The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 5: Time Manipulated Mother

Justin Sampson

As I sat on my bed, allowing time to once again resume, my copy of the latest Berserk manga fell the rest away to my bed. It bounced once. I stared at it as it came to a rest, pages fluttering closed, while one thought permeated my mind: I wanted to fuck my little sister.

I wanted her so badly.

After having enjoyed making love to my mother while time was frozen, I got a taste for incestuous passion. And I wanted more. I had already thought about enjoying Krystal’s eighteen-year-old body. My sister a year younger than me, and just so petite and nubile. She was blossoming into her womanly beauty. I want to enjoy her with Mom, with my sex slave Aurora, and with Krystal’s friend Ji-Yun. Just thinking about it made my dick hard.

Then I learned my little sister was a lesbian.

With the new powers I discover today during high college’s gym class, I could have solved the problem of her being a lesbian. I could have frozen time, something I could apparently do every twelve hours, and then whisper into her ear. Whatever I told somebody while reality was paused, they followed. My words acted like a hypnotic suggestion, mind-controlling them to my will. I made Chris and his two friends, who were bullying me, into gay lovers, I turned the bitchy head cheerleader into my sex slave, I changed my abusive father into a cuckold, and my mother into my willing lover.

I could’ve done the same to Krystal.

But she had my powers. She, too, could stop time. Which meant she wasn’t affected by my powers. She could act freely when time was frozen, so I had the feeling that anything I whispered into her mind would be no different than me talking to her when time moved normally. After all, I tried to get her to do more while she was grinding her pussy on our time-frozen mother’s face. I tried to get us to do things together.

She laughed.

How could I fuck her then? What can I do to—

My phone beeped with a text message. I frowned. I didn’t get a lot of those. I didn’t have too many friends. Just Sam, who rarely texted, and Eddie, who had to transfer to a different college because of me. We weren’t talking as much because of that.

I snagged my phone, glancing at it. I smiled when I saw it was a text from my sex slave. I opened it up and read her naughty message and enjoyed the attached picture. She’d snapped a selfie of her tits splattered in my drying come.

“I want you at my house bright and early,” I texted her back. “I want you to meet my mother.”

“Yes, Master!!!” she texted back followed by a huge smiley emoji.

I chuckled, my dick throbbing. If I commanded her, Aurora would run over here and fuck me, but my thoughts turned back to my sister. With my power, I could fuck any woman I wanted, even my mother. Any woman except the one girl I now ached for. Krystal’s immunity to my powers, her declaration that she didn’t want me, only made me desire her more.

I sighed, horny. Then I smiled, thinking of my mom. I hoped the commands I gave her and my alcoholic dad were working. When I froze time, they were in the middle of a fight in the kitchen. I found Mom thrown to the floor by Dad. He was angry at her. Which meant...

Footsteps thudded up the stairs. Two sets of them. With my sister in her bedroom, it had to be my parents. I told my dad whenever he was mad at mom, he would instead bring her to me so I could cuckold him.

I grinned, rubbing my hands on my bare thighs, my dick thrusting up hard before me. Another one of my powers was sexual stamina, a minute amount of the energy that was building up in me to stop time was diverted to keep my dick hard when I wanted it to be.

The footsteps came closer and closer to my bedroom door. The floor joists creaked beneath my parents’ weight. They reached my door. My dad, like usual, barreled into my room without knocking. He had black hair like me, though he was balding. Once he was a fit, strong man, but years of drinking and sitting on his recliner had made him fat slob, his beer gut thrusting out before him. He pulled my mother in after him. She still wore her pink bathrobe that I’d closed after I enjoyed her body.

Dad stared at me with this... this look I had never seen on his face. The anger, the drunken rage, I normally witnessed was gone. His face was flushed, not ruddy, from this new emotion. He fell to his knees before me, still holding my busty mother’s hand.

She stared at me with hungry eyes. Not the way a mother should look at her son. But the way that I’d mind-controlled her in to seeing me. She licked her plump lips, her round, mature face flushed from the orgasms I gave her a while time was stop. She clearly was still buzzing from experiencing all those sensations I gave her at once.

Did she wonder why she tasted pussy on her lips? Krystal’s juices still gleamed on my mother’s face.

She looked so hot with her thin robe barely concealing her lush, naked body beneath. Her brown hair spilled about her hungry face. It was so wonderful to see the smile on her lips that wasn’t sad, but full of lust for me.

“Justin,” my dad croaked. “Justin... I... I need you to fuck your mother. She needs a real man to screw her. That’s not me. I’m too pathetic. I’m not good enough for her. She needs your cock, son.”

“Yes, I do, Justin,” my mother moaned, her voice so breathy and throaty. It was a sultry, wanton sound, something I’d never heard from her.

It made my dick ache for her pussy.

She took a step forward, her free hand moving from her robe, allowing it to open up more and revealing the cum I splattered on her tits right before I headed upstairs. I don’t think she realized my pearly jizz stained her body. She just stared at me with such hunger and moaned, “I need your big cock in me. Mommy needs her son’s cock to breed her. It’s all so clear to me now. I can’t pretend any longer that I don’t want you, Justin.”

I smiled. All my commands had settled into her mind.

“Oh, my god, I need you!” she moaned, her free hand fumbling at the loose tie of her robe. She undid the knot, pulling it open to reveal her naked, jizz-splattered body in its wondrous glory. “I need you to fuck me! Breed me! Don’t I deserve to have a real cock fuck me? Not your dad’s pathetic cock, but a big one. Yours!”

“Yes, you do,” I said and rose. I grinned, my dick thrusting hard before me. I loved my new powers. “Get on my bed on your hands and knees. I’ll fuck you so hard, Mom. I’ll make you explode!”

The look of longing and lust on my mother’s face made my dick throb. She wanted me badly. She loved me as more than just her son. She was my lover. My sexy, incestuous lover.

She let her robe fall off her shoulders and down her lush body. As she sauntered past my kneeling father—her kneeling husband—she gave me a sultry wink, an utterly feminine and womanly expression I’d never seen from her. Her large breasts swaying before her. There was so much joy in her eyes.

They were alive the way I remembered them being before my dad “accidentally” hurt his back.

“Mmm, I need that cock in me, Justin.”

My mother’s words rippled heat through me. As she passed me, I turned to follow her progress, admiring the jiggle to her tits, the sway to her hips. She reached my bed and mounted it was such grace. She had such a firm, fit body. She kept in shape in a vain attempt to make my father happy and keep his abuse to a minimum. It made her so lovely. I groaned at the sight of her round ass thrusting up in the air. The way her brown hair fell off her shoulders and draped around her flushed face. She wiggled her entire body, her tits swinging back and forth.

“Come fuck me, Justin,” she moaned. “Mmm, ram that big, thick cock into me.”

“I’ll fuck you so hard, Mom,” I said as I mounted the bed behind her. I shifted on my knees, my dick thrusting hard at her. I glanced at dad. “I’ll fuck you harder than any man ever has. You’re going to cum so hard on my dick, won’t you, Mom?”

“Yes,” she moaned. “I know that. I know you have the best cock ever, Justin. I made this cock in my womb. Now I need it back in me. Please, I haven’t felt like a real woman in so long.”

I could see the humiliation in my father’s face. I could tell he wanted to look away, but couldn’t. His hand drifted down, reaching past his beer gut to squeeze his hard dick. The shame of being replaced by me, by his son, was exciting him. Just like I commanded.

This was so exciting.

I brought my cock to my mother’s brown-furred muff. My cum soaked her bush. It ran in pearly lines down her thighs. She had no idea she’d taken my load already in her cunt. That she’d already pleased me with this pussy. I rubbed my dick up and down her hot slit, matting more of my jizz into her silky pubic hair.

She felt silky. Her juicy pussy lips bathed my cock in her passion. I groaned as I found the entrance of her pussy. I was eager to slid into her again. This time she wasn’t frozen. This time she was ready for it. Eager for it.

This time she knew I fucked her.

“Mom!” I groaned as I thrust into her.

“Yeeeeeees!” she moaned, her voice deep and throaty. Her pussy clamp down on my dick as I slid into her. The friction around my shaft was incredible. I was back in my mother again.

My heavy balls thwacked against her thick bush. I savored the feel of her as I drew back. The hot friction transformed into pleasure that rushed down my shaft. My hands squeezed tight about her hips. She undulated and wiggled them. She moaned with such a wanton delight as I thrust back into her incestuous depths.

“You’re back in me!” she moaned. “Oh, Doug, our son is back in me! He’s huge! So much bigger than you! Mmm, he inherited my father’s dick, not your little twig!”

How did mom know about grandpa’s dick?

I shoved that thought aside as I pistoned my hips forward, hammering my mother’s cunt. I reveled in it while my father watched me satiating his wife. He groaned as he stared at us with those humiliated eyes. His presence only made this hotter. Made me thrust harder into my mom.

I wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could.

“You feel so hot around me, Mom,” I groaned, my hand sweeping up her sides to grasp her swinging breasts. I groped them, feeling their pillowy softness. “So silky. You want my cum spurting into, don’t you?”

“Yes!” she moaned, her snatch squeezing down on my dick. “I want that so badly, Justin. I want to have your son. Your big, strong son!”

“Yes!” I groaned, hammering her cunt with all my strength, my hands squeezing her big tits. “I want to pump so much spunk in you. I’m going to breed you. You’re going to explode!”

I squeezed and played with my mom’s big tits. My fingers slid down her pillowy mounds as I plowed into her incestuous depths. She gasped when I grabbed her nipples. I pinched and rolled them, tugging on them. It made her buck back into me, her pussy growing hotter. She felt wonderful about my dick.

I loved how she squeezed me. How her cunt sucked at me. She wanted my seed so badly. And I wanted to give it to her. I thrust into her hard and fast while tugging at her nipples. I groaned and gasped as I buried into her over and over. Her cunt gripped me. It was incredible.

“Mom!” I moaned. “Oh, fuck, Mom!”

“I know, Justin!” she moaned. “Just give it to me. Give me your cum! I want to feel you squirting in to me! Oh, god, it’s too much. I’m going to... Yes!”

That heavenly bliss arrived. The rapturous moment when her pussy spasmed about my dick. I pinched her nipples hard as I experience the climactic rapture of her convulsing cunt. I buried into her, savoring this moment.

It was incredible. My balls grew tighter and tighter. Her flesh writhed and sucked at my dick. She was so hungry for my jizz. My face tensed.

I glanced at my dad.

“Mom!” I growled as my seed spurted into her convulsing pussy. “I’m breeding her, Dad! I’m breeding your wife!”

“Yes,” he groaned, squeezing his crotch, humiliation burning in his eyes as my jizz spurted over and over into my mother’s depths.

“It’s so hot, Justin!” my mom groaned, her voice so throaty. Her head lowered while her pussy writhed about my cock. “Oh, yes, my big boy is breeding me!”

The rapture slammed into my mind. Every spurt of my cock fired incestuous bliss through me. My mind drank it in. It rippled through my body. I groaned and grunted with every blast of my cum into her depths.

I loved my powers. As I collapse over my mom and hugged her tight, showing her the love my father didn’t. Triumphant bliss buzzed through me. I would change so much. I would make things better.

I would find a way to fuck my little sister.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

I was in the wonderful doze, on the verge of waking up. I didn’t want to get up. I was putting off having to start my day and getting ready for college as long as possible. Dreams, all nonsense, spilled through my thoughts.

The creaking of my door opening dragged me back to reality. Confusion wormed through my thoughts as I heard someone moving through my room. Was it my brother? Was he trying to pull some dump prank on me? Or was it my drunk father? Was he going to try to do... that again? He did it once, waking me up by touching me. Then he panicked and fled.

He hardly looked at me since that day.

Hands gripped my blanket and pulled them down my body. I struggled to open my eyes, to come fully awake and figure out what was going on. It was dark in my room. The shape moved onto my bed, mattress springs creaking. My legs were exposed, hands pushing up my nightgown. They weren’t rough hands like my father’s. They were soft hands. Gentle hands.

Long hair brushed my thighs as the figure lowered their head down towards my pussy. I frowned, the texture of the fingers felt... feminine to me. Then lips nuzzled against my pussy. I gasped as a tongue fluttered across my virgin flesh, lapping up my slit and brushed my clit. Pleasure rippled through me.

“W-what?” I gasped, shuddering. Full wakefulness crashed into my mind. I knew who was between my thighs. “Mom?” I asked, words groggy. “What you doing?”

“Waking you up, honey,” Mom said like it was the most matter-of-fact thing. Like a mother was supposed to wake her daughter up by licking her pussy and...

“Right,” I said, remembering the words I whispered into my time-frozen mother’s ears last night after I ground my cunt on her face. Delight burst inside of me as I moaned, “This is how a mother should wake up her daughter. Don’t stop eating me!”

“Of course I won’t stop, honey,” Mom said. “You have the best-tasting pussy in the world. It’s just yummy.”

She buried her face back in my snatch, licking again. I groaned, my toes clenching. My back arched as the pleasure radiated through me. It was incredible. My eyes fluttered. I savored every moment of her tongue sliding up and down my slit, teasing me. Driving me wild. My ass clenched as her hand shoved beneath me, gripping my rump.

“Oh, my God! How many pussies have you ever licked, Mom?” I asked.

She paused. “Um... just yours. But I just know that yours is the best tasting pussy. You’re my daughter. My baby girl.”

She buried her face back into my snatch. Her tongue fluttered with such a wild hunger. I wasn’t that experienced with having my pussy licked, having only had a girl, my best friend Ji-Yun, eat me out for the first time yesterday, but I could tell that while my mom lacked skill, she certainly didn’t lack enthusiasm. She hungered for my fresh juices. She lapped at my virginal slit like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted.

“Oh, Mom, yes!” I cried out. “That’s incredible!”

“Yes, it is incredible!” Mom moaned into my pussy.

This was one of my naughtiest masturbation fantasies come to life. Ever since that night that Dad slipped into my room, I re-imagined it as Mom doing it. That she would come in, wanting to enjoy something other than the drunken pawing of my father, desiring something different. Something feminine.

Something she could only get from me.

I would rubbed myself picturing her crossing my room, doing exactly what she did this morning. I had masturbated so many times fantasying about her sliding up my nightgown until it bunched around my waist. Her hands would spread open my thighs to expose my eighteen-year-old pussy. She would gaze at my tight slit covered by my trimmed bush of black hair. Then she would lean down and take her first lick, experiencing her first taste of lesbian, incestuous passion. It would overcome her. She would love it and feast on me.

Just like she was feasting on me right now.

My thighs clamped about her head as the pleasure surged through me. It was so incredible to feel this. Her tongue dragged up through my folds, starting at my taint, crossing over my hymen, and ending by flicking my clit. Sparks showered and danced through my pussy. They sizzled and seared inside my virgin flesh, swelling me towards my first true incestuous orgasm.

This was far better than grinding on her face like I did last night. That was masturbating. She was actually licking me this time. Her tongue was teasing all my folds. Her lips were nibbling on my labia. Enough light bled through my window from the approaching dawn for me to see my mother’s eyes. They were glassy with lust, liquid with her passion.

“I love you, Mom,” I moaned. I didn’t want to be loud. Justin was in the next room, though he hadn’t bothered to hide all the fun he was having with mom last night.

I didn’t care that mom was his whore, too. I only cared that she loved my pussy. I savored her lapping through my folds, brushing my clit again and again. My body shifted and undulated. My hands pulled up my nightgown farther my body, thrusting them over my budding breasts. I squeezed my little mounds, my thumbs rubbing over my pink nipples.

They were so fat. They thrust up so obscenely far from my small breasts. They were so sensitive, too. Every brush of my thumbs over them sent jolts of lightning arcing down my body to my pussy. It made my cunt hotter; my juices flowed.

My mother licked them all up.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, the bedsprings creaking beneath me as I humped against her licking face. “You’re the best mom! Just amazing!”

“And you’re such a wonderful daughter,” Mom groaned. “I love you and your cute, yummy pussy!” She nipped my clit with her lips then nibbled on my bud with her plump mouth.

My toes curled while my entire body shuddered. She drove me closer and closer to my orgasm. I gasped and squeaked, pinching my nipples hard. Those twin jolts of lightning zap down to my cunt. My flesh felt electrified as the pleasure built and built inside of me.

I couldn’t take much more of this. Little stars were already dancing before my eyes. This was as amazing as when Ji-Yun licked my cunt in the bathroom yesterday. And as wonderful as all the times we ate each other pussies last night in her bedroom while her parents thought we were studying. My hips wiggled from side to side, grinding my clit against my mother’s hot lips.

“Mom!” I squealed. “I’m about to... About to cum!”

Her fingers squeezed my tush, fingers digging into my flesh. She sucked with all her might on my clit. I could see it in her eyes. She wanted to make me explode right now. Such maternal, incestuous delight shown in her dark eyes.

This was so wrong. So taboo.

I exploded.

My virgin pussy convulsed as my clit throbbed and pulsed between my mother’s sucking lips. My juices squirted out of my twat as I bucked. My head rose and fell, slamming back into my pillow. My loose, black hair danced around me. Silky strands fell across my cheeks and forehead.

I heaved again as the pleasure rippled out of my pussy. The ecstasy flowed through my body and surged into my mind. They drowned my thoughts with incestuous bliss.

“I love you, Mom!” I shrieked at the top of my lungs. I didn’t care if Justin or Dad heard me. I wanted them to know that Mom was the best pussy licker in the world.

She sucked on my clit all through my orgasm. Then she lapped at my pussy folds as my pleasure peaked. I panted and gasped, my eyes fluttering as I came down from my orgasmic high. Mom purred as she licked up all my juices, sending tingles through me.

“Mmm, you better get up and get ready for classes,” Mom said as she rose from between my thighs. I grinned, seeing that I’d drenched her face with even more cream than last night. “I need to get started on breakfast.”

“O-okay,” I panted, just wanting to go back to sleep. That was the best orgasm of my life.

I shuddered, so glad I could stop time. I could feel that power brimming inside of me. Sometime while I was sleeping, it had recharged. Probably around midnight. Justin said his took twelve hours. I could do it right now. I almost wanted to, but what was the point doing it here? I’d rather save it for college. For getting back at that cunt Pearline. I grinned in delight, such naughty ideas spilling through my mind.

Justin and I were both going to change things at school today.

* * *

Justin Sampson

“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea that we coordinate when we can stop time,” I said to my little sister. Dad vacuumed in the background, following my orders to clean the house. I ignored him, staring at my little sister. I wanted her so badly. I was still erect from waking up hearing her crying out in orgasmic rapture.

Why didn’t I think of ordering mom to wake me up with a blowjob?

Of course, I was going to have Aurora move in with me today. She could handle waking me up that way. I’d let my little sister use our mother for that pleasure. Besides, I had an idea forming in my mind. I didn’t know if it would work, but if it did...

“You should stop time the moment we get our college,” I told my sister.

“Yeah, that’s is actually a good idea,” my sister said. “So how did you come up with it?”

I gave her a hard look. “Very fun—”

The doorbell rang. A hot shiver ran through me. I grinned. My sister arched me a questioning eyebrow.

“What are you up to, Justin?” She folded her arms beneath her small breasts, pulling her tight her t-shirt across her little mounds. “Something perverted?”

“Of course,” I said. “Mom! Get that cute, naked ass out here! It’s time to meet my sex slave!”

“Oh, how wonderful,” Mom said. She bustled out of the kitchen while untying her pink apron. It was all she wore. Her large breasts were barely hidden by it before she pulled it off, revealing those big, lush titties. She sauntered through the house, wanting to please me. She was such a wonderful mom.

My sister grinned at me, clearly enjoying the sight of our lush mother’s darting to join me at the front door.

I wrenched it open to find Aurora kneeling there, my sex slave’s blonde hair pulled back into her usual ponytail, her tan face staring up at me with eager excitement. Her dimples shown in her cheeks as she beamed at me, her green eyes twinkling.

“Master,” she moaned, her voice breathy. Her eyes slid over to the naked woman beside me. She licked her lips. “And you must be my Master’s mother. I’m Aurora, his sex slave!”

“Oh, that’s so wonderful,” my mom gushed. Then, to my surprise, she fell to her knees, her big tits heaving, and embraced Aurora. She made the sort of cooing, gushing sounds I imagined any mother would make the meeting her son’s girlfriend.

Or his sex slave, in this case.

Then, to my shock, my mom kissed my sex slave. And it wasn’t a motherly, friendly kiss, either, but one full of passion. She planted it right on Aurora’s lips. I groaned, my already-hard dick throbbing in my boxers. I caught glimpses of my mom’s and Aurora’s tongues dancing as their kiss swelled with passion. My commands making mom want to love other women with me was paying off.

My dad kept vacuuming in the background.

“Well, enjoy, Justin,” Krystal said as she slipped by our mom and my sex slave kissing. “I don’t need to see whatever perverted thing you’re going to make them do to you. Besides, Ji-Yun can finger me before I need to stop time.”

In my sister darted down the walkway to our front gate.

I just smiled, feeling so bold as my mom and sex slave kept kissing, their arms around each other’s bodies. My hands went to the fly of my jeans. The loud pop of my fastener coming undone echoed through the foyer. It followed by the rasp of my zipper. Then I shoved down my jeans and boxers enough for my hard, thick cock to pop out. It bounced right by both of their kissing mouths.

Aurora broke the kiss with my mother. She licked her lips and moaned, “Mmm, is that your daughter’s pussy I tasted on your lips, Mrs. Sampson?”

“Uh-huh. I always wake up my daughter by licking her pussy.” Mom’s brow furrowed. “Well, no, I didn’t do this before this morning but... it just felt right. I wish I’d done it before.”

“I bet all sorts of things popped into your head recently,” Aurora said while her green eyes flicked to my hard cock.

“Yes, it’s been... wonderful what I realized last night,” my mom said. She, too, turned her head, clearly following my sex slave’s gaze. She smiled when she saw my hard dick. “Oh, do you need one of us to suck your dick for you, honey?”

Aurora giggled. “Master, I love what you’ve done with your Mother. It’s so hot.”

“Yes, it is, slut,” I answered her. My gaze flicked over to my mom, meeting her dark eyes. “I want you both sucking my cock. At the same time.”

My mom blinked her brown eyes. “We can do that? How?”

“By taking turns, Mrs. Sampson,” Aurora said, grasping my dick. “We both can lick and suck and nibble on the tip together. Guys love it would two girls do it.”

Clearly, Aurora had done that before. But she’d always been a slut. She had to please the quarterback for our college’s football team. She dated him, believing that’s who the head cheerleader should be in a relationship with, caring more about status then her dreams. Of course, I made Chris, said quarterback boyfriend, gay then claimed her as my sex slave. I freed her to be who she truly want to be: a mind-controlled slut for a powerful man. It was all her fantasies come true. I knew she wanted me to claim more girls, especially her to bitchy friends, Paris and Petra.

I was looking forward to punishing them today.

“Just follow my lead, Mrs. Sampson,” my blonde sex slave said as she leaned in, her nineteen-year-old cheeks flushed bright pink. My mother’s more mature face held the same bright blush, her features just as lovely, but ripened into a full blossom instead of budding youth.

I groaned as Aurora’s lips nuzzled at the tip of my cock. Her tongue flicked out, sweeping over the spongy crown and gathering the precum leaking out of me. I groaned, clenching my fists as the pleasure shot down my shaft and sending tingling jolts down to my balls. My mom nuzzled in a moment later, rubbing her cheek against Aurora’s. My mom’s tongue flicked across the other side of my dick’s tip.

I groaned at the pleasure. Both their lips nibbled on the sides of my crown, teasing me. My balls tightened as one of my fantasies came to life. Aurora, fisted up and down my cock while my mother’s delicate right hand cradled my cum-heavy balls.

“Yes,” I moaned. “That’s it.” I grabbed a fistful of my mother’s brown hair and seized Aurora’s blonde ponytail. “My slut and my mother worshiping my cock. Fuck, that’s amazing.”

It was incredible feeling both my mom’s and Aurora’s tongues swirling about my cock’s tip. They bathed it with their passion, both their eyes staring up at me with such love and worship. My sex slave and my mother...

Goddamn, this was awesome.

Pleasure tingled up and down my shaft while Aurora fisted me. My mom cradled my balls, kneading them, massaging them, hungry for my cum to spurt from my cock. Her pink tongue would brush Aurora’s, their lips pressing together until, for a moment, they were kissing each other around the head of my dick.

“Holy fucking shit,” I groaned, enjoying every second of this. “This is amazing! You two are amazing!”

Aurora giggled and, in the process, surrendered my cock to my mother’s hungry mouth. As mom engulfed the tip of my dick into her wet, sucking mouth, Aurora moaned, “Mmm, yes, just enjoy it, Master. How many guys get to experience their mother’s sucking dick with their sex slave?” She giggled again. “Only you, Master!”

“Damn,” I moaned, gripping her ponytail tight while my mother bobbed her mouth up and down my dick.

“Mmm, you’re really good at sucking cock, aren’t you, Mrs. Sampson? Is it because it’s your son’s cock?” Aurora laughed, rich and throaty. “Course it is. Your son has a magnificent cock. Ooh, I want to suck on it, too.”

My mom popped her mouth off my dick, sending one last tingled shooting down to my balls. She handed my shaft over to Aurora, saying, “Enjoy, honey.”

My sex slave swallowed my dick with such eagerness. Her pink lips sealed tight about my crown, sending such delight rippling down to my cock. My balls throbbed in my mother’s massaging grip. She kneaded them as my sex slave bobbed her head, working that hot mouth up and down my dick.

It was incredible.

Aurora sucked on it while swirling her tongue around the crown, teasing me. Giving me such delight. Then her mouth popped off and my mother sucked on it.

I groaned at the delight of the two passing my dick back and forth. I only got to spend a few moments in either one of their mouths, but I savored it. Each was a little different, Aurora sucking hard, mom’s tongue dancing with such eagerness. Aurora fisted my dick faster and faster as my balls tightened. My orgasm swelled inside of me.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “I don’t want this to end, but... But you two are just so fucking sexy.”

Aurora giggled while my mother sucked on my dick. “You’ll just have to cum on our faces, Master.”

My mother plopped her hungry mouth off my dick and passed my cock over to Aurora to enjoy. “Yes, Justin,” my mother moaned. “Just cum all over our faces. That will make you happy. I just want you to be happy. You’re such a good son. You made me climax over and over last night. You gave me so many wonderful orgasms. Unlike your father.”

He cleared his throat in the background.

I groaned, my dick throbbing in Aurora’s nursing mouth. It was too much. They were just so sexy. I couldn’t last any longer. My hands tightened around her hair, Aurora’s ponytail wrapped about my left fist. My eyes squeezed shut for a moment as my entire body tensed.

“He’s going to pop, honey,” moaned my mom.

Aurora ripped her mouth off my dick, her hand flying up and down my shaft. The ache swelled at the tip, her stimulating hand caressing my sensitive crown right where it met my shaft. I was at that point of no return, groaning as I stared down at both of them, Aurora’s angelic face pressed against my mother’s mature features.

“Cum on us, Master!” screamed Aurora.

“Please, honey, just jizz all over our faces!” my mom moaned. “Then we will ... Then we will lick each other clean!”

“Fuck!” I snarled.

My spunk erupted from my dick.

My dick throbbed in Aurora’s stroking hand. She moved my dick back and forth, spraying my cum across both their faces. I painted my sex slave and my mother with ropy lines of my jizz. My pearly spunk dribbled down their features.

Every blast sent rapture surging through me. Such a wonderful thing to enjoy. Such an utter delight. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted this rapture to keep pulsing through me. The pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned as my last eruption of cum painted one final line across my mother’s temple and down Aurora’s left cheek. “Fuck, look at you. You’re both dripping in my seed.”

“Mmm, we are,” purred my mother.

Then their heads turn. Their mouths met in a jizz-filled kiss. As my pearly spunk dribbled down their features, they kissed each other. They love each other, snowballing my salty passion back and forth. I groaned, not wanting to go to class. Then I remembered my sister was going to stop time pretty soon.

I whipped out my phone and snapped a picture of the wonderful sight. I didn’t post it to social media like Aurora would. Then, to my shock, my sex slave pulled out her own phone while still kissing my mother. She was apparently an adept at taking a selfie while passing jizz to another woman’s mouth. I groaned as her phone’s flash strobed, painting their features in harsh highlights.

“Fuck, I want to stay and enjoy this,” I groaned. “But we have to get to college, slut!” We were going to have so much fun today.

Aurora broke the kiss with my mother and beamed up at me. My sex slave hopped to her feet and hooked her arm in mine, not caring that my cum dribbled across her features. Knowing her, she was eager to show the world just how much she loved being coated of my spunk. Her free hand was already typing at her phone. I noticed her making an Instagram post.

It read: “Dripping with my Master’s cum while kissing his hot mom!!! #SlutSlave #IncestIsTheBest #Blessed.”

She hit post.

“Well, slut, shall we get to school and have fun?” I asked her.

She beamed at me, my spunk streaking across her face. She looked so depraved. That wholesome, fresh-face cheerleader painted in my spunk. I had soiled her. I loved it. I finished zipping up my jeans as we strolled off the porch.

“Have fun at college, honey,” my mother called. “Try to stay out of trouble.”

I threw a look over my shoulder and said, “Oh, we will. I want to do something I should’ve done yesterday.”

“Okay, that’s nice, honey,” my naked mother said before she closed the front door.

“Oh, Master?” My sex slave’s twinkling, green eyes stared at me. “What’s that?”

“Giving President Brooks some new orders. Frankly, I should’ve just done it to him yesterday but I wasn’t really thinking about how I could use these powers to do things other than fuck girls.”

Aurora giggled. “But that’s so much fun. I mean, we have to turn my stuck-up friends into your sex slaves, too. Petra and Paris need to be covered in your jizz just as much as me, Master.”

“You really want that?” I asked.

She nodded her head. “I’ve been thinking about it all day yesterday, and all last night. Plus it filled my mind on the walk over here this morning. They keep sending me the most nastiest messages on social media. They are totally acting like I’m not there friend any longer. Just disowning me because I’m following my heart.”

“And because I hypnotize you,” I pointed out, feeling a bit amused.

She nodded her head. “That, too. So you need to make them understand. They have to be yours, Master. Besides, the things they said about you...” Her face tightened. Then it brightened. “Plus, they are single now that all three of our ex-boyfriends were caught fooling around with each other at the park.”

I arched an eyebrow.

“Yep, yesterday they were caught butt-fucking each other in the bushes. I’d say that your commands had quite the effect on them, Master.” She giggled. “Everyone at school thinks they’ve finally just admitted who they truly are. That all their masculine swagger just covering up the fact that they were rampant homosexuals. They’re all getting dumped on for being hypocrites.”

“Perfect,” I said, strolling down my street.

I passed a gray van parked in front of my neighbor’s house, a bright, yellow explosion painted on the side with the words “Nasty Sewage Assault!” painted in bold, red letters across the logo. I glanced at my neighbors house, shaking my head. It sucked to have a sewage leak.

“They’re out early,” Aurora said. “Must be quite the emergency.”

I nodded my head as we strolled on by. “Oh, my sister is going to stop time when we get to the college. We’re going to get two periods of frozen time at school today. We’ll have to get moving when she does. I have so much to do. And...” I glanced at her. “Our first step depends on whether or not my sister drags her friend Ji-Yun—”

“Justin,” a quiet voice said moments before a figure in a baggy sweatshirt popped out before me.

I gasped in shock at the side of my friend Sam standing before me, her black hair gathered in a loose, utilitarian braid. She had glasses perched on her nose, her dark eyes intense behind them. My heart thundered in my chest as I started her. She never ambushed me like this on the way to our college.

“Finally,” Sam said, “I was afraid you weren’t coming to classes today.” Then her eyes flicked to Aurora. Color blushed across my friend’s freckled cheeks. Her slender body shivered beneath her baggy sweatshirt. She would be cute if she put any effort into her appearance. Her face tightened. “Ah, I see why you’re... late. Your perversity is spreading.”

Aurora nodded her head. “You’re.. Sam, right? I’m—”

“Aurora Pritchard,” Sam said, her voice tight. “If you are truly my friend’s sex slave, then you will be quiet while we discuss more important things than... whatever the sort of things you do with him.”

Sam always had a directness about her, even verging on rudeness, but had never seen her just interrupt someone and tell them to shut up before. Aurora obeyed, popping her jaw’s shut and pressing tighter against me.

“Well, Sam, what?” I asked. I guess I couldn’t be mad at my friend her treating my sex slave like an object. Aurora was an object. I bet if I asked her, she would tell me her pussy was even wetter right now. “What is so important that you to ambush me before we even got the school? You could’ve just texted me.”

Sam blinked her eyes. “That... did not occur to me. There’s just so much exciting things going on. Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard about what?” I glanced at Aurora. “I’ve been... a little distracted.”

Aurora gave me a naughty smile.

“Yes” Sam said, her voice almost growling, “I can see that. Anyways, every atomic clock in the world has gone minutely out of sync with each other. It happened three times yesterday.”

My stomach sank. “Atomic clock shouldn’t go out of sync with each other. They’re most accurate clocks in the world.”

“Exactly, Justin!” Sam said, an eagerness crossing her face I had never seen before. This had... captivated her. Her dark eyes sparkled. “It happened three times yesterday. At 8:01 AM, 12:11 PM, and 8:01 PM local time.”

My heart sank. Two of those were definitely me, and the 12:11 had to be my sister during lunch time. “How off are the clocks?”

“Not much. I mean, were talking like nanoseconds. But it was enough that it was noticeable between the NIST-F1 and NIST-F2 in Boulder, Colorado versus the Department of Defense Master Clock in Washington, DC. And it got even more noticeable when they started comparing with the overseas ones. Like the one 4 hydrogen maser at the National Physic Lab in London and Caesium Beam Atomic Clock in Hong Kong. And, I hear, the Japanese are saying that their 18 cesium atomic clock at the University of Tokyo also got pretty out of sync. People are estimating the difference and figuring out where the distortion must have originated. It’s rough, like with a margin of error of plus or minus 20 miles, but they think it came from somewhere around here.

“Here, Justin!”

Aurora’s arm tightened around mine.

I swallowed, my mind racing. I hadn’t thought that there would be a ripple rolling off of us and... I frowned. I remembered feeling a wave washed over me when my sister stopped time yesterday. The power traveled fast—from what Sam said, it traveled faster than even the speed of light—but still it was noticeable to an atomic clock.


“What do you think is causing it?” I asked Sam as we came closer and closer to our college.

“It has to be gravitons.” She snapped her head around to look at me. “This might be the first proof that they exist. This could break open the field of particle physics. I mean... what else could affect time? It has to a change in local gravity around here. Not much, but just enough to affect the speed time pasts which in turn affects the atomic clocks. What else can do that?”

I nodded my head and said, “Yeah. It’s not like... someone could just stop time.”

Sam laughed. It was such a strange sound to hear. It was half giggling, half stuttering. She grasped her thighs, her face turning red as she struggled to breathe. I stared at her in awe. I had hung out with her for a couple years, yet I felt like I never truly knew this girl.

“Justin... you’re so... funny...” she managed to choke out. She pulled off her glasses to wipe tears from her eyes. “Someone… stopped time...”

“Yeah, that’s sooooooo impossible,” Aurora said, sarcasm thick in her voice.

“So, when you think it will happen again?” I asked.

“Three events is not enough information with which to discern any pattern,” she said, her mirth fading. “Two of them were twelve hours and a few seconds apart. The middle event was only four hours and nine minutes after the first one. It’s very strange like...” She shrugged. “Like some sort of cosmic event that bombarded us with gravitons. Maybe those things hard to detect or interact with, so that’s why there’s only a sporadic effect.” Then she shook her head. “No, no if it was originating from off our planet then our rotation would cause it to hit in different places. It’s weird. It’s—”

My sister stopped time, the force rippling over me and Aurora, still clutching to my arm. Sam froze in mid-sentence. In midstep. She was balanced between the two, about to set her left foot down, all her weight perched on her right toe.

Aurora shiver beside me. “Wow. That was... interesting.”

“I know. People are detecting what we’re doing.” Was that good or bad?

Aurora giggled and shook her head at me. “No, Master, your friend. She has such a crush on you.”


To be continued...