The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Uniforms Control Your Mind

by Mr. Scade

Waves Beyond the Screen

Her feet traced the same route around the bed, to the door, out and back for the fifth time in as many minutes. Josie was a cacophony of impatience; lips smacking, breathing like a caged animal, teeth chattering. And the soothing swish sounds her outfit made with every move.

Her impatience, however, was too high a wall for the outfit to do its magic. For now, at least.

“How long before the subscription starts?”

Click. Tap, tap. Scroll.

“Another… “ A drawl, ten minutes… forty seconds…”

Every word carefully salvaged from a place deep under the waves

Lara blinked very slowly. For an interminable moment, she turned away from the computer and swivelled on the chair. Immediately, her drowsy eyes were alert and an amused look appeared on her face. Her cheeks were red, and she crossed and uncrossed her legs over and over.

“You should sit down and try to relax, girl. You might be psyching yourself up so much it might not even work.


“Why don’t you sit down and… stare at the screen with me? It feels so good, you know?” Lara pressed her legs together. The swish sound from her nylons drove a chill down her spine.

Josie made another sound, but she at least stopped pacing. After a deep breath, she dropped on the bed opposite the computer. She huffed, turned to one side, then the other. Suddenly, she bit her lips and couldn’t help but moan.

Lara reached for her phone. “See? You’re too distracted about what comes next you cannot enjoy how good it feels to wear the uniforms.” She tapped some letters, sent a message.

A red tint filled Josie’s face. “S-shut up.” She pouted.

Lara laughed, placed her phone down, stroked the taller woman’s forehead, then turned back to the screen.

Her mind blanked; the swaying ocean on the screen taking her to places beyond none could understand. Light reflected on invisible waves, bobbing up and down the digital water like bioluminescent algae on a pitch-black sea. A transparent sea that had colour but no colour and at its bottom there were black and white creatures moving in unison, not unlike some fractal spiral that only a mathematician could imagine, only an accomplished artist could perform, only a savant programmer could render real.

“I just don’t know why they make us wait,” Josie said suddenly. She had curled up into a ball, decidedly not staring at the screen.

“Mmmhmmm….” Lara said, slowly, as if the sound was coming from a place beyond the stars.

“I mean, we ordered the uniforms a week ago and we’ve been wearing them for, well….”

“Not long enough,” Lara’s voice was molasses.

“Yeah. Not long enough. I wish I had worn this… before. When I was in school. It would’ve been so nice to wear this under that stuffy blazer they made us wear in school, don’t you think?”

“Yeah. It would’ve felt so good to feel so good when in school. But….” Lara blinked, the waves swirled and danced and for a moment she wasn’t there but somewhere else. She blinked again and forced herself to look away from the screen. “I mean… feeling like this every day? In school? It would’ve messed up our minds long term.” As she said that, Lara had to press her legs together and ride the shiver that spread from somewhere deep inside.

Josie saw her reflection on the mirror on the vanity by the foot of the bed. A hand was moving down her pink leotard. Was that her hand? Then, how come she couldn’t feel it? It felt so nice, though. She should stop it, but it did feel so good. She breathed in, feeling her chest attempt to stretch the alien fabric of her leotard. It gave, but reluctantly, as if all it could do was tighten and tighten and not stretch at all. That thought made Josie purr, or was it her own hand dancing down there?

“But imagine it… so tight under our silly fake uniforms. Pretending to be good student when were… just good drones pretending to be humaaaaan”!” Josie tilted her head back, hitting the bedframe and not even feeling it. Her legs clenched around her hand, which had yet to touch anything. The leotard had rewarded her.

“I wonder… would we haveee… been more obedient,” A moan interrupted Lara. “to the teaachers… or… to…”

“To our true Leaders?”

The two women just nodded, imagining.

Josie’s legs rubbed against one another. A droning, swishing sound. Laura was silent, lost in a different reality.

In the other room, a door opened, closed. Swish, swish.

“Five min...utes… twenty… four… seconds,” Lara’s voice was robotic, lost on the swaying motion of code that no one could understand, manifested visually through spectrums only certain birds had access to. And those who sell the subscription service.

“Oh… soon we’ll start, right?” Josie reddened at the sound of her own voice. So… so hot. She sounded hot. She sounded so gone, too. And the subscription hadn’t even started yet. But her uniform made her feel so good, if she let it. She moaned, back arching, as she let herself fall a little deeper into its embrace. Josie let the uniform into her mind.

“It started a long while back…” Lara said, voice disrupted, static, like it was been broadcasted from beyond the stars. There were sound patterns there that… that…

“Oh,” Josie said, nodding eagerly to words she had known all along.

At the door someone stood in a light green leotard, shiny tights on her legs. A coat dangled from her arm, her face and neck were flushed red. Her eyes unfocused, and she turned her head as if hearing something that was there only for her.

“I am… not late, am I?” Linda said.

“Time… doesn’t matter… Cara… we will subscribe… soon…” Lara whispered without looking away.

Josie nodded, shifting and turning on the bed. It felt so good to feel other things touch her uniform, all shiny and tight and invading her mind.

“Good… I can’t wait,” Cara said, dropping her things where she was and moving towards the computer.

The ocean swirled and swivelled in calculations her mind understood but could not explain.

“One minute…” Lara said.

Josie blinked, feeling like she had been lost in a current that took her to a strange place. Her fingers were tight, a little cramped. She looked down, the leotard didn’t let her arousal show through. That made her a little hotter. Wait… there was something else to do?

“Ten seconds….” Cara said in a drone filled with static and visions of a future past.

Josie crawled towards the edge of the bed, off it, made herself a space between the other two women.

Their subscription was soon to start.