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The Unknown Object

Chapter XIII

Somewhere across town, Eddie was getting reprimanded by his parents for getting into a fight, and he struggling to explain the reasons why he had sent dirty pictures to Samantha Andrews, and not having much success. Of course, he didn’t fully understand the reasons himself. His mother was in tears, pleading with him to explain how, after she’d always taught him to have respect for women, he’d done something like this. His father was arguing in favor of having him sent to a military school, as he felt they’d obviously failed in teaching him proper discipline.

Eddie felt awful, and confused. He knew that he’d sent those pictures to Samantha, fully expecting her to be impressed and want to date him. After all, he’d only gotten close to Heather in order to get personal information about Samantha.

That didn’t sound right, but it was true, he knew it deep down.

He didn’t care about Heather at all. She’d just been a tool to get to the girl he was really interested in.

I really must be a creep, Eddie admitted to himself.

* * *

In another part of town, Kathleen Biggs-West was trying desperately to focus on her yoga session, and failing. Her mind kept being drawn back to thoughts of her son.

Last weekend, she’d done her parental duty and taught her son about sex. It was only the logical thing to do—she knew her son wasn’t having much success in relationships with the opposite sex, and she certainly didn’t want to stunt his emotional growth.

She’d certainly felt flattered by his enthusiasm to the endeavor, and was somewhat surprised by his eagerness and creativity, and of course, she’d ultimately enjoyed it. But she had thought that would be it. That after that initial experience, Tim would feel confident enough to ask out girls from his school.

She’d been surprised when he kept pawing at her when they were by themselves, as though he couldn’t get enough of her. Kathleen wasn’t egotistical, but she knew she was an attractive woman. She certainly worked hard enough to stay in shape. Still, she’d been planning to tell Tim that he should be focusing on girls closer to his own age instead of his own mother, And then, last night, she’d realized something.

She was feeling something for Tim that she’d only felt towards her husband before.

Kathleen had never been a prude, but she hadn’t really started dating until she got into college, and she’d married the first man she’d ever dated. She’d never even been with someone else until last weekend. Had never felt the urge to, even though she knew she’d been the object of attention at PTA meetings and had even had to switch gym memberships because of the…excessive…attention paid to her by one of the personal trainers.

Even so, before last weekend, it had been almost a year since she’d had sex. Her husband was too busy and was exhausted whenever he came home from one of his trips. The most they’d engaged in was heavy petting when the kids were out of the house.

So at first, she just assumed that the feelings she was having for her son were because of the rather wild weekend they’d had together. It had been too long since a man had caressed her body that way.

But as she struggled with those feelings, she knew it was more than that.

She wanted to do more with Tim. Whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. She found herself wanting to sublimate her own desires to his will—something she’d never wanted to do before, throughout all her years of marriage.

She had always loved her son, since the moment he was born and she first laid eyes on his tiny form. What she was feeling now, though, was different.

Love, lust. She couldn’t explain it to herself.

Kathleen shook her head, and tried to focus on her yoga exercises again.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the West home, Tim and Heather entwined their bodies in ever more forbidden ways.

Grunting, moaning, and the rhythmic slapping of flesh against flesh.

If Mom and Dad had come home, they would have immediately realized what was going on upstairs. Neither Tim nor Heather were making a particular effort to be quiet about it.

Tim slowly, gently thrust into his sister over and over again, his hands caressing her beautiful, perfect tits, his fingers teasing her hard pink nipples. Heather gave little moans, a mixture of pain and pleasure, her hips rising to meet Tim’s cock.

Heather crossed her legs behind Tim’s back, bringing his cock deeper into her. Tim moved his head towards his sister, and gave her a very un-sibling-like kiss.

Tim delighted at the feel of his sister’s body against his, the mixture of firmness and softness, the smoothness of her skin. He felt drunk on lust, power, and pleasure.

As soon as he had entered Heather, the last of his suggestions had taken effect. With each thrust, Heather found her heart more bound to Tim. His sister, his lover.

On the nearby nightstand, a picture frame with an old photo of the entire family on an outing to Six Flags bore silent witness to the almost sacrilegious act taking place on Heather’s bed.

Two hot, sweaty bodies. Unbelievable sensations.

Heather’s pussy was wet, but tight as a vise. It squeezed Tim’s cock in unbelievable ways whenever he moved deeper into her hot tunnel. It felt different from Mom’s pussy, but just as good.

Mom’s pussy. Tim thought back to that earlier fantasy, of Mom and Heather together, welcoming him into a joint lesson in pleasure.

He knew that he would make that fantasy into reality soon enough. But for now, he focused on the athletic, sexy body in front of him.

“Tim…Tim…,” Heather panted. She kissed him again, her tongue wrapping itself around his own. Tim eagerly returned the kiss, his arms wrapping around her back, lifting her up until they both sat on the bed, embracing, his cock still inside her, as she moved her hips back and forth, creating a delicious feeling.

Tim couldn’t get enough of his sister’s body. All of Heather’s years of track practice had resulted in an athletic physique, but one that was built just as much for sexual pleasure as it was for running. Soft and firm in all the right places.

And now that body was all his, he thought, as he caressed her ass.

Heather began to speed up the movement of her hips, and as she embraced him more tightly, he could hear her little “Oh’s” of lust. She was close.

Tim hadn’t thought it was possible for a woman to orgasm the first time she had sex, figured that the pain of breaking the hymen would be too much. Evidently, he’d been wrong. Or perhaps it was the combination of the experience along with the emotions resulting from the suggestions he’d implanted into his sister.

Either way, her soft grunts and groans of pleasure signaled that she was coming closer and closer to climax. Tim sped up his thrusts as well.

“Heather…ungh…Heather…I’m going to…unnnghhh…cum…,” he whispered into his sister’s ear.

“That’s…that’s good…Me too…cum…you can cum…cum inside…,” she whispered back. He could feel his cock being gripped even more tightly by Heather’s perfect pink pussy.

With one more thrust, Tim blasted his seed deep into Heather’s hot hole, a strong stream of cum that lasted for what seemed to be forever.

Heather gave a yelp, and her whole body seemed to shake with the power of her orgasm, as she came at almost the same time. The two of them collapsed into each other,

Afterwards, the two siblings lay on the bed, embracing, kissing, enjoying the afterglow of that first, unforgettable experience. They didn’t speak. What words could be said after something like that?

After what seemed like hours, the two untangled their sweaty bodies from each other. Tim noticed that his cock was coated in a mixture of his cum, his sister’s juices, and a bit of blood, proof that he’d taken her most prized treasure—her maidenhead.

The two of them worked quietly to clean up as best as they could, and Heather put on an old tee shirt and took the bedsheets off the bed to put in the washing machine. While she did that, Tim took a shower (by himself this time), his mind still racing from the day’s experiences. As soon as he stepped out, his sister stepped in to the shower to wash off the sweat and scent of sex. Tim looked at her as he walked out of the bathroom, and Heather blushed and turned her gaze to the floor.

Everything had gone according to plan.

And things were only going to get better.

* * *

After Heather changed her bedsheets, she took a long nap. Tim went back to his room and played a few rounds of Fortnite on his laptop, trying to put the day’s events out of his mind for the moment.

Mom came home late that evening. She gave Tim back his phone, which she’d taken to get repaired that day. She seemed to have a hard time looking him in the eye, and kept her answers to his questions short and curt. Tim wondered what was going through her head—he figured she must still be processing the suggestions he’d given her the day before.

Since Mom had gotten home later than usual, she didn’t have time to cook and ordered a pizza instead. Tim went upstairs and knocked on Heather’s door, and she looked at him bashfully when he told her to come down for dinner, giving a submissive nod. This was a side of his sister Tim had never seen, and he was both confused and somewhat excited by it.

Dad got home at around seven, a bit earlier than usual for him. He seemed to be in a cheerful mood, eager for his trip the next day and the business it would bring. Mom had a strained smile on her face as he spoke, but Dad was so wrapped up in talking about work that he didn’t seem to notice.

“So, this time around, I’ll be gone for about three weeks,” Dad continued, “and I was hoping you’d join me for a bit of it, darling.”

“Me?” Mom asked. “You’ve never asked me to go on a business trip with you before. What about the kids?”

“Well, I’m going to get lonely up there, and besides, these two are old enough to take care of themselves,” Dad chuckled. “And anyway, if any strange boys come around wanting to ask Heather out, Tim can beat them off with a stick, can’t you, champ?”

Tim smiled awkwardly, while Heather’s face reddened.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you, sweetheart,” Dad told Heather. “It’s just that you’re starting to be at that age when boys start to notice you.”

“Dad…I, uhm…REALLY don’t want to talk about this with you,” Heather said, not even looking up from her pizza.

Dad chuckled and put his hand on top of Mom’s.

“Look at these two,” Dad smiled, waxing nostalgically. “We did a pretty good job of raising a pair of really great kids, didn’t we, honey?”

“Y-yes, I suppose we did,” Mom said, with a tight smile. Tim grinned in her direction and she looked back at him for a second before blinking and turning towards Dad, quite deliberately avoiding his gaze.

“Anyway, think about it—there’s a couple’s spa up there that we could go to, and it’s been too long since you and I spent time together, just the two of us,” Dad said.

“I’ll take a look at my schedule and see how things line up. Remember that I’ve got to chaperone Heather at the regionals,” Mom reminded him.

“We’ll figure something out,” Dad said, giving her a theatrical wink.

If this conversation had taken place just a few days before, Tim would have been raging with jealousy, but now, as he looked at his mother’s underwhelmed reaction, he knew he had nothing to worry about. She would find an excuse not to go, and if she didn’t, he’d give her one.

“Anyway, I’m gonna go upstairs and pack,” Dad said, taking his leftover pizza crusts and tossing them into the trash. “Gotta get up early tomorrow. Bill will pick me up and we’ll go to the airport together.”

“Oh, I can drive you,” Mom said, perhaps feeling guilty.

“No, that’s okay—I know you’ve got your morning Peloton thing, and I don’t want you to miss it,” Dad said, and leaned over and kissed Mom on the forehead. Mom flinched, almost imperceptibly. Dad didn’t notice it at all, but Tim did.

He looked around at his family.

His sister, whom he’d just begun to control.

His mother, more deeply under his command, and adjusting to his new suggestions.

His father, who he had to make sure was kept in the dark, or else he might ruin everything.

As Tim chewed on his pizza, he pondered his next steps.

And came to a decision.