The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 8: Hot Paused Fun

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

My phone buzzed in my sweatpants pocket. Just like I was buzzing from my orgasm. Orgasms weren’t as messy or as useless as I thought. Well, they were messy, but in a naughty way. It was so exciting to be fingered by Justin’s mother. I knew there was a logical fallacy in insisting that Justin couldn’t touch me until he took me out on a date, but his mother could, I just... didn’t care. I wasn’t dating Justin’s mother, I was dating Justin.

I wanted our first time to be right.

My phone chirping meant there was an alert. It must be some new progress on the graviton phenomenon. My hands shot into my sweatpants pocket as I walked back to Miss Daisy’s classroom to get my book bags. Aurora darted past me, crying out for Justin. She was such a needy slave, but cared for my boyfriend. I hit the button on my phone, turning it on. I swiped—

* * *

Krystal Sampson

“Krystal!” Brittany, the English exchange student that was in the year ahead of me, exclaimed. The black-haired girl shot her hands beneath her skirt right there in my college’s hallway. A few passing guys stopped and goggled as they watched the English girl drag down a pair of white panties striped with thin, pink lines. Brittany stepped out of them, her cheeks burning bright. She thrust them at me, saying, “Please, enjoy the scent of my hot cunt on my panties.”

She shuddered then blinked in shock. Gasping, she scurried away as my hypnotic command finished controlling her. I shuddered, so glad I gave that naughty order to every pretty girl I came across while I froze time an hour earlier. Anything I told a person while time was paused rewrote their minds.

Which was good because I loved the smell of hot cunt on panties. Normally, I would be smelling my own or my mom’s I stole from the dirty. Brittany’s were so warm. So hot and fresh. I brought them to my nose.

Inhaled that tart musk of Brittany’s snatch.

“Oh, my God, that’s so good,” I groaned. I didn’t care that the guys around me were staring at me with such hunger. They all creamed themselves at just a hint of a sexy girl showing any lesbian passion, and this... This was blatant lesbo behavior.

“Got another pair, huh?” my best friend, and lover, Ji-Yun asked as she join me. My Korean friend had such a big grin on her face, her delicate cheeks blushing dark with her excitement.

“Yes,” I said. “They’re Brittany’s.” I shoved them into my friend’s hands.

Ji-Yun brought them to her nose and, thanks to my hypnotic command to love pussy, inhaled. She groaned as she enjoyed that tart musk. I took my lover’s hand, clutching her tight as she breathed in again. The guys were really whooping now. They were all such animals. Perhaps I should give them a command.

I grinned. It was almost time.

I texted my brother one-handed, letting him know I was ready for him to stop time. A minute later, it happened. That energy rolled over me. It splashed around Ji-Yun and me, my aura extending to her somehow. It protected her from my brother’s power. I was immune to it. Which was a good thing, or I’d be one of Justin’s sluts now, too. He would make me love his cock. I wouldn’t care that I was a lesbian after he whispered in my ear while time was paused.

I knew he wanted me, but he would never get me.

“Okay, boys, you’re all a buncha animals,” I said to the guys, shaking my head. “You all just want pussy. And you know what, Pearline is more than willing to give it up.” I made Pearline into a slut for being a bitch to me. “She’s a whore. She’ll fuck every last one of you. So you don’t need to ogle the cute lesbians like me. Go and fuck her!”

Ji-Yun nodded her head in agreement then inhaled Brittany’s panties.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s get up to no good.”

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

My Master’s time-freezing powers washed over me. I shuddered as silence fell around us. Everyone paused in their place, including the sewage worker in his gray jumpsuits standing beside me. He was frozen in mid-step, staring at his phone intently. I ignored them all, my heart thundering. I had important news to deliver to Justin.

I held out my phone before my master, bouncing on the balls of my feet. “This is very, very bad, Master!”

“Um... the screen’s blank,” he said.

“Oh, shit,” I muttered, so agitated I said that word. I sighed; my phone had turned off. I turned it back on and... “Great, it’s not loading. I’m not getting a signal because...” I blushed. I wasn’t stupid. I mean, I was a blonde, but I wasn’t an airhead. It was just this frozen time was such a new thing. It was such an adjustment to my thinking. My phone worked because I was holding it, but it was useless without being connected to the cell network.

“It’s all over social media that your dad came in and begged you to fuck your mom,” I said. “Everyone has to know. I’m getting comments from friends that don’t even go to our college who know you’re into incest. It’s illegal. I know I shouldn’t have posted the pic on social media, but I didn’t think people would really believe me. But this? Your entire English class saw it. There’s even a video of you leading your mother out of the room while she’s groping your cock.”

My Master took me by the shoulders, he stared into my eyes, his dark and commanding. I shuddered as I drank in his dominating presence. He was so strong. So reassuring. I could see it in his eyes. He would fix this. He wouldn’t get into any trouble for screwing his mom at school. I could see her just a dozen feet away, wrapped up in a bathrobe, almost floating as she was paused in mid step beside his father.

“I’m going to take care of this, Aurora” Master told me. “Trust me.”

“I do trust you, Master.” I shuddered. “I more than trust you. I’ve given myself to you.”

His hand moved to my cheek, stroking across my flesh. I trembled and whimpered. He was so strong. How had I never noticed this in Justin? I blushed. I knew why. Because I thought he was just some nerdy loser. But he wasn’t. He was my Master. My owner. It didn’t matter to me that he mind-controlled me into being his slut (in fact, that made it hotter). It just mattered that he completed me.

“Let’s fix my parents, and the rest of this problem, and then were going to have fun today.”

“Yes, Master,” I said, my fear bleeding out of me. I believed him.

Justin went straight for his parents. He marched with purpose, brushing past the frozen sewage worker and a pair of girls I didn’t know. He reached his parents and clasped his hand on both their shoulders.

“Dad, if you get angry at Mom and need me to fuck her, and Mom if need to have me cuckold Dad, wait until I get home. Do not bring her to me unless I am at home. Especially, do not bring her to my college. Mom, you will wait eagerly for me to return knowing that you will get to cuckold your husband and get back at him for all the times he abused you.”

“That sounds perfect, Master,” Aurora said. “But what are we going to do about the people who saw you?”

Justin looked around, his brow furrowing for a moment. Then he nodded his head. “It looks like most of the students who did see me are still around. They’re just leaving Miss Daisy’s classroom. Look, there’s Chuck and Brad talking over there. Those three girls down there by the drinking fountain are also in my class. I bet they’re all gossiping about me.”

He drew in a deep breath. “Everyone, you do not care about anything that I, Justin Sampson, do. You don’t think it’s weird at all that my father begged me to fuck my mother. You don’t have a problem with me fucking my mother. You think incest is just fine. You will delete all your posts, comments, and videos you’ve uploaded to the internet about my parents coming to our college.”

I nodded my head, smiling. It was such a great idea.

He grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway. We passed the sewage worker who was glancing at his phone, then we walked by Justin’s new girlfriend. Her face was flushed—I knew the look of sexual satisfaction—and she was in the process of swiping her phone’s screen to check a message.

I smiled, glad Master had some fun with her and his parents.

Justin kept giving out commands, repeating it as we moved through the bustling campus. This was such a smart idea. He had already placed our college’s president under his power, but now he mind-controlled everyone else. Now we could have our fun at school and not have to worry about the consequences.

I shuddered, my pussy so hot. Juices ran down my thighs. I couldn’t wait for all the fun we would have today.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

My brother was shouting through the halls, giving some sort of commands. His voice dwindled away, my brother heading in another direction. Which was fine by me. He could do his perverted things when time was frozen, and I would do mine.

I was looking for just the perfect girl to devour while Ji-Yun ate my pussy. I was thinking about going back and hitting up Brittany, since her pussy smelled so delicious on her panties, when I stepped into a T-intersection.

Ji-Yun’s hand squeezed down on mine. She exclaimed, “Oh, wow, your parents are here!”

My head whipped to the right. I blinked at the sight of my mom and dad about a dozen feet away from me. They were frozen walking towards me, Dad with a goofy grin on his face, something I hadn’t seen since before he hurt his “back” and had to stop working. Mom was beside him wearing her bathrobe. It was clear that was all she was wearing. She clutched it closed about her busty body, her face flushed like she had just been fucked.

My jaw dropped.

Justin fucked our mom at school.

“Look, look, you can see your brother’s cum running down your mom’s thighs,” Ji-Yun said, such excitement burning in her voice. “I read a post that your parents came into his class about twenty minutes ago. Your dad was begging Justin to fuck your mom.”

“Yeah, my brother gave them both perverted commands last night,” I said. I tugged on Ji-Yun’s hand, wanting to leave. “Let’s go find Brittany. She shouldn’t be far. I would love to eat her pussy.”

“But your mom is right there.” Ji-Yun shot me an excited look while resisting going with me. “We could devour her. Doesn’t that sound hot?”

“Normally,” I said. “But my brother just fucked her. She’s full of his cum.” A strange, nervous writhe through my stomach as I remembered the conversation I had with Ji-Yun before classes started. It was right after I unfroze time and she brought up eating my brother’s cum out of Aurora’s pussy. Or my mom’s.

“Exactly,” Ji-Yun said. She broke away from me and darted down the hallway. She slipped around Chuck and Brad to reach my mom and fell to her knees. My lover threw a look over her shoulder. “Come on, Krystal, this is the perfect time to lick your brother’s cum out of a woman’s pussy. Your mother’s pussy! It will be so yummy!”

This was such a difference in Ji-Yun. I know I had changed her, but it was almost like I had messed her up even more than I thought. But I hadn’t told her to like my brother’s cum. It had to be some sort of latent, incestuous desire on her part she could finally express thanks to my commands. I had opened herself up to enjoying sex without shame.

It had to be that, because I didn’t do this to my friend.

I drifted towards my friend and my parents, my stomach squirming more as Ji-Yun ripped open my mom’s robe. She bared Mom’s lush and curvy body. My mother had such big, pillowy tits, just begging to be squeezed and played with. Her nipples were hard and pink. I licked my lips, wanting to suckle on them. Then I noticed Mom’s brown bush was matted with my brother’s cum.

Ji-Yun’s finger slid through those silky curls and gathered a glob of my brother’s jizz. My Korean lover popped into her mouth. She moaned like tasting my brother’s spunk was the greatest thing in the world.

I swallowed as I stopped beside her.

With a hungry groan, my friend buried her face into my time-paused mother’s pussy. I shuddered as Ji-Yun lapped up my brother’s cum clinging to mother’s bush and dribbling out of her twat’s depths. I caught a glimpse of Ji-Yun’s pink tongue bringing a big, pearly glob of Justin’s jizz into her mouth.

A strange warmth rushed out of my pussy. I let out a whimper, squirming my hips. This was both disgusting and yet... arousing. My lover was enjoying eating my brother’s cum out of our mother’s pussy. It was my brother’s seed leaking out of our mother’s cunt. It was as incestuous as you could get. As taboo and utterly forbidden as anything could possibly be. My brother might even knock up our mother.

Our dad had a vasectomy.

I shuddered, wondering if I already had a new sibling growing inside of my mom. A little zygote; the union of their forbidden passion.

My girlfriend now shared this incestuous passion. Ji-Yun licked and lapped at my mother’s cunt with such hunger. Her delicate fingers clenched at my mother’s hips, clinging to her as the eighteen-year-old girl feasted on my mother’s snatch.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I wasn’t wearing any panties, and my trimmed bush wasn’t holding back the flood of my juices. I shouldn’t find this hot, but it was taboo knowing she was eating the incestuous mixing of my mother and brother. It sent dizzying waves through me. I wanted to stop her. To pull her away and forget I ever felt anything as arousing.

I didn’t want anything to do with my brother. I didn’t want his cock coming anywhere near me, but his cum... His was cum leaking out of our mother’s cunt.

What was wrong with me?

Ji-Yun’s wrenched her head away, her lips smeared with pussy cream and pearly jizz. Her left hand shot out and grabbed my right wrist. Before I could stop her, she yanked down hard. I gasped as she pulled me down beside her. A jolt of pain flared through my kneecaps as they hit the floor.

Before I realized what was happening, Ji-Yun’s lips were on mine, her tongue thrusting into my open mouth. I tasted something salty mixed with the sweet juices of my mother’s cunt. My eyes widened as Ji-Yun kissed me with such passion.

She was shoveling my brother’s jizz into my mouth.

My stomach clenched. Waves of shameful lust surged out of my pussy as I kissed my girlfriend back.

I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying this. It was so wrong. It made my pussy clench and itch. More of my juices flooded down my thighs. I was so aware that more of my brother’s jizz was frozen inside of my mother’s pussy.

That juicy, taboo snatch was only a few inches away. I just had to break my kiss with Ji-Yun, and I could be eating it. Then I could be feasting on that incestuous mix directly.

I broke the kiss with Ji-Yun. I had to flee. I had to get to my food. But... I trembled, my eyes locked on my mother’s pussy. Her bush was parted in strange ways, her curly hair pushed down from Ji-Yun’s nuzzling, leaving them frozen in place. I could see my mother’s labia spread apart by Ji-Yun’s licking tongue. Inside her depths, I spotted my brother’s cum that was frozen before it could leak out of her.

“Do it,” Ji-Yun purred. “Lick your brother’s jizz out of your mother’s pussy. You know you want to. You know that will be so hot.”

I let out a groan. I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t flee, but I also couldn’t move those last few inches to my mother’s snatch. I was terrified of what it would mean if I licked my brother’s jizz out of her. I was gay. I didn’t like boys at all. They revolted me.

So why did I want my brother’s cum? Where had this depraved impulse come from?

Ji-Yun held the back of my head, her fingers digging into my black hair. My pigtails swayed about my shoulder as she pressed my face into my mother’s incestuous snatch. I tasted Mom’s sweet juices followed by that salty, forbidden flavor of my brother’s jizz.

I licked.

My pussy clenched as I tasted my brother’s cum out of my mother’s pussy. I gathered a glob of it with my tongue and drew it into my mouth. I groaned at the salty flavor. I pressed my mouth tight against my mother’s silky snatch. My eyes stared up at her exposed breasts, her face mostly hidden from my sight by those massive boobs.

“Good, good,” Ji-Yun cute. “Mmm, that’s it. You love tasting your brother’s spunk mixed with your mother’s pussy. That’s the first step. You’re enjoying how good it tastes. How naughty it makes you feel.”

I just kept licking, fluttering my tongue, not really caring what she said. This mad, depraved lusted seized me. I thrust my tongue deep into my mother’s cunt, searching for more of my brother’s jizz. I wanted to drink it all out of her.

Ji-Yun squirmed beside me. I felt her head wiggled between my thighs. Her hands pushed up my skirt before she seized my hips and yanked me down a few inches to plant my pussy on her face. I groaned as I rubbed my hot cunt on my girlfriend’s mouth.

My Korean lover flicked her tongue out and slid it through my folds. She drank my fresh-tasting juices. My toes curled in my shoes as the pleasure rippled through me. It was so wonderful to feel Ji-Yun nibbling on my clit.

She worshiped it, sending sparks of rapture bursting inside my pussy. I moaned into my time-frozen mother’s cunt, licking up all her delicious, wonderful juices. I didn’t care why her cream could flow while the rest of her was outside the flow of time.

I just enjoyed the taste of her.

I squirmed atop her as I feasted on my mother’s cunt. I licked and lapped, searching for more of my brother’s salty jizz. I couldn’t find any more. I’d eaten all of Justin’s spunk out of her. I moaned my disappointment, my hips wiggling from side to side.

“No,” I groaned while Ji-Yun’s tongue lapped up through my folds to find my clit.

She sucked on it.

“I want more,” I groaned into my mother’s snatch, utterly lost to this depraved pleasure.

I reached up and played with her big titties, squeezing and kneading them, loving her heavy, plump fullness. My tongue swirled deep inside her snatch. I fluttered it around inside of her. I just knew there was more of my brother’s jizz in her, but it was trapped in her. Paused. I need to make her cum to get it out.

My nose nuzzled against her clit. I knew that would make my mother feel amazing. I pinched her nipples, playing with those fat nubs as I moved my lips. My pigtails caressed my shoulders as I latched onto my mom’s clit.

I sucked hard.

My own pussy clenched as I imagined my mother crying out in rapture. I knew she was loving this. If she could move, she’d be shuddering and heaving. More and more of her juices coated my face as I ground my cunt on Ji-Yun’s hungry mouth.

My friend Ji-Yun stopped sucking on my clit to nibble on my labia. She teased me. I couldn’t take much more. This was all so hot, so wrong. I sucked hard on my mother’s clit while pulling on her nipples.

It happened. I made my mother climax.

She cried out in rapture. Her juices gushed out of her. I moved my mouth over her hole, letting her sweet cream pour down my throat. I shuddered at the salty flavor mixed in it. That nasty, yet exciting, taste of my brother’s cum. I was getting the last of the jizz that was inside of her. I was feasting on it, swallowing it. I gulped it down with such a hungry need.

Ji-Yun flicked my clit with her tongue.

Sparks of rapture burst inside me.

“Ji-Yun!” I screeched.

“Yes, yes, yes, Kristi!” she moaned back as my orgasm convulsed through my cunt. “Bathe me in your juices!”

Just like my mother bathed my face, I’d drenched Ji-Yun’s. My lover’s tongue licked and lapped through my folds. She gathered up all my sweet cream while I trembled in ecstasy. Waves of rapture washed through my body, drowning my mind.

It was so wrong with me to enjoy this. I shouldn’t have loved the taste of my brother’s cum. But I did. A part of me wanted more. As my orgasm peaked, I was afraid what I would do if I came across another girl frozen with my brother’s jizz trapped inside her pussy.

“Oh, I knew you would love that,” panted Ji-Yun as she squirmed up beneath me. “Ooh, you drenched me. It was so hot.”

“Yeah,” I said, glancing at Ji-Yun. As my orgasm died, a strange unease rippled through me. “Ji-Yun—”

She cupped my pussy-stained cheeks and kissed me hard on the mouth before I could ask my question. Her tongue thrust past my lips, letting me taste my own fresh juices mixed with my mother’s sweet cream. I groaned, melting into the joy of experiencing my Korean girlfriend’s passion.

When she broke the kiss, I was panting. Dizzy waves of lust washed through me.

“Now let’s go find Brittany and eat her pussy!” Ji-Yun said. “We’ll finger each other as we devour her!”

I nodded my head. Ji-Yun was still the same. Mostly. She was just... free. “Yes!”

We hopped to our feet, taking a moment to close my mother’s robe, then we sprinted down the hallway hand-in-hand. We wove through the other students, searching for that English girl.

* * *

Justin Sampson

“Another sewage worker, huh?” I said to Aurora as we neared the gym. He was nowhere near the other guy. Did they not know where the problem was?

Then I realized why he might be here.

I smiled at the sight a group of guys crowding around Petra. She was leaning up against the wall, face twisted in rapture. The Hispanic girl had shoved up her blouse, exposing a maroon bra. One cup was shoved up over her soft, pillowy breast. Her exposed, golden-brown tit was clenched in her left hand. Her right was shoved between her thighs. Her jeans and maroon thong were bunched around her thighs. She was frigging herself. It looked like she had three digits buried in her snatch.

Aurora giggled. “Your command is really driving her wild. She didn’t even make it into the changing room before she just lost all control and had to masturbate again.”

“Yeah,” I said glancing at the sewage worker. He had his phone aimed right at the masturbating girl, clearly recording the nineteen-year-old coed’s naughty antics. “Explains why he’s here. Probably followed her.”

Aurora nodded her head, her green eyes sparkling. She squeezed my hand. “Paris had to flee my class because she couldn’t stop fingering herself. Of course, our Mr. Viên Lê didn’t mind one bit. The perv was getting off watching the slut finger herself.”

“I wonder how long the pair will hold out before they’re begging to be mine?”

“Hopefully all day,” Aurora said. There was a malicious joy on her lips. Aurora’s friends had not been supportive of her new lifestyle choices.

“Maybe,” I said, slipping my arm around my sex slave’s shoulder. I liked how she pressed against me, her arms slipping around my waist as we stared at her friend frozen in the throes of masturbatory ecstasy.

It was nice having Aurora against me like this.

“When she and Paris do surrender, they’ll have to obey you, too,” I told Aurora. “You’re my head slave.”

Aurora squeezed me tight and bounced against me. “Thank you, Master! I’ll make sure they’re spanked whenever they’re naughty!”

My dick throbbed. “I know you will, slut.”

Aurora gave a rich giggle. “Look at Mike, there. Mmm, he’s groping himself. I bet he jizzes in his pants when Petra cums.”

“Probably.” I looked around. “Maybe we should get spy cameras set up through the school. We can’t be everywhere to watch the results of our commands.”

“True.” Aurora giggled. “Then we could stream it on the Internet. Wouldn’t that be naughty?”

“Probably get us in a lot of trouble,” I said. “We need to be more careful about what people are posting on the Internet.”

“Well, I think we covered the entire college with your new commands.”

I nodded my head. I hoped that was the case.

“Come on, slut, I’m eager to play. We’ve done enough work with the frozen time.”

Aurora nodded her head, her cheeks bursting with color.

We sauntered to the girl’s locker room. It should be pretty full by now, I didn’t see any of the girls lingering in the hallway watching Petra masturbate. I bet they were all gossiping inside as they changed into their gym wear. I couldn’t wait to see them all.

A hot rush swept through me as we navigated the serpentine opening to enter the girls’ locker room. There were no doors, but the way the walls were set up, you couldn’t see inside. My excitement rose. I was doing this. I was entering the girls’ locker room. Every guy I knew had talked about coming in here.

When my friend, Eddie, still attended our college, we would discuss it all the time. What we would do if we had superpowers. We both agreed that if we could turn invisible, we would sneak in here and stare at the sexy coeds changing. We’d get to see their naked tits and curvy asses and juicy pussies.

Sam would just ignore us when we talked about these conversations. She’d be lost in her thoughts, not caring about whatever perverted subjects had caught her fancy. Well, the new Sam might join Aurora and me in the future.

My grin broadened.

I groaned as we finished navigating the snaking entrance and I beheld the girls’ locker room. It was a mirror of the guys’ with their lockers on the left instead of the right. Between them were rows of benches. The showers were in the back. They lacked stall dividers and were open the same as with the boys’.

The girls were all in various stages of undress, some popping off their blouses and bras, others pulling on their sports bras and tank tops. Blonde Shelley was bent over, her ass pointed right at me as she was stepping out of her tight jeans. Her delicious rump was clad in a lacy pair of sky-blue panties. Beyond her, Rita, a golden-skinned Hispanic girl, was adjusting a dark-gray sports bra over her round breasts.

“Look, look, Master!” Aurora pointed deeper into the locker room. “Look at Tracy!”

I followed her pointing finger to the bustiest girl in my gym class. Tracy was frozen at just the right moment. She was just pulling the cups of her sports bra down to cover those big, lush tits exposed to our gaze. They were as large as my mom’s, but with the youthful perkiness of a nineteen-year-old hottie. I groaned at the sight of them, my dick throbbing so hard in my jeans. Tracy had no idea I was ogling her. Her head was turned to the right like she was chatting with Rebecca, the blonde girl on Aurora’s cheer squad.

“They are utterly oblivious that we’re here, Master,” Aurora said. “Ooh, I’m glad I brought my toy.”

I was about to ask her about her toy when I noticed Coach Johnson was lounging at the entrance to her office. She was peering out at the changing girls. No, she was peering right at Tracy and those lush, exposed tits. I always thought Coach Johnson was a lesbian.

I grinned, studying her, thoughts bursting through me. She was young with an athletic build, her brown hair cut short. She stood with dominating attitude and was sexy in an Amazonian sort of way, with a butch presence about her.

It always seemed like she was staring at the girls’ asses. Guess she was.

“I think Coach Johnson is licking her lips as she ogles at Tracy’s tits,” I said, marching towards the lesbian gym teacher.

“You are so right, Master?” Aurora said as she rushed along beside me.

We slipped around petite Jeanette. The girl had just arrived and was still clad in her normal clothes. Once past her, I stopped before the gym coach. She wore a white t-shirt stretched over her round breasts, a pair of blue athletic shorts cladding her hips and thighs.

My excitement surged through me, twitching my dick.

I was pretty sure I didn’t have to whisper into someone’s ear to mind control them, or else my shouting commands wouldn’t work, but it just made it feel... more wicked. More secret. I pressed my lips right up against her ear and said, “I want you to go up to the hottest girl, the one that you really want to fuck, and just eat out her pussy.” I shuddered. “In this locker room, girls have to let you eat their pussies. I don’t want you to hide your attraction for your female students any longer. Enjoy them.”

“You’re so generous, Master,” Aurora said, her voice sounding almost like my mom’s when she congratulated me.

I turned out to face the changing girls. This was so exciting. I couldn’t wait for time to unpause after I gave my commands. There’s so many cute girls in here. There was Melissa standing nearby, her panties around her ankle. She already had her tank top on, her ebony rump curvy and beautiful as she stood on one foot, pulling her dainty underwear off the other.

“Girls, when you walk into this locker room, you instantly become horny.” My voice echoed through the silent locker room. I spoke at the top of my lungs, making sure to project my command to every single hottie in here. “You just want to have sex. You don’t care with whom. Guy or girl, it doesn’t matter. You just want to get naughty. You want to suck their dicks and lick their pussies. You want to cum with them. A lot.”

Aurora nodded her head in complete agreement beside me. “Make them all sluts, Master!”

I grinned and continued, “If Coach Johnson wants to eat your pussy, you’ll let her. You know the lesbian will make you cum hard. You’ll drop anything that you’re doing to let her feast on you.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you will,” Aurora moaned, her body shuddering. She was rubbing her hands inf her crotch, pressing her skirt between her thighs. “This is making me so wet, Master.”

I smiled. “And if you see me, Justin Sampson, or Aurora Pritchard in the locker room, you really want to have sex with us. You’ll swarm us. You’ll be eager to suck my cock and lick Aurora’s pussy over anyone else’s. You want to get fucked by us.”

“Fucked so hard,” Aurora moaned, her green eyes fluttering. “Oh, Master, before we unpause time, can I have fun with my toy?”

“Toy?” I asked.

“I was so naughty, Master,” she said, shifting around the purse she wore slung over her shoulder. I hardly paid attention to her carrying it. Every girl had a purse. She shoved her hand inside hers then pulled out a thick, dark-purple dildo attached to a vinyl harness.

“You brought a strap-on dildo?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Wouldn’t it be hot to watch me fuck one of these time-paused sluts?” she asked me. “You could even... fuck me while I’m doing it.”

“Hell yeah! Do it. Your choice on which girl.”

She burst into excited, schoolgirl shrieks and threw her arms around my neck. The dildo was still clutched in her right hand, its strap draping over my shoulder as she pressed her lips into my mouth. She kissed me so hard while bouncing against me. Her body was so lithe and nubile, breasts so firm.

My cheerleader slave had such an exuberant surrender. She could keep me hard even if my time-manipulation power didn’t siphon off some of that energy I used to freeze everything to give me unlimited sexual stamina.

Aurora broke the kiss and sprang back for me. “Oh, Master, you won’t be disappointed!”

“You haven’t disappointed me yet, slut,” I told her.

She beamed at me. There was such joy in her eyes. I loved giving her that joy. It was so strange. I could feel different emotions for different girls. I wanted just to make Sam happy by dating her, I wanted to treat Aurora like the slut she ached to be, I wanted to ensure my mother was never sad, and I wanted to fuck my lesbian sister so hard. I hoped my commands to Ji-Yun were bearing fruit. Hopefully, the other commands I whispered to Miss Daisy would also help. I needed to be subtle. If Kristi thought I was trying to seduce her, she’d dig her heels in and be a stubborn bitch.

But if she thought she was discovering a new delight all on her own...

I blinked out of those naughty thoughts as Aurora whipped off her top, baring her round, perky breasts. Her nipples were dusky-pink and thrusting hard from her areolas. She had that limber energy all the cheerleaders possessed, bouncing and squirming her body in such a cock-hardening way as she stripped out of her skirt. She had a landing strip of blonde hair that led to her shaved, flushed pussy.

She stepped out of her skirt with grace and then stepped into the strap-on harness with pizzazz. She drew the vinyl harness up her lithe legs and nestled the base of the fake cock right against her clit.

Humming to herself, she tightened the straps, her perky tits jiggling. She wiggled her hips, making the flexible, rubbery toy swished back and forth before her. She grinned, nodding her head and satisfaction.

As she headed out among the girls to choose which one she’d fuck, I ripped off my t-shirt. While kicking off my shoes, I attacked the fastener of my jeans. I was ready to enjoy more pussy. I would fuck my sex slave as she pounded one of these time-frozen whores.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

Such joy burst inside of me as I headed right for the perfect girl. I slipped past my teammate, Rebecca, and grabbed Tracy’s big boobs from behind. My fingers sank into those pillowy mounds as I grinned at Master over the frozen girl’s shoulder. I shook her big titties at him, loving the way her pillowy mounds jiggled in my grip.

“I’m going to fuck Tracy so hard, Master,” I moaned while pressing the dildo into Tracy’s panty-clad rump.

“Fuck yeah,” groaned Justin. He was such a handsome man, his dark hair mussed, a boyish grin on his lips. You would think a nerd would be skinny, but he actually had some muscle on him. He moved towards me, his huge cock—a dick bigger than any guy I’d fucked, including Chris, my ex-boyfriend—bobbed before him. I licked my lips as he came closer and closer to me, that wonderful cock swaying. Precum beaded at the tip.

“Mmm, I get to fuck that cock, Tracy,” I whispered in the frozen girl’s ear. “You know what, you might get to fuck him, too. I mean, were about to have a big orgy in here. You know that’s going to be hot.” I squeezed her tits, my fingers really digging into her pillowy mounds.

Then I released her tits to rip down her panties. As Master slipped by Rebecca, his hand squeezed my fellow cheerleader’s firm rump, leaving an impression in her gym shorts. I smiled, loving how this frozen time worked.

I tugged down Tracy’s panties. She had a trimmed, brown bush covering her pussy. I stuck a finger into her curls, finding her hot folds. I stroked her, feeling her getting juicy. Her pussy lips moved, nudged by my fingers, then didn’t seal back tight, frozen in place.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Tracy!” I moaned. “You’re going to cum like a slut on my fake dick!”

Master laughed.

I bounded to my feet, so eager to fuck Tracy. I grabbed my dildo and lined it up to her pussy. I nuzzled it into her brown pubic hair and groaned as I pressed it into her cunt’s entrance. I released the toy to throw my arms around her body.

Lined up, I grabbed those big boobs again, holding tight as I wiggled my hips.

The base of the dildo pressed against my clit. I slid it home into her cunt, pleasure rippling through me, throbbing from my bud. I hugged her tight, my round breasts rubbing into the silky suppleness of her back, my nipples sending tingles racing down to my juicy pussy.

Master groaned as he watched me draw back my hips and slam the toy back into Tracy’s depths. I was fucking the time-paused girl. It was my turn to use a frozen slut’s body. To drive a naughty girl wild with pleasure that she wouldn’t ever know she had experienced. She would enjoy a euphoric rush of bliss when time came unpaused. She’d gasp out in rapture as she enjoyed an orgasm shooting through her in a flashing second.

Just like I had when Master fucked me the day before while I was paused.

I thrust harder and faster into Tracy. My clit drank in the delight while my crotch smacked over and over into her rump. My juices trickled hot down my thighs, leaking out of my juicy snatch. This was so exciting. My nipples throbbed against her back, my orgasm swelling.

Master moved up behind me. I groaned as Justin’s cock rubbed against my asscheeks. I shuddered as his dick shaft slid down to my butt-crack. He grazed my sphincter as he moved lower and lower, finally reaching the lips of my pussy. I shuddered as he rubbed his dick up and down my snatch, poised to ram into me.

“I own this cunt,” Master growled into my ear as his arms went around me and Tracy. His hands joined mind on Tracy’s tits. “I own you. You’re my sex slave.”

“I am, Master,” I moaned.

He thrust in the me. The force buried the dildo deep into Tracy’s cunt. My snatch drinking the friction of his thrusting shaft while my clit ached against the base of the sex toy. Juices ran down my thighs as my pussy grew hotter.

Justin groaned, his hand squeezing over mine, digging my fingers deep into Tracy’s plump tits. He drew back his cock, groaning and growling his pleasure as he enjoyed my tight pussy.

His pussy.

He slammed back into me, his balls smacking into my flesh. The force of his passion drove the dildo deep into Tracy’s cunt again, my clit rejoicing at the stimulation pressing on it. He set the pace. I just followed him, moving my hips, working with him. He fucked me as I fucked Tracy.

It was amazing. He held me, his mouth nibbling at my neck. She sucked as he plowed into my cunt harder and harder. The silky friction sent pleasure rippling through my body. My orgasm swelled and swelled inside of me.

This was so hot.

“Yes, yes, yes use my pussy! It’s yours, Master!” I moaned as he thrust into me. He pumped away so hard, thrusting into my depths. He churned me up. Drove me wild. My eyes rolled back into my head as I loved every moment of this. I never wanted to stop.

I wanted him to fuck me forever.

My pussy clenched down on his dick, increasing my pleasure. His strokes plunged my dildo faster and faster into Tracy’s pussy. I knew she would be moaning like me if she weren’t frozen. She’d be gasping and grunting and crying out in rapturous delight. She would be screaming Master’s name as she cried out her pleasure.

“Master!” I moaned. “Oh, my God, I’m going to cum on your dick while fucking Tracy!”

“Do it, slut! I want you to explode. I want to feel that cunt milking my cock. I want to feel your snatch writhing about my dick. When the orgy starts, one lucky girl’s going to lick my jizz out of your cunt!”

“Yes!” I cried out. I wanted that so badly.

Master slammed into me, driving my dildo into Tracy’s depths. The base of the dildo pressed on my clit. His girth filled my cunt. The two sensations rippled through me. My nipples throbbed against Tracy’s back.

I exploded.

“Master!” I cried out as my cunt rippled around his dick. “Cum in me! Fill me to the hilt with all your yummy spunk! Make a creampie in me for Tracy to eat!”

“Fuck,” Justin grunted as he thrust his dick in and out of my convulsing pussy.

I felt juices running down my thighs. Not my own cream, though. Tracy must be cumming, too. Her pussy must be gushing her cream, her snatch writhing around my sex toy the same way my pussy convulsed around my Master’s shaft.

Stars burst in my eyes. I drowned in ecstasy. It was so wonderful to experience this pleasure with my Master. My owner fucked his dick so hard into me. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through me. My head threw back. I screamed in wordless rapture. My voice echoed through the frozen locker room. My passion reverberated, celebrating my orgasm.

Master buried his cock into me.

His cum fired into me. I felt every hot blast of his jizz spurting into me. It was so wonderful to experience. Over and over. More and more of his spunk spilled into me. I savored it, my pussy writhing about him.

He grunted with each one. I pleased him. My pussy milked him dry while my orgasm screamed to its heights. I swayed, nearly overwhelmed by the passion. It carried me to such wondrous heights. My pleasure peaked in me.

“Yes, you are my sex slave!” Justin snarled. “I own you, and you love it.”

“I do, Master,” I moaned, such a big smile spreading across my lips. “Mmm, let’s get the orgy started!”

* * *

Justin Sampson

Aurora and I stood in the shower area, naked and ready. She still wore the strap-on dildo, the shaft dripping with Tracy’s pussy juices. My sex slave looked so gorgeous naked and flushed, her round tits quivering with her excitement.

I concentrated. “FLOW!”

The power burst out of me. Sound rippled through the locker room. Tracy threw back her head and screamed out in orgasmic rapture, her naked tits heaving before her. Rebecca gasped at the sight of Tracy crying out in her climactic rapture from being fucked by Aurora’s dildo.

“Yes,” Rebecca said, ripping off her sports bra. “That’s the sounds I need to make.”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” groaned Melissa. The Black girl shuddered as she freed her small breasts.

“It’s happening, Master,” moaned Aurora as she quivered beside me.

I nodded my head, licking my lips as the girl’s in the locker room stripped naked. Coach Johnson ripped off her tank top and sports bra in a single go. Her firm tits spilled out and jiggled before her. Petite Jeanette was struggling to get out of her regular clothing, her jeans getting bunched around her thighs as she tried to shove them down too fast.

“Oh, my God, yes,” Tracy moaned. Her head snapped around then she saw me in the shower area. “Master?”

I blinked. “What?”

Tracy darted out around the locker, those big tits heaving before her. The girl’s brown hair swayed about her flushed face. She almost tripped, her panties bunched around her ankles. She shook her foot, her left pulling free, and kept running. Her panties bounced around her right ankle.

She fell to her knees before me and stared up at me the same way Aurora would. I gaped, confused by what she was doing. I didn’t give Tracy any commands to be my slave. I just told the girls they wanted to fuck me. I could see the others were stripping naked while staring at Aurora and me with hunger in their eyes, eager to rush forward and fuck us.

Not to be our sex slaves.

Coach Johnson snagged Melissa and fell to her knees before the girl. She moaned, “I want to eat your pussy so bad. You’re so gorgeous. So exotic.”

Tracy fisted my cock and licked at the tip, staring up at me with such hunger in her eyes.

“Why do you think I’m your Master?” I asked her.

“Because you own my pussy. You own me, Master,” Tracy said and then engulfed my cock with her hot lips.

I groaned. Those were the same words I told Aurora as I was fucking her. I was so close to Tracy, she must’ve heard them. She must not realize I was speaking to my sex slave.

Rebecca and Shelley darted at me, both girls running up to me. “Justin!” groaned Shelley, her blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders. “Oh, my God, I need to fuck you so bad all of a sudden. And you, too Aurora!”

“No, no, I need to fuck you, Master!” the other blonde cheerleader on our college’s cheer squad moaned.

The other girl that was nearby when I fucked Aurora.

Before I could respond, Shelley threw her arms around my neck, kissing me hard on the mouth. Her breasts pressed into my chest. Rebecca fell to her knees beside Tracy. I shuddered as both their lips nuzzled into the tip of my dick.

Gym class was about to heat up.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

—my phone’s screen. The alert came up. It was an update from the forum posting about the gravitons. Ipso_Custodes posted: “NSA is rumored to be operating in the area of the disturbance. Maybe this is a government thing that’s gone wrong. I have sources calling it Operation KRONOS. NSA liked to pose as some sort of utility workers. May be in the area. See if you can locate them.”

I blinked. A man in a gray work suit walked by me, staring at his phone intently. A septic worker...

I glanced over my shoulder to tell Justin about this and... He was gone. He and Aurora both had vanished. They were just nearby. She just ran past me. I blinked, spotting Justin’s mom swaying, clutching to his dad and panting like she just had another orgasm.

Did he take his sex slave into the bathroom? It was the only place he could have gone. Class wasn’t as important as updating my boyfriend. I’d just wait for them to finish while adding my comment, asking, “Does anyone know exactly who the NSA are posing as?”

“Sewage workers, gas repairmen, plumbers, could be anything,” Ipso_Custodes answered. “But they like to be ‘clever’ and use the same initials as their organization.”

Nasty Sewage Assault!... The name of the company and their bright logo of an explosion behind their name filled my mind. A shiver of excitement ran through me.

To be continued...