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The Unknown Object

Chapter XII

Tim held his sister close as they both walked into her room. He held the ray gun in his right hand, but Heather didn’t even notice it. He rubbed her arm as she sobbed against him.

They both sat down on the bed, and he put his arm over her shoulder as she, sobbingly, explained everything that had been going on with her over the past few months.

How she’d started talking to Eddie. How what had at first been just a friendship had blossomed into something more. How he’d tricked her into not telling anybody. How she’d thought she was falling in love.

These were things she never would have confided in him before. Now she was pouring her heart out to him, because he was the only person she trusted to understand.

“A-and, I feel so stupid…how could I have trusted him? When he told me to keep things quiet, I should have known—I should have known,” she sobbed.

Tim tried to play the role of the concerned brother, telling her she had no need to feel guilty, that she’d done nothing wrong. Trusting people wasn’t a weakness, but a strength, he said. And he was grateful that she trusted him enough to tell him what was burdening her.

“I…I don’t know how to say I’m sorry…,” Heather whispered. “When I think back to how I’ve been treating you…I don’t understand why I was so childish…when you’ve been…such a good brother to me…”

They sat next to each other for what seemed like forever, as Heather apologized, told him that he was the only person she could believe in anymore.

All the while, Tim reassured her, told her that he’d never doubted that she cared about him, reiterated that he would always be there for him. And while he did that, he shifted slightly, uncomfortably.

His cock was rock hard.

Part of it was the fact that his sister was so close to him. He could feel her chest on his, his arm around her slim waist, her brown hair fell around his shoulders. His nostrils were filled with her sweet scent.

But it also had to do with the feeling of overwhelming power. His sister, who hadn’t seen fit to give him the time of day yesterday, was now clinging to him like a lifeline.

He wanted more.

He looked at the clock on her nightstand.

He still had hours before his parents got home.

And even if they got home a little earlier, so what? He had the ray gun. He could control everything.

“Heather, I think I know exactly what to do so that you can forget about that creep, once and for all,” Tim said, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“You…you do?” Heather said, confused. She wiped a tear from her eye. “What do you mean?”

Without saying a word, Tim pointed the ray gun at her and fired.

* * *

Later, in the bathroom.

Tim stood in front of his sister. She was blushing, embarrassed.

The suggestions he had just given her worked in combination with the ones from the previous day. That he was the only guy she could trust. That whatever feelings she’d once had for Eddie, she now had for Tim.

It was an easy enough task to amplify those feelings. And from there, to weave the suggestions he’d given her previously with new ones.

About love between siblings. About how, if you loved someone enough (not specifying who that someone was), there was nothing that was taboo. His sister, surprisingly romantic at heart, had accepted that particular suggestion with only the slightest bit of resistance.

Once she’d accepted that, getting her to accept incest had been easy.

After all, if her brother wanted to do it, and she trusted her brother to always know what was right, it couldn’t be wrong. So, if her brother suggested that the two of them have sex, that it would help her forget and move past her previous heartbreak, then it would make perfect sense to her. He’d had to re-word the suggestion several times, but once he found the correct syntax, she had nodded, in her stupor.

And if he also suggested that her love for him would only grow as they got physically closer to each other, that would make sense to her too. She’d accepted that a bit more readily, perhaps open to it due to her integration of the previous suggestions into her psyche.

Of course, he reinforced that nobody else outside of the two of them would understand, so she had to keep it quiet. There was no problem with that—Heather had no wish to be ostracized from her friends at school, and she knew that that’s exactly what would happen if her…unusual…relationship with her brother was known to them.

When he’d released her and made the suggestion that he could help her forget about Eddie, she initially reacted with shock, before nodding shyly. Then he told her that she should take a shower, get herself ready, and offered to join her.

Now he stood in front of Heather, listening to the shower running in the background.

His ears were hot, his heart slamming into his chest like a jackhammer.

No more rules. No more being beaten by guys like Eddie. He was going to take what he wanted.

He stared at Heather, who was looking down at the bathroom tiles, her face red.

Slowly, he inched his trembling hands towards her and began unbuttoning Heather’s school shirt, revealing her adorable baby blue sports bra.

Heather looked up at him.

“W-we’re really going to do this…aren’t we?” she asked breathlessly, her face flushed.

“Yes,” Tim replied. “Yes, we are.”

He continued unbuttoning, revealing her flat tummy, her cute bellybutton.

Heather shrugged her shirt off, and it fell to the floor.

Tim fumbled with the zipper to her pleated skirt. He’d never had to deal with one before, and he wasn’t quite sure how to work it. After a few seconds, Heather’s hands went to the zipper, and with expertise born of experience, took it off. The skirt likewise dropped to the floor.

His sister was now clad in only a sports bra and sensible black panties.

Tim quickly unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and dropped his pants.

The two siblings stood in front of each other in their underwear. Heather gave a slight gasp when she looked down and saw Tim’s erection straining against his boxers.

Tim breathed deeply, and dropped his boxers. His penis, hard as steel, pointed upwards into the ceiling.

Heather just stared at it, her eyes as wide as dinner plates.

“I-I’ve never seen one before, not in person, I mean,” she confessed. “When it gets so hard, does it, uhm, does it hurt?”

“No, not at all,” Tim said, smiling gently. “Do you, uhm, do you want to touch it?”

Heather nodded, and slowly, gently grasped it in her left hand.

“It’s so hot,” she whispered to herself.

His penis twitched slightly in response. Heather, a bit startled, opened her palm.

“Well, the water’s running,” Tim reminded her. “Shall we step in?”

Heather nodded, still staring at his cock. She pulled the side of the bra so that she could slip her opposite arm beneath it, and then used that arm to pull it up and above her head before tossing it to the ground. She followed by pulling down her panties, stepping out of them.

His sister was standing in front of him, fully nude.

What Tim saw was burned into his brain. The small, delightfully round breasts, with small areolae and pink nipples. The flat stomach, toned and fit. The sparse thatch of dark brown pubic hair, neatly shaved and trimmed into a little triangle. The slim yet muscular thighs and legs. The small feet and cute toes with pink nail polish. The contrast between her tanned shoulders and pale breasts.

He hovered above his sister, almost a foot taller than her.

Without warning, he put his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him, his cock pressing against her toned stomach.

He looked down at her face, blushing.

So pure. So perfect.

Moving his head down, he kissed her.

It wasn’t her first kiss, of course. He knew she’d done at least that much with Eddie.

But he would have all her other firsts, to make up for it.

At first, she didn’t respond to his kiss. He could feel her shivering against him, nervous. But eventually, she began kissing back. He could taste the cherry flavor of her lip gloss.

The sloppy sounds of their kissing echoed in the small bathroom.

After a minute or two, he pressed her lips open with his tongue, inserted it into her mouth, using all he’d learned from his experiences with Mom the previous weekend.

As he did so, his hands, which had been wrapped around her waist, moved down to her ass.

He gently fondled Heather’s bare buttocks, thrilling at the feel of them. He planned to know every square inch of her.

After a few minutes of kissing, he pulled away slightly.

“Let’s get into the shower,” he said, with a lustful grin.

His sister just nodded.

* * *

In the shower, Tim lathered up every inch of his sister’s body. He delighted in the feel of her toned, athletic legs, the product of years of training in track and field.

He knelt down and took a closer look at her pussy. Unlike Mom, he couldn’t see much of Heather’s inner lips, just a little cleft between her legs with a trimmed patch of pubic hair above it, expertly done in order to avoid showing anything embarrassing in track competitions.

“Spread your legs for me a little, Heather,” Tim panted. “I-I need to clean this area too.”

Heather gave a slight moan as she slightly spread her legs apart. Tim lathered up some soap and gently cleaned her outer lips, feeling the heat emanating from within. He brushed the top of the cleft and thought he felt her clit, still hidden.

Tim moved upwards, kissing her stomach, then playing with Heather’s breasts.

Everything about his sister’s body was amazing.

A week ago, he had never imagined doing something like this, yet here he was. One of the hottest girls in school, his sister, moaning as he lathered up her back, then turned her around and spread her ass cheeks to see the cutest little pink butthole, which he soaped up as well.

The tightness of her well-toned buttocks gave him an idea.

“Heather, can you bend over a little?”

“W-what? I-I’m not ready…c-can’t we…wait until we’re…” she said, trembling.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that. Trust me.”

Trust me. Those were the magic words. His sister bent over slightly, her hands gripping the wall’s tile as best as she could.

Tim stood up, and put in his dick between her two ass cheeks.

“Can you…can you squeeze your cheeks together for me, Heather?” he panted.

Heather got the idea quickly enough. She clenched her butt cheeks, squeezing Tim’s turgid dick between them.

He grunted with pleasure. This felt great. He began to slide his soaped-up cock back and forth between the two cheeks.

He loved the feeling, and began to thrust forward again and again.

“Fuck…this feels so good…your ass feels so good…,” Tim groaned. Underneath him, he could hear Heather’s overheated panting.

After a few minutes, he could feel the cum building up in his body.

“Heather…I’m…I’m gonna cum…!”

The only reply was his sister’s heavy breathing.

With a short, sharp snort, Tim’s cock unloaded a jet of thick semen onto his sister’s back. As it dripped down, some of it falling between the crack of her ass cheeks, Tim felt a familiar sense of conquest; it was the same feeling he’d had when he had first ejaculated onto his mother, as though marking her as his property.

Now, Heather was his, too.

* * *

After showering and cleaning up, they were back in Heather’s bedroom.

Heather was sitting on the bed, her brother sitting next to her. Her mind was racing. She could barely make sense of the events of the day.

Eddie. The fight in the cafeteria. Coming home in tears. Her brother comforting her. Suggesting how she could forget Eddie. Herself, eagerly agreeing to it.

When she tried to think about it, none of what had happened seemed to lead logically to the next thing. Nothing made sense, and yet it did.

Logically, she knew that she hadn’t felt anything for her brother yesterday morning other than mild annoyance. And yet she knew, just as strongly, that she’d always loved him, that he was the only person she trusted.

She suspected that the reason he attended her track tournaments was to ogle other female athletes. And yet it was simultaneously true that the only reason Tim went to those competitions was to take care of her in case she was injured.

Those things were contradictory, yet her mind accepted both of them. She couldn’t figure out why, and it confused her.

When her brother had suggested she had sex, she’d known, logically, that it was an absurd, obscene idea. She knew, rationally, objectively, that what he was suggesting was incest, something that was completely and utterly abhorrent.

At the same time, she thought it sounded eminently reasonable. Somehow, she knew that it was the only way she’d get over Eddie’s betrayal.

It made no sense, and yet it did.

And now, here she was, naked, sitting next to her brother.

Heather wasn’t a prude. She’d had plenty of fantasies before, and masturbated once or twice a week. She’d fantasized about marrying Jungkook from BTS, and having him be her first time. About running into Timothée Chalamet at the mall where he was trying to shop while incognito, the two of them falling in love, running away together, doing…stuff…to each other in a luxurious hotel room. Recently, she’d even had some fantasies about Eddie, about…doing things with each other…

She had never, in her entire life, had a sexual fantasy involving her brother Tim.

And yet, here they were. They’d seen each other naked. She’d touched his penis, the first one she’d ever seen in person. They’d showered together, and he’d touched her all over. He’d cum all over her back. She’d never fantasized or dreamt about any of this.

And now they were going to have sex, the both of them for the first time (part of her was sure he’d never even had a girl give him a second look before today).

It was wrong. She knew, on a rational level, that it was totally wrong. What would her parents think? What would her friends think, if they knew?

And yet, for whatever reason, it seemed normal. Expected, even.

This is how things should happen.

“Heather,” Tim said, and then kissed her again. She kissed him back, shivering slightly as she did so. Their tongues intertwined.

It felt good. Was that enough of a reason to do these things?

“Lie back,” Tim said after breaking off the kiss, arranging her pillows and plushies on the bed so as to support her.

Heather looked at Tim, at his penis. It was so big and veiny. Is this going to go inside of me? She wondered. If she were being honest with herself, she’d thought she would at least be in college before she went all the way with a guy. And she never thought ‘the guy’ would be her own brother.

Nevertheless, she nodded quietly, and moved to lie down on the bed. If Tim was telling her to do it, he had to have a good reason. Heather was certain of that, at least.

As she lay down on her bed, next to her old Hello Kitty plushie, her brother spread her legs, and began licking her down there. She gave a brief yelp of surprise and looked down. Tim’s face was red, and he was using his fingers to spread her open.

“Don’t worry…I’ll make sure this feels good,” he said with a smile. “I have to get you nice and wet.”

Her face reddened even more than it already was. Her brother saying those sorts of things to her, so casually, was bizarre. She lay her head back down on her pillow and closed her eyes, tried to imagine that it was Timothée Chalamet who was doing the licking, who was teasing her clitoris, who was now trying to gently insert a finger into her depths. And yet, whenever she did so, it was her brother’s face that floated to the forefront of her thoughts.

For some reason that made no sense to her at all, that just made it even hotter.

She could feel herself moistening down there, and moved her hand down to her crotch to tease her own clitoris.

“Does it feel good, Heather?” Tim whispered.

“Yeah…so…so good,” she moaned.

He resumed his delicious licking and fingering. She could hear the wet sounds of Tim’s mouth as he used his tongue on her. She shuddered with pleasure.

She suddenly realized that she’d had her first kiss with a boy less than two months ago, and was about to go all the way. Mom would have conniptions if she knew what I was doing, and God knows how Dad would react, Heather suddenly thought.

After a few minutes, she felt Tim spread her privates wider and lick her up and down with his tongue, as though tasting her. But what he was actually doing, she realized, was getting her wet enough. Wet enough to put himself into her.

Heather’s heart palpitated as she realized what that meant.

* * *

Tim’s sister’s pussy was beautiful.

As Heather first lay down on the bed and Tim spread her legs, he knelt down in front of her and took his first close look at his sister’s crotch. She’d been so soaped up and lathered in the shower that he hadn’t been able to see it as well as he’d like. Now he had a close-up view.

Her pussy was carefully trimmed. Not like a porn star or anything, but it was clear that Heather was trying to make sure that she didn’t accidentally show off pubes during track competitions. Her pubic hair, which was somewhat sparse, had been trimmed. The vagina itself was a small cleft, like a peach, with some slight fuzz. He could barely see the hint of the clitoral hood at the top.

It was totally different from Mom’s pussy (and he couldn’t even believe that he was in a position to compare the two).

Tim wondered how it tasted. He’d never eaten pussy before—he knew some guys said it was gross, but he also heard the taste depended on the woman.

Considering how his sister took care of her diet, he was sure her juices would taste great.

He began using his fingers to spread her little cleft open, and heard a yelp. He looked up to see his sister’s surprised face. She definitely hadn’t been expecting Tim to do what he was doing.

“Don’t worry…I’ll make sure this feels good,” Tim reassured her. “I have to get you nice and wet.”

As he spread her nether lips, he noticed she was already a bit moist. Her outer lips were pink, but her inner lips were a darker color. She was getting excited, he realized.

Tim began gently teasing her clit with his tongue, while gently rubbing her crotch, spreading the juices as evenly as he could to prepare her for him. He tentatively licked one of his fingers. It was an odd taste—not sweet, not salty. Some people said it tasted fishy, but that’s not how he would describe it.

He lapped at Heather’s pussy, and had a wicked thought—that this was another ‘first’ that Eddie would never have.

As he found her hot hole, he slowly moved one of his fingers into her. It was tight, much tighter than Mom’s pussy was. But it was also becoming more and more lubricated.

After a little while, he realized his sister was wet enough for him to start.

Tim shifted his body so that his cock was at his sister’s entrance. He looked up at her. She was staring at his penis, wide-eyed.

“Is…is it really going to fit?” she said in a tremulous voice.

“Don’t worry,” Tim reassured her. “I promise I’ll be gentle.”

“It’s…it’s my first time…,” Heather said, in hushed tones. “I’m scared it’s going to…you know…hurt….”

“Trust me—even if it hurts the first time, it’ll get easier.”

Trust me. The magic words. Heather gave a hesitant nod, and closed her eyes.

Tim spread his sister’s pussy as wide as he could, and placed the head of his cock at her entrance. Heather’s breathing seemed to become a bit labored, and Tim realized she was doing breathing exercises in preparation for the pain she knew was about to come.

He was about to break through his sister’s hymen.

Tim hesitated for a moment. He could erase his sister’s memories up until this point, but once he broke through her maidenhead, that was it.

He knew how selfish he was being. How important a girl’s first time was for her. And he knew he was doing something terrible. There was no way his sister would ever have even dreamed of giving up her first time to her dorky older brother.

He examined Heather’s body. Her slim, muscular frame. Her rounded, beautiful breasts, topped with pretty, pink nipples, fully erect. Her washboard stomach. Her beautiful pussy, glistening with moisture.

Then, he looked at his sister’s face. Large eyes, small nose, a cute mouth with glossy lips, her face framed with brown hair, so much like a younger version of Mom’s. Heather’s face was blushing, slightly sweaty.

Suddenly, Tim was reminded of his elementary school days, walking to school with Heather, holding her hand. He remembered once when he was in fourth grade, how a stray dog had chased after them and he’d grabbed a stick to hold it back while Heather ran behind a fence. How his sister had celebrated him as her hero afterwards.

Now, here he was, and what was he about to do? He’d destroyed her first romantic relationship, and now he was about to take something from her that she could only give once in her life.

Some hero.

He knew, though, from the start, that all he was doing was servicing his own lust.

And he’d gone too far now to go back.

“I’m…I’m going to do it, Heather,” he whispered to her.

“O…okay…I’m…ready,” Heather said, in a nervous voice.

Slowly, Tim inched his cock into his sister’s pussy. Felt the delicious tightness. Heard her moaning slightly, a mixture of pain and pleasure.

He took his time, making sure that Heather was wet enough, that he wasn’t causing her any unnecessary pain.

Eventually, he felt the head of his cock bump against something. His sister’s cherry.

Tim took a deep breath, and then pushed his waist forwards, moving his cock further in, until he felt a slight tear.

And just like that, his pretty sister was no longer a virgin.