The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Training Program

Caitlin: Phase V

Caitlin Brown came bouncing into her townhouse early one afternoon. It had been a good day for the twenty-five year old. She had just received her three-year review at French-Cox Importers, for whom she had been working since her senior year of high school. Apparently, all of that familiarity with the company had just paid off, since Mr. Cox himself had called her to his office for the review. She had gotten promoted to stateside manager for the Benelux accounts, and given the rest of the day off while her office was moved. Caty was thrilled; she had parlayed her skill and training in foreign languages into a solid career path. This called for a celebration.

The only question was, whom to celebrate it with? It wasn’t as if the slender, dark blonde-haired woman didn’t have any choices; no, that wasn’t the problem. Caty’s good looks and effervescent personality combined with the slight New Orleans-flavored lilt in her voice to attract men in droves. Would she go out with Vince, or John, or that yummy Dr. Gill... Hmmm. What a dilemma, she thought. All of them held an attraction for her. Her cat meowed at her from the sofa. “I’m coming, Dionysius,” she laughed, flopping down to pet the now-purring feline. Caty noticed her answering machine blinking, and pressed the play button.

“Hello, Caitlin,” said a semi-familiar voice. Caty cocked her head with a strange expression on her face while she tried to place the voice. “Dionysius is in the cat’s cradle. Remember.” The answering machine clicked off, but the last word Caty heard was, “Remember.”

She dialed a number on the phone. “Hello, master. This is Caitlin. I have received your summons, and await your command.”

“Good afternoon, my dear,” said Kendall Craft. “Are you free this evening?”

“Yes, master.”

“I would like you to come over and visit me. I wish you to model, and we will dine together tonight. Caitlin, you will be the essence of sophisticated elegance this evening. Prepare yourself accordingly. When you hang up the phone, you will forget that I have called, but you shall remember the ritual of sophisticated elegance, and obey as you have been taught.”

“I will... remember... the ritual... and... obey... my master... as I have been... taught,” Caitlin slowly repeated. She hung up the phone and walked away from a very annoyed-at-being-ignored, yowling cat, prevented from hearing him by her conditioning. Caty arrived in her bedroom and took a small makeup case out of her closet. She opened it and removed the Colibri lighter, two gold cigarette cases and two packs of More Menthol 120’s. She filled both cases from one of the packs, then selected one for herself and lit it. Caty carefully placed everything else into her dress purse after taking a deep, slow drag. She went to her dresser, opened a compartment in her jewelry case and removed a six-inch, all-black cigarette holder. She also took out a small gold necklace with a diamond charm. Still hypnotized, she chose a black evening dress with a matching cape for her evening’s attire. After the clothing and jewelry had been packed, Caitlin took another slow drag from the More, drawing an escaping ball of smoke back into her mouth and swallowing it. Her eyes fluttered as more of her conditioning took hold; she felt the first faint stirrings of arousal. Caty exhaled a long, thick stream of smoke, seeing herself dressed in front of her master, smoking sensuously, leisurely, relaxed... seductive... elegant... beautiful... alluring... SEXY...

Two hours later, Caitlin Brown was on her way out the door carrying a makeup case, her dressiest black purse, and a garment bag. She had showered, which had left her feeling marvelously refreshed. She said good-bye to the cat, and told him not to wait up with a happy chuckle. Her earlier problem had been solved. Caty was going to celebrate her promotion with Kendall.

* * *

The front door to Kendall’s house opened, and Caty was greeted by his butler, Petra. “Hello, Miss Brown. Mr. Craft is in the library expecting you,” the German girl smiled, accepting the garment bag.

“Danke, Petra,” replied Caitlin in perfectly accented German. She knew her way around the house, and Petra was quite accustomed to her presence. Neither woman was aware of just how often Caitlin had been to visit Kendall, nor how much each knew about the other. Caty always marveled at the spacious home: for a relatively young man, he had expensive tastes, yet always seemed to be able to fulfill them. Somewhere, she remembered that he had made his fortune in computers and was retired, living off the dividends from the sale of his company. He was cute, too. Caty had been out with better-looking men, but Kendall was so... cultured and charming. He really knew how to treat a lady.

She entered the library, where he stood smiling at her arrival. Caitlin bounced over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Guess what?” she asked, grinning from ear-to-ear. Kendall grinned back at her. “I got promoted to manager at work! They let me off early so they could move my office!” She wandered over to the desk to look out at his spacious back yard.

Kendall Craft smiled. Yes, he was happy for Caitlin; it also proved that his influence did not interfere with her life at large. She had been under his spell for over a year, and was the second subject to make it to phase five of the training program. Her conditioning was so deeply ingrained that it would only take a few words from him to transform her. The training had been completed on both Petra and Caitlin, and neither of them knew they were his primary showpieces. “That is wonderful! I suppose we should go out to the best place in town tonight, then?”

Caty’s eyes got big and hopeful surprise lit up her face. “I haven’t been to Fortissimo since my graduation night! Could we really?”

That wasn’t exactly true. Caitlin had been to the fancy restaurant on a couple of occasions in the past few months, but she couldn’t remember. “Of course, my dear.” He saw how excited she was, but before she could do anything else, Kendall said, “Smoke for me, Caitlin,” using the lower-pitched voice that only four other women knew. Slowly, Caty settled on the edge of the desk, her head turned away from the window. She took a More from the cigarette case in her dress purse, and lit the brown cigarette with a slow, languorous quality to her movements. She smoked deliberately, each drag taking several seconds, punctuated by a small ball of smoke rolling from her lips. Caty would exhale gently and the back-lit smoke slowly billowed from her lips, contrasted against the dark bookcases of the room. Excellent, Kendall thought. His pants felt a little tighter. She held the long, slim, brown cigarette horizontally in front of her face, always poised to take another lingering drag. When Caitlin finished, she extinguished the cigarette and silently resumed looking out the window, a picture of feminine grace. Kendall could barely contain his excitement, but she had already cleaned up and needed to get dressed. “Caitlin, come back.”

At that, her head snapped around and the effervescent grin reappeared. “Oops! Sorry, Kendall, I must have been day-dreaming!” Caty ran over to him and gave him a hug. “Fortissimo... Wow. It’s going to be a wonderful night, and I really do want to thank you for the evening. I just wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow.” Kendall smiled, and gave her his acceptance and understanding. “I guess I’ll go upstairs and change now. But I guess you also have to get ready, huh?”

Kendall was very happy with Caitlin’s conditioning. She didn’t even notice the smoke, or the aftertaste in her mouth. He answered with a grin, “Yes, I do. I’m afraid that a golf shirt and jeans won’t do in Fortissimo’s.” Caitlin headed out the library and up the steps. She called after him. “Just a moment, Caty. I have to make a phone call and our reservations.” She yelled, “OK,” back to him. Picking up a Rubik’s Cube, he summoned Petra to the library. He showed it to her when she entered. “Petra, can you solve the puzzle of the cube?”

Her eyes struggled to stay open for a few instants, and then they closed. A dreamy smile lit her face as the young, zaftig blonde softly replied, “I await my master’s command.”

“Close the door, Petra, your master has need of you,” Kendall’s deep voice intoned. As the deeply entranced former au pair girl knelt in front of him, Kendall Craft thought of how wonderful Caitlin would look smoking Mores in her holder throughout dinner that evening...

* * *

“When are we leaving, Kendall?” Caty asked, stunningly dressed in a black evening dress that left some room for imagination while being tight enough to let people know that it had been custom-fit. Actually, it was custom-made, but the young woman thought it had been something she had lucked into at a sale.

“In a little bit, my dear,” Kendall answered. He was waiting for the limousine to arrive; he had quickly ordered one when Caitlin had kissed him as he was dressing. She would have had sex with him tonight, conditioning or not, but it was so much more fun when she was his entranced slave. He saw the lights swing up in the driveway. “Caitlin, our ride is here.” He could see the sparkle in her eyes; she was, for all of her high-class job and connections, a simple woman. This was definitely something that was a treat for her. “In honor of your promotion,” Kendall somewhat choppily added. Caitlin gave him the look that said he would be rewarded for his thoughtfulness.

“I’m glad you don’t have to drive tonight,” Caty throatily said. Kendall may not have been her favorite date, but he wasn’t exactly chopped liver, and he was attractive. She also knew that he was too much of a gentleman to expect sex in exchange for the evening. Maybe she’d rip his clothes off in the car after dinner. A wicked grin spread across her face. Petra answered the door chime. The limousine driver presented Caitlin with a bouquet of roses before escorting her to the waiting white Lincoln stretch. Kendall stayed behind for a moment to give Petra some last-minute instructions.

Kendall’s smile as he climbed into the car was not just for Caitlin. Petra had shown no sign that she was in trance, but being so close to Caitlin at the door had sent the butler into a moderate state of arousal, just as she had been programmed. When in trance, Petra was as vulnerable to Caitlin’s physical charm as any man. If all went well tonight, Kendall would be fantastically entertained. As they headed to the fine restaurant, the two chatted mostly about her soon-to-be new job. Kendall had been impressed by Caty’s intellect, and her quiet drive for success. He hadn’t tampered with that at all. Speaking of which, they were getting pretty close to the restaurant... Kendall managed to sound innocent as he queried, “Caitlin, do you have your pendant, or did you forget it?”

The question startled Caty. “Oh!!! No, no... I just didn’t put it on. I don’t know why.” Kendall did. “Would you please hook it on for me?” she cooed, bringing all her feminine wiles to bear on her date. She pulled the diamond pendant from her purse and handed it to Kendall.

“Of course, my dear Caitlin,” Kendall smoothly replied. She had excited him with the way she had asked him to hook it on, an excitement that was amplified by his knowledge of what was about to occur. “Caty, do you like the diamond in the pendant?” She immediately began to study it, and Kendall began to sway it back and forth.

“Yeah, it’s real pretty,” she cheerily informed him.

“Do you like the way all of its points seem to sparkle and glitter separately?”

“Uuuuummmm... yeah.” Caitlin’s eyes were now fixed on the pendant’s movements.

“Yes, the way that the pretty, pretty diamonds catch the barest light and make them dance for you...”

“Mmmmm... hmmmm...”

Kendall’s voice grew deeper and quieter. “Watch them dance around, Caitlin, sparkle and dance, sparkle and dance... around and around... spinning down...”

“Spar-kle... Dance... Spar-kle... nnn... dannnnsss... spar... kle... dannnnnsss... a... roun... an... roun...”

“Spinning Caitlin down... down to meet her master... spin, Caitlin... swirling into obedience...”

“Spin... ning... down... to... mas... mas... terrr... obedience...”

“You must obey me, Caitlin.”

“Musss... ohhh... beyyyyy...” The triggers that Kendall had planted deeply into her mind began to surface. “I must obey my master,” Caitlin said. “I will obey. I will obey. I will o—” Her eyes slammed shut and her head drooped as Kendall fastened the necklace around her neck.

“You are beautiful, you know,” he murmured to the sleeping woman. “What does the necklace mean to you when I, or someone I select fastens it around your neck?”

Caitlin smiled from her trance. “It means I will obey. I will remain hypnotized until the necklace is removed. I enjoy being hypnotized by my master. I will obey my master.”

“Very good, Caitlin,” Kendall said, his pants feeling very uncomfortable. “Now, I want to spend the evening with my sophisticated, elegant, sexy, Caitlin. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes, master. I will happily obey,” Caty sighed. “I am to be sophisticated and elegant for my master this evening. Caitlin is sophisticated and elegant... sophisticated and elegant... sophisticated and elegant—” Her head rose and her eyes popped open. To the untrained eye, Caitlin seemed to be awake and perfectly alert. To Caitlin’s mind, she was alert and awake. But the Caitlin her co-workers and other friends knew was fast asleep, and in her place was an elegant seductress. She smiled at Kendall, and the expression in her eyes caused him to inhale sharply. She removed one of the gold cigarette cases and the lighter from her purse. After handing him the lighter, she produced a More Menthol 120 from the gold case, and handed him the lighter. Caitlin put the cigarette into her holder without any great hurry. As soon as she had finished, she reclined into the plush seat, and placed the black holder to her lips.

Kendall quickly brought the lighter to life without a word, his mind captured by the picture Caitlin presented. He watched, enraptured as she took a small sip to light the cigarette, and let the smoke flow from her slightly open mouth. As soon as the faintest wisps were leaving, she immediately took a second, much harder, longer, deeper pull, re-inhaling the smoke that escaped when she pulled the holder from her lips. The woman pursed her lips, and after what seemed like an eternity, pushed the smoke out into the air in a narrow stream from her perfectly formed red lips. Kendall’s sense of accomplishment paled to insignificance when compared to his lust for the gorgeous, elegant woman next to him.

Caitlin drew gently on her holder, a faint smile playing around her eyes. She knew how sexy she was: the holder and the brown cigarette were just to gain the attention of those around her. Letting some of the smoke drift from her mouth, she pulled it back in with a quick roll of her tongue, then pursed her lips to exhale slowly. Caitlin loved smoking like this for Kendall, sometimes too much. She had a habit of inhaling too deeply, which lessened the smoke effect when she exhaled. She tilted her head sideways to present Kendall a profile view of her next thick, slow exhale. He was hopelessly aroused to the point that it would be obvious for the next several minutes. “Kendall, darling,” she throatily said, “when are our reservations?”

Kendall stammered an answer, and the current time. His original thought had been to sit in the bar and watch Caitlin smoke some more, so there was about a half an hour before they were expected. He had underestimated the transformation; obviously, Caitlin had been—ohhhh, jeez she took another of those drags—learning more about smoking for effect, and it showed in her femme fatale persona. He was nearly cross-eyed with lust. She had enchanted him so much that Kendall didn’t even notice her activities between puffs.

Caitlin called the driver and told him to take the scenic route, about a half-hour’s worth. She also asked him to call the restaurant and tell them that they might be a little delayed. “Now that I have taken care of that,” she purred, “let me take care of you.” She extinguished her cigarette and immediately removed another. Tapping it against the gold case to prepare it, she took the lighter back from Kendall, and placed the cigarette into the holder. She lit it, taking her customary small puff. Caitlin turned her eyes on white hot at Kendall. ”You have a problem.” She took one of the linen napkins from the bar and placed it over his legs. She took a long, unhurried draw, and just held the smoke for a few seconds before tilting her head and exhaling in profile again. Caitlin unzipped his pants. “Watch me, Kendall,” she whispered urgently, and wrapped her free hand around his cock. She stroked gently, carefully, while smoking. Caitlin silently let him watch her full, creamy, exhales, posing for him with the holder held at mouth level, between daintily extended fingers... He groaned, and spurted onto the napkin as she pursed her lips again. Caitlin kissed Kendall, then handed him another napkin to clean himself up. ”Now may we eat, darling?” She put the cigarette out, then refilled the gold cigarette case from the pack of Mores that was in her purse.

Kendall nodded, sated, relieved, and more than a little frightened by Caitlin. Had he created a monster? The limo pulled to a stop and the driver buzzed the passenger compartment. They had arrived at Fortissimo, and now it was too late for Kendall to wake Caitlin and interrupt her programming. He had to make himself presentable, and it wouldn’t do to have her wake up in public without any memories of the ride at all. The door opened and Caitlin slid out of the limo gracefully, with no hint of her just-concluded performance. Kendall, to his credit, managed to hide all the signs of his orgasm except for a light flush as he sat at the door wondering what he could do. “Are you coming, darling?” Caitlin purred. He had created a monster.

* * *

They entered the restaurant and were promptly seated; the episode in the limousine put them exactly on time for their reservations, and Kendall was such a good customer at Fortissimo’s that they would never keep him waiting. He waited for Caty to sit down first, and she smiled sweetly at him, a sparkle of lust in her eyes. Kendall wondered if he should take her back to the hidden room after dinner so that he could reprogram her, and make her tone down a little: he could not tell if she was genuinely lusting after him, or whether it was the training program. The waiter took their drink orders and Caitlin removed another More from one of her cases. “Kendall,” she cooed as she placed it into her holder, “may I have a light?” He dumbly complied with her request, watching with renewed lust as she rolled a ball of smoke back into her mouth. Caitlin exhaled leisurely, giving no public hint that she was working on arousing him.

By the time they had finished dinner, Kendall was again horny for Caty. She had smoked four cigarettes during the meal. He had no idea how he was going to last the night. He hadn’t seen such an elegant, sensuous, completely natural smoking style since Cecilia on the night of his senior prom. Caty went to the powder room, acting like the perfect lady, seemingly unconcerned and unaware of her date’s predicament. Kendall sat at the table willing his erection to subside so that they could leave.

Alone in the ladies’ room, Caitlin smiled to herself in the mirror. “Miss Brown, you are definitely the femme fatale of his dreams. The boy is so hot for you, you elegant, seductive thing, that he’s almost ready to pop a second time. But we’ll wait until it can do me some good,” she drawled in her New Orleans lilt. She touched up her make-up, applying some lip gloss to make them look as red and as wet as possible, and ran a pipe cleaner through her cigarette holder. Her cigarettes tasted better if she kept it clean. While she enjoyed the hell out of smoking for Kendall, Caty also liked the way that More menthols tasted. And the look, especially with the holder, was to die for.

When Caty returned to the table, Kendall was perusing the cigars that the maitre’d had brought to the table: it was an after-dinner tradition at Fortissimo’s. She had no desire to spend any more time there, and hoped that Kendall would pass on his cigar this time. “Sweetheart,” Caty whispered, “when is the limo due back? I’d really like to leave now.” She nibbled on his ear, and leaned against him, wrapping her arms around one of his. The maitre’d discreetly moved back a bit, then announced that he had guests to attend to, if Mr. Craft would permit. He would return presently. Caitlin smiled, and gave a brief nod of her head to the man in appreciation. Unfortunately, he left the humidor on the table. She frowned. “Well, while you decide,” she said, keeping the creeping annoyance out of her voice, ”I’m going to have a cigarette.” Caty prepared and lit another of the brown cigarettes, taking a full, glorious drag. She turned her head to the side and noted that Kendall had stopped looking in the cigar box before she exhaled silently. This is good. Now to reel him in... Her next puff took several seconds, then she released and recaptured a large ball of smoke after removing the holder from her mouth. Caty leaned back in the booth, holder held at the end of her extended arm, tilted her head upwards, and calmly sent the smoke on a long, long, very visible trajectory. “Yes?” she purred in her best Southern Belle imitation, complete with batting eyelashes.

Kendall looked up at the maitre’d, who had returned. “I think I’ll pass tonight, Phillippe,” he said quickly, and pushed the box of cigars away while Caty silently rejoiced. “Please summon the car.” He kept one eye on Caitlin throughout, hoping she would take another one of those awesome drags, and praying that she wouldn’t. His prayers went unanswered, because she repeated her last drag and exhale, seemingly unaware that he was looking. He touched her arm, and she smiled at him with a knowing gleam in her eyes. She had done that on purpose!

Caty finished her cigarette while standing in the reception area as they waited for the car. Kendall was enraptured, but his musing was cut short by the sound of a male voice calling his name. It was Tony, the owner, and a fellow member at the private club Kendall belonged to. He reluctantly left Caitlin’s side, trying to steal a glance at her final drags without being obvious, but she waited until he was out of sight. At that point, he knew he was being teased. Tony pulled him aside in the bar area. “My friend, I don’t know how you do it. The women you show up with always seem to bring an air of a very old-fashioned class to my restaurant. Cigarette holders, wonderful clothing, impeccable manners... I just don’t know how you do it.” Tony shook his head. Kendall was about to tell him that he should give Caty the compliment, when his friend looked at him strangely. “One thing though... every woman I see you with in here makes smoking an incredibly... sensual experience,” Tony whispered. Kendall raised an eyebrow. “I hope you are as lucky as you seem,” the owner finished, giving Kendall one of those “just between us guys”—grins.

“I am,” Kendall shot back with a shit-eating grin of his own. “See you at the club sometime, but right now, Caty is waiting.” He left his friend and returned to his date’s side. She was having a discussion with three of the staff. The young woman from the coat check room asked about the cigarette holder; the two men were just drooling. Kendall just stood there, arm linked with hers, while she showed the smoking accessories off. The limo had been slightly delayed, much to his dismay. Caitlin lit another cigarette. Kendall watched surreptitiously as the conversation continued. Finally, the limousine arrived, and both said their goodnights to Tony, Phillippe, and the congregated staff.

The first thing Caty did when she got in the limousine was to take a long, deep draw on her holder as she reclined luxuriously in the seat. Her eyes glowed almost as brightly as the tip of her More. She opened her mouth, waited, then blew slowly. Kendall was frozen at the limousine door. “Three hours,” was all she said to him. He turned back and instructed the chauffeur to drive around town for the next three hours, then hurriedly scrambled into the back. Caty took another long drag, caressed the front of his pants and kissed him deeply, exhaling. A strange sound reverberated in her mouth; Kendall had made a weird noise. The next thing she knew, he was undressing in a frenzy. As he reached for her, eyes ablaze, she understood exactly what the noise had signified: Kendall was literally crazed with lust. Caitlin Brown smiled, took a last drag from her cigarette, and put the holder away. She unfastened her dress, slowing Kendall down with a gentle push and her slow, creamy final exhale. She knew would she get exactly what she wanted.

* * *

Three and a half hours later, Kendall Craft and Caitlin Brown climbed out of the limousine. Their clothes were wrinkled, and the back of the car smelled like smoke and sex. The chauffeur didn’t blink; he had driven Mr. Craft around before, and the guy tipped generously... for discreet drivers. “Thank you, sir,” he said as Kendall handed him a one hundred dollar bill. “Please don’t hesitate to request me as your driver again.” The woman giggled, and gave the driver a kiss on the cheek before he went back to his car. Damn, she had been so hot, he mused as he guided the Lincoln Special back to the company garage. He’d never seen anything like her, except in old movies... but her dress and her walk and the cigarette holder and... ohhh... man. His wife would be happy tonight. And she’d even appreciate the extra hundred bucks.

Inside the house, Caitlin was getting ready to have another More. Her date was sitting on the sofa, with a somewhat dazed and exhausted expression on his face. She had cum gloriously tonight, and she knew she was going to hurt when she woke up. But every second of the limo ride had been pure ecstasy. Especially since Caty knew how to excite Kendall when she wanted to. She lit the More; a quick sip, then a longer, deeper pull. Even without the holder, she looked so damn good with the long brown cigarettes. No one would ever mistake her for an average girl. She exhaled with a quiet “fffff”, and turned to look at Kendall. He was definitely out for the count. But there was always Petra. Kendall had taught her how to hypnotize Petra, and told her about the “Claire” command. Caty had laughingly watched him demonstrate how to put Petra under, and laughed when he told the butler to be Claire, because it didn’t seem to work. Then Caty had a cigarette, and suddenly Petra went from hypnotized to highly aroused woman. The butler attentively, hungrily, watched each drag and exhale. Caty loved to smoke for Kendall: it excited him, and made her feel very, very sexy and hot. She discovered that it worked the same way with the butler. Caitlin had asked Kendall to teach her how to hypnotize Petra, too.

* * *

The phone rang in the bedroom of the carriage house. Petra Roehm, Kendall Craft’s butler, grumbled and stirred. She picked up the phone and instantly snapped awake. The young German woman had gone to bed while still in trance, but had been programmed to wake fully and instantly when the phone rang. She heard a familiar, although unexpected, voice over the phone. “Petra, this is Caitlin Brown. Could you come over to the house? I need to talk to ya.” That was odd. Had something happened to Kendall? She checked her watch. It was after two in the morning. She put on some clothes and trotted the few yards to the house.

“Miss Brown? Mr. Craft?” she called from the kitchen. The house was very quiet, and Petra began to feel a little worried. She heard Miss Brown’s voice; she was in the living room. Petra walked into the room to see her employer asleep on the sofa, still fully dressed. “Is he drunk?” the butler whispered, approaching Caitlin.

“Caty’s Magic Mores,” she said to the butler, who looked at her with complete puzzlement. Caty took a drag from the cigarette she had lit when Petra had called from the kitchen, and exhaled directly into Petra’s face. The young German blinked slowly a couple of times. Petra had gone into a light trance; Caty liked using the “hypnotic smoke” trigger that Kendall had set up for her. “Yes, Petra,” Caitlin said, slowly wiggling the cigarette back and forth, “go into trance... for Caty... as master has commanded... Deep into hypnosis... for Caty. Caty hypnotizes you with her Mores...” Petra’s head tracked the path of the More. “You want to be hypnotized by Caty,” the seductress whispered. “Back... and forth... watch the Magic More... long... brown... the smoke... as you go deeper... and deeper... into trance for Caty.” The cigarette was now at Petra’s eye level. “Deeper... and deeper... into trance... Hypnotized... by the—”

“Magic More... I am going deeper... und... deeper... into hypnosis... for Caty... I vill obey... Caty... I am vatching... ze magic More... ze smoke... long... und... brown... und deeper... into trance... for Caty... I must... obey... ze sexy... elegant... Caty... is zo sexy... deeper... and deeper...” Petra was now reciting her part of the induction script, body frozen, eyes glued to the cigarette.

Caty took a slow drag and exhaled, chin tilted into the air above Petra’s head, watching the butler’s tracking movements. “You are now Caty’s hypnotized slave.”

“I... am... now... hyp-no... tized. I am now Caty’s hypnotized... slave. I must—obey Caty,” Petra breathed.

“Close your eyes.” Caitlin said, taking another drag, punctuated by her customary thick ball of smoke and re-inhale. She cooed, “You are now deeply hypnotized. You enjoy it when Caty hypnotizes you, don’t you, Petra?” She looked at the entranced butler, beginning to feel turned on again. Petra was so pretty without makeup, and dressed in an oversized men’s dress shirt and slippers.

“Yes... love... hypnotized... Caty... Must obey,” Petra murmured.

“When you open your eyes, you will be Claire for Caty.” Caitlin put her cigarette out, and glanced over at the unconscious Kendall. Too bad you’re gonna miss this one, baby... She put her hand on the back of Petra’s neck.

“What does my mistress wish Claire to smoke for her pleasure?” the spellbound butler softly asked. It was a preprogrammed question, one that Kendall had told Caty was necessary for Petra’s self-deception.

“More Menthols,” Caty replied, figuring that was the only cigarette available. Petra resumed her self-deepening monologue for a while, then fell silent. “Are you ready to be Claire for Caty? Are you ready to obey?”

“I... will... be... Claire... for Caty. I am... hypnotized,” Petra replied from her trance. “I must obey... Caty... I will smoke More Menthols for Caty... I love being hyp-no-tized... by Caty. I must... obey.”

There was something very arousing about the way Petra spoke when she was in trance. Caitlin could see why Kendall would, every so often, invite the butler to join them. It added something... extra. Tonight, Kendall was out of it, and it was her... and her hypnotized slave. “When I count to three, you will open your eyes, and stay deep in your trance for Caty. You will be...” Caitlin took a quick, sharp breath. The anticipation had made her pussy twitch. “Claire. One... Two... THREE.”

The butler’s blue eyes opened. “Hello, Miss Brown,” Petra said. “Is there anything I can get for you? It would appear that Mr. Craft is indisposed.” There was no sign that anything had happened, nothing to indicate that she was in trance. That was something Caitlin liked; she had had a picture of what hypnotized people were like in her mind, but Petra never acted that way. It made everything seem all the more... natural and real.

“Yes,” Caitlin said, heading to an unoccupied recliner. “Would you please bring my holder? It’s in my bag on the foyer desk. Petra quietly left the room and returned with the requested article. Caty made a production of opening the case and tapping the cigarette down, then putting it in the holder. Petra clicked one of Kendall’s lighters on, and gave Caty a light. The first drag, as usual, was a quick, barely inhaled sip. Caitlin then took a regal, heavy draw, swallowing the ball of smoke that appeared seconds after the draw. She regarded the wisps of smoke from the tip of her holder, then turned her head away, exhaling a silent, slow, thick plume. “So you like working for Mr. Craft?”

“Ummm... yes. He’s a very fair employer... and he doesn’t usually bother me during the night,” Petra answered, perching on the edge of a sofa. Her eyes were locked on Caty. “I guess you like him, too?”

After Caitlin had finished exhaling, she leaned back into the recliner. She nodded with a small smile. “Yes, I think he’s very attractive.” She took another heavy draw from the holder, and watched the More glow brightly. The ball of smoke slowly spilled in reverse. Caitlin waited to exhale this time. She gave a hushed sigh. Petra was watching her carefully.

“You guys make a nice... couple,” the butler admitted sheepishly. She shifted in her seat. Watching Caty... smoke... sexy Caty... so elegant... beautiful... smoking so sexily...

“Is there anybody else he’s seeing?” Caty figured that she might have a shot at getting the answer from Petra while she was in trance. She took another careful, posed drag, slowly exhaling skyward.

“N... No.” Petra felt her insides begin to melt. Caty was so, so, sexy...

That’s good, Caitlin thought. There isn’t anybody else. She took another puff, and watched Petra shift uncomfortably, feeling a familiar wetness and itch. She couldn’t wait. “Come here, Petra. Undress, and then fetch my pipe cleaners from the purse.” Caty put out the More, and waited for the butler to return. “Clean my holder,” she commanded. Petra quickly obeyed, and Caty felt herself tremble. “Prepare my smoke, Petra. Maybe I’ll let you—share.” The butler carefully placed another More into the black holder, and presented it to her. When Caty took her second deep drag, she heard a quiet gasp; Petra had caressed herself. “Service me as I smoke.” She saw the butler kneel, felt her legs get pushed apart gently. Caitlin Brown moaned loudly as an electric jolt sent by Petra’s soft lap of her clit hit her brain. “Look up,” she gasped. “Watch me smoke... Petra...” Her hips had started to move, and Caty was having problems remembering how to smoke sexily... erotically... alluring... “Play with yourself!” she moaned.

Kendall Craft stirred. Something had awakened him from his slumber... the date... Caty... noises... nearby noises... He was shocked into full alertness as he realized the nature of the sounds. A few feet away, in his living room, Petra was giving his date head, while Caty reclined, cigarette holder with a lit More in it between her fingers. She was enjoying the hell out of Petra’s tongue: the holder was drooping dangerously. Petra was masturbating steadily; Caty must have her in “Claire” mode. The sights and sounds quickly made him hard, and he quietly dropped his pants.

Petra felt someone grab her hand, and she was about to protest when she felt something slide between her legs, inside her, filling her... sweet friction... sizzle... “Claire, FUCK,” came Kendall’s voice, and the butler’s hips jerked backwards, slapping against his stomach. She snorted, and began pumping her hips furiously.

“Caitlin, FOCUS. Obey.” Caitlin Brown’s excitement faded in seconds at the command. She regained control of the cigarette holder and took a long, elegant, luxurious draw. She exhaled very slowly, very carefully. The pleasant tingle between her legs resumed, but Caty was barely aware that Petra had restarted her efforts.

“Watch... mistress... Caty... Petra,” grunted Kendall. He watched his butler study Caitlin’s smoking, and felt her get hotter and wetter as Caty smoked. He felt his cock grow larger. “Caitlin—” he gasped, humping vigorously at Petra from behind. His mesmerized date took yet another of her slow, glorious drags, releasing the ball of smoke... and tilting her head... then exhaling... thick smoke... Cigarette holder... elegant... “Urghhh!!!!” Kendall screamed as the visual, mental, and physical stimulation overwhelmed him, and he felt the pain of too many orgasms in a short time but the pleasure of it was oh so indescribable... “SLAVES—ORGASM!!!” he bellowed, and both Petra and Caitlin wailed. The aroma of excitement flooded the living room as his butler flopped around him because Caitlin was pulling Petra’s head roughly against her sex and orgasm conquered them all...

* * *

“Petra, you will forget all that has happened tonight. It did not happen. When you are called upon, you will happily go into trance for Caty again, do you understand?”

“Yes... Caty... hyp-no-tize me... again... I will obey,” Petra haltingly answered the woman looking into her eyes. She heard soft, gentle... purrs... sleep... sleep naturally... deep, deep, natural sleep... The butler’s eyes closed, and she curled up in a ball. Caitlin covered her with a sheet and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Did you have fun?” Kendall asked. The birds were singing outside, despite the darkness. The sun would be rising soon.

Caty gave him a deep, wet kiss as they walked towards his bedroom. “What do you think?” she sighed contentedly. “It turns me on sooo much when she’s hypnotized for me.” She sat on Kendall’s huge bed. “I mean, I get hot just thinking about smoking for—” Kendall quickly unfastened and removed the diamond pendant from Caitlin’s neck. Her voice died as the glitter of the diamond caught her eye, and Kendall said something to her. Her eyes closed.

“And now you hear the voice of your master, Caitlin... The voice you must obey,” Kendall intoned.

“Master,” Caitlin sighed. “Must obey...”

“You will forget Petra... you will forget Claire... you will forget Master... and only remember Kendall. There was only Kendall tonight.”

“Only... Ken-dall... tonight...”

“You will forget master until you hear him command you to go into trance. In trance, you will always obey master. There was only Kendall, tonight. You are happy with Kendall, tonight.”

“Forget... master... command... trance... Must obey master... in trance... only... Kendall...” Caitlin sighed again, and smiled, her eyes still closed. “Happy... Kendall... tonight... forget... master...”

“When you awaken, you will forget the sophisticated, elegant Caitlin... and remember only Kendall...”

“Forget... sophis—sophisticated... Caitlin... Only Kendall... So happy.”

Her nipples began to harden again, but a sharp pain from his groin told him that it was definitely over for tonight, and possibly for tomorrow as well. He grinned and flicked one mischievously. “Now, your master commands you to wake yourself. Obey, and forget.”

“Master... commands... must obey... forget... awaken...” There was silence for a while, then Caitlin shivered and her eyes popped wide open. “Ooooohhhh!!! Aftershock!” she exclaimed. Kendall was grinning at her; they had had some fantastic sex tonight... for a three hour limo ride... and back here at the house... Caty sighed contentedly. “I guess I’m gonna miss my first day as a manager? I’m beat, Kendall,” she confessed. “I guess we wore each other out.” Caty kissed him wet, hard, and deep. “Thank you for tonight. For everything, Kendall. I won’t forget this for a long time,” she throatily said, and burrowed into his embrace.

“I’ll talk to Adaire tomorrow,” Kendall yawned. “It’ll be okay at work, Caitlin.” She made a happy noise. “Caty, Caty, sleep for me, deep and dream of what will be,” he whispered, and he felt the tension go out of her body. He smiled. Yes, Caitlin Brown, you will remember this night, and so will I. You have proven the training program beyond all doubt.