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24 Hour God

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Author’s note: This story was requested by someone who emailed me. If you have an idea for a story you would like to to write feel free to send me suggestions. It’s not a promise, but I will try to incorporate them into one of my stories.

* * *

There were many reasons that Rob did not like Los Angeles, or large cities in general. Crime, high taxes, crowds, pollution, hipsters, needless to say Rob preferred his cozy little suburb in San Antonio. But when your boss invites you to a week-long manager’s conference in Los Angeles, you go, even if it is your first anniversary. Abby was Rob’s wonderful wife. She was a thin girl with brown hair and porcelain skin. Rob and Abby were both in their late twenties. Abby wasn’t pleased by Rob missing their anniversary, and neither was Rob for that matter, but she understood that the invitation was a good sign that Rob was in line for a promotion, and he could hardly afford to pass the opportunity up.

None the less, Rob was stuck in a strange city when he would love nothing more than to be home, pleasuring his wife. Rob was walking around downtown LA at noon on the last day of his business trip, trying to avoid the heroin needles that littered the LA streets when he stopped at a crosswalk next to an elderly homeless woman pushing a shopping cart full of aluminium cans. When crosswalk light turned on, the woman began to cross the road, however Rob happened to notice a sedan flying towards the woman. Rob grabbed her by the coat and yanked her backwards just before the car collided with her cart full of cans, scattering them all over the road. The driver of the sedan, a young man, flipped them off and sped off. Classy.

“Thank you for saving me, young man”. The old lady said. “No problem ma’am” Rob replied. “Drivers around here are morons.” “Indeed they are” she chuckled. “Imagine me, a powerful sorceress from the Stygian Realm, done in by some millennial in a car.” “Since you were so kind to me I shall give you a boon.” the lady replied. She grabbed Rob’s hands and began to chant in a strange, alien language. “For the next twenty-four hours, whatever you say shall become true” she said, releasing her grip from his hands. “Umm... thank you” Rob replied, disturbed by her blatant insanity. “Have a good day now”, she replied, “and remember, it only works for one day so don’t squander it’s potential. ”

“Thank you ma’am” Rob replied, eager to get away from this crazy woman, “try to look both ways before you cross the street” he reminded her as he left. The rest of Rob’s day went as expected. He went to lunch at a Subway, had a few more conference events with his boss, and went to his hotel suite to go to call his wife. He legitimately forgot about the incident with the homeless woman and what she had said.

“Hello Abby” Rob said when she answered his call. “Hey babe” she said “how was the trip.” “Great, I think I’m in line for a promotion soon.” “That’s great, it’s a shame you weren’t able to be here for our anniversary though.” “Sorry about that” Rob said, “I’ll make it up to you when we get home. Rob and Abby then proceeded to spent about an hour just making small talk. Abby worked at as a paralegal, but felt that her senior partners weren’t taking her seriously, and were essentially treating her more like a secretary than an actual paralegal. Rob was trying to get a career as a novelist on the side, but no publishers seemed interested in his stories. Eventually Abby decided to test the waters and see if Rob was interested in phone sex. This was something they had done once, but wasn’t a regular part of their sex life.

“What are you going to do to me when you get home?” Abby asked in a seductive voice. Rob, realizing the game she was playing, played along. “I think I will treat you like the naughty slut you are.” Unbeknownst to Rob, his idle fantasy became true. His wife, who was pretty vanilla for the most part, suddenly became a woman who was obsessed with experimenting with every type of depraved sex act known to man (and woman). Hardcore BDSM, spitroasting, chastity and even public humiliation all became part of Rob and Abby’s sexual relationship.

“What else” Abby said, imagining the depravities that now turned her on. Rob carried on, oblivious to the very real changes he was making to his wife. “I can’t wait to grab you by your massive boobs” Rob said. Suddenly, back at Abby and Rob’s house Abby’s breasts went from a modest B cup to massive J cups. Abby now had comically large breasts hanging from her chest. In her new memories Abby remembered growing them in high school, and receiving a lot of attention from boys about them. Luckily for her school “Abby Udders” was always ready for some casual sex.

“I wish you were here babe” Abby said as she worked her cunt with one of the many vibrators she now owned, “I feel so empty without your cock in me” “Of course you do, you ditzy slut. You can’t go more than a few yours without something filling your holes.” Now Abby was no longer a paralegal, or even a high school graduate. The new Abby dropped out of high school and started stripping when she was eighteen. Rob met her at a friend’s bachelor party and they hit it off. She was no longer good at math, science or critical thinking, and relied on Rob to do pretty much anything other than fuck and shop. “When will you like, come home” Abby asked. Delirious with arousal. “My flight leaves early tomorrow.” Rob said. “So get ready for the best sex of your life, babe.” “I like, can’t wait.” Abby said. Just then Abby decided she could not restrain herself any longer. She screamed in ecstasy as a mind-blowing orgasm shot through her entire body and she passed out in bliss.

“Babe?” Rob said over the phone. After a few minutes he assumed that the signal had been lost and went to bed. An hour later Abby woke up. She decided that her mousy brown hair was clashing with the “bad girl” look she was going for, so she dyed it pitch black. After she was done, Abby decided that wasn’t enough. “Rob is such a great husband.” She thought to herself. She decided to reward him by getting a tattoo, as it was something she knew he liked whenever they watched porn together. Abby put on a miniskirt, tube top, a choker and stripper heels and went to her car. The original Abby had a sensible sedan, but the new Abby had a hot red sports car with the custom plate of R0BZ B1TCH. She now drove to the nearest tattoo parlor, a sleazy parlor known as “Pimp My Hide”. The artist in staff was a hairy brute who went by the name Cain. Cain was pretty shocked when Abby described the tattoos she wanted, since she had none, but he agreed to do it when she flashed him her massive boobs.

After several hours of Cain working on her body Abby was quite happy with the results. Her left arm had rose vines twisting up it, her right arm had a serpent with an apple in it’s mouth. Above her crotch Abby got a the phrase “Fire in the Hole” with an arrow pointing down. On her back, Abby had a picture of an incubus giving anal to a sexy nun that resembled Abby. On her left four fingers she got the word “Love” tatted on and on the right four fingers she got the word “Lust”. Above her ass Abby got the phrase “Anal Queen”, and above her massive chest Abby got the phrase “Rob’s Slave”. Cain, impressed by Abby’s depravity, offered her some piercings in the back in exchange for a blowjob. Abby accepted, obviously. By the next morning when Abby returned home she had her nipples, clit, tongue and belly button pierced. Thoroughly exhausted Abby fell asleep.

The next morning was uneventful for Rob. His business trip over he boarded the plane for Texas and flew home. Oblivious to his powers he never used them. When Rob got off the plane he called a taxi to take him home. While the exterior of Rob’s house was normal the interior was a mess. There was piles of dirty dishes all over the house, a porno playing on a plasma screen tv in their living room that Rob didn’t have when he left. There was also a vibrator lying on the coffee table next to a bong and an empty bottle of Fireball. Rob went upstairs and found a strange woman asleep in their bed.

“Excuse me” Rob said, concerned that the intruder in his house might be dangerous. When the woman got up, however, Rob realized that it was an sexual parody of his wife. “What the fuck” Rob said as he looked over the nymph lying in his bed. “Hey stud, like how was your trip.” suddenly it all hit Rob like a truck. The crazy lady he saved from the car, the phone sex he had with his wife and the changes his wife underwent while he was gone.

Rob looked at his phone to see if the twenty-four hours had expired. Perhaps he could change his wife back to her mousy brunette self, or at least give him the ability to flip her back and forth whenever he wanted.

The powers had expired fifteen minutes ago.

“Fuck” Rob said. Abby took that as a demand and replied “Do you want my cunt, mouth or ass?” Rob thought about his predicament. True, his wife was no longer a mousy paralegal, but he supposed this wasn’t a step down. More like a trade-off. “How about all three, baby” He replied “I’m so fucking glad I married you” Abby said. “I think I could get used to this” Rob thought to himself as Abby gave him a blowjob.

Rob and Abby’s relationship was quite different after his day of godhood. They had a lot more sex, obviously, but it changed in other ways too. Abby became a very successful stripper at a club that catered to rich people and made quite a bit of money. Rob quit his job and started writing erotica, mostly based on the exploits of him and his wife. Rob was surprised to find out that as much as Abby had changed, she was still essentially the same person. She watched a lot of porn, but she still enjoyed science fiction movies too. Her sense of humor was the same, her cooking was the same, and even her family was the same. Rob was glad that, in spite of the changes he had accidentally made to Abby, the original Abby wasn’t truly gone.