The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 2: Slut’s Submissive Passion

Justin Sampson

I laughed with everyone else as my three bullies scrambled to get dressed. Their normally strong, dominant forms wilted beneath the gales of laughter. I had the biggest grin on my face as I witnessed Chris and his two asshole friends’ humiliation. To them, they were about to kick my ass because they thought I was ogling their girlfriends. In an eye blink, I vanished and they ended up in their new pose. For them, no time had passed.

For me, it had been hours.

This all started when Chris, our college’s hulking, asshole quarterback, had thrust me against the locker in our school’s locker room. I was naked at the time, changing into my gym wear. He was about to slam his mighty fist in the face when it happened.

In my panic, I wanted everything to stop. And it did.

I froze time.

I don’t know how I did it. I didn’t understand why I could do it. I felt I could do it again, the power slowly recharging inside of me. It was insane, but it happened. Everything around me had frozen. Chris’s fist had stopped an inch or two from crashing into my head. His two buddies—the short, broad-shouldered wrestler named Steve, who was cutting off my escape on the right, and Lance, the Black star of our school’s basketball team, who was hemming me in from the left—were helping him.

Confused and frightened over everyone being frozen, I fled the locker room and darted out into the rest of the school. I raced naked through the halls. I burst into a random classroom. I spun around and found myself face to face with Aurora, the bitch who landed me in this predicament, bent over her desk. The sight of her skirt-clad ass calmed down and let me realize that I somehow did this.

Then I got hard staring at Aurora. Despite being her cunt, she was hot. She was the head cheerleader, so of course she dated the asshole quarterback. She had her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. Time stopped with her half-bent over her desk as she rummaged through her purse. Her skirt hugged her ass, that perfect rump.

My lust surged through me. I realized I could do things to her. I could touch her body. Her tits! I could feel up her pussy, and get some payback for her Instagram post that had me a laughingstock of the student body this morning.

I discovered such interesting things molesting her. I could manipulate objects frozen in time. I could take off Aurora’s clothing, suck on her nipples, and make her pussy wet. I fucked her so hard, thrusting my dick in and out of her juicy cunt. She grew hotter and hotter. Despite being frozen in time, she somehow orgasmed. That hot, tight cunt writhed about my dick while I screamed out that she was my slut.

My whore.

I left her in her Professor Viên Lê’s math class with a pussy full of my cum. She’d have no idea that I’d fucked her. No idea how she got so hot and flushed, or why her cunt was so wet. Part of me wished I could be there to see her when I unfroze time. But I had to be back in the locker room. I still had to do with my bullies.

I moved them around to look like they were fucking each other instead of picking on me. I positioned them so it looked like they were enjoying a gay three-way. I had Lance sucking on Chris’s dick while Steve took Chris hard from behind. When I unfroze time, Chris’s fist crashed into the locker. The ringing sound summoned everyone.

All the boys saw them bursting apart, Lance spitting Chris’s dick out of his mouth. Steve fell on his ass, tripping over the bench, in his haste to escape. I even got a quick video of it. A little blackmail in case those three ever thought to mess with me again.

“Damn, look at that little rump-raider run,” laughed José as Chris, dressed once again and his face scarlet, barreled past everyone to burst out of the locker room. The quarterback had his shoulders hunched, head lowered.

“He’s off to find new ass to plunder,” I joked.

Mike, one of my fellow classmates, glanced at me and nodded. We never talked before, I was more of a nerdy loner type. But right now, Mike and the rest of us in the locker room shared new camaraderie. It was clear that everyone enjoyed seeing Chris, who thought he was king asshole, and his two friends getting taken down a few pegs.

A moment later, Lance and Steve took off after Chris, fleeing from the new rounds of laughter.

“Damn, I thought they were coming back here to kick your ass, Justin,” Mike said to me. He gave me a considering look. “What the fuck happened?”

“They didn’t want to beat me up. They want me to join their gay orgy,” I said. “Chris was talking like he was such top shit, claiming that he could fuck any guy he wanted in the locker room. Apparently, he wanted my ass.”

“Why?” Victor asked, giving me a look. He was the only openly gay guy in our physical education class. “No offense, Justin, you got that flat, White-boy ass.”

“No, I’m not offended at all,” I said. I didn’t mind that Victor was gay, but I liked girls.

“So they started... screwing each other?” Mike’s asked as the three of us started walking out of the locker room.

“Well, you saw them,” I said. “What did it look like to you?”

“That I was missing out on all the fun,” Victor said, shaking his head. “What a pity. They should just be honest with themselves.”

“Maybe this will help,” I said, smirking. “Maybe they’ll realize today who they truly are.” I couldn’t believe I said that with a straight face.

It was so hard to do.

All three of them would never live this down. I know Chris and his buddies pretended to be okay with homosexuals, but I always felt they only said that because it was the “PC” thing to do. That they just couldn’t afford to let out their true feelings. Now everyone would know, including their stuck up girlfriends, that they secretly liked dick.

“I wonder what that bitch Paris will say when she finds out her boyfriend was sucking dick?” José asked as we reached the gym. The Hispanic guy, who normally joined in on picking on me, walked with us.

It was weird talking with these guys, but also natural, like we always been friends. “Yeah, she thinks she has a perfect life, with her all-star-basketball-player boyfriend. I bet that derails her plans for a perfect life.”

“I’m sure her daddy can buy her a new Black boy toy for her to strut around with so that she can prove that she’s so much better than the rest of us,” Victor said. “’Look at me, I’m such a good person because I suck a Black guy’s dick.’” He mimicked Paris’s high-pitched voice then snorted. “So what? I’ve sucked Black dick, and I’m still bitch.”

I laughed as I took my position to do warm-ups for PE. The girls were already filtering in, wearing their gym shorts and tank tops or t-shirts. They were all looking cute, especially blonde Shelley whose shorts hugged her tight rump and Melissa, a Back girl with long, lush legs. That familiar ached twinged through my cock. I couldn’t help but enjoy the sight of Cassandra’s red hair falling about her shoulders while her large tits stretched out the tight t-shirt she wore.

Especially when she bent over to tie her shoe, her tits jiggling, not constrained well by her sports bra.

I felt that reservoir power slowly trickling inside of me, filling me up. I wanted to stop time again. I could have so much fun right now. I straightened, naughty ideas dancing through my head, when I noticed Paris glaring at me. The rich girl stood slender and elegant as always, her shorts hugging tight to her body, giving her a pronounced cameltoe between those long, lithe legs of hers. Her dark brown hair fell in wavy tresses about her face. She would be the hottest girl at my college if she didn’t always have that pinched, “I’m better than you” look on her face.

I gave her smirk, remembering how I fucked Aurora earlier. How would Paris react to learning I’d fucked her best friend? That I made Aurora my slut?

Paris’s face tight as a group of guys burst into laughing, staring at her. She whipped her gaze over to them which only made them laugh harder. Color spotted her cheeks. With a little stamp of her foot, she whirled away from them. I joined the laughter, enjoying her confusion. She wasn’t used to being mocked. She had no idea what her boyfriend, Lance, just did with the star quarterback.

God, I loved my powers.

I really, really wish I could stop time right now. Paris was another girl who deserved to be fucked with. Plus I could enjoy Shelley’s or Melissa’s or Cassandra’s bodies. Or I could do something to embarrass Paris even further.

Would pulling off her gym shorts and panties, showing off her pussy to the end entire class, really embarrass her? I mean, she didn’t mind having that yummy cameltoe on display.

Probably. She was all tease. One of those sluts who liked to get a guy hard then leave them aching with blue balls.

Coach Johnson strolled out, a woman in her late twenties. She had short, brown hair spilling around her round face. She had a domineering look about her as she marched with her back straight, her body fit and athletic. She wore the same sort of gym shorts is the other girls, though hers didn’t mold to her ass and thighs. Rumor had it that she was a dyke.

I bet she’d love to lick Paris’s pussy.

I bet she’d love to get licked by Paris. When I stopped time...

As coach Johnson let us through our warm-ups, I sank into my perverted fantasies of what I would do when I could stop time again. I grinned at all the naughty fun I would had while Cassandra stretched before me.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

The moment Professor Viên Lê’s math class ended, I shoved my hand into my purse to fish out my iPhone. While the Vietnamese teacher doted on the girls—he showered us with favoritism while he rode all the boys hard if they ever got a single problem wrong—he didn’t let any of us play with our phones during his lesson. He would berate any student who dared do it, hauling them up before the class and making them read they’re posts or texts.

All throughout the hour, I squirmed. I couldn’t focus, unable to thinking about anything but that insane, rapid orgasm that burst through my pussy at the start of class. Somehow, my suppressed lust to be Justin’s slut finally exploded through me. It gave me such powerful pleasure, the best climax of my life.

I knew I would get off better on Justin’s cock.

All this time I thought I hated him. I thought he was a dweeb, a pervert who all ogled me. I only wanted to be all ogled by hot guys. But Justin... wasn’t hot. He was... dorky. But I want to be his slut. Not his girlfriend, but his cock-sucking whore. I wanted to do so many naughty things to him. All through math class it was all I could think about. Letting him use my body. How I would satiate his lust with my body. I would even let him fuck my ass, something not even Chris, or another guy, had enjoyed.

Such guilt shot through me. I’d been so horrible to Justin. I just had the prejudice that I, the head cheerleader, had to be with a popular guy. That I shouldn’t be attracted to a nerdy loser like him. It drove me to do such mean things to them. Like that Instagram post that had half the school commenting about him and making fun of him. So that was the first thing I did when class ended; I deleted it. Then I switched over to Facebook and updated my status. I was no longer in a relationship with Chris.

I was Justin’s slut.

As I walked through the halls, my fingers blazed on my phone’s keyboard. I typed out my confession. It was also my apology. All the things that I realize. All the things I wanted Justin to do to me. I wanted to drink his cum. I wanted him to fuck me up the ass. I ignored the notifications from my friends as they question my newest Facebook status. I was getting peppered on messenger, everyone asking what was going on and if I’d heard about what Chris did in the locker room.

Fear squeezed my guts. I hoped he hadn’t hurt Justin. That jealous asshole better not have hurt my... My nerdy Master.

I froze in the hallway as I thought that word. Master... Just like the sex-slave sluts in all those BDSM erotica I secretly liked to read called their owners. My pussy grew even hotter. I couldn’t wait to find Justin. I couldn’t wait to be used by my Master. I was a slut. He needed to fuck me right now.

Why did I have to have class?

“What the fuck, Aurora?” Petra shouted the moment I walked into the English class we both shared.

I took a deep breath, expecting this reaction from my Hispanic friend. Petra had such an exasperated look on her pretty face, her golden-brown cheeks flushed darker than usual. Her light brown, curly hair bounced about her shoulders as she shook her head. She was a busty, curvy girl, and the agitated energy animating her body shook her in ways I was sure my Master, Justin, would appreciate. “Petra, it’s—”

“Don’t Petra me,” she hissed, her Latina accent stressing her words. “This... This crazy post you put on Facebook is disgusting. You want to be that pervert’s slut? You’re breaking up with Chris? Don’t tell me you believe those dumb rumors that he and Steve were butt-fucking each other in the locker room?”

I blinked at that. Butt-fucking?

I shook my head. “No, I’m just finally being honest with who I am.”

“And that’s being Justin’s slut?” She gaped at me. “That disgusting puto?”

I’m just tired of hiding who I truly am. Chris never satisfied me. Not the way that Justin will. I will cum harder with him than any other girl.”

I swept past my friend to find my desk, sitting with all the grace and refinement of a queen. I felt eyes staring at me. I didn’t care. I had nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone said you should always be yourself. Well, I was finally doing it. I was finally being whom I was meant to be. I stared on my phone, my eyes hard, and I attacked back at all those disgusting comments appearing on my post.

Justin wasn’t a dweeb. He wasn’t a dork. He wasn’t a pervert. He was my Master. And anyone who thought that was wrong could go fuck themselves.

* * *

Justin Sampson

Two hours after PE ended, and my time-stopping powers were still building back up. I had trouble gauging exactly how much “energy,” for lack of a better term, I needed to freeze it again. I just knew I wasn’t full yet. I had no idea how long it would take before I could do it again. I sighed, the last two classes—math with Professor Viên Lê, held in the same classroom where I fucked Aurora, and biology with Professor Isaacs—dragged. All I could think about was how I could use these powers. All the things I could do. I could get back at everyone, Professor Viên Lê for being an asshole to the guys, Paris and Petra for being bitches, President Brooks, the head of our college, for being on my case. I’d have so much fun.

Instead, I was stuck trapped in regular time. Everybody moved around me. It was so unfair.

I drifted out of my biology class, feeling everyone staring at me. They were still going on about that damned Instagram post of Aurora’s. I thought they would’ve gotten bored by it after a few hours. But I kept hearing girls snicker and guys shaking her head in disbelief. I kept hearing my name muttered in conversations then went quiet whenever I got close.

God, I should’ve left that bitch naked. But I had just cum and was feeling like a million bucks. It was hard to be angry with her after she gave me such pleasure, even if she didn’t know she done it all. Which only made it hotter.

My friend Sam was waiting for me outside her math class, leaning against the wall by a fire hose. She was lost in thought, like usual, her glasses slipping down her dainty nose. She had a slender body covered by her baggy clothing. She kept her black hair braided. She once told me she only braided it to keep her hair out of her eyes. She didn’t care about what she looked like, which was a shame because she could look cute if she took any effort at all in her appearance.

“Hey, Sam,” I said as I stopped by her.

She blinked her dark eyes as she looked up at me. “Oh, hey, Justin.”

“Ready for lunch?”

She shrugged. Sam wasn’t much of a talker. That sucked because she was my only real friend left at our college. My other friend, Eddie, transferred after the school administrators, especially President Brooks, suspected we changed our grades by hacking into the computer system. We did. I just didn’t see the need to try at college. It was just so boring. I could ace my tests if I tried, but why bother? There were easier ways to get good grades. But Eddie’s parents were so furious they yanked him out and sent him to a different school. My parents, specially my abusive dad, didn’t give a fuck.

Eyes kept staring at me as we made our way to the cafeteria. It was so obvious even Sam noticed it. Her forehead scrunched up. She glanced at me and asked, “Justin, did you do something?”

“Me?” I shrugged, wanting to say, “Oh, you know, just stopped time, fucked Aurora like the slut she was, and set up Chris and his asshole friends to look like they were having a gay orgy in the locker room.” But I couldn’t say that. So I went with denial, saying, “No, nothing. Not since that bitch Aurora thought I was groping myself while staring at her.”

“I bet you were groping yourself and staring at her,” Sam said, her voice flat. “You do that a lot, you know?”

My cheeks burn. Sam never pulled punches. When she did talk, she was straight forward. I liked that about her. Usually.

“I thought they’d be talking about what happened to Chris and his asshole friends in the locker room,” I said. “Did you hear?”

Sam shook her head.

“Do you care?”

Sam shook her head again.

“Yeah, priorities,” I said. “Those assholes don’t matter at all.”

“Hey, Justin,” a quiet voice said from my left.

I turned my head and blinked and surprised to see my sister, Krystal, edging her way towards me. She was eighteen, one year younger than me. She had her hands folded before her, fingers playing together as she fidgeted. Her normally elfin face had a strange, concerned look on it that, when combined with her petite build, made her look childish. Vulnerable. My brows furrowed as she shook her head, her black pigtails dancing about her face.

“Krystal?” I asked, frowning. My little sister never talk to me at school. She liked to pretend we weren’t related at all. It was a fiction she maintain so that her friends wouldn’t associate her with her “nerdy, perverted brother.” So why was she coming up to me now?

Why did she look so nervous?

“Um, something...” She licked her pink lips as she squirmed more. “I mean, did—”

“There you are!” a girl shouted at the top of her voice. It rang out across the cafeteria.

My head whipped around like everyone else’s, searching for the source. Krystal gasped and backed away from me. I saw why. Aurora marched towards me, her face beat red, her blonde ponytail bouncing behind her. She looked so determined. She looked so pissed off. Did she somehow know that I fucked her during frozen time while she was in math class? Or did she somehow suspect I was behind her boyfriend’s gay fling?

Aurora reached me, a swell of irritation surging through me. I was curious what was up with my sister, and, of course, this bitch had to march up to me to stir up more shit right now. My forehead tightened as I readied to defend—

Her hand seized my cheeks, her finger so warm and delicate, moments before her lips planted on mine. I froze, like time itself had stopped for only me, as the head cheerleader, one of the hottest girls in at my college, kissed me.


Her lips moved against mine. They were as sweet as I remember, tasting of her strawberry lip gloss. She groaned into my mouth, her fingers tightening on my cheeks. The fire she ignited surged down my body to my cock. I went hard in a flash as my mind struggled to understand what was going on. Why was she kissing me?

What the fuck was going on?

Gasps and whoops and shouts echoed around me. Out of the corner my eye, I saw Sam’s jaw dropped. For the first time ever, I saw her look flummoxed. She backed away and then melted into the growing crowd of college students brimming around Aurora and me.

Aurora broke the kiss, her green eyes shining with the fervor that wasn’t angry at all. It was... lusty.

“Oh, my god, yes, Master,” she moaned. “I’ve been wanting to see you. Needed to see you. I want to be your slut!”

She kissed me again, hard and fast. Just enough to let me feel her lips, to taste her lip gloss, and for my dick to throb. She pressed her body tight against me as she did it. My mind swirled. Her words had my thoughts reeling.

“I’m so sorry for being such a bitch you,” she whimpered between hot brushes of her hungry mouth. “I tried to suppress these feelings for you. But... But I just want to be your whore. I want to be your naughty slut.

“Your sex slave!”

“What?” I gasped, the only word I could say.

“I just know that you have the best cock ever,” she moaned, her body wiggling against me. She didn’t care about the people watching. Cell phones were aimed at us, recording this moment.

“Justin, you stud,” Mike shouted from the crowd.

“Damn,” José said.

“Oh, my god, Aurora, you’re such a slut!” redheaded Cassandra hissed as she stood by José.

“I am a slut,” Aurora said, her eyes burning with that fire. Her body felt so warm against me, the heat of her passion bleeding through our clothing reaching into my body. She ground her crotch right into my cock, feeling how hard I was. “I’m Justin’s slut. And proud of it.”

She kissed me again, her arms tight about my neck. Her tongue dueled with mine, probing the depths of my mouth. My arms went around her. I couldn’t help it. Part of my brain rejoiced to kiss this hot girl while another part thought this must be some sort of trick. But Aurora would never go this far. She would never do something like this just to tease me. Not at the cost to her reputation.

And she was saying all those words I...

All those words I said to her earlier.

Did I... do this to her?

When I fucked her while she was frozen, making her cum so hard on my dick, I told her she was my slut. That no other cock would ever pleasure her as much as mine. That she would never, ever be a satisfied by Chris or any other guy. And now... she wanted to be mine.

My hands grabbed her ass through her skirt, squeezing her perky rump. I remember how her ass looked, her rear tan save for that narrow triangle of pale flesh that descended towards her shaved pussy. She had a narrow, lilac thong, the cloth buried between her delicious butt-cheeks. I pulled her tight against me, my dick throbbing so hard.

I broke the kiss, staring into her eyes. “You’re really my slut?”

“Yes, Master,” she moaned, her voice throaty with passion. “I need your cock in me. It’s all I can think about since I came at the start of my math class. When I realized that I was your whore. Please, please, please, Master, fuck me. Let me please your body with mine.

“You can even breed me. You don’t have to wear a condom.”

A great whoop burst from the watching guys. They clapped and hollered and shouted out such words of encouragement to me. They called me “the man” and “stud” while the girls were all hissing their contempt for Aurora. They called her all those words that she freely admitted to. Aurora didn’t care. She seemed to drink it in. She appeared to love it as she squirmed against me.

Aurora broke away from me, her lithe body wiggling and undulating. She grabbed my hand with her delicate fingers, pulling me along after her. She had such a beguiling, sultry smile on those lush lips that were just kissing me. I felt dazed as I stumbled after her, shocked that this was happening.

Had I gone crazy?

I didn’t feel crazy.

Everything felt so real. It just didn’t make any sense. The hottest girl in school eager was to be my slut—my sex slave—all because of what I told her while she was frozen in time. It was like my words acted like a hypnotic suggestion.


The crowd melted out of Aurora’s way, spilling around us as we plowed through the cafeteria like an icebreaker through the Arctic Ocean. Guys I didn’t know caught me on the shoulder. They gave me a thumbs up and grinned at me. “You lucky dog,” one said. “Damn, Aurora, why don’t you suck my dick?”

“Justin’s is better,” Aurora answered.

“You’re going to get your dick wet, Justin,” another guy said. “My man!”

“Mmm, he is,” Aurora said. “With my mouth or my pussy. Whatever hole he wants.”

“You’re such a disgusting slag,” Brittany said, the English exchange student giving Aurora such a disgusted look.

“Just a filthy whore,” another girl said.

“How can even think about sucking that dweeb cock?” Cassandra snarled. “He was ogling all of us in gym class earlier.”

“He was?” Jose, her boyfriend, demanded. He glared at me. Looked like our truce from the locker room was over.

“I’m doing this because he’s my master,” Aurora said she kept leading me on. “He makes my pussy wetter than any other guy. His cock is the best!”

I grinned at that. I felt like a million dollars right now. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I used to think Aurora was such a bitch. Such a cunt. But now... Now I improved her. Made her into something better.

I made her into my slut.

God, the possibilities I could do once I could freeze time again. I couldn’t wait.

Aurora reached the single-use, gender-neutral bathroom at the far wall of the cafeteria. Her hand reached behind her, sliding along the blue-painted door until she found the knob. She twisted it and thrust the door open, a great whoop rising among the guys. Wolf-whistles resounded through the cafeteria.

Aurora had such a big grin on her flushed face. Her green eyes shone with such pride. Her dimples, those two cute divots on her cheeks, shown with such brilliant passion. She pulled me inside, closed the door, and locked it.

She fell to her knees before me and stared up at me, her blonde ponytail swaying behind her. Her hands shot the fly of my jeans, fingers fumbling with the fastener. It popped open and the zipper rasped as she drew it down. She licked her lips while she tugged my jeans down my thighs, exposing my cock tenting my boxers.

“My pussy is so wet for your cock, Master,” she purred, her voice so throaty. “But I have to prove that I’m your slut. I have to please you. My pleasure doesn’t matter. Only yours!”

Her fingers hooked the waistband of my boxers. She yanked them down with a violent tugged. I cock popped out before her, bobbing just an inch before her lips. She stared at it, a look of such lust crossing her face. She stared at me like it was the greatest thing she’d ever seen. Her green eyes were so wide with excitement. A smile broadened her lips and dimples shone in her cheeks.

“Aurora,” I breathed as her warm hand grabbed my dick. “I want you to suck it. Suck it hard. Make me cum.” Saying those words felt incredible.

When she moaned, “Yes, Master,” I felt so powerful. “I’ll drink down every drop of cum. I just...” She shuddered. “You can even cum on my face if you want!”

I groaned as her pouty lips engulfed my dick’s crown. This was so incredible. Her warm mouth covered the sensitive tip. Her tongue swirled around the crown. That naughty caress sent pleasure rippling down my dick. My balls tensed. My cum already brimmed in them.

Then she sucked.

As she nursed on my dick, her green eyes stared up at me with such worship in her depths. Her body quivered as she sucked again and again. Each time the pleasure reached down my shaft to my nuts. This tension built and built within them as I reveled in receiving my first blowjob.

I swayed from the pleasure, growing almost dizzy from her powerful suction. Her head moved and twisted, changing how the inside of her mouth rubbed on my dick’s tip. Then she bobbed her head up and down the shaft. It was clear she was no novice at this. She was an expert cock-sucker.

I grabbed her swaying ponytail to help steady myself. I loved the feel of it, holding her hair like a silken leash. She seemed to like it, too, sucking even harder, increasing my rapture. Her cheeks hollowed as she loved my dick, bringing such a groan from my lips.

“That’s it,” I moaned she made such sloppy, sucking sounds. “Oh, yes, you are proving that you’re my slut. My sex slave.”

She moaned about my dick, her passion humming about the sensitive tip. God, it felt great. I could feel how much she ached to obey me. How much she sincerely believed that she was my whore now. This was so amazing. The hottest coed was my slut. My cock-worshiping whore.

“You’d do anything for me,” I groaned. “Wouldn’t you?”

Her mouth popped off my dick with a wet plop so she could moan, “I would, Master! Anything!”

She engulfed my dick again, her lips ceiling tight about my shaft. Her tongue fluttered as she bobbed her head, twisting and shifting her pose. She rubbed the sensitive tip of my dick against the roof of her mouth and the sides of her cheeks. Her eyes stared up at me the entire time, her emerald depths burning with a feverish light.

I gripped her blonde ponytail tight. I owned her now. My nuts grew tighter and tighter. My orgasm swelled inside of me. I loved how her flushed cheeks hollowed every time she sucked. I loved how her moans vibrated about the sensitive tip of my dick, transmitting such rapture to my nuts.

“You ever deep-throated a cock before, slut?” I asked.

Her mouth popped off my cock again, leaving my shaft quivering. “No, Master.” She licked those pink, lush lips. “Do you...?” She arched narrow, blonde eyebrows. “I can do it. For you.”

“Yes, slave,” I growled.

She didn’t hesitate to bury my cock back in her mouth. She slid her mouth hard down my shaft. In a heartbeat, the tip of my dick was brushing against the back of her throat. I groaned as she made a gurgling sound, half-choking herself as she forced her mouth farther and farther down my shaft. My cock slipped down her gullet.

Her throat was so tight. So different from her pussy. It massaged my girth when she swallowed. She groaned, her vocal cords vibrating against my spongy crown. It was so intense. My hand entwined her ponytail about it as her lips nuzzled into my black pubic hair.

She took every inch of me.

“Damn, Aurora, you’re such a slut,” I groaned. “I love it. You’re making me so happy.”

She whimpered about my dick, her vocal cords massaging my cock. I was getting so close to cumming. Then, sucking the entire way, she drew her lips back up my shaft. My balls tightened as the suction reached into them. My jizz boiled. Both my hands clutched into fists, one gripping her silken ponytail.

I came.

Powerful blast of spunk fired out of my cock and splashed into her hungry mouth. I spasmed with each one, grunting out my pleasure. Outside, I could hear the students cheering and laughing, all of them knowing I was using Aurora. She gulped down my cum, swallowing it without hesitation.

“Oh, my fucking god, yes, Aurora!” I cried out the top of my voice. “Drink all of my jizz, slut!”

She did. All of it. She sucked so hard, drawing out the last drops from my dick. Her tongue fluttered across my crown, brushing the slit just to make sure she had it all. After popping her mouth off, she opened wide and showed off that there was no more left in her mouth.

“Did I please you, Master?” Aurora purred.

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned. “Did you feel how hard I came in your mouth?”

She giggled. “Mmm, it was yummy. Now my pussy is so wet. Will you please me, Master? Will you fuck me?”

I groaned, wanting to fuck her, but I just came and... Her hand stroked my still-erect dick. I frowned and realized a minute amount of that energy building up inside of me to let me stop time was being siphoned away to keep my dick hard.

God, no wonder I was always sporting an erection. Did I always have this brimming inside of me?

I must have.

“I want to fuck your cunt so hard, Aurora,” I groaned. “You’re going to cum and cum and cum.”

“I know I will, Master,” she purred as she nimbly gained her feet.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

The taste of Justin’s cum lingered in my mouth. I felt it in my belly, a naughty warmth. I never swallowed Chris’s jizz. I never swallowed any of my other my boyfriends’ or other guys’ spunk. I always spit it out. I always thought it was nasty. But... there was just something so sensual about swallowing my owner’s cum. To please my Master in any way possible.

By swallowing his jizz, I was submitting to his pleasure. And that made it wonderful.

I turned around with all the grace that a decade of cheerleading and gymnastics had given me. My ponytail whipped behind. I hoped he would grab it again. I always liked it when Chris held it while he fuck me from behind. I just knew would be even better when Justin did it.

I peeled off my top in a single go, dropping it to the ground. I didn’t care about if it got dirty or wrinkled. I had to get naked for my Master. He’d yet to see my tight body.

I had teased him with this for so long. I had made them hard so many times then mocked him for getting an erection. “I’m so sorry, Master,” I moaned as I reached behind me to unhitch my bra. “I was such a cunt to you. I was such a bitch for pretending I hated your attention. I just... I just wasn’t honest with myself. Can you... Can you forgive me?”

I quivered as I looked at him over my shoulder while slipping the straps of my bra down my arms. I trembled, hoping he could forgive me. But I feared he couldn’t. Not after the cunt I’d been to him. I was so terrible to him. But not any longer. I’d be the perfect sex slave. I would devote myself to him.

I would be honest to myself and do what I truly craved.

“After that blowjob, how can I be angry at you?” he said, a grin crossing his lips. He was a lot cuter than I realized. His black hair had a mused, uncaring quality about it. His clothing didn’t fit him well, baggy and loose, but he had a strong form beneath it. If he didn’t slouch so much and took care of his hair, he’d be rather handsome.

I’d help him with that.

Such joy bubbled through me as I unzipped my skirt. I could feel my Master’s eyes on my back in rump as I bent over, tugging the skirt down my hips. He groaned at the sight of my ass coming into view, my thong buried between my butt cheeks. My pussy was juicier than I had ever felt in my life, soaking the gusset. He had to see how excited I was.

How much I wanted this.

“Damn, Aurora,” he said, his voice tight. “I love seeing that ass.”

Giggling, I wiggled my hips, shaking my rear at him. I stayed bent over as I snapped the waistband of my thong, the sound echoing through the room. Then, feeling my excitement quivering for him, I pulled down my thong. It sprang out of my butt-crack and away from my pussy. I expose my shaved vulva. I kept wiggling my hips as I let my thong drop down my legs to my ankles. Straightening, I stepped out of them while throwing a coquettish smile over my shoulder.

“Goddamn, you know how to be one sexy bitch,” Justin groaned. He ran a hand through his mused, black hair.

“So, Master, how would you like to fuck me?” I bent over the sink, shaking my ass at him. “Do you want to take me from behind?” I spun around, my round breasts heaving. I settled my rump on the edge of the sink, spread my thighs apart, and gave him a smoking look. “Or would you like to pound me from the front?”

“The front,” he said without hesitation. “I’ve already enjoyed you from behind.”

I frowned at that but the question died on my lips before I could ask when. He lunged at me, his strong hands grabbing my waist, his still-hard cock lancing right for my pussy. My hands grabbed his shoulders as his dick nuzzled against my shaved cunt.

Justin’s dick rammed into my pussy.

“Master!” I squealed at the top of my lungs, hoping our audience could hear the passion in my voice.

It was amazing. Outstanding. The best cock I’d ever felt in me. And he was bareback. No condom between us. My flesh against his flesh. It felt so right. Just the way it was meant to be. I didn’t care if he bred me. If he wanted to fuck me without protection, good. He owned me.

I was a slut. His sex life.

“Oh, yes, yes, Master!” I moaned as he drew back his cock and slammed into me again. His balls thwacked into my taint while his dick stretched open my pussy. He had girth to him. Length. Did Chris know? Had he seen the delicious specimen Justin sported in the locker room?

No wonder he was always so insecure about Justin staring at me.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck my cunt, Master!” I howled as his amazing cock stirring my pussy to a froth.

I was so pride for my I was so ready to explode. Hours spent with my pussy wet since math, itching for his cock, had me primed. Then I followed that up with the joy of finally submitting to them, pleasing him with my mouth. Now he was in me, driving me towards my climax. His cock filled me with fuel, and it wouldn’t take much more than a spark set me off.

After only a few plunges, my orgasm exploded through me. My cunt spasmed hard about his dick. It writhed, rejoicing at his girth filling me. Waves upon waves of ecstasy surged through me. It was incredible. It was better than anything I’d ever felt before.

It was the best orgasm of my life.

Stars danced before my eyes about my rapture. My flesh spasmed and convulsed about his cock, milking it. I wanted his cum to spurt into me. I want to feel that rush of a bareback dick unloading inside of me. My thighs clamped about his waist. My arms hugged him tight to me. He grunted and groaned into my ear as my round breasts pressed against his chest.

My nipples throb against his t-shirt.

“Goddamn, you’re such a slut, Aurora!” he grunted, his hands sliding down my back to grip my ass. “You already came?”

“Your cock is just the best!” I howled as the pleasure buffeted me. “I keep cumming! Your dick keeps stirring me up! Oh, my God, yes!” His hands squeezed my ass as he drilled his dick in the me over and over again. I writhed and undulated against him, the porcelain edge of the sink digging into my upper thighs. I didn’t care. I just enjoyed his dick plunging into me.

Another orgasm spasmed through my cunt. My naughty hole writhed about his shaft, welcoming him into me with every thrust. The silky friction burned inside of me. The fires of rapture rage through my nerve endings. More stars burst across my vision as the heady euphoria spilled through my mind.

I couldn’t think.

I could only enjoy this. Experience this bliss.

I was his whore. I could see it in his dark eyes.

“Cum in me!” I howled. “Please, please, Master, dump your jizz in me!”

“Because you’re my cum-dumpster?” he growled.

“Yes, Master!”

“You want to be bred, too, don’t you?” He slammed his dick deep in me. “Don’t you, slut?”

“Yes, yes, yes, breed me!” I howled, my pussy writhing so hard about his dick. I just wanted is cum flooding into me.

He drew back his cock through my convulsing flesh. He groaned, his passion grunting out of him as he buried back into me. It filled me to the hilt, stretching out my spasming snatch. His heavy balls smacked into me.

His cum squirted into my fertile depths.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” my Master moaned as more and more spurts of his jizz flooded into me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “You’re flooding my cunt, Master!”

I sighed while a roar erupted from the listening guys. They all knew just what had happened. They celebrated Justin for being such a stud and for turning me into his slut.

Me! The head cheerleader!

My orgasm surged harder through me. Waves of darkness rippled across my vision. I drowned in euphoric bliss, clutching to my Master. I reveled in this moment. I never wanted it to end. Justin grunted, his cock firing one last blast of jizz into me.

“God dammit,” panted Justin while he leaned against me, my breasts crushed against his chest. “God damn, you’re amazing, Aurora”

I beamed at him as he held me. I served my Master. This was amazing.

I had to let everyone know. I needed my phone.

* * *

Justin Sampson

I groaned as I pulled my dick out of Aurora’s pussy. I took a step back, loving the sight of my jizz dribbling out of her. Unlike our previous fuck, time flowed normally. It was so hot watching her pussy lips squeezing tight again instead of freezing half-spread open. Her vulva looked flushed now, fucked hard. I loved the landing strip of blonde hair running down to that slit I’d just enjoyed and my cum spilling out of her.

Aurora, with all the perkiness of a cheerleader, hopped off the sink and spun around. Her cute, dimpled ass wiggling at me. I loved the tan lines left by her bikini. I grabbed her rump, squeezing and kneading her.

“I own this ass,” I said, then paused, in awe of the statement. The power I had.

Aurora giggled. “Yes, you do, Master.”

The sink hissed on. The students outside were still shouting, cheering, and calling out lewd suggestions. I knew they would all stare at me like I was a champion when I walked out. I couldn’t wait to parade Aurora around on my arm, her face flushed. It would be so obvious that I fucked her hard. That she was my slut.

Aurora bent over, pressing her rump against my still hard dick. I shuddered as my cock’s tip nudged against her pussy lips. Did she want more? Before I could thrust into her, she straightened up, pulling her snatch away from my dick, and peered down at something. It looked like she held something in her hands.

I snuggled up to her from behind, arms wrapping around her body. I felt the heat of her skin, the silky-softness of her. She had her phone in hand, typing rapidly with all the skill of a nineteen-year-old girl. She held up her phone and said, “Say cheese, Master!”

I smiled as she snapped a picture of us., The flash momentarily dazed me.

“Now to upload it to Instagram,” she muttered to herself. “Aaaaannnnd... Sent!”

“Letting everyone know you’re my slut?” I asked.

She wiggled in my embrace and let out a purring sound of affirmation. “They all have to—”

“What is going on here?” an angry voice snarled. “What is going on in the bathroom?”

I groaned at the sound of President Brooks’s reedy voice full of anger. He would burst in on us having sex. We were going to be in so much trouble. I really wished I could stop time, but my reserves were hardly full at all.

How were we getting out of this?

“Someone answer me?” he growled. “Are these comments on social media true? Is—”

All the sounds died. I felt a strange energy rippling through the air. It didn’t come from me, but reached out to that same source I touched when I consciously made time flowed again. This outside force seized it.

Time stopped and I didn’t do it.

I blinked, staring down at the frozen water splashing into the sink, drops hung immobilizing the air like liquid diamond.

“What the fuck?” I gasped.

“Master!” shrieked Aurora. “W-why did the water freeze?”

I blinked at that. Why wasn’t Aurora paused? Why wasn’t I? What the fuck was going on?

To be continued...