The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 7: Incestuous Commands

Justin Sampson

My mind didn’t want to work. Sam had just confessed that she had a crush on me. She wanted me to be her... lover. And she did it in the most blunt, Sam way possible. Just stating it, asking—almost demanding!—to know if I wanted to be her lover. I couldn’t believe it. This was Sam.


This was the girl who didn’t care about her appearance. Who was so focused on her schoolwork that she hardly paid attention to anything else. There were days when I was certain she never spoke a word, just lost in her head thinking about whatever subjects had attracted her attention. I had no idea I was one of those subjects.

No wonder she put up with me.

She stood there, waiting for my answer. I swallowed, A strange exhilarating and frightening sensation shot through me. I wanted this to be true. That she really had a crush on me, and that this wasn’t some strange, bizarre dream. As if being able to stop time and mind control people by speaking to them when they were frozen wasn’t Twilight Zone enough. While my mind grappled to understand this new paradigm shift, my gaze shot past her shoulder, attracted by the movement of the man in the gray jumpsuit slamming close the van’s sliding side door.

That bright, yellow explosion painted on the side of the work van arrested my attention. The scarlet letters, Nasty Sewage Assault!, painted over a fiery logo seized my dizzying thoughts. I latched onto the loud colors, a part of my mind was shocked to see the familiar logo here.

Didn’t I see one of their vans on the way to college?

No, no, this wasn’t important. I had to focus.

My cheeks burned; I could feel Sam staring at me. I was floundering. Panicking. Staring at the van was easier as I struggled to say something. I needed to say something. Sam just confessed that she... wanted to be my lover.

I shot my gaze to my nerdy friend, her brown eyes staring at me intently behind her glasses. A slight, pink tinge burned across her freckled cheeks. Her black hair fell in a loose braid, keeping most the strands of her hair away from her smooth face. Though she was nineteen, like me, she felt so much older. This strange intimidation washed through me.

What if I fucked this up and ruined our friendship?

“I guess our school has a sewage problem,” I said as a pair of workmen, the second coming from the driver side, walked by us, heading towards our college.

Sam blinked. “What does that have to do with my confession, Justin?”

“Yeah, Master,” Aurora, my blonde sex slave said from the other side. She giggled, getting far, far too much amusement from the situation.

“Do you want to be my lover?” Sam continued, her words so flat and brusque, “Or am I wasting my time?”

“Yes!” blurted out of me before I could even think. “Yes, I want that.”

I blinked in shock, realizing I did want that.

Aurora squealed in delight from behind me, hugging me. Her round breasts pressed into my back, separated only by her clothing. She bounced and giggled, so happy for me. I found myself smiling, her enthusiasm infected me.

“Kiss her, Master!” Aurora moaned in my ear.

I felt so nervous as I did what my sex slave suggested. My trembling fingers cupped Sam’s smooth cheeks. Their pink hue deepened into a bright scarlet as she allowed me to lift her head. I leaned down, bringing my lips to hers. I was so nervous. This was so different from all the things I had done with Aurora, my mother, Cassandra, and with my teacher, Miss Daisy. This was kissing Sam. She wasn’t under any of my power. Not really. I just ordered her to confess if she actually liked me.

And holy shit, she really did like me.

My lips touched her. They were dry, but warm. I kissed her, working my mouth against hers, savoring the feel of her against me. She didn’t move for a moment. She just stood there rigid, like she had no idea what a girl should be doing when the guy she likes kisses her.

Then she acted.

Sam’s arms shot around my neck, holding me tighter. Her lips moved. They were voracious. Now that she acted, she threw her all into it. She kissed me with such a hunger to love me. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, meeting mine. She tasted so good. Sweet.

My heart soared with such excitement. I trembled, savoring every moment of this. Aurora squealed and shuddered. She still hugged me from behind while I kissed my best friend.

I felt so dazed. So off balanced. The world didn’t make any sense at all, and I didn’t care. Because... I loved kissing Sam. I didn’t want to stop kissing Sam. I wanted this to continue forever and ever.

Sam broke the kiss.

She trembled before me, her eyes fluttering. Her tongue flicked once across her lips. She backed away from me, adjusting her baggy shirt. She cleared her throat and said, “Well, Justin, we should be getting to class. We can’t be late for Miss Daisy’s lecture.”

I burst into laughter. That was Sam. Damn. I was blind to have missed the fact that there was a girl beneath all that intense, serious exterior.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

“Come on!” I shouted, gripping my best friend’s hand. I darted forward, pulling Ji-Yun after me. I was so eager to see the results of my fun. My eighteen-year-old body shuddered as I watched my bully getting spit-roasted by two of her lackeys.

Pearline’s round, coffee-brown breasts swayed beneath her as the two White guys fucked her from either end. I grinned, wondering what Pearline thought about suddenly being naked, kneeling like a whore, and taking a dick from both ends. I had set it all up when I froze time, which was just a moment ago for everyone else, but over an hour for myself. A hot thrill went through my pussy. I was a lesbian, but it was still so hot watching this bitch becoming an utter slut.

“Oh, my god, you did that to her?” Ji-Yun asked as we joined the other college students gathering to watch the show.

I nodded my head, my pigtails dancing about my shoulders. “Aren’t I awesome?”

Ji-Yun glanced at me, her round, pale-olive face bursting with delight. She was Korean, a delicate beauty that had first turned me on to girls. She was the first person I ever masturbated to. Thanks to my time-stopping powers, and my mind-controlling powers, we had become lesbian lovers yesterday. It was an accident, but a happy one.

I couldn’t resist Ji-Yun now. I darted my head in and kissed her. I shuddered, melting against her, my lips working against my girlfriend’s mouth. She was my girlfriend. It was such an exciting thing to realize. My arms snaked around her neck, pulling her tight against me. She was just as skinny and petite as I was, her body feeling so lithe against mine. I wished there wasn’t clothing between us. Then I realized she was tasting pussy on my lips. I ate out three girls while time was paused, including my favorite teacher, Miss Daisy.

“What is going on out here?” the reedy voice of President Brooks shouted. “What are you hooligans doing to her? You’re before the school! What is going on here this week?”

I broke the kiss to see students melting out of the way of the bony school administrator. He marched towards the fucking students, the two boys still hammering the Black girl’s mouth and cunt. I gave them orders to use her. In the way she moaned, the way her hips undulated, it was clear she enjoyed being used. My mind-control powers at work.

“President Brooks,” I called out, “it’s okay! They’re allowed to fuck Pearline!”

President Brooks glanced over at me, the walking cadaver’s gray eyebrows arched at me. Then he blinked and a look of confusion passed across his face. “Oh, yes, you’re right Miss Sampson. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

I chortled as he turned around and headed back into the college building. “Justin did something right.”

“You’re... brother did that?” Ji-Yun asked, the heat growing in her voice. “That’s so cool. Maybe your brother isn’t as much of a dork as you always claim.”

I scowled at Ji-Yun. “Oh, yes, he absolutely is.”

I turned back to watch the fucking. I was finding hetero sex hot, especially Pearline’s tits swaying and bouncing beneath her. I slid my arm around Ji-Yun’s waist, pulling her tight against me. A warm flutter rippled through me when her arm slipped around me. I rested my head on her shoulder. Such bubbling joy wafted through me as we watched. The other students said such derogatory things about Pearline.

“I didn’t know you were such a whore!” one guy shouted.

“When you’re done sucking him off, I got a big pecker right here with your name on it!”

“Hurry up and bust your nut in her cunt. I want a poke at the whore. I don’t mind sloppy seconds if it means fucking her cunt!”

“Your powers are amazing,” Ji-Yun said. I had told her all about it on the walk to college that morning, catching her up on everything I’d learned from Justin the night before.

“I know.” A shudder ran through me. “In an hour, my brother will be freezing time. Me and you are going to find some cute girls, then we’re going to eat their pussies together. Doesn’t that sound yummy?”

Ji-Yun nodded her head. She sounded almost surprised as she said, “Yes. Yes, it does. I never realized how much I liked girls until you... brainwashed me.”

“Yep! I turned you into a big, ol’ dyke. Just like me!”

Ji-Yun giggled again, her hands sliding down from my hip to squeeze my ass through my skirt.

Another wave of heat thrust out of my pussy. I was glad she wasn’t mad at me. I didn’t mean to turn her gay, and she understood that. Feeling excited about our relationship, I asked, “So, who’s pussy should we lick first?”

She glanced over at my brother walking by with his sex slave on one arm, and his nerdy friend, Sam, on the other. I guessed he brainwashed the geek into being one of his whores, too. “How about Aurora?” Ji-Yun suggested. “She’s hot.”

I glanced. “My brother’s sex slave?” I asked, shaking my head. “He fucks her so much, I bet her pussy is always filled with his cum.”

“Yummy,” Ji-Yun said. “Doesn’t that sound hot? Eating a girl’s pussy filled with your brother’s cum? Incest is so hot.”

I blinked at that. Incest? I hadn’t mentioned that. I hadn’t even told her about how my mother now wakes me up in the morning. So if I hadn’t turned my friend on to incest, she already found it hot. Interesting. “But I don’t want to taste a guy’s cum.”

“Even if it was mixed inside a yummy pussy? Especially if it was your brother’s cum?”

I gave my friend such a weird look. Had I messed her up? She really, really wanted me to eat my brother’s cum out of his sex slave’s pussy. “You’re kinky.”

Ji-Yun nodded her head and shrugged. “You did this to me.”

I frowned. I guessed I need to be careful about what I said to her when she was frozen

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

I was bursting with joy as I strolled into our college with my Master at my side. His new girlfriend was on the other side. He had such a look of foolish excitement on his face. He was grinning like a five-year-old boy who’d just received the biggest chocolate bar in the world.

Giddy waves of joy washed through me. My Master had a girlfriend. A girl he liked without him even realizing it. He was just so caught up in his lust for hot girls like me, he didn’t notice the wonderful person right next to him. His subconscious had, but not his raging libido and hard cock. Now every bit of him knew. After that kiss, I just knew he Sam and me would have so much fun together.

I couldn’t wait to lick his cum out of Sam’s pussy. I wonder what she tasted like?

I licked my lips as we passed through the crowded hallway. Just a few minutes prior, we were passing all the students frozen in place. They were all moving now and glancing at us. The guys were nodding their heads, seeing Justin as a stud because of me, while the girls all hated that I was a hot slut. That I was flaunting my sexuality with such unashamed enthusiasm. The Instagram post of me sharing a taboo kiss with Justin’s mother, both of us dripping in his cum, was getting so many comments.

My phone was practically melting in my purse. I was hearing it buzz constantly. I already knew what the comments would say. The girls would call me slut and whore and hussy. The guys would call me those names, too, but they would mean them as a compliment. They would want to do things to me. I bet there would be fifty comments from guys offering to jizz on my face. Probably more than a few that offered up their own mothers to join the fun, too.

But did any of them actually believe that I’d shared Justin’s jizz with his mother? I doubt it. However, it was still hot posting the pic on social media.

I walked my head held high. I just wished Justin’s cum still covered my face. But over an hour running around in paused time caused it to become dry and flaky. So I washed my face, which was challenging to do. Luckily, I found a faucet running when time was stopped.

“Well, Master, I have to get to my own class,” I told him as we paused at a branch in the hallway. “I’ll see you in an hour.”

“An hour?” Sam asked. “You are not in Justin’s PE class?”

I just winked at Sam before I planted a hot kiss on my Master’s lips. If he wanted to tell Sam about his powers, that was his decision. Not mine. I enjoyed kissing him with an audience, my tongue brushing his. The other students whooped and hollered and even booed us. It made my pussy so hot. I wanted Justin to fuck me right there. Then I would have his cum leaking out of me as I sat through my history class.

I broke the kiss with Justin, making his grin even more foolish, and reached past him to snag Sam. I giggled before I planted a kiss on her mouth. I wasn’t shocked when she returned it. Master had turned her bisexual. He was such a pervert. Her lips tasted so nice. They were plump and warm and they moved with such an eager hunger. The whoops and hollers grew even louder. Guys were shouting such naughty things while the girls were calling me slut or skank or dyke-bitch.

I broke the kiss and whirled away, eager for my dramatic exit. Master smacked me on the ass as a farewell.

Buzzing, I marched right towards the students. They melted out of my path. I strutted with such confidence; no one could stop me. I was Justin’s sex slave. That made me so important. My skirt swayed about my thighs, my hips swishing back and forth, my ponytail bouncing behind me.

I drew looks. I was the head of our cheerleader squad. Every guy already lusted after me, and now... Now I was the sluttiest girl at our college. They all wanted me, but only Justin got to enjoy me.

I reached my history class after a minute of walking, and smiled when I saw my bitchy friend Paris standing outside the room. She was shuddering and squirming in her designer dress, a rose affair that clung to her. She was rich. I mean, filthy rich. She always wore the most expensive dresses to school, gowns that must cost her daddy $500 to $2000 apiece. They always made her look so sophisticated and sexy.

Today, her dark-brown, wavy hair swayed about a face twisted with frustration. Her lips were pursed tight, her cheeks flushed. It was clear that Master’s command was already working on her.

“Good morning, Paris,” I said brightly.

She scowled at me.

“Mmm, don’t you look a little... agitated. Maybe you need to go the bathroom and... sort yourself out.”

She shot me daggers.

“Yes, you look like a girl that’s in desperate need of taking care of herself.”

“You’re such a disgusting whore!” she hissed at me. “I saw what you posted on Instagram this morning. It’s disgusting to even claim you were kissing Justin’s mother with his cum all over your faces. So don’t you even insinuate that I’m as much of a whore as you.”

“Well, it’s your choice. Class starts in a few minutes. But if I were you, I’d go into the bathroom and rub my cunt until I exploded. But then I’m a slut, and you’re a good girl.”

I swept past Paris into the classroom before she could respond, my head held high. She deserved Master’s naughty command for the way she acted the prior day. She was supposed to be my friend! She should have been happy for me when I discovered who I truly was.

I marched towards my desk, loving all the guys’ eyes on me. The guys were lusting after me. The girls gave me such dirty looks. Well, all the girls except Britney, an exchange student from England. She had black hair that framed her round face, her lips small and pursed tight. She had a considering expression as I took my seat beside her. Her eyes flicked me up and down. I didn’t much like it. She had joined in on saying mean things about my social media.

Maybe Master should teach her a lesson, too.

“So many strange things are going on at our college,” she said. “You and Justin.” Her eyes flicked to the two guys walking into the classroom holding hands. It was my ex-boyfriend Chris and his Black friend, Lance. They looked like a pair of lovers the way they looked at each other. They gave each other a quick kiss before they broke apart to take their seats.

“Chris, Steve, and Lance are all in some weird, gay threesome,” she said. “And how did you and Justin get out of the bathroom when President Brooks caught you guys fucking in there? I was in the cafeteria. I saw you go in there. There is no other way out. So how did Cassandra and José get in there in your place?”

I winked at her. “Maybe it’s magic.”

“Magic doesn’t exist,” she said, her British accent giving a strange emphasis to her words. Her long fingernails drummed on her desk. They had a clear gloss coat. “Something very, very strange is going on around here.”

“You’re friends with Cassandra. What did she tell you about how she ended up in there?” I asked, curious.

“She and José haven’t surfaced since they were put on academic suspension. Other than her texting me once saying they were learning all about their new roles. Apparently, they’re into BDSM now.”

“That’s a wonderful thing to be into. I love being Justin’s sex slave. I’m sure Cassandra’s equally happy being José’s sub.”

“Did Justin and José do something to you two?”

“Like what?” I asked, giving her an innocent smile. “You think Justin brainwashed me into being his sex slave? Because he totally did with his mind-control powers.”

“Fine,” Brittany said, turning away. “Don’t tell me. If you and Justin keep doing your antics, President Brooks is going to catch you, and then you’ll both be in as much trouble as Cassandra and José.”

“Will we?” Not after Master talked to President Brooks. I loved how Britney looked so annoyed and pissed. The only thing that would make this better would be if she had a pussy full of my Master just cum right now.

Of course, watching Paris rush into the classroom a minute late, her face flushed and tense with frustration like she couldn’t quite get that release, only made it better. I gave her such a big, happy grin. She glared at me as she took her seat.

And then the squirming started. Her thighs rubbed. She needed to cum. I settled down to watch, ready to give a full report to Master about how his commands affected Paris.

* * *

Shalom “Sam” Shapiro

I couldn’t stop licking my lips after Aurora kissed me. There was an unusual flavor on her mouth beneath the stronger taste of her strawberry lip gloss. It was such an interesting flavor. A sour musk. I don’t know why I liked it. I wasn’t even sure why I liked the kiss. I certainly wasn’t into girls. Or was I? Whatever strange attraction I was feeling for Aurora didn’t dilute my joy at being open with Justin and discovering my feelings were reciprocated. Maybe emotions weren’t something I should deny?

Maybe they were something to enjoy.

Even if it would lead to such messy things like sex.

“You look a little bit bemused,” Justin said as he glanced at me. We kept walking towards Miss Daisy’s classroom. “You look almost giddy.”

“Do I?” I smoothed my face. I couldn’t let this affect me. I needed to be rational. I had to focus on the time anomaly. I had some interesting ideas I wanted to ponder and post on the message board. All this relationship stuff would have to wait for after classes. I needed to remember my priorities.

“There’s the Sam I know,” Justin said, his grin growing. “You make a pretty cute robot.”

I nodded my head, another wave of joy bubbled through me. He thought I was cute. I tamped down that rush. Was I turning into one of those gushy, giggly, sighing girls who got all empty-headed around boys?

“You are very distracting person, Justin.”

“Yep,” he said. “And I’m also a huge pervert.”

“Yes, I already knew that. I found your porn collection once.”

Justin laughed. “And yet you still like me. Damn. Sorry for ignoring you. This is all so... surprising for me.”

I nodded my head. “We will just have to adapt together. We’ll figure out how to fit our new relationship into our lives without unduly disrupting our endeavors.”

“It does make you talkative,” Justin said. “I like it.”

My cheeks burned even more. “Justin, we’re about to arrive at our class. We need to comport ourselves like students.”

“Not like lovers?” He gave me a big grin. “So I shouldn’t kiss you right now?”

I wanted him to do that so badly. I almost let out a gushing, giggling whimper. “Of course not. It would be so inappropriate.” His head drifted towards me. “Justin!”

I wanted him to stop as he kissed me.

The moment that Justin’s lips touched mine, it felt like time had stopped. I had the strangest idea that the physical connection between my body and his had somehow created a temporal short in existence. As all the bubbling rush of emotions surged through me, a strange part of me wondered if this was the source to the time dilation emanating from our region. Could it be strong emotions somehow disrupting the fabric of spacetime? Like if someone had enough will, enough passion, they could cause all of reality to stop.

Of course that was foolish. This just had to be an illusionary effect affecting my perception caused by the electrochemical reactions firing inside my brain at that exact moment.

It was so hard to think about anything else but his kiss. His lips were so strong. So amazing. Heat flowed out of my pussy. I was getting wet and sticky down there.

I shuddered against him, clinging to him. I should be mad at him. He didn’t ask. He just kissed me. We were in school. Yet it was wonderful. I just savored that frozen moment, hearing only the blood rushing through my ears. My heart pounded, celebrating that moment.

Emotions were so amazing.

Justin broke the kiss and reality lurched around me. I swayed and gasped, struggling to catch my breath. My cheeks burned while my mind was dizzy and disoriented. That strange illusion that somehow I’d stopped time while we kissed left me so dizzy as I clung to him. It was utterly foolish an idea.

Stop time?

“Damn, what they say about quiet people is true,” he said. “They’re the ones you gotta watch out for. You know how to kiss. I love it. Love you.”

I shuddered at those two words. How could they make this bubbly, euphoric rush rise through me? I knew it was all hormones and chemicals in my brain making me feel this way, but... “I love you too, Justin.” I struggled to gather myself. “We really need to... Need to get to class.” Why was I so out of breath? “We have to... to...”

“Learn?” Justin asked, a smug grin on his face. He was... proud that he had so flustered me.

I nodded my head as I took his arm. My breathing slowed, but my heart still beat fast. My entire body burned. I want to do all those naughty things with him now. All those messy things that I always thought were a waste of time and energy.


It was only a few more steps to our classroom. We swept in and found Miss Daisy trembling at the front of the classroom. She looked as flushed as I was, her hand fanning her face. Her cheeks were almost as scarlet as her red hair. Her blouse looked a little ruffled, her hair mused like she’d gotten caught in an intense wind. If she went with a utilitarian braid, like I did, then she wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Her Green eyes fell on me and they burst with life.

“Sam,” she said, a breathy quality to her voice as the young associate professor sauntered to me and Justin. “Such a delight to see you today. I always enjoy the privilege of teaching you.”

A strange blush burned in my cheeks. A fluttering and titillating energy rippled through me, different from what Justin stirred. Had Aurora’s kiss awakened me to other interests? Was I... bi?

“It is always fascinating to listen to your lectures, Miss Daisy,” I said politely. I found them utterly tedious. I usually devoted her class to interrogating mysteries and ideas, to let my mind drift to other topics like pondering the source of those gravitons. It was ludicrous to even think that someone could freeze time. It must be Justin’s lame joke lingering in my mind combining with that strange sensation that being kissed stirred inside of me.

“Yes, yes, it’s always such a treat see you in my class, even if you’re in the back, just drinking in everything that I teach you.” She took my hand, her finger so delicate. “Perhaps... you would care to come by on your lunch break. I would love to teach you more advanced things.”

The way she spoke to me, the sultry cadence to her voice, had my pussy clenching and my nipples tingling. It was almost like Miss Daisy wanted to be my lover. But she was a teacher. That should be impossible, but... a heat rushed through me.

“I would gladly stop by to have a conversation with you, Miss Daisy,” I told her. The possibility of studying more advanced subjects appealed to me. I only took this class because it was a required course, not because I needed to learn anything from it.

“Good, good,” she said. Her eyes slid over to Justin. She shuddered. “Justin. I didn’t see you there. You could... join us. I know how close you and Sam are. I’m sure we can have an exciting study session.”

“Oh fff... heck yeah,” Justin said. “We’ll be there.”

That was utterly unlike Justin. He hated anything that would cause him to have to do extra schoolwork. He did the bare minimum, just skating by without trying. If he applied himself, he could be so successful. I would have to work on that to make sure he improved.

As Miss Daisy walked away, I pondered why Justin wanted to join us. Was this a... boyfriend thing? Was he taking interest in something I liked to do?

“Told you she had a crush on you,” Justin whispered as we headed to our seats. “She wants to have a threesome with us.”

I almost smiled. That was the Justin I knew. Strangely, the idea of having a threesome with Justin and our teacher was oddly... appealing. Apparently, I was suppressing some incredibly perverse desires. Perhaps, I should explore these. With Justin, of course.

* * *

Justin Sampson

I had a big grin all through Miss Daisy’s lecture. She kept giving Sam and me smoky looks, my suggestions to her when she was frozen in full effect. Clearly she knew I had the best cock she would ever enjoy, and her infatuation with Sam was in full effect now. I loved my powers.

Aurora kept tagging me in social media posts revealing the naughty antics that Petra and Paris had gotten up to. Both girls were getting caught masturbating in their classes, causing such disruptions. They were overwhelmed with lust. There was only one way for them to get satisfaction. They knew what they had to do to achieve an orgasm in the back of their minds. How long before they could cum was entirely up to them? Until then, they would suffer the humiliation of pictures of them fingering their pussies in the middle of class being splattered all over social media. That was their punishment for being such cunts.

Yes, my powers were amazing. I couldn’t wait to see what—

The door to my class burst open and, to my shock, my dad walked in leading my mother. I blinked, confusion wafting through me. What were my parents were doing here? And then it hit me.

“Oh, fuck.” I groaned as my dad and my mom spotted me in the back.

Everything happened at once.

Miss Daisy blinked then asked, “Can I help you?”

Someone else gasped, “Aren’t those Justin’s parents?”

“Justin, why are your parents here?” Sam asked me.

My brain locked into a panic as I knew exactly why my parents were here. I could see it in the pathetic look at my dad’s ruddy face, and the lustful desire burning across my mother’s expression. I messed up my commands. I ordered my dad to bring mom to me whenever he got mad at her. He had to beg me to cuckold him instead of hitting her. I never thought he would bring her to my college, but I didn’t give him an option. I told my mom something similar, only she had to be wet and ready to fuck me when he did this.

“Oh, Goddamn, no,” I groaned as my balding father led my busty mother to me. She was dressed only in her pink housecoat. I could tell by the way her large boobs jiggled beneath it that she was as naked as she was when I came on her face this morning before leaving for college.

I stood up. My heart thundered in my chest. I had to head this off before—

“Justin, I need you to fuck your mother.” My father had such an imploring look on his face, his free hand squeezing at his cock through his sweatpants.

Oh, God, he was hard.

Gasps burst through the room. Someone shouted, “I knew that was his mother in that pic Aurora posted!”

“You have to show me that you’re the real man,” my father continued. “You have to fuck her so hard before me. Just make her cum, Justin.”

“Yes, yes, Justin,” my mom moaned. Her voice was so breathy. “I need you in me so badly. Your father started yelling at me, but I wasn’t afraid. I knew he would bring me to you. We have to show him that you’re the real man in the house, Justin.”

Not knowing what else to do, I shoved my parents back, trying to get them out of the room as the other students were rising around me. They had their phones out, aiming them at us. I wanted to stop time so badly, but I had another twenty minutes before I could. My power was almost recharged. Almost. My cheeks burned. I thought I could get away with anything, but I felt so helpless at the moment.

Then I groaned as my mother grabbed my dick through my jeans. She squeezed it then moaned, “There is the cock I need in me. Oh, Justin, I don’t care who knows that you’re my lover. I just want you in me so badly.”

I ordered her not to care about our incestuous relationship. That she shouldn’t be ashamed at having her son for her lover. I told her she should be proud of it.

“Goddamn, you’re such a fucking pervert Justin!” a girl shouted.

“Damn,” a guy grunted. “Your own mom? That’s fucked up.”

I hustled my parents out of the classroom, my mom moaning like a bitch in heat. My dad begged, almost blubbering, for me to cuckold him. My mom kept stroking my cock through my jeans, making me so hard despite the embarrassment.

It grew quieter in the hallway, my classmates not following. I could hear Miss Daisy shouting at the students to get them to calm down. Good. I pushed my parents down the hallway towards... where?

I spotted the perfect place.

There was the guy’s restroom, the girl’s restroom, and in between them was the gender-neutral bathroom. Single use. Large space. I knew the orders I gave my parents last night. I had to fuck my mother, or they’d never leave the school.

This was such a fucking mess.

“Open that door, dad,” I barked at him. “Then lock it behind us. I’m gonna fuck mom so hard. I went to show you how a man takes care of his woman.”

“Yes, Justin,” my pathetic dad moaned. “Your mother deserves a real cock. To be fucked hard!”

“Yes, I do need it,” my mother moaned.

Dad opened the bathroom door. My mother pulled me inside, both her arms wrapped about my neck. Her lips on mine, kissing me with such incestuous heat. I groaned as I opened her robe, revealing her beauty. My hands stroked her sides. I had to fuck her because of the commands I gave her. She had to obey me. So I might as well enjoy this and savor every ounce of bliss I could. I’d have to find a way to sort out the mess in the classroom later.

Now, my mom needed me.

As my hands grasped my mom’s big tits, a familiar voice said, “Excuse me, Mr. Sampson.”

I glanced behind me to see Sam just slipping into the bathroom before my father managed to close the door. I gaped in shock at my... my girlfriend standing there, her eyes blinking owlishly behind her glasses. My dad closed the door, twisted the deadbolt. The lock clicked echoed through the room. My mother just moaned, not caring we had an audience.

“Sam!” I said. “I can explain.”

“Yes, you clearly have some usual family dynamics I was unaware of,” Sam said. “But, I am your lover now, so I need to be involved in this sort of things. I mean, your mother does have a rather magnificent pair of breasts. I’m rather coming around to the delights found in the female form. It’s all very strange. Unleashing my emotions has dredged up all sorts of interesting desires inside of me.”

“You’re okay with me fucking my...” My voice trailed off. Of course she was. I told her to be okay with me fucking other women including my mother.

Sam nodded. “Yes I find myself quite keen to observe and, perhaps, to learn more about coitus.”

“Lover?” Mom purred, her hand playing with my cock trapped in my jeans. “Have you two finally shared your feelings for each other?” She beamed at us. “That’s so wonderful. I’m so happy for you both. Mmm, it makes me so wet. Oh, yes, Justin, I need you in me so badly. While your girlfriend watches. That makes this hotter. I want to share you with girls!”

“Yes, I have that same desire, Mrs. Sampson,” Sam said. “Maybe, Justin... you could show me how to do things. To your mother. Together.”

“Like eating her pussy together?” I blurted out.

Sam gave a shy nod of her head which slid her glasses on her cute nose. I think I truly love this girl. Damn, how did I ever miss her femininity? She just always... around. Present. Blending into the background. She didn’t have all those exciting attributes on display that a whore like Aurora did. But now that I was seeing Sam and realizing all the potential she held... She could be amazing.

She would be amazing.

“Then let’s do it,” I said, kneeling before my mom as she leaned back against the sink. Sam slipped down beside me, her body shaking. She pushed up her glasses with her middle finger as my mother spread her thighs before us, unveiling her pussy adorned by a trimmed, brown bush. The scent of my mother’s sweet musk filled my nose.

“We’re just going to lick, okay?” I told Sam. “So just love all those places you like to touch yourself. Her labia. Her clit. Even get your tongue deep into her hole.”

“I rarely masturbate.” Sam licked her lips. “But I shall follow your guidance, Justin.”

“That’s what boyfriends are for,” I told her. I gave her a grin and kissed her quickly on the lips.

My mom let out such a maternal groan, that awwing sigh every mother makes when one of her children does something she finds sweet or endearing. My dick throbbed so hard in my jeans. This was also wonderfully fucked up. I was sharing my mother with my girlfriend.

God, this is so hot.

Together, Sam and I lowered our faces. Sam’s cheek rubbed against mine, so silky smooth. I didn’t mind the hard frames of her glasses pressing on my temple and was a little saddened when she quickly ripped them off right before we reached my mother’s pussy. Then we were nuzzling into my mom’s bush. I flicked out my tongue, sliding through my mother’s folds. I was eager to eat her out this time with her aware of what I was doing.

Sam’s tongue flicked out a moment later. She brushed mine before she let out a purring sound. “That is quite… good.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned before licking again. “My mom tastes delicious.”

“I am so glad you both love what my pussy taste like,” my mother groaned as Sam licked her again. “Ooh, Doug, our son is growing up to be such a strong, young man. Look at him teaching his girlfriend to eat pussy. He’s going to make her so happy. She’s not going to ever lack pleasure.”

“No,” my dad groaned. “Justin’s not a pathetic man like me.”

Sam giggled beside me.

It was so exciting sharing my mother with Sam. My mom’s sweet juices coated our lips and cheeks. Everything grew wonderfully sticky as our tongues licked and lapped and fluttered through my mom’s folds. We took turns brushing mom’s clit and thrusting into the depths of her cunt.

Sam squirmed beside me. She let out little moans and purrs of delight as we feasted. Our lips would brush for a moment, and our tongues would slide together. We would kiss, sharing the incestuous delight of my mom’s hot cunt. It was so incredible.

I was so lucky to have my powers.

“Oh, yes, yes, you are so cute together!” my mom groaned. “Ooooh, yes, you’re both so darn cute!”

My mom’s pillowy breasts jiggled and shook as she squirmed. Her hands clutched the edge of the porcelain sink as her body swayed from side to side. It was clear Sam and I were sending such heady rapture through my mom’s flesh. We were giving her such wicked passion. It burned through her. It made her gasp and moan and caused her juices to flow.

More and more of her passion soaked our faces. It was so exciting. I thrust my tongue deep into my mom’s cunt, wiggling around in the very sheath that brought me into this world. Sam’s clasped her lips around my mom’s clit, sucking hard. Mom bucked, her big tits heaving together. Her hard nipples danced atop those bouncing breasts.

“Oh, yes, yes!” my mom moaned. She threw back her head, her neck flushed with her passion. “Oh, Doug, our son and his girlfriend are going to make me explode! They’re eating my pussy! See, Doug, a real man eats out his woman!”

“I know,” my dad groaned, sounding so pathetic. “I never was a real man.”

“No, you never were, Doug!” my mom screamed. “Oh, Justin, I love you! I love you so much!”

My mom came. She showered Sam and me in her passion. Her sweet cream spilled over our faces. The pair of us licked it up with such a hungry fervor. I could tell Sam loved the taste of my mother’s passion as much as me.

We made my mother cum. It was so amazing. My dick was so hard. I unzipped my jeans, pulling my cock out of my boxers so it thrust out my fly. I had to be inside my mother now. I had to fuck her to fulfill the commands I gave her.

I also wanted to fuck Sam.

I kissed my girlfriend as my mother gasped and moaned. I thrust my tongue into Sam’s mouth while my right hand went for her breasts. I squeezed her small, firm tit through her top. She didn’t wear a bra. I felt her puffy nipples, the same pink delight I witnessed when Aurora exposed Sam’s tits while time was frozen.

Sam broke away from me. “Justin, you haven’t taken me out on a single date. You need to stop touching me like that.”

I blinked at her. “What?”

She stood up. “I’m not slut like your sex slave. I believe a minimum of at least one date, possibly three, should be undertaken before we have sexual relations.”

I blinked at her as she smoothed her skirt and stepped back. I think she was right. I definitely should treat her right. Not just as someone to fuck. Besides, I had my mom and Aurora. When I stopped time, I could make new whores. So I could go a little slow with Sam.

“Tonight, after classes are over, I’ll take you out on a date.”

Sam nodded her head, a pleased smile crossing her lips as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. “I look forward to it.”

“Now, Justin, I need you to fuck me,” my mom moaned. “I need you to show your dad just how lacking as a man he is.”

How could I say no to that?

As I rose, I lined up my cock to penetrate my mother’s pussy. Sam leaned closer. She licked her lips, her brown eyes inquisitive. I liked how she squirmed as I brought my dick to my mother’s silky bush. Sam watched with such interest while I rubbed my shaft’s tip up and down my mother’s wet slit.

“Fuck your mother, Justin,” groaned my dad. I could hear him jerking off now, that rhythmic slap-slap of masturbation. This was the only time he could have any sexual satisfaction. He could only get off while watching me fuck his wife.

“Yes, insert your cock into your mother,” Sam said. “I find myself quite eager to witness this.”

Groaning, loving the audience, I thrust into my mother’s pussy. She moaned, her heavy tits jiggling as I sank into her wet, incestuous depths. It was always so amazing to be back inside my mother. My arms went around her. My hand slid up and down her supple back. I savored her pussy clenching and relaxing about my shaft.

I kissed my mother with hungry lips, letting her taste her own sweet musk as I drew back my hips and slammed my cock back into her. She groaned, her thighs tightening about my waist as I fucked her. I pumped my dick in and out of her, churning her snatch up as our tongues danced together. She moaned into the kiss, her pleasure so obvious.

Mom loved my dick. She had to.

My balls smacked into her taint as I fuck her hard. I drove again and again and again into her incestuous depths. Sam was squirming right beside us, her eyes so wide as she watched us. She kept licking her lips. I couldn’t help but watch at her out of the corner of my eye. I loved the scarlet blush crossing her freckled cheeks and the way her hands rubbed at her stomach, pulling her baggy top tight across her small breasts.

“Damn,” I groaned, breaking the kiss with my mother to stare at my girlfriend. “It’s making you so hot, isn’t it? Making your pussy all wet and juicy.”

Sam nodded her head. She let out a whimpering moan.

“Oh, honey, let me help you out,” my mother said, reaching out with her left hand. She snagged the waistband of Sam’s sweatpants and pulled my girlfriend closer.

I thrust harder while my mom slipped her hand inside Sam’s sweatpants. My girlfriend let out a shuddering moan while her spine stiffened. I just knew my mom was reaching not only into Sam’s sweatpants, but into her panties. Such awe crossed Sam’s face as another person touched her pussy for the first time.

My mother touched Sam’s pussy.

“So my mom can get to third base, but I have to take you want to date?” I asked with a grin, thrusting my cock over and over into my mother’s cunt.

“She is not my lover,” Sam said, her voice breathy. “She’s... She’s your mother. She’s just... She’s just helping me out.”

My mother’s cunt clenched about my cock. “Mmm, yes, Justin. Just one lady giving another a helping hand.”

“Fuck,” I moaned, my dick throbbing in my mother’s tight pussy. “Yes, yes, yes help my girlfriend cum!”

“She will,” groaned my wussy dad. The sound of him spanking his pathetic cock while I fucked his wife only added to my excitement.

I leaned over and kissed Sam on the mouth as I plowed into my mother. My girlfriend didn’t hesitate. She threw an arm around my neck and kissed me back with ferocity. Her tongue dove into my mouth while my mom rubbed and fingered her cunt. My own hands were squeezing my mother’s tits now. If I didn’t, I would be grabbing Sam.

I clutched my mom’s heavy tits hard as I kissed Sam with all my passion. Our tongues dueled as we both groaned and gasped. My mother was pleasuring us now. We made her cum, so now she was returning the favor.

What an awesome family I had.

Mom’s pussy grew hotter and hotter around my dick. The silky friction swelled the ache at the tip of my cock. I couldn’t last long. Not while kissing Sam. My lover made such girlish moans. My girlfriend clutched to me with such a desperate passion, the rims of her glasses nudging my temple and forehead.

When she broke her kiss, she threw back her head and screamed, “Oh, my gosh, yes, Mrs. Sampson!”

“Oh, yes, you’re having an orgasm, Sam!” my mom moaned, her pussy clamping down on my dick hard. “You’re just soaking my fingers with your passion. “

“Oh, Justin, it’s amazing!” Sam moaned. She stumbled back, pulling away from us both. She hit the wall and shuddered against it, her head tossing from side to side. I had never seen her looking so wanton.

So alive.

Her lips were pursed and eyes squeezed shut. She never looked sexier to me. All her nerdiness had vanished, subsumed by the woman unleashed inside of her.

“Fuck!” I groaned and buried into my mother. As I erupted, I growled, “You’re so beautiful, Sam!”

“She is!” gasped my mother as I spurted blast after blast of cum into her depths.

My mother trembled as she joined me in rapture. Her cunt spasmed, milking my dick. Her flesh writhed and massaged around my shaft. She was so hungry for my jizz. She wanted to be bred by me. She wasn’t on birth control.

My dad grunted behind me. I bet his feeble spunk was spurting from his dick while watching as I kept pumping my jizz into his wife’s fertile depths. The pleasure carried me to such a plateau of rapture. I hungered for an amazing moment. Stars rippled across my vision.

Then I crashed down from my high.

“Oh, Justin, I needed that so badly,” my mom purred. She held up her fingers, covered in Sam’s juices, before my lips. I glanced at my girlfriend.

Sam nodded.

I sucked my girlfriend’s tangy juices off my mother’s digits. I groaned, loving the flavor of Sam. It was even hotter to taste her indirectly. I couldn’t believe how wonderful this was. I sucked my mom’s fingers clean, shuddering.

I could feel my power was almost full. It was almost 8:01 AM.

Outside, I could hear students flowing through the hallways, heading to their next class. I blinked, pulling out of my mom’s pussy. I had work to do. I needed to find Aurora before I could freeze time. I adjusted my clothing while my mom fanned her face. She picked up her bathrobe.

“Well, Sam, I’m so happy you and Justin are together.”

“As am I,” Sam said, adjusting her glasses.

Dressed, I ushered my parents out of the bathroom and into the flow of students. Sam followed me out, her cheeks burning bright, but she otherwise looked like her normal, placid self. She gave me a smile and a nod before she headed back to class. My parents both looked satiated, especially my mom as she clutched her thin robe closed about her nude body.

I definitely had to do something about my parents, adjusting my commands.

My energy filled to the brim. I could stop time now. My phone chirped. I glanced at it, and saw a text from my sister reading: “In place! Ready to have fun.”

I just needed Aurora to reach me so I could pull her into stopped time. As far as Sam... I’d feel her out on the date tonight. Maybe I’d show her what I could do.

“Have a good day, son,” my mom said. “I love you so much.”

My cheeks burned as I felt the students watching us. They all had these looks in their eyes. They knew I just fucked my mother. God, it had to be all over the school by now that my father had burst into the classroom and begged me to fuck my mom.

“Yeah, I love you, too, Mom,” I said, my face so hot with embarrassment.

My parents turned and walked down the hallway, passing a man in a gray jumpsuit with the sewage explosion logo over his heart. He was staring at his phone, his face tense. Was he looking for a sewage problem? I hadn’t smelled anything. The bathroom was fresh when we were in there.

“I’ll see you at lunch,” Sam said, giving me a faint smile.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m looking forward to our private tutoring with Miss Daisy.”

“As am I.” My girlfriend pushed up her glasses and headed back towards Miss Daisy’s class.


I glanced past Sam to see my cheerleader-slut racing towards me, her golden ponytail bouncing behind her. Her face was flushed, even agitated. I held out my hand to her as she raced past Sam pulling her phone out of her pocket. She thrust out her arm, fingers extended.

The moment we touched, I shouted, “STOP!”

Sounds died. Time froze. Everyone around us paused in mid step, holding positions that not even the greatest balance artist could maintain without shifting slightly. I let out a sigh of relief. Finally.

“We have to fix my parents,” I told her.

“Yeah,” she said. She held up her phone. “Look. This is bad.”

To be continued...