The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Pan


Lucinda sighed, and turned. It was Patrick. Of course it was Patrick.

As a teacher, she knew that she wasn’t supposed to have favorites. And if she was forced to say something nice about Patrick, it would be that he made that much easier. She’d never been even remotely tempted to favor him over the other students.

He was the worst, most inappropriate student she could ever remember having. It seemed to be his life goal to find lines and step over them—comments about her clothes, her body, her personal life; he never stopped.

She’d finally had him transferred out of his class, and hoped that would be the end of it.

No such luck.

“Yes, Patrick?”

“I have a question for you, Miss.”

“We’ve talked about this, Patrick. It’s inappropriate to…—“

The boy laughed.

“Oh no, Miss, it’s nothing like that.”

“What is it, Patrick?”

“We’re learning about different geometrical shapes, Miss, and I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Then ask your teacher, boy.”

“You were my teacher.”

“And now I’m not. Goodbye.”

Lucinda went to turn away, but she noticed the boy was holding something. Something…glittery.

“It’s just…”

She forced her attention away from the glittery object, and back to Patrick’s face.


“It’s just that I’m struggling to identify this shape, Miss. All I need is for you to tell me what shape it is, and I’ll be on my way.”

Lucinda’s attention was forced back onto the shape. It was a…well, it was a…

It was one of the most fascinating things that she’d ever seen.

As she stared at it, she was aware that Patrick was talking. Whatever he was saying…didn’t seem important, somehow. At least, not important enough for her to consciously remember. She’d remember what he said, but not consciously. And once he snapped his fingers, she’d…

Lucinda blinked twice. She was alone.

She felt like she’d been doing something, talking to someone, but…no. No, she was alone.

Marching to her office, the young teacher started running over her plans for the evening. She was going to go home and…no, that didn’t seem right. She had a date with…no, that wasn’t right either. She was going to…

It wasn’t until she entered her office and closed the door that Lucinda remembered: she had a special, one-on-one tutoring session. In her office. That night.

Offering one-on-one tutoring sessions wasn’t strictly allowed, so she had to be sneaky about it. If anyone found out, she could get in serious trouble.

Yes, it was a secret. A secret that no one could know about. She would not tell anyone about her secret tutoring session.

She sat behind her desk and patiently waited. Exactly as expected, at the correct time, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!” she said, and was horrified to see her least favorite student walk through the door.

Patrick. Why had she offered a private tutoring session to Patrick?

“Come in,” she said curtly. “And lock the door behind you.”

Lucinda didn’t want anyone to know about the one-on-one class…and she especially didn’t want anyone to know it was with the creepiest student in school.

“Let’s get this over with,” she snarled.

“Of course,” Patrick said. “You said this had to be a secret, right?”

“Yes,” Lucinda said with a sigh.

“If it’s really a secret, we’d better not leave any evidence.”

“Of course not,” Lucinda agreed impatiently. She wanted to get this class over and done with.

“Well if we’re both wearing clothes, we might accidentally get some evidence on them. Shouldn’t we take them off?”

Lucinda’s eyes widened. Patrick may have been a creep, but he certainly had a point.

“Quick quick,” she said, gesturing to his clothing. “Take everything off.”

“After you,” he said with a smile.

He just had to be difficult, didn’t he?

Lucinda quickly stripped out of her stuffy clothes. Patrick was staring at her DD breasts, slackjawed, and she suddenly realized what she’d done.

“Don’t look,” she hissed, trying to cover herself up with the paperwork on her desk.

“Don’t do that, Miss,” he said, eyebrows raised. “Evidence.”

He was right. Lucinda immediately returned the paperwork to her desk, hoping she hadn’t ruined anything.

She raised her arms, barely managing to cover much of anything.

Patrick, in turn, quickly stripped off. His teacher rolled her eyes as his erection came into view.

Teenagers. Disgusting.

“Now,” she said. “Let’s start the class.”

“Of course,” Patrick said, staring directly at her tits. “But before we do, we should take some photos for the yearbook.”

“Fine,” Lucinda groaned. “But be quick about it!”

Patrick was not quick about it. But, the teacher admitted, she had to admire his thoroughness. He spent more than half an hour taking photos with his phone—her by herself, the two of them together, her on her desk, her on a chair…he wasn’t shy about directing her to strike all manner of poses.

Finally, he was done, and she returned to covering her nipples with her hands.

“Shall we begin?” Lucinda asked, and Patrick nodded.

“I need to learn about opposites,” he said.


Lucinda crinkled her nose. This wasn’t a part of any high-school curriculum she’d learned about.

“That’s right,” Patrick said. “‘Big’ and ‘small’, that kind of thing.”

“Very well…”

“The only trouble is, to avoid leaving any evidence, we can only use our bodies for examples.”

“Of course,” she nodded. Why was he wasting time telling her things she already knew?

“I want to start with big and small,” he said. “I have heard that all women have one boob that’s slightly bigger than the other. Is that true?”

“It can be,” Lucinda admitted reluctantly. He sounded like he was approaching one of his favorite hobbies; moving conversations into inappropriate territory.

“Is it true of you?”

And there he was.

“Patrick,” she began sternly, but he cut her off.

“Remember,” he said, “I only agreed to let you tutor me if you promised—no telling me off.”

Lucinda fell silent. She had promised that. God knew why.

“Now, for the sake of my education…”

“It’s true,” she said softly. Something about this didn’t seem right.

“Don’t tell me which one.”

“I wasn’t going to.”

“Let me see if I can work it out.”

Lucinda wanted to object, but she couldn’t quite reason why. Patrick moved her hands, and began feeling and groping her breasts. The teacher gritted her teeth as she stood there, uncomfortably unwilling to disrupt the boy’s education.

Finally, he sat back with a huge smile.

“The right!” he said proudly, and the teacher couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s it!” It seemed the boy could learn, after all.

“The next opposite,” Patrick continued, “is ‘wet’ and ‘dry’.”

“Okay,” Lucinda responded, her mind turning the idea over. “I suppose we could…”

“Let’s use that,” her student interrupted, pointing between her legs.

“I beg your pardon?” Lucinda gasped. “You can’t honestly be suggesting…”

“It’s the best possible way to demonstrate wet and dry, Miss.”

Lucinda paused. He was right.


“Okay,” she gulped, slightly spreading her legs. “So, the, uh…”

“The pussy,” Patrick helpfully prompted.

Thank you,” Lucinda responded in a strained tone. “The…the pussy is a naturally-lubricating sexual organ, which…—“

“This isn’t sex ed,” Patrick interrupted. “I just need to learn about opposites. Is it currently wet, or dry?”

“Dry,” the teacher rasped. “It’s definitely dry.”

“Can I feel?”

Lucinda paused. Her impulse was to say no, of course…but she was here to teach him opposites. How could he possibly be expected to learn the difference between wet and dry if he couldn’t even feel it?

“Of course,” she soon replied. “Just…be gentle, okay?”

Patrick was anything but gentle. Lucinda winced as he roughly separated her pussy lips, and ran his fingers up and down her slit.

I hope this doesn’t confuse him, she thought. She wasn’t even remotely aroused, but she was worried that her normal level of lubrication would confuse him.

Finally, he stopped.

“Okay,” he nodded. “I think I understand.

“Now show me wet.”

Crinkling her forehead, Lucinda wondered how on earth he expected her to do that. He grinned arrogantly at her, clearly waiting for her to figure it out.


She gulped.


Looking around, as if something in the room was somehow going to save her, Lucinda mustered up the courage to start. She’d never touched herself in front of anyone before; previous partners had requested it, but she’d always refused.

But this…well, this was her job. She was an educator.

With a sigh, she reached down with one hand, and started lightly pinching the skin at the top of her slit. Patrick’s brow furrowed.

“How is that going to get you wet?” he asked, staring straight at her exposed pussy.

“This isn’t sexual education,” she reminded him, and—to her surprise—he fell silent.

For the next few minutes, Lucinda stimulated the very top of her clitoral hood. As her arousal built, slowly but steadily, she could tell that her musk was starting to fill the small office.

How embarrassing.

She fought through the shame, and—once she was sufficiently aroused—began moving her motions down. She used her dainty fingertips to expose and then softly rub her clit, dipping into her slit several times for lubrication.


The teacher’s face went red as she involuntarily moaned with arousal. She’d never done this standing up before, and the sensations were different to what she was expecting. Still, she couldn’t sit down—that would risk leaving evidence.

After five minutes of playing with herself, Lucinda was breathing heavily. Her face was flushed, her nipples were standing at attention, and her student’s mouth was wide open, watching as she twitched with pleasure.

If she continued this way, she knew that she’d cum.

“I’m wet,” she finally gasped. “I’m…I’m wet.”

“Let me feel,” Patrick said.

As she expected, he crudely thrust his fingers into her hole once more. As promised, she was soaking wet, and he amused himself by reaching deep inside her, wiggling his fingers around, and then pulling them out to stare, fascinated, at the milky residue that her wetness left on his digits.

Then, he surprised her. Moving his hand up and using her own juices as lubrication, he mimicked her actions of the past few minutes, gently rubbing and stroking at her clit.

“What are you doing?” she asked, horrified. “Stop that!”

“I want to see if you can get any wetter,” he replied with a grin.

“I can’t,” Lucinda said, shutting her eyes. She shouldn’t have been enjoying this. He was a student, and a horrible one at that.

He was just…surprisingly good with his fingers, and she’d been extremely turned on even when he’d begun.

“Stop it,” she reluctantly repeated, and to her great relief, Patrick obeyed.

“Okay,” he said, standing up. His erection was somehow even harder than it had been earlier. “Now, I want to learn about ‘in’ and ‘out’.”

“Of course,” Lucinda said, looking around the room. Her mind was slightly hazy.

“But we can only use our bodies,” Patrick reminded her.

“Oh. Right.”

Before she could formulate a message, Patrick moved his fingers to her mouth. They were still covered with her wetness, and she could smell her own juices.

It smelled surprisingly good.

“Is this in or out?” he murmured, moving his fingers inside her mouth.

“Nnnn,” she said, tasting—for the first time in her life—her own lubrication.

“What’s that?” Patrick whispered, moving closer. She didn’t want him to bite her ear. Why would she want him to bite her ear?

Nnnn”, the naked teacher responded.

“I don’t understand,” Patrick smirked, removing his fingers.

In,” Lucinda said.

“This is in?” he said, a confused tone in his voice.

“No,” the teacher snapped. She was hot and bothered. “This is out. This is in.”

Returning the boy’s hand to her mouth, she stood still, her tongue resting against his fingers. Her clit was throbbing, begging for attention.

Patrick pulled his fingers out of his mouth.

“I don’t understand,” he said, sounding strangely husky for a teenaged brat. “Maybe there’s something else we could use…”

Lucinda rolled her eyes. She wanted to finish the lesson and get the boy out of her office, so she could finish what he’d made her start.

She’d never cum at school before, but she knew that today would be her first time.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to think of a solution. Before she could, she gasped.

Patrick had moved his erection between her legs, and was pushing forward.

What do you think you’re doing?” she hissed, wishing it didn’t feel so good.

“I’m learning in and out,” Patrick said. “This is the most obvious way to do it.”

Lucinda groaned. He was right.

Why did it feel so nice?

“How long has it been since you were fucked?” he said, his voice quavering as he entered her.

“That’s a totally inappropriate question,” the teacher gasped. It wasn’t the first time he’d asked her.

“It’s for my unit on time,” he said, and Lucinda made a mental note to investigate why the boy had such a strange curriculum.

“Eight years,” she finally admitted.

“Wow,” Patrick said, and they both moaned as his pubic hair mingled with hers. “Well, it’s a good thing we have one of these sessions every few days.”

“It is,” Lucinda agreed. She had no idea why she’d organized to privately tutor Patrick, but she was starting to be glad that she had.