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To Serve Their Country

Chapter 3: Damien

October 2006
Categories: mc / mm / sc / nc

[This chapter was inspired by MM Good’s stories, especially Bullshit Detail and Caught With His Pants Down, both of which are favorites of mine.

Warning: This chapter has some pretty hardcore SCAT (shit & piss play.) If that’s not your thing, you might want to just skip this chapter. The others don’t.]

Damien’s master, even beyond the others, had a particular taste for sadism. He had chosen his new toy based on reports that the Marine had been especially resistant to the drug. The various tortures and manipulations to which he had the doctor subject Damien fed perfectly into his plan. His first act as Damien’s new master, once the Marine conversion occurred, was to discontinue Damien’s drug and brainwashing treatment. Slowly, but surely, Damien’s real persona began to re-emerge.

It took about a week, but Damien did come out of the fog that had overtaken him. At first he was disoriented, sluggish, unable to really perceive what was going on around him. As time went on, though, he felt like he was emerging from deep underwater. Things came into focus. People looked familiar. He was finally able to see clearly what was going on around him.

Just as soon as he found that clarity, he sat bolt-upright. All around him he saw his fellow Marines, but not following their usual regimen. They were in their barracks, but nothing seemed right. All around him he saw their enemy, the Koreans, young boys waltzing around like they owned the place.

Shaking with terror and disbelief, he surveyed the cavernous room, his mouth agape. The Korean boys were bossing around his fellow Marines, and what’s worse, the Marines were obeying! The boys were forcing his fellow Privates to do unspeakable things. He stared in disgust as his good friend Andrew, wearing a collar and leash held by one of the boys, crawled on all fours over to his other friend Lucas and, tongue lolling out, dove face-first into his bare ass, slurping and sucking away. Damien then saw Lucas’s glassy eyes staring into space, drool running from his mouth, and his rigid cock, jack-hammering into another Korean boy’s ass, Lucas’s ass cheeks then slamming back against Andrew’s greedy, eager mouth and tongue.

All the Marines were naked. All of them were fucking, or eating ass, or sucking dick, or much, much worse, things Damien could barely bare to witness. The room was splattered in layers of cum, some fresh, some days old. The young, smirking, horny gay Korean boys had taken over. Damien tried to leap to his feet, but his feet and hands were on ropes each, and he couldn’t get more than 2 feet from his bed. He felt like he had awoken in Hell.

He screamed. Nobody so much as glanced his way.

“I see you’re back with us,” Damien’s Korean master said, from behind him. “Good, I was getting impatient. All the others are having fun with their new mind-fucked muscle sluts, but you took some work. Now you’re all here again, so we can get started.”

At that, Damien felt strong hands grip his wrists and ankles. Scared, he craned his neck around to see four of his fellow Marines, all buck naked, holding him spread-eagled up in the air.

“LET ME GO!” Damien screamed, desperate and confused. The Marines held fast, eyes glassy, seemingly deaf to his pleas.

“Oh, don’t bother. They won’t listen to you. They’re ours now, you know. Their masters have kindly loaned them to me for this little undertaking with you, so they’ll be doing what I say. I need to get you to do things, you see, but I want you conscious and present for the whole thing. If I just drugged you like the rest of them, that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?”

The boy turned to the brainwashed Marines and said, “Tie him up to the bed frame.”

“NO! PLEASE, YOU GUYS, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME!” Damien pleaded, screaming, with the Marines he had trained with for so many months, but they didn’t respond. No, he thought, they did seem to respond in one way: With every word he screamed, the other four Marines’s cocks seemed to rise, bit by bit, swelling harder and harder.

They tied him to the bed frame, standing upright, and the sneering boy walked around to face him once again. He held up a large jug of milky fluid.

“Slaves, I think your friend is thirsty. Why don’t you give him a drink?”

The four sex puppets set about force-feeding the liquid to Damien. One held his nose shut and the other worked the tube from the jug into Damien’s unwilling mouth. Damien thrashed and tried to resist, but in the end, they tipped the jug up, held his mouth shut, and Damien eventually had no choice but to drink if he wanted to keep breathing.

The liquid was gritty and bland. Damien didn’t know what it was. He tried to cough it up, but eventually the brainwashed Marine muscle-boys got the whole gallon into his stomach.

“Silly me, of course he’s hungry, too. He hasn’t eaten in days!” The boy slid a garbage-bag full of some kind of mush to the slaves, who dutifully began feeding some kind of bran slop to the hapless Damien. Handful by handful they forced it down his throat, until he was so full that they had to resort to pumping it in. They forced a tube down his throat, attached the other side to a funnel, and started pressing the mash in with their hands. It was a slow process, but once again, they eventually succeeded. Damien was so bloated, his stomach so swollen with his involuntary meal, that he stood, swaying back and forth, feeling ill.

The boy stood by, smirking all the while, and when they finished, he walked closer.

“Do you remember the stretching exercises I had the doctor perform on you? I wanted to make sure you’d be able to open that asshole wide when I got you. That doctor went above and beyond my expectations, though. By the time he finished, you could have driven a truck through that asshole of yours, my little plaything. That should make this all the more fun.”

The boy unfolded a white cloth, and when Damien realized it was a thin diaper, he shook his head in disbelief and fear, and whimpered.

“We wouldn’t want our little baby boy to have an accident, would we?” The Korean boy turned to the sex puppets, standing obediently by. “Put this diaper on my new big baby.”

Damien tried his best to struggle and screamed the whole time they fastened the diaper tight around his waist, but of course it did no good.

Over time Damien felt his bladder swelling, and he soon needed to piss badly. He gripped as hard as he could, but before long he couldn’t hold it and had to urinate. The boy stood and stared, smirking, as Damien began to cry and finally let go, unleashing a torrent of hot, dark yellow urine into the diaper. The diaper swelled and held most of it, but eventually the piss began to trickle out, running down Damien’s sculpted, massively muscular legs. The yellow trickle became a stream, and before long Damien’s legs were covered in a torrent of yellow piss, spilling out of the inner seams of the flimsy diaper and coursing over his legs.

By the time it was done, Damien was sobbing uncontrollably. The once-proud Marine, trained to the pinnacle of physical condition, muscled like a world-champion bodybuilder, was tied to a bed, wearing a overflowing diaper, his legs drenched in piss.

“Look at you, peeing yourself in your little diaper in front of all these men,” The boy taunted. “How humiliating for you. How embarassing. Well, soon you won’t even think about it, little boy. Soon you won’t be able to hold it in no matter how hard you try. and soon after that, you won’t care.”

He laughed, cruelly, as Damien’s sobs grew all the more intense.

“Boys, why don’t you let him know just how childish and humiliating his behavior is, what a fucking little baby he is to wet himself.”

At that, the boy walked off, leaving Damien tied to the bed, with the four sex puppets standing around him, jeering and laughing and taunting him. Damien sobbed all the harder.

Before too long the boy walked back, though, and sat patiently until eventually Damien felt a pressure in his bowels, and looked up in fear.

“Please, please don’t do this,” Damien begged. “PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO STOP, PLEASE UNTIE ME!”

The boy just smiled wide and stood up, arms crossed, waiting.

“I’m a fucking Marine! We’re ALL fucking Marines!” Damien cried, turning desperately to the slaves around him. “SERVE YOUR COUNTRY, GUYS! COME ON, THESE KOREANS HAVE FUCKED YOU UP!” He was screaming at the top of his lungs, but to no avail. “SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

Eventually, Damien had to give in, his body winning out over his will, and despite his clenching, he began to dump a hot, brown mess into the back of his already-sogged diaper. His rectum opened to its full, well-stretched extent, and Damien cried even harder as, beyond his control, he soiled himself with a heavy, rapid rush of the sticky shit. He felt as the shit filled the diaper, oozing its way into every crevice, first coating his huge, chiseled ass-cheeks, filling up his entire ass-crack, and then squelching its way up to the front, immersing first his egg-sized balls in the stinking shit, but then continuing, the crotch of the diaper bulging outwards as his flaccid cock sunk into the rising, stinking mess.

Eventually, just like before, the diaper stretched to its breaking point, and shit started oozing out from the inner seam. Dark brown diarrhea coated Damien’s well-defined inner legs and started slowly running down. Damien began to scream uncontrollably and thrash, which only squeezed the diaper, wringing out more of the stinky shit, some of it squeezing over the top and running down the front of the diaper.

The Korean boy was rock-hard and jerking his cock, panting hard, as he watched Damien wearing the shit-and-piss-filled diaper, with his own shit and piss running down his legs and onto the floor.

“Look at the mess Damien made, boys,” he blurted out, between panting, “Why don’t you help him clean it up? Scoop it up in your hands and make him eat it. He made the mess, after all.”

The boys dutifully bent down and scooped up handfuls of the sticky mess. Already well-practiced at force-feeding from earlier, one pinched Damien’s nose shut until, sobbing and hysterical, Damien finally opened his mouth for air. Smirking, the enslaved Marines forced some of it in. Damien tasted it as it filled his mouth, and gagged, but the puppets were persistent.

“Yeah, holy shit, that’s it, boys. That’s so fucking hot. Feed him his own shit while you beat off all over his hot fucking Marine body.”

The puppets started jerking their own cocks, already swollen rock-hard, as they eagerly shoveled up the stinky shit and force-fed it to Damien, who was already losing his only recently-regained grip on his sanity.

They shot all over him, coating his body in their hot, sticky mind-fucked Marine cum. Damien laid spread-eagled back against the bed frame, shit smeared over his mouth, his filthy diaper still slowly leaking shit and the occasional trickle of piss down his legs. He had stopped crying, and his eyes stared off into the distance, his face slack.

Damien’s return to awareness may have taken a week, but his descent back to mind-fucked slave only took half that time. His new master sat, whispering into his ear, having the four slaves diaper and force-feed him over and over until Damien’s mind gave way.

A week later, Damien looked up to see his beloved master bring over his food and drink bowls. He smiled, distantly, as he dunked his whole face down to eat the bran mash and drink the liquid laxative. He gulped and slurped and ate until he nearly burst. Inside his diaper, his cock was hard as steel and hot as fire, swollen so full it nearly burst, too.

He sucked idly on his master’s cock as he waited for what he knew would really make his master happy. Soon it came, and he laid back on the rubber-clad bed. He pissed himself happily, the excess running out of his diaper and all over his rubber sheet, soaking his whole naked, muscled body, once that of a Marine, but now that of a diaper-wearing baby. Damien rolled over onto his stomach so he could lap at the urine streaming down towards his face.

He smiled as he felt the familiar pressure building inside his ass, and he gurgled happily just before inhaling deeply and clenching, hard, pushing the load of shit out of his ass as fast as he could fill his diaper. He felt the wonderful warmth and smelled the stink as his shit flooded the diaper, back, then front, and then squelched out the top and sides. As soon as it started leaking, he inhaled again and held his breath, pushing even harder, trying to get as much as he could, knowing this was what his master wanted.

He finally couldn’t hold back, and reached down to tear off the filthy diaper. Seizing it in both hands he dragged it up to the head of the bed. Laying naked on his stomach, covered in shit and piss, splayed out over the rubber sheet, Damien lifted up his head, slid the filthy diaper under his face, licked his lips, and dove in.

Above him, the boy shook in ecstasy as his broken, enslaved Marine shit and pissed himself, smearing it all over his rubber sheet. As soon as Damien tore the diaper off, the boy let out a high-pitched laugh, shook a bit more, and his rock-hard cock twitched. He climbed onto the filthy bed as Damien began to noisily eat the shit out of his own diaper. The boy straddled Damien’s shit-smeared, muscular ass and grabbed it with both hands as he drove his beet-red cock into Damien’s disgusting, stretched-out asshole, and fucked him, smearing Damien’s shit all over his own crotch, coming inside him several times before collapsing down onto his filthy, fucked-up sex pig ex-Marine.