The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bad Boss

by Pan

“You’re a bad boss,” Jeremy said.

“I’m not,” Vicky gasped. “Am I?”

“You are,” he said. “Everyone thinks so.”

Vicky sat down, her head spinning. Managing the hot dog stand was her first time in a leadership role; she’d been working there for six months when she’d been offered the opportunity.

She couldn’t be messing it up already…could she?


“Everyone,” Jeremy nodded.

“Oh, no.”

“It’s okay,” he said with a smile. “I can help you.”

“Yes!” she said. “Please. I’ll be ever so grateful.”

She grinned back at the teenage boy. Jeremy had only been working at the stand for two days; if he’d already noticed that she was a bad boss…well, no wonder everyone agreed.

“Okay,” he said. “It’s easy to be a good boss.”

Then why hadn’t she managed it? She’d been trying so hard.

“It is?”

“All you have to do,” Jeremy explained, “is do the opposite of what a bad boss would do.”

Vicky nodded her head. That made sense.

“So, let’s look at what a bad boss does.”

“Yes! Please.”

“A bad boss talks too much, don’t you agree?”

“Of course! I’ve had so many…”

“Ah ah ah,” Jeremy interrupted, holding up one hand.

She was talking. A bad boss talks too much.

Dang it.

“To be a good boss,” Jeremy explained, “you should barely talk at all. Only speak when spoken to, okay?”

Vicky nodded. The opposite of a bad boss. That made sense.

“What else would a bad boss do?”

Vicky hesitated. Was…was she supposed to talk?

Jeremy gave her a little nod, and she answered, trying to use as few words as possible.


“That’s right!” Jeremy said, smiling broadly. “A bad boss would be mean. That means a good boss should be nice, all the time.”

Vicky nodded, trying to store all these great tips in her head.

“A bad boss would be grumpy, wouldn’t they?”


She had just been spoken to, so Vicky was fairly sure that it was acceptable for her to respond.

“He’d have a big ol’ grumpy face.”

She nodded.

“So a good boss would always be sure to smile and have a pleasing face. Doesn’t that sound right?”

Again, Vicky nodded, this time making sure to plaster a huge, warm smile on her face. What an excellent suggestion!

“Okay,” Jeremy said thoughtfully, looking his boss up and down. “Let’s talk clothing.”

Vicky loved clothing.

“I don’t know about you, but all the worst bosses I’ve ever had dressed super professionally. Ties, suits, all that. So stuffy!”

Stuffy. Professional. That was…bad?

“So a good boss, to do the opposite, would dress really casually, wouldn’t they?”

That didn’t sound right.

“No, I don’t…—“

Jeremy held up one hand.

“Come on, Vicky, what did we say about talking?”

“Sorry,” she mumbled.

“Have you ever had a bad boss who showed a lot of skin?”

Vicky thought about it.


“So, we should be doing the opposite. A bad boss hides their skin away, which means a good boss…”

It still wasn’t quite making sense to Vicky.

“I don’t think that’s…”

Jeremy sighed, and she again fell silent.

“Have you ever brought a boss a bunch of suggestions, and had them shoot them all down?”

“Yes,” Vicky responded without hesitation.

“And was that a good boss or a bad boss who did that?”

Again, Vicky didn’t hesitate.

“A bad boss.”

“Right. So, to be a good boss, you should…”

Jeremy paused, and Vicky filled in the gaps.


“That’s right. Or, to put it simpler: say yes more. You should say yes more.”


Vicky smiled. She was going to be the best boss in the world.

“So. Bad bosses hide their skin away, which means a good boss should show off as much skin as possible. Right?”


Jeremy grinned.


Vicky looked down at her outfit. Button-up shirt, pants…god, what was she thinking?

But how could she…

“Y’know, if you stripped down to your underpants, that would be pleasing AND show a lot of skin.”

“Yes!” Vicky said without hesitation, then stopped to actually consider what he’d said. Well, he was right…it would accomplish two tasks at once.

Slowly, nervously, the young woman started taking off her clothes. It wasn’t long until she was standing in front of her employee wearing nothing but a lace pair of panties and a grey sports-bra.

“Great job, Vicky.”

She remembered to smile.

“A lot of bad bosses are always closed off from their employees, behind locked doors. A good boss should be accessible, shouldn’t they?”


“Great. Of course, if you wanted to be a great boss…”

“I do!” Vicky blurted out, unable to stop herself. She really wanted to be a great boss.

“I was hoping you’d say that. A great boss would be completely accessible. Not just to talk to, but their whole body. Right?”

“Yes,” she said, even though she didn’t really follow.

“So if you’re a great boss, you should give your employees full access to your body at all times, right?”


He was giving her that stern stare again.

“Yes…” she said, with a gulp.

Jeremy smiled, and began roaming his hands around her body.

She made sure to smile as he did.

“You know what I hate?” he asked, and she tilted her head to the side. She wanted to hear any and all suggestions he had to make. “I hate bosses that act like they’re smarter than you.”

Vicky nodded. She’d had plenty of bosses like that.

“So a really good boss be the opposite of that, wouldn’t they?”


“You want to be a good boss?’


“All you have to do is act dumb. Can you do that?”


“Of course, a great boss wouldn’t be acting. If you were a great boss, you’d really be dumb, wouldn’t you?”

Vicky thought for a long time, but then it started to hurt.

“Yes?” she eventually said, and Jeremy nodded. He seemed happy with her, so she smiled at him.

“And, of course, a bad boss would be dry and stuffy.”

“Yes!” she said. It seemed easier than thinking.

“So a good boss would be nice and wet.”

“Yesss…” she moaned. His finger moved below the waistline of her panties, and he grinned at what he found.

“You’re such a good boss,” he said, and she smiled as her employee lowered his pants.