The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 19: Mind-Control Delights

Krystal Sampson

Did I ruin my friendship with Ji-Yun?

I had hidden the fact I was gay from her, and I had a big crush on her, for months. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I’d known her for as long as I could remember. I felt like we been friends all eighteen years of my life. My earliest childhood memory was running around the house with her, the pair of us chasing after Justin because he stole my doll.

I hoped this dumb gas attack didn’t ruin everything.

I had snatches of doing such naughty things with Ji-Yun. I kissed her. I licked her pussy. I did other things. There were... parts my memory that made me nervous. Things that I was scared of recalling. However, there were other parts that were nice.

I had the faintest recollection that girls were giving me panties for some reason. They just wanted me to have them.

That was kinda weird. Not that I was complaining. I liked panties. I liked smelling them. Rubbing my face against them. Breathing in a woman’s scent. I snuck my mom’s panties out of the laundry basket all the time. Fresh from the hamper was the best. I know that it was wrong, but I so wanted to have sex with my mom and...

Did I have sex with my mom?

I had this memory of her waking me up the way always fantasize about. She’d crawled between my legs, kissed my pussy, and drew me out of sleep with her gentle licking. The way a mother should wake up her daughter.

Had that happened? Or was it just me confusing a masturbatory fantasy for reality?

Everything was so messed up. I hated this dumb gas. It definitely had ruined everything. I wanted to text Ji-Yun. I was terrified. What if our friendship was over? What if it had evaporated because she remembered we’d had sex? I didn’t want to face that. I’d rather have my nerdy, pervy brother Justin hanging around me all day then lose Ji-Yun as my friend.

I grabbed my phone again, swiping the screen. There was that text message from her. It hadn’t changed. Those four terrifying words: “We need to talk.”

I was a girl. I knew the code. That’s what you sent your significant other when you were about to break up with them.

I tossed my phone down on the bed beside me. “Stupid fricking gas!”

I bet Justin was somehow responsible for this. That he had somehow infected me with... time-freezing powers? I blinked at that insane idea. I remembered going around... pausing time and...

It had caused problems, so... Justin had to do something heroic.

Justin jumped past a spinning, blue arc. He dived through a ring of death to... to save the world. He hit the ground on the other side, rolled to his feet. I remembered being so scared for him while thinking how... cool he was. I quivered, terrified I was about to lose him while proud of him.

I mean, it wasn’t strange to be scared of him dying. While he was my annoying brother. I loved him in that “a sister loves her brother” sort of way. I didn’t want him to die. And then...

That bright light. Then I was waking up in the hospital, all groggy and confused.

A soft rap knocked on my bedroom door, knocking me out of my memories.

“I’m fine, Mom,” I muttered. “Why don’t you make Dad clean more of the house or something?”

What was up with my dad cleaning?

“It’s me, Ji-Yun,” a soft voice whispered. “We need to talk.”

Those four words again.

I groaned, my stomach twisted into a terrified pretzel. No, pretzel wasn’t complicated enough. It was a tangled mess, a ball of yarn so twisted there was no way to pull out a single strand.


It was time to watch my friendship end.

The door creaked open. Ji-Yun slipped in, a shy, petite thing. She was slender, like me, an inch or two shorter. Her long, silky, black hair fell straight down from the crown of her head, some spilling over her shoulders to tumble towards her budding breasts. She wore a pair of purple pants and a tank top, nothing out of the ordinary. Comfortable clothing. Her delicate face stared at me, her slanted eyes tremulous. There was something about her that made me... want to hug her.

Comfort her.

She shut the door behind her and drifted towards my bed. She stopped a foot away, fidgeting her hands together before her stomach. She looked down, her shoulders twitching. I sat on the edge of my bed, squirming just as much as her.

“So...” I started.

“This is...” she began to say.

We both trailed off at the same time. Our heads drifted up, our gazes meeting. The loathing I feared seeing wasn’t there. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing in her eyes as she drew in a deep breath.

Ji-Yun took a deep breath. “I guess I should just come out and ask...” She stared down at me, her eyes dark and liquid. “Did we have sex?”

“I think so. I have... flashes.”

“Yeah, so do I,” Ji-Yun said, her voice tight. Her entire body trembled.

“So, I guess you know I’m gay.”

Ji-Yun nodded.

“But you like boys, don’t you?”

Ji-Yun nodded again.

I saw it in her eyes. It was over. Here came the words. Ji-Yun would give a lame excuse that we would just be friends, that nothing will change, but everything had. I’d experienced what I truly wanted from her. What I was too afraid to ever ask for. We’d shared it. I remembered different snatches of passion. Brief explosions of memory.

I could taste her.

Remember the feel of her.

The flavor of her.

I took a deep breath, wishing she would just—

Her hands seized my face. Her head darted down. She kissed me. My eyes widened in shock. Her lips were on me. They moved. They nibbled with hunger. I shuddered, my heart racing. Confusion beset me. Her fingers twitched against my cheeks. Her tongue brushed my lips.

Then she broke our kiss. Her eyes blinked. “Don’t you... want this?” She asked, her voice trembling. “Me?”

“Yes!” I gasped in utter shock. “But you’re straight!”

Ji-Yun shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, I just remember... that we had a lot of fun together. I enjoyed The things we did. So I have to know, Krystal. I have to understand if this is what I want. Because... right now, I really want to kiss you again.”

This fuzzy warmth bubbled up inside of me. I let out a gasp of delight as I hooked my arm around Ji-Yun’s slender neck and pulled her down to me. My Korean friend’s lips melted against mine. I yanked her down with such force, she fell onto my lap. She straddled me, wiggling her cute rump into my thighs.

My arms were around her, holding her to me as our tongues danced. It was such a wondrous delight. This heady kiss.

My heart burst with excitement. It beat so fast as my hands slid down her back to cup her rump through her purple pants. I held her tight, reveling in our kiss as her arm slipped around my neck. Our bodies pressed together, my nipples throbbing against my t-shirt. I felt the warmth of her silky flesh separated by our two layers of clothing.

That barrier had to go away.

I seized the hem of her top and pulled it up her torso. My knuckles brushed the sleekness of her skin. I kept raising it, lifting the stretchy cloth over her breasts until it nudged into her armpits. She released me to thrust her arms up into the air. I kept going and...

She broke the kiss so I could pull off her top. I missed the taste of her lips. It took only a second to tear off the t-shirt, but it was too long to go without kissing her. Her black hair spilled back around her face, fluttering like thousands of silky tentacles. Then her lips were back on mine, her tongue thrusting deep into my mouth.

My hand swept up her naked back, questing for her bra. I felt nothing. She wasn’t wearing one. Which meant her naked breasts were pressing into my chest. If only my t-shirt wasn’t in the way. Then I could feel her nipples on my flesh. I imagined my throbbing nubs pressing against hers. I whimpered, wanting to take off my t-shirt but not wanting to break the kiss.

It was such a dilemma.

I had to do it. We had to get naked. I broke the kiss gasping, “Sorry!”

“No, no, I want to see you naked,” Ji-Yun moaned in understanding, her small breasts quivering. She had that delicious shade of light-olive skin that made her breasts so enticing. Her body was as pale as mine, but she just had a different hue to her skin. That sexy, Oriental olive. Her nipples were brown, small but hard.

Her hands ripped up my t-shirt. I thrust my arms up into the air, assisting her. For a moment, my world was purple cloth. Then my pigtails sprung free, falling back around my shoulders. My naked breasts were exposed, quivering like hers. They were about the same size, little budding mounds. My nipples were pink. My areolas only a few millimeters larger than hers. Ji-Yun’s hands went to my breasts, squeezing them.

“These are so cute, Krystal,” she moaned, her fingers massaging my flesh. Her thumbs swiped out and brushed my areolas, the tips just grazing my nipple.

My hands sprang up to her titties. I covered them and massaged her nipples with my palms. Those hard points felt so naughty against me. She whimpered, her fingers squeezing into my breasts. We grinned at each other, fondling and enjoying the feel of each other’s tits.

Then we were kissing again. Tongues were caressing as my fingers found her nipples. I squeezed them, twisting and pulling on them as she moaned into my mouth. Her thumbs pressed down on my nubs, pushing them back into my areolas as she rubbed them in circles. It was a naughty delight. Tingles raced down to my pussy. I grew hotter and hotter, soaking my panties as I loved playing with my friend’s tits.

No, she was my girlfriend now. Just like she was during the gas leak. This was wonderful.

Our kisses grew more aggressive. More hungry. Our lips were devouring each other. My fingers were twisting her nipples, her fingers digging into my breasts. I shifted, squirming, wanting to do such naughty things to her.

My hands moved, sliding around her waist to grab her ass. I rolled her over and pinned her down to my bed, settling atop her. I squirmed on her, our pants rasping together. Those had to come off, too, but not yet. I was having too much fun kissing her. Our nipples came together, our breasts meeting.

Electricity shot down to my pussy from my nubs.

Ji-Yun broke the kiss to moan, “Krystal! Oh, Krystal, my pussy... my pussy is melting. It’s molten. Yes, yes, you’re making me feel so excited.”

“Oh, I haven’t even begun,” I said before nuzzling into her neck.

Ji-Yun’s throat tasted delicious. She had such a salty flavor to her skin, a real treat to enjoy. I sucked and nibbled, my hands caressing her sides. Her fingertips fluttered against my skin, twitching as she whimpered and moaned. She made such naughty sounds.

I loved them.

My lips smooched lower and lower, crossing her collarbone and moving down her chest. My hands slid up her side, cupping her small breasts again. My kisses neared her tit then reached the gentle swell of her budding mounds. She moaned my name as I came closer and closer to her nipples.

I brushed her areolas. I engulfed her nub.

“Krystal!” she squealed. “Oh, wow, that’s nice.”

I sucked on her nub. Memories of doing this while we were bamboozled by the gas fluttered through my mind. I squeezed both her firm breast as I nibbled my lips around her nub between hard sucks.

My lips would pop off with a loud plop. But then I would just re-engulf them. I would suck again and again, loving her right nub. I noticed her other one, olive-brown and hard, out of the corner of my eye. Her left nipple needed attention, too. My head darted over, my pigtails dancing as I engulfed her other nub. I sucked it into my mouth, loving the feel of it. She gasped, her hands falling on my shoulders. Her fingernails bit into my skin as she clenched and relaxed her grip.

“Oh, yes, I like this,” Ji-Yun moaned. “I like this a lot.”

“And you’re definitely going to like what I do next,” I boasted.

As I gently nipped her hard nipple with my teeth, my caressing hands reached the waistband of her purple pants. I traced around her hips until my fingers met at her fly. I popped the fastener and the zipper rasped as I pulled her pants open.

My hands darted inside, brushing the cotton fabric of her panties. I felt her bush through the cloth, the soft hairs crinkling as I pressed against them. I sucked on her nipple, thinking I had to get her naked.

I grabbed the top of her jeans again and tugged on them, pulling them down off her hips and rump. She wiggled and squirmed, her nipple popping out of my mouth as she flung herself backward. She thrust her legs up into the air, so eager to help me she almost kicked me in the face.

Luckily, I had quick reflexes.

Her eagerness excited me. I dragged her jeans up her legs, the purple denim bunching up. I exposed her lithe thighs and her slender calves. When I was pulling them off her legs, I took one of her frilly ankle socks with the jeans. I yanked off the other sock, tossing it to the floor with her pants.

Her panties were white. Schoolgirl plain. Her excitement had soaked through, a dark spot centered over her pussy. This great hunger swelled in me. With a growl, I seized her panties and yanked them up her legs.

She squealed in delight as her black bush came into view. Her dew glistened on the silky strands. I shuddered as I pulled her panties over her calves then off her feet. I brought the cotton fabric to my face.

Inhaled tangy pussy.

A flood of lust ran through me as I licked the crotch of her underwear. My tongue drank in that tangy flavor mixed with the dry, starchy flavor of her panties. I sucked on them, drawing out every bit of her feminine musk, my own pussy melting.

“Krystal,” she moaned. “I know you like panties, but shouldn’t you be licking my pussy? I thought you said I’d love this next part. I’m not feeling anything.”

I ripped the panties from my face and moaned, “I’m building up the anticipation!” I declared. “I want your pussy all nice and juicy and eager to be licked.”

She giggled as I licked at the crotch of her panties again. “Mmm, you’re doing that. I’m so wet. I bet you are, too.” Her tongue danced over her pink lips. “Maybe... Maybe I can lick you... at the same time?”

I almost came.

My poor panties would never be able to withstand the flood of her cream had it gushed out of me. Still holding her balled up in my hand, I attacked the fastener of my jeans. I ripped down my zipper with a loud, metallic rasp. Then I was wiggling out of them, yanking down my panties, too. I exposed my black bush soaked in my juices to Ji-Yun.

I squirmed and writhed on the bed. My jeans were getting stuck around my thighs. They were so tight and had balled up above my knees. I squirmed and moaned in frustration.

“Let me help,” Ji-Yun said, her voice full mirth. “Stop kicking.”

I did.

She grabbed the ends of my pants and pulled them over my feet while I shoved them down my thighs. Together, we tugged them off. We got me naked. Well, I still had on my socks, but they really didn’t count. We are both nude enough, our bodies flushed and nubile. We’d known each other for eighteen years. Now everything had changed.

Now we were going to be lovers.

I mean, we were lovers in the gas, but now we were renewing it. We were declaring to each other that this is what we wanted.

I stretched out on my back, reaching for her. “Straddled my face,” I moaned. “Let’s sixty-nine.”

“Hot!” Ji-Yun moaned as she moved. Her lithe leg flashed over my head. Then her thick, black bush was right over my face. Her tangy musk filled my nose. “I’m going to make you cum so hard!”

“Yes!” I squealed.

I grabbed her rump, pulling her bush down to my lips faster. Her silky pubic hair caressed my nose and lips. Then they spilled over my cheek, tickling me. A heartbeat later, I was nuzzling at her pussy. I felt her liquid warmth flowing into my mouth.

My tongue flicked out through my girlfriend’s pussy.

“Krystal!” she squealed as her head descended between my thighs.

“Lick me!” I moaned, her fingers digging into her rump. I took another lap up through her pussy. I gathered those tangy juices.


It was my turn to squeal in delight. Ji-Yun’s lips nuzzled into my trimmed bush. Her tongue flicked out, stroking across my pussy lips. She brushed my clit on her second lap before sliding down to caress over the entrance to my pussy. I gasped as her tongue wiggled inside of me.

It felt amazing to be penetrated. Her tongue probed into me. I had to return the favor.

I jammed my tongue into her snatch. Her silky pussy walls squeezed over it. She was so open to me. No hymen blocked the way. My fingers massaged her rump as my tongue swirled around inside her tangy depths.

We pleased each other.

Loved each other.

This was such an incredible delight. I was so glad that the gas leak happened. Justin didn’t ruin anything when he decided to be noble and save the world. I still had my Ji-Yun.

Her tangy juices poured into my mouth as I loved her. Her tongue caressed my pussy’s depths, her nose nudging my clit. Pleasure rippled through me. She stirred me up with her hot tongue swirling through my folds.

My bed groaned beneath me as I writhed on it, my covers sticking to my back as my passion swelled in me. I was so flushed with heat. My fingers squeezed Ji-Yun’s rump while her tongue flicked in and out of my cunt like a mini-cock. She stirred such bliss through me. My own tongue wiggled around inside her snatch, coated in her tangy delight.

“Ji-Yun!” I moaned between plunges of my tongue into her hot snatch.

“Oh, Krystal, yes!” she gasped, her body shuddering atop me.

Then her tongue was back in me. She fluttered it around inside of my snatch. Pleasure flooded through me while her fingers shoved beneath my bed to grip my ass. She kneaded my rump like I massaged hers. Her juices flooded my mouth, a tangy delight that I savored. My toes curled as the bliss built in the depths of my cunt.

My nipples ached and throbbed as they rubbed against her belly. Her budding breasts pressed on my stomach. We were squeezed so tight, our bodies almost one. Our tongues were in the other’s cunt. My pussy muffled her moans. My world was full of her yummy scent. Her hot folds and silky pubic hair caressed my lips and cheeks.

Juices spilled over my chin.

Her naughty finger dipped into my butt crack. Before I knew it, she was caressing my asshole.

Where had she learned to do that?

I loved fingering my asshole when I masturbated. I squealed as she wiggled her digit into my rectum. She flexed it around inside of me, stirring me up while her tongue flicked in and out of my cunt.

“Oh, Ji-Yun, you’re so naughty!” I moaned before I fluttered my tongue against her clit. I sucked on her labia as I moved my own hands. I could do naughty things with my digits, too.

I found the entrance to her pussy. I shoved them into her tight sheath. She groaned into my snatch as my fingers pressed deeper and deeper inside of her. I sucked on her clit as she bucked atop me.

“Oh, yes, you’re reaching so deep into me, Crystal!” she moaned, working her finger in and out my asshole.

Then her thumb popped into my cunt. She pumped her fat digit in out of my snatch while her lips copied mine. She latched onto my clit, sucking. I groaned as the twin thrusts of her digits into two my holes mixed with the sucking excitement around my clit.

I bucked beneath her. My orgasm swelled so fast. I whimpered around her clit, my tongue fluttered against it between my hot sucks. I churned her pussy up with my fingers as her thumb stirred my pussy to a hot froth. My asshole clenched on her digit, drinking in that naughty friction.

That was when it happened.

My wonderful orgasm exploded through me.

I moaned about her clit as my pussy convulsed about her thumb. My juices squirted out around her digit. My asshole writhed about her finger while waves of ecstasy swept through my body. They reached my mind and drowned me in bliss.

“Krystal!” Ji-Yun squealed, her pussy clenching down on my digits. Then her silky flesh writhed about them.

My girlfriend came.

Tangy juices poured into my mouth. They flooded out of her cunt. We squirmed together, our breasts rubbing against the other’s stomach. We held each other, loved each other. We licked and fingered and sent each other howling with orgasm after orgasm.

My tongue fluttered up and down her labia while my fingers pumped in and out of her convulsing snatch.

She thrust her digits deep into my asshole while she nursed on my clit.

We filled the air with our passion’s scent.

We bathed the other’s face with cream.

Our juices coated each other. It was amazing. I reveled in it. The bliss of licking her pussy carried me to such wondrous heights. This was better than I could’ve ever imagined. Then I could have dreamed of.

I was making love to Ji-Yun.

We collapsed, satiated. Ji-Yun twisted around, snuggling up against me. Her lips met mine in a gentle kiss. It wasn’t that tongue wrestling fervor of earlier. It was softer, more loving. We traded little smooches while we came down from our orgasmic high.

“You didn’t have a hymen,” Ji-Yun said.

I giggled. “Mmm, neither did you and...” I frowned. “We must’ve lost our virginities in the gas leak and...” A new memories surface. My eyes widened. “Oh, my God, I did fuck Justin. My brother took my cherry.”

Ji-Yun nodded her head. “He took both our cherries. He popped mine while I was licking his cum out of you.” She smacked her lips together. “I remember that being excellent.”

I shuddered. I had memories of begging Justin to fuck me. During the gas attack, I wanted him to ram his dick into me. I had cum hard on his cock. I frowned, struggling to parse my emotions. But did I want Justin to fuck me now? I wasn’t into guys at all. I was gay.

I glanced over at Ji-Yun. She clearly was turned on by Justin. She was humping her wet pussy and soaked bush against my thigh.

“If you want to fuck my brother, it’s okay,” I found myself saying. I was surprised by it. “Just...” There was one thing I wanted. “Just let me lick you clean if you do.”

She giggled. “Got a taste for your brother’s cum?”

I blushed. “Maybe I’m not as gay as I thought. But that’s where I draw the line.”

Ji-Yun nodded her head. “That’s fine with me.”

She kissed me again. I felt her love. The gas leak I didn’t ruin everything. Instead, it made things better. I don’t know why we acted so weird, or why I thought I could stop time and mind-control people. It didn’t matter. I had my Ji-Yun.

I wondered how soon she could fuck my brother? I really, really wanted to lick his cum out of her.

Guess I was just as pervy and kinky as Justin was.

* * *

Justin Sampson

I pulled my cock out of Aurora’s pussy, her juices lubing my dick up for the next round of our fun. She was kneeling naked in the middle of her living room. We just finished talking about my date with Sam tonight, and Aurora gave me a lot of great advice. However, seeing that perky, naked cheerleader had inspired me.

I had to prove that she was utterly mine.

I seized her blonde ponytail, gripping hard. “Reach behind you, part your butt-cheeks, and show me that asshole, slut.”

“Yes, Master!” she moaned.

Aurora did just that, her fingers digging into her firm butt-cheeks. She parted them, exposing her puckered, brown asshole. I groaned at the sight of it, my pussy-soaked dick eager to sodomize her. I didn’t have that stamina I remembered having during the “gas attack,” but I was still a horny, young man.

“Please, fuck my asshole, Master!” Aurora moaned.

I brought my pussy-soaked dick to her asshole. I pressed right against that puckered sphincter. She let out a quivering moan, her body shivering in anticipation. She was such a good sex slave. I had more and more memories of the thing she’d done for me. We had a locker room orgy. She fucked girls with a strap-on while I watched. She’d mind-controlled every girl at my college to be my sex slave.

What a shame I had to give it all up to save the world. Something about parallel realities and a crazy version of my little sister.

Well, that was the past. I had my future before me. One where I still had Aurora as my sex slave.

I thrust.

Her asshole’s spread wide to engulfed my dick. I watched her brown ring slide over my spongy tip and then hug the shaft of my dick. I groaned as I speared deeper and deeper into her bowels, her velvety sheath gripping me. Pleasure flowed down my dick while she arched her back. Her hands released her butt-cheeks as she moaned out in delight.

“Yes, yes, use my asshole, Master!” she gasped, squeezing her bowels around me. “Whenever you want it. Whenever you need it.”

I gripped her blonde ponytail hard, yanking back her hair as I bottomed out in her. She clenched her asshole down around me, moaning in delight. I drew back my hips, my dick sliding through her wonderful sheath.

I rammed back into her. My crotch smacked into her rump. My balls thwacked into her taint. She gasped and whimpered, her hips moving, swirling her naughty sheath around my dick.

Pleasure surged up my shaft.

“Even during Thanksgiving dinner, if I call, you will rush out of there to fuck me,” I growled.

“I’ll bend over the table let you fuck me in front of my entire family!” she moaned, her hips rocking back into me. Her firm, toned butt-cheeks smacked over and over into my crotch. “I just want to be yours.”

I kept my tight grip on her ponytail with my right hand while my left stroked up her silky side. Her skin felt like satin beneath my touch. Hot, brimming with her passion. I found her round breast, squeezing the tit I used to stare at when she was cheerleading. Now I got to enjoy her. I got to fuck her asshole.

I groaned, squeezing her boobs hard as I rammed my dick to the hilt in her over and over. She clenching and gasped and panted. She whimpered, squeezing her asshole around my dick. Passion filled the living room. Her sweet asshole made my balls tingle. The ache swelled at the tip of my dick. That explosive rush that needed to burst out of me.

I had to fire my cum into her asshole.

“You are mine, slut!” I howled, drilling into her. “Say it!”

“I am yours!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Just fuck my ass harder! Harder and—”

The front door burst open. My head shot to my right. I buried to the hilt in her bowels expecting to see her parents walk in. My dick twitched. They would see that their nineteen-year-old daughter was my sex slave. They’d witness that she was my slut. A strange hunger shot through me. I drew back my hips, growling as the two figures stepped inside.

It wasn’t her parents.

“Well, Aurora, he sounds like such a...” Paris’s words trailed off as she stared at me. “Why are you fucking him!”

Petra stood beside Paris. The busty, Hispanic girl’s jaw dropped. “I thought you were in here fucking Chris when I heard you screaming your head off.”

“I dumped that loser. I’m Justin’s now.” Her head shot to her friends, her asshole squeezing hard around my dick. “He is my Master! He claimed me during the attack.”

“Oh, god, tell me that wasn’t real,” Paris moaned, trembling in her designer dress. She was slender and petite, her wavy, dark-brown hair spilling about her paling face. “Did I really beg for Justin to fuck me? To be his sex slave?”

“Yes,” I growled, thrusting harder. “So you better not give Aurora shit this time. I may not be able to mind-control you any longer, but I won’t let you hurt my sex slave!”

“Master!” Aurora moaned in delight, her asshole squeezing down around my dick. “I’m not ashamed. Justin owns me. He’s dominated me. I’m his. I’ve always wanted this. I’m not going to hide who I am any longer.”

Petra shuddered, hugging herself. She licked her lips. “I think... I think I understand. I kinda remember being Justin’s sex slave, too. It was kinda kinky. But... I like Steve. I don’t need to be dominated.”

Paris nodded. “I don’t need any guy telling me what to do.”

“That’s fucking fine,” I growled, squeezing Aurora’s tit. I kept slamming into her while her two friends watch. “So are you going to treat your friend like shit this time?”

Paris blushed. A guilty expression flicked across her features. She shifted, her shoulders scrunching inward. “No. I...” Her head shook. “Everything is so different. If he makes you happy, Aurora...”

Petra nodded. “Go for it. Damn, he’s fucking you as hard as Steve fucks me.” A smile played on her lips. “Aurora, you have fun. We just wanted to check in on you. Now I want to go find Steve and have him fuck my brains out.”

“Yes, yes, thank you,” Aurora moaned. “Paris?”

“I am not joining in,” Paris said. “But... if he makes you happy. Maybe... we all kinda discovered what made us happy during the gas attack.”

Aurora’s asshole squeezed around my dick as I buried into her. “What are you talking about?”

“Lance dumped me, but I don’t care. I was only dating that fag so I could rub him in my dad’s face. But...” A wicked smile crossed her lips. “There is this older guy I have my eye on.” She gave a giggle. “I got a go. Daddy offered to take me out to dinner. I have to go change.”

“Hot,” I grunted, hoping Paris had a great time seducing her father.

Aurora nodded her head, working her hips back into me. The interruption had slowed the growth of my orgasm, but now that they were gone, my ache was building again. I slammed hard and deep into my sex slave’s asshole. I savored being in her anal depths, grunting, growling, reveling in using her for my pleasure.

I slammed to the hilt in my sex slave’s asshole. My balls quivered. They smacked into her taint and then unloaded.

Pleasure exploded through my body. I grunted as I fired blast after blast of my cum into her depths. My jizz spurted out of me. Jolts of ecstasy sent rapture bursting across my thoughts. Little stars danced across my vision as I groaned out my pleasure.

“Master!” squealed my sex slave. Her asshole writhed about my dick. “Yes, Master!”

Her asshole spasming around my cock milked out my cum from my nuts. She shuddered, experiencing as much bliss as me. I gripped her ponytail and squeezed her tit, holding her, enjoying her. Every spurt of my cum into her bowels shot more pleasure through me until I had that final powerful eruption.

I hung there, clutching to my pleasure. I didn’t want to let it go.

But it faded.

“Goddamn, you have a great ass, slut,” I panted as I came down from my high. I let out a huge sigh. “I’m glad you’re mine, Aurora.”

“I’m glad I’m yours, too, Justin,” she said. She flashed an impish look over her shoulder.

I ripped my cock out of her asshole, my softening dick tingling, and smacked her rump with my hand. “That’s Master, slut.”

“Oh, I am so sorry, Master,” she said, her green eyes still twinkling with mischievous glee. “Please, spank me again. Teach me a lesson.”


“And that’s all you get it. We have to get ready.”

She squealed out in delight. “Yes, you can’t miss your date with your Queen!”

I smiled. Aurora was perfect.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

A certain amount of quivering excitement filled me as I readied myself for my date with Justin. I brushed out my black hair, giving it bounced and volume instead of gathering it in my usual loose braid. My tresses fell like night around my face, giving me more of a feminine look than normal.

Feeling inspired, I dug out the makeup my mother always bought me and which I usually ignored. After a few YouTube tutorials, I found one that would give just the look I was going for. Something subtle. Nothing extravagant or whorish.

I wasn’t Paris.

It took a few tries to get it right. I left several tissue papers covered in blots of lipstick. I had to get that salmon pink to perfectly coat my lips. The dark eyeshadow made my brown eyes almost glow. I applied just a hint of rouge on my cheeks, highlighting my delicate features. With my glasses on, I decided I look cute.

I had no idea what to wear.

I had such few choices, but there was one dress I had that was nice. My mom made me wear it to a family reunion last year. It had a skirt that fell down to my mid-thigh and a blouse with a scoop neckline. I drew up a pair of my plain panties. I wish I had time to go out and buy something sexier. I pulled the dress on, squirming as it fitted snugly around my waist. I zipped it up in the back. I glanced in the mirror, the pink fabric complimenting my skin. My nipples stood out against the thin cloth, puffy and hard.

“Justin better thinks I’m beautiful,” I whispered to myself.

I headed downstairs about five minutes before he should arrive, my purse clutched in my hands. It was a Christmas gift from one of my aunts. I was finally using it. I settled on the couch, my overprotective father hovering like a nervous hen in the background. My mother was in the kitchen humming away as she cooked her and Dad’s dinner. She kept peeking out and smiling at me.

I really wish my parents did not know I had a date. It would be so much easier if they just ignore me.

I wanted to squirm as I wondered what was taking Justin so long. My thoughts pondered why time seemed to be going a such a slow crawl.

It couldn’t be Project KRONOS affecting my perception; we had shut that down.

I was remembering more and more things. More snatches that I was organizing chronologically. Justin had saved the world. My boyfriend had given up his powers to do what was right. Something about this parallel reality we’d entered causing problems. I was glad we were gone. I didn’t have too many memories from there, but the place felt terrifying.

I remembered running. Being chased. I sacrificed my virginity to save us both over there.

Justin saved the world, and no one knew. Just a few of us were there to witness it. That felt sad. Clearly, the government was covering it up. They would deny everything, and if we tried to tell our story, they’d say, “Their minds were just addled by the gas attack.”

It was insidious.

Sure, there be people on the Internet, like my friend Ipso_Custodes, who would believe us. There were always people pushed to the margins who were thought to be cranks. Conspiracy nuts, religious fanatics, and the mentally unstable. I would be lumped in with Flat Earthers, Holocaust Deniers, and 9/11 Truthers. No one would ever take me seriously.

Better just to be quiet and move on with my life.

The doorbell rang.

My head shot up. A nervous wave of anticipation washed through me. My shoulders shivered. I rolled them while clutching my purse as my father opened the door with a slow reluctance. His shoulders were set.

“Justin,” he said, his words stiff.

“Mr. Shapiro,” my boyfriend said in a polite tone. “Is Sam ready?”

I bounded to my feet and darted to the door, my loose hair swaying about my face. “Of course I’m ready, Justin.”

He had combed back his hair. He was wearing a nicer shirt than usual. It was tucked into his jeans for once. He was put together in a way I’ve never seen before. In a way, I approved.

His dark eyes widened. His jaw dropped as he stared at me. This look of incredible delight washed across his face. “Sam...” he groaned. “You’re... gorgeous.”

“I am glad you noticed,” I said, joy gushing through me. “It was a lot of effort to do this.”

He nodded. “It was worth it.”

“Well, you better treat my daughter—” my father started to say, but I brushed him aside and took my boyfriend’s arm.

“Let’s go,” I said.

Justin had kindled molten delight in my pussy. I remembered the naughty things we’d done. Especially making love in that storeroom in the dark. Just Justin and I. It was our second time having sex, but it was our first time truly making love together.

I trembled on Justin’s arm, leaving my flabbergasted father behind. My mother called out, telling us to have fun and be safe. I hardly noticed thanks to this giddy heat building and building in me as we approached the rather nice car.

I frowned. It was new. Expensive. A Lexus. Where had Justin gotten it? His family wasn’t wealthy.

Then Aurora Pritchard stepped out the driver seat, wearing a tight, black miniskirt and white blouse, with a black blazer over it. She had a cap on her blonde hair, which fell loose about her face tonight. A chauffeur’s cap. The bright, red tie dangled down across the swell of her breasts completed her outfit.

“Master. My Queen,” she said as she opened the back door for us.

“You still have a sex slave,” I noted. “I did not think your mind-control powers had persisted after the machine was turned off. At least, that is what I had deduced.”

“Been thinking about things, have you?” Justin asked as he helped me into the backseat of the Lexus.

I nodded my head. “Before I got ready. I assume you spent your afternoon fucking your sex slave.”

Justin winced. I was no longer the girl he’d mind-controlled—well, I think, technically it was a version of me from a parallel reality, so while my original personality had returned, I still possessed memories of this alternate self—into accepting that he could fuck others.


I found I didn’t mind one bit. I knew Justin cared for me. Loved me. It didn’t bother me at all that he had Aurora. Not after what we’d done yesterday. What bits of it I could remember were powerful.

“I promised to always be her Master,” Justin said.

“And I promised to always be his sex slave, my Queen,” Aurora added, her voice quivering. She shook as she peered in the car, hand poised to close the door. Her green eyes were full of trepidation.

“Relax,” I said, taking Justin’s hand as he settled beside me. “I’m not angry. I find it... exciting. I mean, I did play with your sex slaves yesterday. I have memories of a group of girls all doing naughty things to me. It was rather... invigorating.”

Talking about it caused flashes of memories to burst in my mind. Those girls had sucked on my nipples and licking my pussy and rimmed asshole. My twat grew warm now. I squeezed my thighs together, my panties already soaking up the flood leaking out of me. I leaned closer to Justin.

We were on a date now. I was feeling amorous.

“No, I do not think I’m mad at all. So long as you share.”

“Deal,” he said, grinning.

I kissed my boyfriend. I put a lot more passion into it than I meant to. My lips melted to his. All that heat building inside of me fueled this moment. My arms went around his, my tongue dancing in his mouth. My heart beat so fast, with such a frantic rhythm, it surged excitement through my veins. I quivered, groaning. Our tongues dueled.

The car pulled away from the curb. We should stop kissing. We should put on our seatbelts. However, I couldn’t pull my lips away. They were melted to Justin’s. His arms were around me. I felt so safe. Even if we got into a car accident, he would somehow protect me.

It was irrational. I didn’t care.

Aurora drove us to wherever we’re going. I didn’t much care where we went on the date right now. Justin’s arms were tight about me, his tongue was in my mouth. I tasted him. It was so exciting. So wonderful.

His hands moved. They slid up and down my back. They stroked up and down my sides. My naughty boyfriend found my small breasts, cupping me through my bodice. His thumb swept over my swelling mound, brushing my puffy nipples.

Electricity shot straight down to my pussy.

I groaned into the kiss, loving how he caressed me through my clothing. The heady rush shot through me. A drunken excitement that kept me from caring about anything else. His other hand went lower. He passed my hip then was on my leg. He slid down my thigh, pressing my skirt tight to my flesh. The cloth rustled as he moved lower and lower.

He found my bare knee.

I moaned into his lips as his hand darted up beneath my skirt. So bold. Things were progressing faster than I anticipated, but I was drunk on this moment. Being with him. All so exciting. His hand found my panties, his fingertips caressing the cotton. My legs parted. Our tongues danced around each other as he pressed between my thighs, shoving my panties up against my labia.

My clit throbbed. Pleasure rippled through me.

“Oh, Master, were at the drive-in,” Aurora said. “I got to buy the tickets. You might want to stop.”

Justin broke the kiss. I was panting, flushed. Drive-in? It was a twenty minute by car to the nearest one. We were kissing for that long?

I shivered. Justin’s hand was still beneath my skirt, rubbing at my pussy through my panties. He teased me, making me feel so naughty. We were pulling up to the ticket booth at the entrance, Aurora was rolling down the window. She was talking with someone. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

I had my boyfriend’s amazing fingers rubbing up and down my pussy, pushing my panties into my labia. My sex soaked them with my passion.

Justin had a big grin on his face, loving it.

Aurora accepted the speaker and plugged it into her car’s cigarette lighter. She sat the speaker on the dashboard before she pulled in. The sun was setting. It is getting dark. We parked. I didn’t care what the movie was.

My lips were back on Justin’s.

His finger nudged my panties to the side. He touched me directly, stroking through my silky bush and groping my feverish labia. I quivered, my nineteen-year-old body trembling against him. I clutched tight to him as he slid his fingers inside of me.

I was open now. He’d taken my virginity.

I whimpered as his fingers pumped in and out of me. He kept massaging my breast with his other hand, his thumb rubbing my nipple. The pleasure rippled through my body.

He churned me up with his fingers. He made me feel amazing. I whimpered into the kiss, loving him with all my might. My hands started moving across his body. Touching him. I had to feel him. His fingers plunged deep in me. His two digits stretched my pussy open.

Justin felt so strong beneath his shirt. My hands moved lower and lower. My fingers found his jeans. I couldn’t stop them if I wanted to. His zipper rasped. Sounds were coming from the speaker. The movie was starting, and I still didn’t know what it was. Didn’t care.

This was the ultimate date for a young woman. The sort of experience where a girl would normally lose her virginity. This was just what I wanted. I craved. Justin was giving it to me.

It was his turn to groan as I reached into his boxers and pulled out his cock. I held his girth in my hand. I drew him out of his underwear. His dick was hard and warm in my hand. He throbbed in my grip, my hand stroking up and down him. My pussy clenched around his fingers. Those were nice, but this was what I craved.

His cock.

I straddled Justin’s lap, my pussy clenching down on his fingers. As if he understood, he ripped them out of my depths, eager for this as I was. I was so ready, my body trembling from the kisses, from Justin caressing my breasts, and from his fingers in my pussy.

He sucked my juices off his digits as I guided his cock to my snatch. With my left hand, I pulled my panties’ gusset to the side, allowing his cock to have access to my sex. I guided him right to my dripping nethers. I stared into his eyes as I rubbed his dick’s tip up and down my hot flesh.

I nudged him against my clit.

Pleasure rippled through me. He groaned, leaning back against the car door. His eyes were burning. My glasses shifted on my nose. I was so ready for this. I found the entrance to my pussy.

“Justin,” I panted, “I love you.”

Before he could answer, I impaled my pussy down his cock. His words turned into a low groan as my snatch swallowed his dick. I gasped at how much he spread me open. It felt so great. I slid down him, taking every inch of his shaft. This was such a wonderful delight to experience. His dick reached into me. When I bottomed out, I ground my clit into his pubic bone, reveling in this moment.

A new wave of delight shot through me. His hand seized the back of my neck, pulling my mouth to his. Our lips met in a hot kiss. My tongue wandered around inside his mouth. I groaned, my hips shifting, stirring his cock around inside of me. The pleasure fluttered through me. It made me ache.

Made me crave stimulation.

I lifted my pussy up his dick, my silky flesh clinging to his girth. I gripped my boyfriend’s shaft with my tight snatch. It was such a wonderful treat. The pleasure fluttered through me. I reached the peak of his cock and slammed back down him. He groaned into our kiss.

His hands moved, finding my breasts, squeezing them through my blouse as I worked my hips. My thighs raised and lowered my body. I rode him.

We made such naughty sounds together. Our clothing rustled. His dick plunged wet into my pussy. It was incredible. I moaned into his lips, every bit of friction building up pleasure inside of me. It was driving me towards our wonderful release.

Why did I ever think orgasms were a waste of time?

When they were with the person I loved, they were amazing. Worth all the effort. I craved one right now. I worked towards it, my pussy squeezing around Justin’s dick. I wanted him to experience that same pleasure, too. I wanted us both to exploded in rapture.

His hand squeezed my tits then they darted down my body. He grabbed my rump through my skirt. He held on tight and worked my pussy up and down his dick. His fingers dug into my rump, lifting me, guiding me. He growled into our kiss, his passion growing.

A dizzy wave of rapture flooded through me.

I was drunk on this. I savored his cock in me. I wanted so much rapture. My glasses shifted as my head moved. My body rose and fell, sliding up his dick and then plunging down it. The friction was incredible. The silky delight transmuted into pure rapture.

Justin broke the kiss, growling, “Goddamn, you’re just so sexy, Sam. You feel so amazing.”

I nodded my head, too breathless to say anything. I wanted to scream out how amazing his cock felt inside me. All I could do was squeak in delight. Then I gasped in shock as he suddenly moved us.

Before I knew it, I was on my back, stretched out across the Lexus’s backseat. Justin was atop me, his dick plunging into my pussy with hard strokes. His balls smacked into my taint.

I gasped as I stared up at him, my cunt squeezing around his dick as he buried it in me again and again. His pubic mound smacked against my clit, sending sparks of delight showering through me. I whimpered, squeezing down on him as I savored this moment. I cupped his face, feeling the shadow of his whiskers.

“Justin!” I shrieked. It was a scream of pure passion. A primal release bursting from my soul.

Every stroke of his dick brought me closer and closer to that eruption. My thighs were locked about him, holding him tight. I whimpered. He plunged over and over into me. The car rocked. The shocks groaned as he drilled me. It was incredible. He was so passionate. Such a real man.

“My beautiful Sam,” he groaned, staring down at me with such hunger in his eyes. Such passion and love. “Just so sexy. So hot. I can’t take much more.”

He found me sexy!

“Cum in me, Justin,” I moaned, not caring about the consequences. I just wanted my boyfriend’s, my man’s, spunk splashing in me.

With a growl, Justin buried into me. His dick pulsed and throbbed. I felt his hot cum spurting into my depths. I groaned, my pussy welcoming it. Powerful waves of delight washed through me. It set off a spasming burst of rapture. My pussy convulsed around his dick, massaging him.

Milking him.

“Justin, yes!” I screamed as my orgasm swept through me. I trembled, writhing beneath him. “Yes, yes, Justin! I love you!”

He kissed me hard, growling as my pussy milked his spurting dick. I hugged him tight, clinging to him as he spilled the last drops of his seed in me. My pussy writhed about him. My orgasm outlasted his, filling me with joy. Stars burst across my universe. I was swept up in waves of euphoria. They were so wonderful.

I hung at the peak of rapture, moaning into his lips.

Then my pleasured died into wonderful shudders. Into a quiver of delight. He was on top of me. He felt so warm and comfortable there. So right. Our kiss grew more and more gentle, loving. We were coming down from our orgasmic high together.

So far, it was the perfect date.

I held him. Kissed him. I heard the sounds of the drive-in movie playing. It reminded me that we just made love at a drive-in. I could see fogged up windows above my head. I heard squirming in the front seat and Aurora panting.

Was she masturbating?

Justin’s sex slaves had listened to us make love. She’d driven us here, serving us. I liked this life I would have with Justin. It would be special. Amazing.

I couldn’t wait to share it with him.

* * *

Justin Sampson

I wasn’t sure how long I stayed on top of Sam before I finally pulled out of her. I shifted onto the backseat, panting. It was so warm in the car. All the windows were fogged up. Aurora was squirming up front. She was watching us, peering between the driver’s and passenger’s seats, her face flushed, her green eyes twinkling.

“It sounded like you two had a great time, Master,” she said. Such joy in her voice.

“Yeah,” I said. “Now get back your and clean up the mess, whore.”

“Yes, Master,” my sex slave purred.

Aurora crawled over the center console, her loose, blonde hair swaying before her eager face. I glanced at the movie screen, a re-showing of The Shining playing on the screen. I leaned back as Aurora grabbed my dick wet with Sam’s pussy juices. My sex slave nuzzled her head down. I groaned as her tongue lapped up my soft shaft.

My arm went around Sam’s shoulder, pulling my girlfriend to me as my sex slave cleaned my dick. It was such an interesting feeling experiencing Aurora bathing my cock so soon after cumming. The tip was sensitive, sending sparks shooting down through me. I looked at Sam, seeing the glossiness in her brown eyes.

“You really are beautiful, Sam,” I told her, staring into her eyes.

Her cheeks went pinker. She squirmed while a most un-Sam smile crossing her lips. She looked positively girlish.

“You look quite handsome,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth.

Our date was off to a great start. I think I was going to enjoy my life. I may not have mind-control powers, but I had an awesome girlfriend and a kinky sex slave.

* * *

My full bladder drew me out of sleep.

I woke up, Sam lying beside me in my bed. She was half snuggled up against me, her black hair falling over her face. She looked so cute asleep, her face relaxed, her glasses missing. I groaned in annoyance at the piss making my dick hard. I didn’t want to wake up.

It was Saturday.

It was a little over a week since my date with Sam and the aftermath of the “gas attack.” Our college didn’t resume classes until the following Monday. It was an... interesting week. Things had definitely changed at our school. There was a sort of don’t ask, don’t tell policy about our hazy memories. We all did things, and I think a lot of people just wanted to forget that they happen.

Things were different, behaviors changed.

I was always getting strange looks from girls who’d been my sex slaves. They must be remembering begging for my cock and writhing in lesbian orgies while waiting for their turn to please me. The ones I remembered enjoying, like Tracy and Rebecca, would blush every time they saw me. Sometimes, however, there was a twinkle in their eyes, like maybe they remembered our time fondly.

Like they’d enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Chris and Lance came out as gay together. They were dating now. Steve, my third bully, was still with Petra, probably trying to forget ever taking it up the ass from his two friends.

Miss Daisy always gave me these big smiles while teaching English, and she was always looking at Sam fondly. I was the only man she’d ever been with, so maybe I left a bit of an impression on her. I had the feeling she wanted to have another threesome with me and my girlfriend.

I knew Sam would be down for it. She definitely liked having Aurora eat out her pussy, especially after we’d made love.

Mr. Viên Lê, my math professor, always looked disappointed as he gazed at the class. I had the vague memory that there was one lesson where all the girls were naked in it. I think us boys were equally disappointed.

Pearline was screwing every guy she could. She was telling them all that she just loved cock. She discovered getting nailed over and over again, having a train being run on her, was the hottest thing in the world. My little sister, Krystal, smirked when she heard about that.

Cassandra and José showed back up. They had missed out on the gas attack. I had vague memories of fucking Cassandra and then making her José’s sex slave. It looked like that stuck because she wore a collar proclaiming that her boyfriend owned her.

Aurora begged me to buy her one that day. I did. She looked so sexy with her choker on proclaiming her to be my slut. It had a little lock on it. I had the key, so Aurora couldn’t take it off. I only unlocked her so she could take a shower. I couldn’t wait for her to cheer at next week’s game wearing my collar.

Sighing, I gave up on trying to sleep this morning. My bladder was really, really full. I groaned and rolled out of bed, my girlfriend shifting and murmuring as she squirmed under the covers. I stretched my back as I stood naked, my toes flexing into the carpet.

Aurora was sleeping on the floor, a leash attached to her collar, the end tied around the post of my bed. She looked so cute lying in her little slave bed, her blonde hair spilling about her face. I padded past her, needing to relieve myself.

“Oh, yes, Mom!” moaned from my little sister’s room.

Krystal’s door was open. I glanced inside, watching our mother waking my little sister up in style. While none of the mind-controlled suggestions remained—I couldn’t give anyone commands and girls weren’t giving Krystal their panties—some people just enjoyed what they were made to do.

My mom was one of those.

She started waking up Krystal this way a few days ago, crawling into bed and eating out her daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, yes, just keep licking right there,” Krystal moaned, her budding breasts quivering as she squirmed on the bed. She saw me in the doorway, grinned, and said, “Stop being a perv, Justin!”

“Just admiring my fellow kinkster in action,” I said, winking at her before I headed to the bathroom.

The vacuum cleaner roared downstairs, Dad cleaning the house. I think my commands had done something to him, reminding him that he was supposed to be taking care of the house. That he was supposed to be a man. I think he was trying to win back my mother’s respect. He had realized just what a total loser he’d become.

I wasn’t complaining.

My sister’s moans followed me down to the bathroom, making my dick even harder. I slipped inside, groaning. My erection thrust before me, making it hard to aim and relieve my bladder. I grunted, my teeth grinding against my throbbing hardon.

Then the stream flowed. My pissed splashed into the toilet bowl.

I let out a groaning sigh.

It was one of those pisses that lasted forever. It was almost like cumming. Finally, I finished. I shook my dick, flicking off the last drops of piss, then I flushed and sauntered out. My mother was just stepping out of Krystal’s room, her pink robe only half closed, her large tits on the verge of spilling out.

A twinkle entered her brown eyes, and a most un-motherly smile crossed her lips. “Good morning, Justin,” she purred. “Mmm, is my big, strong son hard? Do you need a release?”

“Always, Mom,” I groaned.

Mom opened her pink robe, revealing her mature and curvy body. Her breasts were soft and plump, jiggling as her shoulders shrugged out of her garment. The robe fell down her body to land in a puddle at her feet. I grinned, my eyes darting up and down her flesh. Her bush was brown and soaked in juices, excited from eating out my sister’s cunt.

She sauntered to me, her hips swaying, breasts bouncing. Her arms slid around my neck, pulling me to her. I kissed my mother hard on the lips, tasting Krystal’s fresh musk. It was so exciting. Krystal wouldn’t let me touch her directly, but I could taste her pussy on my mom’s lips, Sam’s mouth, and even Ji-Yun’s mouth. I groaned, reveling in the indirect incestuous contact with my little sister, my dick swelling hard against my mother’s soft stomach.

She let out a purring moan as she broke the kiss, “Someone getting really excited. Mmm, you really want to get into your mommy’s pussy, don’t you?”

“Fuck, yeah, Mom,” I groaned.

She giggled then gave me another quick kiss. “That’s my big, strong son. Ooh, I need your dick in me so bad. It was so exciting licking your sister, and your cock is so much bigger than your father’s little dick.”

The vacuum cleaner still growled below.

I was so glad my mother got often cuckolding Dad with me. That I had awakened this in her through my mind-control. She spun around and fell to her knees. No foreplay, just straight to the good part.

She wiggled that ass at me, my dick growing harder and harder. I fell to my knees behind her, glad to be the man of the house. I grabbed her hip with my left hand while my right lined up my dick at her brown-furred muff.

I lanced forward.

I buried to the hilt in my mother’s juicy pussy. My crotch smacked into her rump, her butt-cheeks rippling. She squeezed down on my cock, groaning in delight. Her hips wiggled from side to side, stirring around my dick. If felt so wonderful. This teasing pleasure spilled over me. I savored being buried in the very pussy that had birthed me.

I fought off the urge to just fuck her. I wanted to enjoy this moment. I slid my hands up her body, cupping her breasts, squeezing them as she moaned and gasped. She grew hotter, wetter around my cock.

“Please, fuck me, Justin,” she moaned, rocking her hips, sliding her pussy an inch or two up and down my dick. “Fuck your mommy’s hot cunt. I need you. I’m so wet. My pussy’s so hot. I need my big, strong son to fuck me until I explode.”

How could I say no to that?

Mom groaned out in delight as I drew back my hips and then slammed my cock to the hilt in her. My dick plunged into her depths, her silky sheath squeezing around me. I groaned, savoring the massaging delight being inside her pussy. An incestuous thrill rippled through me as my balls smacked into her bush. My nuts were so full of cum.

My incestuous seed would fire into her. She was off birth control, wanting another child. My child. I’d give her my seed.

I thrust hard and fast into her, churning up her cunt. I pumped away at her incestuous sheath, reveling in pounding my mother. She moaned while my dad cleaned downstairs. I took his place in her cunt, dominating him. This was my pussy now. My mother’s cunt belonged to me. I groaned, taking such delight in using her.

“Oh, yes, yes fuck me!” Mom howled, not bothering to be quiet.

The vacuum cleaner turned off downstairs.

“Just pound my cunt! My big, strong son is fucking my pussy so hard. He’s going to plant a baby inside of me! I’m going to have his child! I’ll make him a new brother or sister!”

“Fuck!” I growled, squeezing her tits as I fucked her harder, faster. It was my first orgasm of the day. Those always came quick. I spent all night building up a load of cum, and my mother was going to get every drop of it. My balls smacked into her over and over while my crotch spanked her rump.

Her butt-cheeks jiggled. Every stinging impact sent another rippled through her plump flesh. The pleasure was incredible, her juices soaking my nuts. They grew hotter and hotter, drinking the silky friction flowing down my dick. My cum was approaching a boil.

I ached for it.

“I want to pump so much cum into your cunt, Mom!” I howled. “I’m going to breed you!”

“Yes, yes, breed me!” whimpered my mother.

Her pussy convulsed around my dick. That wonderful, spasming delight engulfed my shaft. Every plunge into her massaging heaven brought me closer to erupting. Her incestuous depths sucked at my cock, pulling at my balls. My cum neared its boil. The ache swelled at the tip of my dick.

“Fuck, yeah, take it!” I roared. “This is my pussy!”

“Yours!” my orgasming mother howled.

The stairs creaked. Dad was listening to me cuckolding him.

My jizz erupted into my mother’s depths. I flooded the pussy that birthed me with my seed. I pumped her full of what she needed to make a new child. My child. I was breeding my own son, my own sister, in my hot mother’s womb. I shuddered, the pleasure slamming into my mind. My thoughts burned. Stars danced before me as I savored this ecstatic moment.

Her pussy sucked at me. Massaged me. She drew out every last drop of my cum out of my balls. I reached my orgasmic peeked, standing there, every muscle in my body tensed. Then I let out a groan, the pleasure dying in me. I panted, my body buzzing from the joy.

“Oh, yes, you pumped so much cum in me, Justin,” panted Mom.

“Oooh, come sit on my face, Mom,” moaned Krystal from her bedroom. “I love licking Justin out of you.”

My sister didn’t want me touching her, but she did have a taste for eating my cum out of a woman’s pussy.

“You better go feed her, Mom,” I said, smacking her rump. “Otherwise, she’s going to be such a brat.”

My mom giggled as she pulled her pussy off my dick. She stood, my cum dribbling down her thighs, and sauntered back into my sister’s bedroom. She gave me a naughty wink before vanishing inside.

“Yes!” Krystal chortled in delight.

I smiled, feeling lethargic. It was Saturday morning. I headed back to bed. On the way, I caught a glimpse of my mother straddling my little sister’s head. Buzzing with delight, I sauntered into my bedroom.

Aurora was still sleeping on her slave bed, looking so peaceful, but Sam was awake. She was on her phone reading something. I snuggled beneath the blankets beside her. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Have fun?” she asked.

“My mom is always fun,” I groaned, holding Sam.

“Yes, she is,” she said. “Love you.”

“Love you, Sam,” I muttered, lethargy pulling me down into darkness.

I was glad I had my mind-control powers, even if it was only for a few days. It had changed my life, and the lives of those around me, for the better. Project KRONOS let us be who we truly wanted to be. Let us enjoy ourselves without guilt. That was a wonderful thing.

I fell asleep listening to the soft hum of my girlfriend.