The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Training Program

Laura: Phase IV

The telephone rang three times before the answering machine picked up. “You have reached the Vincent residence,” said the digitized female voice. “Please leave a message and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.” The machine beeped, but no message was left by the caller. Sitting next to the machine and phone was a young woman, languidly smoking a cigarette. Laura Vincent was unaware of the phone call, only perceiving the smoke from her Capri 120 Menthol as she held it at a slight angle in front of her face. This was her relaxation ritual...

Laura brought the slender cylinder to her lips and drew slowly on the Capri 120, watching the end glow more strongly. When she removed it, some of the smoke flowed from her still-parted lips, curling upwards. She inhaled through her nose, drawing the wisps of smoke into her nostrils. Opening her mouth a little wider, Laura tilted her head slightly and slowly, smoothly, steadily exhaled the smoke. Perfect. She was soooo... sexy. The voice of relaxation had commanded her to practice her ritual. She had faithfully obeyed, bringing the floor mirror to the living room so that she could watch herself smoke in a relaxed (sensuous), elegant (seductive) fashion.

As Laura continued the ritual, a black and white spiral spun on the television screen. She had gone right into trance when she had put the fourth relaxation tape in, a response well-conditioned by the previous phases of the training program. Each tape brought the viewer a little more under the control of the sender, Kendall Craft. Now, it was Laura’s turn to become another one of Kendall’s fantasy women, and for the insidious subliminal control to become a part of her persona. She finished the cigarette, and resumed staring at the spiral. “Spin... spin... deeper... and... deeper... round... an’round,” she murmured, deepening her trance while repeating the subliminal messages playing on the screen.

“Yes, Laura... you are going very deep into relaxation for the voice...” a deep, quiet male voice intoned from the television. “You don’t want to resist... you want to do whatever the voice tells you... so relaxing to obey the voice... completely... obey... the voice... and rela-a-a-ax.” Laura took a deep breath and sighed. Her muscles showed no tension at all. “You enjoy the way the voice has made you elegant,” the voice continued. “You will obey the voice because it has made you sexy...”

“Ye-e-e-ess,” Laura moaned. “Soooo... sexy. I will obey the voice.”

“You will do whatever the voice commands you to do, Laura.”

“I... will do... whatever the voice commands...”

“Call the magic number, Laura. The voice commands you to remember the magic number. You must call the voice, and go very, very deep into happy relaxation for the voice on the phone, Laura. You must obey.”

“I... must... obey... Call... voice...” Laura picked up the phone that, just a few minutes earlier, she had been ignorant of. Dialing a number from a slightly clouded memory, she waited until the phone picked up on the other end. “Hel-lo,” she drawled. “This is Laura.”

“Enjoy complete relaxation and listen to the voice, Laura,” Kendall Craft said over the phone. The young woman sighed happily, and her attention was riveted on every word that came over the phone. “This is the voice of relaxation, the voice that commands you. It is the voice you must obey.”

“The... voice... must... obey...”

“Would you like to meet the voice of relaxation, Laura?”

“Y-Y-No.” The reply started out as a yes, but somewhere deep inside, Laura was still cautious enough not to accept the offer.

“Then relax, and be elegant and seductive... perform your ritual for the voice...” Another Capri 120 appeared between Laura’s fingers and was lit. “Yes... feel the slim, ladylike, feminine cigarette in your hand. So graceful as you bring it to your lips...” The voice spoke while she smoked, making her feel more elegant and desirable with each drag, french-inhale, and slow exhale. Laura knew she was incredibly sexy. When she had finished, the voice repeated the question. Again, somewhere deep inside, she had the willpower to resist. “Very good then, elegant, beautiful, Laura,” Kendall said. “When you hang up the phone, you will forget the number until the voice of relaxation on the tape commands you to remember. You will finish watching the relaxation tape until it is finished, and obey the voice.”

“Yes... relaxation tape... obey... the voice,” Laura breathed. The line went dead, and she replaced the phone on the hook. The spiral regained her attention, and the voice of relaxation spoke to her, relaxing her... sending her... so peaceful... so relaxed... so relaxed... Her brain was flooded with the subliminal messages that spoke to her beyond the level of perception. So elegant... the voice... is sexy... must obey... the voice... I want... the voice... so seductive... so sexy... smoke... for the voice... obey... the voice...

* * *

Kendall hung up the phone. He hadn’t expected Laura to give in with the first viewing of tape four. She would need a little more conditioning. Each time she would view the tape, however, the compulsion to meet him would grow a little stronger. He would meet her soon and bring her closer to him.

* * *

A week later, Laura picked up the phone while gazing blankly into her television. The spiral was dancing for her again while the subliminal messages continued to seduce her open mind. She had been using the tape daily; on Saturday and Sunday she had watched it three times. She dialed the number when she was asked to. “Hello. This is Laura.”

“Enjoy complete relaxation and listen to the voice, Laura,” Kendall Craft replied. He had gone through this with her ten times in the last five days. Her resistance should almost be completely gone. “This is the voice of relaxation, the voice that commands you. It is the voice you must obey.”

“The... voice... I must... obey...”

“Would you like to meet the voice of relaxation, Laura?” There was a long pause, then finally, “Yes.” Kendall pumped his fist in silent triumph at his second such seduction. “Excellent. Will you be able to meet the voice tomorrow after work?”

“Yes. I can meet after work tomorrow,” Laura answered, her words coming with little pauses between them.

He tried to think of a place that would be away from her usual haunts. “Excellent, Laura. You will obey the voice now, and it will tell you how to prepare. You will buy two packs of Capri 120’s Menthol after work, and bring them to Clayton’s with you. When you arrive, you will choose a seat at the bar with no one adjacent. You will save a seat for the voice, because you are waiting for a friend. Do you understand?”

“Waiting... for... a friend. I... understand,” she haltingly answered.

“You must perform the ritual immediately upon settling in. You will repeat the ritual after every ten minutes, so that you are good and relaxed for the voice. You will go into complete relaxation when you hear the voice say, ‘I am for you, Laura Vincent’, and feel a touch on the back of your neck. When you are in complete relaxation, your eyes will remain open, and you will obey all commands that the voice will give you. You must prepare as the voice has commanded you, Laura. Obey the voice.”

Laura slowly replied, “I must... prepare... the voice. I will obey.” She listened to the details, about how she was not supposed to tell any of her co-workers her plans, and where the meeting would take place. Her normal work attire would do just fine, because the relaxation ritual would make her very sexy on its own. She quietly confirmed each point.

“And now Laura, you will find yourself hungry to meet the voice. You are looking forward to meeting the voice... you want more than anything to meet the voice... So that you may relax, and be seductive, alluring... and SEXY. You will meet the voice. You must meet the voice. You will obey.”

“Yes!” she excitedly breathed. “I must meet the voice! I want to meet the voice! I will obey!”

“When you hang up you will forget the number. As soon as you have forgotten the number, you will feel very, very relaxed, and very, very sexy. You will not remember this conversation, only that you are going to Clayton’s after work. You will obey the commands that the voice has given once you arrive there. You will obey the voice. You will always obey the voice.” The line went dead.

Laura hung up the phone, and her excitement died as if someone had turned a light switch off. She resumed watching the spiral, feeling, very, very relaxed... and very, very sexy.

* * *

Kendall arrived at Clayton’s at four-thirty in the afternoon. The bar was a popular place for people who worked nearby for lunch and happy hour. Kendall had also spent an occasional weekend night here watching young female smokers, but it was just a little too far to travel on a regular basis. While it was a bit of a drive for both Laura and him, it was a precaution: Kendall did not want one of Laura’s friends to just show up and ruin everything. He felt safe since Laura had only been to Clayton’s once before with a bachelorette party. The place was virtually empty at this early hour, allowing him to pick a table with a good view of the bar while waiting for his subject. He ordered a beer from the cocktail waitress, a fetching young woman, and amused himself watching her smoke a Marlboro Light while she waited for the happy hour crowd to come in. Maybe he’d have to come back here again. The one thing he didn’t want to do was think about Laura: that would give him an erection, and his casual clothes weren’t all that good at hiding the bulge.

He played pinball to pass the time, which dragged on almost interminably. The place filled up with several people wearing the clothes of the professional workplace, and a little bit of smoke began to appear in the room. Kendall went to the bar to get his next beer, looking for any interesting smokers for a mild titillation. He really didn’t need any new prospects for the training program yet.

By quarter after six, Kendall started to wonder if Laura had somehow managed to resist the post-hypnotic commands. It was getting late and there was no sign of the young woman. He began to have doubts about the success of the program with this particular subject. He was ready to resign himself to the fact of a phase four washout, which was disappointing. Still, he had Sara Carter, who was ready for phase four.

* * *

Laura parked her car in the lot at Clayton’s, swearing quietly to herself. Everything that could have gone wrong had gone wrong since she had left work, and she was running late as a result. The gas station took forever to get through; it had seemed like everybody was getting gas at the same time, and the clerk took a very long time with her in particular. Then the accident on the freeway had forced her to make a detour, so the drive had taken an extra twenty minutes. She had been looking forward to happy hour at Clayton’s all day, and now it was almost over.

She walked into the building and removed her sunglasses. There were two unoccupied chairs at the bar. Laura thanked her guardian angel for small favors and took one. She ordered a glass of White Zinfandel, and exhaled softly, letting the stress of the last few minutes go through the self-hypnotic technique she had learned. Laura opened her eyes after a minute or so, feeling better, but still not quite relaxed. She pulled an unopened pack of menthol Capri 120’s from her purse. After discarding the wrap, she lit one of the long, ultra-slim cigarettes. A cooling sensation hit her nostrils, and the smoke flowed from her mouth in a long, thin trail after a few seconds. Her muscles lost some of their tension. Much better. Now I am relaxing, she thought, and the recent events faded out of memory. Laura didn’t even remember her annoyance at the gas station clerk who couldn’t find the Capri 120 menthols for the longest time, despite her best efforts to tell him which rack they were located in.

Ten minutes later, with half the glass of wine gone, Laura lit another Capri 120, french-inhaling, and exhaling deliberately. She had already been approached by two guys, but turned them down because she was waiting for a friend, hoping that he hadn’t left already. She would stay here until she was finished unwinding, though.

* * *

Kendall hadn’t seen Laura walk in. In fact, he missed her for almost a half-hour, because he was absorbed in a game of foosball. He went to the bar to get himself another beer, positive that Laura would not be arriving tonight. He figured he would make one more attempt at subverting her before declaring her a washout. The bar was full of people, and Kendall didn’t want to break into any of the groups to place his order, so he went to the far end of the bar... and saw her. Wearing a demure jacket and skirt ensemble, legs crossed, sitting on a bar stool. A freshly lit Capri 120 was in her right hand. Kendall watched her bring the slim white cigarette to her lips, drag, and saw the smoke, backlit by the setting sun, slip into her nostrils. She slowly turned her head and blew; smoke filled the sunbeams, a thick, full white cloud connected to her lips. Laura wasn’t a washout at all. He walked over to her, fighting the rising tide of excitement in his belly, and the fire threatening to erupt in his groin. “Excuse me, but aren’t you Laura Vincent?”

Laura turned, startled by the intrusion into her relaxation ritual. “Y-yes... why do you ask?” She couldn’t quite place the face, but she was positive that she had met this person before. Great, just what I needed...

“Hi! My name is Kendall Craft. We met at one of your boss’ parties. I’m an old friend of his,” Kendall said. Yes, they had met; he had also hypnotized Laura there, as part of the entertainment at the party. Her suggestibility index, which he had tested before he tried to hypnotize her, had lead him to “enroll” her in the program.

“Oh! Yes! You’re the hypnotist that put me under!” Laura said. “If I was anything like the others, I certainly was funny,” she grinned. “It’s nice to see you again.” Laura took another long pull, and slowly exhaled the smoke so that it would occupy the space between him and her. She hoped he would take the hint. When he didn’t move, but just stood there looking funny, Laura sighed. Why do they always have to be this dense? “Listen, Mr. Craft—”


“—Kendall”, Laura resumed, “I don’t want to sound nasty or anything, but I’m supposed to meet somebody here, and I got here real late because of traffic. If he’s looking for me, well... you know... it might seem awkward if he sees me talking to another guy.”

Kendall nodded. Inside he was dancing with glee, because Laura had just explained how deeply in his thrall she was. “Well, I would hate to ruin your chances for romantic success, Laura,” he grinned, and turned to leave. “It was nice to see you again.”

Laura began to breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly, as if he had forgotten something, Kendall spun back around, and mumbled something that got lost in the music that a guy over by the jukebox was busy doing air guitar to. She didn’t know if Kendall was talking to her or not. But she knew that pissing him off would probably be a bad career move. “Excuse me? What did you just say... Kendall?” she asked in a carefully neutral tone. He leaned closer to her, and put his hand on the back of her neck. Laura took no offense, since she assumed that he had been talking to her and was trying to communicate over the music. She leaned closer, and heard the words, “I am for you, Laura Vincent,” delivered in a soft, deep, gentle masculine voice. They were instantly forgotten, as were the loud music and the hand on her neck, as Laura slipped into complete... relaxation...

Kendall whispered, “Remain silent. Obey the voice of relaxation and nod your head.” Laura’s head bobbed slowly. “Now, you will finish your wine, and the voice will ask you if you wish to go. You will answer, ‘yes,’ and leave with the voice. Remember, you must obey the voice.” Laura slowly finished her wine and cigarette, and Kendall asked her if she would like to leave. The dreamy look in her eyes, along with the ‘yes’ answer made Kendall a little more horny. He left Clayton’s with a hypnotic subject who was now ready to become his willing slave.

* * *

Kendall and Laura entered the secret room below Kendall’s study. “Sit, Laura. You must obey the voice.” She did as commanded, sitting in a plush, soft chair that was in front of a monitor. He went over to his control panel, one that did not face the monitor, and began twiddling knobs and typing. It was almost eight-thirty, but this part of the conditioning could be finished at his leisure. The monitor came to life, driven by the computer that Kendall was working at. The very familiar spiral danced in front of the still-hypnotized Laura. Kendall picked up the mike. “Hello, Laura Vincent. This is the voice of relaxation. You must obey the voice.”

“I... must... obey... the... voice,” the spellbound woman quietly repeated.

“Now gaze into the spiral... Concentrate, Laura... Watch the spiral as it spins... drawing you into it... deeper... deeper... spinning... deeper... Concentrate... you hear nothing but the voice... see nothing except the spiral...”

“Spin... ning... spir-al... deeper,” she breathed. “Nothing... but the voice...”

“The voice has a name, Laura... you will obey the voice... the voice has a name... the name is, ‘Master.’ You will obey Master... repeat, and obey the voice.”

“I... will... obey... Master,” she sighed. “I obey the voice... I obey Master.”

Kendall’s cock hardened even more. “The voice has taught you to relax... to be elegant... seductive... as you relax... You are obeying the voice. You are obeying your master,” he said, trying the keep the increasing arousal out of his voice. “When your master speaks, you will listen and obey.” He paused, fiddling with the dial that increased the subliminal signal strength, then repeated, “When your master speaks, you will listen and obey.”

“When... my... master... speaks...” Laura gasped the words and there was a pause. “I... will... obey.” Kendall imagined how she looked, face slack, eyes wide, staring at the screen that was programming her. She would be a fine addition to his hypnotic harem. His pants felt so very tight, but he had to focus on what he was doing. After a few gentle prompts, Laura began to recite her lesson. “When my master speaks, I will listen and obey. I must obey my master. My master has made me seductive and elegant, and I will obey.”

“You will be seductive and elegant when your master commands,” Kendall told her through the microphone. His amplified voice came out of the twin speakers mounted on each side of the chair Laura was in. All the while, subliminal messages of obedience played on the monitor as the spiral trapped the helpless woman in its eternal spin. “You will learn the first command now. Do you understand, Laura?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“When I command, ‘Smoke for me,’ you will perform your relaxation ritual, displaying the elegance and seduction in full for your master. You will please your master. You will feel sexy. And you will realize that you are smoking, but it will not matter, because you must obey your master.”

“I must... obey... my... master. I will... smoke... for my master.”

“You will go into a deep, deep relaxation, and receive your master’s commands when you hear your master say, ‘I am for you, Laura Vincent.’ You will not remember the commands, but you will obey them.” When your master says ‘Alarm Clock’, you will return to your full wakefulness, and forget that you have been hypnotized.”

“Forget... hyp-no-tized...” The subliminal messages reinforced Laura’s submission; at this point, she now knew that she was smoking, and that she was hypnotized. She was far too deep to care. Everything that the voice... master said was true. She was elegant and seductive when she smoked. She would please her master by obeying. “I... must... obey... my... master.” Laura watched the spiral, glassy-eyed, and listened to Kendall’s voice. Her master’s voice.

“Smoke for me, Laura. Tell me how you feel about it.”

She lit a Capri 120. “I love these long, super-slim cigarettes. They make me feel so... feminine. They’re so long, and elegant...” Each drag was punctuated by a natural french-inhale, as the smoke slipped from her lips to her nose when she removed the cigarette. “I like to watch the smoke... so relaxing... as I control... it. So... seductive.” Laura’s eyes became even more unfocused as she watched her exhale. “I feel so... sexy, Master. I like the way they feel between my fingers...” Another drag. “So... sooo... sexy,” she cooed. “I am elegant... as... I relax...”

Kendall decided that he had given Laura enough triggers for the moment. “Your master commands you to stop smoking this long, elegant, seductive cigarette.” As soon as she had extinguished it, he said, “Now concentrate on the screen, and let the spiral take you all the way to complete relaxation for your master. Where you will obey my commands without hesitation.” Laura re-focused on the screen, and quickly returned to her deep, receptive trance state. Kendall spent another hour reinforcing his triggers, making sure he could deepen or lighten her trance at will, in case it should become necessary. The advantage of his hypnotic method over traditional hypnosis was the extra oomph that the subliminal messaging provided. Finally, he shut the monitor off. “Laura, SLEEP!” barked Kendall. The young woman’s head pitched forward in a heartbeat, her eyes tightly closed. He circled her, feeling the heat in his groin at her hypnotic helplessness, fighting the urge to make her service him. Kendall knew that Laura was not ready for that, but he wanted her now, desperately.

Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, he waited for the mad rush to subside. “Open your eyes, Laura, but remain deeply, deeply, relaxed.” She did, blinking her eyes slowly. “Follow your master,” Kendall commanded. Laura rose and followed him up the stairs through the hidden passageway into the study. “You have just had a nice date with me, and you are ready to go home. You like me, and would be interested in seeing me again. Do you understand, Laura?”

“Yes, master. I understand,” Laura replied quietly, a loose smile on her face. Kendall had programmed her to feel warm and relaxed each time she used the word, “Master” to refer to him. She’d be calling him that whenever he desired from now on.

“When you awaken, you will have no memory of the events that have occurred since you left the bar, other than the nice evening with me. You will remember and obey all of the commands you have received.”

“Yes... master,” sighed Laura again. “I will... obey... all... commands.”

Kendall smiled. “Alarm Clock,” he announced, with a hint of regret.

Laura blinked. What the hell am I doing in his study??? I mean, I had a nice time tonight, but I really shouldn’t be in his house. He might get the wrong idea—not that it’s always going to be the wrong idea... “So anyway, Kendall, you have a fabulous house,” Laura improvised. “But it’s getting late and I really have—”

“Smoke for me, Laura,” Kendall interrupted.

“—To... go...” The words faded out, and she removed a Capri from her purse. Laura lit it. She took a long, elegant, lady-like draw, pulling the smoke as it escaped from her mouth into her nose. She held her breath for the briefest of instants, then exhaled, chin raised, cigarette held at an upwards angle while she pushed a stream of smoke from her lips.

“That was a very nice french-inhale, Laura,” Kendall growled.

“Thank you.” She blushed, and took another drag to hide the embarrassed (yet pleased) giggle. Laura took another long draw, letting some of the smoke rush from her lips to her nose. She felt sooo... sooo... sexy... She opened her mouth a little more, and lazily pushed the smoke out with a long, extended hushed sigh. Kendall was noticing how sexy she was, too. Laura smiled to herself. He’s cute. Shame I have to go to work tomorrow. French-inhale... is that what you call it? It’s sexy... Kendall thinks it’s sexy. Laura took another drag, with another french-inhale. She always french-inhaled when she smoked. That was her style, along with the long, super-slim Capri 120’s menthol.

Kendall watched with lust and excitement. Soon Laura would soon be completely his. The former non-smoker was french-inhaling with every leisurely draw. The dreamy expression on Laura’s face wasn’t entirely due to hypnosis. She was now trapped within the relaxation ritual, having been conditioned by the training program. Laura was also on the way to accepting Kendall as her master, his commands to be obeyed and acted upon without question.

* * *

“Petra, a young woman named Laura will be arriving for a late dinner, around seven p.m. this evening,” Kendall said. His butler smiled at him, acknowledged the instructions, then left the study. Kendall waited until he was positive that Laura Vincent would be at her home after work. He dialed her number and waited. As soon as he heard the young woman’s breathy voice, he quietly said, “I am for you, Laura Vincent.” The soft sigh that came through the receiver told him everything he needed to know. “This is your master, Laura. Perform the ritual, and go into deep, deep, relaxation,” he intoned. His cock hardened as he visualized her actions while he waited for her to return to the phone. “Do you have any plans for this evening, Laura?”

“No... master,” she replied.

“Then you will follow these instructions, and come to have dinner with me. You will come to your master, and please him with your presence,” Kendall said. He gave her directions to his house, then made her forget the phone call, while simultaneously reinforcing the suggestion. He went upstairs to change into something a little more casual. His entranced date would be arriving soon.

* * *

Laura parked her car in the drive at Kendall’s house; any way you cut it, he was well off. She was happy that he seemed to like her, and her boss had given him an enthusiastic seal of approval. So here she was, having dinner at his place. A young blonde woman opened the door. Laura panicked for an instant; he was married??? “Miss Vincent? My name is Petra. I am Mr. Craft’s butler.” Laura smiled and introduced herself properly before following the other woman inside. Petra led Laura through the foyer to the dining room and said, “Mr. Craft will be down in a second. He just got a phone call. May I get you a drink?” Laura asked for a glass of White Zinfandel, and the butler disappeared. Kendall’s house was fantastic! She had only seen the foyer and the study before, but Laura had spent the walk to the dining room looking at the other rooms. The butler returned carrying a glass of wine, and Laura took a sip. She heard Kendall’s voice, and everything went... foggy...

“Very good, Laura. You are now going to go deeper into relaxation for your master. Take yourself deeper, and deeper as you watch the spiral... can you see the spiral, Laura?” The spellbound woman nodded slowly, despite the absence of the spiral. “Let it spin... spin Laura... deeper... and deeper... and deeper...”

“Deeper... so deep... hyp-no-tized... deeper... mussobey... master... deeper... spiral...” Laura babbled, repeating her self-deepening script. Master spoke again, and she began to perform her relaxation ritual, choosing a seat at the table. The smoke curled into her nose and she lifted her head, exhaling... controlling the smoke... so relaxed... so elegant... Master is watching her... elegant, seductive... ritual... so alluring... relaxed... Master spoke. Finish ritual.

“You will go with Petra, and obey her commands. You must obey your master. She will remove your clothes, and she will measure you. You will not resist her. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand. I obey my master,” Laura sighed happily. Petra, also spellbound, led Laura up the stairs. Kendall could only feel the strength of his pulse in his cock, and dream of the possibilities with her under his hypnotic power. After a while, both women returned to the dining room fully dressed, where Petra told Laura to sit down. “Yes, Petra,” Laura smiled dreamily.

“Look at your pendant, Laura,” Kendall quietly said. He walked over to her, slowly waving a diamond pendant in front of her face. “Gaze into it... see the pretty lights... gaze... watch the lights dance... and sparkle... and dance... and sparkle...” He had started to move the pendant slightly, and Laura, fascinated, tracked every movement. “Yes... so pretty... pretty... sparkle... spinning... spinning... Laura... down to meet her master... Yes, Laura... when you see the pretty spin... dancing around... sparkle... you will go deep for your master, very, very deep... As deep as you are now... spin... dancing... spinning Laura down... to meet master... Repeat.”

“Pretty... sparkle... spinning... round... round... dansss... Laura... spinsss... downnnandownnn... to meet... master.” She made another happy sigh, while her head and upper body swayed, following the motion of the jewel. “Must obey... so deep... commands... master... pendant... pretty, pretty... diamond...”

“Yes, it is time for you learn the ritual of sophisticated elegance, Laura. You wish to learn the ritual of sophisticated elegance for your master,” Kendall said, drawing a drowsy acknowledgment from the entranced Laura. “You will soon receive a beautiful, elegant dress. You received it at a sale, and it will fit wonderfully. You are so lucky to have found such a beautiful dress.”

“I... am... lucky,” Laura whispered, her eyes following the jewel. “Deeper... master... roundanround... obey...”

“You will also receive some other gifts, that you are to put away until you hear your master command you to perform the ritual of sophisticated elegance. You will not be aware of these gifts unless master commands. You must obey.”

“Must obey... master... gifts... sophisticated elegance... master... command... mussobey...”

“The ritual of sophisticated elegance incorporates the relaxation ritual, as you now perform it. You will have a beautiful lighter, elegant cigarette cases, and a seductive cigarette holder, all of which you will use to make the ritual of sophisticated elegance. You will excite your master with this new ritual... you will enjoy exciting your master with this new ritual. The ritual will make Laura sophisticated and elegant...”

Laura continued following the motion of the pendant, her eyes wide open, unblinking. She murmured, “Ritual... for master... I will be... sophisticated... elegant... alluring... for master... excite... master... enjoy... must obey master...” She was too deep to resist any suggestion.

Laura’s helplessness and willingness to obey led Kendall on a flight of fantasy for a few moments. When he somewhat reluctantly snapped himself back, he knew he couldn’t last. He quickly fastened the pendant around Laura’s neck. “When I, or someone I have explicitly chosen fastens your pendant around your neck, you will go just as deep as you are now. You will obey my commands without resistance. You must obey the commands of the person who puts the pendant there, as well. You will obey.”

“Must... obey... the pendant... deep... hypnosis... go deep... obey... master... pendant...” The words spilled out of the young woman’s mouth.

“And now Laura, you will watch how it excites your master. Smoke for me, Laura.” Laura lit her long, feminine, ultra-slim cigarette, taking the french-inhale that came naturally to her, and watched her master smile. She repeated the action, more deliberately, paying attention to the increasing bulge in his pants. Watching master get so... excited... made her feel... so... sooo... soooo... sexy, and gorgeous. Her eyelids fluttered with her next drag, and Laura felt her own composure slip a notch.

Kendall was almost delirious; Laura was watching him, smoking for him, trying to excite him. “Petra, come... service me,” he moaned. “Laura... take yourself... deeper... and DEEP-er... as you smoke...” He gasped as his butler’s warm mouth met his flesh. “You must obey... obey... obey... yourrr... master!” Petra’s head bobbed in his lap, smoothly sliding along his engorged dick, and Laura kept deepening her own trance... “When I fasten the necklace around your neck... you are hypnotized... and obey!” Kendall moaned again. “You like master to hypnotize... YOU! You love being,” he gasped again, loudly. Laura put out her finished cigarette. “Hypnotized... by master... You—you...” The words disappeared in a low growl, and he grasped Petra’s head. Laura immediately lit another Capri 120, to increase her master’s pleasure and to send herself deeper and deeper... The butler continued her sucking, greedily feeding on his eruption, drinking him, cleaning him, sending him into loud cries of ecstasy. Soon, he was finished. For now. Kendall had Petra clean up, and had freshened himself up before bringing Laura out of her trance and putting the pendant away.

Laura immediately said, “I’m starving, though, Kendall. What’s for dinner?” with a grin. “Surely you don’t intend to starve a girl?” She turned to Petra. “Does he always make you wait for dinner, too?” Kendall stifled a chuckle. He had erased Laura’s exact memory of what had just happened; the pendant would bring them back in a vague way. If past experience was any indication, there may be some interesting... side effects during her future... performances.

* * *

It was another Saturday night at Kendall Craft’s large house. Below the study, and slightly outside the house, Kendall was busy putting some finishing touches on what he hoped would be another masterpiece. Laura Vincent sat in a chair, eyes glazed, staring at a large black-and-white spiral on the rear-projection screen. On the chair at ear level were two speakers. Laura listened to her master’s voice, teaching her, commanding her as she watched the spiral. The spiral had hypnotized her many times, and the subliminal messages that were hidden within also found their way deep into her open, willing mind. “I like to... smoke for master. It makes me feel... sexy. I like being sexy,” she recited.

Kendall changed the subliminal messages as he read his customized script for Laura. Each woman should be different, even though the steps of the training program were similar in design. Laura enjoyed the sense of style, and femininity that smoking Capri 120’s gave her. Fair enough. Petra had spent the last two sessions teaching Laura how to accept lights, how to remove cigarettes from a case, and how to handle a cigarette holder. His mesmerized butler had also been programmed to respond sexually to Laura’s smoking. He enjoyed the look on Petra’s face when his new toy would take her customary french-inhale. Laura, for her part, enjoyed the feeling of seduction, and had teased Petra earlier this evening. Kendall hadn’t known that Laura was bisexual; that eliminated a whole series of lessons. She would be completely his in even less time than anticipated.

“Laura, now you will be given a command, a very powerful command. This command means that your master has summoned you, and you must respond as soon as possible. When you hear your master’s voice give this command, you will call the magic number as soon as you are able to without arousing suspicion. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master... I... understand... must obey... master’s command,” she quietly replied.

“The command is, ‘Kendall Arts and Crafts. Remember.’”

“I will call the magic number when I hear master say, ‘Kendall Arts and Crafts. Remember.’” Laura heard another command, the command of sophisticated elegance. She opened a gold cigarette case, removed a Capri 120, and gently fit it into her 6-inch white cigarette holder. The Colibri lighter burst into flame, and Laura took a slow, long drag to light the tip of the Capri. She let some smoke spill from her mouth, and inhaled both through her mouth and nose. She swallowed, pursed her lips, and exhaled silently, slowly. Master was excited. She was elegant... sophisticated... alluring... beautiful... SEDUCTIVE... SEXY.

She went upstairs with her master, carrying her things, and when they arrived in master’s study, she looked at the butler, and took a profiled drag. Laura enjoyed smoking for master... and for Petra. Petra would serve master and Laura when Laura would finish the ritual. And Master would hypnotize Laura... Laura loved to be hypnotized by master... it excited her. Another slow, careful, french-inhale, just enough to make everyone notice. Her natural french-inhale was sexy, but she knew how to make it special. Just so everyone, especially master, would know how SEDUCTIVE and SEXY Laura was. “Master, may I serve you?” she enticingly purred. She was smoking. For master. While hypnotized. In trance... exciting him... exciting her... exciting Petra... Laura unzipped Kendall’s pants. Looking deeply into his hypnotic eyes, she took a long, deep, deep, drag from her long, sexy, cigarette in its elegant holder. Her hand wrapped around his cock. This is what I can do for master. Excite him. Service him. Excite him. Excite myself. Service him. Service him. Service master...

As Kendall swooned under Laura’s ministrations, he felt the swell of accomplishment. His hypnotic harem had grown to three. He had three women, all of whom knew the sexual aspect of smoking, and would display it for him whenever he desired. All three would also sate his linked carnal desires, in any way he would care to command them. The training program was a success.

* * *

It was time for Laura’s last visit to the brainwashing chair, barring any unforeseen complications. Kendall waited at the front door himself. He had sent Petra home to the carriage house, where she would sleep until he woke her. This was the most important lesson for Laura, and he didn’t want Petra to distract her. While watching Laura seduce his butler may have been fine, fine entertainment, Kendall wasn’t sure how the woman’s bisexuality would impact this lesson. He felt a twitch down below as he remembered watching an entranced Laura hypnotize Petra, and take advantage of his butler’s “Claire” personality. He reminded himself, somewhat regretfully, that he would not be able to have his show this evening. He didn’t want to take any chances on tonight’s lesson not working.

He saw the familiar Honda Civic pull into his circular drive. “Hi, Kendall!” Laura waved as she got out of the car, carrying a small bag. Tonight would be her first public performance as a graduate of Kendall’s smoking school. He waved back, thinking lewd thoughts. “Sorry I’m a little late. Today was a real pain at work,” she said by way of greeting. “Jerry couldn’t make up his mind about the presentation of the annual brochure, and he kept asking for and rejecting ideas, so I’ve been on my feet all day,” she complained. “Running back and forth to the copier, cutting and pasting stuff and printing—”

“Laura, SLEEP!” Kendall commanded as soon as they had entered the house.

“it... out...” The young woman’s voice trailed off as her head dipped forward and her eyes closed. She stood in the foyer, asleep on her feet. She heard her master’s voice in her sleep, raised her head and opened her eyes. Master was guiding her... she would follow... master... must obey... master... sit down... watch the screen... must obey... full attention... relax... learn... full attention... on the screen...

As the final tape began to play, Kendall picked up the microphone connected to the speakers on the chair. “Your master bids you welcome, Laura.” She smiled, a gesture lost on him since he wasn’t facing the screen, lest he fall under his own spell. “You have learned the relaxation ritual, and the ritual of sophisticated elegance very well. Now it is time for your final lesson. As you gaze into the spiral, remember the diamond. The diamond sends you deep for your...”

“Mass-terr,” Laura happily sighed. “Laura spinsss and spinsss... to obedience... for mass-terr... Diamond... pretty, pretty, diamond... obey... mass-terr...”

Laura’s subconscious babble was taking its toll on Kendall; he took a deep breath and struggled to put his mind back on task. “Laura, the voice commands you to relax and be silent.” A soft sigh came from the chair, and his slave was quiet. “You will smoke only when you are in master’s presence. You will not feel the need to smoke otherwise. You will smoke only to please me, Laura. Your friends and associates must not know that you have begun smoking. Do you understand?”

“Yes... I will... only... smoke... for master. Smoke... be sexy... for master. Friends... must not know.”

“If you are with master and smoking and you meet someone you know, you will acknowledge that you smoke occasionally, socially, but not always. Do you understand?”

“Smoke... socially... for master only,” Laura breathily replied.

“And now Laura, there is one final command. This is the most important command of all. You must always obey this command, waking or asleep. If you are in the middle of the ritual, you must obey this command above all others. In public, around other people, there is no ‘master.’ There is only Kendall, your sweetheart, a man for whom you would do everything. A man who you know exactly how to please. It is Kendall, not master you must obey in public. Gaze deeper into the spiral, gaze and concentrate... In public, it is Kendall I must obey... Repeat.”

“In... public... I must obey... mass... mass...” Kendall increased the strength of the subliminal programming signal. Laura had gotten deeply involved with her master; she would call him that whenever she was entranced. It was time to put a facade on their relationship, for the public’s sake. “I must... obey... Kendall... In public... I must obey... Kendall...”

“In public, there is only Kendall. When you are with Kendall, you will only know Kendall unless you hear me command differently. You trust Kendall. You like Kendall. Kendall makes you feel good. You trust Kendall. You want to please Kendall. You like Kendall. Kendall is attractive. You want to please Kendall. Do you understand? Repeat your lesson, Laura. Kendall asks that you repeat your lesson.”

“Yes... I... understand. In public... I will only know Kendall. I trust Kendall. I want to... please Kendall. Kendall is attractive.” The spiral firmly planted the subliminal messages into Laura’s open mind. She had been so completely brainwashed that she would accept any subliminal suggestions he gave her without resistance. Laura faithfully repeated aloud the suggestions currently playing on the screen, “There is only Kendall... I enjoy being hypnotized by Kendall... I love being seductive... for Kendall... I must obey... Kendall... In public, I must obey Kendall... There is only Kendall... Only Kendall... Kendall... Desire... Lust... Kendall... obey... Kendall... Desire... Kendall... Lust... Kendall...”

* * *

Laura sat with her date in the dining room of the private club he belonged to. She had worried that she was dressed too casually for a private club, but Kendall had said she was fine, and he was wearing a golf shirt and jeans. “I’d like to come here for a swim sometime. The pool looks really nice,” she commented. God, he was cute. I could definitely get into being Mrs. Craft, a member here... but it’s way too early to follow that train of thought. Laura removed her pack of menthol Capri 120’s, and Kendall produced a light for her without being asked. What a gentleman, she thought as she took a long draw, then french-inhaled. She tilted her head upwards and exhaled after a few seconds. “I’m glad you don’t mind that I smoke,” she said, and french-inhaled again. Her eyes lost focus for a second as the level of her tension and nervousness dropped.

“We are in the smoking section, Laura,” Kendall grinned. His eyes sparkled as he watched her handle the Capri and act of smoking so naturally. The habitual french-inhale and her relaxed, effortless exhales were quite becoming. He had to admit that each of the training program graduates had very distinct styles. Somehow, Laura looked just perfect smoking the ultra-slim Capris 120’s; he doubted that she would look as good with any other brand; this was also true of the other graduate. Petra didn’t really count since she would smoke anything she had been commanded to. In his butler’s case, however, she was quite the cigar smoker... His thoughts came to a jarring halt when his permanently-entranced date took a very deep draw on her Capri, french-inhaled very thick, creamy smoke for a long time, then exhaled a stream from her pouting, pursed lips.

“Like I said, I’m glad you don’t mind when I smoke,” she quietly, throatily reiterated. A purposeful gleam was in her eyes. Ohhhh... it makes me feel so sexy when I smoke around you... Laura suddenly noticed that the temperature of the room had increased and put out her cigarette, half-finished. “I’m going to wait until after dinner,” she explained. The quiver between her legs faded after a final pulse. Kendall looked disappointed. Her tongue delicately poked out between her teeth as she could sense the... excitement about him. For her. Tonight... again, tonight, she would smoke, and he would watch, and they would please each other deeply. Laura pulled out a fresh Capri 120, her favorite brand, so wonderfully feminine. She couldn’t see herself smoking anything else, everything was either too fat or too short. She smiled again as he lit it for her, and did her traditional french-inhale. She looked into Kendall’s marvelous eyes, so hungry, so attentive, and felt the quiver return. Laura took an extended draw, and made the french-inhale longer. She loved smoking like this, so... demonstrative and classy. And the effect it had on Kendall made her feel so incredibly... seductive. She couldn’t ever imagine not smoking around Kendall. She would always smoke around him.

Kendall watched Laura smoke with fascination, making no effort to hide his arousal. She made no effort to hide hers. Yes, Laura’s conversion was complete, a total success... and to think I once thought she was a washout. Sara Carter was next. The doctor was ready for phase four, which meant that he would get to do this all over again, very soon. He wondered how many women it would take for him to be satisfied; he couldn’t see needing many more for himself. His thoughts began to whirl. Was there commercial potential in it? How many women would it take to prove the program itself? Kendall broke into a wide grin as the salad arrived. There were possibilities here, many more than he originally thought.