The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Training Program

Petra: Completion Phase

Kendall Craft was brooding by himself early one Friday night. All the subjects in the training program who were sufficiently advanced to have called him had already done so. All of them were also busy tonight. He was very aware of the need to keep his involvement with their lives minimal and secretive, so he could not go out with any of them tonight. He had been in an unhappy mood since this afternoon at the club, where he had watched two young, attractive daughters of members sit at the pool and smoke Camel Lights in a distinctly unattractive manner. The image had bothered Kendall mightily; smoking was becoming an increasingly lost art. That was why he developed the program in the first place, in an attempt to recreate the elegance and beauty that a woman could convey when she was properly attired, and smoking in the appropriate fashion.

He thought back to the very first time he became aware of the seductive potential of smoking. Cecelia was the black sheep niece of the next door neighbor who had been sent to stay with her aunt for the summer, to “get her away from the bad crowd she’d fallen in with.” She was highly attractive, a fact that was not lost on the 15-year-old Kendall. Plus, Cecelia was the only girl he had ever seen smoking what looked like cigars. The seventeen year old girl would sit outside by her aunt’s pool each night and smoke, where he could watch from his window, alternately fantasizing and masturbating.

Cecelia had seen how Kendall would look at her, and realized the effect she had on him. Figuring that she could at least have some fun while she was in exile, she resolved to get him alone for a while. One day while his parents and her aunt were gone for the day, she came over to visit. The first thing she did was to put her pack of More Regulars on the kitchen table and light one up while he was fetching her a glass of lemonade; Cecelia knew better than to ask for anything alcoholic. Unlike her aunt, Kendall’s parents smoked, so it was okay to smoke in their house. She sat cross-legged in her skin-tight jeans and halter top, taking deep drags from the long, brown cigarette, playing with the smoke in her mouth while watching the boy who had watched her with worship. She had also seen Kendall masturbating in the upstairs window while she was having her evening smokes.

Kendall was very uncomfortable, with such a sexy young woman sitting tantalizingly close to him. Cecelia looked him dead in the eye, sucked on the cigarette and opened her mouth. A thick, creamy fog spilled from her lips, curling upwards to vanish into her nose for what seemed like an eternity. She pursed her lips and exhaled slowly. “Wanna do it with me?” she throatily purred. Kendall had an erection just from her presence; the answer was quite obvious.

He hadn’t known how and barely did more than follow instructions; Cecelia knew what went where and how everything was supposed to work. She took his cherry, and then they did it again; and a third time. Between sex, Cecelia would smoke. Kendall would watch, enraptured by her long french-inhales and the gentle pushing forward of her breasts with each silent exhale through her lips. The arc of the brown cigarette as it would travel to and from her sweet lips while held gracefully between her slender fingers fascinated him. The sights made him very hard, very fast. He wound up lying to his parents, telling them that he and Cecelia had spent the day playing on his computer. This pleased all the adults, since it seemed like Kendall was taming the wayward girl; soon the pair were spending almost every day together unsupervised in his room.

Since having sex was the crime that got Cecelia sent someplace where she didn’t know anybody her age, Kendall’s enthusiasm for it and ability to get her out from under the watchful eye of her aunt was a godsend. She also enjoyed having him wrapped around her finger; moreover, she knew exactly what button to push. One day, while they were sitting in his room, and the adults were out on a golf outing, she lit up and did a long, thick, extended french-inhale. Leveling her eyes at him, she said, “You like it when I smoke, don’t you? It makes you horny.” She could see the light go on: until that moment, Kendall hadn’t figured out what she did that drove him so crazy. However, it had become very obvious to her. “You wanna learn how to smoke, Kendall? You wanna be a bad boy?” Cecelia took a heavy draw, and pulled his mouth to hers, exhaling her smoke into his body. It excited her to corrupt such a “good boy”, and soon enough they were regularly swapping smokes with passionate kisses. She left at the end of the summer.

Kendall hated to see her go. Cecelia had changed his life forever with her seductive looks, her posing, the smoky kisses, and zeal for sex. He spent the next two years vainly seeking a local girl who smoked Mores. Although several of the girls at his high school smoked, none could quite rival the elegance that Cecelia had portrayed. Besides, he was the school genius, which meant that none of those girls wanted to go out with him. Kendall dreaded the idea of going to his senior prom. His options were limited as far as dates, and none of them even remotely interested him. One night, he had happened to mention a letter Cecelia had written him to his parents. Even though they corresponded occasionally, she had better things to do than keep an active interest in a younger boy, and Kendall, mature for his age, understood that what had happened was just for that summer. Therefore, he was caught completely by surprise when she called and volunteered to be his date for the prom, which happened to occur during her spring break from college. He thanked his parents profusely for happening to get word to her that he was without a date. He also knew that they wouldn’t have if they had known what the two teens had been doing that summer.

Cecelia had matured considerably; the perpetually horny little bitch who had enjoyed corrupting an innocent 15-year old nerd had grown into a college sophomore of great beauty and social sophistication. She understood what it would mean to Kendall, who hadn’t had more than two dates since she’d known him, if she were to show up at his prom as his date. He had always been cute, and had a nice body, even if it was just a little soft; he could have easily been a jock, but he was so smart that his interests were all cerebral. Cecelia also knew what it would do for Kendall’s social standing at his school. Besides, she had taught him exactly how to please her, and the energy that would fill his bedroom when she smoked... It wasn’t a difficult thing to do. Not at all.

When Kendall picked Cecelia up, both of them were surprised by how good each other looked. They necked somewhere secluded for fifteen minutes before they went to the prom. She didn’t smoke during the trip though, which made Kendall wonder if she had quit. He was afraid to mention it, and worried that somehow he would manage to turn this into the most painful and embarrassing night of his life. He didn’t want to make it seem obvious that he wanted to see her smoke again.

Cecelia was just biding her time. She had a surprise for him. She had planned on making his senior prom the most unforgettable night of his life to this point, and knew exactly how to do it. When they got to the prom, his entrance with her caused a major stir. All the boys gawked at Cecelia, who looked very comfortable and happy to be on Kendall’s arm, while all the girls immediately started wondering what they had missed because he was supposed to be the school nerd.

They sat down at their table along with two other stunned couples. After some small talk, Cecelia took out a 6-inch black cigarette holder and placed a More into it. She asked Kendall for a light, which he provided, eyes glued to the extended cylinder. She gave him a mischievous grin, opened her mouth a little, and sucked two thick creamy streams into her nostrils. She tilted her head to the side, then exhaled through ruby-red glossed lips. Under the table, her other hand rested on his lap. She leaned back against the chair, holder next to her cheek, smiling at him. Cecelia’s hand told her exactly what was going on in his mind. She took another long draw, french-inhaled slowly, and held the smoke.

Kendall watched the sultry expression, the grace and elegance in Cecelia’s regal posture, the way that the smoke spilled from the end of her holder with delirious joy and barely controlled lust. She lifted her chin for the exhale, a barely audible hiss that produced a long, narrow stream through her soft, moist lips. Her other hand squeezed his erection, and she smiled at him. That particular moment imprinted itself on his memory, and defined his future social life. From that moment, Kendall would only date women who smoked, hoping to find another sexy smoker. It was difficult enough finding women who smoked 120’s: he wound up settling for women who knew how to smoke. The older he got, the fewer of them that he saw: the problem wasn’t the increasing number of non-smokers, it was that the smokers he found didn’t know how. So was born the idea for the training program. Once he had acquired the means and the knowledge necessary, he needed a test subject. Enter Petra, his butler.

Petra would yield to his slightest will; Kendall had amused himself by planting several different triggers in his butler over the past year and a half. The young German woman had been a smoker when they first met at the club that Kendall and her au pair employers belonged to. Unfortunately, Petra smoked Camel Filters, which left Kendall cold and disinterested. Despite her lack of taste in brand selection, she had put on a half-decent show of smoking that night. Kendall had noted how unusual it was for someone so young to have gained that skill and had resolved to find out a little more about her background. She had been a fairly privileged young woman: an only child, she had been educated at an expensive European finishing school (which is where she learned how to smoke), and blessed with parents who, while not filthy rich, were certainly well off. However, Petra’s world crumbled when her parents had managed to fall prey to some bizarre cult during her au pair contract. They had signed all of their assets over to the cult leader, changed their will, and committed ritual suicide with several other people, leaving the poor girl with nothing, and no place to go back to. She had challenged the will with no luck; the cult leader had several excellent lawyers under his sway as well. Had Petra not been in the United States, she probably would have died with her parents.

When Petra’s au pair contract ran out, Kendall was the caring, generous friend. He offered her a job as his butler; she wouldn’t have to do any menial tasks, and she could have the carriage house all to herself. Their relationship was to be strictly a business one: after all, she was being hired, and he would not take advantage of that. His friends vouched for him, and Petra, having very few options, accepted. He remembered how he had been giving a little hypnosis demonstration at one of his parties when he found out that Petra was highly suggestible. This gave Kendall the idea of using her to test the training program. His only peeve with her had been finding fat cork tips in his ashtrays, so he decided to see if he could—persuade—Petra to change brands. He had succeeded marvelously; she became an Eve 120 smoker. The training program had originally been developed to subconsciously teach women who smoked how to smoke more—erotically. This included selecting appropriately feminine brands. The first adjustment he had been forced to make was that vaguely phrased instructions were necessary to allow the subject to develop a personalized style. Kendall had originally given detailed instructions to Petra, who, although she followed them explicitly, never deviated from that style. She was already an accomplished smoker, so Kendall wound up suppressing her natural repertoire of erotic smoking tricks. Eventually, he had made her forget the textbook-like instructions, and let her experiment (while in trance, of course) on her own. Petra quickly regained a mastery of all that he had taught her, but the actions were much less studied, and more natural.

He also found out that she turned him on as he watched her smoke; somewhere along the line, Petra had transformed from an experimental subject into a real, live, sexy smoking woman. So, he had also used his hypnotic and subliminal programming skills to turn her into a willing sex toy with several on/off switches. Petra could seduce him when he wasn’t interested in initiating anything, or he could program her “on the fly”. Kendall could instantly send her into one of several preprogrammed smoking personae by speaking the appropriate trigger word. His hypnotic control over the young German woman also excited him: sometimes the sight of her going into trance would make him very hard, and she would have to satisfy him sexually before smoking.

Kendall had spent several years in researching psychology, and then in developing tools for the training program. He had also accepted as fact that some women just were not going to be suggestible enough for it to work; therefore, he separated the program into six distinct phases: initial induction, development of learned behavior, reinforcement of behavior, installation of post-hypnotic triggers, mainstreaming the subject with their regular life, and total control. Some subjects would fail at each level, but anyone who made it to the middle of phase three would smoke sexily, even if only after being given a post-hypnotic suggestion. The final phase had only come about because Petra had proven to be an incredible sex toy when hypnotized. Kendall looked forward to seeing if he could make another subject so pliant. There was a subject in phase five who was falling more under his control with each passing day: he would find that out soon enough. He decided to shower and change; his day-dreaming had put a serious lump in his pants. It was time for Petra.

* * *

Kendall sat in his study, trying to figure out what he wanted from his butler tonight. He had multiple smoking personae for Petra and multiple ways of performing the induction. He could do it quickly, instantly transforming her into the femme fatale, or a sophisticated lady of culture, or even make her a cigar connoisseur. He could also put her into “slave” mode, where she would obey her master without question. He could use one of the post-hypnotic triggers, or perform a traditional induction, which he had to admit, had its appeal for him. Kendall thought about the way he’d like Petra to appear before him, and what he would like her to smoke tonight. Capris? No, the phase four subject smokes those, and it’s almost time to meet her in person. He thought of the woman in phase five, who smoked More Menthols and his cock gave an immediate jump in his pants. Almost any woman who smoked Mores reminded him of his senior prom. Virginia Slims 120’s were the brand that Sara Carter had chosen, and she was a wonderful subject: she was ready now for phase four, and he would be meeting her very soon. He decided to let Petra smoke her usual brand tonight, and pulled out the strobe box. That would be what he would use to send her into trance tonight.

It was a small jewelry box with a latch-activated strobe light and cassette player. His butler had seen it many times before, but was programmed to forget about it after every instance of being hypnotized by it. It was a versatile thing; Kendall could use a cassette with instructions waiting for whenever Petra opened the box, or he could let her go into trance and give her commands on the spot. He summoned his butler after choosing which of her smoking persona he wanted to go out with. “Hi Petra,” he smiled with as much innocence as he could muster, “I got you a present today.” Kendall produced the fake jewelry box. Petra was excited, as she always was by receiving the jewelry box, and accepted it happily. She put it on the desk, then opened it. Kendall watched her face light up with the rhythm of the strobe. “Don’t look away, Petra. Watch the flashing light... let it flash into your mind... remember the light...”

“The light... remem-ber... I... remember... the... light... I must watch ze light... Ze... light... commands me to zleep... I vill sleep... I must zleep... for... mas-terr...” Petra’s voice was suddenly thick and heavily accented. Her English was almost flawless, except when she was going into trance. Kendall waited, his cock hardening, while Petra recited her self-deepening script, gazing into the strobe. “I must... zleep for master... I... vill... serve... my master... I vill... obey... Ze light... commands me... to avait... my master... I am ready... to serve... I must... go to... sleep... deeper into sleep... sleep... sleep...” The sound of his snapping fingers made her head go slack, and her eyes slid shut.

“Now, Petra, tonight you shall be Peggy for your master,” Kendall commanded. He had different names for each type of smoking behavior that Petra would enact. Peggy was one of his favorites: not only did she smoke erotically, but the act of smoking aroused her enormously. Petra would be extremely horny by the time they got back from the restaurant. He touched her on the neck.

“What does my master wish Peggy to smoke for his pleasure?” Petra asked from the depths of her trance, her head still bowed submissively. This was a part of the programming ritual that Kendall especially enjoyed. She would smoke anything he desired, and he could change it at his whim.

“You will smoke Eve 120’s tonight for your master,” Kendall said.

Petra immediately said, “I will smoke Eve 120’s for my master. I love to obey my master. It makes me feel good to obey my master.” Her head slumped over, eyes closed, the young woman smiled as her programming continued to kick in. “I am Peggy tonight for master. I like to smoke for my master. I like to arouse my master. Smoking for my master makes me feel so... so... sexy. I love smoking whatever my master desires. I love smoking for my master because... because...”

“Petra, deep sleep NOW.” She went silent, with a flat expression on her face. That was close. Kendall had started breathing heavily, and his cock ached painfully. During her self-deepening and programming, Petra had almost thought herself into an orgasm from the visions she had of the night to come. He truly did want to go out tonight, and if she had continued, they might not have made it out of the study. Occasionally, Petra would spontaneously pop out of her induction/programming state for “Peggy”, and assume the Peggy persona automatically. He didn’t know why, but when this would happen, Petra would immediately light up and smoke using nothing but exotic exhales, and Kendall would be lost in lust. Of course, smoking would turn Petra/Peggy into a sex-crazed vixen, and they would always wind up fucking right after her first smoke, no matter where they were. He remembered the night that he turned her into Peggy while they were out; it had taken a good deal of effort to get her out of the restaurant before she had his pants around his ankles.

He took a deep breath. “Petra, you are calm now. When I count down to one, you will awake, and you will be ready to serve your master,” Kendall said.

“Ye-eesss... serve my mass-terrrrr...” Petra smiled broadly at the suggestion. “I will smoke Eve 120’s for master. I will serve master as Peggy... smoke Eve 120’s... serve my master...” She began to babble quietly, happily.

“You may come back up now, slowly. Five... four... three... two... ONE.” Petra raised her head, and her eyes were bright. “Petra, how would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?” She smiled and gave him a hug. “I’m in the mood for a good steak, and Dunbar’s is no place to eat alone.”

Petra replied, “I’ll get dressed quickly, Kendall. Thank you. You’re the best man I know.” She ran upstairs to shower and change. Kendall had asked her out again. She wished that he would touch her that way, but knew that it was just another of her misplaced fantasies. He was nothing more than her employer.

* * *

Petra was very happy tonight. Before they had left the house, Kendall had given her a present, a cigarette case that would hold her Eve 120’s. The young woman thought she looked so sexy, like in the old movies, when she would remove a long, ladylike cigarette and he would light it for her. Dinner had been fantastic, and they had talked about what Petra would like to do eventually; both of them knew that she could not be his butler forever. She took a long, deep drag on her cigarette, exhaling slowly, silently with upraised chin through parted lips. She felt so sexy... the mental image of what she looked like was making her horny. Every cigarette she’d had tonight liquefied her insides a little more. Kendall seemed not to notice, and besides, he was just her employer, much to her dismay. It was going to be another night of masturbation in the carriage house.

Kendall surreptitiously watched his butler with admiration for her graceful smoking style. The lust was also there. Petra had always been a “natural” smoker; the inhale and exhale were smooth and unhurried, the handling exquisitely feminine. He hadn’t had to teach Petra that. Kendall not-so-idly wondered if he would hypnotize her again tonight. While the act of hypnotizing someone definitely turned him on, he had done quite a bit of it recently, and wasn’t really in the mood to do it now. So, he just sat and watched Petra enjoy an Eve 120, feeling a slight tingle in his crotch. It was going to be a good evening. Petra excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, and Kendall thought about dessert.

“Mr. Craft?” Kendall looked up and moaned inwardly. It was Chester Freeman. Chester owned a publishing house, and had been wanting Kendall to write a book about his teenage years, about how he got so rich before age 25. “Hello!” the man said, pumping Kendall’s hand. “Fancy meeting you here. It’s actually quite the luck. I have four other boy geniuses here with me. We’re discussing the book in the bar over cognac and cigars. I can still make a place in it for your story, buddy. I think it will sell with all this cyber-world stuff going on.” Always the salesman. Kendall declined. “Well, Robert Malander was hoping to meet you... that’s one—”

THE Robert Malander?” Kendall interrupted, his jaw dropping. Petra and sex faded to the background instantly when Chester nodded affirmatively. “Is he here? Tonight?? Now???”

“Yes, yes, and yes.” Chester smiled; he knew he had Kendall hooked for another sales pitch.

Kendall suddenly had the chance to meet one of his boyhood heroes. “Well, Chester, I’m here with my butler... It’s a reward for good service,” he said, quietly. “Please let me break the news to her and I’ll come join you in the bar as soon as I can. Tell Mr. Malander that I’m looking forward to making his acquaintance.” Kendall was so thrilled that he called for the check immediately. He didn’t want to waste any time.

When Petra returned to the table, Kendall told her about the abrupt change in plans. She couldn’t hide the pout nor the frustrated little peep as she was lighting another cigarette. He realized that the Peggy persona was going to drive the poor girl crazy; Petra’s eyes already had that horny quality about them. She took a long, deep drag from her Eve 120, and slowly french-inhaled. The twitch Kendall felt would have been welcome at any other time; now he was merely annoyed by the distraction. Petra/Peggy had done that on purpose. Fortunately, after the first time she nearly raped him in public, he had added an additional hypnotic trigger for her.

Lazily placing his arm around Petra, he squeezed her left shoulder and whispered, “Peggy, go deep and obey.” His butler relaxed almost imperceptibly and her eyes, although remaining open, acquired a slightly dull look. “You are—” Kendall had a sudden inspiration. “You will become Gretchen for your master. You must be Gretchen until your master commands otherwise. Do you understand?”

“Mmmm... hmmm...” the young woman purred very quietly. Her head nodded slowly a few times. She was still blankly staring in front of her.

“Gretchen will awake when she is kissed by her master, and Peggy will sleep and forget. You will put out the cigarette now.” He felt a slight pang of regret as he watched his spellbound date comply. But the Gretchen persona would not be caught dead smoking Eve 120’s, and would certainly cause a commotion. “Lean back, and cuddle with me. You will not see or hear anything until Gretchen awakes. You will obey your master, Peggy. You must obey.” A softly sighed, “Yes... master...” came from the deeply hypnotized Petra, who settled back into Kendall’s arms with a dreamy smile. He called the maitre’d, and asked if he could get a pack of More Regular for his date; she had run out. Five minutes later, a busboy delivered the cigarettes and replaced the ashtray. Kendall brushed Petra’s cheek with his lips.

“Oh, I need a cigarette,” Petra/Gretchen said, and reached for the pack on the table.

Kendall interrupted with, “Well, I was going to retire to the lounge. Tonight’s cigars are from Davidoff, I believe.”

Petra’s hand froze and a big smile lit up her face. “Davidoff?” she asked with interest. “May I join you, Kendall? I haven’t had one of those in a long time. It would be a nice change from the Upmanns and the 898’s that I get for myself. The Davidoffs are so much better.” She batted her eyelashes at him just for fun. The “Gretchen” personality was never coy. Charmingly direct and honest, Petra/Gretchen also possessed an almost-encyclopedic knowledge of, and great appreciation for, fine cigars, scotches, and cordials. Kendall stood, and offered his hand to his new companion. While the sight of a cigar-smoking woman did something for Kendall’s libido, he had only been to bed with Petra/Gretchen once. He liked “Gretchen” more as a friend; it was an interesting side of his butler’s personality. There were plenty of hypnotic triggers that would allow Kendall to have sex with her at the drop of a phrase. It was nice to have one that didn’t involve sex. “I’d take a good cigar over a More any day,” she said as they headed to the lounge. “You know I only smoke them because they’re less expensive, brown and have character. I could go into bankruptcy stocking a personal humidor,” Petra sighed.

Kendall was immediately accosted by Chester when they entered the room. All the men were smoking 50-ring Davidoffs, and introductions were made. He had a difficult time keeping calm as he met Robert Malander, whose very proper British accent seemed out of place with the enthusiastic, boyish grin and rumpled hair. Kendall made a point of separating himself from Chester after introductions were made so that he could properly introduce Petra to the gathered group. Mr. Malander ordered a Courvoisier for Kendall, and summoned the maitre’d to bring the cigar box. “Would you like anything, Miss Roehm?” Robert gallantly inquired. Kendall tried not to laugh at the expression on Chester’s face when Petra asked for a Courvoisier as well, but couldn’t help it when she added, “I like cognac with my after-dinner cigar. It adds a little extra spice, don’t you think?” The literary agent turned ashen.

Robert smiled in return, pointedly ignoring Chester. “Yes, but a good single-malt and a fine Cuban are a difficult combination to match.” Petra’s eyes grew wistful. “Oh, that’s right,” said Kendall’s boyhood hero, “you Yanks can’t get Cubans. Perhaps the two of you might have to visit me at my estate sometime.” Both Kendall and Petra were obviously thrilled at that. The cognac arrived, and Robert offered a toast to new friends while the maitre’d was clipping a cigar. He handed it to Kendall, and began to close the box.

Petra walked over to him and defiantly pushed the lid back open. Chester looked ill. Robert laughed. “I also enjoy having a cigar after dinner,” she informed the embarrassed maitre’d. After producing and clipping one for the young lady, he lit a wooden match. “Move your hand back just a little,” Petra immediately, but softly, counseled. “The flame is too close to the cigar.” She slowly rotated the Davidoff, just out of reach of the flame, waiting patiently for the cigar to light. Another match had to be lit before the thick cigar was ready to smoke. Petra took a silent draw, then let some of the smoke seep from her mouth. She exhaled the rest through her nostrils. She looked at Robert, who seemed quite impressed. “I like to exhale through my nose sometimes; it gives me a better overall feel for the flavor of the cigar,” she explained. He nodded attentively as she took another draw, held the smoke in her slightly open mouth, then slowly pushed it out through the very small “O” her lips had formed. “Excellent,” she smiled. “Wonderfully maple-like, with a hint of vanilla and cherries.”

Kendall had worked his way over to the bar, leaning three-quarters against it. Petra really looked hot with the thick, thick, narrow streams of smoke she was exhaling from her cigar. His pants felt very uncomfortable; he knew that he’d have to make Petra his complete sexual slave when they got home. Kendall glanced up; the other assembled men were suddenly chatting with her; except for Chester, who had managed to unobtrusively find Kendall. “Your... butler is quite the engaging one, isn’t she?” Kendall nodded, steeling himself for another sales pitch. “I find it amazing that she has such a knowledge of cigars and beverages. Did you teach her?” Kendall replied that no, he hadn’t, he had just asked her to learn about them so that she would be better able to coordinate his formal parties.

Chester nodded solemnly, “I can understand that. It’s very good that she can perform the duties of a butler with excellence. It’s a situation that’s ripe for rumor, with her being so attractive and your being single.” There was a long, uncomfortable pause. Finally, Chester broke it by blurting out, “Would it be possible for me to... borrow her? I mean, I’m more than willing to compensate you both, but I have a very important client coming to dinner in two weeks, and he likes single malt scotch and fine cigars. I need someone of her caliber to help arrange all three menus.” His eyes were fixed on Petra. “Look at her... perfectly at home with a Davidoff,” he muttered. “I wish my wife could be that cultured.” The two men engaged in small talk while the publishing executive never stopped watching Petra for an instant.

Kendall began to wonder if Chester also liked women who smoked cigars. He toyed with the idea of turning Mrs. Freeman into a cigar temptress, and idly imagined what Chester’s reaction would be. Petra and Robert walked over to them, smiling, cigars in hand, interrupting his musing. “Kendall,” Petra began, “Robert has some Montecristos at his hotel suite. Would it be asking too much if I could...” She took another puff on the Davidoff, slowly letting the smoke drift from her nose, murmuring distractedly, “These are so good...” Robert asked on Petra’s behalf as well. As horny as Kendall was, the chance to score major brownie points with someone he had spent his life trying to emulate was too good to pass up.

“Sure, Petra. I know that you don’t get a chance to smoke cigars of this quality very often. I’m sure that Robert would be a most gracious host,” Kendall replied. “I am afraid that I will not be joining you, however.” His butler’s face fell; he would have sworn that she was deeply disappointed, but there shouldn’t have been any reason for her to be. He added, “I have an early call tomorrow morning.” Robert thanked him, and Petra gave him an affectionate hug--after she had exhaled a slow, drifting cloud of cigar smoke from her lips. Kendall shifted, turning more towards the bar to hide the growing lump in his pants. Well, maybe tomorrow I will play with Petra, he thought.