The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Uniforms Control Your Mind

by Mr. Scade


We sat on the couch, a night of mother and daughter fun, watching bad films on one of those cable channels no one really knows the name of. It was our ritual; something we had been doing for many years, uninterrupted. And then that happened: an aerobics program, straight from the 80s, appeared on the screen!

Oh, how we laughed. It was the best night ever. How could anyone had ever worn those things, and that hair! It made for a good interval between films, a hilarious one at that. And laughter works wonder when one wants to bond.

But the laughter soon died as we stared. And stared. And stared…

The women looked so good in their leotards, I realised, and no doubt my daughter did too. So tight and snug and shiny, the leotards were. The women were sweating, exercising and having fun. Laughing even! They were in such great shape. So hot. So attractive. So fit. Fit...

As I sat there, unmoving, slumped over the couch, not even aware of my daughter repeating in a monotone what the upbeat instructor said, I realised I wanted to be fit. Fit to run. Fit to be in a leotard. Fit, fit, fit, fit. The word rolled out of my mouth like snowmelt down a mountain. It felt good to say the word.

The word trembled all over me. I wanted to be fit.

And so did my daughter. I heard her. And that was confirmation enough.

We started exercising right there and then, and never stopped.

Not even when we realised what was happening to us.

We never stopped, not days or weeks or months later. Always at the same time, always the same thing. Exercising. Becoming fit. Needing to be fit.

The videos were shaping us. Modelling us into a twisted dream of an ideal. Turning us into a fantasy that should be a reality. Making us fit.




Mind and body.

It was the stupor of exercise, the heat, the endorphins. We were in a trance when we worked out, and so we didn’t hear the mantra. Now I can recite it with my eyes closed. It makes me feel good. Better than in those early days of our transformation. The words came from the screen, and directly into our minds. Transforming us. Making us fit. Nothing had ever felt so good.

Girls like girls.
Girls obey girls.
Fitness is my goal.
Exercising is my addiction.
I am addicted to my addiction.
A girl gave me my addiction.
I like girls. I obey girls.
Tight outfits, tight bodies.
For the girls I obey.
For the girls I want.
Girls like girls...

I should be angry, disgusted even. But how can I, when it feels this good? How can I even stop, when I am fit, thanks to those videos?

My daughter and I are fit. We have bonded beyond what any bad film would’ve done. We like each other. We like girls. We obey girls. We obey each other. We have tight bodies, trapped in tight outfits. We know each other better than ever!

And most importantly: we are fit.