knew it would be burning scarlet right now. I worked up and down him faster and faster, listening to him finger Sam. She had her thighs pressed around his hand, trapping his wrist.

She whimpered in delight. With a hungry growl, Justin leaned over and kissed her, his tongue dueling with hers while I rode his cock. I was just a thing. An object to satiate his dick. My pussy was just his cum-dumpster.

I loved it.


The eighth spank almost made me cum. I whimpered, sliding my cunt up and down his dick. The liquid heat swelled in me. He kissed Sam harder, moaning into her mouth as he used me for his pleasure.

“Yes, yes, love your Queen!” I purred.


“Master!” I screamed.

Agony shot through me from my ninth spank. It hurt with blissful delight. Pain and pleasure mixed inside of me. It fed the growing swell of the orgasmic bliss in my cunt. The powerful climax threatening to consume me. I held him tight, my pussy squeezing around his dick.

“Oh, Justin, yes,” Sam moaned, breaking the kiss. “Your fingers... Your fingers are stirring me up.”

“Good,” Justin groaned. “I bet you’d like a third one.”

Her eyes widen behind her glasses as he shoved a third digit into her. My own cunt clenched around his dick, loving his girth. Sam trembled as I rode my Master’s dick. Her small tits heaved. Her body shuddered in delight, making those breasts jiggle.

My hand shot out. I pinched her puffy areola and rubbed her nipple. She gasped louder, her eyes squeezing shut. I loved it, my cunt growing hotter. I trembled on the verge of my orgasm. I pleased both my Master and his Queen.


The tenth spank triggered my orgasm.

The stinging agony shot straight to my cunt sliding up and down his dick.

It merged with the rapture building in me. Pain and bliss. Such an intoxicating combination. I never wanted to give this up. I would be his sex slave forever.

My pussy convulsed around his dick as I slammed all the way down him. Impaled on his cock, I spasmed. I rubbed Sam’s nipple harder as the pleasure screamed through my body. The waves of bliss slammed into my mind.

My thoughts turned into jelly. The rapture had me shuddering and gasping. My pussy convulsed and writhed around my Master’s dick. I loved his cock. I was pleasing him with my snatch. I shuddered on him.

“Cum in me, Master!” I howled. “Use my cunt! Dump your jizz into me! Use me!”

Justin growled and kissed Sam again. As he did, his cum pumped into me. Spurt after hot spurt of jizz gushed into my pussy. I felt it. I loved it. My cunt convulsed harder. Another orgasm burst inside of me.

The rapture slammed into my thoughts. My ponytail danced along my back as I screamed and moaned and gasped out my bliss. It was so amazing to experience. I was so lucky to have an amazing man as my Master. So happy Justin mind-controlled me. I never want to give this up. I would his be forever and ever.

Sam squealed into his mouth. She was cumming, too.

My pussy was writhing about his dick as I collapsed against my Master. My ass burned as my pussy wrung the last drops of cum out of him. I panted and moaned, clutching to him. He kept kissing Sam as I savored this moment.

I hoped this wasn’t the last time I would get to enjoy him. I prayed that this would all work out. I didn’t want to give him up.

“I love you, Master,” I whispered into his ear.

He broke his kiss with Sam. He gripped my ponytail and groaned, “I love you, too, slut.”


I savored that word. I would remember this. No matter what.

“We’re almost there, my Lord,” Miller said.

Fear swallowed my pleasure.

* * *

Justin Sampson

I was glad I had that one last threesome with Sam and Aurora. One last time enjoying my girlfriend and my sex slave. I hoped I wouldn’t lose either of them, but...

I stared ahead as we came to a stop at a secure gate made of chain link, coils of razor wire running along the top. It was the type of gate that would open by sliding sideways on wheels. A pair of armed guards stood out front, frozen like everything else, deadly looking assault rifles gripped in their hands.

It was time. I had a focus on our mission. We had to ensure that we could get out once time unfroze.

“We’ll have to sabotage the gate, my Lord,” Miller said. “They can close it remotely when the alarm sounds. Plus there are a few other security measures.”

“We need to secure the guards,” I added. “Let’s handcuff them so they can’t impede our escape.”

Sam nodded in agreement, her slender fingers pushing up her glasses.

We piled out of the van with a sense of urgency, leaving the engine running. All of us rushed under Miller’s directions. Though we had all the time in the world, there was a breathless energy about our actions. We were breaking into a government facility. A top-secret base run by the NSA. This was incredible. I couldn’t believe this was really happening despite everything else that happened since yesterday.

It felt so surreal.

“My Lord,” Miller called, “can you help me drag the soldiers into the guard shack? And my Queen, if you and your sex slaves can yank open the fence, that would be greatly appreciated. You should be able to move it by hand.”

“We’re on it,” Paris said. She grabbed the diamond pattern of the chain links, grunted, and dragged the gate a few inches, her small breasts quivering.

I moved to help Miller. The soldiers were bulky and heavy, wearing body armor. I grunted as I dragged one towards the guard shack, his legs thrust stiffly before him. I worked him back with each step, my heart racing. It wouldn’t be much longer now. We manhandled the two guards into the shack, pressed them down on their faces, then bent their hands behind their backs. We posed them like they were living G.I. Joes. I shook my head as we snapped the cuffs on their wrists.

I left Miller to sabotage the control panel and stepped outside the shack. The four girls were gasping and grunting as they dragged the gate open. It squeaked and groaned, but moved. This was so strange how this paused time stuff worked.

“I disabled everything,” Miller said. “The car barriers won’t be able to pop up.”

“Car barriers?” I asked.

He pointed at the metal plates that were scattered across the road. “Cement barriers pop up. Keep cars, especially ones loaded with explosives, from barreling through the gate.”

I nodded. “Okay, back in the van.”

I took the passenger seat this time. I stared ahead at the innocuous looking building. It looked like any sort of office complex, mostly three stories tall with one annex rising five or six high. There were cars parked before it and all were civilian. It was a mix of new and old vehicles, some pickup trucks, SUVs and minivans, and even a few sports cars.

It looked like any parking lot in America.

We pulled the van up right to the entrance. The engine chugged away, running, ready to speed us away. We left all the doors open, too. Once we turned the machine off, we would get back into the van and haul ass out of here before they could respond and seize us.

First thing, Miller did when he got out of the vehicle was to march to a security camera and yank out the coaxial cable connecting it to the wall. “We need to do that on every one we come across. No evidence.”

“Smart,” I said. I was glad we brought Miller.

Embossed into the floor was the seal of the NSA, letting anyone who entered know exactly who they were working for. There were more guards in a station right inside. They manned a set of sophisticated metal detectors. These guards wore civilian-looking uniforms. Not the military garb that the ones at the outer gate had, but looking like police officers. We handcuffed them then set about disabling all the cameras in the lobby. To be thorough, Sam ripped into the security computers, tearing out hard drives. She threw them. Moments after leaving her hand, they froze in midair. When time resumed, they would crash and shatter against the hard floor.

“Phone system is disabled,” muttered Miller as he emerged from a side door. “I ripped out all the lines.”

We moved into the facility, heading through the first door and down a hallway lined with offices. We pushed people we found into them, liberating their wallets for credit cards. We disabled the card reader locks by shoving those cards into each lock. No one would be getting out for a while.

This corridor opened onto a large room divided into makeshift hallways by a network of cubicles. There were more office workers rushing around all with panicked looks on their faces. It was a lot of people that could stop us during our escape.

“We have to secure them all,” I said, surveying the open area.

“There,” Miller said, pointing to an office door. It was open thanks to the frazzled-looking manager standing in the doorway. He held a loose sheaf of papers in his hand, his mouth opened as he blustered out orders. Bits of spittle hung frozen in the air before him.

“Let’s get to it,” I groaned. Saving the world was proving to involve lots of heavy lifting.

It probably took us thirty minutes to drag all the people into that office. As we did, I glanced at computer monitors, seeing warnings about spatial distortions and gravitational waves. On others were communications discussing mobilizing the military and sending them to our college. On one, I found pictures of possible suspects, taken by Miller and the others, who might be causing the time-distortions. My face was in there along with my sister’s and half a dozen other students.

One screen held a frozen frame from Pearline’s gangbang.

Finally, we packed all the workers in the office, squeezing them in tight. They stood shoulder to shoulder. Then Krystal closed the door and thrust a credit card, belonging to a man named Anthony Reynolds, into the card scanner. That lock wouldn’t work now.

“Okay, the elevator down to the lower level is this way,” Miller said.

“Elevator?” I groaned. I surveyed through the office area we just secured. There were objects floating in the air, things that the people were holding when we grabbed them and tossed aside as dragged them to the office. There was a computer chair half tipped over, frozen in an impossible state. “Those won’t work. Are there stairs?”

“Of course there are stairs, my Lord,” Miller said. “It would be against Federal regulations not to have them. They’re over here.”

There were a lot of stairs. Luckily, there were no people we passed on the way. Now I had to worry about running back up them. It would take forever. There had to be something else we could do to get out of the subbasement other than climbing twenty or more flights.

I was out of breath by the time we reached the bottom, and Sam was gasping and heaving, clutching her side. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat. Paris and my little sister didn’t look much better, both of them sucking in deep breaths.

Miller hardly looked out of breath at all, and Aurora, while having a pink flush to her cheeks and tits, handled it far better than us. Being a cheerleader paid off.

Sam marched over to the nearest elevator and hit the summon button. When time resumed, it should descend. Panting, she said, “We should... be able to ride... up the elevator... without risking getting... caught since we’ve disabled... the security desk.”

I glanced at Miller, arching my eyebrows in question. He nodded his head.

We had a viable escape plan.

“What’s that sound?” my little sister asked, glancing at me. “You hear it?”

I paused and realize there was a pulse rippling through the air. It was low, powerful. It was also the first external sound that we’d heard since pausing time hours ago (for us, since no time had passed in the real world). This was a sound not caused by one of us. A weight settled in my stomach. I glanced down the hallway to the secured door at the end.

“Yeah, the machine’s in there,” Miller said, his voice tight.

“This is it,” I muttered, the pressure squeezing about my heart.

I felt a great deal of trepidation as I forced myself to march down the hallway. That thrumming sound grew louder and louder. Halfway to the door, I could feel it vibrating through the floor. It rattled the bones of my feet and legs. I swallowed, wondering what would happen when I turned off the machine. Would it hurt me? Would it kill me? I didn’t really understand what we were going to find in there.

My stomach twisted. My palms were all sweaty. Every step felt like my feet were encased in concrete. They dragged, weighing me down. The thrumming grew louder and louder. The sound slammed through the air and buffeted my body. Sam took my hand, her fingers clammy like mine. She squeezed.

I glanced at her. She had just the hint of a smile on her lips. “I’m here, Justin.”

I nodded. We reached the sealed door. We had to wait. Miller had to disable the lock.

Waiting sucked.

I could feel that thrumming machine pulsing inside as he exposed the wiring of the lock. I swallowed while he went to work shorting out the circuitry. I swallowed, watching sparks flare then the bits of plasma would remain suspended, the burning flakes of metal frozen in mid-air like newly birthed stars. Curls of smoke rose, vaporous blue-gray snakes held immobilized. The air felt thick, viscous, a medium trapping the pattern. They would remain frozen until Miller’s finger would brush through them, then the smoke would eddy for a moment, swirling into a new pattern, before it froze again.

He grabbed the door handle, saying, “Hopefully, that should do it. Shall I, my Lord?”

I nodded. He opened the door.

Beyond was a large room lit with a sapphire hue. We gazed down on it from a walkway above. People were frozen while they were racing around the machine. All were dressed like office workers. None of them had lab coats or anything. They must be scientists because they were rushing around a strange device. It was the source of the thrumming sound.

It moved.

The machine was a three-ring gyroscope that somehow was floating in the air. Each ring spun in a different direction, leaving a streak of bluish energy in its wake. Each one wasn’t spinning terribly fast, but if we could see it moving with time paused, or maybe time was just slowed down to such a ridiculous pace that it might as well be paused, then what were the people in the room seeing? It must just be an incandescent bubble of azure energy surrounding the machine.

A wall they couldn’t get past

“Is that thing breaking light barrier?” gasped Sam, her hands squeezing mine. She understood the implications of the arms moving. “Are gravitons allowing it to violate all the laws of physics as we understand them?”

“It’s making universes collide together,” said my little sister. “D’oh.”

I nodded my head.

“Someone has to go into there, turn off the machine,” said Miller. “They built the reactor inside of there. You can see it, that big pressure vessel in the center.”

I looked past the spinning arms and saw what he was talking about. There was what looked like a large pressure vessel, not much different from a water heater, with a series of pipes going between them and gauges. I shuddered, realizing I was looking at a nuclear reactor.

I felt the urge to cover my balls.

“The problem is that we missed our target and hit you instead, my Lord,” Miller said. “No one can get past those spinning rings in real time. That’s why we needed you, or anyone else, who could freeze time.”

“What happens if we touch one of those rings?” Aurora asked.

“It’ll be bad,” Miller said. He glanced towards the corner of the room where a collection of steel rods that ended in half melted blobs lay. “We tried... alternative methods to shut it down.”

“There is no external power source?” I asked. No, of course, there wasn’t one. If there was, they wouldn’t need me. The gyroscopic, spinning arms were why the reactor was inside the radius of the machine, preventing such a measure.

“The only plus side is the reactor core appeared to be stable,” said Miller. “So there’s no risk of any meltdown. You just gotta get in there, my Lord, and hit the big red button. It deactivates the machine and...”

“And halt the production of gravitons,” said Sam.

“Okay, I can do this,” Aurora said.

“Nope,” I said.

“My Lord, allow me to do this,” Miller said. He stared at me with such worship in his eyes. If I gave the command, he would throw his life away.

I shook my head. I couldn’t order someone to die when they had no choice but to obey me. “I started this mess. I started mind-controlling people, so I’ll do it.”

“I was doing it yesterday, too,” muttered my little sister.

I ruffled her black hair before embracing her. Her naked body pressed against mine. She stared up at me, her eyes liquid, lower lip quivering. “I’m your big brother. I can’t let you do it in my stead.”

“Why did you have to make Ji-Yun mind-control me into liking you?” she demanded, pain shining in her eyes. “This would be a lot easier if I merely tolerated you.”

“You’ve always cared for me,” I said. “Now you also lust for me.”

“Yeah,” she said. She sighed. “Don’t get yourself killed.”

Little sister kissed me with a fierce passion. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, swirling around inside of me. I held her tight, such passion. I was glad I got to make love to her once. She shuddered against me. I felt her budding breasts against my chest. I gave her one final squeeze, then I let her go. She whirled away, wiping at her cheeks while her shoulders trembled.

I pulled Paris to me, kissing my rich-bitch sex slave hard on the lips. She quivered against me. At least I had today to fuck her. To use her. She would probably go back to being that annoying cunt again. At least I would have my memories.

If I survived...

I released Paris and turned to Aurora. My sex slave stared at me, her green eyes brimming with tears. She rubbed her hands together, her entire body squirming. She let out a little whimper, almost a sob. Then she threw herself at me. She pressed her body as tight to mine as she could. She clung to me, her firm, perky titties rubbing against my chest. I hugged her just tight, and she rained kisses on my lips and face. I would miss her a lot.

We had a day together, but I had enjoyed every moment of owning her.

“I’m glad I was able to give you what you craved,” I whispered into her ears, my arms holding her tight. “I’m glad that at least for the last day, you were able to live out your fantasy of being a sex slave.”

“A mind-controlled sex slave,” she groaned. “Thank you, Master. I promise... I promise I won’t forget this.”

“I love you, Aurora. You’re my number one slave.”

She let out a shuddering sob. When she broke away from me, she wiped at her eyes while nodding.

Last, I turned to my sweet Sam. Her eyes were brimming with tears already. Her petite body trembled. I cupped her face, wiping away a liquid diamond that spilled down her cheek. I peered into her glasses-magnified, brown eyes.

“I love you, Sam,” I told her. “That’s not going to change. No matter what happens. After I hit that button, we’re going to get out of here and have a great life together. Me and you, Sam.”

Her nose quivered as she fought off her emotions. “I… I love you, too, Justin. So... So...” She drew in a deep breath, then, in a barreling rush, almost shouted, “So you better survive! You better turn that machine off and come back to me!”

She glued her lips to mine.

Her passion unleashed molten hot. It bubbled out of her, a volcanic eruption that swept me away. I held her tight, savoring this moment. If this was last time we’d ever kiss, I would memorize it. The feel of her petite body against mine, the heat of her lips, the sweetness of her mouth, the silkiness of her skin.

I would catalog it all.

I forced myself to break the kiss. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done in my life. It hurt to wrench away from her. My soul felt ripped open, raw. I rushed for the stairs. I couldn’t stop myself, If I didn’t go now, I would never leave her. I couldn’t look back at her or I would lose my drive. I rushed towards the temporal machine, staring at the squealing arms. Watching the pattern.

While I studied it, reading the pattern like I would the attack of a boss in a video game, they secured last of the scientists. There was a small office they put them in. I focused on the rings. On the thrumming. This close, I felt the wash of energy rippling through my bones. My flesh felt unreal, almost like I would vibrate apart. I groaned, fighting the urge to run. To go back to Sam.

“They’re all secure, Master,” Aurora said, her voice brittle. “Even Miller. Just in case.”

He was mind-controlled to be loyal to the end.

“Well,” I said, struggling to find something profound to say. Something heroic. I felt them—Sam—watching me. I growled in frustration, “Fuck it, tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, and we’re all going to see it!”

The spinning arm of the machine rushed by, the streak of blue glowing in its wake, fading like a dying ember. The next ring was swinging down. It was now or never.

I jumped.

To be continued...