The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Uniforms Control Your Mind

by Mr. Scade

Obsessive Control

The two sisters saw him one day, running down the street in his morning workout. They were used to that; they saw him every day at this moment, and had been doing so for years. But that day they both had the same thought: they wanted him. It could’ve been that his exercise regime was paying off, or that both sisters were lonely. No one new, especially him.

The two sisters didn’t know why, either, they just knew that they wanted—needed, desired—to please him, to seduce him, to make him theirs. When had they agreed to share him between them, they couldn’t tell, just like they couldn’t tell when they had realised they were okay with this. They just knew. They even said that one would be down, and one up. They didn’t know what that meant, at the time.

They planned, they schemed, and they stalked him. And all their hard work finally paid off. He fell for their trap, and sweetly. Oh, did he struggle. He might’ve been a man, like any other, but any man would be suspicious of such a situation. But they got him, eventually. And one attended to his lower regions, and the other to his upper area.

It was a sweet night. A sweet night where they drained not only his energy, but secrets only he knew.

And the sweetness continued. They taunted, teased and lured him with his deepest weaknesses. What a mistake it had been for him, to share his love for stockings, for corsets, for latex and more. For the two sisters now wore little else, and always made sure he had a good show every day, all day.

He was trapped.

But things changed, for best or worse, who could tell, but they changed. One morning, after the two sisters had stolen him away, he woke and stealthily made his way out of their house. But he was seen, oh was he seen! The sisters’ mother saw him, and the same need and madness gripped her. But, unlike her daughters, she contained herself.

That was, until the two sisters came down, wearing the uniforms of seduction they loved, and each stood at one side of their mother.

“He’s sexy.”

“He’s hot.”

“He’s caring and loving.”

“You want him.”

“You’ll share him.”

“You need to.”

He woke one morning, head aching. Where was he, he couldn’t tell. But all he saw was three women, dressed to use him.